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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  March 21, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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the e.u. finding cheryl: here are your market movers at 5:00 a.m. the investigation into boeing and the faa heating up, lawmakers getting ready to grill officials on how and why that 737 max jet were doomed -- were deemed safe in the first place, plus the multiple investigations we're learning about this morning. no rest for general motors as president trump takes another swipe at the closed ohio plant. but should he be putting the pressure on gm or any company when it comes to their business? could your car be making you sick? that is what at least 3,000 ford explorer drivers are claiming. the shocking report you need to hear before you get behind the wheel this morning.
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and mcdonald's doubling down on delivery, with the lazy boy. how you can score of a one of a kind mcdelivery couch. it is thursday, march 21st. "fbn: a.m." starts right now. lauren: here's how your money is moving at 5:00 a.m. u.s. futures, the fed signaled no rate hike this year. the dow is down 55 points. take a look at oil at $60 a l barrel. that is a high for 2019. flip it to europe, great britain on the brink of a no deal brexit, they're scheduled to leave the european union one week and one day from today. prime minister theresa may says british citizens are frustrated. the ftse is up 32 points. stocks in say sharks marginal -- asia, marginal moves, the shanghai composite a third of 1%
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to the upside. president trump says tariffs could stay until he's sure beijing complies with demands. cheryl: good morning, i'm cheryl casone. lauren: good morning, it's little friday. i'm lauren simonetti. cheryl: it is, it is. we begin little friday with the growing investigations into boeing p. the fbi is conducting a criminal probe of the company and the senate is also demanding answers. lauren: they sure are. we have the latest on this developing investigation. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, cheryl, lauren. before boeing lawmakers go after them first, they're going to go and grill the ntsb, the transportation department an and the faa. they want to find out why the faa deemed these planes safe in the first place. so far the investigation is suggesting there are clear similarities between the ethiopian airlines crash and lion air accident from last fall. we're learning, this is a terrifying picture, the pilots of streamline air flight were actually scrambling, looking
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through a handbook to try to stop the plane from diving. in fact, now the justice department sending out subpoenaing to gather information on how the plane was developed in the first place. so right now investigators are focusing on the flight control software and the pilot training portion of this. at the same time, the fbi is joining the criminal investigation into the faa's certification of the safety of those planes and lawmakers want to ask those same questions too. senator ted cruz, who chairs the congressional panel, says this, quote, this hearing will examine the recent crashes, possible contributing factors and ultimately how we can ensure america's aviation industry remains the safest in the world. i know that's what fliers across the country want to know as well. boeing is promising a software update soon but the company feeling the pressure in dollars. boeing stock was down 12% since the ethiopian airlines crash. lauren: thank you so much.
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obviously there's so many angles to this story. we can add one more for you. the pentagon inspector general opened an investigation into a watchdog group'sal plea gas's as that the acting defense secretary used his office to promote his former employer, which was boeing. cheryl: president trump holding a ramlrally in ohio, slamming gl motors for shutting down the plant in the state. >> reporter: the president getting the greatest reception from the workers assembled at the last u.s. tank plant for what he's done for the plant in terms of increasing funding for defense, specifically for tanks and specifically for this plant. he got a tour of the plant, the plant that was down to about one tank apmont a month under presit obama. now they're turning out about 34 tanks a month, more than 1,000
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employees. on the subject of general motors, he jumped into that as well here in ohio, of course a very big and important state for the president, going forward, taking on general motors again over the shutdown of its plant in lordstown, ohio. listen. >> what's going on with general motors. get that plant open or sell it to somebody and they'll open it. everybody wants it. sell it to somebody or open it yourself, get it going now. >> reporter: in addition, the president had somewhat unkind words for john mccain as well as the leadership of the uaw. this is the uaw plant as well as that plant in lordstown. the president said when it comes to the leadership of uaw, he has no use for them. he want to talk to the rank and file. >> i want to deal with the people in the union, not the heads of the union. [ cheering and applause ] >> because the heads of the union are not honest people and they ought to lower your dues by the way, they ought to stop with
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the dues, you're paying too much dues. they could have kept general motors n n., they could have ket and the gorgeous plant in lordstown. lower your dues. >> reporter: you can't always get what you want, from the rolling stones, president trump gave the folks here at the tank plant quite a bit of what they want. jeff flock in lima, ohio. cheryl: all right. lauren: not lima. cheryl: well, president trump making it clear that u.s. tariffs on $250 billion of chinese exports will remain in place for now. >> we're not talking about removing them. we're talking about leaving them and -- for a substantial period of time because we have to make sure that if we do the deal with china, that china lives by the deal. cheryl: trump's comments coming as treasury secretary steven
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mnuchin and u.s. trade representative robert lighthizer travel to beijing next week for talks with china's vice plea pr. trump will meet with a business round table in washington today which represents the ceos of major u.s. companies. lauren: let's go overseas. the british prime minister formally asking for a delay in the country's exit from the european union. she sent a letter to the e.u. council president requesting a delay until june 30th saying she needs more time to convince parliament to pass her deal. they didn't pass it two times. she went on television last night to tell the british people she was just as tired that's are. >> two years on, m.p.s are unable to agree on a way to implement the u.k.'s withdrawal. as a result, we will now not leave on time with a deal on the 29th of march. this delay is a matter of great personal regret for me.
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lauren: the e.u. is set to leave a week from tomorrow. officials suggested a short delay is possible. cheryl: well, a shocking report from some ford owners. a growing number of them have filed complaints about possible carbon monoxide leaks. at least 3,000 occasio 3,000 3,s claim they feel sick while they are in their cars. ford says the issue has been addressed with previous repairs. the n.t.s.b. has been investigating the issue since 2016. lauren: wow, your car is making you sick potentially. other headlines making news this morning, new zealand is introducing sweeping gun reforms following last week's attacks. they are looking to man military style semiautomatic weapons, assault rifles and high capacity magazines. illegal high capacity magazines
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allowed the gunman to shoot more than 30 rounds without having to reload. the prime minister said new zealand would also pay cash to gun owners who surrender their weapons on their own. at&t's ceo issuing a warning about huawei at the economic club of washington, d.c. he spoke about the growth of a 5g and the integration into our infrastructure. >> we'll be using this in utilities, we'll be using this in refineries. we have to ask our question, ourselves a question, if that much of our infrastructure will be attached to this kind of technology, do we want to be cautious about who is the underlying company behind that technology? we damn well better be. lauren: the trump administration is pushing allied companies to abandon huawei problems over fears the technology could be a tool for the chinese government. levi strauss back on the floor on the new york stock exchange. they will start selling shares
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at $17 apiece at a valuation of $6.6 billion. the formally public company was taken private back in 1985. pay attention to what the traders wear today. they're going to wear denim from head to toe to celebrate the return. nike will report third quarter earnings after the bell today. analysts are expecting pretty strong results. nike expected to earn an estimated 65 kepts per share on $9.61 billion in revenue, nike shares up 17% this year. the powerball jackpot, are you ready, $625 million after nobody won yesterday's drawing. winning the big prize is nearly one in 300 million. so there's a chance. the next drawing, if you're feeling lucky, saturday night. cheryl.cheryl: in case i misset yesterday, our very own lauren simonetti rang the opening bell along with building homes for heroes at the ne new york stock exchange. they're a nonprofit in the new york area, they give custom
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homes to wounded veterans. looking good there, lauren. got your hands up high. lauren: did you just put that in the show? you surprised me. cheryl: that was my plan. lauren: thank you. cheryl: you looked great yesterday. we're going to have by the way a little bit more on your story on building homes for heroes later in the show. lauren: thank you very much. right now, a take a look at futures, they're not looking so good this morning, the day after the fed essentially said we're not going to have any rate cuts this year, the nasdaq is higher by 7 and three quarters. president trump standing firm on china, vowing to keep the tariffs in place for now. what does this mean for the hopes of a trade deal? plus, petco has an all-leashed pets are welcome policy and one store in texas puts it to the test. the hilarious photo coming up on "fbn: a.m." ♪ it's a brand-new day. ♪
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cheryl: stocks ending mostly lower yesterday after the federal reserve left interest rates unchanged at the policy meeting and the fed saying it sees no rate hikes in 2019. jay powell says they are in no rush when it comes to moving on rates. >> in terms of what it would take, i'd say again today we don't see data coming in that suggests we should move in either direction. they suggest we should remain patient and let the situation clarify itself over time. when the time comes, we'll act appropriately. cheryl: well, let's bring in lindsey bell. let's talk about this. what did you make of their decision and their forecast? the market certainly was pricing in no rate hikes for the year. that was confirmed yesterday. >> right. i think they're doing exactly what they should be doing right now, they're in a wait and see mode. the economic data has cooled off a little bit here in the u.s. we at cfra expect it to pick up later in the year, for sure.
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but they're going to need more confirmation than that to either move higher or lower on interest rates and the inflation picture especially right now has been very subdued. it's been a thorn in jay powell's side since he's taken the helm of the fed early last year. we've been at their 2% target on a core basis for quite some time now and we don't see it getting above that this year. cheryl: couple of things. they did announce they're going to stop shrinking the balance sheet. they're going to by the end of september. so we got the date. i know markets were looking for that certainity. but also, they lowered their gdp forecast for the year to 2.1%. that's certainly news-making. but is the market going to really react to that moving forward or is there more optimism do you think out there, that they could maybe be wrong, it could be stronger? >> i think the reduction to 2.1 from 2.3, which was their prior guidance, really reflects the he slowdown that we've seen in the
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first quarter. i think the shutdown in the government definitely had something to do with that and again, like i said, jobs data, retail sales data, it's been a little bit mixed and confusing. we're not exactly sure the direction that some of these things are going in. so, yeah, i mean, its is kind of a negative when you think about it. it's below president trump and the white house's goal for 3.2% gdp growth this year. which is kind of a lofty expectation. but 2.1% still by historical standards is a decent rate. cheryl: yeah, it certainly is. i agree. let's move on to the other topic of the china trade issue. steven mnuchin and robert lighthizer are heading to beijing next week for trait talks with chinese officials. do you expect progress? >> yeah, i do expect progress. i think the market yesterday also kind of reacted to the news that tariffs could remain in place for quite some time which i think that's something that the trump administration really does need to do, to really enforce these new potential
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trade tactic that's they're going to have with china, to tamp down the theft of technology and i.p. and things like that. so i think that we will see progress. we know that a deal needs to get done. there are some out there speculating that perhaps the trump administration is trying to kick the can down the curb a little bit, to try to help benefit the election cycle next year. but the sooner this gets resolved the better. it's part of the reason the fed's on hold right now. cheryl: my colleague dagen mcdowell always says the tariffs are a tax on the consumer. we'll see if they can work things out. lindsey, thank you very much. good to have you on the show. >> thank you. lauren: well, up next, get it open now, those are the harsh words for general motors from the president. what gm would actually have to do to open the lordstown, ohio plant doors again. plus, new 2016 collusion investigation surfaces, why some are acting did the clinton campaign collude with ukraine,
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lauren: you might have heard president trump blasting general motors and the uaw, calling on the automaker to keep its plant open in lordstown, ohio. will gm caisson icave in to what the prs demanding. cheryl: a point was brought up with us earlier this week that you can't just change these plants to make another vehicle. you can't take a sedan plant and turn it into an suv plant which is what gm has been successful in selling. what happens to londers lord lo?
5:23 am
>> it's two years away before they would be able to put a new product in there. what they can't do is just start building cruzs again and losing money on them. that's what old gm would have done, kept the plant open to keep the uaw and local politicians happy. the people running gm now, they lived through the bailout, they don't want to live through that again. they're not going to go down that route for sure. lauren: the president says why don't you speed up the talks with the union, they're scheduled for september, october. do them now. can they have the talks now? >> it's pretty rare you see them do things ahead of time. the plant had three shifts two years ago and eliminated one shift and last year they eliminated another shift. the writing was on the wall for the facility. the fact that general motors was building compact cars in ohio in the first place, was a low margin operation, it's amazing it lasted this long. two years ago when general motors decided to build its new car, the blazer, the most likely candidate for this, build it in mexico, the plant was at three
5:24 am
shifts. did they know they would wind things down or were things looking bright and they say we'll never have to put it somewhere else. cheryl: the other big story is the threat of the auto tariffs on foreign car makers. a lot of the foreign car makers make the cars in the united states. is there a concern from your side that there's going to be jobs lost for these foreign automakers. these are u.s. jobs. lauren: ford an gm and gm saida billion dollar cost with the tariffs. >> toyota's investing in america, mexico as well. mercedemercedes-benz will build electric cars here in alabama. it's a gray area as far as what the tariffs are going to do long-term. short-term, there is money being lost and the companies have to figure out how to make that money back. cheryl: it's interesting too, with the ford news they're going to be acting 900 jobs in michigan -- >> this is good timing for ford. they basically reiterated 900 p
5:25 am
millio$900 million investment ty announced two years ago. they're going to restructure, build the car in a couple different places. they see the pressure general motors is under and they're trying to allev alleviate that r themselves. lauren: how much of this is political, the president has hin his rating come down in ohio. even if gm -- they've been working on moving the employees to other places, people will have to move. >> general motors is also closing a plant in maryland. they'll probably close another one in michigan, in detroit. michigan is an important state. they decided to keep that open for a couple more months. they pushed it off until january. eventually that plan is going to close as well. this really is all about ohio right now. it's all about politics, about trump seeing that state as very important and needed to show hey, i'm here for you, doing the
5:26 am
best i can to keep the jobs here and in the case of lordstown, probably not going to be able to pull it off any time soon. cheryl: such a big 2020 issue, gary. we would love to have you back whenever you're available. thank you for getting up so early. lauren: have you guys seen the new time cover? it's alexandria ocasio-cortez. she's one of the many reasons democrats are in disarray over how far left they should go. how policy's like aoc's green new deal and medicare for all could backfire in 2020. and millennials will do just about anything for the gram. how one tourist in bali almost got -- this is sad -- swept over by a huge wave just to take that photo that you're looking at. ♪ my body's on fire. ♪ i'm out of my mind. ♪ let it rain over me. ♪ i'm riding so high. ♪ out of my mind. $4.95.
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cheryl: let's get you caught up on global market action this morning. no rate hike this year, that was from the fed yesterday. today we have pressure on futures, at least for the dow and s&p. 45 to the negative for the dow jones industrials, s&p down 2 and a quarter, nasdaq slightly higher. oil big story here, we are just above $60 a barrel, a 2019 high. europe as we talked about, great britain on the brink of a no deal brexit, they're scheduled to leave the e.u. a week and one day from today, theresa may saying, well, folks are frustrated. the ftse is higher right now, cac 40 in the green, dax in the red. now to asia, president trump saying tariffs could stay on china. we talked about that earlier. despite the fact that there is progress with the trade negotiations between the united states and chinese officials. lauren: all right. let's talk boeing. the investigations into the plane maker are certainly piling on. new reports say the fbi is
5:31 am
assisting in the criminal investigation into how boeing 737 max was certified to fly and congress wants answers from the faa as well. we bring in oliver mcgee, a former assistant secretary of transportation for this story. thank you for coming on. >> good morning, lauren. lauren: i got ahead of myself. i wanted to talk about the criminal investigation that is now going on into the certification of this jet. you have the fbi looking into it, the doj, et cetera. what exactly are they looking at? what are they looking for? >> what they're looking for is how the certification process took place in establishing what flying's all about which is a maneuverability, lauren. either the plane was flying on auto pilot, which is the control of the maneuverability of flight dynamics or it was when the auto pilot's off it was flying with
5:32 am
in-cast which is the maneuverability augmentation system and that was put on once the auto pilot is turned off and the pilot is trying to take control of that. lauren: what materials are they looking for? >> they're trying to establish how was that certification process and that new design of the 737 max was implemented. lauren: i want to talk about the problems at the faa from several vantage points. miracle on the hudson captain, pilot sully sullenberger wrote this op ed in market watch. he said staffing has not been adequate for faa employees to oversee much of the critically important work of validating and approving aircraft certification. p instead, much of the work has been outsourced by designating aircraft manufacturer employees to do the work on behalf of the faa. that's a conflict of interest. >> yes, it's a very difficult situation for the agency.
5:33 am
essentially, when you're looking at airlines and car manufacturer as well as aircraft manufacturers, there's a very strong global competitiveness position that's taken place in the three players. so oftentimes the agency has to be ase assertive. this is a case of trying to look at the certification and safety and faa's north star must be safety and they must be taking a larger stance on that. the new faa chief is a pilot, the new faa chief ran flight operations at delta. so i'm pretty sure there's going to be a little bit more oversight on faa's part going forward. this was really about boeing trying to catch up, lauren, with a very fast flight race or foot race with airbus a320, because
5:34 am
ultimately the debate inside boeing was whether to do a clean sheet design or do a new engine remount. the new engine remount caused the differential lift on the climb angle of attack. that's why they needed the software boot and the system put on. but that is away from what boeing philosophy typically has been, which is let the pilots maneuver their aircraft let them fly their plane. when the auto pilot is on, m-cast is off. so that's essentially what was taking place in lion air and we'll find that was taking place in ethiopian air as well. lauren: oliver mcgee, thank you very much for your perspective this morning. >> thank you for having me, lauren. cheryl: since winning back the house last fall, democrats have been tilting more left, proposing bolder policies like medicare for all, the green new deal, but that has caused a split in the party as senior leadership fear the radical agenda is going to turn off
5:35 am
moderate voters in the next election. let's bring in former white house deputy, brad blakeman. brad, good morning. >> good morning. cheryl: you have to wonder what's going on with the democratic party. are they really kind of leaning towards running in 2020, whoever the candidate is, on this socialist agenda? does aoc have that much power at this point? >> look, i think she has spurred a wing of the party that is tremendously vocal. they've captured the imagination of their base. i think they're completely out of touch where america is. i remember a time not too long ago, if you called a democrat a socialist, you were defaming them. now you get angry if you don't call them that and i think the party this a crisis of identity. what do they stand for? who are they going to put up? you can select somebody in the primary process that is totally unelectable. i think that's where they're heading if they continue down this path of socialist democratic progressiveness.
5:36 am
cheryl: we showed our viewers the time magazine cover. she landed the cover for a apri. they say she is the second most talked about politician in america and they say she is wonder woman of the left, wicked witch of the right. she has been in congress, brad, a hot second. >> no doubt about it. she doesn't have political or real life experience and when you ask her to drill down on her policies, she cannot go past the soupesound bite. pelosi is starting to realize that. i think it's too late. they created a monster that they can't control and i think that's the problem. she is speaking all over the country, yet she is newly elected from brooklyn. so there's a real problem with not only the policy, but also the stardom of somebody who is basically -- there's nothing there. cheryl: she is brand-new. i want to switch over to more experienced candidates on the democratic side. joe biden has not declared that he's running but we believe he
5:37 am
will be at some point. this emerson college poll put up a presidential matchup in theory if it was president trump versus joe biden. 10 point win according to this poll by joe biden. that's got to energize i would think the democrats to think maybe biden is a safer bet. >> the question is, is biden selectable by the party and based from what we hear now, the people who are running, bernie sanders, beto, kamala harris, they're not where joe biden is. joe biden's party has passed him a long time ago. it will be hard for joe not only to validate his record as a public servant to democratic voters, but also to prove that he is progressive. i think he'd be a formidable candidate against president trump. i don't think he's selectable by his party. cheryl: i want to ask about something that knee neil cavutod over the weekend, he said follow the small money, he said follow
5:38 am
the small donations. that's something that got barack obama elected years ago. can you explain that? and how do we l follow the trail of donation toss kind of see -- donation toss kindonation toss e the candidate may be for the democrats. >> neil is right, it about volume. that's where you're going to see somebody from nowhere be somewhere. but again, it's a divide and conquer theory with democrats this cycle. why? just like we had last cycle. there's going to be at least 20 or 30 candidates by the summertime entering. so you've got to follow the money, the small donations, the volume. but you also have to follow the popularity of where the money brings these people. are they going to have the ability to stick around? cheryl: the business side of politics, brad, it's very fascinating. thank you so much for being on. great to see you.
5:39 am
>> pleasure. lauren: that was a good segment. let's get to other headlines making news this morning. president trump is expected to issue an executive order today tying federal grants for colleges to free speech on their campuses. the order instructs federal agencies to ensure that public colleges comply with the first amendment. president trump announced the order in speech last month, saying conservatives were being silenced on campus. and this, the mueller probe into possible collusion between the trump campaign and russia continues into its third year. there are new allegations surfacing about ukraine's possible plot to help hillary clinton. ukraine's top prosecutor is investigating whether the law enforcement agency tried to sway the six election in favor of clinton. that agency is accused of leaking financial records of then trump campaign chairman paul manafort, leading to a conviction in the mueller probe. pretty shocking stuff. this is shocking too. look at this video of a tourist in bali, she's being swept away
5:40 am
by water slamming the shoreline. why was she there? she's actually knocked off her feet into the rocks. she's there because she's trying to take a picture. she's okay. she was rescued fortunately from the rocks by a good samaritan who carried her to safety. she's a millennial, by the way. cheryl: she's lucky she's alive. >> it's all about the instagram picture. a texas couple brought their pet steer to petco. look at the size of that thing. it's testing the flexibility of petco's policy that all leashed pets are welcome. so the huge bull was brought in through the sliding glass doors to the he delight of the employees. they were happy about it. someone went up and greeted oliver, that's his name. he's trained for rodeos and other shows. his owners say this is their favorite petco by far, clearly. this video has gone viral, basically half a million views.
5:41 am
cheryl: i love the great state of texas. only in texas. lauren: cheryl just told me exactly what a steer is. cheryl: my uncle used to have them on a ranch in texas. switching gears now. there is a new crisis that's hitting flooded cities in the midwest as one american beer company is stepping in to help. and a first for former president george bush, what he did at age 72 may surprise you. you're watching "fbn: a.m.." ♪ i switched to geico and saved hundreds. that's a win. but it's not the only reason i switched. geico's a company i can trust, with over 75 years of great savings and service. ♪
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lauren: some communities in the flood stricken midwest are facing a new crisis after their water treatment plant shut down. tanker trucks from the national guard delivering fresh water to residents in iowa and anheuser-busch is delivering water to flood victims in nebraska, sending more than 100,000 cans of water to the state. thank you. cheryl: take a look at this. the spring thaw shattered lake michigan. these stunning image as the winter ice begins to melt, the picture going viral. the lake was covered in ice before the warm weather arrived. the for formation is caused by r moving underneath the ice and breaking it up. lauren: building homes for heroes, a nonprofit that
5:45 am
constructed and gifted almost 200 homes for wounded veterans and their families, tailored to the needs of each specific veteran and they're free, giving our nation's heroes the safety and financial freedom to restart their lives. we'll tell you the story of one hero, aaron hail, he lost the sight in one eye and months later in the other eye as well. >> there was a roadside bomb up ahead that had been found and without hesitation i said let's get to it. we sent the robot out to get to work. what it found was a pressure plate i.e.d. attached to plastic jug full of homemade explosives and it was able to separate the components and take the pressure plate away but it couldn't get the rest of the bomb out of the hard-packed earth. so i grabbed my tool kit and i jumped out of the truck and i started making my way towards the i.e.d., when about 20 or
5:46 am
30 meters from the original i.e.d. i was hit by another blast. it sent me to my knees and i was on my elbows, just thinking oh, my god, that's what it's like. lauren: aaron is now completely blind and his wife, they have their own business e.e.o.d., extraordinary delights, it's a fudge company. when word about their story first spread, they sold out of their chocolate and moved into a bigger bakery. the organization's goal is to give one home every 11 days. we have a series on it, it drops today, called building homes for heros. you have to sign up on fox in order to see it. cheryl: building homes for heroes is an amazing organization. lauren: liz cl a aman and many other people do a work with them. cheryl: coming up, have you
5:47 am
filled out your ncaa bracket yet? you have more of a chance of winning last night's powerball than getting a perfect bracket. if you want to try, jared max has your march madness round-up coming up next. if you or your kid love playing fortnite, we're going to tell you how gamers can score some seaserious cash. you're watching "fbn: a.m." ♪ don't you know that you're some kind of wonderful. ♪ she's some kind of wonderful. ♪ yeah she, sh, she is. this isn't just any moving day.
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cheryl: welcome back. the record contract has been signed. lauren: jared max, mike trout has certainly raised the bar in baseball salaries. jared: breaks the bank. a lot of people say how can they
5:51 am
afford this in baseball, thanks in large part to tv broadcast deals, players are seeing the benefits. the clock is ticking, minus six hours and 20 minutes and change until the ncaa brackets come into play. first game today, 12:15 p.m. eastern. 16 games in all. michigan state who is the number two seed figures to go far in the tournament, the spartans open up today against bradley. on to the third set of games, defending champion villanova plays against st. marys. kentucky in action as well. the michigan wolverines tonight play montana, the last game of the night, baylor against syracuse, 16 more games coming tomorrow. robert kraft who reportedly will not accept a plea deal to ensure no jail time is trying to keep video evidence of him at the orchids of day spa from being considered in the case. two charges of solicitation.
5:52 am
kraft and other defendants yesterday filed motions to suppress the evidence. his arraignment set for march 28th. when bruce arioons coached the arizona cardinals he was the first to hire a woman to the coaching staff in the nfl. now he does it again, he hires two women, the first female assistants in bucs history and tampa now the first nfl team with two women on its coaching staff. here's another first. a hole in one for former president george w. bush at age 72. he scored this at trinity golf club. he writes next golf goal, live to 100 so i can shoot my age. go w. cheryl: got for him. lauren: he looks great. jared: he looks fantastic. lauren: that's the first thing i said when i saw the picture earlier. jared: he's 72. lauren: 72 is young these days, jared. jared: you hit a hole in one at
5:53 am
72, you still feel like a 5-year-old kid. lauren: you can catch sports reports 24/7, on sirius xm channel 115. cheryl: if you're a serious game e. we'll tell you how to get your hands on sirius cash from the maker of fortnite and mcdonald's giving new meaning to couch potato. wait until you see the tricked-out $9,000 sofa it's giving away. ♪ let's move tonight. ♪ share the spice of life. ♪
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lauren: good song, founder of fortnite inspiring gamers around the world. cheryl: todd, this is pretty
5:57 am
rich. >> this is something i know nothing about. are you ladies, gamers? >> no. >> we will try to educate the public on something we know nothing about. that's exactly what the founder of fortnite is doing, the world needs more video games, that's right, $100 million worth of grand with no strings attached, goal to benefit, quote, the whole digital content creation ecosystem, i have no idea what that means but i think it's our against our business. here is something that's wild about this, no tieing to the company, why would you create competition? cheryl: it's a whole world. lauren: underground world.
5:58 am
>> watching fox business and fox news? cheryl: furniture from mcdonalds, tell us about the couch. >> the exact opposite of getting out there and getting stuff done. mcdonalds is doubling down on literally the exact opposite, they are partnering with lazy boy and uber treats. delivery couch, aims to keep you indoors, again, not outdoors with reclining chairs, built-in phone charges and cooler, blank it as well as you get mcdonalds delivered to you. lauren: sign up with fortnite and do it together. >> i'm down. cheryl: thank you so much. lauren: mornings with maria
5:59 am
starts right now. maria: good morning to you, good morning from washington, it is thursday march 21st, top stories right now before 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. new developments, justice department issuing subpoenas as the fbi is now joining the probe, plus, the pentagon looking into actions of the acting defense secretary, all coming up. the top stories in markets today, le vi's ipo, strong demand and pricing above proposed range, wait till you see all the denim in new york stock exchange. we are anticipating a china trade deal, central bank yesterday signaling no more rate hikes as president trump issues warning on tariff, plus governor takes on president trump, why arnold schwarzenegger is
6:00 am
speaking out against president trump. mornings with maria begins right now. ♪ maria: first up, big promo to tell you about, be sure to join us tomorrow morning, exclusive one-on-one conversation with president trump, we will bring you the full interview beginning tomorrow morning right here at 6:00 p.m. eastern, join me for my interview with the president coming up, a lot to talk about this morning with president trump, first, though, top story this hour, boeing under investigation by the fbi in connection to the solicitation and marketing of 737 max plane, telling all 157 people on board that second crash for that type of plane in l


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