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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  March 19, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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he wasn't able to get it to 360 to do that. just ask elon musk or donald trump. >> or difficult vine nunes. president trump: we don't want to say exactly. i know exactly what i want to happen in venezuela. but we'll be talking about different things. all options are on the table. it's a shame what's happening in venezuela. the death and destruction and the hunger. hard to believe one of the wealthiest countries is now one of the poorest and impoverished cunning tris. if the maduro authorities would step aside it could be a truly successful humanitarian state. the last thing we want in the united states is socialism. liz: that was president trumped
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a invoicpresident trump --advocr venezuela. countries around the world cheering on president trump. the president said socialism will not destroy america like it has that country. the agenda has drowned out nancy pelosi's messaging. the socialist agenda falling apart in congress. even the majority of democrats don't like the. tonight we break it down. president trump slamming twitter, facebook and google. he says they do discriminate against conservatives. after facebook apologized for temporarily blocking the account. we debate why republican devin nunes' lawsuit against twitter, why he could have a hard go of
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it with that one. usc is going to suspend class registration for students involved in the scandal. will other schools follow u.s.c. and do the same? we take on senator elizabeth warren and the democrats being hah it you'llly self-deceiving and and tunisti. we drilled into the income inequality fight. they are whipping fastballs by you. it happens while democrats who like to lecture about constitutional norms want to change the norms they find inconvenient including wiping out and getting rid of the electoral college in 2020.
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i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. [♪] welcome to the show. you are watching the fox business network. let's take to you venezuela and the controversy there. the trump administration hitting mat duro regime with new sanctions against the state-run gold mining company. let's get to edward lawrence with the latest. reporter: president trump says he stand with brazil in promoting democracy around the world. president trump wants maduro out of power and quickly. president trump: i'm not being told any specific time. they have been there a long time between him and his predecessor.
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at some point i imagine things will change. but we haven't don't tough sanctions yet and all options are open. reporter: brazil is helping the u.s. get aid to people in venezuela who need it badly on trade. president bolsonaro wants to make good trade deals. the. president trump: we are committed to making good trade acrossing a range of industries including infrastructure, agriculture and technology. reporter: they talked about the risks posed with spyin spying wh huawei. president trump saying he'll elevate brazil to a major non-nato ally. on another front the president says he wants to look at the social media companies.
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he says there is a clear bias in the social media companies. he said something should be done about it, but he didn't specify what. liz: you are looking at live pictures. a massive fire burning since yesterday and it's spreading at a petrochemical storage facility outside houston. 8 tanks filled with liquid fuels are engulfed at this very hour. 12 of 15 have been damaged. and industry fire officials said they will not know until tomorrow how much longer this inferno will continue. we'll stay on that story for you. let's take you to boeing. the ce offer that company released a video message to passengers after two deadly crashes after his airplane killed 346 people.
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this as the white house is expected to nominate a former delta pilot as the new head of the faa. reporter: if steve dickson is confirmed he'll with a baptism of fire. a federal grand jury issued a subpoena to persons close to the faa and/or boeing. the faa has long granted airplane manufacturers leeway in certifying their own planes. it's complex and the faa lacks the manpower to do it alone. but boeing was under competitive pressure to get that airplane certified quickly. among the flaws inspectors
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understated the power of the mcas. it was ape cobbler of moving the tail four times farther than stated in the initial document. inspectors assessed the level one below catastrophic. they want to know whether boeing other faa circumvented sound safety procedures to get the 737 max planes on the market. >> heads will roll if they are not confident in their data and the safety of this plane. reporter: the chairman said the company is cooperating with authorities. >> we have been working in full cooperation with the faa, the department of transportation and
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the national transportation safety board on all issues related to the lion air and ethiopian accidents. since the lion air accident occurred in october much last year. reporter: one theory is they did not alert buyers how much the max 8 differed from the previous 737. elizabeth, back to you. liz: this is the name of the game right now. lawsuits were pouring in after the lion air crash in october. and now more expected after the ethiopian crash. they are probing the design certifications for the 737 max planes. mike, can boeing cure its liability problems? >> i think so. but the whole story isn't in.
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we are running off into the weeds. we have not looked sufficiently at the operators of this plane. puvment s. off ray tores said it was safe. u.s. pilots said it was safe. lawyers will be coming out of the woodwork. it will be billions of dollars in terms of lawsuits. liz: china considering excluding the 737 max from a trade deal. >> if they cut out the 737 from their fleet, in 10 years they will be 1,200 to 1,500 short. liz: u.s. pilots expressed serious tbrus tracing with the
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7d -- serious frustration with the 737 max. >> it was addressed that's the difference. then up to the faa grounding the airplane. the u.s. pilots were saying the airplane was safe. and we have to focus on what was going on in the ethiopian cockpit. we didn't have a qualified crew there. liz: the dow snapping a four-day hot streak, giving up gains on a report china is pushing back on the trade deal. the s & p 500 closing down. it did hit a high for the year. the tech sector on fire. fedex shares under pressure after hours. it cut its guidance for the second time. weaker global growth is the issue.
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it's an issue for u.s. growth as well. next up. new details on a story we first told you about last night about republican devin nunes filing a quarter billion dollar defamation suit against twitter. does this lawsuit have any teeth? can he go with it? ocasio-cortez is pushing hard on socialist policies. but she is not talking about how much they will cost you. now even a majority of house democrats don't like the socialist agenda at all. we are all over this one. that's next. stay right there. t. rowe price experts go beyond the numbers to examine
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liz: you are watching the fox business network. let's take you to the historic floods that you poundinged the midwest. dangerous and record flooding deaf stating so many people there, farmers, ranchers. several people have died. hundreds driven from their homes. nebraska facing a billion dollars in damages and losses. reporter: behind me is the rock river in roscoe, illinois 150 yard over its banks. about 400 yard back is the neighborhood of edgemere terrace. but the entire neighborhood is surrounded by water. kayaks, that's how the kids are getting to school. all of this flooding is the combination of snow melt
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combined rain. 9 million people are at risk or impacted by the flooding. no state is hit harder than nebraska. >> there have been three of them in my lifetime i remember. this is the worst i have ever seen it. reporter: vice president mike pence arrived in nebraska to assess the damage and get an idea what people need. what they need more than anything else is a break from the rain and they are not going to get it. more rain is expected overnight night. the association of mayors downstream on the misand they are expecting for things to get worse. >> thank you so much for reporting. we are talk about 11-foot high wall of water. we are going to stay on that story for you. the democrat socialist agenda now falling apart in the house. way less than half of the house democrat caucus support the green new deal or medicare for
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all. only 90 of the 235 democrats in the house support the green new deal. only 106 support medicare for all. northbounall. house speaker nancy pelosi has criticized the proposals. she is not taking this seriously. here is nancy pelosi last month saying the green dream or whatever they call it, nobody knows what it is but are there for it, right? this is total collapse in the house for the socialist agenda. the lack of democrat support behind it. >> i take a different take on this. i think 90 democrats in the house are honest in telling you
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they want to impose this massive regulatory tax spending control that is the green new deal and 100 plus want to ban private insurance and ban your health savings account as part of medicaid, immediate i kay for you will pap. they are smart enough to know clinton won in 1992 by saying he was going to tax the top 2%. we got in and he was left with massive new spending and taxes on everybody. he lost the house and senate. when obama ran, he said only tax the top 1%. as soon as he got in, massive new spending and regulations. higher taxes on everyone. then he lost the house and almost the senate. so the democratic leadership gets. you don't talk about your crazy left-wing spending ideas until
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after you win. then you impose them. maybe you lose the house, but you get the tax money. liz: to your points, $671,000 per household for the green new deal? this could be one of the worst congresses in 150 years. i mean, i hear what you are saying. i hear what the leadership is doing. i understand that. but to your point. do the democrats think they will win 2020 on any of this? trump's approval ratings are going up. even democrats quietly say trump has the policies to win in 2020 right now. >> if trump was running against nobody he might lose. but if he's running against socialism. liz: what do you mean? >> you said trump or somebody else. whoever somebody else is. when you put him up against a person like hillary, she loses.
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and when you put him up against george mctoday vern, george mcgeorgia govern effective policies. mcgovern lost the presidency as much as nixon won it. that's why they are mad at aoc and all the very left democrats who said we are for that. of course, you are, don't say it out loud in public. liz: i hear what you are saying. cortez and the socialists swamped nancy pelosi's message. joe biden may run. democrats on the left side are saying joe biden's wealth should be the reason he doesn't run. this is full throttle politics anand it's self-defeating that u can't be prosperous and be a
6:22 pm
democrat and win in 2020. the attitude is, joe biden and people who are prosperous started out on third base instead of working hard to get him where he's at. i understand joe has been in politics for most of his life. but he did serve the american people. >> every successful company that became big and huge they say is a policy failure. their goal is no success for that for anybody. i think it's admirable that so many democrats are honest about their position. i'm worried about the ones who say i am not for that. as soon as they get near power the fanning -- the fangs will c. liz: we are tracking more
6:23 pm
headlines for you breaking tonight. the u.s. and its allies have detained five isis fighters accused of carrying out the worst attack on american ground forces in northern syria. the u.n. said a cyclone left a trail of death and destruction that was unprecedented across southeastern africa. it's the most of deadly cyclone to hit africa. 400,000 homeless in mozambique. in california, police in laguna beach warning of two attempted virtual kidnap cases. a phone caller told parents their children had been abducted. demanding a ransom be wired to a
6:24 pm
mexican bank account to get the kidnapping over and done with. neither case was real, but one parent wired $5,000 before learning his daughter was safe. multiple reports that two-time american league mvp mike trout and the l.a. angels are close to the biggest pro contract in sports history. a 12-year deal worth more than $430 million. just ahead on the "evening edit." critics claim more than a few high-profile democrats are misleading the american people in the fight about income inequality. we drilled down. we'll give you the facts on that one. what do the owner of amazon and twitter and the new england patriots have in common? they are at the center of
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brewing bitter battles.
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liz: republican representative devin nunes suing twitter for a quarter billion for defamation. reporter: there are three twitter users named in this lawsuit. two anonymous parity accounts and one democratic strategist. nunes claims he conspired with clients to trash him online, including filming stunts outside his office. nunes calling out this tweet where he echoed the fresno bee reporting that he invested in a winery that's used under aged
6:30 pm
hookers. the lawsuit is just the first in many that nunes is threatening against the social media giant that he says allowed trolls to troll him online and bash him online. president trump: we have to do something. i have many, many millions of followers on twitter. and it's different than it used to be. things are happening. names are taken off. people aren't getting through. it seems to be if they are conservative or republicans or in a certain group, this discrime nation d there is big discrimination. liz: thank you, hillary for your reporting. let, get your take. he's judge andrew napolitano.
6:31 pm
devin nunes, social media companies have immunity under the law. they are not responsible for third-party content. i'm not sure how devin nunes can win. >> if this republican operative has head accusations that he broke the law, then i am sure he'll have a case against him. but that has nothing to do with twitter or the demonstrations outside his office or his opponents want to go mock and discredit him. you start with the presumption of the first amendment which says when you are tarring something in the government, almost anything guess. liz: can he force twitter to reveal anonymous identities? >> no. here is the law's theory. as a member of congress he has a big megaphone and he can go right back at those people. he doesn't need to use the
6:32 pm
courts. liz: florida prosecutors offered to drop charged against robert kraft *. but he would have to admit that they, meaning prosecutors, would have found he had been proven guilty at trial. but if he ends up not being a convicted felon and seal that court record. so there are a bunch of sides to this. >> most of states when you get this deferred prosecution. you don't admit to anything. you go through a period of probation then a year later you can get it expunged. which allows you to answer under oath you were never arrested even though you were. the confession could cost him dearly with relation to his ownership of the new england patriots. he has the same morals clause in
6:33 pm
his franchise agreement that his players have with him. roger goodell, the commissioner of the nfl would have to do something. what is the greatest risk. in my opinion it's none of the government's business was consenting adults do in a private environment. liz: they are pushing hard that this is sex trafficking. the woman who performed this on him was the owner of the place. liz: usc is saying that they will suspend new class registrations. we have more than 800 people in a number of states, nine colleges. do you think other colleges will follow usc? >> i do. a lot of the parents who have been indicted will go to the feds and say guess who else is involved.
6:34 pm
i'll give you this information if you go easy on me. the ringleader himself said he helped over 750 families. i think this is just the tip of the iceberg. should the students be implicated? amazon, lauren sanchez's brother had a contract with the "enquirer." >> it depends on how he got what was in his sister's iphone. if she handed it to him and expected him with his background and reputation as a known source for the "national enquirer" to keep it secret, she betrayed herself and her lover. >> jeff bezos is like a dog on a meat truck over this. he won't give up on higgs
6:35 pm
pursuits of the "national enquirer." liz: senator elizabeth warren the latest democrat saying get rid of the electoral college. we'll tell you why they are dead wrongs about that. a new poll from cnn say 7 of 10 people say the economy is in good shape. but critics say you wouldn't know it in the flawed and faulty data. we'll break it all down, coming up. i can't tell you who i am or what i witnessed,
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your control. like bedhead. hmmmm. ♪ rub-a-dub ducky... and then...there's national car rental. at national, i'm in total control. i can just skip the counter and choose any car in the aisle i like. so i can rent fast without getting a hair out of place. heeeeey. hey! ah, control. (vo) go national. go like a pro. liz: a new cnn poll says they feel the nation's economy is in good shape. president trump's approval ratings riding, too. now at 42%.
6:40 pm
50%. half of americans say the president is right. the special counsel investigation is a quote witch hunt. all this as the economy is moving forward. but last night democrat senator elizabeth warren again misled the american people in the income inequality segment in the cnn town hall. bernie sanders and alexandria ocasio-cortez think new higher taxes the politicians will collect will stop all that. watch this. >> when you have got a government that works for the rich and it's not working nearly as well for anyone else, that's corruption and we need to call it out, plain and simple. we have a 2% tax of the 75,000 richest families in this country, we would have enough money to provide universal childcare and universal pre-k for every child in america and
6:41 pm
still have $2 trillion left over. liz: joe, your take on that? >> there is so much wrong with what she said. her calling for this tax on accumulated wailts unconstitutional. and it's unnecessary and economically destructive. her thoughts on income inequality ignore the basic reality and that is the middle class is shrinking for all the right reasons. if you look back at the past 40 years of data, the middle class has shrunk by 5%. but adjusted for inflation, the upper income and wealthy, they have actually grown, they have doubled in proportion. people are moving from the middle class to the higher can? strata. that is something we should be celebrating. liz: the inequality arguments are completely flawed and wrong
6:42 pm
because they are based on tax return. they do not include 401ks, pension, social security and medicare. democrats like to make it that the stock market is rigged against the middle class. but the middle class owns a lot of stock. nearly 16 trillion home equity. nearly 10 trillion in bank deposits. nearly 8 trillion in mutual fund. a lot of labor unions own pensions that own stocks. so this is a totally flawed argument. >> on top of that, the measure of income inequality fails to take into account the wealth transfers that take place in our tax code. if you take that into account.
6:43 pm
the united states is far more equal than australia, the united kingdom and japan. liz: you are saying medicaid, medicare and social security doesn't show up on tax returns. this is going to come up in 2020. again and again they are whipping fastballs against the american people. this poll shows the majority of new yorkers say losing amazon was bad for new york. they blame alexandria ocasio-cortez as the quote villain for chasing away amazon. joel, it's something even bigger than ocasio-cortez. it's high tax and regulations. not just cortez, right? >> if you add in the state tax of new york combined with the new york city tax rate, it's one
6:44 pm
of the worst tax environments in the country. up until a year ago we had the highest tax rate on businesses in the entire industrialized world. now we are right about the international average. and what we have seen the past year has been something short of phenomenal. people like to say this is a sugar buzz economy. i would say this is more an economy eating meat instead of cotton candy. if the progressives aren't careful they will kill the economy. liz: joel, great to see you. that was joel griffin of the heritage foundation. senator warren piling on the bandwagon of democrats who like to lecture about constitutional forms. now they want to get rid of the electoral college. we want to take that on. a divide supreme court did hand the trump administration a key
6:45 pm
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liz: we can add elizabeth warren to the growing list of democrats who want to get rid of the electoral college they complained about in the past. critics say they only want to do that to rig the system to win in 2020. >> my view is that every vote matters. and the way we can make that happen is that we can have national voting and that means get rid of the electoral college. liz: because the democrats lost the contest in which the rules were known for two centuries that delivered the white house to every democrat since andrew
6:50 pm
jackson. the democrats want to rig the rules instead of passing governing policies to win. ford, democrats claim to be about protecting the minority when abolishing this would up end with the founding fathers wanted. >> what elizabeth warren is pushing is an emotional ruse. she wants to change the rules because thee wants to make it easier for the democrats to win the presidency. the electoral college was set up to protect the smaller states from the tyranny of the majority and to promote a. the electoral college is working exactly the way the founder intended it. liz: if you get rid of california, donald trump would have won the popular vote by 1.4
6:51 pm
million votes. i seem to remember that democrats warned that if donald trump lost he would wants to abolish the electoral college. >> they said that's what trump would do and now they are doing what they accused him of doing which he never in fact did. to change the electoral college you need a constitutional amendment. you need to override the 12th amendment. you would need 2/3 of both houses of congress and 3/4 of the state legislatures. they are pulling this ruse on their voters to gin up emotionsying they can deliver on something that's nearly undeliverable. liz: both parties would only have to commend dear large majorities in new york and california. what about the minority voters
6:52 pm
in other states. why vote in the flyover states if you are going to get rid of the electoral college. >> there wok no points in doing it. it would be about los angeles, new york, california and illinois. and you would be forget being the rest of the country. we are a constitutional republic. the tenets of republicanism means we are looking for every state to count. we are not looking to be a unitary country. it was the electoral college that got rid of slavery because the electoral college gave abraham lincoln the victory in 1860 when he did not have a majority of the vote. liz: apprehending more than 400 illegal immigrants in the span of 5 minutes, we'll tell you where. this as the supreme court gives president trump a key victory on
6:53 pm
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liz: breaking news border patrol agents working in el paso, texas, apprehended two large group of illegals, 400 people within 5 minutes, president trump got a victory with supreme court, justices backing up on white house ability to detain criminal illegal immigrants and hold them indefinitely while they wait deportation, it was a 5 to 4 vote. general, to the supreme court decision, what is your take on that? >> great to be with you. i think it is the right decision. we should be able to hold the illegal aliens that are criminals, until we deport them, as a soldier who has fought overseas, it is disheartening to see under current of liberalism
6:58 pm
that is trying to undermine our national security. this is a win for the president, and country and our national security. these ill intended individuals need to be back where they came from. liz: 400 people apprehended in 5 minutes in el paso, texas trying too cross, your take? >> my hats off to law enforcement officials and executed that. and were able to prevent that surge of illegal immigrants coming across the border, this highlights the problem we face. it is every day on the border, these border agents face maybe not 400 but something on the scale from you know 50 to 400. trying to get across the border. it is a problem. it is a national emergency as the president said, he needs that money to finish building the wall to channel, funnel the illegal immigrants into the
6:59 pm
stationeds where they are to be crossing. liz: pentagon has given congress a list of projects, including a dozen in california, governor gavin newsom will not be happy about that, where do you see that. >> i think it is fair. president increased military budget by billions of dollars, it is fair for him to be able to look at that and say, you know, let's take 4 and 8 million from the construction budget, here is the list, secretary was asked to provide a list to congress of what might be impacted. so everyone is getting to see that because they done give the president -- they didn't give the president the money some might come out of their home districts, voters may not be happy. in the long run for congressmen that lose projects in their district. at the end was day this the right call for the president. liz: great to see you general thank you. >> thank you. liz: thank you,f -- for
7:00 pm
watching, lou dobbs is next. right here on the fox business network, have a good evening. evening. >> good evening, i am david asman in for lou dobbs, supreme court handing president trump a major victory in his effort to combat national security crisis at our southern border, holds administration right to detain criminal illegal immigrants prior too deportation. we take up decision with judicial watch president tom fitton. and president meeting with brazilian president bolsonaro. there relationship that we have right now with brazil is never been better, i think there was a lot


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