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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 22, 2019 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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have a good evening. lou: good evening everybody. president trump successes are clearly turning the political tide in his favor. the mueller witchhunt is wrapping up with what is a whimper. and the radical dimms that sought the president's on doings, are themselves coming undone. as the witchhunt fails and the radical dimms met with disappointment, are left to simply flail against the present that they cannot prolong -- the president driving head and he stays always in the lead. the economy now is booming under this president.
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by any standard these policies are wildly successful. and unlike previous booms in the modern era, all americans are benefiting from the trump boom. the radical dimms are scrambling trying to explain why any serious voter should listen to radical dimm congressman and socialist. nearly all the signs slowly tilting toward trump and tonight pointing to what should be a 2020 reelection breeze for president trump. tonight we take of the president's rising momentum, his rising prospects, national economic council director, larry kudlow, trump 2020 press secretary, kayleigh mcenany joining us tonight for the president -- prime minister netanyahu showing his appreciation. >> president trump has just made history. i called him.
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i thanked him on behalf of the people of israel. first to recognize jerusalem as israel's capitol and the u.s. embassy here. then he pulled out of the disaster iran treaty. and now he did something of equal historic importance, he recognizes the sovereignty over -- the message the president has given the world is that america stands by israel. lou: center for security policy president is among our guests night. our top story, president trump benefiting from two years of success and achievements like no other president in modern history. no president has brought in more jobs, more companies brought back to the united states and in such a short period. all while rationalizing foreign policies, seeking to
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denuclearize the korean peninsula. withdrawing u.s. forces from around the world. the president standing around the world has risen as a result and the radical dimms, 15 of whom, want to challenge a present for his office are left clawing for an answer. even the national left-wing media is recognizing that the presidents momentum is an overwhelming favorite. it looks like a landslide for some for this president in 2020. president trump today talking at the business roundtable. some of the most powerful ceos in the country there. they left the meeting telling our and lawrence, they are thrilled, and grateful for the booming trump economy. >> he is making progress, we are making progress and i think we are all encouraged that we will get a deal done that will be beneficial. >> a minute is quite clear that he is very proud of the program agenda and quite positive about
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the future. a lot of optimism in the meeting. >> good very good. >> good message? >> very good message. very positive. lou: our first guests night presence of the business roundtable meeting joining us is larry kudlow, assistant to the president for economic policy, director of national economic council, larry, great to have you with us. >> thank you, lou. lou: that was positively -- the president had them wrapped up! >> you know, it is a good point because is not necessarily his crowd. quote unquote. but he was a big hit today. i went there, a couple of us to watch it and he went on i don't know, a couple of hours to be honest with you. covered a lot of ground. i will tell you what, he talked about the success of the economy. he talked about how he is trying to rebuild america. right here at home, rebuild america, lower taxes and deregulation and opening up energy and trade reforms and
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here is an interesting sidebar, lou. during the question-and-answer period, a german from one of the big oil companies was asking you know, there is a war against fossil fuel. i guess he was talking about the so-called green new deal. and he is kind of saying what are we going to do about it? and president looked him straight in the eye and said, better hope i am reelected. and i thought that was just a clincher. and he said a couple of more times and he was kidding around.he said i know some of you will go out and vote for the democrats. but you really ought to think twice about it, what they are going to do to the economy with there is socialist policies. it was really well received by the brt. >> interesting to me as well. as a china talks on the present making it clear that the
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terrace will stay on. also making clear he means it still to reform international trade. to balance trade relationships, not only between united states and china but in fact, between trading partners all over the world.and he couldn't be more timely in his counsel to world leaders to do exactly that. as we are watching now, the global economy is shrinking and slowing while the u.s. economy is growing and booming. >> yeah, we're still the only game in town. i think is because we have taken the progrowth policies. lou: i agree. >> on the issue of china trade the president said a couple of things to the brt. you and i go back a long way and you know i am a free trader but one of the things he said, and he has taught me this. to get to zero tariffs and nontariff barriers and zero subsidies, to get where you want to be, sometimes you have two use tariffs to bring the other side to the table in order to get three -- free and
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reciprocal training. we have a great usmca deal in the works. and the president spoke well of nancy pelosi to get that vote. and regarding china, we are making progress toward that deal. making a lot of progress, lighthizer and secretary mnuchin going to continue that. but as a regular guy, trust but verify. the enforcement is absolutely important, structural issues you know on ip theft and technology transfers and tariffs and so forth, -- may be dealt with but we have to see without our china friends, if you will, do what they say trust but verify. terrace will be part of this process. some will calm down, but it is doubtful as the president said
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today, that we will remove all of the tariffs all at once. we want to see how they do and we are suggesting to them, i think lighthizer designed a very clever enforcement policy with multiple layers. then again, if complaints are real, we may have to use tariffs to deal with them into asking the chinese not to retaliate. i think is a very tough approach. i am kind of positive on it but we're not quite there yet. we are not quite there yet. lou: the great thing about this president. one of the many great things about this president, is that he believes in america. he believes in the country, his people. and he has an innate capacity to spread understanding of that this country is capable of doing far more than the last two presidents have even imagined. and one of the things that he has conjured up here is prosperity for all americans.
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just as he promised he would. going through with kevin hassett, the chair of the council of economic advisors on the annual report. i mean to look at the mobility of the workforce right now, not only the employment numbers but the growing wages here this is an exciting time for america and it is a turning point, economically that no one on the left saw coming and most of the right spent their time resenting the present electoral success rather than understanding what he meant to achieve. do you agree? >> i do. you're right they never trumpers on the right are having a tough couple of years. the people on the left of just going so far socialist, it's almost like they are not in the game. at one point today in the brt, the president was talking as policies, taxes and regulations, energy and trade and so forth and so on. here is a phrase, he is rebuilding america.
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he is rebuilding america.and he said look, he said i am taking heat because i am taking on the establishment. he enjoys it and he intends to continue taking on the establishment. lou: is a very funny place for him to say that because he's more established with the business roundtable. >> that is why a limit. you and i spent a lot of time interviewing those guys. but he said i'm taking on the establishment and rebuilding america.and one quick point on the job my dear friend and colleague kevin hassett, the rise in business investment has triggered product, higher productivity and higher wages and guess what? the biggest beneficiaries, and these are factoids.the biggest beneficiaries blue-collar workers, the fastest wage gains, blue-collar workers.
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people are coming out of the woodwork, lou. they discouraged workers are coming back into the labor force which will disprove another theory that somehow we don't have enough workers to get through the stagnation. and i want to give a hat tip to my friend ivanka trump because of her campaign to rescale and retrain workers. that is a big theme and then finally, the biggest new participants in the labor force in 2018, lou dobbs, women. i believe 63 percent of the new entrants to the labor force, that, love that, blue-collar workers and women. lou: if we had time we will get you a hat rack. larry kudlow, thank you. good to see you. >> thank you, lou. lou: larry kudlow. coming up the president signs an executive order to protect free speech on college campuses. >> these universities have tried to restrict free thought imposed total conformity and shutdown the voices of great young americans like those here today. all of that changes starting
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right now.universities that want taxpayer dollars should promote free speech, not silence free speech. lou: the trump 2020 campaign kayleigh mcenany joins me later. but up next, whatever will those delicate radical dimms do now when they find out that the mueller report well, is something of a disappointment for the left. we will take that up with congressman matt gates. stay with us, we will be right i switched to liberty mutual, because they let me customize my insurance. and as a fitness junkie, i customize everything, like my bike, and my calves. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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- [narrator] custom ink has hundreds of products to help you look and feel like a team. upload your logo or start your design today at upload your logo or start your design today lou: the white house today rejected a call by the house dimms for documents related to conversations between president trump and russian president vladimir putin. the presidents council is serving the diplomatic medications are confidential, their request beyond congress. joining us, matt gaetz, great to have you with us. what do you make of thisrequest by the house ? is this going to be the standard from now on? they're just going to throw out wide nets and start annoying
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every agency of the federal government?>> house democrats are searching for everything because they found nothing, lou. we are now more than two years into this presidency and there is yet to be any evidence of collusion or conspiracy or illegal activity of any kind by the president as it relates to russia. and so, in anticipation of the findings in the mueller report which we expect any day now, potentially even tomorrow, democrats are having to launch 81 new prongs of investigations to try to find some to do this credit president trump. i think what we voted for president trump, none of us ever would have expected that we were putting at issue every business dealing he'd ever done dating back to the 80s or 90s. i think this has a real chilling effect on the presidency because when you run for president and get elected, you do not open up every facet of every decision you made in your life leading up to that point. we want our presidents focused on the things donald trump is working on. reinvigorating economy, ending wars, renegotiating trade deals
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including the economic momentum that you covered with larry kudlow in the last segment. lou: and to think of the 81 entities and individuals, 61 individuals, documents had been sought from as in the course of this quote - unquote investigation. eight agencies did respond meeting the deadline but that means the rest of the house committee was told to go to hell.>> there is no obligation for those individuals to produce anything in the absence of a subpoena. but lou, the hypocrisy here is absolutely deafening. you had democrats say over and over again, with wait for the mueller report is all about the mueller report. we have to protect the mueller investigation. now the very same democrats are saying forget about the mueller report!we now have to look into the 81 new things that plow all of the new ground that has nothing to do with the original claims that they made. i think the american people
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will be pretty ticked off, the democrats lied and said it was cold hard evidence.there was demonstrable proof of collusion with russia. we have seen none of that interesting these are people we can trust. lou: people we can't trust her want to turn to illegal immigration, border security crisis, national emergency. what is going to unfold here, what are the solutions, with all the detention centers are being overrun. we have department of homeland security that cannot figure out what to do. despite the fact that more than twice as many agents as you know well, 11 years ago when there were even more illegal immigrants being apprehended and coming across the border. dhs looks like a department that is totally out of control here. >> but lou, there is no department that can deal with our board in the absence of a physical barrier and the other tools that we need to stop illegal immigration.
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and right now we have got a democratic party that is ready with their new you know, their new patron saint in beto o'rourke two-tiered on the physical barriers that we have. and so i think with the present we are trying to dis-incentivize illegal immigration by making investments on the board approved the presidents budget which he just rolled out, articulate border security and a physical barrier as a priority but democrats will not even take a vote on the presidents budget because they have no immigration policy. if have to democratic party that wants to go abolish i.c.e. and the other part of the democratic party that ran in districts that trump won and their promising to work with republicans but they are so busy with these crazy mitigations they will not sit down at the table and work on reasonable solutions to secure the border. lou: the reasonable solution it seems to me is to build the wall. the presidents national emergency declaration --
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>> build the wall, e-verify, and chain migration, crackdown and saints were's not like we don't how to do this, is not like illegal immigrationis a mystery no one can solve. lou: the president has the money. there is the border, there is the wall .>> the president has just released some information on different projects and military construction where monies are going to be reappropriated for the wall. i think it shows progress to that end but it must be incredibly frustrating to have all the democrats and even some of the republicans working against building a wall and having the type of border security structure that we need we want to preserve our country. lou: congressman, always good to have you here. >> thank you, lou. lou: thank you, matt gaetz. millennials looking to combine business and a little pleasure. also 2020 dimms pulling out of a pro-israeli conference. we take the up next with ed rollins and michael goodwin. take a look at the national debt. 21.1 trillion and climbing.
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lou: last night here, i comment on in a number of leading republican including senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. i suggested president trump well -- should be forbearing a bit. and that those republicans should not attack the president because he was criticizing late senator john mccain. this is what happens when you speak out against the republican critics of the president. you make some news. here are some headlines from last night. the hill saying lou todd's criticizes republicans undercutting trump are nasty reports about john mccain. they say lou dobbs defends trump, imagine appeared asinine for republicans to attack over mccain comments. thedaily caller said lou dobbs
4:27 am
defends trump against gop critics over mccain comments. i do, i did and i will . as i said, the president is speaking out about what he sees as betrayal. by senator mccain when he voted against the repeal of obamacare. i would suggest to republicans and some of them just newly arrived in republican, that they might think about the old expression, you cannot lead if you cannot follow. and any word of suggestion, i suggest you follow this president. because that is the way to victory. joining us tonight, former reagan white house political director, fox business political analyst, ed rollins. new york post columnist, pulitzer prize-winning columnist, fox business contributor, michael goodwin. good to have you both with this. >> thank you. lou: let me ask what you think about these these republicans are criticizing the president who chooses to talk about something. what do you make of it? >> i think it depends what the topic is.
4:28 am
lou: that's the topic. >> i think in that case i am not a republican but i did criticize the president for the attacks on mccain because, not because i don't think he's right, i think he is right about the facts. it's just that mccain is dead and it seems to me an old custom that would not speak ill of the dead. so i would prefer that he let that one for the republicans however, i think that the brake on the wall, that to me was the most significant one. >> 12 senators. >> i completely agree with your sentiment. lou: 420 -0 vote on a resolution that means apsley nothing! christ given all of the congress that they have not wanted to get back in this case only. i think this is a vital issue. -- border security -- lou: you think it is crucial like a national emergency?so do i. this party is not united around the president.
4:29 am
by the way, he took what john mccain being dead. i don't think that that in any way, it is not an x summation of his body for god sake! it is a review of his record as a politician. not as a war hero. 35 years ago, 40 years ago. it is an honest assessment of who he was and what he did. and when he did is clear as a bell. ed, your thoughts? >> i think it's always important as i said last night i was a friend of john mccain for many years. i was mike huckabee 's chairman when we ran against him when he became the nominee. it's important to separate the man and the myth. there's a lot of myth that has been built around john. he had a prickly personality, he did some good things that most of the deals he did, with bipartisanship with with kennedy. lou: like any human being, imperfect. >> i think at this point the issue i would try to make is that he had promised and campaigned, trump had
4:30 am
campaigned for him that he was going to repeal and reform obamacare. lou: and there were a few others. there was quite a history between them. and these people are very little standing you know, and congress telling the president -- >> the key thing i hope is that not bravery building up to where they will now start -- lou: oh, yet. >> they cast their first vote against him. lou: i'm just going to say straight out, it is great the president tweets. i think it's great the president says what is on his mind. by the way it would not be recommended policy or practice for anyone of us but the fact is, this president, this is who he is. and these little darlings in the republican party or suddenly bubbling up with all sorts of advice for this
4:31 am
president, need to get in line and again, do what -- i mean it is pretty clear. you have no right to lead if you cannot follow. and this man is the one who is leaving the republican party. it is his party. >> as ed said too, if this is a foretaste of things to come, i think there will really be a problem. lou: i don't think -- >> i think the party as a whole. lou: you are more cautious about this than i am. i sense this and i sensed a month ago a real turn in the president's -- i think we are starting to see it.the president is building momentum for 2020 and the democrats, i mean they look like chickens running around with you know, -- >> the best thing is a country is getting to see the democrats and they basically, i think the more that they have their idiotic policies the stronger will make the president.
4:32 am
lou: you give that stronger stuff than i would. >> i think the contrast with the democrats is clear. but i think also, it is essential for republicans to stick together for this election. because the democrats are sticking together. lou: it would be a really good start for them to stick together and follow the president's lead. just one brilliant political idea. [laughter] gentlemen, as always thank you so much. thank you. millennials not like to sleep with their enemies. according to a data match from matchmaking company, okcupid. the number of millennials prioritize political party alliance over good sex has skyrocketed 165 percent. not 163, not 164, but one-- 165 percent. perhaps not as a reality. up next, i have no idea what that report means to be honest
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with you. face book leaves millions of users passwords exposed. and active bold leadership by the president in the middle east. we take that up, and national security expert joins
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lou: some headlines tonight. a new report for any facebook exposed up to 600 million passwords. facebook reportedly stored some of them in plain text searchable by more than 20,000 facebook employees.some cases, this has been going on for seven years. president trump approving a disaster declaration for flooding in the state of nebraska. that will allow federal funding to aid local recovery efforts. the cornhusker state facing more than $1.3 billion in losses already. president trump saying that the united states should recognize israel's sovereignty over the
4:38 am
territory, one of the most disputed in the world. the president reversing decades of policy. and assuring a different direction for the state of israel. join us tonight to assess all of this, the national security expert, president of the center for security policy, fred, good to have you with us. how important is the presidents decision? we know what the prime minister netanyahu said. you want to know what you had to say. >> just like the presidents decision to move the u.s. embassy to jerusalem, he is recognizing reality. and he is define the foreign policy establishment. doing something the interest of american and israeliinternation security. israel annexed the goal -- in 1991. there is no prospect there will ever be given back. and you know, it's been taught for decades. lou: it would be strategically
4:39 am
disaster to do so. >> has been taught for decades of deals in which parts of the golan would be given back to siri. think what would happen if the syrian government had agreed to that with the president of hezbollah and iran, this would be used to rain down rockets and missiles, it was the right thing to do, a strong act of presidential leadership by president trump. lou: you mentioned syria. the isis caliphate in syria has been defeated. your sense as to what is required here in the days and months ahead. the president saying, 200 u.s. troops will remain and perhaps, another 200 and another position. give us your judgment, your sense of what is going to unfold now. >> let's talk about how this happened. the president took the shackles off of his military commanders. the obama ad ministration was micromanaging the attacks on
4:40 am
isis troops in syria. president obama reportedly was vetoing 75 percent of the airstrikes against isis locations in syria. if you can imagine that. president trump's are not going to do that. i'm going to trust my military commanders to do the best thing. i want you to wipe these guys out and that is what happened could look like there will be a small u.s. residual force in the region. i don't know how long they will be there but this is another big victory for the president. lou: and in venezuela, it looks more ambiguous. with each passing day. it is china and russia are stepping up incrementally. gradually, they is certainly gradation in the buildup. buildup it is in venezuela paid the monroe doctrine is the trump presidency ready to fully assert it in the interest of stabilizing the hemisphere? >> i don't think president trump wants to get involved in
4:41 am
a ground conflict in venezuela. but ambassador bolton said i think today or maybe yesterday, that we are going to look after the interest of american citizens in venezuela. there may be 25,000 or more there. i don't know if the president wants to do that. i hope you are considering things like a naval blockade to block trade of oil, between venezuela and cuba. the cuban security forces are backing up this regime and i think we need to be pressuring china and russia to decide it is time to walk away from nicolas maduro. lou: as we wrap up quickly larry kudlow at the beginning talking about his optimism, which is steadfast and reliable. your thoughts about where we stand with china and trade talks. also at the same time, coupled with great national security concerns, whether it be
4:42 am
expansion, ambitions throughout asia, even this hemisphere. your concluding thoughts here tonight? >> need to factor the security concerns in. the theft of intellectual property, that has to be part of negotiations. talks are going better than we thought. let's put the president in a position to demand more from china. in late and the fact that the trade deficit from china surged in 2018. the president is trying to push the chinese hard. we are in a better position right now, our economy is coming and there's is in trouble. lou: fred fleitz, always good to see you. thank you for being here. >> thank you. lou: now thecrisis along the southern border. illegal immigrants finding new and faster ways toenter the united states . for a detailed look we turn to william longeness . >> we have out over hundred 70 breaches to our infrastructure this year. >> the border sheep shows how smugglers make the existing
4:43 am
fence obsolete. quickly will cut these off along the bottom down there. did the whole and jack defense up and go under. >> multiple busloads of immigrants arrived from guatemala. they sprinted to a precut hole. one by one ducking underneath. >> the majority of them were adult and a child. and there was a small fraction of unaccompanied children. crystal group voluntarily surrenders. knowing that the next group was being released into the usp request 96 percent of the people in the u.s. -- >> a door to door three today express bus from central america to the u.s. border. >> that is mexico highway second major interstate. buses from guatemala will show up there, drop by 50 or hundred migrants make a short walk here were there, not by a wall but a barrier that stops no one. >> in essence, we are capturing
4:44 am
them and then they go into the united states and we don't see them again. >> investigators say in some cases the children do not belong to the adults who claim to be the parents. these are documents, they say show a fraudulent relationship. >> they say the kid is the best way to get released into united states. >> many migrants need medical care, even quarantines for measles, scabies. as border agents often end up as babysitters. >> it takes away from the border security. that takes away from the national security measures. >> construction on the steel and concrete replacement fence with motion sensors begins next month. the bigger challenge they say stopping the exodus from such america and convincing congress this is not a manufactured crisis. lou? lou: thank you very much, william la jeunese from the border. up next, president trump taking on campus hostility.
4:45 am
we have more than that. kayleigh mcenany joins us next. st
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with who we are as people and making everybody feel welcome. ordering custom ink t-shirts has been a really smart decision for our business. i love the custom ink design lab because it's really easy to use. they have customer service that you can reach anytime. t-shirts help us immediately get a sense of who we are as a group. from the moment clients walk in, they're able to feel like part of the family. - [spokesman] custom ink has hundreds of products for your business and free shipping. upload your logo or start your design today lou: wall street stocks moving hi, dow rallying.
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the nasdaq a whopping 110 points. three and have billing shares, crude oil just under $60 a barrel. boeing faa officials have been called to testify next week before the senate following two deadly caches of the boeing 737 max eight jetliners. the fbi also joined an investigation into how the boeing aircraft were certified to fly. and a reminder, listen to my reports three times a day coast-to-coast. on the salem radio network. president trump fighting back against liberals and liberal universities trying to silence free speech on campus is pure the president today signed an executive order defending american students and american values and threatening colleges with a loss of federal research funding when they do not protect students right to free
4:50 am
speech. joining us tonight, kayleigh mcenany, national press secretary for the trump 2020 campaign. kayleigh, good to see you. >> hi, lou. lou: this executive order, will this put an end to it has become a strain of fascism, some left-wing university campuses. >> that's exactly what it is. and yes i do believe the executive order will do that. look at these colleges and universities receive $35 billion in taxpayer money to fund their research and that is a great thing but what is not a good thing is when you are not just marginalizing conservative students but often penalize him for them. that cannot happen, it does not go with the first amendment. there needs to be consequences and this is the start. lou: and the campaign. it seems to me frankly it seems a little early. for 2020. but i know in the blink of an eye it will be here soon. where do you think the campaign is, your organization and how
4:51 am
you are preparing for it. >> i can tell you this, lou, there's a reason the campaign never shut down like in past residual campaigns have. they shut down when the president takes office, gear backup spring of the reelection cycle but this time we have raised $130 million. it's extraordinary, more than past presidential campaigns. our data operations have not stopped. they have been building this up and by starting so early we have gotten ahead start of fundraising, ground games, every 13 swing voters we have one is extraordinary in the open happened by starting early. lou: i do want to put up a slide if we've got this. this is president trump's fundraising and president obama at the end of his first two years. look at this. as kayleigh said $130 million. at the same point president obama had only raised $4 million.
4:52 am
you talk about ahead start, it is extraordinary, there's another head start work for the president. that is an economy that is just simply booming. i cannot imagine that you are anything but extraordinarily eager to start pushing the president's record. >> exactly! you know, you look at the generational on employment and you look at the last thing, what about wages? guess what? we found out this week that not only are we just growing at the fastest pace in 10 years but growing at that for the bottom half of the income spectrum. you look at the council of economic advisers report that just came out.even on prescription drugs we see $25 billion. we are ready to tout this is exciting! lou: and kevin hassett, the council of economic advisors chair, is so excited about the numbers because as he put it, on the broadcast, the improvement in wages is going to those who needed most. that is the low income working people in the country. it is an extraordinary record
4:53 am
and extraordinary template of success if you will. for the president to seek reelection. he has going to be i think, if the standard question is asked this time by every voter, am i better off today than i was four years ago? come 2020 the answer will be a resounding, absolutely! >> that is exactly right and it is a question president reagan asked four years into his term. a question when president trump asked, the voters will say resoundingly, yes. because president trump is outpacing present reagan. every person in the country 71 percent according to this latest cnn poll will say the economy is great, booming, we simply cannot afford to go the way of socialism. lou: and socialism -- 15 democrats running for office now, ready for their parties nomination.i can't believe that maybe there could be twice
4:54 am
that many before therethrough. i guess you do not mind having that many in the field against you. >> we don't! look at what has happened, it was his joe biden is a centrist. joe biden this week and said, am the most progressive candidate out there. so reportedly that means he is more progressive than socialist bernie sanders. so yes, having all these candidates draws it further and further left toward a failed scourge of socialism that anyone of these contenders who emerges as the nominee will have as a stench on their record moving forward. lou: kayleigh, is a wonderful thing sometimes, karma. to watch us economy booming under this president and the democrats big idea going into 2020 is socialism. you have got to love it. kayleigh, great to have you with us. good luck we will see you soon. kayleigh mcenany. >> tha great news, liberty mutual customizes...
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uh uh, i deliver the news around here. sources say liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. over to you, logo. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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lou: president trump's economic boom impressing ceos at the round table meeting at the white house today. >> he's rebuilding america. he's rebuilding america. and he said, look web said, i'm taking heat because i'm taking another establishment. but he enjoys it, and he intends to continue taking on the establishment. lou: that's good news for all of us. thank you for being with us. join us tomorrow. please joins and thanks for being with us tonight. a remind tore follow me on twitter, like me on facebook, follow me on instagram @loudobbstonight.
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and check out our brand-new poll on instagram. good night from new york. lauren: here are your market movers at 5:00 a.m. another blow nor boeing, a multibillion dollar order for its mack jets canceled. it's just the tip of the iceberg for distrust in boeing. president trump speaking with maria bartiromo, who he really says is to blame. and democrats take on the housing industry promising free homes. is this the latest talking point for the left for 2020. and do you shop after having a drink or two? the crazy amount of money americans are spending while drunk shopping and you will not believbelieve where most of us e spending that money. it's friday, mar


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