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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 19, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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and e-mail kennedy. tomorrow night, kim carney, ned ryan, richard fowler, it be nasty, we'll put on the foil, good night. evening. >> good evening, i am david asman in for lou dobbs, supreme court handing president trump a major victory in his effort to combat national security crisis at our southern border, holds administration right to detain criminal illegal immigrants prior too deportation. we take up decision with judicial watch president tom fitton. and president meeting with brazilian president bolsonaro. there relationship that we have right now with brazil is never been better, i think there was a lot of hostility with other
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presidents. >> we're working on different military sites and options, we're working on visas and going in a easier fashion, one of the big elements of the relationship is trade. brazil makes great product, and we make great products, your trade with brazil will go up in both direction. >> we take up president's meeting with bolsonaro, and what close relationship with brazil means for american security. the daily caller's christopher bedford, hudson institute michael pillsbury among our guests, trump economy still booming, white house issuing president's annual economic report. for second consecutive year the economy is out performing expectations. touting the administration's successes. >> getting a capital expenditure boom up about 9% since the tax
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cuts passed that is creating jobing this year it will create output and continue. that is what happened last year. we're confident it will continue. >> we take up the economy's strong performance, and positive impact of the president's tax cuts and deregulatio deregulati, we're joined by mark lauder and gina lowden. >> another victory for president trump. justice clearance thomas sides with the administration's effort, writing, i know it believe no court has jurisdiction to decide questions
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concerning the detention of aliens before final orders of removal have been entered. president is fighting for border security with his executive powers declaring a national emergency, then vetoing a resolution rejecting that declaration. tapper general william barr -- attorney general, william barr, a man of the law, not politics defending the president's national emergency declaration. >> humanitarian and security crisis we have on the border right now is the kind of emergency that presidents are pe permitted to address under the national emergency act, the crise we're dealing with today can right on our doorstep. it presents a real clear, and present danger to the american people. have you done from a legal stand point is grounded in law, and from stand point of protecting the american people it is imperative.
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>> pentagon identifying 13 billion dollars that could be used to fund the president's border wall. decisiondecision could not havea moment too soon, tens of thousands of migrant families from central america continue to try to enter our country illegally. our correspondent william larg s us this situation is overworking border patrol. reporter: crews outside of san diego completed a 14 mile steel fence, and started a second one, stretching from mountains to the ocean. >> last year we've seen a 700% increase of families and significant increase in unaccompanied minors here in san diego. reporter: this year 5200 rushed through a hole in the old fence. up unlike mexicans who are quickly doe deported, central
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americans take much longer. >> they are assigned nonpatrol duties processing transport, or care and feeding of the family units. >> we're seeing increasing medical problem as they come across the border. reporter: smuggler use children as decoys, dropping off this 6 and 9-year-old over a fence, while ti 10 migrants cross illegally a mile away. >> we have to identify, and apprehend every person that crosses the border. reporter: in a 73 day period, dhs released 84 hous thousand immigrant families back to u.s. >> it has been a nonstop flow of people from 50 to 140 people a day. reporter: border fence stretched over 650 miles when president took office, he has replaced
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about 140 miles of that. but still wants at least 200 miles more other from defense department or 2020 budget. >>ing with than william thank y. >> president trump meeting with brazilian president bolsonaro, the two leaders pledged to work together, economically, militarily and socially to create a stronger relationship. edward lawrence with the latest from washington. reporter: david upresident trump and brazilian president bolsonaro talked about becoming closer trade allies, and closer partners, president trump saying he wants to elevate brazil to be a major nonnato ally, that will eopenopportunities for farmer, l allow 750,000 tons of wheat tariff free. and will import brazilian beef.
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>> opening the economy is the right way for brazil to achieve strang economic growth, our great companies are ready to go. reporter: relationship between of two president has grown because of the crises in venezuela, brazil has helped u.s. get aid to much needed people in venezuela. >> we could and have been really very happy to feed thousands and thousands of starving venezuelans. the people have appreciated it. and if the maduro forces would step aside it could be a truly great and successful humanitarian project. we call on members of the venezuelan military to end their support for maduro. who is really nothing more than a cuban puppet.
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reporter: president trump said that all options or table to get maduro out of power. 50 country, more than 50 in the world recognize juan guaido as legitimate president of venezuela, brazil has not always been the best partner for united states, it seems to change with this new meeting, this very important meeting kicking off a new era in our relationship. >> edward thank you. >> well we're learning new information about how long mueller witch-hunt has been investigating president trump's former lawyer. for details on probe, to michael cohen we turn to chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge. reporter: the redacted court record show investigation to michael cohen began a year before fbi raided his new york business in 2018, they requested and obtains wa warrants for his emails that covered
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correspondents during his presidential campaign. illegal campaign contribution scheme, underlying how president's greatest legal exposure may be in southern district of new york and unrelated to russia collusion. cohen pled guilty to lying to congress, and multiple financial crimes, including campaign finance voy laying -- violation, after two women were paid to remain silence. president trump denies their allegations, unsealed court record show federal investor get or wanted historical and futurelycasio -- fut future locn records for cohen's iphone. and a technique on trigger fish. a department official said that investigative strategy is not common. >> i think it is geo location, and knowing where it is, they are trying to corroborate him on a person point or trying to find
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out if he is lying to them. reporter: april 2018 time frame may be significant, cohen testified last month he was told by u.s. attorney to not discuss his conversations after the fbi raid. >> thank you. still to come, eli elizabeth warren's ideas for america come at cost of trillions of dollars. >> start the national full-blown conversation about reparation. >> we should make a big investment in housing. >> medicare for all, green new deal, i have got plans to reduce student loan debt. >> universal child care, and prek, and pre-prekarks. >> all with your money. >> up next, rod rosenstein is still lungein lurking around det
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little while longer, rod rosenstein was to stepping down in mid march is still main liaison between the department and special counsel mueller. but barr had main oversight of the probe since his confirmation. joining me now, tom fitton, president of judicial watch. is it not time for rod rosenstein to move on? >> seems that mueller is still running justice department, and attorney general has to take back control of the justice department, rod rosenstein and mueller have been working closely together on this abusive investigation targets president trump. rod rosenstein is responsible for be on vehicl obstruction ofn covering up anyway we can details about abuses of justice department and fbi, and targeting president trump and others. it is remarkable that attorney general continues to have him in
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place in this position of power. he is running the department as number 2. and by outsourcing control of the justice department to rod rosenstein, mr. barr is sending a signal, that it is business as usual at the deep state. david: how long do you think he will be there? it can't go to that much longer, can it? >> i think they have nominated someone to take over his slot, it could be 5 to 6 months before. he could continue to as you highlighted at beginning, collaborate with mr. mueller as he continues this presidential harassment. david: we're learning more about the deep state, and witch-hunt through the michael cohen revelations. search warrant released. so much has been redacted. have you tried reading in between the redactions? >> i think the big take away. is you have mul mueller operatin
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behind abusive effort to impede on the president's attorney/client relationship with michael cohen. they began dismante dismantlingt expectation of privacy that clients have for communication with their attorneys almost immediately on his coming to hfs to -- office mr. mueller. but they were not fooling anyone, they were operating as avatars for mueller in raiding cohen. i don't think they had good reason to target him tha other n he was the president's attorney, again, mueller behind an audacious attack on the president. attorney general has to figure
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out what is going on. if i remember hi were him, i woe the operation until they figure out what is involved in this operation, including strzok, page, and hiring and firing, and fisa warrants. why would he allow it to continue forward with concerns of abuse of justice department and fbi. david: concerns now are boiling over in american public. you don't have to be a fervent trump supporter to believe it is a witch-hunt, majority of americans do, they got the message, they understand. there is enough evidence and push from the public to justify ending this, no? >> i agree. justice department was in court today arguing that states attorney, maryland and other states had no business harassing the president on that clause,
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but justice department has the position they have the right to harass the president, and this mueller report is used as a way to further abuse the president, hanging it over him. and just causing worry and con-- concern nation about operation of our government, president controls justice department, under the constitution,ity. justice department is operating as if it were fourth branch of the government, and attorney general i think needs to fix that. david: yet, the president continues to chock up victories. we read some comments by justice thomas. what do you think of the decision? >> a big victory for rule of law, a case that goes to the obama administration. this was not even a trump administration policy, the left are attacking our efforts to
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hold up a rule of law. and in this case, they want aliens who were released and not picked up immediately by i.c.e., they wanted to give them the ability, despite having committed crimes for which they have been jailed otherwise, to be free on the streets, the court says no, the law does not allow that. it is a common sense decision but the closeness shows there is a legal effort under way to undermine the rule of law in immigration. and i tell you, you know, a further challenge to this law may succeed with the supreme court. and against it will be just open borders mania as a result. david: i was disappointed it was as close, it was a win but it should not have been 5-4
10:21 pm
decision, yet there you go, tom fitton. >> thank you. david: we would like your thoughts, share your comments follow lou on twitter @loudobbs. and facebook and instagram. >> coming up congressman devin nunes promises to sue more social media giants for political bias. >> we have to help all these people, if we don't our first amendment rights are at stake. david: daily caller's christopher bedford will join me next with more, before the break, a look at the u.s. national debt, 22.1 trillion dollars, and climbing, we're back with more after this. pla naysayer said no one would subscribe to a car the way they subscribe to movies. we don't follow the naysayers. ♪ ♪
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begins him and other prominent republicans. >> thing are happening. things are not getting through it seems if they are conservative or republicans or in a certain group there is a discrimination, i see it on twitter, something is happening with those groups of folks who are running facebook and google and twitter. i to think we have to get to the bottom of it. david: joining me, daily caller news foundation, editor in chief, christopher bedford, where do we go with the bias in social media, no one doubts, i don't think that there is shadow banning that goes on. >> most people realize it does, it is anticonservative, where do you go? >> twitter first started shadow banning people in an attempt to lower impact that race -- could have.
10:27 pm
and no one would call a conservative news outlet, found this investigation this shadow banning, seemed to wrap up a number of prominent republicans, including then chairman give den nunes. they found it did not wrap up any democrats, time and again, we see this. with different search engines, facebook and twitter, their response is always, hey, this was ap an accident, it should nt have happened, they never explain how it happened. they have been using that veil of secrecy saying that everything is a mistake, but over and over they only target republicans, this is a cause for concern over what is going on, and who is making these decisions. david: some algorithms were either developed by or continued to be use with organization like
10:28 pm
southern poverty law center that views normal conservatives as dealing in hate speech and awful things that lead to violence. >> they to what you said, they grouped in a ton of republicans, christian groups and said, they are hate group, part of their racket, they are parroted by left wing press across the board. we had for example, when daler y caller most of their staff was docked, personal details, were put on internet, and retweeted by twittetwitter, we reached ouy said this does not fall into our bracket of harassment. but average person who does not run a media company or not a congressman does not have that
10:29 pm
weapon to make twitter do anything to stop it. david: from my perspective, as a journalist, you could be discriminated agai against by sl media companies but you could use social media companies to your political advantage, this is what president trump has been doing preparing for reelection. i remember jared kushner on cover of forbes magazine after 2016, hailed as a genius for how he used facebook in targets particular audiences, they are at it again, i think 3.5 million dollars in last 4 months on facebook. despite all that bias, it is fascinating how trump reelection campaign using it to pursue their political goals. >> they have been successful with it but look at public outcry over this. when president barack obama used facebook, it was a victory.
10:30 pm
amazing, he was brilliant. a jeep -- there were books written about how intelligence it was, president trump did the same thing there were calls to put steve bannon and other people in prison over this. calling ity i nefarious. when they use that power for ill it is dangerous, and this is clear that all social media companies are aligned politically and culturally again conservatives. david: as they were in 2016. i have to ask you about old joe biden and his pursuit of presidency, he seems to be edging closer. do you think he will be able to elbow ough out the energy cominm far left. >> he accidently announced he was running. david: sort of. >> he said i am not a candidate
10:31 pm
yet. joe biden seems to be the kind of politician. he would be able to push aside a lot of this, with money he has raised impressive already. but, the problem with biden is outside of patrio barack obama s not been able to compete well nationally, his campaigns have fizzled out quickly, he was the a side person to president obama who according to reports never wanted him republicl originally -- never wanted him originally as vice president. he could fizzle out. david: of course all he has to to is defend obama record, you compare 8 years of president obama with a couple years of president trump, does not look so favorable looking at stats, i know they love to say how wonder uly h fully fully he did.
10:32 pm
>> looking at out objectively, i agree, but a lot of democrats wish and pine for president obama to be back. anyone who would say wil we'll t back to goa to -- golden years t democratic support. david: christopher bedford thank you. david: thank you. >> prosecutor in florida offer a plea deal for patriots own robert kraft. >> i hear it in the background and she's watching too, saying
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10:37 pm
former delta pilot. after growing scrutiny of the faa after two crashes of boeing planes. >> florida prosecutors reportedly dropping charged against patriots owner robert kraft. last month prosecutor charge kraft is soliciting prostitution. >> and mnuchin and lighthizer traveling to china next week for trade talks. >> joining me now, dr. michael pills burpillsbury. author, traded visor to trump administration. you know in midst of these trade negotiations and friendly smiles, and shaking hands. have you disturbing reports like
10:38 pm
that report that was a "wall street journal" exclusive of navy review of a cyberattack of one of our cu key new missile development programs that would go on submarines. they now have details of one of the most secret missile technologies we have, how to you square that with the friendly trade negotiations. >> well, i don't think that the trade negotiations are all that friendly, i think they are fraught with tension. and fact that mnuchin and lighthizer are going over again, i think it a setback. but with china, we have a strange relationship. we both prepare for war against each other, but we have a enormously complicated and rich economic relationship with each
10:39 pm
side investing heavily in the other. it is a complex relationship. it is hard to take the temperature. to know how we're doing? are we friends with china today but military enemies tomorrow. it is getting more difficult. and president trump is the first president to launch into this. now there is more attention to what china really knows of america. david: you mention supply chains, a thing, trade negotiator are working on mandatory purchase orders. chip manufacturers. computer chips, in u.s. are worried that mandatory purchase orders may force them to set up operations in china. >> right. david: to fulfill the requirements of how much we sell to the chinese. they are worried they know in china it is virtually impossible to stop spying. and they have some real key
10:40 pm
corporate secrets in chip manufacturing. >> i think that big news of the evening is the announcement confirmed by two sources to "wall street journal." that the secretary of treasury and our ambassador are trader going back next week. this is big news. also chip manufacturing, community does not like this idea. of being forced to build more factories in china. so some of the aspects of this trade dealer coming apartment and to -- deal they are coming apartmenapart, to put them toges everyone interest. trump said at cpac he does not want a deal if it is not a good long-term deal for the united states. that is what we're facing now. david: then there is the odd case of willing cooperation of some companies in fantastic google -- in particular going to tolgooglecan the chinese, not oe
10:41 pm
with the pentagon but, operate with the chinese that could directly benefit their military. let me play a clip. >> >> work that google is doing in china is indirectly benefiting the chinese military. indirect may be not a full characterization. it is more of a direct benefit to chinese military. david: google since those remarks, say it is not true. who do you trust? >> i trust general dunford, i saw denial google put out a couple hours ago, against in "wall street journal," google should be ashamed. no doubt, that young man who quit google in protest last summer revealed how far google
10:42 pm
had gone buying a place in china, buying a web site, spying on chinese people if they google something like dalai lama or a particular phrase, google has a lot to apologize for. david: i am sure you have seen what i have seen, i cover the market, i see any strong hint something is happening in trade talks, markets go up, or down. i think there will be a pop if there is a trade agreement, a market pop. would you see that -- could the market get it wrong? that something viewed by them as positive may in the end be negative for united states. >> a good trade deal, be a thousand points on the dow jones. but a bad trade deal, that is what i'm worried about, there is no enforcement that chinese to what they have been doing for last month, they are passing laws and rules that don't have
10:43 pm
the word america in them, they say all foreign companies will be treated better or all foreign investments, they leave out who started this. president trump and america. it is kind of insulting when they have done with the lou new laws and rules, they have focus on giving president trump what he is asking for before it gets out of hand. david: dr. michael pillsbury thank you. >> thank you. david: coming up next, president trump said that end of socialism is near. >> twilight hour of socialism has arrived in our hemisphere, and hopefully by the way, it is also arrived that twilight hour, in our great country. the last them we want in the united states is socialism,. david: we take that up and more after the break with trump 2020 campaign mark lauder and gina lowden. stay with us.
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david: on wall street stocks closed mixed. dow down 27, s&p flat, and s&p gained 9, volume on big board 3.6. and crude oil closing flat, and gold and silver also flat.
10:48 pm
>> white house released economic report proving that trump economy continues to boom. real gdp growth hit 3.2% through first three quarters of 2018. and u.s. surpassed russia and saudi arabia to be world's largest producer of crude oil. >> a reminder to listen to lou's reports 3 times a day, coast-to-coast on salem radio network. >> and liz warren unveiling here unrealistic socialist proposal, it will cost $100 trillion. the green new deal, universal child care, and slavery reparations. numbers me now gina lowden. and mark lauder. former press secretary to vp
10:49 pm
pence. mark, starting not with his warren's economic plans. but with president, what president has actually done with the economy. this economic report is incredible, high jus -- he justd out something, amazingly cnn just released a poll 71% say that economy is best shape since 2001, 18 years. how is cnn becoming a believer? >> numbers are outstanding. we're seeing in polls what the economists and data has shown, low unemployment rate, rising wages, one big nugget in the poll was 42% of americans, say they are better off financially now than they were 3 year ago, 15% said they were worse off, this economy is working for everyone. and that is one key message to
10:50 pm
2020. david: gina, only way, i don't think you could buy who liz wern'warren's solution, only wao buy into a solution in quotes that cost a hundred trillion in stocintaxpayer money, if you bee that economy is really in absolute desperate happy, worse than the great depression. and americans don't feel it. >> it is liz warren and democrats who are socialists. if they have their way, we will be back in no time, to the great depression, every single thing they are proposing, is either so completely desperate it makes no sense, or it is almost some ploy to grab attention and headlines so someone will write a story about them, more so than a
10:51 pm
actual practical proposal. everything that democrats say -- to this economy that the american people are enjoying. david: mark you do the math. she come out with these hundred trillion dollar worth of proposals, then paying for it with a wealth tax. if you tacke tax taxed 100% of wealthy, you would not get clo close. people can do the math, americans know how to do math. >> you break it down, just the green new deal, not additional 7 trillion on top of that, it works out to about 5,000 dollars a month, comes off of every household personal budget, i think most americans would be shocked to look at their monthly basketball, anbudget, and take h out of it, that is unrealistic,
10:52 pm
that is why this election is not just about results but it will be a choice. do you want to keep this going or go to socialism? david: then you have problem they have, with constitution. the united states constitution, that i want to change on so many different level, start with supreme court, they want to did to something that was last tried in 1937. by fdr, he tried to pack supreme court by increasing the number, it a political body. now it is being suggested as real suggestion by liz warren and cory booker, a lot of democrats. >> it goes right on with their other desperate power grabs, david, nothing they are proposing is for the sake of the american people, do you remember what democrats was party of jobs and veterans, this has changed this is a massive power grab and vote grab with one underlying
10:53 pm
principle, americans have decided they will no longer vote for democrats, and democrats don't know what to do to win an election, but to cheat or grab power away from the american people, when it is unconstitutional. david: they want to change the constitution. that is the point, they don't believe in the constitution. they think it is flawed is several different levels, with regard to supreme court, and elect rally -- electoral college they want to change america at the core at the roots. >> and the fundamental outcome when democrats don't like the outcome just change the rules. illegal aliens to vote, 16-year-olds to vote, where to they stop, what rule won't they change to get power? david: it is not make america great again it is change america to something it has never been. there are a lot of americans, i think people that even americans who want change who don't want to change fundamental character,
10:54 pm
the basic principles on which this country was founded. >> this is why people will vote their pocketbooks, when it comes down to it as long as he they fl safe, and have jobs and can provide. those are the principles they will vote. under which they will vote, everything that democrats are proposing is a massive departure from everything, that comp blierkeenglishedover last -- acr the last couple of years, i don't see how de democrats peck toke win unless they come up with something that is not radical. david: gina and mark. great to see you, thank you. >> thank you. >> coming up next, president trump sees brazil as a top military ally in the western this is your invitation to exhilaration.
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david: president trump welcoming the new brazilian president, bolsonaro. trump even suggested brazil could be given nato privileges. president trump: i intend to designate brazil as a major non-nato ally, and possibly if you start thinking about it, maybe a nato ally. i have to talk to a lot of people, but maybe a nato ally. david: the supreme court upholding the trump's administration's right to detain criminal illegal aliens until their deportation. that's it for us tonight, louis back tomorrow. he'll be speaking with congressman mark green and k.t.
11:00 pm
k.t. -- mcfarland. thanks for joining us. good night from new york. trish: breaking right now, bombshell documents obtained exclusively by "trish regan primetime" showing that russia is propping up the brutal regime in venezuela bankrolling oil profit through an operation in houston, texas. we have the names of the ships the oil was load on as well as the routes, the dates, and the amount of oil. also breaking today. the number of illegal immigrants being told


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