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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 21, 2019 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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>> put windmills all over the place, when wind doesn't blow, just turn off the television, there is no wind. >> president trump having fun at expense of hillary clinton and radical dimms, on twitter, president trump said that entire party is getting very strange. but strange is an
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understatement. listen to some of the radical dimms latest musings. >> this man and his family are greatest threats to democracy of my lifetime. >> u immigrants are thieves, ths is the same type of propaganda we heard in 1920s, and worl worr i, against jews. >> i think we can win texas. >> in no question that popular vote has been diminished. we need to deal with that. lou: joins us, former reagan whiteside little bit ag director. ed roll ups, listening to that shaking his head, jerry nadler, why isn't there a protest, he is comparing all to hitler. that was mindless tripe. >> the more they have this
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irresponsible rhetoric and irresponsible activity. the more the public the turn on them. my sense, and poll we'll talk about here, is people draw a line in the sand, people for president trump and they are enthusiastic, they are ready, equally as important democrats too. lou: let's look at what ed is referring to. a poll showing voter enthusiasm. for 2020. there we go. this is a cnn poll. what are we doing here voter enthusiasm for 2020. republicans at 57%, radical dimms 46%, and independents 26%. this is stunning to a lot of people, this must have just shocked dickens out of cnn viewers. >> i would think so.
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lou: to find out there is a republican party, and almost twice as strang. >> 78% of the republicans are enthusiastic about president, that is -- 49 state victories, i am not predicting that, but i predict there are a lot of republicans out there ready for the fight, they are proud of this president, they want this president reelected. lou: we're seeing some movement went the party. and by the way, i think ronna mcdaniel receives great credit, chair of rnc for holding the line, supporting this president with sepulveda over -l support, people like say mitt romney for example, under cutting this president because he made some nasty remarks about john mccain. there is a reason for those nasty remarks, there is a history between those two men. and people who are attacking
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including mitch mcconnell attacking president for his views on john mccain is asinine. >> john broke his word to president on that vote. lou: the vote on obamacare. >> he would not have had that vote that night if he had not promised that vote. it was a bad blood, gla bad his, and mccain ran one of the worst presidential campaigns that elected obama, i knew john well, and liked him over the years. but reality trump did what he had to do and won a big, big elections. lou: she was strong enough to win popular vote but not smart enough to win the electoral vote. >> you don't go to wisconsin, pennsylvania very much you do not do well. >> ed rollins.
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>> my pleasure. lou: up next, threat, china's expansionary policy opposed to american interests in the world, kt mcfarland is joining me after the break with more. before the break. a look at the national debt, this is reality. we'll be right back. stay with us.
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>> american workers are building most cutting edge, powerful, and modern military, anywhere on the planet. lou: president trump talking about america's military might, which is getting mightier. there is a new frontier demanding our attention, russia and china are creating space as a battlefield in u.s., could be
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in danger of being left behind. >> china is moving fast to grow their present in space. last year, their government put 38 rockets in to orbit. this is more than double 17 that our government launched. lou: russia by the way launched 20 rockets last year, also more than u.s. shanahan also gave more details on space force, it will be placed under department of air force and have between 15 to 20,000 personnel. >> joining us tonight, ktmcfarland, feels good to say those words those initials, former deputy national security advise roor to presidenadviser a regular on this broadcast for year, and also served in nixon, ford and reagan white houses. >> i did lights to be here --
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delighted to be here. lou: start with space, shanahan making it clear we have a big gap to overcome but he is talking about more? >> sure. the problem was that during the last two administrations, we wore down the military. fighting in two wars that we did not win. now we're in a position we're behind, behind in cyber defense and offense. we need to develop these two areas where we have been sitting still, and everyone else has been moving smartly out. lou: this president, essential he be elected, otherwise this gap would have gotten wider and wider. >> we might never have been able to make up for it. lou: turn to china. and to the gap that exists in a real way between a communist
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nation, it is now acceptable to say that china is a communist nation. people have taken note. they are author terayon regime with expansionist plans in the globe, your reading of the prospects? >> i think that china has right under our noses, been moving to create a digital, amer time and land route, they will lock the world under their control in 2025 they have a made in china plan. their goal is to by 2025, that is in a few years, they plan to dominate 10 major technologies of the future, artificial intelligence, robotics through the list, then they have the
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commanding heights over future was not just technology but the economy of the world. lou: zte, huawei, two of the primary technology companies, of china, the president gave relief to zte, despite violating our laws and also attacking our interests. huawei the same situation. spying through their architecture, their technology. and as they advance toward 5g dominance, or that their aim. we're in a cross-roads, we have to engage china on those issues. >> look, i think this is a 5-alarm fire or 10-alarm. we have not paid attention. if you look at how they treat their own people, they have a total surveillance state, they monitor every one of their individuals, any that steps out of line, what is china going to do what it is dominant economy
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in the world, they control the 10 technologies of the future. they will rewrite world order. lou: we have to remind everyone, google did not want to work with our military, they felt it was a matter of subconscious but they have no problem, according to chief of staff, joint chiefs of staff, what so ever benefiting the chinese military, directly. >> yet turning up their noses at us. i am proud to have worked for president trump, particularly he is the first president who had the guts to stand up to the chinese. and say, enough. enough of this treating you like some third world country in the world traded organization, and enough giving you freebies and special treatments, and enough looking for way while you steal our intellectual property and push out of the market. lou: a half trillion dollars a year in stolen technology and "inside politics." it adds up. >> it does.
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this is the last time we have a chance to do it our economy strong, theirs is weak. lou: we have so much to catch up on, syria, and venezuela, russia. and much indeed of the world, we look forward to doing that with you here, often. >> pleasure and honor thank you. lou: little bit to have you back, kt mcfarland. >> up next, eu slaps a another find on google for on-line ad abuse. >> and leadership on full display, they expand catch and release policies and admit they are near a meltdown of some sort, likely of their own making we take it up with congressman mark green, that and much more, stay with us. we'll be right back.
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lou: headlines we're looking at. eu slapping google with a big fine, antitrust regulator find that google used exclusivity clauses to keep web sites from running ads by google's competitors, united states, has not fined them. 10 billion to the eu and nothing for us. >> a off-duty pilot, they'd that lion air pilot was helping crew. >> and border patrol, releasing 50 illegal immigrants from
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custody in mcallen, texas. saying they have run out of space because of overwhelming illegal immigration from central well,. america. as boardser patrol arrested over 400 illegal immigrants in el paso. they include families and unaccompanied minors. joining us congressman mark green, a member of house oversight committee. good to have you with us. >> thank you. lou: stunning stuff, to see department of homeland security shake her head say that border is near a meltdown. because they can't handle 100,000 illegal immigrants in one month. that is half of the number of 11 years ago when border patrol had just about a third of the agents idoes now, how could it be? >> democrats are permitting any
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fund -- any funding of the dhs, they won't give us any wall, 1.4 billion is nothing, they need more resources. , i have to applaud the president i think he just gave his own salary to help. democrats' an open border they don't care, it is crazy. lou: i guess i'm getting to point, i'm tire tired of republs sitting on their hands and bemoaning the existence of radical dimms, have you known what they are for 20 years. we now have a republican president, a republican administration, a republican senate, we had a republican house, until paul ryan zhu scred that up pretty. you can't come up with a response to what radical dimm ds are or a way to secure the
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border. this looks like a white flag too me, white or red, i will be reacting. >> i agree. this is absurd we can't get the democrats to help out on border security. they are in control, we need 18 seats in the house, america help us get them back. we will get border security. we'll make it happen. lou: you know. crisis is now. >> yeah. >> i'm with you. lou: don't you to to say to department of hockey hockey homy secretary, get in the field, get out there, find out how to fix it whether barbed wire or concern tino wire, whenever, make up your mind about what is america, and where is that drive and ambition to defend what is the greatest country on earth.
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>> again, to president trump, he sent military deployed military forces to border to do that. do whatever they could with resources they have. i think that president is acting. within his power declared a national emergency, going after dollar that have not been spent in defense. lou: no president before him has made sense of this let alone take action. i will put this to you as military man. you are a decorated veteran. >> yes, sir. lou: i guess question becomes to what effect. this is not enough to do, it is to get it done. right now, this administration needs to get it done. >> i agree. clearly there is more to be done. we can't do it without help of the democrats as long as they
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hold the majority in the house. that is the battle cry across america for 2020, we have to win back control of u.s. house. lou: i will say to you this, if you wait until 2020, it is done. it is cooked. it over. if anyone told that you you somehow have to give over control of u.s. government, because of 18 democrats, i think you were misinformed. i sure hope to heck that is not truth that i have -- ignored. i hope that we with still safe this country. >> i can speak for myself, i am 100% with the president, i stand with him, i think many of us on our side of the aisle are doing just that. lou: i know there -- you are well intentioned, and standing strong with the president, i am hoping like hell that is enough. congressman, turning to justices
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who upheld detentions of president -- he won one in the supreme court, how did that. >> it was great, i think he wins one more immigration rules in supreme court, liberals will have a coni con. lou: i would like too see it year after year. can -- right now, we have discussed it. >> if you look at this, just like the packing of the court. you know they got this notion now they want to pack the supreme court. with activist judges creating some kind of court of subior legislators, you take this ruling, they can't stand the fact, 9th circuit court, basically kept dhs from detaining criminal aliens who were just pending deportation.
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democrats they want a different country, whether to do with walker with electoral college or change the supreme court or change how elections are run, and force california-style election on the rest of the state, they want a different country, it is ridiculous, we won this one in the supreme court. i am excited about it. you know, another victory for the president on immigration, a good thing. lou: congressman, good to have you with us,. well -- . >> thank you. lou: we're bringing this to the show tonight. on my instagram page, i shared photos of our first foal of seen oof theseason on my farm. phillie was born monday night. we were talking about a name. we have asked folks on instagram for name ideas, here are a few of favorites. we're asking you to go to instagram and send in your
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thoughts. at tri-state veterinarian hospital, offering up liberty or justice for barn name, and. >> debbie for the barn name and bibs on dobbs for the show name, i like them all. sharon said nation for the barn name. and one nation under god for the show name. there is some terrific ideas. we want to hear your ideas. and for more pictures of foal, check them out on instagram @loudobbs tonight. we'll do this until we make a decision on the winner, by the end was month. >> up next president trump said that trade negotiation with china will help american
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workers. >> we have taken historic act to confront china's trading abuses because the days of stealing american jobs and our ideas and we'll have come to an end. lou: gordon chang is with me after the break. stay with us. ♪rock guitar ♪yeah ♪(rock music) ♪you can't do this, you can't deny♪ ♪they feed us lines, but i won't act♪ ♪and all good things will come to pass♪ ♪but the truth is all you have to have♪ ♪and would you lie for it? ♪cry for it? ♪die for it?
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♪would you? ♪i believe ♪believe we're still worth the fight♪ ♪you'll see there's hope for this world tonight♪ ♪i believe, i believe
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lou: on wall street, stocks closed mix could dow down 142, s&p down 8, nasdaq up 5. volume on big board 3.7 billion shares. >> crude oil up 2%, over 60 a barrel, and gold down a half percent, silver lost a percent. listen to my reports 3 times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. >> joining me now, great american, good guy, gordon chang. let's shattestart with china. the president making it clear these tariff are staying on the goods as enforcement measure. >> this is first time an american president has not caved in to chinese because beijing said, of course, we'll honor our
4:51 am
obligations, president trump said he will keep the tariffs in place, this is a important rhetorical and policy shift on part of u.s. >> the chinese must be app -- they are being regarded add global power, they have expectations. of their responsibilities under all treaties, and international governance, they will have to obey the law and quit stealing things, and quit stealing ideas, and intellectual property. and technology from the united states or there will be consequences. >> yeah. i think that communist party is right now, they realize, they cannot participate in global commerce if we have rules, what president trump is doing, he said you will obey those rules, i'm kievin keeping the tariffs y know they cannot survive those tariffs this is good. lou: president in taking to this
4:52 am
trade war, against all of the elite globalists on wall street, and pressure from national left wedgwedge -- left wing media y , you can't do this, you can't do that, well he has. >> yes, ki k-- kt just talked at made in china 2025 program that is based to theft of u.s. intellectual property, that is a half trillion. this is the only way china can keep its economy going, and trump says no, you are not going to do this any more. that is why in beijing they look at him, say he is different from
4:53 am
clinton, bush and from obama. >> thank god. we had 3 successive presidents who bas basically turned over te entire u.s. econom u.s. economyt china. we have looked at this for over a quarter century, it has been clear what the ambitions of china were. now suddenly, wall street has to ask itself, do we really want to turn this country over to the communist chinese? that is what it look like the plan was to this point. >> the point is sovereignty. trump talks about sovereignty. right now we understand, chinese are trying to take o sovereignty away from that.
4:54 am
>> i like that name for the foal. that goes on the list. >> i'm signing up for instagram to make the suggestion. lou: that is a wonderful one. and i think that it is also important we give peter navarro credit. he referred to ace geniuses on wall street who were willing to turnover this country to china, as unregistered foreign agents, that how they have acted along with koch brothers, be round table and chamber of wom %. commerce. >> yes. lou: and president. >> too. lou: president trump. right, you love the sound of that. gordon think that.gordon chang . >> thank you, lou. lou: stay with
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lou: president trump at an ohio military plant blasting general motors for closing the lordstown factory. sell it to somebody who wants to open it and get the uaw going. lou: that's an illegal immigrant going over the top of the wall. it didn't look like she had to climb to the top of it. it looks like ther there is an opening. hundreds of illegal immigrants will soon be released and given a date at which to appear in court.
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the e.u. finding cheryl: here are your market movers at 5:00 a.m. the investigation into boeing and the faa heating up, lawmakers getting ready to grill officials on how and why that 737 max jet were doomed -- were deemed safe in the first place, plus the multiple investigations we're learning about this morning. no rest for general motors as president trump takes another swipe at the closed ohio plant. but should he be putting the pressure on gm or any company when it comes to their business? could your car be making you sick? that is what at least 3,000 ford explorer drivers are claiming. the shocking report you need to hear before you get behind the wheel this morning.


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