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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  March 21, 2019 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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speaking out against president trump. mornings with maria begins right now. ♪ maria: first up, big promo to tell you about, be sure to join us tomorrow morning, exclusive one-on-one conversation with president trump, we will bring you the full interview beginning tomorrow morning right here at 6:00 p.m. eastern, join me for my interview with the president coming up, a lot to talk about this morning with president trump, first, though, top story this hour, boeing under investigation by the fbi in connection to the solicitation and marketing of 737 max plane, telling all 157 people on board that second crash for that type of plane in less than 5 months following crash back in october
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in indonesia, that crash killed 189 people. the department of justice is also getting involved with prosecutors issuing mowlt approximately subpoenas as part of the investigation, now the pentagon, inspector general investigation into acting secretary patrick for alleged favoritism to boeing, which is his former employer, senate panel is setting a question, is set to question the faa officials and others beginning next week, joining me wall street assistant page editor james freeman, thank you so much for being here. >> good to be here. maria: a lot of development on boeing story, how do you see it. >> the best thing to boeing is going to be say, no, we've had american pilots flying this plane for 2 years without incident, the plane that -- the first crash overseas had similar problem and the pilots had
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responded to it, while the design was not -- was not good and will fix that, pilots did seem to be managing essentially switch back to autopilot to solve the problem. maria: after the indonesia crash we spoke with ceo of boeing and he basically said, look, there was some issues around development or exchange in upgrade in the plane that pilots needed to understand better, has the information about the update on this jet been communicated properly to the pilot? >> well, it seems like there was communication to the pilot but then obviously in some of the recent crashes you have pilots who weren't able to incorporate that or didn't respond well and this includes people with a fair amount of experience in flying airplanes, so i think it's obviously -- it's going to be intense study and now you have congress as well as as you said
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the justice department looking at this, but i think there's going to be a case for boeing to say, look, what we were trying to do was make an automotive system that would make flying the plane feel like the earlier plane, make pilot comfortable, obviously should not have relied on one sensor to determine the angle but as i said, american pilots have been flying without incident and that's why the airlines in the u.s. initially did not ground them. maria: james what about the inspector department general said yesterday, is investigating complaining acts now that favored boeing, promoting former employee because he worked at boeing, what do you think this does? >> it's hard to tell if it's piling on or general bureaucrat, investigate all things boeing, obviously boeing had dominant role in defense contracting just
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as it does air bus and boeing, basically the only real option if you're looking for jetliners, similarly for a lot of defense work, boeing is the brand that you want, if mr. shanihan was promoting boeing alternative doesn't necessarily mean favoritism. maria: that's true, this is where you're seeing the leadership, boeing across the world. you have the senate panel planning a hearing for march 27 on aviation safety after those -- these two incidents, what are you expecting there and this is obviously going to be a tough situation on a corporate level for boeing, are you expecting lawsuits, what do you think happens next in terms of boeing? >> yeah, i think it's going to be a tough go for them. i think they do if you're thinking about the health and business as we said, they have a very strong franchise and
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obviously for all its faults and rolling out software, et cetera, this is a very popular airplane, customers wanted it, thousands on order along the hundreds that went into service that have now recently been grounded, but there is a huge demand in the market for boeing and i don't think there's necessarily an easy alternative if someone is someone going in another direction. maria: were you surprised that u.s. was among the last to basically say, okay, let's keep the planes grounded, china was among the first and china is one of the biggest customers? >> yeah, i'm sure that's part of the focus of the various inquiries, i think from a u.s. perspective, if you're saying we want to be data driven, then that's what the the airlines in the u.s. are saying, they have had so far big experience with the airplane, so i think probably the initial speculating
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here is possible that the initial read was maybe in some of the overseas situation the pilots did not have the training that our pilots had. maria: all right, we will leave it there. james, good to see you, thank you so much. james freeman wall street journal, levi back on the trading, booming ipo this year, dagen in new york with that and the next 3 months, dagen, is going to be hot with ipo's. dagen: indeed, levi's ipo is hot. going public for the second time today, shares at $17 a piece for valuation, $6.6 billion, that was above the expected range of 14 to $15 a share, investors showing big appetite for retail certainly this year, s&p 5 -- the s&p retailing index is up 14% so far this year. this is the second time the company has gone public.
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it was taken private back in 1985 in a leverage buyout by the hoss family decentance of levi strauss. selling pants to minors during california's gold rush and the family will still control this company after the ipo7 family members will control two-thirds of outstanding shares, it's also going to a dual class structure for the stock that will give 99% of the shareholder vote to the hoss family, that might be a cause of concern for some investors here plus two-thirds of the sales of levi's strauss comes from wholesale customers, mainly department stores, we know how department stores have been struggling. the opportunity with the ladies, 29% of revenue comes from women, certainly a chance to grow the market share, today watch the
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florida new york stock exchange, levi, levi, they are waiving, breaking the long-time tradition of no jeans allowed. the new new york stock exchangey that is people on the floor will be dawning head to toe denim from levi's, but we will see a lot of denim today at nysc. maria: if you go outside you can get your denim personalized, personal set-up. dagen: remember justin timberlake dating britney spears wearing denim. i don't think it was levi's, i question the wisdom. maria: some look. one question that i just have because i know the next 3 months is so busy with ipos's, levi's
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kicks off, we hat shutdown in january, i'm wonder if all of the supply in the market will be challenge for investors to digest and maybe the markets trade lower the the coming 3 months with all the new supply in the market. dagen: this is off the beat that we will see so many technology companies, i call lyft and uber technology companies because they are driven with underlying technology, no punt intended with that. levi's is kind of a little bit different than offerings that you will see. if people see opportunity, if they think the companies will spend money wisely, watch for levi's to maybe make acquisitions with the money, a lot goes to family members we should point out, that'll be the one thing to watch. again, it works until it stops working and you can't never really tell when an ipo doesn't go so well, $17 a share is where it was priced, watch for that.
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maria: all right, dagen, thank you so much, see you in a little bit. levi's not the only stock we are watching. cheryl casone with headlines. cheryl: good morning, maria, let's talk another stock we are watching, nike report quarter earnings after the bell today, analysts are expecting to earn 55 cents per share, 9.6 billion in revenue, the stock is up 17% so far this year. so a couple of other stocks that are moving we will tell you about, down sharply in premarket, mixed results yesterday as you can see loss of 14% in premarket on guess. now william sonoma is up in premarket, they posted strong quarter numbers and guidance from 2019. that stock in the premarket look at the gain, almost 6% right now. well, switching gears let's talk about this, the trial of former
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nissan chairman carlos goshn expected to start in september according to japan's public broadcaster, could come on may 23rd as part of the trial preparation, goshn is accused of underreporting salary of nissan by 82 million of over nearly decade, goshn who was finally freed on bail this month, still denies any wrongdoing. then there's this, if you're into powerball, $625 million, nobody won yesterday's drawing, one in 300 million, the next drawing saturday night, i have a better chance of winning powerball than getting ncaa bracket correct. maria: maybe you have to be in it to win it? >> we will try. maria: quick break and the federal reserve is in focus, chairman jay powell yesterday with growth fears are what will
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bring -- probably no more rate hikes in 2019. closer look at exactly what powell said yesterday about the economy and arnold schwarzenegger is firing back, the former california governor taking on president trump after comments on senator john mccain, all right ahead, after this. of r own version of best ball. because here, you can choose any car in the aisle, even if it's a better car class than the one you reserved. so no matter what, you're guaranteed to have a perfect drive. [laughter]
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is here, great op-ed. former senior adviser to the clintons mike penn and mike morgan. don't miss it, big 3 hours. arnold schwarzenegger is slamming president trump over the president's's comments over the late senator john mccain. the president doubled down on it yesterday, watch. >> a lot of people are asking because they love me, they ask me about a man named john mccain so i have to be honest, i never liked him much, i really probably never will, i endorsed him on his request and i gave him the kind of funeral that he wanted which as president i have to approve. i don't care about this, i didn't get thank you but that's okay. we sent him on the way but i wasn't a fan of john mccain.
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maria: arnold schwarzenegger speaking to atlantic magazine commented that mccabe -- mccain is unbelievable person and on attack of him is unacceptable, alive or dead, the president let himself down to that kind of level said arnold schwarzenegger, we would be lucky if anybody in washington followed mccain's example because he represented courage, joining the conversation was washington wham near and fox news contributor byron york, along with emily, this fight between the president and john mccain goes a long way, let's talk about it. >> a come of things to remember about this, the president should not be doing this, mccain is dead and using an opportunity to talk about mccain was a bad
6:18 am
idea, on the other hand, there's an actually reason that the president has been going on out on mccain for the last couple of days an most places haven't reported it. there was deposition, parts of deposition were released a few days ago, investigation into what happened in the -- with the dossier, the famous trump dossier that had all of the salacious allegations about the president and what we learned was that mccain had dispatched an aide to london to get a copy of the dossier, actually didn't pick it up physically in london, came back and got it from fusion gps here. mccain was involved in all of this and new details in all of it and the release of that deposition that got the president's attention. maria: mccain was one to have people that brought the dossier to the fbi, so got them investigating as well.
6:19 am
>> but this was after the election, mccain finds about it after the election, the fbi already had it by then. maria: yeah. >> well, i think that's a particularly important point and makes comments baffling, he could be talking about that, instead he goes onto say, i don't really care about it, i gave him the funeral that he wanted, i had to do it as president, very personal, very personal remarks about him as opposed to making more substantive criticism, it's personal. maria: and everybody believes john mccain is a war hero, he is a hero, he is prisoner of war. let's not allow all of that to mask what went on, though, in terms of the fbi and the doj. we learned from testimony release a couple of weeks ago, lisa page admitted that the obama department of justice ordered a standdown on clinton e-mail prosecution according to congressman john ratcliffe, john ratcliffe tweeted about this.
6:20 am
now we know, the doj told the fbi, don't even think about prosecuting hillary clinton. >> we should give credit to fbi officials who have gotten a lot of criticism from people like me in the handling of the trump matter. they wanted to be more aggressive against hillary clinton, they wanted to show that she had recklessly handled the classified information but loretta lynch, the attorney general, and the obama justice department basically said no-go. maria: here you have the same group of people running two investigations, one investigation into donald trump, potential collusion and one investigation of hillary clinton and handling of classified information. they handled it very differently. >> when the president has outbursts which are clearly frustrations it's coming from the establishment time and again, byron reporting from so much reporting and that leads him to do these things because
6:21 am
he wants to emphasize. maria: we reported on this for the last year and a half but the mainstream media will not admit what has taken place, but back to john mccain, dagen, i know that the president always punches back, but john mccain is dead, he is not punching. dagen: he's dead and he has a family who is trying to mourn and grieve and it looks small and petty and i will say this, everybody who is bothered by this should speak up,. silence is accepting accepting the unacceptable. maria: president issuing warning china over tariffs, we will talk about it.
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looking lower, down 37, s&p is down 2, nasdaq is up 5 points right now, stocks closed mostly lower yesterday after news from the federal reserve, the fed left interest rates unchanged as we expected. it also signaled that they'll be likely be no rate increase hikes this year, this is what fed chair jay powell said yesterday. >> so in terms of what it would take, i'd say again today we don't see -- we don't see data coming in that suggests that we should move in either direction, it suggests that we should remain patient and let the situation clarify itself over time. when the time comes we will act appropriately. maria: joining me right now is mahoney asset manager, thanks for being here. did you hear anything, what a day in term -- did you hear anything out of the fed that causes you to change the opinion about the economy or market, tell me what you saw.
6:26 am
>> we have a little kind of overhang this morning, but remember october 3rd, far away from december 19, we are raising rates, with regard with rates and the market got exactly what it wanted. ruled out rate hike for all 2019 and accelerate, so that's kind of -- overall, doubling down and yesterday even more doveish, i think the market would like that. maria: yeah, the market really traded down after the jay powell comment yesterday, normally you would get, you know, optimism that we will not see anymore interest rate hikes but we have to look at everything in context basically what they said things are slowing down and they took growth rate lower for u.s. economy, that's not good. >> the fed has been off on
6:27 am
growth rates, 2.1% growth in gdp down from 2.3%, it was overly optimistic after the recession in 2018 so you have to be careful about those estimates, they also -- we should note that the 10-year treasury, the yield on it felt 2.53% yesterday, that's the lowest levels since january of last year, that shows concern about growth in the future and not only will interest rates not increase by the federal reserve this year, based on the dot plot which is basically where all the members of the fed see interest rates, that's only forecasting one increase in 2020, that's concerning and then in terms of the flans sheet runoff, in may it's going to slow the pace that it's shrinking the 4 trillion-dollar balance sheet in runoff of treasury holdings at the end of september, so that was expected, that wasn't -- if you read the wall street journal
6:28 am
regularly, that was expected. maria: byron, just mentioned the 60 minutes interview, the fed has figured it out that the slow is slowing down, china is slowing, does the president have anything to do with this or the fed got on where we are in the economy? >> the president did an unprecedented thing basically telling federal reserve to stop doing what it was. seems unlikely that that had any effect. but on the china thing, top administration officials said this deal is happening, it's going to happen and almost as far as republican party is concerned everything is riding on china because you have so many lawmakers who say i really don't approve of the president's tariffs, what he did with steel and aluminum, i really disapprove of but we really need to crack down on china.
6:29 am
but standing with republicans on that is completely dependent on how this china thing goes. maria: it really is. we have mnuchin as well as lighthizer going to beijing next week, do you expect anything here, how important it is for the markets, would you put new money to work in equities today? >> a lot going on between now and earning season, all eyes on what's going on with china. i don't think we will get everything we want on the deal, the hardest deal is accountability with china, for instance, the company violates intellectual property, what is chinese government going to do. the accountability, i think that's what we are struggling with and we keep going back and forth because it's difficult to tie them down but, again, i do hope they can come up with some sort of a deal but my feeling
6:30 am
partial deal. maria: we will leave it there, ken mahoney. when we come back nor'easter to slam the northeast as amazing ice chador in lake michigan. starbucks is going green, trying new recyclable cups, we heard about that yesterday when we spoke to ceo, more on expresso drinks as well, stay with us. back in a minute. in your own customized view of the market. it's smarter trading technology, for smarter trading decisions. and it's only from fidelity. open an account with no minimums today.
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maria: welcome back, good thursday good morning, thank you so much for joining us, happy thursday, i'm maria bartiromo, it is thursday march 21st, top stories right now 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. markets are mixed, futures indicating decline, 28 points on dow jones industrial average, s&p down a point and nasdaq down 8 points this morning. markets were lower yesterday, took further tumble after the federal reserve meeting, two-day meeting where we heard that the economy is weakening across the world, dow industrials yesterday down 141 points, s&p down 8, nasdaq was up 5 points, in europe this morning, take a look at indices and the action there, we do see mixed stories, ftse 100 is up 46, dax index in germany continuing to trade down from yesterday because of huge selloff in bayer, dax index down 28 points n. asia overnight, japan was closed for holiday,
6:35 am
but as you can see the others mixed fractional moves there. extreme weather warning to tell you about, spring is technically here, first day of spring yesterday but northest ' re is on the way, set to bring heavy rains and heavy winds, forecast this morning, mesmerizing sight in lake michigan. check this out, the chards of ice along the lake, so beautiful, we have more on that coming up. plus this, big discounts at starbucks, you can get your favorite drink half off today, plus president trump wants the patriots owner bob kraft to visit the white house despite charges against kraft, this as tampa bay buccaneers make history, we will tell you about it. the 80's classic mix comeback, find out when dylan will return to the screen, all the stories coming thursday morning, by the way, be sure to tune in tomorrow right here, i'll be sitting down
6:36 am
with exclusive one-on-one interview, 6:00 a.m. eastern tomorrow morning, a lot to talk about with the president from the economy to foreign policy and tweets as well. the president will join me tomorrow morning right here exclusive. first top story this half an hour, border security, border patrol announcing that it has had to release hundreds of migrants detained at the u.s. méxico-border because of overcrowding and it's running out of room at detention facilities, this coming as border arrests last month reached highest number in over a decade. border agents arrested more than 66,000 migrants attempt to go enter the country, joining us right now former obama administration border patrol chief and former fbi official mark morgan. characterize the situation at the border? >> it's absolutely a national emergency, what we are talking about right now is part of continued catch and release, a little bit different than before, usually border patrol agents, everybody they catched they turned over to ice which
6:37 am
then releases, right now what you're seeing is a different form of catch and release, patrol patrol agents because their facilities are overwhelmed, ice doesn't have any more room, they have to release into the interior of the united states. maria: it's like they are not even on the books when they have to come back for hearing or trial, that's why catch and release is always criticized because you let -- release them and they may or may not come back. >> they don't come back, catch and release. the policy is in there. they have appeal rights that they have once they've been ordered removed, basically once they come in they are released you never hear from them again. >> what factors have led to this moment in time being the level of crisis, you mentioned this is absolutely national emergency, what is pushing us over the edge, why we are at tipping point, what are the various factors? >> i think simply the asylum walls an loopholes and how we
6:38 am
treat people to come to the country illegally and so the intelligence will show you they're not fleeing violence and persecution like a lot of talking point. violence in guatemala and central american countries are way down, homicide rates overall, two conditions, economic equality and reunification. >> this is the backdrop over debate barrier, what would be the best thing to do right now? >> look at laws, someone comes here illegally and they want to claim asylum, they stay in méxico or wait for country of origin because the majority of them they either don't follow up with asylum claim or those that do don't show up and those who
6:39 am
don't the majority are denied. we know claims are false, keep them in méxico while they are waiting for asylum. the administration is doing that in san diego, ninth circuit, a suit that's going on. every case seems to be going against trying to protect the border. maria: unbelievable. at one point a lot of men coming over the border but now it's families and i think quote, unquote families. >> that's one of the pillars that's spot on that's not being talked about. they want to talk about numbers, numbers have been done, that's a false narrative, back in 90's, majority mexican males and they were removed back to méxico, and now with family units and children, 65% of those children are being allowed in the united states. maria: fatalities. >> absolutely, we saw illegal
6:40 am
alien who had been here back and forth multiple times, detainer, stabbed when she was alone, we need to fix the problem. maria: migrants, sending billions of dollars to home countries, we have data from the pew research center that mexican migrant center $23 billion from the u.s. back to méxico over 6 billion to guatemala and 4 billion to el salvador that was just 2016 numbers, what do you make of these numbers? >> i wasn't surprised, this has been going on forever. this isn't anything new. there's report that people actually come here illegally, don't buy goods like appliances, et cetera, bring them back to country of origin. this isn't anything new. it's further indication this is a real problem. maria: you know, byon, mark is a border chief from the obama administration and he's telling it's a national emergency and
6:41 am
democrats basically do not want president trump to have any win on this. >> i haven't seen any break in the democratic wall on this which is that there is no emergency, this is a made-up emergency and one of the reasons they do so because as it is now, 10, 15 years ago it was actually worse during the administration of george w. bush, apprehensions of people trying to cross illegally further than they are today. the democrats logic is it can't be an emergency because it used to be worse, so far they feel like they have won on this and they are not going to change. maria: nancy pelosi has wall on her own state, separating san diego from tijuana. >> we have to be careful about the numbers, again, it's not just about the numbers, it's about the demographics, again, a million, 90% of them removed. a million this year, 65%, 650,000 will be allowed in the united states.
6:42 am
the numbers are completely and the issues are different because of demographics, that's a false narrative that's not being talked about. no doubt, it's worst, the numbers don't tell the entire story. you to look at the context behind the numbers and the numbers here, if we had a million this year, 650,000 we will let in the united states, that's quadruple being allowed when the numbers were higher. let's not forget, with the border being wide open, border patrol agents are being what i call doing child care protective humanitarian mission, guess what, the border is wide open, we don't know what the heck is getting through. the problem is worse by far. maria: great insight from you. mark morgan joining us there. powerful storm to slam the northeast this weekend. cheryl: good morning again, maria, well, a springer easter
6:43 am
will bring heavy rain and strong winds to northeast, expect today reach new york city this afternoon and hit new england tomorrow, some areas expected to get about half a foot of snow and then take a look at this, the spring thaw has shattered lake michigan, the chards, the lake was covered in ice, the shattered formation of water moving underneath the ice and then breaking it up. all right, start bucks, offering expresso lovers happy-hour deal, hand crafted expresso drinks half off, you need to download app and announcing testing recyclable cup in locations and searching for green alternative to more than 7 billion cups it uses every year, last year plastic straws, maria, company
6:44 am
drives for sustainability. >> and making coffee the first obtainable agricultural product. we had disease resistance coffee that we give the farmers, helping coffee farmers around the world grow-high quality and improve yield on farms about making company sustainable agricultural product. cheryl: take a look at shares of starbucks in premarket, lower. keanu reeve have delivered announcement. >> we are here to deliver wild stallion. >> we are here to make an announcement. we want to say thank you to fans because we might hopefully make a movie this summer. cheryl: yeah, returning for a
6:45 am
third film, maria, voicing support, we will see if anybody goes and sees this. i don't know. maria: good stuff, thank you so much, cheryl, the flooding in nebraska, stay with us. move to the enterprise-grade cloud that's built to handle all your apps. ♪ ♪ the ibm cloud. the cloud for smarter business. the ibm cloud. (bird chirping)
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maria: welcome back omaha world show said busch sending
6:49 am
emergency drinking water to the state, periodically pausing beer production at two facilities throughout the year to can drinking water for emergencies, los angeles times sharing warning measles exposure at lax, a traveler with measles passed through the airport second time in a month. came in newark to aruba, no known current risks of measles at lax. reporting nevada body camera bill, we will get changes after factual blurring concerns, part of the bill will require identity of officers to be concealed by blurring faces in all type of police video. according to bill, tips the balance so far in favor of police. interesting developments there. facial recognition, facial technology is getting more and more pervasive.
6:50 am
>> it is. >> a lot of police work is made public, you have to be able to see evidence of it. maria: we will take a break, when we come back celebrating 6 rings, the patriots to join trump at the white house to celebrate victory and roberto kraft reportedly invited, tampa bay buccaneers making history, sports next on the other side of the break. ♪ now... grandpa, what about your dream car? this is my dream now.
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maria: welcome back, march madness in full swing, jared max with latest in sports. jared: happy brackets day. tells us the odds of
6:54 am
picking ncaa bracket is quintillion. minnesota against louisville, later 2:45 eastern in second group, michigan state, two seed, will be taking on bradley, the third set of games defending champion villanova plays st. st. mary's. suspended last night ib definitely for athletic department infraction, north dakota got into the brackets. while robert craft filed motion in solicitation case news that president trump have been telling white house staffers he
6:55 am
wants -- could turn into embarrassing media spectacle. first female assistant coach in nfl history, breaks another gender barrier, coach of tampa bay buckers in hires two women to be the first female assistants in buccaneers history and tampa bay becomes the first nfl team, maria, with two women on its coaching staff. bruce and super bowl, said he was going to do this and he did it. maria: that's good, i like that. jared: great move and opens up doors for so many young women who would like to coach. maria: your reaction. >> women and sports are beautiful to point that women are smart enough to be nfl coaches, it's wonderful that they are opening the doors.
6:56 am
maria: jared, what do you think? jared: fantastic, young women throughout the country 10 years ago wouldn't have had the thought and now they can look forward to potentially being nfl assistant coach and one day a head coach. maria: big stuff, jared, thank you, sports reports fox news headlines 24/7, siriusxm 115. custom built cash with built-in fuck flurry cooler, back here, stay with us how do you determine the durable value of a business in the transportation industry without knowing firsthand the unique challenges in that sector. coming out here, seeing the infrastructure firsthand, talking with the people behind the numbers creates a different picture. once i know what a business is truly worth,
6:57 am
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maria: welcome back. good thursday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. coming to you live from washington, d.c. it is thursday, march 21st. your top stories right now, 7:0. new developments this morning in the boeing 737 max criminal investigation. the justice department reportedly issuing subpoenas as the fbis is now joining the probe. the pentagon is looking into the actions of the acting defense secretary, shanahan. a ford explorer warning, thousands of owners say their ford suv is making them sick. the carbon monoxide concern coming up. levi strauss' ipo today, the company set to go public for a second time. we're taking a look at the ipo boom we are watching this morning. markets are mixed today, take a
7:01 am
look at few churks a decline at the start of trading, dow down 25 points, s&p 500 is down a fraction, nasdaq is up by 9 points, so mixed story. on top of markets on edge yesterday, especially after the federal reserve news. the dow industrials were down 141 points at the close, s&p a 500 gave up 8 points, nasdaq was up 5 points at the close yesterday. in europe, similar story. fq100 is up 43 points, cac is up a fraction, the dax index adding on to yesterday's big selloff, down another 23 points. remember, the german market was hit hard by the bayer newses yesterday, bayer was down 10%. japan was closed for a holiday, the others fractionally moving. alexandria ocasio-cortez lands the coveted time magazine cover. plus, the congresswoman slammed jp morgan's ceo jamie dimon. all those stories coming up this
7:02 am
morning. joining me to break it down, dagen mcdowell, byron york and emily jishinski. great to see everybody this morning. dagen, what's on your. dagen: your interview coming up, that's going to air tomorrow morning, that's on my mind. you know what actually i'm thinking about? given president trump's focus on the lordstown general motors plant in ohio, again, general motors saying we're closing that plant because we can't sell the small cars that were made there. that's not what americans want. i wonder if it isn't percolating in his head about the import tariff on cars coming in from europe, still. again, why do we -- why are we able to compete so well on trucks and suvs? you still have that 25% tariff on light trucks on any imports coming into the country. it's been in place since the mid-60s. i wonder if the president thinks that works and would work for
7:03 am
small cars. i'm just spit-balling and throwing it out there. maria: it's a really important point. right now the commerce department is looking into section 232 as it's known and the trade act to see if autos and auto parts represent a national security risk. so we're going to talk about that. and by the way, if the others in europe say to the president, okay, you know what mr. president, let's go to 0% tariffs, are we going to want to give up what we charge europeans for the trucks coming in? dagen: exactly. but i always think about all the jobs in tennessee, alabama and south carolina, just to name some states that have been created by european car manufacturers and what that would do if you slap a tariff on the parts imported into this country. those are great employers throughout the south and those are red states. maria: you've got a beamer, right? dagen: i have an i-8, a gas
7:04 am
electric hybrid, not made in the united states and i drive a porsche which is not made in the united states. so i'm ashamed of myself. maria: hot stuff. you would drive a porsche. be sure to join in tomorrow, because i will be sitting down for an interview, one on one with president trump. we will bring you the full interview tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. eastern where we talk about all of the above, the tariffs, the china situation, the economy today and a lot more. join me for my exclusive interview tomorrow morning right here with president trump l. first, our top story this hour, fighting for american workers, president trump touting the nation's economic progress and job creation yesterday. he spoke at an army tank plant in lima, ohio. >> after so many years of budget cuts and layoffs, today jobs are coming back and pouring back, frankly, like never before. companies are coming back into our country. they want the action. production is ramping up in the biggest way. we have the best economy we've
7:05 am
ever had. we have the lowest employment, unemployment that we've had in 51 years. soon will be the record, all-time. and everybody said he couldn't bring it, couldn't bring back manufacturing jobs. remember? he would need a magic wand. we're bringing them back beyond anybody's the expectations. we're created more than almost 6 million jobs since the election. if i would have said that to the fake news during the campaign, they would have said he exaggerates. i'm not exaggerating. nobody would have believed that could happen, including almost 600,000 manufacturing jobs. we're also finally fixing the horrible trade deals that have cost our nation trillions of dollars. under our new deal, there's a tremendous financial disincentive to close up plants and move them to other countries. you're not going to see that anymore. [ cheering and applause ] maria: of course, the president was in lima, ohio. the speech in that battle ground
7:06 am
state coming ahead of what's expected to be a hotly contested 2020 presidential race. joining us now is the former senior advisor to the clintons, anmark penn. great to see you. your reaction to the president's comments yesterday about the economy. >> well, he's right about all the jobs that have been created. most interestingly, women have been piling back into the workforce at greater numbers. if i were the president i would feature that as the most important voter group easy losing. they're getting more than their fair share of jobs. maria: in the midterms he had a problem with women coming out. >> he's got a problem right now. maria: that's who he should be appealing to, given the fact it's a good story for women. >> men are more enthusiastic in the last harvard harris poll about the economy and believe it's stronger than women do. maria: why? >> they're more skeptical of the president and economic performance. maria: ' let's talk about the te
7:07 am
magazine cover, in the spotlight, alexandria ocasio-cortez. she's been the loudest voice thn the room. she's now on the cover of time magazine's new issue. she continues to fire back at critics of her green new deal proposal. slammed jp morgan's ceo, jamie dimon, over his comments that it would be a an economic setback. here's what jamie die upon said in part. i don't spend much time worrying about things i can't effectuate. can you focus on climate change in an intelligent way that doesn't damage the economy, yes, you can, you better do it wisely because you could hurt the economy which hurts everybody. ocasio-corteobjecting tweeteduoy financed major fossil fuel pipelines, it's big money. maybe they aren't the best authority on prioritizing economic well-being of everyday
7:08 am
people and the planet. your reaction? >> well, time magazine cover isn't what it used to be. [ laughter ] >> i mean, look, i think she's better known than almost all the presidential candidates and has become the de facto leader of the democratic party right now and that's a problem. there's nothing wrong with having a little spat with jamie dimon, one of the biggest bankers in the world, i'll credit her that. >> a commentator recently called her the pace car of the democratic party which is i think true, that everybody's following her. the reason we're talking about a green new deal is because of her. the reason we've been talking about individual tax rates above 70% is because of her. and she is in fact having probably more influence on the conversation than nancy pelosi is. maria: it's funny, because dagen, when i had doug collins on, congressman doug collins on sunday, he said i think alexandria ocasio-cortez is the co-speaker now. when i heard that, i thought wow, nancy pelosi must be
7:09 am
fuming, if congress people are calling her the co-speaker. dagen: nancy pelosi most certainly probably is irate over that notion. but i don't want to go too far because alexandria ocasio-cortez constantly says things that are just idiotic and very often untrue. she seems to be very fixated on fossil fuels. we use oil, gasoline and natural gas in this country because they're plentiful and they're inexpensive. and you know what? if you drive up the cost of fuel, then it's going to hurt the poor in this country. it's going to hurt lower income americans who cannot afford it. she's also very fixated -- you saw this when the ceo of wells fargo was testifying in front of congress. she's very fixated on the banks that lend money to finance pipelines and other oil production projects. and she seems to equate
7:10 am
liability by the lender with, say, an oil spill. she kind of laid that out. this is i' idiocy. it showings a misunderstanding of the way credit and lending works in the country. i want to say this. it's like blaming an auto lender when someone gets in an accident. when you borrowed money from a credit company to buy a car and you get in an accident, you're going to hold the lender liable? that's how idiotic it is. maria: i think when she was questioning -- mark, when she was questioning the ceo of wells fargo, she asked him why he was caging children. [ laughter ] maria: i mean, seriously. >> a question on everyone's mind. maria: why was he involved in that. >> it was an attack on banking and finance in general, which is a socialist, that's what she's doing. >> that leads to a larger question. you mentioned she's probably better known in iowa than most of the democratic candidates. is that good or bad for the party? is it good they have a fresh
7:11 am
face, there's a lot of older people running for president. is it good for the party that you have the fresh, young, all or is it bad because she's proposing ludicrous legislation like the green new deal. >> it's bad because 57% think the democratic party is a socialist party and 65% of the people in this country are capitalists, not socialists. that's creating a disconnect between the party and the people. maria: this is a good point. what do you think about that? i think when you say to some democrats, look, why are you favoring socialism, they say it's not socialism and they try to run away from the term socialism even though when you look at the programs, like a medicare for all, like a green new deal, like the tax situation, wealth tax that elizabeth warren has, some of them, these are federal programs that are socialist programs, are they not? >> look, that's what's definitely coming through. what actually winds up on the slate for the democratic nominee, whether it's a moderate or not, remember, even when the republican party veered right,
7:12 am
they nominated actually more moderate people like mccain and romney. let's see what happens. right now, the party is being successfully depicted as socialist because she is successfully seen as the leader. >> what's so important and what they're so worried about is that president trump is making very effective use of labeling them as socialism and is setting up the 2020 election an a referendum on socialism. it's very effective. a lot of democrats believe this is extremely unfair to them. you would think that ocasio-cortez and ilhan omar and ray sharethe new class of democ. maria: they said we're talking about three new members, we've got 63 freshmen. i don't want to talk about just three. mark, you were recently named the ceo of mdc partners, making a $100 million investment in the company. what are your plans as ceo now?
7:13 am
>> well, i brought 100 million in myself and complementary assets. i'm going to continue to move these great agencies that i think are undervalued more digital. i'm going to look at costs in the m modern world and look at collaboration for growth. i've got a big job to do. these are great agencies atuned to the modern world. maria: who is the best positioned to go against donald trump in 2020 on the dems side. >> i think the best position is joe biden, he's the only candidate i see who could bring back the working class. maria: do you agree with that? >> i think he's too old. i think he and bernie sanders, there's going to be a generational reckoning in the democratic party and i think they'll be viewed as people from the past. maria: great conversation, everybody. thank you so much. mark penn, we'll be watching the developments and your progress at mdc. startling new developments in the criminal investigation of
7:14 am
boeing, the department of justice reportedly issuing subpoenas now and the fbi is joining the probe into the 737 max crashes. and then there's levi strauss going public again today, we're looking at the ipoboon right after this.
7:15 am
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7:17 am
maria: welcome back. boeing will reportedly stop charging extra to install safety features in the cockpit. cheryl casone with headlines right now and the shocking details. cheryl. cheryl: it really is, maria. a lot to go through on boeing, a lot of moving parts. aircraft manufacturers usually charge a hefty price the to upgrade a plane's safety features. following the deadly crashes involving the 737 max jets, boning will make one of the safety upgrades free. meanwhile, the fbi reportedly is joining the criminal investigation into the faa's certification of boeing's 737 max planes. the seattle times has reported that faa managers pushed its engineers to delegate more of
7:18 am
the certification process to boeing itself and the justice department is sending out subpoenas to boeing, demanding information on how the plane was developed. investigators are focusing on the flight control software and pilot training. lawmakers want answers to those same questions. a senate panel will hold a hearing next week to grill the ntsb, transportation dealt and faa. senators want to find out why the faa deemed these planes safe in the first place. meanwhile, the pentagon's inspector general opened an investigation into a watchdog group's allegations that acting defense secretary patrick shanahan used his office to improperly promote his former employer, boeing. now to another story we're following this morning. a growing number of ford explorer owners have filed complaints about possible carbon monoxide leaks. at least 3,000 explorer owners are claiming they feel sick and
7:19 am
have headaches when they're in their suvs. ford said the issue has been addressed with previous repairs. the issue has been investigated since 2016. president trump holding a big rally in ohio and slamming general motors and the united auto workers over plans to close gm's plant in lordstown. >> what's going on in general motors, get that plant open or sell it to somebody who wants it. sell it to somebody or open it yourself. get it going now and the uaw will help you. cheryl: trump calling on the uaw to lower union dues for its members. the uaw telling the detroit free press it plans to reduce dues to the pre-2011 levels once the fund reaches $850 million. those are your headlines from new york. like dagen, i'm looking forward to that interview. maria: thank you, cheryl. coming up, if federal reserve in focus, the central bank
7:20 am
signaling no more rate hikes this year as president trump issues a warning on tariffs, more on that coming up. the order for free speech, president trump's new plan to tie federal grant money to free speech on campus. stay with us with that. ♪ are we both losing our minds? ♪ is the only you're reason you're holding me tonight is because we're scared to be lonely? (bird chirping) lots to do, hope you fuelled up. sure did.
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and see how you can have an even better x1 experience. simple. easy. awesome. maria: welcome back. stocks are lower this morning and we have worsened in the last half hour. take a look at futures, indicating a decline at the start of trading this morning of almost 100 points on the dow jones industrial average, the s&p dow down 8, the nasdaq down. yesterday, the fed gave us news that the economy is slowing in a
7:24 am
big way. stocks closed mostly lower after the fed left interest rates unchanged and signaled there will likely be no more rate hikes this year. here's what jay powell said yesterday. >> so in terms of what it would take, i'd say, again, today we don't see any -- we don't see data coming in that suggests that we should move in either direction. they suggest that we should remain patient and let the situation clarify itself over time. when the time comes, we'll act appropriately. maria: joining us right now is wealth advisors president and founder, mark avalon. thanks for being here. interesting what he said there. he said we don't see any need to move in either direction. so we've been talking about moving higher. now he's bringing in either direction. so does that indicate that a fed cut could be on the horizon? >> that's a significant change from the fed which tells us that they're aware of the slowing global economy and the u.s. is correlated to global growth. we're not an isolated economic
7:25 am
island. so eventually some of that is going to trickle over to here and we're going to see muted economic growth. we've already seen that with earnings expectations, low single digit earnings estimates, so if the market is fairly valued right now at this point by hi historical p.e. measures, what's the catalyst? we don't have a great economic catalyst either from the economy or earnings so i think the fed is getting ahead of that forecast right now with the comments from yesterday. >> trying to look at the economic cycle versus the presidential election cycle, obviously the state of the economy is president trump's biggest talking point ever and what are we looking at 1 a 5, 16, 17 months from now, when we'll be in the final days of a presidential election campaign. >> that's a great question. this year i think we're looking at a an up market, slightly up from here on out. every post midterm election cycle since the 1940s has been positive the year after the mid term. this year i think we're set. what's going to happen in the following year, that's the big
7:26 am
question mark. some people are forecasting a higher chance of recession in 2020. if that starts to happen and the democrats can actually have a legitimate argument telling people how bad the economy is, then we could see president trump's numbers drop. for now, 2019, looks very strong or at least reasonably strong from here on out. maria: do you think we're going to see a recession in 2020? >> no, i don't. i think we'll see slow, muted growth, more what we had during the previous administration where we had 1.8, 2.0 economic growth, relatively modest. we had deliberately slowly rising stock market, nothing exponential, more incremental growth, not exp ex exponential . maria: what did you make of the fact that stocks went down and so did yields? dagen: that the 10 year treasury yield fell to 2-poin 2d
7:27 am
change yesterday, the lowest since january of last year. i thought that was a bad sign of where investors see economic growth. it wasn't just no rate hikes this year. the dot plots are saying only one rate hike in 2020. the balance sheet reduction will cease, it will start in may where they reduce the amount of the reduction and then it will stop in september and then the portfolio composition is pretty interesting, that they're going to -- they have $1.6 trillion in mortgage backed securities and they're going to do this -- they're going to basically move, reduce that to a maximum of only $20 billion a month. which is converting those $1.6 billion of mortgage backed securities into treasuries. so that might -- does the housing market really need that ballast anymore? probably not. but i think that you're going to have to watch the entire treasury curve a and even mortgage securities as the
7:28 am
balance sheet rolloff comes to an end in september. maria: look what's happening to this market this morning. now we're at the lows of the morning. we're looking at a decline of 165 points. china is also important, mark, the china trade story. the president talked about negotiations yesterday as this dispute is now in its ninth month. watch. >> you have to make sure that if we do the deal with china, that china lives by the deal. because they've had a lot of problems, but we're getting along with china very well. president xi is a friend of mine. the deal is coming along nicely. we have our top representatives going there this weekend to further the deal. but no, we have -- we're taking in billions and billions of dollars right now in tariff money and for a period of time that will stay. maria: i'm questioning if we actually could get a deal with the big stuff like the i.p. theft, like the forced transfer of technology. isn't that a culture in china? do you think a deal is going to happen and how important is it
7:29 am
for the markets. >> they don't recognize there's a problem so i don't see a gigantic deal coming. the market has more downside risk right now with china than upside. remember, earlier this year january, february, the big part of this runup was optimism on china trade. we had the fed backing off in december, so what we've seen this year is largely china trade. if we don't get a terrific deal that's good for both sides, i think the market sells off a little because that could put pressure overseas and here. maria: sounds like you want to pull back from stocks. >> i want to be very cautious. ism not going to make a call to get out right now. i think we're going to have incremental, not exponential growth. we're going to have volatility and low mi medicine ge low mid m here on out. maria: mclazy boy, the custom built couch with a built-in mcflurry cooler, coming up right after this. stay with us.
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maria: welcome back. good thursday morning, everybody. we are coming to you live from washington, d.c. i'm maria bartiromo. it is thursday, march 21st. your top stories right now, 7:3. stocks are losing steam quickly. dow industrials down better than 110 points. we are looking at a decline at the start of trading this
7:34 am
morning after a big decline yesterday. dow industrials down 110, s&p down 10, and the nasdaq currently down 32 on top of this, the dow industrials sold off yesterday after the fed meeting. down 141 points yesterday at the close, s&p was down 8, nasdaq squeaked out a gain, up 5 points yesterday. in europe this morning, mixed story here. fq100 is up 32 points, but the other major indices have turned lower. cac in paris down 11 and the dax index is worsening, down 63 points, extending the selloff yesterday. in asia overnight, japan was closed for a holiday. the others were fractionally moving. the push for free speech on college campuses, president trump reportedly set to sign an executive order today tying federal grant money to enforcement of the first amendment. and social media surprise, a new study says usage is stalling. president trump is touting his strong following on twitter. have a big mac at home without hitting the drive-through. mcdonald's giving away a lazy
7:35 am
boy couch with a built-in cooler, just for all your mcflurrys. a new evil creature, we'll show you the trailer for stranger things this morning. be sure to tune in tomorrow morning, i'll sit down with an exclusive interview with president trump. we will bring you the full interview, starting at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. we've got a lot to talk about with the president so join us for that exclusive coming up. we begin this half hour with the levi strauss ipo, the jeans giant and arguably most famous name in denim going public today for the second time amid an ipo boon. joining us now is kathleen smith and liz dunn. ladies, good to see you. thanks so much for joining us. >> thanks for having us. maria: kathy, we're expecting a busy, busy, busy three months. kicking off with this, this ipo from levis. what are you expecting from the levis deal? >> well, it's nice to see an iconic brand like levis be the opening ipo after the market's
7:36 am
been pretty quiet since november of 2018. so we're about to see a rush of ipos and this one's a good one. levis was founded during the california gold rush in the 1850s where those who make money supplied the gold miners with picks and shovels and men's work jeans. so levis got a stable business over the years and the deal was priced $1 above the range. investors are interested in this name. maria: in terms of the fundamentals, the business of dedenim, the business at levis,s this worth investing in, in your view? >?kathy? >> sorry. yes, it definitely is. we believe that the company's being valued in line with other branded apparel peers and it has a very interesting growth story. it's expanded beyond men's pants and has moved into higher growth
7:37 am
women'swear and tops. and also is doing something to digitize its denim finishing so that it can improve its inventory turnover. so it looks like the company can even not only is growing fairly well in the mid to single digits, but is also improving its profitability which will be very favorable for investors, we think who own this. maria: liz, in the ipo filing levis said they're looking to make acquisitions. your thoughts? >> i think the acquisitions if they make them will be a along the lines of moving them into mormore dig digital technology,s they can't develop in-house. i wouldn't see them acquiring another retailer. i would see them acquiring perhaps a technology player to help digitize their offerings and help them move in that direction. but, you know, i think that the growth just in the company is pretty tremendous. they have a number of opportunities for growth.
7:38 am
>> i've got a lifestyle question for either one of you. looking at the research here, it says denim growth has stalled in recent years as more people opt for yoga and sweat pants or premium brands of jeans. does levis stay a jeans company in the future. maria: what about that, liz? >> i think denim has a place in american wardrobes and really in wardrobes around the globe for many, many years to come. i think that we see these trends kind of come and go but denim has been on an uptick over the last year or so and we've heard it from other retailers and brands that denim is kind of seeing a resurgence. so certainly yoga pants will witbehere to stay unfortunatelyr some time. dagen: in terms of acquisitions, liz is right and here's proof of that. the proceeds from this ipo, from this stock offering are expected to go mainly to family members, decedents of levi strauss itself, the hoss family members,
7:39 am
they're expected to get some of the money. it's not a lot of money to go shopping with. there is still opportunity to grow this brand. two-thirds of the sales come from wholesale customers like department stores. only 4% of net revenue comes from online, its e-commerce sales. incredible opportunity in e-commerce and online and also with women. only 29% of the revenue comes from women. therein lies the market they've got to tap. you might not wear jeans from the waist down, but there is always a market for cool denim jackets. maria: that's true. we showed that beautiful picture, thanks to mike for that. he got the deal. he's on the floor of the new york stock exchange. they put the levis sign on the exterior of the new york stock exchange today. inside, they're all going to be wearing denim. they have taken a break from the
7:40 am
rules of no jeans on the floor of the new york stock exchange in honor of levis. are you a jeans girl, emily? >> of course i'm a jeans girl. jeans all the way, if you're trading stocks, jeans, why not. maria: levis is one company. it's going to be a huge 2019, historic year for ipos. what do you think about all the supply coming to the market ox will that be a challenge for investors to digest and do the broader markets go down with all the new stock coming to market? >> investors are going to have a lot of choices and i think early on in the cycle we're going to see the better, more fundamentally sound companies and then i think as the cycle moves on i think we have to worry more about absorption. we are seeing the big unicorns. next week we'll see lyft price and uber will come quickly in its wake. those are going to be the ones where the valuations are pretty high for those companies and trying to figure out how they
7:41 am
get absorbed in terms of the proper valuation for these companies. i will make a point on levis. they make stretch jeans, that's a very good alternative to yoga pants. maria: got to love it. you mentioned lyft and uber. uber is one of those so-called unicorns which is valued at $1 billion. actually much more than that, $120 billion on the valuation for uber, kathy? >> that is what they're talking about, yes. that is the largest privately held company that we've seen, so we're talking about a very big company. it will be on the scale of alibaba which went public in 2014. >> what i'm trying to figure out here is how to reconcile what we're talking about now with what we talked about in the last segment with mark avalon, which is about a slowing global economy. maria: that's a good point. >> which is going to affect the u.s. economy. then you have all these companies wanting people to buy stock in them. how is that going to work.
7:42 am
maria: that's true. these are really familiar names, liz dunn and we know it's an opportunity for america to buy familiar american companies but the world is slowing. the economy's slowing. what do you think? >> have you to look at the timing of this ipo and say well, okay, over the last several years they've grown at a compound rate of 2%. the last year was better than that. so i think the company is obviously trying to take advantage of coming out on a strong note. but they have a number of things and really their business is hedged by virtue of diversity a across channels, geographies and categories and so i think it's going to be okay. the consumer is in decent shape but there are some cracks in the economy that we're concerned about. dagen: maria, this company's been around since 1853. you're not betting on the next year in terms of the american greatness. you're betting on the next 10 to 20. have an ownership stake in this
7:43 am
company and hand it down to your kids. maria: that's true. >> i'm wearing jeans right now. what can i say. maria: yes, you are. you gave it away because no one would have known with your coat and tie. >> it's the miracle of television. maria: great to see you, ladies. thanks so much. we will see you soon. we'll be watching the developments on levis. we'll bring you the pricing and where it gets priced as soon as we get it. coming up, the fight for free speech, president trump set to issue an order tying federal grant money to the first amendment on college campuses. details next. and then stranger things season three, a new trailer dropping overnight, promising new friends and new creepy creatures. back in a minute. ♪ no matter what you do. ♪ no matter where you go. ♪ you've got to have an ace in the hole
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7:47 am
maria: welcome back. an executive order on free speech. cheryl casone with the details in new york. cheryl: president trump expected to issue that order today, tying federal grants for colleges to free speech on campus. the order instructs federal agencies to ensure that public colleges comply with the first amendment. president trump announced the order in a speech last month saying conservatives were being silenced on college campuses. well, mcdonald's wants to keep you comfortable and fed right at home. the company teaming up with lazy boy and uber eats to offer a free mcdelivery couch with a built-in mcflurry cooler or you could put beer in it. i'm throwing that out there. the couch also features
7:48 am
reclining chairs, cup holders, built-in phone chargers and a mcdelivery blanket. you can try to win the couch by posting an item from the mcdonald's menu at twitter and tag at uber eats and at mcdonald's along with the hashtag mcdonald's sweepstakes. new episodes of stranger things won't be bingeable until the 4th of july. to hold us over, netflix released the official season three trailer, it shows the now teens enjoying a seemingly normal summer of 1985 but something slimy and scary arrives, along with a mysterious gunman. i feel like my friends are coming back on the 4th of july. i'm very excited. maria: yeah, i know. it's going to be good. dagen, what about you? you're always watching netflix. dagen: i'm going to look up the exact name of the movie i watched on netflix, it's got ben
7:49 am
affleck. >> triple frontier. [ laughter ] >> you're welcome. it's my job. dagen: it's got charlie hunum, garrett headland and the guy who stars on narcos. it is awesome. it's got great reviews. maria: you've also seen it. >> i haven't seen it. the reviews are fantastic. it's a great war movie, about veterans trying to find their way after spending their lives at war, what do they do, how do they find it, the plot is great and people are loving it. maria: triple -- >> triple frontier on netflix. maria: okay, great. >> i'm not going to admit i haven't heard of it. i will not admit that. >> that's the thing with movies coming out on netflix, they build a gradual following. dagen: it's a awesome. watch it. maria: i'm happy to know about
7:50 am
it. when we come back, social media shutdown, a new survey shows more americans are moving away from all of the postings. we'll tell you more right after this. stay with us. ♪ i'm saving all my love for someone who's loving me. ♪ go on now, go. ♪ walk out the door. ♪ turn around now. ♪ you're not welcome anymore. this isn't just any moving day.
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maria: welcome back. more americans are moving away from social media according to a new survey. lauren simonetti with the he details here. lauren: not surprised that the popularity of social media has stalled. edison research and try tonitonp digital, they're out with the longest running survey of digital media consumer survey, they're out with the numbers. this is what they find. 79% of us use social media. that's a big number. look at the blue bar, all the way on the right.
7:54 am
it's coming down. it is certainly less than it was just two years ago. when we do use social media, what platform do you like? instagram. it's owned by facebook. but facebook's own site has lost viewers. we've been talking about this. looker at the top of the graph, you can he see it from the yellow line to the blue line to the red line, facebook lost subscribers and users over the years. the survey puts it at 15 million lost since 2017. but at least one person loves social media. the president. >> what i do for twitter's sake is i get out the word from a fake and corrupt media. on five sites, i have over 100 million people and that includes facebook and instagram and twitter and everything. and it's a way that i can get honesty out. there's tremendous dishonesty with respect to the fake news media. lauren: well, more and more americans are tuning into pod casts, believe it or not.
7:55 am
32% of us are monthly listeners, that's up from 26% last year. that's good for spotify in its battle versus apple. another winner is smart speakers, thanks to the pop later of amazon and alexa devices. one in four of us own at least one smart speaker. as for the number of us listening each month, 189 million. that's a big chunk of the population and this one is skewed towards older americans, maria. maria: it's true. wow, things are really changing. you're on social media. you're on social media. have you pulled back? >> i have not. maria: in any way. >> conservatives have a lot of -- in particular, have a lot of complaints about social media. they think it's sometimes facebook and certainly twitter has being unfair. look at what the president said. no president in history has ever had the ability to go over the heads of the media completely, speak directly to voters and set the media agenda in the process because trump tweets something
7:56 am
and everybody starts reporting and talking about it. maria: pod casts, dagen, you're always listening to different pod casts. dagen: i'm a huge fan of the wondery podcast, dr. death, dirty john. i'm listening to over my dead body about a murder in tallahassee, florida. i cannot recommend it enough. maria: all right. great. >> sounds uplifting. [ laughter ] maria: lauren, thank you. still ahead, my interview with the council to the president, kellyanne conway to talk boeing and what president trump said about her and her husband, coming up, kellyanne con way is on set. and google's interactive tribute to the composer bach, right here, next hour, "mornings with maria," stay with us. based on what's trending or an investing goal. it's real-time insights and information, in your own customized view of the market.
7:57 am
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maria: welcome back. good thursday morning. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is thursday issue march 21. top stories 8:00 a.m. on the button on the east coast, new developments in the boeing 737 max, criminal investigation justice departmentroll issuing subpoenas now fbi is joining the probe, now another report says that the doomed jet did not have two safety features because sold as exterrace boeing now lifting those fees we tell you about it, biogen plummeting the company strapping alzheimer's drug trial, stock is down almost 30% on biogen. >> levi strauss going public
8:01 am
for second time above range amid strong demand futures indicating a decline start of trading this morning down 100 points on dow jones industrial average we are looking at this market worsen, nasdaq down 27 points, as you can see, the s&p 500, currently down nine this after the markets pressured yesterday after federal reserve meeting. the dow industrials down 142 points yesterday one half of a percent s&p 500 down 8 nasdaq up yesterday 5 points in europe this morning, major indices are mixed ft 100 up 24 points the cac quarante in paris down 20, dax down 100 worsening on top of yesterday's sell-off after buyer fell out of bed because of roundup we had killer said to cause cancer. >> japan closed for headlined the others fractionally moving hong kong down almost 1%, google high-tech paying
8:02 am
tribute university using artificial intelligence. >> tune in right here sitting down for exclusive one-on-one with president trump the full interview 6:00 a.m. eastern right here don't miss a moment we have a lot to talk about with the president, we kick off this hour with the boeing crisis, department of justice reportedly issuing subpoenas fbi joins the criminal investigation, plus pentagon inspector general opening investigations into whether acting defense secretary patrick shanahan used his office to improperly promote his former employer o boeing will reportedly stop charging extra to install safety features in the cockpits, joining me kellyanne conway. >> good to see you. >> welcome to washington. >> thank you so much happy to about here so much to talk about with you let me kick off with boeing the u.s. was the last one out of all thank you know across globe to ground jets how concerned are you about you will these investigations the fbi is looking into this. >> president received, a briefing in date that --
8:03 am
convinced this is right action said to entire public because there happened to about open press on event we went into right after that that this will be indefinitely until he feels aircraft are safe. at least in this country i would point out that the "washington post" article talking about the investigation at the pentagon includes a quote from acting secretary of defense shanahan's spokesperson saying mr. shanahan complied with everything in he ethics greekt allowed the proper official related to former employer boeing throughout the process also notes it can not quote independently confirm that is alleged it is buried within the story i think all very new we don't interfere in investigations like this, let department of justice and fbi
8:04 am
happily it independently watching as you will be. >> the nice around you obviously in the spotlight your husband has been in the spotlight been outspoken critic of president trump, for a while. last year and a half, speaking out against him on twitter the president responded outside of the white house yesterday, here is what he said got to get your reaction. >> i don't know if he is a whack job there is no question about it but i really don't know him, he -- i think doing a tremendous disservice to a wonderful wife, kellyanne is a wonderful woman i call him mr. kellyanne. >> your boss calling your husband a whack job what is going on. >> my husband also has been very critical of the president publicly, unlike him traditional a very private person in 2016, known as year of the tweet george conway sent zero tweets this is new also what is new not supporting the agenda. of the president. and my work there, because
8:05 am
when george took himself out of contention for a top job in the department of justice, almost two years ago now put out a public statement that in many media refused to cover he needs -- to decide as a family not right time for both of us to have big jobs in the federal government, that he will stay in the private sector, and that he will support the president work of the administration of course is quote wonderful wife so i think in inscriptions of me george conway said what donald trump said are the same, i appreciate the president defending what he thinks is unfairness i leave that up to him i was raised in a household of strong italian catholic women taught me you air grievances like that in private so it is very surprising to see it be so public also i just want to say that we moved here as a family, we have children you don't just i am mother could never have come here been here two and a half years without them so we made a decision as
8:06 am
a family to move here george decided he would like to do something different with his career, i totally supported that he want solicitor general job didn't work out then nominated or offered the job at justice department i have encouraged him i think would he be ab fantastic judge or law professor you know the firm george works at highly compensated partners there, so when a wife of a partner that have firm now of council, go ahead do something different, go ahead do something different great encouragements to take a government job we make decisions as a family george very enthusiastic moving to d.c. at the time i don't talk much about this publicly because my first my first duty is will always be protection of four school aged children i prefer not to address it if that means people are mischaracterizing me or my boss, or even
8:07 am
joerng's tweets or their cherry picking. maria: does in our husband know that you say griefrns should be discussed in private yet he it tweeting yesterday tweeted you are nuts you are nuts to the president, you know he has called him lots of names last year what does your husband say when you say george leave this priest not go on twitter. >> you can ask george that i certainly have had this conversation, for me, i think the media is getting into very dangerous area though in discussing people's marriages not tweeted about i noticed few people yesterday -- marginal experts clearly not, they are i guess they call themselves he reporters what happened to journalism where journalism has become for many literally jobs are watching tv as they are right now, and monitoring twitter. and calling themselves people are getting os dangerously close some crossed the line i warned about this a year ago
8:08 am
until this week, this is my private life not professional life george is not bob mueller not rosenstein. >> have he can't act on those tweets in a way and i don't know when finance minister initiatives are writing about unusual situation of a man getting power through wife that is what we have here some coauthorizes same thing people from reprieve administrations on the other side of the aisle former colleagues don't even like them agency they con fied in me. >> confide in me. >> he is provoke technicachnic protective of me president never made me feel that way george quoted saying i wish she didn't work there. >> does he want you to step down. >> certainly what message would that send to the
8:09 am
feminists everywhere pretend they are independently thinkers men don't make decisions for them they can talk it i can walk it i have lived it. >> have you spoken about this with presidentb in terms of i am having a issue with you at home he doesn't like you going to at two about you have you discussed it. >> i didn't say i have an issue at home. >> should not say that. >> you are right i don't mean issue -- >> but it is odd, that your hubs publicly trashing your boss. >> unusual for george people know very private person really hasn't wade weighed in on many matters, that aside, of course, talked about it in passing but the president of the united states, and here is something i think is so remarkable, peoples o somehow think they have an equal platform to the president of the united states not george but a lot of people out there constantly attacking p president on facebook elsewhere he is president and you are not they somehow trick them into thinking because
8:10 am
they have platform, i can he i can just i am same as the president, no you are not he is president of the united states. >> have you said that to your husband. >> i have said it to many people i am saying it now to america and to the world, and the fact is maria, that i think there is a panic in among democrats "never trump"ers, calendar turned 2019, 2020 around the corner no idea how to beat this guy now goofy policies not accepted by mainstream america like green new deal former budge director said costs 93 billion dollars, gillibrand talking about giving social security to illegals we don't know if enough for seniors who paid into it deserve it none of these goofy policies would have been he are jertdz by a
8:11 am
president hillary hillary wouldn't even have been done they eshdo i having to force majeure of donald trump. >> you have been a supporter from the get-go. >> smvb said earlier i think it isstchic.k., if anything goes wrong she has a leverage has a plan b. >> people are just -- >> you think that is possibly true. >> no, i am saying what people are -- >> it is so odd, you are such important person in cabinet -- >> for me. >> but -- i -- the day that all this is happening i happen to among other things it was the day that i was in charge of a briefing in oval office of the president and first lady, with other cabinet members and other senior members of our administration there are white house pictures picture of the day me briefing them, and the one public
8:12 am
policy should have been taxed together opioid crisis for me i am business as usual, and i again that comes after the incredible children who are always my first my first concern. are there to have you and strong. >> you have nefshrves of steel. >> thank you. >> it is fascinating to me same people pretend worried about someone else's children never gave a second thought to the way they've treated their children's mother for about three years now, certainly two and a half since he won a the presidency, the things that have been said, about me, the personal attacks, the -- insinations, i can tell you this second most people have said it couldn't take it couldn't take it in return for a single second have you seen this? >> i know i mean the vitriol is incredible i see that. >> to do this. >> --
8:13 am
>> would have been -- there are pirdz of him with president when he was initially you know, looked at for that job, and something was what happened that caused him to get -- >> every won telling media what happened a change of heart i am exactly who i was when we decided to move here as a family two and a half years ago i did what i could to support george's qwest for a career change, and that includes journal job gone went to very qualified person doing a great job there are so many other high positions that george is qualified for a brilliant litigator not a tremendous wonderful law firm very good to my family as my current employer very good to my family, and the firm where george worked 30 years, about practicable made partner after being there five years age of 30 unheard of now.
8:14 am
>> nobody would want this situation. >> how -- >> he is highly qualified, so for me anybody i think he there was a cnn piece out there going on a month or so released yesterday how i became ultimately white house survivor i think there is something to that i am very focused on my work, and i feel so blessed at a time such as this maria to be serving this country that i love so much that has given me so much i am daughter of a single mother i didn't inherit it did not aspire to it i thought a large platform power most importantly i want to we would that behind scenes mostly to the good of country. >> is this in the way we have spent much talking about this -- >> get this interview they want george and i on camera, et cetera, i hope i cleared the air, a little bit.
8:15 am
but this is not what i do at the white house. >> right. >> you will we at the white house later to interview the president we look forward to having you there he i talking to business roundtable today. >> thank you so much for addressing this. >> kellyanne conway. we'll be right back. (bird chirping) lots to do, hope you fuelled up. sure did. that storm sure ripped through. yep, we gotta fix that fence and herd the cattle back in. let's get at it. (whistle) (dog barking) (♪)
8:16 am
8:17 am
8:18 am
maria: levi strauss public again gerri willis on the floor, gerri. reporter:. >> hey that is right the drought in ipos over on the floor of the new york stock exchange we have levi great american iconic brand coming public let me tell you so exciting in fact that they are nixing the no jeans rule on the floor of the exchange look what folks at lvi did offers jeans at count all traders look at this -- and i just want to say hi to danny wearing the whole jeans thing. >> how do you feel about it. >> feel great 40 years since i wore a jacket like this jeans feel so much younger i wish i could do this every day.
8:19 am
>> everybody wants to do this every day, thanks guys so just to show you exactly where all this action is going to go down where shares are made public this is where trading is going to occur, this is where this public company is going to be born the shares priced 17 dollars a share a buck over where estimated they would be 14 to 16 dollars a share will raise 623 million dollars, valuing at 6.55 plan right here let me tell you, you are not able to get in there here at least a hundred people here levi's bringing at least 100 here this is oversubscribed one key to this issue not making a lot of shares public. it is roughly 36 million shares that will be public expecting possibly a pop in share price fun today going to be wearing jeans comfortable as we work, back to you. maria: all right that sounds good, yeah taking the orders
8:20 am
on the floor of the new york stock exchange, so that keeps getting the big deals, gerri we will watch levi's thank you. >> in spotlight alexandria ocasio-cortez landing on the cover of "time" magazine limousine, april issue, plus the freshman congresswoman blasting jamie dimon now he is in cross highers google musical masterpiece red giant launched first a.i. powered doodle to pay tribute to the legendary composure bach we will show you next up. ♪ take me home ♪ ♪ heading into retirement you want to follow your passions rather than worry about how to pay for long-term care. brighthouse smartcare℠ is a hybrid life insurance and
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let's make open source software the standard. let's create new plastics that are highly recyclable. it's going to take input from everyone. so let's do it all, together. ♪ ♪ let's expect more from technology. let's put smart to work. comcast business built the nation's largest gig-speed network. then went beyond. beyond chasing down network problems. to knowing when and where there's an issue.
8:23 am
beyond network complexity. to a zero-touch, one-box world. optimizing performance and budget. beyond having questions. to getting answers. "activecore, how's my network?" "all sites are green." all of which helps you do more than your customers thought possible. comcast business. beyond fast. maria: welcome back, border security, border patrol
8:24 am
announcing had to reeves hundreds of migrants because of overcrowding running out of room at detention facilities literally, this coming as democratic presidential hopeful new york senator gillibrand is calling for expanding economic resources to illegal immigrants. >> if you are -- in now you are to pay in people's social security to pay your taxes, to pay to local school system, that must happen. maria: joining us tennessee congressman house homeland security subcommittee banking member fleischmann. >> explained to us overcrowded facilities border patrol has to send people back catch and releases they never condemn back to get prosecuted for breaking the law coming in what is the answer here?
8:25 am
>> well, this is outrageous, this is the crisis that the president of the united states told us existed, he was right then he is right now. this is the clarion's call i sent out months ago when i went to the border, and it is a disaster. what we are seeing is our resources being overwhelmed at the border because people are coming across in droves the system is broken we've got to fix it we need the wall we need other forms of border security but we owe it to the american people to address this, it is just -- it is a broken system, it is overwhelmed, and we've got to cure it we have to do it quickly. >> congressman you are from tennessee not exactly a border state you are hundreds and hundreds of miles from border i think a lot of people would probably be surprised to hear what you are hearing from voters talk to us a little bit why this this issue matters in tennessee and why, of course, the democratic party a lot of
8:26 am
ways this is not going to fly. whether 2020, whether congressional races talk to us a little bit what you hear in tennessee. >> thank goodness i am from tennessee i am a republican i can't speak for the democrats, the a democratic party used to about one way they have gone so far left, and so far out of bounds, i just can't fathom where they are coming from i think coming to nd appleer to try to get votes in 2020 pch i think that will backfire i think we have to step up as american we've got to keep our country safe, i actually went to the border as you talked about earlier, i am the highest ranking republican on the homeland security appropriations committee. this is why i fought for wall funding why i had to fight the democrats to get more ice bags, what is happening is the system is overflowing, so they are actually going to be releasing illegal immigrants into the united states this is you outrageous. >> finance your thought. >> it a is going to create a
8:27 am
crisis not only in tennessee but all 50 states there is no question. >> democrats are upset with president trump for using money different agencies, putting it for the wall nobody talking about in obama administration, when they used all the money from fannie mae and freddie mac and put it to pay for obamacare i am just pointing that out, because that is something that a lot of people mention to me the fannie mae and freddie mac people, invested in that company not a happy money was taken from them put toward obamacare i want to ask you about freshman congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez on cover of "time" magazine issue continues to fire back at critics of green new deal recently slammed j. morgan president jamie diamond. >> what is your acts to aoc jamie dimon told cnn, i don't worry about things i can't effect to focus on things that doesn't damage the economy you
8:28 am
can she does event do it widestly. >> jpmorgan agreed to pay out 13 billion dollars for massive role in mortgage schemes with 2008 recession, also financed major fossil fuel pipelines big money maybe they are not best authority on prioring economic well-being of every day people on the planet, no comment on the fact that j.p. morgan acquired some of the companies within the financial services sector and saved the entire situation, because those companies would have gone bankrupt gone out of business made the situation worse your reaction. >> i think the green new deal is dead on arrival even mainstream democrats are beginning to run from it. it is just a situation, that costs far tuesday much could never be implemented in the united states the real danger that democrats on far lefting touting this as something that is actually something that might be a potentially viable
8:29 am
system for the united states. it is not going to be implemented it will never worked. let's face it. i believe in free markets i believe in free enterprise system energy is a commodity bounty oil bounty natural gas we are believed with resources we have found when i was a young man did not know we had in this country the world of react to markets, it always will. if united states doesn't react to markets, and we will, we will fall behind the rest of the world, china russia developing world, all know that if fossil fuels are less expensive to try to forces all reabout nutritiously it is not going to work again they have gone the wrong direction i think up to us as americans to try to bring them back not the center, and try to make sure, that we have policies in this
8:30 am
country that is going to lead to continued job growth, economic vibrancy things president trump touted has done run on that is why i think president trump is going to get reelected in 2020. >> one last question on border you talked about democrats set in stone about this but in vote over the president's emergency declaration 13 in the house a dozen republicans in the senate sided against the president do you see any opinion changing any time soon? >> well -- from my perspective, i actually went to the border and actually saw the crisis. every person whether republican or democrat had to vote those republicans who decided to vote against the president i respectfully disagreed with, but they are going to have to standb their constituents, make their arguments, bottom line, now we are seeing the crisis get worse, every day every week, every month. it is overwhelming the system, i think we need to stand up as
8:31 am
americans. not republicans or democrats or independents, not senators or congressmen but americans and say secure our border keep our country safe and look at the fiscal crisis it is causing sheer cost i disagree with senator gill branded talking about more resources the reality is this costs the american taxpayer money at a time where 22 trillion with a t, in debt we want find resources to deal with other situations, right now i think the american voter is going to look us all in the eye say come on get it right, secure the border, get us safe get our fiscal house in order. maria: why don't your colleagues on the left see what you are seeing congressman? >> i think it is thursday agenda i think they must have sat in room somewhere most recent history and said, where were they going to try to go with american electorate i think they made a critical mistake, but they have decided to go far left, if you recall
8:32 am
when bill clinton got elected i am not a clinic fan, they came to the center. >> good to see you thanks so much. >> congressman fleischmann right back with federal reserve in focus.
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maria: welcome back. good thursday morning. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartitomo. it is thursday, march 21, top stories 8:35 a.m. on the east coast, markets this morning
8:36 am
lower expecting a decline start of trading dow jones industrial average down 100 points s&p 3500 down 10, nasdaq down 31 this on top of losses yesterday the federal reserve told is the economy is slowing with that, markets fell out of bed, in europe this morning, a mixed story ft 100 up 21, cac quarante in paris down 29 dax in germany extending yesterday's sell-off led by bayer down 2121. >> the battle in washington between president trump, and george conway, the two slamming each other on social media, and earlier this hour i spoke with council to the president kellyanne conway about being in the middle of it. >> my husband also has been very critical of the president publicly which is unlike him because he has traditional been a very private person in 2016 known as year of the tweet, george conway sent exactly zero tweets this is
8:37 am
new also what is new not supporting the agenda. of the president, and my work there. maria: this coming ahead of exclusive interview today with president trump join us tomorrow morning we bring full interview beginning 6:00 a.m. earn exclusive interview with president trump a lot of issues around economy foreign policy tweets do join us for that breaking exclusive with president trump, issue tomorrow. plus this, biogen shares plunging a setback with alzheimer's drug taking 26% of its value out of the company right now in premarket. want stories coming up but first top story this half an hour the federal reserve is in focus, federal reserve officials deciding not to raise interest rates, adding that they are not the rile to increase rates at all this year, the fed started a series of increases in rates more than three years ago now u.s. economic growth is slowing across the world jay powell yesterday. >> so any in terms of what it
8:38 am
would take, i would say again today we don't see any we don't see data coming in that suggests that we should move in other direction. we suggest that we should remain patient and let the situation clarify itself over time. when the time comes, we will act appropriately. >> joining me right now is the federal deposit insurance policies corporation chairman, fdic it is great to have you on the program. >> a pleasure. >> o i am really happy to have you i saw the "the wall street journal" james freeman's op-ed about your background about a week ago it was so stunning and fantastic so i am getting to that in a minute you heard jay powell tell us about your priorities because that is exactly what you are trying to do avoid this economy worsening and spiraling out. >> correct. >> slowdown -- >> we are monitor positions of banks and we make sure that they are kel capitalized high levels of clitsliquidity able t stain economic down turns as they come and go right now
8:39 am
doing very well he we don't have immediate concerns about any of the past crises the shortfalls downsides, so we are just monitoring make sure banks are resilient. >> you have a balance -- on one hand you've got to make sure banks are resilient but on the other hand you can't you know, sort of you know squeeze them so much that they are hold on to too much capital, that they are not doing lending they need to do. >> absolutely. >> how do you do that. >> we need to find that fine balance i believe our regulatory framework in the past has gone too far making it, it safe that the banks have been sitting on a lot of capital they have not released into the economy, our goal to find that fine balance between making sure banks are safe and sound while en abling growth. >> what are most important metrics that you look at in terms of deciding whether or not the bank is safe is it just capital is it something else give us your blueprint in terms of monitoring this stuff.
8:40 am
>> absolutely, look at concentrations, the risk of the bank how is bank measuring risk fdic regulates smaller banks we have backups examination authority for he larger banks we look how banks do in business of banking are they taking on too much risk? and how much compliance how much risk management the do they have, and do we -- track how they manage risk we focus on in our examinations, and we have a very strong relationship with our banks, in terms of our examiners on the ground, they go visit the banks, our xmers spend 90 days close to 90 day days a year inside banks we have a pretty good sense what is going on on the ground. >> funny after 2008 crisis banks regulators spending time watching operation i want to go back to your background this op-ed james freeman wrote so eloquently america's most
8:41 am
inspiring bureaucrats, believe it or not, encourageing words from federal reserve regulators title of the op-ed by freeman you were the focus the article recalled a recent speech you gave you wrote you talked about making from it former yugoslavia to where you are we came with 500 dollars in pocket, your parents did not necessarily want you to leave didn't want you to leave but you did it is important to talk about this with you now we are looking at this debate, alcholism versus socialism what was so inspiring about america to you -- >> absolutely it i seemed to me when i was growing up back in belgrade, now serbia that this was the land of opportunity i saw if i would just make it there, here, that i would make sure i make the most out of that opportunity so i begged parents to let me go, and they borrowed money from a family friend they paid for my airplane tickets with 3500 pockets in per capita jeans pocket i boarded flight to united states an exchange
8:42 am
student one year i just needed this opportunity, i will make the most out of it. i got educated in the united states, worked very hard worked several jobs at a time worked minimum wage jobs sold knives door-to-door sold vehicles another fun job let me tell you somehow here i am 27, 28 years ago later chairman of fdic truly promise of mesh. >> you are living in around dream. >> i am the american dream. >> you are the american dream. >> i am very poud of that talk what you are hearing with socialist programmatic programmatic you probably grew up with in former yugoslavia, are there warnings you are want to give to people you know about let's making that everything is free the end of the day wasn't free lunch you talk to us about this given that socialism is something we are actually debating. >> absolutely i had my -- personal story, the view of
8:43 am
socialism what i appreciated about united states you can work hard system would help you succeed that is something that doesn't happen in all systems in the united states frankly, nothing is free. and that is something that we need to about cognizant of in regulatory framework needs to support our legislative framework as well but regulatory in particular needs to support opportunities, ground break, ability to for people to come in, and achieve american dream i think that happens in the system of government that we have currently. >> look at all positions you had before becoming chairman to actual give you such skraegs about how this economy works you worked at fed during the financial crisis. >> i have -- baptism by fire joined fed early 2007 i was a lawyer at a private lu firm before that working on securities, m&a banking for fed did not expect financial crisis it came pupon us very
8:44 am
hard handling consumer calls forecasters loan modification programs from there senate small business committee senate banking committee from there i had an opportunity to work at a large bank, again gave me an opportunity to see how banks look at regulatoriframe from within from there i got the appointment to fdic chairmanship. >> congratulations i know when you o go back to europe you look at europe fondly you he mentioned for the coffee -- coffee european -- >> for economic policies you are going to stick with with them. >> this is my homeland this is my land of choice there is not a place i would rather be i don't think that i would have been able to succeed the way i have anywhere else in world. >> how would you characterize the economy should we be worried what do you think telltale signs to focus on given europe is slowing china has slowed. >> i think you a we at need to about cautious with regulatory head on i believe we need could be cognizant of market trends but right now we are
8:45 am
doing fine i believe we will be able to weather whatever downturns there are. >> good to see you. >> thank you so much juror joini -- so much for joining us. >> stuart varney weighing in, stay with us. now... grandpa, what about your dream car? this is my dream now. principal we can help you plan for that .
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maria: welcome back by o gwynne don ending biogen are down sharply. >> good morning what a dreadful disappointment for millions of people i don't
8:49 am
think this is a financial story as much as a medical story what a setback it is biogen has last holdout for a administrator for a kind of plaement of plaque that occurs in people with alzheimer's disease that treatment failed research is being withdrawn. the stock is down, as you can see, by a quarter, that is normal sell-off what it does marks end of this particular line of attack against alzheimer's disease this form of treatment i am not getting into weeds i am not sure i entirely understand it but a very promising form of treatment now not promising at all has been withdrawn a terrible disappointment to millions of people, that is the way i see it. maria: you are absolutely right about six months ago you had another disappointment with merck this is incredible problem, mental illness we don't understand alzheimer's autism you are right terrible but i suspect going to keep working on this hopefully some
8:50 am
point we will see a cure, but doesn't seem like on the horizon i know you will have more 10 minutes. >> "varney & company" top of the hour 9 a.m. eastern after "mornings with maria" leadership shake-up at ford automaker saying ceo will retire the end of this year, more on that coming up then google's musical masterpiece launched first ai do you relied o powered doodle we show you how it works when we come back. .
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8:53 am
maria: welcome back major changes at ford motorists cheryl casone. cheryl: big announcement ford says chief financial officer is going to retire the end of the year going to be success as heeded by timstone served 20 years at amazon former cfo
8:54 am
of snap. >> will assume the role june 1 powerball jackpot nobody won yesterday the next drawing this coming saturday night get your tickets there is this, guys, google going bakrchto the future the composure bach powered by artificial intelligence make your composition harmonized to sound like a bach masterpiece, that created the music, headlines from new york back to you miss. >> you all-star panel as well as talk about my interview with kellyanne conway stay with us. ♪ ♪
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maria: welcome back. president trump laying into kellyanne conway's husband george conway, calling him a loser and the husband from hell, a whack job. early this morning i asked kellyanne conway what she thought of this feud. >> i was raised in a household of strong italian catholic women
8:59 am
who taught me that you air grievances like that in private so it is very surprising to see it be so public. maria: yeah, but it's public because her husband's making it public. dagen mcdowell is in new york this morning. what did you think of that? dagen: i think it was incredible how you really pushed and pushed and pushed for some clarity and for tougher answers and quite frankly, maria, i think kellyanne conway's responses raise a lot more questions than they answer. i was amazed at your interview with her. you really tried to get a clear explanation of what's going on. maria: it's bizarre. >> it was the most revealing thing we have seen so far in this. the way i heard it, i saw kellyanne conway moving from one side to the other against her husband and she didn't criticize the president. she kept saying this is very unlike george, he didn't used to be this way, this is unusual, we
9:00 am
should do this in private. very critical of her husband. maria: great to have you guys. thank you so much for joining us. dagen, great show. be sure to tune in tomorrow morning. i sit down for an exclusive interview one-on-one with president trump. we will have the full interview tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. eastern right here. have a great day. here's stuart and "varney & company." stuart: i promise i will be watching. that's a flat out promise. you've got it. good morning, maria. good morning, everyone. what's going on here? early in the week, it looked like the market just wanted to go up but not now. look at this. the market is not exactly falling out of bed but we're down. we were down 140 yesterday on the dow, down close to 80 points today. it could be another triple digit loss at the opening bell this morning. maybe it's trade. reportedly, president trump wants china to buy two or even three trillion dollars worth of american goods in the next six years. that's a lot more than originally proposed. it will be tough to sell them


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