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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  March 19, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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i want to hear from you. have a great night. i'll see you tomorrow. kennedy: democrat know they can't beat president trump in 2020 so far. now they are getting so desperate they want what change all of will routes to make it -- rules to make it easier for them to win, talking electoral college, voting age and supreme court, that will now have 51 members. what happened to beating the other side with better ideas and got forbid likeable candidates. hillary clinton lost to president trump in the elect -- electoral college but she lost in popular vote as you remember,
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last night liz warren said, we should chuck it out, liz? >> my view is that every vote matters. the way we can make that happen is we can have national voting, and that means get rid of the electoral college and everybody. kennedy: all right, so, what else can we do? house speaker nancy pelosi has another brilliant plant, lower the voting age to get no those socialist kids on board. >> i myself have been for getting voting age to 16, it is important to capture the kids in high school, when they are learning about government to vote. kennedy: why do i feel like i am watching the third installment of leaving neverland, that is not okay.
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good job nance. anyone else have good ideas? oh, let's gut and renovate supreme court, so center fieldss -- so conservatives can no longer have a authority. >> what if there were 5 justices by republicans and 5 by democrats then they pick 5 more. >> you have 15 members but only 10 are appointed in political fashion, 5 can can be seated by unanimous agreement of other 10. >> should we keep it at 9. >> i would like to explore options. we should have term limits, that could be one thing. to give every president the ability to choose 3. >> every president gets 3, why not, 3 strikes, you are in. president caught wind of that last idea, gave democrats a dose
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of reality. >> i would not entertain that, they want to try to catch up, if they can't catch up through the ballot box by winning an elects, they want to try a different way, we would have no interest in, that it would never happen. not for 6 years i guarantee. >> is destroying vision of our forefathers the only way that the democrats can retake the white house? and republican strategist, noel, everyone is on their sharpest game. emily, start with you. their dumb idea, right now beto and -- i don't know how to say his last name. no one knows how.
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that problematic. you can't say his name. and obama did not have the same thing it was very easy to pronounces an irish last time, obama, everyone gets it. they say, they come up with 15. what about the current 9 occupants who have lifetime supreme court. >> to go to -- did you see that buddha judge on his twitter said -- back to this. >> i feel like his husband is talking about what he did in panama, florida, on spring break, i know that i was a booty judge. i want my legislature to focus on policy that ul work. it was tried in 30s, it failed and created a civil war.
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>> other than i think that thing is piling on bandwagon with mic- misguided focus, and a mi misinterpretation, if you are not winning on your own that your campaign you are failing at. kennedy: a wonderful point, it just shows they have the same idea. they repackage. we see what happened with kavanaugh, and this is -- if president trump excuse me. i have to start vaping. if president trump gets a third supreme court nominee, i am not exaggerating when i say that
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could be the beginning of civil war. >> perhaps. kennedy: i know it is dramatic. but not medicare for all, not the deficit inflating nonsense or creating okay it is it supreme court pick. >> so funny to hear the left talking about how trump is destroying our political democracy, to stop that we have to abolish the senate, add a bunch of seats to supreme court. what are you protecting if you a you are protecting system as it is, but if you need to destroy every part of the system to compete, that is wrong. they could beat him in a normal election. kennedy: they can be beaten with that system. that is it. >> well then republicans will change their strategy for winning. they will go after republican
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voters in state they don't go after right now, this is stupid idea. kennedy: you could activate. and like in new york and california, they are ignored. but i want to talk about garland, other talking about with other candidates that somehow neil gorsuch is an ill legitimate associate justice and brett kavanaugh is unqualified. but. mcconnell with held garland's nomination, not because he thought that president trump was going to win, he didn't give him a committee hearing, no one in their right mind thought that donald trump would be president, is mitch mcconnell a jean use for that move -- genius for that move? >>, parentall apparently it hast to our favor. going back to original point because there are so many people running in 2020 election.
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kennedy: tom delaney is in. do we have the balloon? sorry. >> i feel like that the messages to break out to be a break out candidate have to be more and more extreme. just like bernie sanders is known for medicaid for all and free college. kennedy: berndty is running at moderate. >> and warren saying he will change the whole elec elect -- electoral college, and cory booker, this is one issue. everyone is grasping at anish that will be so extreme. kennedy: spiking of extreme. we have more with the panel later, they are quite brilliant. they will be back later. >> don't expect white house to hole a bring your spouse to bork daworkday any time soon, kellyae
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conway's has been a vocal critic of the president, lately has claims that president has mental problem, and president trump has been taking high road with mr. kelly an, that ended today, he tweeted conway of a total loser. one of the nice if nicest thinge said, george conway shot back, congratulations, you guaranteed that million more people will learn about narsistic personality disorder, great job. on heels of president's week long attack on late arizona senator john mccain, that was condemned by many in his open party, including mitt romney, should president mix it up like this -- twitter, seems like a distraction from this economic game. joining me now, press secretary for trump 2020 national campaign, kayleigh mcenany.
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>> thank you. kennedy: one theory to twitter, that kellyanne conway did you not want to stand up to the president, she is going -- her husband saying that president is crazy, i like my job, it helps my business. and here is the dsm5, the president is nuts boop. >> i have to say, i disagree with that theory, kellyanne conway, has said she disagrees with her husband. stands behind this president. kennedy: why isn't george conway venting privately. >> i can't speak to his motives, but what he is saying is off base, and ridiculous and unfounded. it does not make anyone's job easier, but it is far from the truth. and kellyanne said she disagrees
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herself, and president does and anyone that interacts with the president including myself will tell you it is off base. kennedy: it is weird. that sort of speaks to how you are going to tackle the destruction. later in the show you talk about the economic reality, and it is quite rosie, we're living in a great time if you are looking for a job, or investing this stock market. the idea of new day in america feels like real to many, many. and those are types of thing that president should talk bbut we're talking about the conway on conway riff. and i am wondering what the white house plans to do about it. about. >> i think average american, they don't know who george conway is. kennedy: they do now. >> if you are watching cable news. kennedy: and follow president on
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twitter. >> they are not paying attention to pack and forth. president has a right to defended himself, he has dealt with it. but average american says that this economy has never been better, 71% most recent cnn poll, that determined votes. >> then maybe george conway is upset with his wife. he should talk about with her, in private. he is jeopardize z her and representation. and i want to talk about the way that president has been handling the late senator john mccain. because it is unbecoming it is a type of thing he said he would put behind him during the campaign, he promised, that he would make a pivot, i don't think that is where he needs too pivot. you should agree. >> i agree that president has a right to defend himself over the dossier that was given by john mccain too, the fbi, and one
9:13 pm
of john mccain's associate gave it to 12 reporters that dossier was full of horrendous allegations, about the president, if that was said about you, me or anyone else we would defend ourselves. kennedy: it's really hard for a dead person to go on offense. thank you. >> thank you. kennedy: coming up two year we heard about robert mueller trump investigation, but now we told special counsel is looking to former top attorney from will obama administration, it the pendulum swinging in a fair direction? gayle trotter joins me after the break, hi, gayle .
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kennedy: the quest to bring down trump administration could take out members of obama administration as collateral damage. oh. like sands through hour glass. according to "new york times," doj, charges against gregory craig. former white house council for failing to disclose work he did for soviet tied president of ukraine in 2012. he was reportedly steered to that work by paul ma -- manafor, could land him honor of being first democrat charged in mueller probe, well done, you. as newly release court document show federal official began investigating president trump's former mixer michael cohen in july 2017, a year before the 2018 raid on his oil and was on. -- on his home and was on.
9:19 pm
perhaps a bigger question, when will mueller probe end? and we get to read it? it has been two years, joining me now, attorney gayle trotter, who is this gregory craig. >> well these are the days of our lives, gregory craig was in white house as white house counsel for the prior administration of president obama. kennedy: he looks like beto o'rourke and george bush had a child. >> perhaps, he was a white house lawyer under prior administration then private practice, now he is the subject of this investigation first in new york, been transferred to washington now. under a law called foreign agent reregistration act, passed in 18 to try to protect america from
9:20 pm
influence of german saboteured. we have this act that has been summoned enforced and allegations again gregory craig representing certain foreign interests while anker than with the other law ter firm call into question this act. we'll see whether the swamp creatures in the department of justice are willing to do a similar enforcement action against gregory craig. kennedy: shouldn't they? if the changes against paul manafort are serious enough you will use that act to indict him and prosecute him, you should do the same for people who abuse it. it does not matter what side they are from. we have to have the same set of rules for everyone. that is what is so frustrating, that allows people to lose their faith in government and law enforcement institutions. >> right, and that is the santee
9:21 pm
we do not have in -- sanity we do not have in washington. that is why you have a lot of people closely watching this investigation, and what happens with this fore gregory craig. kennedy: talk about michael cohen, he was under investigation for over a year, why was the fbi pursuing him along with special counsel and various u.s. attorneys? >> that is the $64,000 question, with this new narc -- of i infon that investigation of michael cohen started almost a year before they rated his office -- raided his office, why did they start investigating michael cohen at that point. this goes back to distinction you raised. we in united states do not believe that administration of justice should be a way to
9:22 pm
oppose our political adversaries, but in this case, michael cohen hav you have to wr with top agents like mccabe, saying he and rosenstein are trying to conspire again the president, now there is a lot of doubt about what mccabe said, but it raises questions about why the bureaucrats in top law enforcement agencies in dc, why do they have so much power. kennedy: why is the department of justice shielding one politician but going after another? the administration of justice and surveillance here is so incredibly uneven. and thank you for your work, investigation and pointing that out, gayle trotter. >> great to be with us. kennedy: thank you. >> a new poll shows millennials are really stresses odd. wait until you hear, time for a crash course in reality for the
9:23 pm
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exceptional lease & financing offers during the mercedes-benz spring event. going on now. kennedy: you know i'm a fan of good old-fashion generational warfare, as a gen-xer, i'm sandwiched in between doozies, boomers gave birth to millennials with an army of aoc's runs things we're all screwed. a poll shows, if millennials were left to their own devices they would die and get eaten by cock roached and jack el pack. you think back to your grandparents a lot journeys from far away and did not know if they would survive the boat or die from gout by the 40 but they had to make sure their children were not starving beggars and one venratio generation removeda
9:28 pm
min. do you know number one cause of millennial stress is in the poll? losing their wallet or credit card? that is what keeps these cream puffs up at night, they claim they have a shar hard time fallg asleep three times a week, and other biggest fear, not poverty or loss of faculties or war, it is having their phone screen break. i have a rule, i cannot be friends with you, unless i know you can survive in wild, seeing riots and earthquake seeing how quickly things go from candy to catastrophy, you may have to get around with your dumb phone when someone decided to nuke or local grid. -- electrical imri grid.
9:29 pm
>> and in reagan era we were convinced we were all going to die, did we wallow in self pity, kind of but it boost a mud call paradigm shift, millennials have justin bieber, and g easy, got i pity them, you know number 6 on stress list? slow wi-fi, and then, forgetting their phone charger. we either need them to abaco kate their society responsible to next generation or hasten the robot takeover to have their babylowin lotion soft mother bos swapped out for working parts, that is the memo.
9:30 pm
kennedy: millennials don't seem worried about things that matter, it should worry them like student loan debt, it hit 1.5 trillion dollars that ranked 17 on list, so should we be worried that millennials are more worried about slow wi-fi than they are about impending financial ruin, the panel is back. thank you gadness. robby, first word, since you are the only millennial on the panel. >> where is my phone! oh, no!, oh, thank god. >> i did forget my phone charger when i came to new york, i panicked, i had t his buy one. they often deserve it. i do it. i think part of the issue is millennials are more open about talking about their mental kind of trauma. then trevious generations -- previous generation, their
9:31 pm
stress is just they want to tell you about it they have no shame. but like you said, they do have legitimate economic concerns. >> they're not saving money. >> government did that, i am cross with the government. >> and government bolstered this college -- >> everyone has to go, take out as much money as you can, there will be a job waiting for you. kennedy: your parents can't afford college that is okay. >> they are victims. kennedy: gen xers, greatest great generation? >> indeed. >> there we go. kennedy: so much fun.
9:32 pm
>> i like to see millennials you know, a loo a lot are activistsd they are passionate about things about poverty while wearing a 600 dollar gucci t-shirt. >> true and they have no problem telling someone else that government should take their money and redistribute it. >> as long as i get -- >> they like it. >> they do. they like taking as long as -- >> i hate big government but give me my medicare. >> where is it? so. i think that this is pretty funny, i really feel not enough people understand survivalism. >> i have a ton of friends who are learning things that will help us in armageddon to survives and they have been committing themselves to that with years. my issue is millennial, no offense, is disconnect, and lack
9:33 pm
of communication, i attended a party, they were millennials, i was there for this reason, i had never been to an influencer party. >> it was horrifying. kennedy: i did go to oscar party. and it was -- >> these were kids. kennedy: madonna and johnny depp. >> a average is 17. point was that i could not have a conversation with them. i realized they have on-line present of influence and affect of generation, they were unable to look me in the a and have a normal conversation without their device. stressors on that list, that occurs when they are disconnected,. kennedy: that is why we need rowboat -- robots to put real sowl souls in them.
9:34 pm
gets off my lawn. >> i wish that parents would tell their kids to get off social media, some is good but if you take it too far it is unhealthy. kennedy: i sound like a -- from -- no, no, can i have snapchat, no. >> no. >> all right. thank you so much. great panel. >> several 2020 democratic presidential candidates have endorsed the green new deal, that seeks to transform our economy to policy like federal job, guarantees and university healthcare -- universal health care, and renew able energy, and more, plan is ridiculous. and unrealistic, expoo another g problem, our economy is doing great, last month consumer confidence surged, unemployment rate dipped. and our tight labor market led to wage growth 3.4%.
9:35 pm
white house chief economist kevin has et ceter hassett souno is responsible for that. >> president trump policies are working. the economy has gone from new normal of low growth to old normal that three% growth, and precisely because of the policies are workings way that economists think they should, we said a year in fall capital spending would boom and factories would come back to america we have documented ta. >> oh, brett baier. and they were warning if for that left gets their way, medicare for all, economy would crater, there are clearly 2 total different visions of whatture economy should look like. who should win? joining me now, cio, scat martin. -- scott martin, naughty scotty tell me the truth. >> the truth the hurt.
9:36 pm
for democrats, but i know the position, they can't run on letting the economy do what it is doing, as you point out, wage growth to 4%. and consumer confidence, very good, business confidence too. the economy as kevin hassett said, running on old economy that is america, running as america should run, not fearful of the government. democrat probably have to run on this controlling egovernment knows best, they will take care of you thing, they can't run on good economic data, the republicans can claim credit for it. kennedy: if they were smart, they would talk about compounding the economic growth with their great ideas, but they are not doing that. the far left policies, they certainly stifle economic growth, but they also are a hard sell in ad if economy. -- in a good economy, it makes
9:37 pm
you wonder why there is not one person -- they all say, you know we need big government, trillions of dollars in medicare for all, and healthcare is a rite, we need to take over sectors, then they add, but i'm a capitalist, i don't think they know what that word means. >> no, i tell you, i think they ignore the surveys, you mentioned, 70s% of american say that economy is good, and 8 out of 10 dentists surveyed in that poll said that eb economy is go. >> that reduces cavities too. >> yes, it is amazing when you stop using chinesining too -- chinese tooth paste, thank you, tariffs. but if you ignore it all. you run the risk of being out of
9:38 pm
touch, and alienating voters who find benefit in their 401(k), in their wage growth. kennedy: you know, i thought of an analogy today, often times with the state us -- big government people they see repeated failure of bureaucracy, and their knee-jerk reaction is to throw more government attebury creaseat thebarr creast bureaucracy, that is like someone who is alern a allergic. and dr. saying here is a gallon of 22% milk. >> that did not work out. it will not if you go to the details. true, about how if you go to details of say green new deal that aocput out and other policies they are too costly to the economy to free market.
9:39 pm
if you want to be that person. kennedy: >> they want to do it then, it is just a regular, just a suggestion. it is garbage. you are not, scott martin thank you. >> terrible. >> see yeah. kennedy: coming up, a battle in syria, could be bitter last span for most psychotic terrorist organization in history, but will isis really ever be defeated even as their caliphate crumbles, brien suits will join me with answers next. heir car insurance with geico- oi oi oi set the pick! kick it outside!! shoot the three! shoot the three!! yessssssss!!!!!! are you...ok? no, no i'm not. i think i pulled a hammy. could we get some ice? just one cube of ice?
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and should not be taken if you have certain abnormal heart rhythms or take other drugs that are known to cause changes in heart rhythm. tell your doctor about any changes in medicines you're taking. the most common side effects are swelling of the arms and legs and confusion. we spoke up and it made all the difference. ask your parkinson's specialist about nuplazid. kennedy: there is a vicious fight to death unfolding in syria, isis fanaticking surrounded in their final major hideout, is the end really near for the terrorist. u.s.-backed forces have seized an encampment outside of last village that isis holds, they
9:44 pm
are determined to take out what is left of the thugs. at height of power isis controlled area side of south carolina. but now all that remains is a run down tent city according to local reports, many underground tunnels where thousands could be hiding, they are still there, and village still has civilians that include isis family members that are determined. is isis really defeated. will some escape and live to fight another day, to discuss it. brien suits, the whole exercise has been barbaric? >> it has been barbaric. >> barbaric. >> barbaric. kennedy: thank you, let's discuss identity, i think that they are like cockroaches but worst. >> this is a different bite of the same apple, they are unique,
9:45 pm
they never went through an insergeant period, the people that organize them had great experience in iraq. you know evading capture for 6 years, now that the thing is collapsed, and the end time did not come, that i is -- you establish a call pa caliphate. the end time comes we go to jerusalem and jesus kills the devil, a lot of believer died or walked away. these never were -- >> what do they do? do they say, you know what college is expensive, now there is a scam, i will be a weller. >> a lot of europeans are they are pulling out their eu passports, they are prisoners in
9:46 pm
american administers prison, europeans don't want them back, there was a handful of americans that physically went there and fought. europeans have a problem. when isis, formal isis that we've known to admire and love, when they collapse in next few hours or days, there is not going to be some you know squirt of a thousand hardened insurgentses to train others, the stomach for what they were doing is over. and the external support they required from turkey and qatar is gone. >> they have sole all the -- sold all relics and kidney, where is al-baghdadi? >> he might be back in sawe sad, not there but maybe in baghdad or, serving beer to cia
9:47 pm
operatives. >> he is one of people that you were talking about, he was the figure head who u would bring caliphate together who had a great geel deal of experience fighting americans. >> we had him in prison, and let him out, but the iraqis will catch him, and alive. kennedy: they get 25 million in party cash when they do. >> yep, then that is what he gets, isis in that -- is over. there might be an insurgency, but you can't be a insurgent in syria, assad will find you and burn your children. kennedy: he will pour bleach on you for real, not the fake jussie smollett kind. >> thank you. >> always. >> topical storm is next.
9:48 pm
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kennedy: 12 women were arrested after getting into a bu bikini d fight while in miami. this is the topical storm.
9:52 pm
topic one. we begin elsewhere in florida, everyone knows you should never meet your heros. a maniac stormed with a winn-dixie and made off with a box fue full of alcohol. he is a real screw ball. for those of you, watching. florida 911 trai operators' stu. they this never handled a spider-man sighting. topic 2. ryanair ises a discount carrier that flies smaller planes.
9:53 pm
passengers bring baggage. watch this, after a manualed at a woman for using bathroom while she was barefoot. she did have a boyfriend. who gave him free punch. nobody puts baby in the bathroom. it is ugly but better than any experience with spirit air. she was dragged off plane for sparking the melee. and if found guilty, she will go where all class less women go to bravo. >> and topic 3, we head to florida. taco bell. so much bloo florida, they just opened a new drive-thru, i don't like the looks of it. car came through the glass, just missed the guy who got up to get hot sauce. police say, he would have been
9:54 pm
better off getting hit by the car than eating taco bell hot sauce. you heard of ring sting? luckily there were no physical injuries, people are being treated for ptcircumstanc ptsd,g inside of a mexican pizza, that is not a euphemism, although it could be. when you eat enough taco bell, you are used to running for it. looking good and skinny. topic 4. good news for fans of little ceasar's pizza, no federal government has not yet legalized weed, that is coming so is new addition of little ceasar bacon wrapped pizza, a 3 feet wall of
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bacon and according to a coron coroner's report. deep dish death trap is being released for ncaa tournament this year. pizza hut also bringing back its pazone, a combination calzone with a cry for help. if you buy one they will throw in free tickets to see spider-man. come on. man. you can't run around wearing costumes, you are a criminal, not the governor of virginia, i'll be right back. look limu. a civilian buying a new car. let's go. limu's right. liberty mutual can save you money by customizing your car insurance,
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(bird chirping) lots to do, hope you fuelled up. sure did. that storm sure ripped through. yep, we gotta fix that fence and herd the cattle back in. let's get at it. (whistle) (dog barking) (♪) kennedy: we need more knock-knock jokes are in jessica, thank you for watching. follow me on twitter, and instagram. facebook. and e-mail kennedy.
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tomorrow night, kim carney, ned ryan, richard fowler, it be nasty, we'll put on the foil, good night. evening. >> good evening, i am david asman in for lou dobbs, supreme court handing president trump a major victory in his effort to combat national security crisis at our southern border, holds administration right to detain criminal illegal immigrants prior too deportation. we take up decision with judicial watch president tom fitton. and president meeting with brazilian president bolsonaro. there relationship that we have right now with brazil is never been better, i think there was a lot of


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