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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  March 19, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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pick replacing canopy growth. [closing bell rings] lauren: dow is down 27 points. s&p looks like it will end the session. that is it for me today. "countdown" ends now. after the begins. susan: four-day winning streak in jeopardy for the dow after a report china is pushing back on trade negotiations about the u.s. so the dow ending down, slightly down 13 points or so. s&p 500 trying to struggle for the gains at the end. tech-heavy nasdaq appears to be ending in positive territory. i'm susan li in for melissa francis today. connell: i'm connell mcshane. welcome to "after the bell." kind of a flat day on markets. individual big market movers we talk about. here is what is new at this hour ♪
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all options on the table. president trump meeting with the president of brazil today at the white house amid growing crisis in venezuela. commander-in-chief latest warning to the maduro regime. possible breaking point in the midwest, record flooding pummeling the heartland, taking a devastating toll on farmers when they least can afford it. more rain on the way. boeing ceo finally speaking out, addressing mounting safety concerns following the second crash of a 737 max plane in less than five months. how the company is taking action. susan: get back to the markets and dow ending in the red. the benchmark snapped a four-day winning streak. let's get to the new york stock exchange and kristina partsinevelos on the floor. kristina? reporter: what you saw this afternoon a lot of movement on the markets had to do with china trade. continued literally until the last minute. seeing on the screen. the report came out that china
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is going back, pretty much reneging on some of the concessions. another report on the dow jones, "wall street journal," next week the treasury secretary as well as sorry, the u.s. trade representative heading to beijing next week. last but not least, the president at a news conference say the trade deal is going well and things are moving along. a lot of investors, a lot of guys around me are reacting to that news, the fed tomorrow, a lot of investors expecting the fed to be accommodative in their meeting. we look at individual movers. what is lagging on the dow? walt disney, travelers, verizon. get to walt disney in a second. boeing, given all the news that continues to come out. still a lot of confusion how quickly the software fix will come out. you can see it is trading higher today. and last but not least, maybe we have the movers. if not, those ended in the positive positive were pfizer and walgreens. unitedhealthcare as well as boeing.
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since, talked about disney, i want to bring up fox. transformation day for fox. now fox is become a stand-alone company. trading under fox a common shares. big day, former house speaker paul ryan that will be joining the board of the new fox corporation. he will be one of four new members. i think it's a big day, because this company now will be focusing on fox broadcasting corporation, fox news, fox business, that is us you're watching as well as fox sports. out of the filings we know this company, the fox corporation, brought in $10 billion in revenue in fiscal 2017, generated 1.5 billion in net income. back to you guys. susan: certainly knows how to make money. thank you. connell: president trump welcoming the brazilian president to the white house for the very first time. edward lawrence joins us right now. reporter: president donald trump saying he wants to elevate brazil to a major non-nato ally.
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two presidents, president jump and president jair bolsonaro want to get a closer trade relationship together. just listen. >> we look forward to an even deeper partnership and working together. in our meetings we also discussed the strong economic ties between our nations grounded in the principles of fairness and reciprocity, my favorite word, reciprocity. reporter: the two presidents also talked about venezuela. they expected support for the legitimate president of venezuela, juan guaido. president trump saying all options on the table in order for maduro to step down. this is a wade ranging press conference where the president talked about social media. he says social media companies in the united states like facebook, twitter, instagram, there are media, that there are definite biases. >> when you get the back scene, back office statements made by executives of the various companies and you see the level
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of, many in cases hatred they have for certain group of people. so something is happening with those groups of folks running facebook and google and twitter and i do think -- reporter: in a joint statement the two presidents announced a technology safeguard agreement. what that agreement does it allows u.s. companies to use a launchpad in brazil to get stuff into space. this administration very keen on e-commerce in space. as well as possible private spaceflights there. the agreement also calls for 750,000-tons worth of beat to be able to import into brazil tariff-free. the u.s. is also going to start a process where brazil can import beef into the united states. so that transaction boeing on there. the two sides want to be closer trading partners. back to you, connell. connell: edward lawrence there for us on the north lawn. susan. susan: let's get back into the
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market panel. gary kaltbaum, kaltbaum asset management, fox news contributor and erin gibbs, portfolio manager, good to see you. we're looking at flat markets end of this session but we have been up six of the past seven and i guess still hinges on the china trade deal. >> obviously anytime we got more uncertainty you're being pushed back, investors might want to take a break and pause. i think it is positive we're not on a big down day. that says that investors are willing to wait and see. they still believe this trade deal will go through. it may take a little longer time. certainly i'm also very happy to see the breadth in the market. it is not consolidated one or two industries. we're seeing a lot of different stocks holding up well. susan: yeah. >> this is positive. susan: broader market leadership, gary, does it matter if we get the deal, april, may, june, whatever? >> i don't think so. i think it is more about the
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easy money. fed will not raise rates, do anything in 2019. most important thing i'm seeing, i said this a couple of decades. if technology is leading, you're in good stead. technology led down in the last quarter of last year. you saw what happened to the market. now it is opposite. big megacap names dead money for a while, are starting to get pretty good gains. p apple, even though numbers haven't been so great, amazon who disappoint last quarter those things are coming up. heading back towards the highs. don't know if they will get there, but they're helping nasdaq 100 and nasdaq right now. connell: bigger picture from the white house at least is more prosperous future with the expectation that the u.s. economy will expand at 3.2% annual rate this year. that comes from the white house annual economic report which was released. we should point out it is faster than the predictions we get say from the federal reserve, 1.9% annual growth forecast there. president trump's economic advisor says as you would
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expect, he is confident this boom will continue. here he is. >> capital expenditure boom up about 9% since the tax cuts passed and that 9% capital spending boom is creating jobs. this year it will create out put an also continue. we see that in the orders data. so the fact the old rule of thumb for economists if you cut the cost of capital 9%, capital spending goes up 9%. that is almost exactly what happened last year. that is why we're very confident it will continue. connell: do you buy that, gary, companies will keep spending and economy keeps growing or does this forecast sound overly optimistic to you? >> listen the economy is about consumer spending. i don't buy the forecast. they go out to 21 or 22. i don't even know what i'm eating for dinner. i would be careful about that. there is one big matzo ball out there, 20 trillion in debt an deficit. i don't know when the day of reckoning is, i don't know this year or next year, but
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eventually they come home to roost. good news so far it hasn't affected things, but down the road most definitely. connell: gary are, haven't you been reading nobody cares about debt and deficits anymore? >> exactly. >> erin, for the markets you worked it into the forecast, if white house is right about this year, optimistic forecast we expect that, what would it mean for earnings and stocks? >> you certainly expect the stocks expectations to be dramatically changed and revised upward. so i am, i feel there is a little differenttation on that. connell: what numbers would you work for or with? >> we're expecting 3% profit growth for this year and that's very low. connell: yeah. >> in relative years. so to say that the economy would even grow faster than the general profit growth of the s&p 500, to me seems a tad optimistic. i would lean more toward the fed. >> fair enough. we'll talk about the fed later in the week.
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erin, gary, appreciate it. susan. susan: here is bullish sign for investors. lift's ipo, breaking news, oversubscribed already according to a new report from reuters. sources say the company more likely to make or even exceed the 23 billion-dollar valuation it was seeking. there is so much investor interest, lyft started ipo road show yesterday. it spent the last two days meeting with investors in new york. if lyft getting this kind of valuation, imagine what uber will get? connell: thinking exact same thing what we talked about yesterday. set the stage, right? melissa: money. connell: google, facebook, to stay in the white house? this is interesting. president trump's re-election campaign boosting its ads online big time. will the effort help to keep him in office? melissa: plus 200 grand for text messages. that is what "the national enquirer" reportedly paid to the brother of jeff bezos' girlfriend for
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connell: it is all-out blitz. president trump's re-election campaign is spending nearly twice as much as all of the 2020 democratic presidential hopefuls combined on advertising both facebook and google. these numbers you're looking at from communications firm, bully pulpit interactive. sara fisher wrote about them for "axios." joins us now. interesting to read about this, sarah, this morning, this was the big story last time around, that you know, google and facebook invited in the hillary clinton campaign and for whatever reason they didn't take advantage. trump went in, took advantage of facebook and his people think is one of the reasons he won. now, here we go again? >> he is doing it again. look, he has a very different situation ahead of him. for one, he doesn't need to persuade donors. he is the only person running right now on republican party. so it is not like he is facing a fractured party where he needs to compete with people.
4:16 pm
two, he has been able to raise money for a few years now. he actually has a war chest he can start spending early. you're right. the story last year trump used facebook to get elected. looks like the story this year will be exact same. trump will use facebook to get elected. connell: is it something about his message or his audience that resonates there? or in terms of the demographics who is looking at facebook? or are democrats missing out on a huge opportunity from people you talked to? >> two things. one, everyone is on facebook. so the audience is the same regardless of the party but what the trump campaign has been good at, taking risk about how they allocate their money. if you look what the democrats are doing right now, they're being really careful to make sure that they announce how much cash on hand they have. why? because you can use cash on hand to save for big ad buys, tv ad buys. facebook is very different. you don't need big cash on hand to execute incremental targeted
4:17 pm
ad buys. that is what the trump campaign is doing. connell: what are they doing specifically about content? what type of ads are you seeing this year this cycle so far? i know it is early. >> national supported as. part of it you do drum up support so you continue to get money coming through the door. it's a way to test, see which iteration of ads creative work really well with the audience this time around, which issues they care about. when you put ads out into facebook, you get data back about the response. you leverage that data to inform campaign decisions. connell: right. >> maybe they say these states are having really good responses to the messaging let's invest more. look, these states don't have good response. we need to change the way we approach them. connell: people watching this, irony is not lost on us, the story comes out the exact same day the president goes after facebook. he did it in a tweet. reporter hillary vaughn will talk more about it in a few minutes on this idea of bias.
4:18 pm
so it it is almost like facebook for the trump campaign can be a hero on one and kind of villain on other hand all at the same time? >> that's right. look, president trump, other republicans alleged bias with these platforms against conservatives even though there is not any simmic proof of it. it is a good foil for them. they create opposition with big tech which is considered very progressive. that helps them rally support for the base. connell: the leadership, but not the audience which is interesting. you still take advantage of an audience. as you say everybody is on facebook, but i wonder, facebook itself, forget about instagram, facebook would be trending a little bit on the older side, right, as it goes through its maturing process over however many years, that you would think would fit right in in terms of the president's target audience? >> oh, absolutely does. facebook does skew older as you were saying. voters are generally going to
4:19 pm
come out for a general election tend to skew older. it's a good target audience for people mo would be receptive to election messaging. connell: i want to see if the democrats follow up on this. we'll follow up with you to see if the democrats follow up on this. so far the president is beating them to the punch. thanks for coming on. >> thanks. susan: staying with social media, hitting twitwer a massive lawsuit, congressman devin nunes slamming the social media company. why he is seeking over $250 million in damages. that is a quarter of a billion dollars. also addressing the airlines. boeing's ceo insuring safety following two fatal airline crashes. what the company is planning on doing. that is coming your way next. ♪r all in one place. because when it's decision time... you need decision tech. only from fidelity.
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you need decision tech. tthis is the invitation to lexus sales event. lease the 2019 rx 350 for $399 a month for 36 months. now thru march 31st. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. our grandparents checked zero times a day. times change. eyes haven't. that's why there's ocuvite. screen light... sunlight... longer hours... eyes today are stressed. but ocuvite has vital nutrients... help protect them. ocuvite. eye nutrition for today.
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when you rent from national... it's kind of like playing your own version of best ball. because here, you can choose any car in the aisle, even if it's a better car class than the one you reserved. so no matter what, you're guaranteed to have a perfect drive. [laughter] (vo) go national. go like a pro. see what i did there? connell: we're back with a sports alert. this is kind of one of the bigger money stories. l.a. angels player mike trout is said to be finalizing a 12-year
4:24 pm
contract worth more than $430 million. $430 million. espn the first to report on this. largest contract, if it ends up being signed in professional sports history. we've seen a lot of big ones reported on in baseball recently. trout's contract is bigger, bigger than the 330 million-dollar deal bryce harper got with the philadelphia phillies. mike trout is better player than bryce harper. 430 million. susan li money. susan: lebron makes 41 million. jamie dimon worth 31 million. you decide who is worth it. california congressman devin nunes suing twitter and number of accounts for a quarter of a billion dollars in damages. hillary vaughn live in los angeles. hillary, when you're seeing that for that kind of money you're making a statement. reporter: definitely a statement, one the president actually agreed with this
4:25 pm
afternoon, addressing congressman devin nunes's lawsuit against twitter. saying this afternoon he also thinks twitter discriminates against republicans. >> many, many millions of followers on twitter and it is different than it used to be. things are happening. names are taken off. people aren't getting through. you heard the same complaints. and it seems to be if they're conservative if they're republicans, if they're in certain group. there is discrimination and big discrimination. i see it absolutely on twitter. reporter: nunes saying the lawsuit against social media sites is the first of many. he says that anonymous users troll him with fake claims and face no consequences. he is asking for $250 million in damages for tweets he described as causing extreme pain and suffering. >> the case we're making this was orchestrated effort. people were targeting me.
4:26 pm
there were anonymous accounts that were developed. look, there is not supposed to be, these accounts are not supposed to exist. twitter says they don't have accounts that do this. reporter: three twitter users at the center of this lawsuit. two a anonymous parody accounts. one posing as his mom and his cow. also a republican strategist caught up in this as well. nunes claims offensive tweets harassing him online are part of a larger strategy on twitter to allow republicans to be silenced and slandered and promoting liberal posts as well. susan: hillary, thank you. connell: fedex on the move, the stock is lower. cut full year for the second time, citing weaker global trade growth. how about this from fedex. this is interesting story heading into tomorrow from ceo fred smith, saying third quarter financial results below expectations. the company is focused on
4:27 pm
initiatives to improve the performance. the stock right now, seven bucks lower in the after-hours trade which is move up more. 4%. susan. susan: taking on general motors. gm president, trump turning on heat of the automaker closing down a key plant in ohio. will the company buckle under pressure? james freeman from the "wall street journal" coming your way next. striking a deal for dirt? details behind jeff bezos' salacious techs to his girlfriend, who leaked them to the "national enquirer." devastation in the midwest. vice president mike pence making his way to nebraska. we'll talk to one nebraska farmer on the long road to recovery, coming your way next. ♪ hey mercedes! mix it up a little. how about something for a guy
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manufacturing jobs a big 2020 issue for president trump, set to visit ohio, calling on general motors to bring jobs back to the buckeye state. james freeman from the "wall street journal." assistant editorial page editor, fox news contributor. we talked about economic as little bit, i best yesterday with the president's tweeting on issue, whatever you think about that politically, obviously ohio, a big state for this president. what about this argument he is making going after gm after shows up in the state? >> probably good politics. i don't like it as limited government guy. i don't like presidents telling companies where they ought to do business or how. the factory made small cars people don't want to buy. they want big trucks and suvs. now it's a negotiation between gm and the united auto workers union and i would think, for voters in that area, they probably want pressure on both sides to get a deal. connell: the president went in there in 2017, all the jobs will
4:33 pm
come back to ohio. if they don't, if the lordstown plant does indeed close as it already is, they're in the process relocating some of those workers, if that happens does he take the political blame, or does this type of talk excuse him from that with the voters in ohio? >> i guess it comes down how hard they think he pushed to keep jobs there. connell: right. >> i think he also has generally good story in terms of manufacturing coming back to the midwest or ohio. it has been a little soft the early part of this year, obviously tremendous manufacturing job growth to this point in his presidency. we got better news on manufacturing in the slim survey. connell: just in general, i was thinking this while you're saying this, we talked about this, he has generally good story to tell on the economy, right? >> yeah. connell: cnn did a poll, more than seven in 10 said the economy is in food shape. president's approval rating in average of "real clear politics"
4:34 pm
polls under 43%, do good job selling that, or crazy stay as he did on twitter on sunday tripping over his message. something he is obviously criticized in the past for and he still won? >> definitely not just cnn. across the polls he consistently maintained this edge. it is only test, issue on which his approval is always above water. that is the economy. connell: should he be more popular is the simple way of asking? >> i think that's a fair statement. as far as the mccain stuff and followed these revelations that mccain and aid were spreading dossier around after 2016 election. if you assume the president is not a russian agent, and i think to this point we've not seen evidence to say he is, it makes sense he would be extremely angry when people keep promoting this idea. connell: i guess my larger point -- >> media strategy i don't know? connell: i would go after senator no longer with us, most
4:35 pm
people look at as american hero. whether that is the right thing to be doing, whether you have an economic message to sell? i understand you can do both. you have this message to sell maybe not getting through to people if you're ratings are not higher. >> i assume his political advisors will tell him to focus the economy. connell: that is what decides it in the end. >> i would think. connell: thanks. susan. susan: 200 grand in exchange for racy messages. "the national enquirer" acquiring steamy texts and pictures between amazon founder jeff bezos and girlfriend lauren sanchez, allegedly paying the brother a handsome sum according to reports in "wall street journal." fox news media analyst howard kurtz, spoke with michael sanchez, brother of lauren. he told curt he cooperated with the national "enquirer," but to protect bezos and his sister. we bring in legal analysis, remi
4:36 pm
spencer, counselor at law joins us. i was reading explosive new detailing by howard kurtz. michael sanchez is basically saying he was not paid 200 grand. why would he need it when he was protecting a billionaire who is the richest man on the planet? >> that's right. howard kurtz broke this within the last hour that michael sanchez is now for the very first time acknowledging that he, as he put it, made a deal with the devil by cooperating with "the national enquirer." now he is not admitting that he accepted $200,000 which is what was reported earlier today for the first time. he is saying that his efforts were done to try to protect his sister and jeff bezos, but his story may or may not check out. right now it seems hard to believe that he would be cooperating with "the national enquirer" to try to protect his sister, yet his sister was unaware of that. susan: right. we're looking through this
4:37 pm
journal article, and are there elements present from what you've read and what you heard so far that maybe paying a source for some, i guess, racy messages, some bribed messages might be considered a criminal act? >> so urn -- journalists are allowed to pay their sources. certainly questionable as to ethics or integrity of the reporting but not a crime to pay a source. the question becomes, did "the national enquirer" or its parent company ami know how these images came about? because that might be where the criminal act is. if someone stole these images, if there was some sort of violation of privacy either with jeff bezos or lauren sanchez obtaining images, journalists knew about it, or ami knew about it, then there may be legal consequences for the media
4:38 pm
outlet. susan: from jeff bezos' point of view any way he could sue "national enquirer" and ami and based becker? >> he put out an open letter, saying he was being extorted, being threatened in exchange for dropping his investigation into whether or not ami had motive. susan: also speculated it might have been the white house or saudi arabia or foreign government. that is the not case here with michael sanchez admitted he was the source. >> he hasn't admitted to taking the money but he has admitted to providing some information. i think these new details will limit jeff base bows' accusations but i'm not sure it will help establish the extortion claim he was originally pressing. >> interesting to see if lauren, michael, how they get along in the future. remi, thank you so much. >> thank you. connell: what a story. prosecutors in florida offering to drop the charges against new england patriot owner robert
4:39 pm
kraft and some others allegedly soliciting prostitution, they would drop the charges so long as people admit they would be proven guilty at trial. coming from "wall street journal." it is not clear if mr. kraft will accept this proposal or not. susan: recovery efforts in the midwest. vice president mike pence heading to the heartland to get a first-hand look at the damage caused by deadly flooding in the region. why officials warn conditions could get worse. how farmers are being hit when they're already struggling. plus fallout continues, new details in the boeing probe following two fatal airline crashes. the company's ceo. boeing's ceo is speaking out for the very first time. it comes your way next. hybrid d long-term care product. it protects your family while providing long-term care coverage,
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susan: vice president mike pence
4:44 pm
expected to land in omaha, nebraska, at the top of the hour. set to meet with first-responders amidst record flooding as region braces for even more rain. fox news's mike tobin, in roscoe, illinois, with the very latest. mike? reporter: behind me is the rock river which is 150-yards over its banks. if you look across the river you can see where the center of the river is, you see that brown house right at the edge of the river. the other side of that is edge mere terrace, a little neighborhood. half the houses in that neighborhood are dry. but the entire neighborhood is surrounded by floodwater. look, this is how the kids get to school. they take the kayaks across the river, from here they catch a school bus. all the floodwater is result of snow melt, combined with all the rain we're getting. 14 states, nine million people are now impacted by this flooding or are at risk. no state is hit harder than
4:45 pm
nebraska. >> there has been three of them in my lifetime that i remember and this is the worst. this is the worst i have ever seen it. reporter: nebraska governor pete ricketts says 65 of 93 counties are under emergency declaration. farm bureau estimates $400 million in crop losses because they can't get seed in the ground. $500 million from cattle losses. vice president mike pence is due on the ground any moment in nebraska. he will meet with governor ricketts and iowa governor kim reynolds to assess the damage and what they need. what these people need in the region in the country, the let the rain let up, floodwater working downstream. the bad news they're not getting here illinois expecting to get more rain. association of mayors downstream on the mississippi. the chairman of that association
4:46 pm
says this is just the beginning. back to you. susan: mike, thank you so much. connell: more on that economic impact mike was referring to now. we're joined on the telephone by bill teal. president of the nebraska state dairy association. he happens to be a dairy farmer himself. mike ran through the overall numbers and, they sounder devastating, what about on the personal farm? what happened there? >> well, we're actually in pretty good shape here. the, worst part of the state is just a little bit north of us. then all the way around to the east. we've had some, i will call it inconveniences in transportation of milk and feed versus a lot of the rest of the state. connell: i'm sure your position there with the association you have spoken to your colleagues a in other parts of the state. what do they telling you? >> well, you know, kind of what
4:47 pm
we just alluded to. they have also had some issues for a short period of time. there were some dairies were actually dumping milk. most of that has been answered but i think, what i'm hearing now from milk haulers, et cetera, they're averaging about 150 miles more per load of milk because of all the roads that are closed and detouring that they have to do. connell: how long does it take to rebound from something like this? obviously as we just heard when the rain has to stop first, but after that how long do you expect before everybody is back up on their feet again? >> i don't think, i think they will be a large number of people that never do get back up on their feet. we do have acres and acres and miles and miles. some are covered by i.c.e., much more so by flooding waters. i have talked to farmers and
4:48 pm
dairymen have corridors of alfalfa is ruined, their feed supply of this year. a lot of ranchers, the corn stocks they rely on, winnerring their cows, they have had to move them away. one guy that heard that had 5,000 cows, because of, he was under water. connell: some people are completely, they're just completely out of business is your point, some of these people? >> i think it certainly will happen. we're on top of a few stressful years already. this will be last straw of some of them. connell: that is horrible. that last point you brought up, i wanted to ask you about, what was business like before this happened? we reported on trade tensions and the like, all kinds of issues affecting the farming community. what was business for you and your colleagues like before the floods? >> it has been difficult for the last couple years of all stages of ag.
4:49 pm
whether row crops be livestock, anything that has been been great real recently. that started happening long before the trade disagreements and so, we're obviously all hopeful that some of that gets straightened out. because that is our salvation long term to hang on. connell: but to put it mildly doesn't hurt, doesn't help in the short term. bill, very nice to talk to you. thanks for calling in. more importantly good luck to you and everybody out there? >> thank you, sir. connell: okay. >> let's talk about boeing and ceo of the company is breaking his silence following the fallout of two fatal crashes in the last five months. dennis muilenburg is addressing safety concerns after grounding of all 737 max 8 and max 9 aircrafts. fox news doug mckelway in d.c. with the latest. doug? reporter: within the last few minutes the white house announced to nominate stephen dixon of georgia, administrator
4:50 pm
of federal aviation administration. he was pilot for five years and several boeing models f confirmed he will inherit a host of props in the legal realm. a grand jury subpoena gone out to some unnamed person close to the certification process for the max 8 boeing jetliner. the subpoena seeks information about the faa's digs to delegate authority to boeing to certify its own planes of the faa long granted airplane manufacturers some leeway certifying their own planes. because the certification process is very, very complex and state of the art experts are off the those employed bit manufacturer, but in the case of 737 max planes boeing was under competitive pressure to get the airplane certified really quickly leading to problems. quoting from the seattle times, the original safety analysis for a new flight control system on the max had several crucial flaws. among those flaws, ininspectors
4:51 pm
understated power of new flight control system called mcas, quoting again, the mcas was capable of moving the tail four times farther than stated in initial safety analysis document. additionally inspectors assessed failure system one level below catastrophic. transportation department inspector general, house transportation committee under new chairman peter defazio are all going to be ininvestigating. >> so heads will roll if they're not confident in their data and the safety of this plane. reporter: in media address this sunday, boeing's chairman dennis muilenburg said safety is at the core of what they do and the company is cooperating with authorities. >> we regret the ongoing challenges the grounding has caused for our customers and the flying public. the investigation is moving forward. with work underway to understand the information from the air plane's cockpit voice and flight data recorders.
4:52 pm
reporter: meantime the black boxes from the ethiopian airline crash have been fully downloaded. data in hands of two foreign investigators. unclear whether they will hand the raw data over to the ntsb. back to you in new york. susan: doug, thank you. connell: this big sit-down today at the white house with president of brazil with president trump who says all options are on the table when it comes to venezuela. did the meeting help the nation in terms of finding a solution for the crisis in venezuela. that's next. a trillion dollars in assets under care by focusing our mind on whatever's on yours. a business owner always goes beyond what people expect. that's why we built the nation's largest gig-speed network along with complete reliability. then went beyond. beyond clumsy dials-in's and pins.
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>> promising tougher action on venezuela, president trump's new warning for maduro. >> we have not done the toughest of sanctions as you know, i would say we've been right down the middle. we can go tougher, it ask a sad thing we're not looking for
4:57 pm
anything other than taking care of a lot of people that are starving and dying in the streets. >> joining us now ambassador terry miller. a former u.n. ambassador. talking about venezuela, president trump said all options are on the table. i assume his stance has not changed. saying that military action is highly unlikely. >> i think that is right. we still have some ways to go. we had a wonderful meet between the president and president of brazil, they both expressed strong condemnation of president mmaduro of venezuela. he has no place to turn. colombia rejected president maduro. now brazil has rejected him.
4:58 pm
and, of course, the u.s. >> ambassador, you say they have no one it turn to. there are two allies, the financial backers, cha they are china and russia, i feel they are still standing by maduro in venezuela. >> yes, but these are two country that don't have the kind of heavy investment that those of us who are closer neighbors of venezuela have in what is going on in the country, it hard to imagine sure, russia and china providing financial support but in terms of actually going to the mat to preserve this regime i don't see that happening. >> you mean logistically, right, yeah. let's talk about the these two
4:59 pm
seem to enjoy each other, do you think that key is getting maybe brazil so nato? -- intonato. >> that is probably a bit of a reach to think about getting them into nato, colombia is a member of nato, sort of what we call an ad way, not a fill a --l member. that may be possible for brazil. >> very pleasant to watch ambassador thank you for your time. >> my pleasure. >> interesting move, sometime president just throws things out like that. >> you know, you are part of
5:00 pm
nato, you have to pay your fair share. >> i have heard that. susan will be back for melissa all week-long, it is bulls and bears with david asman and the crew. >> seems to be conservative if they are republicans if they are in certain group, there is discrimination. i see it absolutely on twitter. facebook, something is happening with those groups of folks that are running facebook and google and twitter. i do think we have to get to the bottom of it. david: president doubling down on social media by slamming facebook after the social media giant apologized for temporarily blocking the president's social directors account. >> and alleges a conservative bias. is this just the tip of the


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