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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  March 22, 2019 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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report, the company admitted millions of users' passwords exposed to employees, mornings with maria begins right now. ♪ ♪ maria: i sat dune with the president at the white house asking him about feud with late senator john mccain working with democrats, israel and economic growth. >> we would have been over 4 instead of 3.1.
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maria: this week that we will not see rate hikes this year. >> i don't know, look, i hope i didn't influence, i don't care if i influence or not. one thing i was right, but we would have been over 4 if they didn't all of the interest rate hikes. they did $50 billion a month. i said, what are we doing here? maria: you spent a good portion in ohio trashing john mccain, why are you doing this? >> it's a small portion, but if you realize about a few days ago it came out that his name that he gave dossier to the fbi, paid for by democrats, they gave it to john mccain who gave it to the fbi for evil purposes, that's not good. he voted against repeal and replace. he's been campaigning for years to campaign and replace. i'm not a fan.
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after all of this time, think of this, repeal and replace, we would have had great health care. maria: he can't punch back. >> i don't talk about it. people ask me the question. i didn't bring this up, you brought it up. maria: you talked about it this week. >> you asked me this week. when i went out about it yesterday, i answered the question, you people bring it up, i'm not a fan, he was horrible what he did with repeal and replace, what he did to the republican party and to the nation and to sick people that could have had great health care is not good. i'm not a fan of john mccain. maria: is there anything you see that you would like to work with democrats on? >> a lot. we could work at a lot. the easiest thing, i want to get tax cuts which we got. the easiest thing is infrastructure, they want it, i want it, i spoke to nancy pelosi about it the other day, we agree on it, we even like the type, i
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think, i think we like the type of infrastructure we are talking about, maybe in a certain way more democrats from my standpoint than republican standpoint. maria: why now? >> i've been thinking about doing it for a long time. it's been a hard decision for every president, no president has done it. i did that and i totally understand why everybody, clinton, bush, obama, everybody campaigned the embassy in jerusalem. they all campaigned on it and never did it and i understand why because when i got elected i also campaigned on it, i was inundated with calls from all over the world, leaders, please don't do it, don't do it. i did it and it's been done and it's fine. it's the same thing for years
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other presidents campaigned, good for sovereignty, this is security, this is about regional security. maria: it's not about making who is elected? >> i wouldn't know about that, he's doing okay. maria: we are bringing my exclusive interview, the entire interview with president trump this morning, join me coming up with the interview, we talked about a lot more coming up. facebook in hot water, social media giant improperly stored hundreds of millions of user passwords, dagen mcdowell in new york right now, dagen, snreal. dagen: really? what is going on with this company? poured hundreds of millions users passwords in formats accessible to employees, they found no evidence of information
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being abused. here is what facebook had to say in a statement, in a blog post that we estimate that we will notify hundreds of millions of facebook like users for people who don't have good internet access, tens of millions of other facebook users and tense of thousands of instagram users, here is the reason that this is so shocking even if the data wasn't abused because facebook again and again has been struggling with criticism of how it collects information, stores user data. data breach 6 months ago, facebook said attackers managed to extract names, gender and hometown for 50 million users and back in 2014 security engineer wrote that no one here has password. i want to point this out, that after during new zealand massacre, facebook left the video which was initially live
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streamed, left the video of the shooting up for an hour, but it was notified once the video ended, it was notified 12 minutes after that by a user that flagged -- facebook user flagged it to facebook, it was an hour after the massacre started. this has been going on for years, facebook is saying that the artificial intelligence program failed it but they used to try and flag the videos but they also essentially ignored what facebook user was telling facebook about massacre being live stream. it's appalling that facebook can't get act together. a father killed child 2 years ago live on facebook, we've had murders, suicides, this has been going on for years, i don't cart they've done, they need to
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figure it out. maria: they haven't been able to figure it out once they do this on facebook. dagen: video live streamed for 17 minutes, it ended and still stayed up on the site roughly 45 minutes. that's how it spreads around the internet. maria: yeah. i don't know if this is fixable, we will keep watching it. incredible story and remains developing, thank you, dagen. meanwhile this two american soldiers killed in afghanistan, cheryl, good morning to you. cheryl: well, the two service members reportedly killed during military operation, u.s. and nato forces didn't specify location or who they were fighting other than saying it was in began, this brings the total number of service members killed in the country this year, 14,000 u.s. forces in afghanistan supporting afghan forces as they fight a resurgence taliban and the islamic state.
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more fallout for boeing following deadly crash of two 737 max jet, canceling multibillion dollar order, latest development reportedly following agreed to install additional safety alarm on the 737 max that might have helped the crew of the jet that crashed last year in indonesia. now, boeing is the focus of investigation from the fbi, the transportation department and congress, stock down in premarket right now. well, set to announce a major investment later this morning in michigan, according to reuters invest $300 million, already producing lek -- electric car,
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the chevy bolt, on hopes of new-u.s. china trade deal, maybe not opening back up in lordstown, maria. maria: cheryl, thank you, coming up next more of my my exclusive interview with president trump this morning including his reaction to the mueller report, it's expected to drop soon. former fbi director james comey on what he wants to see there. uber reportedly making choices on where to list. we are checking out markets when we come back. some things are out of your control. like bedhead.
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maria: welcome back, big program, coming up my exclusive interview with president donald trump, jason chaffetz is here, sky bridge capital founder anthony scaramucci is stopping by this morning and movie pass ted with us this morning. big show, don't miss next 3 hours. fbi director james comey writing editorial in new york times, what i want from the mueller report n. the op-ed comey writes this, even though i believe mr. trump is morally unfit to be president of the united states, i'm not rooting for mule the other demonstrate he's a criminal or clearing the president, i'm not rooting for anything at all except that the special counsel be permitted to finish his work, in my exclusive interview with the president i had a chance to ask about ongoing probe, possible russian
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interference of 2016 presidential election, watch. now, we will get the mueller report, what are you expecting? >> it's always interesting to me, deputy appoints a man who didn't get any votes, i had one of the greatest election victories in history. they came from the cities, from all over, they voted in one of the greatest elections in the history of our country and now i have a man that because we have an attorney general who nobody can believe, he didn't tell me, rescued himself, a man who was a deputy who i didn't know at all and he appoints a man who just left my office, i didn't give you the job of the fbi, comey -- maria: covered -- >> we both know and you know
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better than anybody, make a determination of my presidency, people will not stand for it. with all of that being said, for 2 years we have gone through the nonsense, you know better than anybody, there's no obstruction, wait, no collusion that was a hoax but he obstructed in fighting against the hoax. maria: joining the conversation jon hilsenrath along with the american conservative union chairman matt schlapp, thank you so much for being with us, dagen in new york as usual. the op-ed, jim comey was director of the fbi, jim comey knew that he had flimsy evidence to actually get fisa warrant to wiretap an american citizen, he know that the dossier was unverified, he called it solicitous, for him to write op-ed, what's your reaction?
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>> they fired mr. steele, i'm disgusted by the fact that jim comey still has a platform. he's a proven liar. he took steps that would actually make the fbi political operation and not law enforcement operation, he has done more damage than anybody involved to the process. i don't care what he thinks about the special counsel. maria: it's incredible. andrew mccabe writing a book, going all over the place on book tour, these guys were complicit. running two interviews at the same time on hillary clinton investigation, they were told by the doj, we know this from lisa page testimony, stay away from it. >> called off. you had a president that intervened in an fbi investigation and that president was obama, it was not president
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trump, we are studying and investigating the whole wrong episodes here. we should be investigating what obama did to politicize the fbi and to call off the scrutiny of hillary clinton. maria: i've been saying that the obama administration politicized all of those agencies and by the way, hillary clinton paid for the dossier, jim comey knew that too and he writes the op-ed. dagen: jim comey told bret baier that he didn't know, he found out through the press and he didn't know with certainty that the democrats and hillary clinton paid for the dossier which is just laughable. remember that interview, here is what he says in this editorial coming, i'm rooting for a demonstration to the world and maybe most of all to our president and his enablers that the united states has a justice system that works because there are people who believe in it and rise above personal interest, you're tenure at the fbi was about personal interest and
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basically pushing that you're some big boy scout looking out for the country, you did more to tarnish mr. comey, the reputation of the fbi and the fine men and women than anybody than jay edgar hoover. maria: we know that 90% to have fbi are trying to do their work and doing a good job, they tarnished it, the top of it, jim comey, andy mccabe, lisa page, they we wanted to take down a dually elected president, jon hilsenrath. >> the good news is it looks like this is all coming towards a conclusion, the mueller conclusion. i will take the economic angle. the other good news is that we went through something like this in the 90's with all the whitewater investigations and the monica lewinsky scandal, what we learned in that is that the economy can do just fine when all the noise is happening in washington, economic boom in 1990's, stock market boom, the
6:19 am
economy is doing well despite all of this 2 years of investigation. >> this is an amazing thing which is the american people despite 2 years of ridiculousness, the american people feel good about the country, it's never been so strong. despite all of this, you're right, people feel hopeful about america and the economy. maria: dagen, this is about fairness. everybody might feel great about the economy but for 2 years he's been playing defense. dagen: where is one thing that i have not gotten straight answer about from anybody, who told president trump to keep jim comey on as the fbi director, who told him that? who gave him that guidance because that's really the root of all of this is the fact that he stayed and somebody who was collecting information about the president and was, you know, taking notes, it was clearly
6:20 am
pushing his own agenda and i'm talking about jim comey, who told him to keep him on because even the wall street journal wrote, when he was appoint today turn the fbi by president obama, don't do it, here is why. he is most qrnd about his own self-interest. maria: yeah, you know what else is funny when you hear andrew mccabe say things like the president is this, and the president is that, unfit, meanwhile andrew mccabe wanted the job, wanted the job as fbi director and he's over there saying he's asset of the russian government, really, you wanted to be the fbi director of russian government. >> mueller wanted to be head of the fbi, very interesting. maria: unbelievable. what a joke the op-ed is. warning for britain, plus commuter outrage, new jersey transit reportedly admitting dunk doughnut employees opened one of their stations, more after the break, stay with us.
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maria: welcome back, headlines across america this morning, reporting that supervisors place controversial herbicides. approving a motion to stop the use of the roundup weed killer, a jury determined that roundup played major role in a man's cancer diagnosis. omaha world apparel says two nebraska buddies found beer bridge miles from home, two friends found the fridge full of cold beer, posted pictures,
6:25 am
4 miles away. doors wouldn't open at train station and commuters stunned yesterday morning to find new jersey transit rely on dunkin doughnut employees to open train stations in mercer county, the responsibility is in the contract dunkin has at train station, interesting story this morning. how about the beer fridge? >> i like the beer personally. beers and doughnuts. >> everyone who gets on the train ought to get a doughnut. maria: or a cup of coffee. dagen: breakfast of champions. maria: that is good. we have to talk about the performance of levi's dagen, let's take a short break, we are all over the ipo, pinterest, uber among big names to go public this year, big steps companies are taking after the break, texas man bringing
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maria: welcome back, good friday morning, thank you so much for joining us, i'm maria bartiromo, coming to you live from washington, d.c.
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it is friday march 22nd, top stories right now 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. president trump takes on the green new deal in my exclusive interview. >> you look at this green new deal, i hope they keep on going forward it. maria: stay tune with my exclusive interview with president trump 7:00 a.m. eastern. here is what the president had to say about china and auto trade. theresa may getting a lifeline from the european union, she has more time to avoid a no-deal exit from the eu. key date to watch. 2019ipo boom, uber, pinterest reportedly making choice on where they will list shares, what it means for the time lion to go public. we are taking a look, futures indicating decline, s&p is down 13 and nasdaq 30 points, we will
6:31 am
tell you declines this morning after rally on the street yesterday, technology stocks leading the way, the nasdaq up nearly 1 and a half percent at the close, dow industrials up 216 points, s&p was up 30, nasdaq up 110 points when all said and done, european markets this morning look like this, the action is lower, ftse 100 down 66 almost 1%, cac quarante down 44, dax index in germany lower by 34%, quarter percent. in asia overnight, markets are higher. colin kaepernick how much he received as part of nfl collusion case, the amount later this hour. all the stories coming up friday morning but first top story this half an hour, the green new deal, new york congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez spoke out last night on her green new deal on late night, watch. >> they're trying to say that the green new deal is about what what we have to give up, what we
6:32 am
have to cut back on when in fact, the green new deal itself is revolution of being expansive, to be able to generate more and to make sure that we are investing in working-class americans. maria: i asked president trump about the green new deal in my exclusive sit-down interview yesterday, listen to what he said. >> the democrats actually are becoming a far-left party. you look at this green new deal, it's the most preposterous thing. i don't want to knock it right now because i keep -- they keep going forward with it. maria: joining richard fowler, richard, good to see you. >> good to see you, maria. maria: what are your thoughts? >> i don't think it's the solution, the beat-all to climate change, the solution is in the middle, the last time on the program, how the energy sector can work with the democrats can work with
6:33 am
republicans in the house to find solution to climate change because it's a problem in the country but the solution might not necessarily be this revolution of alexandria ocasio-cortez but how we find solution to deal with the fact that there's real climate change or what's happening, flooding in the midwest, disastrous for our economy. >> don't they have to take seriously proposals like this because there's someone on the left who is elected who is behind something like a green new deal, then, i mean, you say something in the middle is comparable but you have to take deals in the middle. >> two things, she proposes, nonbinding, democrats in the united states house, the senate and the white house in 2020 election, we will still need to ascertain 60 votes in the
6:34 am
senate. >> they can't get it done. i'm saying that the solution really is in the middle. corporations, all come to the table and want to acknowledge that climate change is real thing and impact our economy. how can we work on making the country better and this world better and the globe better by not polluting. >> can i say one thing, everybody that you do on carbon, every solution means middle class, blue collar people pay more for energy. every time they say get off coal or natural gas, it means the alternative costs more. when you say that, you have to understand that what aoc is saying that for middle-class americans you're going pay more to heat your homes, air-condition your homes, fill your car with gas. >> matt, i'm glad that you brought that up, interesting news, this president when he got
6:35 am
elected he promised that he would restore coal, he would return coal, we have seen more coal plants closed down in the first two years of donald trump than the last four years of president obama. >> overall coal production is up. >> more coal workers are out of jobs. maria: what the president has done from a political calculation, he continues to say i want to create jobs, i want to save jobs in coal, i mean, you know, there's the legal ramifications, or the legal situation, the political ramifications to calculations and the president going into 2020 whether it'd be i want that wall built, i want to create jobs, he's doing this and continuing to say i want to create jobs and i want to save the coal industry. >> it is the case, like if you look at what states are doing in this economy, west virginia is getting killed right now. so unemployment is higher there.
6:36 am
labor force participation is lower, hiring has not really picked up still. maria: we will bring dagen on that because she's in new york, dagen, the green new deal cost is something that we have talked about a lot. what was the number that he came up in terms of the cost. dagen: more than $92 trillion. as richard pointed out a resolution and includes everything including health care for all, it includes retro fitting, buildings in the country and the like. working-class that alexandria ocasio-cortez mentioned, that is why this is a portrait of id idiocy, this green new deal, the way that it's layed out right now would raise energy prices for those americans who can't afford it, the united states is leading the world in a mission's -- only -- omissions reduction.
6:37 am
will she tell china, you can't eat beef. her idea hurt the poor and hurt the working class by raising emergency cost. plentiful natural resource, nobody points that out. nobody points that out. that's why emissions are falling in the country because we are using the fossil fuel. >> one thing, you can structure something like if you do a gasoline tax, it does hurt middle class, lower-income, but you can cut their taxes in other way, cut payroll taxes, income taxes in ways that offset some of the costs of raising energy. dagen: jon, the payroll taxes -- the federal tax goes to fund a benefit for people. it goes to fund social security
6:38 am
in this country -- doesn't make any sense. >> i hear that, dagen, i think this is interesting conundrum that we are having conversation about working class when we saw president trump's tax plan and in president trump's budget released last month that they assume that the middle-tax cut won't be permanent. maria: maybe a democrat should have voted for it. >> they never proposed middle-tax cut permanent anyway. >> the idea is this which everybody on the individual side of the tax question, everybody on the republican, conservative side would like to make it permanent. i think that the individual should become dramatically down to john's point. on the question of climate change, religion and socialism, it's really not about carbon, not about reducing emissions, socialized view of our economy.
6:39 am
maria: there's so much vitriol in washington that all of these plans, anything that the president buys into, wants to do won't get done because they just want to resist, they don't want to have any victories for this president going into 2020 which is why when i spoke with him yesterday i asked him, what gets done in the next 2 years specifically what do you want president trump in terms of working with democrats, what can you do, here is what he said. is there anything that you would like to work with the democrats on -- >> we can work at a lot. i think the easiest, i could have started with number one but i wanted to get tax cuts, the easiest thing was infrastructure, they want it, i want it, i spoke with nancy pelosi the other day, we agree on it, i think we like the type of infrastructure we are talking about. maybe in a certain way more democrat from my standpoint than the republican concept.
6:40 am
maria: what do you think, richard? >> if he wanted democratic support, inauguration day was he we wanted to work with democrats, show us infrastructure on the table, he chose not to. >> i will make prediction when you asked where they can work together, there are budget caps that are scheduled to be reimposed on october 1st, they will bust the budget caps. both sides -- [inaudible conversations] jon: increase military and nonmilitary spending. maria: that needs to get a boost in the economy later this year, is that going to be be a stimulus? jon: it'll be stimulus, that's exactly why they will do it.
6:41 am
maria: yeah, at some point they'll have to focus on debt reduction, at some point. markets haven't been bother bid this, jon. jon: long-term interest rates historic lows and market is getting free pass to keep spending as much as they have. maria: richard, great to see you, thank you, richard fowler. allowing uk to extend exit deadline. cheryl: good morning, if british parliament approves prime minister theresa may's plan extend deadline until may 22nd, failing that, may would have april 11th to choose a new path, british parliament has rejected may's proposal two times. well, pinterest stepping out plans for offering, the company is preparing to make the filing public as early as today and list shares on the new york
6:42 am
stock exchange in april. pinterest looking to go public, and bloomberg reporting that lyft rival uber has picked the new york stock exchange for its ipo, company expected to file offering in april, one of the biggest ipo's ever. finally a texas couple bring 1600-pound pet deer to -- that's a longhorn, all learned pets are welcome, the huge bull entering through sliding glass doors, some folks are petting oliver who is trained for rodeos and other shows, oliver's owner say this pet coa is their favorite by far, the video, of course, has gone viral, guys, nearly a million views. only in texas, maria. maria: that's true.
6:43 am
only in texas. by the way, i love petco, they helped me find my rescue puppy. exactly. thanks, cheryl. coming up colin kaepernick payout, we will tell you how much money the quarterback received over collusion case, that's coming up. the future of retail, nike among big names reported earnings yesterday, investors are running numbers this morning, we are breaking that in earning season, stay with us. ♪ ♪ move to the enterprise-grade cloud that's built to handle all your apps. ♪ ♪ the ibm cloud. the cloud for smarter business.
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maria: welcome back, nike one of the stocks of the day under pressure, the stock is down 4 and a quarter percent after third-quarter sales in north america missed expectations, sales growth will slow down, joining us right now perry manderino, thank you so much for joining us. >> good morning, maria. maria: your take on nike quarter and what it says where we are right now in the u.s. and globally this slowdown is hitting a lot of corporate earnings. >> it sure is. now, nike, they beat expectations however they said in the u.s. they weren't as strong. now they are strong but not as strong and i think what ordered outlets to sell and nike is doing great job in bypassing
6:48 am
retailer and going online, there's a doubt on the economy, there's a little concern about the trade wars and what will happen, they hit they high yesterday. i think it will rebounded and i think it would be a strong performer. >> perry, what are you see tong restructuring with the brick and mortar retailers, are we going to be seeing a lot of deals as brick and mortar guys try to compete with the amazons of the world, are we going to see debt restructuring, merger, acquisitions, what does that look like? >> for restructuring, you've had over 3,000 stores close, payless and i believe the trend will continue, it's just too difficult and i think that you have different classes of
6:49 am
retailers, the wal-marts and the targets, tjmaxx will do great and perform, you don't need 10 different type of teen apparel companies, there's no difference, right, customers want experience, they want a good product and they want value more than anything. maria: one of the reasons that we saw such strength in levi's, you're there in new york with dagen, perry, levi stocks soared as more and more companies plan to go public this year. give us your outlook, the stock was up 30% on day one. dagen: right, i think that investors see a lot of upside for levi in the sense that it does have a concentration in department store retailers but there's a lot of potential in e-commerce which is less -- which is single digits in terms
6:50 am
of net revenue with the company and also less than a third of sales are to women. women in e-commerce, that's where levi's success should come and investors are certainly betting on that yesterday. maria: perry, would you put money to work, would you buy after huge move yesterday? >> i think levi's would be strong performer for several reasons and when you have -- the family is aligned with shareholders, i think that's number one and as dagen said, they are getting into more into women, 80%, 70%, but even more strengthening to levi's, they have 800 brick and mortar locations, they don't have any debt. they have some debt but it's like $300 million, cash 700, when we see troubled retailers
6:51 am
are overleveraged. great experience, great product, there's value, it's phenomenal company. maria: all right, we will leave it there. perry, good to see you. coming up the colin kaepernick settlement, new report reveals how much the quarterback received, back in a minute with that. (bird chirping) lots to do, hope you fuelled up.
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maria: welcome back, the president is tweeting this morning and he's talking about economic growth, he just wrote this, 3.1% gdp for the year, best number in 14 years, flact we did -- in fact, we did have real gdp growth, 9% above the trend, the president is writing about that right now. meanwhile this in sports, ucla
6:55 am
soccer coach out of a job, jared max with college emission scandal fallout. >> jorge salcedo who coached for the last 15 years has resigned. indicted last week for allegedly taking payments that total $200,000, salcedo taking payments to help two students gain acceptance to ucla, charge of conspiracy, was there a conspiracy to keep colin kaepernick from getting signed, collusion grievance against the nfl, the wall street journal says the settlement totals is under $10 million, total. march madness but 12 seed against number 5, 17 points
6:56 am
along with 16 assists, 11 rebounds, first triple double, murray state wins, how about fletch, seven 3-pointers, next to play kentucky. number one seed to play thursday, they were winner of number one seed, playing today, the madness alive and well in college basketball. maria: it sure is. jared max, fox news 24/7, siriusxm 115. we will be right back.
6:57 am
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maria: welcome back. good friday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is friday, march 22nd. your top stories right now. my exclusive interview with president trump coming up. the commander in chief addresses everything from the economy and trade to the late senator john mccain. part one of my exclusive interview coming up in just a moment. we're taking a look at weakness at the opening of trading this morning, futures indicate a decline, down 118 points on the dow, down 12 and-a-half on the s&p ands nasdaq down 31 points. this after a pretty good showing yesterday, stocks were strong, led by technology. take a look. dow industrials were up 216 points at the close yesterday, almost 1%. the nasdaq up 110 points, 1
7:01 am
and-a-half percent higher a at 4:00 on wall street yesterday. in europe, different story, markets are lower, fq down 72 points, 1% lower. the cac in paris is down 44 points, and the dax index in germany weaker by 48. asia overnight, mixed performances. mostly higher but they were all fractionally moving as you see. there has been a deadly explosion at a chemical plant in china. dozens killed, hundreds injured. then a debate on china, general dunford set to meet with google, a week after taking a shot at the company over investments in china. tesla joining apple in the legal case over trade. tesla's big u-turn, we'll tell you what program it is bringing back. joining me to break it down, dagen mcdowell in new york, thmatt shlapp and john hilsenra.
7:02 am
great to see everybody this morning. >> great to be here. maria: we've got a lot to talk about this morning. i want to get everybody's take on google and how they're enabling china in terms of working there. we want to begin with my interview with president trump. the commander in chief discusses his recent attacks on senator john mccain but we begin with how to keep the economic boom going as well as the federal reserve. president, thank you so much for joining he me. >> thanme.we've seen growth in e economy, in jobs, the stock market. the rest of the world is slowing. how will you keep the elevated growth going? >> i think it's happening. you look at what's going on with respect to china, the deal is coming along very well. we'll see what happens we're taking in billions and billions of dollars from china in the form of tariffs. i think the deal will probably happen. i think they need it very badly. nobody's ever really seen anything quite like what's happening. we did the mexico and canada
7:03 am
deal, usmca. that's going very well. i think that it should get a approved pretty quickly by congress because it's a great deal. nafta to me was one of the worst deals i've ever seen. i think the wto is terrible by the way. we're doing better with wto, winning cases all of a sudden because we never won cases. now we're starting to win cases because they know my attitude. if they don't treat us fairly, we get out. there's a big difference there. we're doing a good job. we finished up at 3.1 gdp, everybody -- that hasn't been done in 14 years. maybe more than that. but 14 years. and i think we have tremendous momentum right now and you're right, the world is slowing but we're not slowing. and frankly, if we didn't have somebody that would raise interest rates and do quantitative tightening, we would have been at over 4 instead of a 3.1. maria: the fed said this week, actually, signaling that we're not going to see anymore rate
7:04 am
hikes this year. do you think you influenced that decision? >> i hope i didn't influence. it doesn't matter. i don't care if i inforfo influr not. i was right. we would have been over 4 if they didn't do all the interest rate hikes. and they tightened. i said what are we doing here. 3.1 may be the best in 14 years. i'm not happy with it. we should have had much higher. and hopefully now we won't do the tightening, because with the world going so off and with a lot of things happening, you don't do tightening at this time. and we'll see what happens. but we have tremendous potential as a country. our companies are doing phenomenally well. the earnings are great. we have the greatest companies in the world. we're not being treated properly by other countries. maria: things are slowing, things are slowing. can you keep this growing? >> i think so. i think we can. i think maybe others can't but i think we can, absolutely. maria: on china you've got
7:05 am
officials headed to beijing this weekend. you said the tariffs are going to stay in place for a substantial period of time. is there a snag in these negotiations? >> no, not at all. if you look at technology and the first $50 billion of goods, we want to keep that. and because we need that. we have what's called the chicken tax, you know what that is, the small vans and trucks and different things, that's a great thing for us. that has to do with the automobile industry. that's the best segment. people don't know, we get a 25% tariff on that segment. that's our best segment by far. and, yeah, we will absolutely be able to keep it. not only keep it going, i really think we have tremendous potential. the world is going -- the world is going in a little bit the wrong direction, not horribly. i think a lot of people are waiting for the deal with china. i think that's going to have a very big impact, maybe bigger than people know. as to whether or not it makes it, i think it will. i think we're getting very close. that doesn't mean we get there but i think we're getting very
7:06 am
close. maria: i'm glad you mentioned the chicken tax, 25% tariff on european light trucks right now the commerce department is looking at autos and auto parts and whether or not they pose national security risk. do they? >> no, what poses a national security risk is our balance sheet. we need a strong balance sheet. otherwise, you don't have national security. people are always saying what do cars have to do with national security. when germany is sending cars and we virtually don't tax them and yet they won't accept our cars, namely the european union, which frankly treats us as badly as china, the numbers are just smaller by a lot. but you know, we lost over the course of the last five, six, seven years, $150 billion a year with the european union. they don't take our product. they tax us tremendously. they tariff us tremendously. almost every country has taken advantage of the united states and we're straightening it out. maria: if you slap more tariffs, if you slap tariffs on
7:07 am
auto and auto imports, doesn't that affect the global stream of goods? doesn't it slow down the economy? it's expensive. >> it does. you know what it does. tenthe end game,they build the e united states and they have no tariffs. maria: what if europeans say let's go to zero percent, let's go to no tariffs, are you willing to give up the 25% tariff on light trucks. >> no, a chevrolet will never sell like a he mercedes sells h. the chevrolet will never be accepted in europe like the mercedes is here. i wouldn't do that deal. maria: you wouldn't do zero tariffs. >> for certain products, but not for cars. they have bmw, he mercedes, a lt of good cars that come in, and they make them here. i want them to make them over here. maria: you mentioned usmca. a lot of democrats have said to me i'm not going to vote for it in its current form.
7:08 am
do you have a plan b if it doesn't pass? >> maybe you go pre-nafta. nafta is probably one of the worst trade deals ever made. i include wto. wto gave us china in its current form. they're considered in wto a developing nation. we put an end -- we let them know, we're not going to stand for that. we let the folks over at the world trade oranization know we're not going to stand for that. so think of it. china, india, these are all considered developing nations. we're not a developing nation. they have a big advantage over us. why didn't people come out strongly against that in past administrations? they should have. that's a tremendous advantage. we are not allowing that to p happen. maria: let me ask you -- >> we advised them we're not going to stand for that. maria: let me ask you about social media. you said many platforms censor
7:09 am
conservative speech. >> i hate the concept of regulation on media. you talk about the world collusion, the collusion between the democrats and these people, it's ridiculous. it's hard to believe i won. if you think about it, i had facebook, google, twitter, everybody against me. i have the media's almost totally against me. and yet i won. 306 to 223. people can't p even believe it. i won. because i'm able to get the word out through my social media, because i have great social media. i tell you, it's much tougher than it should be. i deal with twitter. it's not right the way they do it. i know exactly what they're doing. they take people off my account. they make it very hard for people to join. i had a time very recently ago where i was picking up hundreds of thousands of people in a very short period of time. now when i pick up -- i guess i have way over 100 million on the different platforms, added up,
7:10 am
way over 100 million. it gives me a voice because it's a corrupt media. i call it fake media but it's fake and corrupt. maria: do you want to break the companies up? >> you understand that, i'm not talking about you, by the way but you know it better than anybody, 93% negative news. i think it's worse than that. maria: do you want to break the companies up? >> i don't like the concept of it. i would like everybody to be free. they don't treat us the same way as they treat liberal democrats and others. because the democrats actually are becoming a far left party. they're becoming a radical party. you look at what they want to do with the supreme court, you look at what they want to do with the voting age, where did that come all of a sudden, the voting age at 16. they're becoming radical. they are radicalized. you look at the green new deal, it's the most pre pro outrageou. i hope they keep going forward with it, frankly, because i think it will be easy to beat. maria: i've got to ask you about the news of the week.
7:11 am
you spent a good portion of your time in ohio the other day, trashing john mccain, senator john mccain is dead. why are you doing this. >> it's a small portion of my time. if you realize about three days ago it came out that his main person gave to the fbi the fake news dossier, it was a fake, it was a fraud, it was paid for by hillary clinton and the democrats. they gave it to john mccain who gave it to the fbi for a very evil purpose. that's not good. and the other thing he voted against repeal and replace. he's been l campaigning for years for repeal and replace. i'm not a fan. after all of this time, he's -- think of this, repeal and replace. we would have had great healthcare. maria: he's dead, he can't punch back. i know you punch back, but he's dead. >> i don't talk about it. people ask me the question. i didn't bring it up. you brought it up. you asked the question. maria: you talked about it this week. >> you asked the question. when i went to the scrum, they
7:12 am
asked me the question. i answered the question. you people bring it up. i don't bring it up. i'm not a fan, he was horrible what he did with repeal and replace. what he did to the republican party and to the nation and to sick people, that could have had great healthcare, was not good. i'm not a fan of john mccain and that's fine. maria: do you feel a responsibility as president to bring the nation together? >> i do. i do. and i think i am in a certain way bringing it to together. i can tell you that a big portion of this nation is united like it's never been united before. you look at our economy. you look at jobs. you look at african american, the lowest in the history of our country unemployment numbers, the best numbers they've ever had. maria: that's what i'm saying. >> hispanic. you look at asian. you look at women, the best in 65 years, best numbers in 65 years. i think i am bringing it together. i think i'm bringing it together together-mo maria: not by talking about john mccain. >> i didn't bring it up. i didn't mention john mccain until you asked me a question about john mccain.
7:13 am
i could say i have no comment. that's not me. you shouldn't have brought it up. i thought you weren't supposed to bring it up. fake news. maria: it's not fake news. >> i have a serious issue. he havenedded something to the -- handed something to the fbi on me. he knew it was a fake. repeal and replace of obamacare, he campaigned for years, that's an issue. but i didn't bring it up, maria, you did. maria: part two of my interview with the president coming up. my thanks to president trump for joining us and for the record there, were no conditions or stipulations agreed to ahead of the interview. part two of my exclusive interview coming up with the president at the top of the 8:0. don't miss it. we have a lot more to go through. a deadly explosion in china, dozens killed, hundreds more injured, employees have been detained over this. we've got details coming up. tesla joining apple in a legal case over trade secrets tied to
7:14 am
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maria: coming up this morning, more of my exclusive interview with president trump. jason chavitz is with us awell as anthony scaramucci and ted farmsworries worth is here. police detaining employees after a deadly plant explosion in china. cheryl casone has details in headlines. cheryl: a massive explosion at a factory, killing at least 47 people. police in eastern china detaining chemical plant employees after, well, at this point it's not clear how many
7:18 am
employees are under arrest. the explosion injured more than 690 and that sparked a massive fire. the concern now, toxins possibly affecting air and water quality there. investigators are working to figure out a cause of that blast. well, the top u.s. military officer is set to meet with google. general jo joseph dunford will d a meeting with google officials to discuss china's security worries. he says businesses like google's artificial intelligence venture in china allow the chinese military to take advantage of u.s. developed technology but google says its a.i. venture in china is focused on education and research. well, tesla is accusing one of its former engineers of sharing top secret auto pilot information with chinese rival, x panninpang motors.
7:19 am
eight months ago a former apple employee was charged with bringing confidential information to x-pang. the chairman says his company plays by the rules. tesla is bringing back its customer referral program but it's giving away less free cars this time. musk says the program rewards those who refer the most customers within a given period. a model y founders series is going to be up for grabs every month and a tesla roadster signed by musk each quarter. tesla originally abandoned the referral program because they were giving away too many roadsters and obviously that drove up costs. maria: thank you. a recall alert this morning, major concerns over contamination in baby's cough syrup. possible metal shards in chicken strips, more details on what you need to know. beer wars, miller coors suing bud light over ads mentioning corn syrup, that and a lot more
7:20 am
when we come back. stay with us. ♪ hard to love, hard to love. ♪ i don't make it easy. ♪ i couldn't do it if i stood where you stood. ♪ i'm hard to love, hard to love. ♪ you say that you need me. ♪ i don't deserve it but i love that you love me, girl. want more from your entertainment experience?
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maria: welcome back. oil markets slipping amid falling inventory and signals from the federal reserve on interest rates. prices are off of their highest levels of the year. joining us right now, oil price information service global head of energy analysis, tom kloza. thanks so much for joining us. assess the market for us, tom, give us the supply demand story. oil prices are still pretty elevated, right? >> they are, maria. and for once this year i think it's very clear we're going to
7:24 am
see a bunch of oil price inflation. we've already seen crude oil prices rise by about $14 a barrel since christmas week. we're seeing a lot of refining issues and a lot of maintenance, so gasoline prices on a wholesale basis are actually up somewhere between 40 and 70-cents since christmas. there's one more wrinkle. all the floods you've been watching in the midwest, that means that et l knoll, which is a -- ethanol, which is a key component in finished gasoline, is not necessarily getting smoothly to the coast. so we've got -- i hate to say perfect storm but we've got a little bit of a storm that's going to send prices higher. maria: when i was talking to some business people this week they brought up the iran waivers and how a number of countries are still doing business with iran because of these waivers. and they wondered what's the story with those waivers and whether or not president trump is going to make any changes there. what are your thoughts in terms
7:25 am
of the production levels right now in the global market, given that there are still a number of countries working with iran, because of these waivers? >> well, oil is tightening even though iranian exports are probably about 1.6 million barrels a day, that's a little bit higher than they were. whether or not the waivers get extended for india, china, all of these other countries who probably need iranian oil, is really going to be one of the factors that determines whether we stop at about 70 to 7 a $ $7a barrel for crude or we go higher. we've had banks this week that suggested we could get to $90 a barrel if all of the iranian oil is cut off and of course venezuela remains a mess where there is zero crude oil coming from venezuela to the united states. >> we always think about the elevated price of crude oil having a negative impact on consumers in america. but with this shift to america
7:26 am
being a really dominant energy production power, is there a side benefit that a lot of the american production energy economy benefits from these increased or elevated prices? >> well, certainly it hurt -- it helps the trade balance. we exported about 27 million barrels of crude oil last week. we're probably going to be exporting in the neighborhood of 30 plus million barrels every week when we get toward the end of this year so there's a lot of revenue there and we're going to see another million barrels a day of u.s. crude oil production. on the downside, the consumer feels this now. the consumer was only paying about $825 million a day for gasoline in january. now it's probably up to about $1.1 billion. so we're probably getting to the numbers that might provoke a presidential tweet and maybe some pressure on saudi arabia.
7:27 am
maria: we'll leave it there. tom, it's good to see you this morning. thanks so much. >> thanks, maria. maria: coming up, former white house communications director anthony scaramucci with us this morning, reaction to my exclusive interview with president trump, that's coming um. then matt damon has a request, he would like you to drink beer instead of water in his new ad. we will tell you which one, coming up. ♪ honky tonk she can stay with you to finish her senior year. things will be tight but, we can make this work. ♪ now... grandpa, what about your dream car? this is my dream now. principal we can help you plan for that .
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mariamaria: welcome back. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is friday, march 22nd, coming to you live from washington. your top stories, 7:30 a.m. on east coast. my interview with president trump this morning. the commander in chief speaking out on the economy, the federal reserve and growth. >> i think we have tremendous momentum right now and you're right, the world is h slowing bt we're not slowing. we would have been over 4 if they didn't do all of the interest rate hikes. maria: and real gdp up 3.1% year over year. part two of my exclusive interview with president trump coming up at 8:00 a.m. eastern, hear what he has to say about the looming mueller report and his announcement yesterday on israel and golon heights. we're taking a look at weakness at the opening of trading. futures this morning indicate a decline of better than 100 points, s&p 500 down 11 points
7:32 am
and the nasdaq down 24, a third of a percent. this after a pretty strong rally yesterday on wall street, technology stocks led the way. take a look at the dow, up 216 points yesterday, almost 1%. the nasdaq up 1 and-a-half percent, 110 points higher, due to the strength in tech. in europe this morning, different story. markets are lower in europe today, the fq100 is down almost 80 points, the cac in paris is down 50 points and the dax index weaker by 61. in asia overnight, fractional moves across the board, as you see, but it was higher for the most part. a pair of recalls to report this morning. parents, beware. some children's cough syrup taken off the shelves, plus nearly 70,000 pounds of tyson chicken has been recalled. we've got all the details that you need to know about coming up. there is a legal battle brewing between anheuser-busch and miller coors, it's because of a super bowl ad. actor matt damon asking americans to drink stella artois beer, this weekend, with a
7:33 am
special hashtag. we'll tell you why. first, our top story this half hour, doubling down, president trump standing by his criticism of the late senator john mccain. i asked him about it. you spent a good portion of your time in ohio the other day trashing john mccain, sense r torsenatorjohn mccain is dead we you doing this. >> it's a small portion of my time. if you realize three days ago it came out his main person gave to the fbi the fake news dossier, it was a fake, it was a fraud, it was paid for by hillary clinton and the democrats. they gave it to john mccain who gave it to the fbi for very evil purposes. that's not good. the other thing, he voted against repeal and replace. he's been campaigning for years for repeal and replace. i'm not a fan. after all of this time, he's -- think of this. repeal and replace, we would have had great healthcare. maria: mr. president, he's
7:34 am
dead, you can't punch back. i know you punch back, but he's dead. >> i don't talk about it. people ask me the question. i didn't bring this up. you brought it up, you asked the question. maria: you talked about it this week. >> you asked me the question. when i went out yesterday to the scrum. , they asked me the question. you people bring it up. i don't bring it up. i'm not a fan. what he did to the republican party and to the nation and to sick people, that could have had great healthcare, was not good. i'm not a fan of john mccain and that's fine. maria: joining us right now is former white house communications director, sky bridge capital founder, anthony scaramucci. it's good to see you this morning. >> maria, good morning. maria: thank you so much for joining us. this dossier keeps coming up and that'andthat's one of the reasor the president's upset with the late john mccain. do you think we're going to see any accountability with all of this? >> accountability relates to the dossier or with the president's
7:35 am
feeling -- maria: accountability with the fact that the dossier was given to the fbi and they had flimsy evidence to actually wiretap an american citizen. >> yeah, well, i mean, i think that's the point that -- i think that's the reason that the president is so upset. i think people get his point and they understand the grievance that he has. i just don't think he's scoring a lot of points, maria, by continuing to bring it up as it relates to somebody that passed away seven months ago. but yes, the president's going to be exonerated on that. i think there was a level of unfairness that went on during the campaign and right after the campaign and if you look at the time line on the john mccain stuff, looks like he gave that information after the election results. so i don't think it happened before. but in any event, i understand the president's grievance but i really wish he would stop hitting at john mccain because we've got to win white women voters, we've got suburban housewives that don't like it. we're trying to teach our kids
7:36 am
about anti-bullying. the guy's dead and he should stop hitting him. he can disagree with me and other people about it. that's fine. i say it because i'm very loyal to the president. i want to see the guy win re-election. i don't see how this is helping him. maria: you know, you make a good point. and that is women, matt. he had a problem with suburban women coming to the polls and voting for him during the midterm elections. can he get them back? what does he need to do? >> represents have had a gender gap with women since the 1980s. it works with the opposite with men. democrats have a gender gap with men. the main reason republicans do better with women is when you talk about the economy and their family having more economic choices. the second issue is security, the idea that a president stands up for our security, so this is where the questions about the border and illegal immigration and the question about terrorism, women care about those issues. they care about their homes
7:37 am
being secure and that's a strength for republicans. >> then the other issue obviously is economic security and the economy and i think as long as we have an unemployment rate at or below 4%, he's in pretty strong shape going into 2020, despite a lot of these other people -- problems that people have. maria: isn't that the point, a anthony? i mean, we're talking about 3.1% year over year economic growth, jobs at record numbers, unemployment record lows. is that going to be enough to really fuel his re-election in 2020? >> i do. i think that that could be a 400 electoral college vote landslide for the president because it's very hard to unseat a sitting president in a rising economy like that he's done a phenomenal job on the economy. he's done a phenomenal job as relates to securing peace for israel. he's done a phenomenal job as relates to the potential denuclearization of the korean peninsula. so i would just like him to stay on those messages, it's res
7:38 am
nailinresonating with the amerin people. i would say there's a reverse bradley effect that happens with the president. a lot of people don't say that they vote for him and then they'll tell you quietly they're voting for him. he's got all those things going in hi his direction. i would say let's not have unforced errors. i would say he's a fo a formidae adverse sharely to any democrat. i'm happy to tell you what i really think, maria because i want to see the guy succeed and i want to see the guy win in 2020. >> you say he's doing a fabulous job with the economy. we had a very strong year last year but in part because of what's going on with trade. it looks like the whole world is slowing down and the u.s. is catching some of that bug. is that a problem? does the president need to pivot on trade especially going into the election year and resolve some of these conflicts that we've got? >> you're bringing up a good
7:39 am
point. it has taken longer to get some of these trade deals done than i think people had expected. i think the market was sort of signaling a march 1st deal as related to china. john, if that deal happens before the end of the second quarter, i still think we're okay. at the end of the day, if you think about the industrial investment that's happening in the united states and some of the return of some of these manufacturing jobs, that's a very big bright spot for the president and it can be a contributed to the -- attributed to the president's tax and economic policies. so yes, there's a little bit of a slowdown. he made the point to maria that if they didn't raise rates on him, he probably could have gotten a higher gdp but there is some concern, you know this because you of covered the fed for a he very lonfor a very lone powell is a little bit in a box because they're borrowing a trillion dollars a year. if you look at the entire landscape of stuff, you can still see a 2.5, 3% growth over the next 12 months. that is very, very good for the
7:40 am
president and it puts him in a good position. last point i want to make is wages are up for the bottom 10 to 20% of the employment scale and that's really the first time in about 15 years, john. so all of those things are super positive. i was with jamie dimon at the lco forum earlier in the week in d.c., he was talking about how hard it is to hire. maria: you're right. wages up 3.1% or so in the last reading. how about this other feud this week, anthony, president trump versus george conway, i spoke with the counsel to the president kelley ann con way yet about being in the middle of this, her bots an boss and her . >> i'm not being asked to choose between my marriage and my job. donald trump has never made -- the president has never made me feel that way, maria. i george was quoted saying i wish she didn't work there. maria: does he want you to step down? >> my husband has been critical
7:41 am
of the president publicly. he's traditionally been private person. maria: it really is bizarre, anthony, the way george conway tweets about the president, knowing that his wife has this enormous job. >> listen, i think -- listen, maria, i almost got divorced during my white house fiasco. it's hard for me to comment on other people's marriages. here's what i would say to you about the situation. i would say this to the president. this family, the conway family, has sacrificed an enormous amount for president trump and for the administration and i would just let that thing go because they've got four beautiful kids and, you know, you don't want to be the wedge that drives those two people apart, god forbid. so that's my piece. focus on the four kids. let's all move on. we've got a lot of great things going on in the country as a result of president trump and if you need therapy, you can always listen to mooch and the misses on tuesdays where my wife takes
7:42 am
a cheese greate grater to my fo. maria: dagen, how do you see all this. dagen: i have nothing to say about anthony scaramucci's marriage. [ laughter ] dagen: because i know and love his wife. somebody needs to put a stop to this about the conway feud that is going on in public. just a word on president trump. he needs to stop blaming other people. if you're going to come out on twitter on a saturday morning and lambast senator john mccain who is dead, you need to take ownership of that and try and stop blaming the media about it. again, if you want to talk about the economy, you said that you did a deal with canada and mexico, well, you haven't given them relief on the steel tariffs. you want the economy to grow faster, get out of your own way. the federal reserve won't be there to blame if the economy
7:43 am
slows down in 12 months. service data point todd a sharp slowdown at the end of last year. that's in the wall street journal today. be very careful where you tread. do what's in the best interest of the country and in the best interest of yourself. maria: are there things that the president should be doing, john hilsenrath, in terms of keeping the growth story going? let's be clear. the deregulation, the tax plan did stimulate growth. but now you're seeing issues in europe and china. that's hitting us. >> i think one thing that a lot of people need is some resolution on the trade front. it's causing a lot of uncertain. maria: yeah. >> it could be affecting investment. dagen is always on top of the numbers. really on top of the numbers. we did have a story today about hausehow services spending sld down in the fourth quarter. it does look like the economy is slowing and trade is a big area that has to get resolved. maria: don't forget the cap ex in information technology, the
7:44 am
last reading 13%. that was a good number. anthony, good to see you. a recall alert, children's syrup taken off store shelves and 70,000 pounds of tyson chicken has been recalled. all the news when we come back.
7:45 am
7:46 am
7:47 am
maria: welcome back. a major recall of baby cough syrup. cheryl casone with headlines now. cheryl: kingston pharma is recalling dg health naturals
7:48 am
baby cough syrup because of possible bacteria contamination. the recalled product distributed in dollar general stores. be on the lookout for that. tyson foods is recalling 70,000 pounds of chicken strips because they may be contaminated with pieces of metal. products have a best if used by date of november 30th 2019. they have the number p7221 on ththe back of packages. miller coors is suing anheuser-busch over bud light advertisement. thmiller coors says the ads are misleading consumers to believe there is corn syrup in its beers when it's only used in the fermentation process. anheuser-busch calling the lawsuit baseless and its ad truthful. the beer wars, folks. today is world water day. and matt damon is teaming up
7:49 am
with stella artois to help fight the global water crisis. for every stella artois bottle or beer ordered through the end of april, the company will provide one person in the developing world with clean water for a month. you can buy a limited edition stella artois chalice at that will provide clean water to someone for five years. they're asking people to use the hashtag pour it forward to help raise awareness. drinking beer for a good cause on a friday. maria: thank you, cheryl. a big return for movie pass, the company bringing back its subscription plan but there are a few catches. stay with us on that. ♪ sometimes i want to be a big shot director. ♪ try to make the world understand. ♪ i'm making movies. this isn't just any moving day.
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if you want to get crazy, we can get crazy. ♪ >> who are you people? maria: that was a clip from the new horror film, us, which hits he theaters today and for movie lovers out there movie pass is bringing back unlimited subscription plan with a few catches. joining us now is majority owner at movie pass, ted farmsworth. good to see you. thank you for joining us. tell us about the new subscription service. >> well, look, we brought back the $9.95. we had a lot of people that were abusing the terms and conditions so we slowed down, slowed down the growth. we've seen over 800% growth in the last few days. maria: this has been incredibly
7:54 am
successful. you announced it on our show two years ago. tell us how it evolved. >> when we a announced it became a huge phenomenon. we ran into issues with people breaking the systems and breaking the rules. we had to slow it down. now we're relaunching it with the technology we have and now with movie pass films being the same to drive the people at the theater side, the movie pass film side with our movies that we have coming out right now is really what's making the difference with sylvester stallone and bruce willis and the different lineups we have on our slate. maria: tell us about the new releases coming up. you've got exclusive perks for movie pass subscribers. >> you've got all kinds of red carpet events where they'll be coming there and they'll be coming to premiers, world premiers, whatever we're doing as well as they'll be able to be in the movies themselves. subscribers will be able to join contests to get a talking part in one of the movies. >> tell us what's happening with american consumers right now.
7:55 am
are they out there spending money? are the they confident? >> we see on the entertainment side it's very robust and has been for a long time. i think the economy's doing great from that standpoint. i think it's going to change over time of where people are coming more out of their house, out of the cocoon of like a netflix or whatever, coming back to theaters. we saw that last year. theatrical went up the first time in 20 years last year. we think movie pass was a big part of that. i think just what we see out there with the spending is going well. >> do you think that the industry can partner better with googles and these platforms to make sure piracy is not taking money out of people's pockets like yourself. >> yeah, we deal with piracy especially on the movie side itself. with the movie coming out, escape plan, the extractors comes out july 2nd, sylvester stallone, lions gate doing
7:56 am
distribution. we see that as a challenge, especially in china and places where -- we've seen movies we had last year pirated over there. i think that's still a big issue. i'm supportive of the laws that they're trying to push through now on piracy. maria: especially as we're trying the to push back on china to stop stealing i.p. theft. >> we had several movies last year that were pirated overseas. that's hard for us. maria: what's the loss in terms of money on that? what kind of hit to the profits? >> i think nationwide, i think it's huge with big studios, with the warner brothers of the world, the disneys. with us right now it's impactful for us, for sure. maria: ted, good to have you on the show. thanks so much. still ahead, more of my exclusive interview with president trump, we'll talk everything from the mueller report to working with democrats, next hour, right here.
7:57 am
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maria: welcome back good friday morning. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. friday, march 22 top stories right now 8:00 a.m. on the east coast. my exclusive interview with president trump coming up, the commander in chief speaking out on his surprise golan heights announcement yesterday now syria slamming the president this morning vowing to recovery golan heights. >> i have been thinking about doing it a long time has been very hard decision for every president no president has done it, every president has said do that. i am the one that gets it done. maria: agent part two of my exclusive interview with the president coming up, right here meanwhile, this, the deadly 737 max crash, hitting
8:01 am
boeing bottom line facing first max order cancellation. apple on top because giant to unveil streaming service monday higher ahead of the announcement plus 2019 ipo boom is heating up, uber pinterest reportedly making choices where they will list their stock what that means for time line to go public, we are looking at weakness the open we are off lows the futures a decline 134 points this is taking a queue from europe because we had purchasing managers indices out in eurozone weaker than expected. u.s. market following europe futures indicating a decline 13 on s&p 26 points lower on nasdaq, after a rally yesterday meanwhile, technology stocks led the way yesterday, take a look at dow at close up 26 points yesterday, s&p up 30 nasdaq up 110 1/2% on strength, in europe pmi's purchasing
8:02 am
managers index weighing on markets, ft 100 down 1 1/4% cac quarante down better than one percent dax weaker three-quarters of a percent 82 points lower fractional movers across the board coming up friday morning to break it down fox business network dagen mcdowell, american conservative union chairman the "the wall street journal" global economics editor jon hilsenrath graeth to see everybody. dagen: great to about here. >> the economy going on in markets about growth the stock market is near new highs, but the bond market is signaling the whole world economy is slowing down that is why, those pmi numbers you mentioned leadup interesting bond market seems right about what is going on the stock market doesn't care, buying in part because fed is keeping policies -- >> where fed is but europe i feel not a lot of wiggle room if things continue to worsen. >> rates are already negative
8:03 am
that is why those pmi numbers you mentioned are really important very little they can do if they fall into recession. maria: we will keep watching that we begin with part two of my exclusive interview with president trump, right now, the commander in chief laying out the reasons why he suddenly declared it is time for the united states to recognize israel's sovereignty over golan heights we began with impendingries of the mueller report. >> now we are getting the mueller report what are you expecting. >> always interesting to me, because a deputy that didn't get anywhere else appoints a man that didn't get anywhere else going to write a report on me, i had one of the greatest elects victories in history would you say that is true. >> absolutely. >> skaim from valleys came from rivers came from the cities came from all over, they voted in one of the greatest elections in the history of our country, and now i have a man that because we have an attorney general who -- nobody can believe that, he didn't tell me but
8:04 am
recused himself. so who was a deputy i don't know i didn't know at all, he appoints a man just left my office i didn't give him job at fbi. comey his best friend. >> you covered. >> wait a minute listen you know better than anybody you have been very fair to me think of it i have a deputy, appoints a man, to write a report on me to make a determination of my presidency? people will not stand for it. now with all of that being said for two yearsing we have through this nonsense this is no to collusion with russia you he know that better than anybody, no obstruction, they will say wait there was to collusion that was with a hoax but he obstructed fighting against he the hoax i think about that for a second. >> same group ruling hillary clinton investigation we heard from lisa page testimony, was released, that the obama department of justice suggested we're not going to bring charges get off this, so during the campaign i remember
8:05 am
you said time get away from hillary clinton forget about this now do you still feel that way other do you think you want to see a accountability here given the fact now we know that the doj under obama did say we're not going to bring charges to the fbi. >> that is great question, so when i won i -- made my opening speech every won chanting lock herup i said no forget it let's get to the future but they en treated me so visualize have treated me so balanced we did nothing wrong, you look at other all of these people you hear about -- that had nothing to do with about russia, russia collusion, nothing. it is all a bihoax a witch hunt a hoax, so you asked me a question very interesting question, the way they have treated me, and we have found many crimes on the other side these are stone-cold crimes what they've done between deletion of 33,000 e-mails and many, many other things comey is lying, all of the lying the lies to congress, and these
8:06 am
are just absolute lies to congress, clapper lied to congress, nobody does anything! if somebody they all say flynn, i don't know anything about what he said the fbi said he didn't lie, mueller said he did lie what is he is that all about then destroy a man a general and respected man for many years they have treated -- we have -- we have been treated very, very unfairly. all because jeff sessions didn't have a clue, okay? recused himself. >> will will yar barr follow this i have a lot of respect for him, i have never known him, being he is a very, very smart respected man, hopefully he will do what is fair. >> now. >> all i can ask is what is fair. >> mueller going to drop the report southern districts on you investigations by democrats. >> they say lots of things i don't know about these things just so you understand every one says this, i don't even know about those, i call i said to lawyers, are we being
8:07 am
looked at here they don't even know what people are talking about, there is so much fake news out there it is a disgrace. if you look over the past two years, how many breaking news stories was there about me that turned out to be nonexistent so many. >> how you getting them confirmed with with all this. >> should never happen to another president what happened to me, they came up with an excuse for losing an election, this should never happen to another president. because most presidents wouldn't be able to take it i know politicians i know the president i know about what we're dealing with most people wouldn't be able to take it let me tell you something maria what happened to mes should mefr happen to another president of the united states, because i -- depending on right here mine not other people, what they've done is a fraud. it is a fake. it is a witch hunt should never happen to another president. >> is there anything you see that you would like to work with the democrats on in this nexts two years. >> we can work on a lot, i
8:08 am
think the easiest thing frankly of all i could have started with number one i wanting to tax cuts when we got the easiest thing infrastructure, they want it i want it i spoke to nancy pelosi about it the other day, we agree on it, we even like the type i think we like the type of infrastructure we're talking about. maybe in a certain way more democrats from our standpoint than the republican concept. private, public. i like frankly owning our own roads owning our bridges i don't like selling to other countries. >> do you -- want you to have -- >> i think very about foefbl because i think they want to do it, nancy pelosi told me very strongly they want to do infrastructure we have other things we can do i think should do something on immigration, immigration a totally disaster this this country we have laws so bad people pouring in i tell you what border security border patrol what they've done is incredible the job they are doing the job that isis is doing what they are doing, without the the protection and the -- the ability to have a
8:09 am
wall now, by the way, we are building a lot of wall right now you know that we are building the wall and going up fast big strong, looks good, not horrible thing they were building before i got here, building the wall now going to have a lot of wall built pretty soon if you don't have that you can't have border security. >> low do you want to go up against in 2020. >> so you have people saying a lot of wired thineird things no green new deal but many others. >> attacks on -- >> you have -- 70% tax rate you have beto beto comes out says let's take down the wall you took down wall this country would be overrun, okay. we put up a lot of wall like in san diego so interesting california so san diego begging me to do the wall i end up doing the wall then i see governor of california criticize he me for the wall they are begging me do the
8:10 am
wall it is political all politics, but my attitude i wouldn't mind would i love who have biden bernie, beto, beto seems to about the one that press has chosen, the press seems to have have choen beto. >> socialism versus capitalism. >> i any it is competence when i first ran never a politicians i ran in a certain platform, i have done far more than i said i was going to do when you look at the tax cuts when you look at the regulation cuts more than any other president, when you look at all biggest tax cut you look at -- even the thing like right to try with a what people can use as terminally ill use medicines we developed signing a simple document used to travel to asia europe all over the world to try to get a cure look at so many things i
8:11 am
have done for veterans, choice accountability they never thought you would have accountability you couldn't fire anybody if they treated balanced plea now you have accountability veterans choice where if they have to wait two weeks in line or they have to wait two days they can go out now see private doctor and we pay for that doctor. >> on golan heights, you tweeted about this day israel you said time for u.s. to recognize israelites sovereignty, and golan heights why now why did you send that out. >> i have been thinking about doing it a long time it has been very hard decision for every president no president has done it this is very much like you jurm jerusalem moving employee to jerusalem, of course campaigned on employee going to jerusalem i got to book, by the way, they campaigned on never did it i understand why, because when i got elected i also campaigned on it when i got elected i was inundated with calls from all
8:12 am
over the world leaders mostly leaders saying please don't do it don't do it. i did it, it has been done it is fine. . golan heights is the same thing for years, of other presidents campaigned said they would do it this is sovereignty this is security, this is about regional security. >> not about making out reelection. >> i wouldn't even know about that he wouldn't know about that i have no idea i hear doing okay. i don't know if great right now i hear he is doing okay, but i would imagine the other side whoever is against him also in favor of what i just did, every president has said do that. i am the one gets it done. >> mr. president thanks so much. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> this morning syrian government declared that it will recovery the golan heights territory, the government reportedly public aboutlined a statement on syrian news action web site calling the president statement irresponsible showed contempt for international law my thanks to president trump.
8:13 am
coming up ipo boom uber pinterest two biggest names to go public making a choice where they will list their shares, we've got the very latest there, then big moves for apple intelligent joint blowing past microsoft the world's most about about valuable public company new plan for television service all the details after this break. ♪ ♪ ohh♪ ♪ oh, oh ♪ when you rent from national...
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>> tiffany out with mixed earnings gerri willis on the floor looking at markets good morning to you. >> is it with numbers looking at a mixed result here, this is estimates, 1.32 billion on revenues against expectations of 1.33 billion you see stock down here eps better 1.67
8:17 am
actual versus 1.61 tiffany, nike here, those results i am waiting on right now. in premarket down almost 5%, i i don't have those numbers this time i apologize. i am going to move to ipos we get nike up in a second uber big story after levi highly successful ipo yesterday we have uber coming to the nike the biggest public offering of the year possibly top five all time, issue about officially fining in april expectation, they will be valued 120 billion dollars you know rival lyft going to nasdaq, and nike able to score a lot of big tech games alibaba twitter now uber pinterest also coming to the in april could be out today they have set up their offering to take advantage of this gogo ipo market last privately 12 billion dollars.
8:18 am
and apple has plans for of it service expecting details monday, don't expect netflix they will sell video subscription bundling hbo, showtime stars expectations for apple apologize about nike earnings do we have them? apple up premarket as we see, a little bit, that is going to be exciting statement on monday. back to you maria. maria: all right gerri thank you so much nike reported net income 1.1 billion dollars, 68 cents a share it was compared to a loss of 921 million a year earlier the issue here, was north american sales growth weaker than expected things going well in china but a question in terms of china growth given the slowdown there, so the stock is down 4 2/3% largely on a north america sell a growth earnings better than expected at 68 cents a share 1.1 billion
8:19 am
dollars jon hilsenrath what are you watching. >> so i mean there are two things from what you talked about, one was the consumer stocks look like a little unsoft side with two reports tiffany nike we have to look carefully at consumer right now a hit to wealth in fourth quarter jobs numbers last time we saw for february were close to flat. we have to see if consumer spending holds up the other thing i would say is ipos are potentially good news you know ipo market has been so soft for so long, and, you know, that is kind of been a sign the economy isn't kind of generating a lot of new companies a lot of innovation. if we see ipo market opening up, and as outlet for companies to go public or raise capital good than any for economic growth. >> good the point with new sploo i in stock you wonder how market absorbs it i wonder yes good we got a boom in ipos
8:20 am
whether or not, investors are going to be able to absorb that whether or not it means broader market trades down something to watch as well you wanted a comment. >> quickly on interview with president trump which i thought was great the key thing i don't think is covered enough by he reporters that 4 hours before mr. mueller is picked to be special counsel president tells him he will not pick them again to reason i fbi the president essentially legitimatelies bob mueller than has to read in the paper that bob mueller has this job being special counsel looking after the president conflict to odious you can see why it sits in craw that would happen. >> special counsel investigation based on fbi investigation into president trump then candidate trump based on real flimsy evidence. >> you couldn't make this up in story of fiction? extraordinary like a movie, what they did, coming up
8:21 am
general motors megaavenue investment ready to pour health insurance of millions into a midwest plant what it means for the company pm back in a min, forever friends, marking national puppy day the breed, just made america's favorite. stay with us. 2 stay with us. stay with us.
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8:24 am
. maria: welcome back more fallout from boeing following deadly crash of two of its 737 max jets cheryl casone with details there. cheryl: that is right, maria. indonesia flagship carrier gratitudea indonesia canseled for 49 boeing 747 max planes consumers don't think it is safe the first request following crashes in indonesia
8:25 am
and ethiopiagrowned worldwide after ethiopian airline crashed killed 157 people onboard a look at boeing, fractionally lower in the premarket right now. >> well drugmakers biogen -- ended recent alzheimer's drug trial coming, the biogen stock fell 29%, analystsing predicting biogen next move might be acquisition of another drug company. >> general motors to announce major investment plan this morning and michigan, a million dollars in its assignee plant to build new elect vehicle for chef producing electric car chevy bolt self-driving for gm cruise unit after gm said going to close its plant in ohio, that, of course, anningers president trump, we are going to learn more about
8:26 am
the plan from gm ceo on "varney & company" 10 a.m. eastern time today. >> okay. there is this lots of labrador love out there breed once again landed on top in america for 28th year in a row the near three decade run is kind of impressive and german shepard golden retriever fren french bulldog round out top five congratulations on new edition, baby, i am sure can't wait to see it probably really misses you maria. maria: yeah i was so happy to have her at home i miss her i haven't been home in a week we will celebrate national puppy day when i get home dagen celebrating with charlie this weekend. >> we celebrate every day, people even yesterday, i talked to him like a person out in public, and people think that i've completely lost my mind. i would say this ask you is
8:27 am
give her i will come up with belly scratches for her. >> nothing comes between belly rubs, about. >> and puppies. >> belly rubz you know what i am talking about. >> happy national puppy day we break when we come back defending the green new deal alexandria ocasio-cortez says her proposal is being misinterpreted. >> you would outlaw -- continuous farting. >> good to see how these narratives are manipulated. >> exclusive interview with president trump don't miss it back in a minute. ♪ you just have to wait, love
8:28 am
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maria: welcome back, good friday morning thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. live this morning in washington friday, march 22 top stories 8:31 a.m. east president trump slamming impending mueller report in my exclusive interview. >> all a big hoax a witch hunt and a hoax we have been treated very, very unfairly all because jeff sessions
8:32 am
didn't the have a clue. >> reduction from chairman jason chaffetz this morning taking a look at weakness opening of trading futures a decline of almost 200 points, this is taking a queue from europe because we had purchasing managers index surveys out, in france, germany, number of european pmi's weaker than expected showing that manufacturing within eurozone is weakening we know that it is expected to grow one percent eurozone in 2019 so that is weighing on european markets u.s. is following so all the, european down across the board f100 down a hundred, cac quarante down 731 1/3% dax in germany down 95 points germany had a tough rough go at it this week, after the bayer sell-off down again almost 1% on dax, in asia overnight, markets fractionally moving but were higher across the board, top story this half an hour the
8:33 am
green new deal, new york congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez speaking out on green new deal last night on late night. >> they are trying to say that the green new deal is about what we have to give up what we have to cut back on, when in fact, the green new deal itself is a resolution to about more expansive, it is to be able to generate more and make sure that we are investing, in working class in working class americans. maria: i asked president trump about the green new deal my exclusive sit down yesterday here is what he had to say about it. >> democrats actually have are being abouting far left party you look at this green new deal it is the most preposterous thing i don't want to knock it too much i really hope they keep going forward with it, you know frankly case i think it is going to be very easy to beat. maria: the group says going to cost 94 trillion dollars former utah congressman former house oversight committee
8:34 am
chairman fox news contributor jason chaffetz. >> thank you for joining us thoughts on green new deal, and whether or not this has legs every time alexandria ocasio-cortez talks about it she basically refers to it as broad strokes. don't wore about the fact that it doesn't make sense, don't worry about the fact that -- we're obviously, not going to get rid of you fossil fuels in 10 years it is just an idea what do you think. >> an actual piece of -- 2020 candidates on the democratic side of the party so there is a lot to about worried about there. the economics make no sense, the absurd dee on its face ising redicallows to dismiss it i think would be a mistake because she is communicating with a younger generation who may be hasn't looked at
8:35 am
economics of it and they think well why can't we do these things, if you believe that the world is going to end because of plastic straws in in ex10 years, you are looking at this thinking this is a viable piece of los angeles, you should do it. but republicans have also got to communicate, why they believe what they can do to help the planet, and they can't just say it is ridiculous or they are going to lose a huge section of the younger population. maria: is that why democrats want voting age to start at 16 years old. >> yeah there is this work i do at cpac half people that come to events high school kids college kids we haven't lost that generation but jason is right we have to reach out, and talk to them democrats think that they own certain groups of americans. and i think we are still people have my point of view we have being listened to we've got to deconstruct why green new deal will harm them. >> talk about environment.
8:36 am
>> easily carbon is not pollution this is the problem we could spend money combating -- pollution, having cleaner air cleaner water or take that same money where we -- instead of combating pollution we can do this all hoax, if a iffy acade will do nothing but raise energy prices a war on fossil fuel a diversion from cleaning environment. >> jason president trump wade in during interview former fbi director jim comey wrote op-ed in "new york times" titled what i want from mueller report in this comey rights even though i believe there trump is morally unfit to about president of the united states i am not rooting for mr. mueller to demonstrate that he is a criminal. i am also not rooting for mr. mueller to clear the president i am not rooting for anything at all except special counsel be permitted to finish work my exclusive interview yesterday i had a chance to ask president about i don't think probe into russia
8:37 am
collusion and this narrative nonsense last two years here is what he said. >> now we are going to get mueller report what are you expecting. >> always interesting to me a deputy that didn't get anywhere else appoints a man that didn't get any votes going to write a report on me i had one of the greatest elections in have if history would you say that is true. >> simultaneously. >> came from valleys came from rivers came from cities came from all over voted in one of the greatest elections in the history of our country, and now i have a man that as you because we have attorney general who -- nobody can even believe that he didn't tell me but he recused himself a man who was a deputy i don't know i didn't know at all, he appoints a man who just left my office i didn't give him job at fbi. for two years gone through nonsense this is no collusion with russia you know better than anybody no obstruction.
8:38 am
maria: jason i find it so ironic, that here is jim comey writing this op-ed, meanwhile, he was the director of the fbi at the time. he knew he had flimsy evidence to actually wiretap american citizen, just so they could spy on a political enemy's campaign he knew that hillary clinton was actually a part of the dossier's history paid for writes op-ed as if he is neutral. >> well yeah, you read the op-ed it is rich with irony, because you are exactly right, and the president is right about director comey here too. comey tries to go to graeth lens to say president has been tearing apart rule of law to the contrary the president has let this process play out with arm's length professed innocence as innocent person would do time and time and time again! he waives executive privilege opened interviews provided all documents what else do you want a president to do.
8:39 am
maria: right. >> i think the president is on the right side, what jim comey did to hillary rodham clinton the way he did it was absolutely wrong, he started and onning exonerateing her before interviewed here the sr., leadership at fbi disastrous top echelon a great disservice to this country torn downbly in fiscal impact was there before my grandfather was a fbi agent the more we learn about comey more we learn the may he administered that department was fundamentally wrong. >> they had two investigations side-by-side hillary hillariem investigation trump collusion investigation now we know from lisa page testimony that the reel they were told at fbi lay off hillary from the doj object's doj. >> you combine that with mr. bake other's testimony,
8:40 am
general counsel there, and then you start to see a pattern what comey testified in front of congress, was not true. that there was never a chance for lady justice to actually administer justice. it was just absolutely wrong. >> good op-ed in journalism about this today by kim strassel. >> the key thing here is for those who were saying hillary clinton was guilty of breaking the law and that obama's department of justice is actual guilt party getting involved in investigations calling off the fbi, and the prosecutors at doj, who is going to apologize for all these two years of people saying that that was made up that was you know that was wrong? we wasted two years of our political discourse talking about a fiction allowed all wrongdoing to occur and it is a travesty. >> william bar is he going to see truth the ag. >> i think he has the degree of creditability on both sides of the aisle he is got a great
8:41 am
background on this, and ironically, if you look at what happened because jim comey basically set this up for special prosecutor would be there, the irony of all this is i i don't think there will be charges evidence of any collusion we will see what is what -- you would think at this point, without any of that guess what the president comes out of this stronger than ever, because he will have the support of that document behind him and all these people should have been flailing about president going down, the president will be stronger politically than ever. maria: we should get the mueller report if not this weekend, next week, it is coming. we have a lot of evidence to believe that the report should be out within next few days, go ahead. >> better reason to make it public having discussion earlier should, all stuff be out there so jason you say that this is you know this is will exonerate the president should whole thing be out from get-go. >> you are gut says yes, there is certainly material under
8:42 am
law grand jury 278 other things cannot be released, so don't get caught up in that democrats will flail about we want all released but under the law not all of it can be released. maria: . >> understood, good to see you this morning. >> thank you. >> jason chaffets utah more exclusive sit-down with president stuart varney weighs in on that our favorite moments from the week right here, "mornings with maria," back in a minute. ♪ ♪ he pretty woman don't walk on by, pretty woman, don't make me cry, pretty woman ♪ .
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maria: welcome back, president trump and i covered a lot of ground yesterday during my one-on-one exclusive with him joining me host of "varney & company" stuart varney is toaway in good morning. >> i don't want to weigh in i want to ask you a question -- i am going to ask anyway, of all the points that you made with the president, in that great interview what is the same most important point that you want to put before our viewers at 9:00 what is it. >> well i think you want to look at economic growth and who are not he can keep this going, i mean he said that the federal reserve in raising interest rates actually hampered growth we saw 3.1% economic growth year-over-year fourth quarter to quarter yoert are '17 tor '18 he said could have been 4% if fed did not raise rates the news around mueller was important, as the mueller report is going to drop soon his reaction, to
8:47 am
his talking about john mccain why he is so upset with the late senator, because mccain gave the dossier, of course, was salacious unverified to fbi have to i thought worth mention in terms of what is behind this upset, obviously you know a lot of people on both sides of the aisle are upset with him, that he keeps talking about him. and i think the news that he broke yesterday he with golan heights ahead of the election in israel, also worthwhile when it comes to economic stuff, the china news is important we've got a meeting next week with lighthizer and -- and mnuchin to china said a deal could get done expecting a deal to get done i wonder if in fact chinese are pushing back on ip theft and whether or not there ever really going to be able to change that behavior because i i think it is a culture the fact president said we can come up with enforcement he mechanism to keep them in line is worthwhile as well. >> that is a lot of stuff, why
8:48 am
don't you come over start 9:00 tell everybody all over again why don't you. maria: just my two cents stu you know. >> two dollars worth, actually, that was great. thank you very much. maria: you have a big interview coming up jeff flock going to interview mary barra president pressuring gm to either sell that plant or reopen it in ohio, so we will see what mari barr has to say about that on your show. >> i want to see what she is going to say about pressure from the president about lordstown she will have an answer i am sure. maria: all right 10 minutes thanks so much "varney & company" top of the hours after "mornings with maria" 9:00 a.m. eastern join stuart coming up our favorite moments from past week on "mornings with maria" on the road, don't miss it back in a minute. ♪ ♪ my baby ♪ ♪ ohh, welcome back big
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week on "mornings with maria" on the road take a look at top moments from the program. >> -- socialist policy growth in the economy jobs stock market now rest of the world is slowing how we going to keep elevated growth going. >> you look at what is going on with respect to china we will see what happens we are taking in billions and billions of dollars for the first time ever against klain in form of tariffs i am are happy with that i think deal will probably happen i think they need it badly. >> the world going in a little bit the wrong direction not horribly i think a lot of people are waiting for the deal with china, i think that is going to have a very wig impact maybe bigger than people know, as to whether or not it makes it? i think it will, i had facebook, google, twitter everybody against me.
8:53 am
i had the media almost totally against me. and yet i won. >> what is your take on vitriol happening today in washington? >> -- gotten exponentially more crazy both parties being held hostage wi extreme winnings the idea there will be any cooperation is is not going to happen so it is messy but listen democracy. >> i am not -- between marriage and job, donald trump never the president never made me feel that way maria george was quoted rental saying i wish she didn't work being there. >> does he want you to step down -- >> certainly. >> number is the source of good news we are getting capital expenditure boom up 9% says tax cuts passed that 39h 9% capital spending boom creating job this year going
8:54 am
to create output and continue we can see is that in the data. >> absolutely staggering how prolific the chinese are who are the number one pen tradeors of our cyberspace. >> innovation needs to continue in the development of new drugs but we have to get the control over the pricing of derision, definitely need people to be more engage to get the involved in science, because that really is the solution it is nonpartisan, it really is transcends politics and the key to o solving incurable diseases, climate change environment issues. >> i think competition globally earn addressable market of coffee has been increasinglast three to five years some start-up companies or third wave independents you have seen rj companies making acquisitions, and doing consolidation around the industry of coffee, for starbucks we stayed focused on the formula has worked for us
8:55 am
for the last 48 years noon as we shows 3 in five millennials say that life is more stressful for them right now than ever before. >> losing your phone charger having a contractioned phone screen, not getting lights on social media, these are the things that millennials have problems with now. >> releasing stamps celebrate the 50' anniversary meanwhile, caused a heated debate on twitter tweeted which of muppets would you take on a zertdz island with you -- >> what do you think. >> i am going with you cookie monster. >> cookie more thans, there you go. >> dagen. >> since i am oscar the grouch you do not want to about stuck on a desert island with me. ♪ the unique challenges in that sector? coming out here, seeing the infrastructure firsthand, we can make better informed investment decisions. that's why i go beyond the numbers.
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maria: welcome back. with our all-star panel, final thoughts. matt schlapp? >> yet another trump accomplishment, that executive order on free speech on college campuses. way to go. maria: that's true. you're right. >> you covered a lot of ground with the president on trade. that's the big issue for the markets. we are coming down to the wire. we have to see if they get something done with china. maria: will they be able to do enforcement enough to keep china to its promises to not steal i.p.? >> that's one of many issues and it's why one of the things he said is important they want to keep some of these tariffs in place until they see some of these agreements coming to fruition. maria: dagen? >> he also said to you which made my ears burn, no to zero
9:00 am
tariffs with europe on automobiles. he actually praised the 25% import tariffs on light trucks. called the chicken tax, which your viewers know because we talked about it literally for two years on this program. maria: yeah. that was important. zero taxes, he doesn't want to go there. that will do it for today. thanks, everybody. great panel. great program. have a great weekend. "varney & company" begins now. stuart, take it away. stuart: great interview. good morning, everyone. we are going to start with nike, because its stock is having impact. it is down big. is this the kaepernick effect? nike sales in north america were disappointing, according to analysts. did their controversial use of the man who led the anthem kneeling protest hurt their sales? there's another question. are the analysts partly to blame for this stock drop? nike sales were fractionally lower than what analysts expected. is this another expectations problem? we will certainly ask. nike is a dow


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