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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  March 21, 2019 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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free speech. >> there you go. fox business will cover the executive order tomorrow, and trish will be back tomorrow, right now.t night, kennedy kennedy: thank you, bring it on bob. president trump's message for robert mueller. president called russia investigation ridiculous. claimed whole thing might be a grudge over a job. >> there was no nothing. but sort of amazing when you have a great victory, someone comes in does a report out of nowhere? tell me how that makes sense? never got a vote, who the day before, he was retained, to become special counsel, i told
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him he would not be working at the fbi. then the following day, they get him for this? so explain that. because my voters don't get it. i don't get it. kennedy: president claims that special counsel is illegitimate. and president demanding to know where jeff sessions would have hired such a person. a lot of us are asking the same thing. but when the report is done, should it see the light of day watch. >> does the public have the right to see the mueller report. >> i don't mind, i said let them see it, i want to see the repo report. the step tep. >> kennedy: he claimed he has no idea when it i going on come ou,
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that i believe. there is a report that is will drop soon, there are a lot of questions about when that will happen, and what happens when it does drop. house speaker nancy pelosi again doubling down, telling fellow democrats to get off of the primimpeachment bone, arguing is a waste of time, it could end up being a gift to the president. and a matter of gre gregory craig, high could be first democrat charged in the mueller probe. where do we stand today? is the president right about bob mueller? should he stay on issues fence, offense, joining me now andy bigs, now president's team and a lot of articles out about how the president could potentially weaponize the mueller report to
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his advantage. particularly in 2020. do you think the president had secret good news maybe from i don't know matthew whitaker. >> i don't know if he had secret good news, rod rosenstein still around somewhere. but i think president is sensing same thing that my democrat friends are sensing, this is a nothing burger as far as russia collusion and even obstructtion of justice, so they have to manufacture something, the president feels like many of us do, let's go for it. kennedy: maybe he knows something we don't. bob mueller has played it close to the vest, we thought it was going to come out a couple weeks ago or last friday or friday before that. then, you know that has not happened yet. there is a lot of flurry around rick gates and people are trying
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to put together that activity with what bob mueller as and when he will wrap it up it is difficult to say but newt gingrich says, if it is tame, and president sounds more hopeful that it is, does this ill legitimize the other investigations going on in various committees in the house? >> yeah, absolutely. those investigations were probably without valid tie to begin with, but fact that jerry nadler that whole thing is a joke, i mean 81 people entities, you ask them for everything, including my favorite still julian assange. i can't wait to interview julian assange before the world, that is not going to happen. they know it is not. they are doing this because they play to their radical base, and then, i think some of my colleagues are sincere, they are looking for a peg for
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impeachment regardless of what anyone says. they want an impeachment on president trump. kennedy: something we continually lose sight of, reason we have special counsel investigation, and comey admitted this bev congress, he liked his memos to a friend who then leaked them to the press. and he said he did that on purpose that running counter to the good guy image he tried to paint in the press in front of congress, and in his book could but, here we are, with that cloak and dagger nonsense for no reason. >> i think so. and i wish mr. comey would get a chance to be prosecuted for that. his leak and his react of the mueller -- his creation of mueller investigation. it is really, been a trial for president trump. and anybody trying to help
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president trump get the republican agenda through. i think he needs to bear the brunt of that. he is the guy that really threw this whole administration under the bus, i am still upset that some of the previous adminstroit administrator in department of justice did not rein this mueller investigation is. kennedy: it shows how powerful that position has become. and have to make connect between james comey, and surveillance power, and snoop on people, and christopher wray, we don't know if there is a check on that power. if that can be weaponized in future, this is my last question, when did nancy pelosi realize that impeachment would be a gift to the president? >> i don't know, i am sad she
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did. because the reality circumstance more they go after this president on bogus charges, and needless investigations, try to impeach him and sully him up and bruise him up. he will be assured a vick vie, i believe that, people are tired of that type of politics, they look at the economy, it is good, they look at border needs to be solved. and democrat don't acknowledge the border problem. this is what people want resolved, but we do investigations in what three or five committees of congress, instead of punching ball forward, this will help president trump. kennedy: we'll see, thank you so much for your time. >> thank you. kennedy: president trump visited battle groin stat ground state o today, spoke at u.s. army tank
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plant in lima, his appearance was 2 hours and 50 cracker barrels left of the closed plant in gorge town. >> what is going on in general motors, get that plant open or sell it to someone they will open it. get it going now. and uaw will help you. kennedy: some economist believe that president's attempt to save manufactures jobs is actually hurting workers, his tariffs cost gm and ford a billion each, there is concern among white house economy economic team hee a had time delivering the economic boom he promised on cam campaign trail without the help of the congress to pass. are we stupid to believe a great economy can last forever. here to politely discuss,
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american majority ceo, ned ryan, and host of ric richard fowler , it is richard fowler. >> good to see you. >> good to be back. >> ned. army does not need a lot of tanks. gm has right to close plants peoplpeople are not buying seda, president will not get more tax cut passed through a democratic controlled house, with those circumstances, what can he do to keep that beautiful 3% gdp growth? >> you make a good point. right now, he is sailing alone, congress will do nothing with democratic house, forget tax cuts until after 2020. dependdepending on who keeps hoe can continue to cut recessio regulatories. he is continues to do, that he
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gets to do it by executive order but that is not permanent. it could be undone by a future president. what he is left with is using power of pen to do that, he can do other things cut and shrink defendants. i think one thing this trump could do right now is begin a program to migrate 800 thousand out of government to private sector and continue to shrink up. kennedy: that is a fantastic idea. anything that president can do to cut spending and shrink size and scope of federal government, that will certainly help the economic agenda. when the economy is healthy, families are happy. so, richard, you know there are some issues that the president is still contending with, verb in midwest places like ohio, the car manufacturers, you know,
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mary barra said it united oddo workers are making it give cullt to keep the faithrie factories open, that is true. >> here problem. i want president to to well in china, but he uses tariff as his only tool, if the chinese walk away from the table, you have is a situation where our farmers get hurt, our automakers get hurt, there is nothing you can do to roll it back. and i think that this economy is worse than people think, which is why white house predicted numbers that other economists are saying this could only get worse, remember we at a 22 trillion deficit, on top of that -- >> yeah, debt load that president obama doubled. >> but under president trump it
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has gone up more, we are 243 -- >> stop you there, there is a difference between gee metric and exponential growth, this is not exponential. >> the fact that deficit has exploded. >> use the right term. >> hold, kennedy. >> forget. that there is 7 million americans, that are 90 days behind in their car payment, that is a leading indicator that economy is moving in 1 direction. kennedy: they spend more than they take in follow suit, federal government who doing same thing. >> under donald trump. kennedy: and barack obama and george w. bush. they suffer from same malady an addiction of spending. >> kennedy. kennedy: go ahead ned. >> kennedy. kennedy: better ned than red, i
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love saying that. >> we have to make real hart had decisions, look at social security, medicare, mai medicai. kennedy: new video of president, concluding his trip to ohio. another day and another twitter battle with george conway. >> last word. >> here the problem. >> make it quick. >> fair. donald trump promised american people amazing economy. truth of matter is for working family -- >> you want the economy to be bad that is sad. >> no. kennedy: that makes me sad for you and me. >> richard. >> what is -- i want to be rich, what is wrong with that. >> nothing but in donald trump economy middle cut tax cut was not permanent. >> and democrat are not bold enough to make a permanent tax they should all be permanent and
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budget, and permanent spending cuts they are wienies, and they -- >> republicans are not willing to go. kennedy: i don't know what. >> i do -- >> all chambers. >> i love you, richard, mid, thand ned.>> thank you, kennedy. >> twitter war. yeah. between president trump and george conway, it gets crazier by the day, kellyanne, is picking sides. i'll tell you who she picks, i'll ask the panel if it is the right call. right call. they are sexy and a are when you retire will you or will you just be you, without the constraints of a full time job? you can grow your retirement savings with pacific life and create the future that's most meaningful to you.
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♪ help me understand ♪ kennedy: help he understand. won't you president trump, he and george conway, they have not
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broken any yo mama jokes yet, as bon jovi wen 1 once said we're f way there. president trump calling george cun way a loser. >> i don't know him, he is a whack job, i don't know him. he i think he is doing a tremendous disservice to a wonderful wife, kellyanne is a wonderful woman, i call him mr. kellyanne, he is doing a tremendous disservice to a wife and family. kennedy: on twitter he called george conway the husband from hell, many wonder how this is sitting with kellyanne, she came to her boss' defense.
12:20 am
saying, he is the president. left it alone for months out of respect for me, you think he should not respond when someone, a nonmedical professionals cans him of having a mental disorder, you think he should just take it sitting down, many do. but what would rest of us do for fun and work? we meet the party panel. from the greg gutfeld show. and she is awesome, cat. and the jiem jaime weinstein s. jaime weinstein and john shillue show. she tom shillue. welcome. >> yeah. >> cat, who is grifting who. >> i'm going to call my cat mr. cat. as someone who spent most of her
12:21 am
adult life living alone with a cat, i don't know a ton about marriage, but as much as anyone on this panel knows about marriage, but i know that i don't think i would want to be on either side of this. if i look at internet saw my husband was tweeting a bunch of things about my boss, i would be like bro, what are you doing, but if hig my husband's boss sai was wife from hell, he said well kind of, whether or not i was or not, it is all unacceptable. >> i agree all of this is yo unacceptable. this strange, there is a theory kellyanne is feeding her husband information and since she can't do anything about it george does the dirty work. >> that is the best case sense -- sens scenario, let's hope for their sake this is part of the edition of living with th the
12:22 am
conways when kellyanne leaves. >> if kellyanne believes that president needs to respond every time, it hatche happens on a rer basis. what is remarkable, kellyanne's husband support the trump. >> he had a hat. >> what caused him to start saying, this from the has a mental problem. something happened. kennedy: i think you know what happened, a love triangle. >> could be who knows. kennedy: no one talking about restraint president trump has shopupuntil now. >> i don't know. >> i can't believe he has not been attacking george conway from the beginning.
12:23 am
and -- >> i'm dizzy. >> he is a terrible husband, george conway. kennedy: for his wife? what if he feels defensive on her behalf, this is his way of fighting back. >> he is making her life a living hell,. >> you support your wife. kennedy: but if he said please quit, you make so much money just leave white house, this is exhausting hours are long. >> he wants her home you think? >> he wants her out. >> that is a funny way about it. kennedy: this is a grift. this is weird, he a giant baby, i love babies. i want to swaddle him and throw him over my shoulder and read good night moon. >> i don't think that anyone has done anything as bad in politics as this guy. kennedy: have you it read
12:24 am
history of politics. >> nothing at this. kennedy: dirty weird stuff, read about john mitchell's wife, that is impressive. >> panel returns after the break. we have good sphuf, bet stuff, o o'rourke. ♪ limu emu & doug look limu. a civilian buying a new car. let's go. limu's right. liberty mutual can save you money by customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh... yeah, i've been a customer for years. huh... only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ was a success for lastchoicehotels.comign badda book. badda boom.
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is a good day. (avo) living longer is possible. it's tru. keytruda, from merck. with more fda-approved uses for advanced lung cancer than any other immunotherapy. kennedy: beto's bumbles are spinning out of control, almost senator rose to congress in 2012, intriguing libertarians by riding in a tea party wave of deficit taming call called out a government and out of control debt. he left for a lefty kool aid,
12:29 am
hard to pin beto down on what he stand for, he does not seem to have a sit of philosophical priorities other than using his goofy ears to do a lot of listening. it makes it odd only proposal he has endorsed is worse most poorly thought out hunk of leftest a garbage known as green new deal. as if trump tower married blac chyna and out popped a diamond crusted policy baby on a gold toilet, on credit. >> some will criticize the green new deal for being too bold or unmanageable, i have not seen anything better that addresses
12:30 am
this similar crise we -- similar crises that we face. kennedy: 90 trillion dollar multipronged economy, spending jag, is nothing but unmanageab unmanageable. if beto's 2012 self could have a gander of this dumpster file he would not only have run against it but he would have punched himself in the face, when will he flip again. to get people to like him on the off chance he eachs there are vote, he is not a political savior he is a hypocritical hack, so lightweight he goes where the wind blows him like a feather. even if it tumbles him in the economy to -- irreversible hell,
12:31 am
that is the memo. kennedy: 2020 front-runner bernie sanders has been open about where he stands, pushing diet communism. but in the 70s he want the to nationalize enter industry, then 80s he cu cuddles up to marxist sand northeast -- in soviet union, and hire a speech writer who wrote a op-ed on venezuela. what is worse? bernie sanders' consistentty or beto's flip flopping, the party panel is back. cat, jaime, tom. so beto o'rourke ran as a limited government democrat, they did benefit from the tapper accept wavteaparty wave of 2012.
12:32 am
it has changed, that reversal is like nancy reagan coming out saying just say yes, and handing out dime bags much crack. >> it turns out, he may just be a normal politician. he has to be wokest of the woke. 3 cheers for that normal politician, even hurricane harve-- he may notbe sincere, mg someone not nu full socialist in oval office. >> a lot of this stuff was out there last thyme h time he ran r
12:33 am
president. like, when you go from being a child, to being an adult, like you are a child, you can scream, and cry you want candy, but not a big deal, now they are like you are drunk, this is a city md, and candy is for patients only get out here lady, i heard. kennedy: what caused this -- >> they have dumb-dumbs. >> i remember the free dumb-dumbs you need a medical condition, thank you. >> who strikes i as having more problems, at some point bernie's camp and beto's camp are going to cannibalize each other. >> bernie's problems, we look at them, problem for democratic party so many democrats think they are good ideas, they do think they believe you know you talk with david in his article,
12:34 am
venezuela miracle, they think -- they still think that it was a miracle that somehow brought down. kennedy: there are still people who defend venezuela. >> yeah. >> it is a miracle. but what happened to them. >> they don't have enough to eat, they are dying had. because treatable -- there are not doctors there, there is no electricity there is no medicine thats this is not a miracle of socialism this is -- >> they will keep saying that. >> this high-speed death. >> a party problem. democratic party has to deal with problem so many of their voters, do believe in this socialist stuff, then, beto doesn't know what to to, embrace it or. kennedy: he is so clumsy, he will not know how to triangle ate . >> like a star fish.
12:35 am
joe biden asking donors to toss him as much money as they can, but not with their bad arm. report claims that they are desperate for old foreign policy biden might have a shot. hypothetical match up, polls suggest that biden could beat president trump by 10 points if elect were held toward, if he declares, and wins democratic nomination how would he do? >> there is no question he competes in some states trump won last time to win the electiontion like pennsylvania and wisconsin and michigan. and he looks like he could be a tough candidate. but on other hand those numbers drop when you get in a race. he is --
12:36 am
>> at-this-point, hillary clinton of beating donald trump by 30. >> yeah, and long history of saying things that trump will bring up and you know throw back if his face from the 70s, on busing, i think, he said something will anger a lot of people on busing, there is a long record, and i think that could hurt. kennedy: a long way to go from where we are right now to the general election. i don't think that the party considering how it is made up now will let joe biden out the process with the crown. >> i kind of like joe biden, as a dude. you know. he has a nice smile, i like would have mihm mos -- mi mosas with him on a sunday. kennedy: bottomless, he is not really far left enough for party, he would have push further left and deal with his record in past. say hey it is okay some business
12:37 am
have some money sometime he would be done for. kennedy: a couple litmus tests now that are so difficult. one thing to say, that you are for reparations, in the primary process but that say difficult thing to sell when get today general elect, and biden has historically said some pretty concrete things about reparation. >> and he would have trouble gets nomination, if he did, he is the most dangerous. pennsylvania thing, and he is -- credible in to that pennsylvania lunch box voter, same with wisconsin. he would be dangerous, i don't know how at this point he would get the nomination. in this broke party. kennedy: who has better chance, bet or biden? >> i think biden, if biden just raises money, says i'm doing best -- >> what most important thin for you, liz warren and bernie they beat trump by 2, trump beats
12:38 am
beatbeto by 4, hip -- i don't kt is enough. i think this party is so weird it not a party it is a big dumb blob. >> thank you. >> woo! kennedy: coming up white house a number of g.o.p. law maker claim social media is biased gai biast them, it may be true, but will suing and complaining, really help change? jason chaffetz with his own story, he is join me next. live from the starlite lounge. ♪ one plus one equals too little too late ♪ ♪ a sock-a-bam-boom ♪ who's in the room? ♪ love is dangerous ♪ but driving safe means you pay less ♪ ♪ switch and save ♪ yes, ma'am excuse me, miss. ♪ does this heart belong to you? ♪
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kennedy: conservatives have been fired up about social media bias again them. a couple new cases this week stoke the blame. >> claiming facebook is silencing him. company apologized saying that automatic system mistook him for
12:43 am
a bot, right. >> meanwhile. california congressman nunes wed melesmalicious today him. >> today allen said that nunes has no case. >> if you don't like what twitter is doing create an alternate company or facebook or any of the others, american way is competition. kennedy: here, here. ! shouldconservatives man up ane that good advice. joining me now, former utah congrescongressman fox news cone or jason chaffetz.
12:44 am
>> i'll join you, let's do it. kennedy: i have no problem. i spend most of my time on twitter, clips on show on facebook. and i do a little bit of instagram when i make goodal almond flour muffins. >> i'm stick with 5 guys burger. my wife was feeding me gar -- gargonzobeans. kennedy: earning my god, my favorite. >> there needs to be will have doing on what they offer, i think that is fair, if they ill be a publicly traded company they have duties and responsibility that go above and boion. kennedy: they do to their
12:45 am
shareholders, but that does not mean that they can't be run by leftist jackass, if that is what they want to do, they feel they are best people to run that company, that is the way they will run the company, i don't want som leftist telling me how to run my tv show, who can work on it and be hired. that is road we'll go down because the implication is we need some sort of government force to make sure we have a level playing feel that is a very dangerous place to start. >> it and i think i have some libertarian leaning as well. people distrust social media companies then they will run away, if you can create competition. kennedy: give them somewhere to go get your friends together, you have a lot of rich friends. >> i know but they were just
12:46 am
blocked, that is how i communicated with them. it happened to me on facebook, i put out a book, i put 21 words on cover, i tried to promote ito facebook shame on me for trying, they denied it saying his too many words on cover of the book. facebook said we are not going to let you put out that deep state, how dare, i talk about the deep state. kennedy: you retired from congress, you live a luxurious life style as fox news contributor, i aflawe arkansas ,
12:47 am
tell nunes to quit filing lawsuits, but get back to work. >> that is what happens, life it good. kennedy: a good life, jason thank you. >> thank you. kennedy: topical storm is next am that there's a lobster i in our hot tub?t. lobster: oh, you guys. there's a jet! oh...i needed this. no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on our car insurance with geico. we could have been doing this a long time ago. so, you guys staying at the hotel? yeah, we just got married. oh ho-ho! congratulations! thank you. yeah, i'm afraid of commitment... and being boiled alive. oh, shoot. believe it. geico could save you 15% or more on car insurance. that guy's the worst.
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kennedy: a new report claims that playboy mansion is haunt by female ghosts, who have been there since hugh hefner died, woo! nothing is scarier than playboplay mansion and someone a black light, they are shining it in the dark, fluids. get out the hand sanitizer because this is top ca topical . >> in california police told a suspect to get down, he listened. he led the cops on a run of the mill high-speed chase, but no one saw the swift coming in the end, he did the safety dance. the running man, that would have ended badly, he is off to prison he will do the mashed potto pays
12:52 am
not impressed he faces charges of reckless endangerment, resisting arrest, and several moving violations, get to down ♪ topic two. >> look bein [booing] >> last night, this guy had a hot date he hit the gym that is not what we were looking for. too many reps, takes drive to get in shape but not this much drive, a stolen car barreled through the gym, no one was standing there, but 50 people would have died if it happened a few day after new years. quittin resolution was best thig they did. gym has reopened, no one of hurt in the crash, te 10 people were
12:53 am
treated for trauma after seeing all of the old naked men in the locker room. topic 3. today first day of spring, new yorker had a cattle drive. there he is, cattle, still very much alive. moo. he wandered on express way, it was psychotic scene, screaming and horn honking. then the cow showed up. rescue workers removed the bovine. it was not their first rodeo. new yorkers greeted with a warm chorus of f-you and i got your ride right here. all right, i know we have kids watching, i just like to assure you, the cow is safe, and playing in a lovely place called
12:54 am
outback. and we speak he is surrounded by blooming onions. almost hard to digest it all. topic 4. new york mets sell a standing room only ticket plan, that cost you 39 dollar to get in every game for a month, but it does not include how much they change to get out, amazing mets pass, download able app that lets fans watch every game in standing room only second, not to be confused with crying room only section. mets have acquire a ton of talent, they hired a new driver to steer the team bus. put me in coach. >> someone who can hit the
12:55 am
stripes. >> topic 5. we salute a florida man who brings home the bacon and throws it, no. 45-year-old zimmerman allegedly assaulted a woman with a host of breakfast items, a bowl of pancake batter. and he didn't know the woman, he just walked into her house and started throwing stuff. knowing florida they are probably mary by now. she is quite a dish. zimmerman was arrested on public intoxication charges. also gotten out of jail, and took his new girl dancing. >> he dances like our new reduce are leo after nickel beer night at mcphees, all right we'll be right back. we can go down this waterfall, honey.
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kennedy: thank you for watching the best hour of your day, tomorrow. i will be on the out numbered the following is a paid advertisement for time life's video collection. (rock music) every year, on one special night, legends and superstars join together to celebrate rock and roll. (bruce springsteen) ♪ in the day we sweat it out on the streets of a runaway american dream ♪ (announcer) on these special nights, artists are welcomed into the rock and roll hall of fame. ♪ sweet emotion ladies and gentlemen... (steven tyler-style shriek) aerosmith. please welcome u2 to the rock hall of fame.


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