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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 22, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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lou: good evening. the most of anticipated event of the trump presidency to date. breaking news. the long national nightmare is ending after nearly two years. special council robert mueller's investigation is over. mueller not recommending any more indictments. attorney general barr sending a letter to the house and senate judiciary committees informing them that the special counsel's report is under review.
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the horn 10 writing quote, i may be in a position to advise you of the special counsel's principal conclusions as soon as this weekend. sarah sanders tweeted this. the next steps are up to attorney general barr. we look forward to the report taking its course. we have an all-star lineup. tom fitton, the president of judicial watch, and it comes to an end of a divisive two years cheered on endlessly by radical dimms and radicals alike.
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reporter: the senior justice department officials say the report has no further indictments recommended. you have to weigh that with the fact that there are 36 field indictments. lawyers will be prosecuting this for some time. the fact that the report has been submitted means the russia probe is over. starting in 2016. it's finished. attorney general barr got the report this afternoon. he notified the white house two hours ago and sent a letter to congress. he said i remain committed to as much transparency as possible. i will keep you informed as to the status of my review. sources within the justice department say this report is comprehensive. the letter from the attorney general says the special counsel did not overstep his authority. also the department of justice did not block any of his
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actions. reaction is pouring in from all over. senator chuck schumer saying the word of the day today, transparency. >> i think we should wait for the full report to be issues before jumping to any conclusions. reporter: senator lindsey graham saying i always believed it was important that mr. mueller be aloud to do his job without interference and that has been accomplished. attorney general barr must now insure the justice is served and the american people are provided with the information they deserve from the special counsel counsel's investigation. lou: none we should point out have been related to the activities of any of those
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charged as associate member no matter how tanning d no matter w tanjencial to the trump campaign. i want to turn to your mention of the estimated 3 dozen sealed indictments in the court there. we don't know what they pertain to. we don't know whether they were taken to this case or any other, do we? no collusion related indictments. the field indictments are a result of this investigation. we don't know what that is. we may hear more if in the
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camping weeks. the findings inside the report if he decides to go forward with this. lou: the attorney general saying he's going to make every effort to make as much public this weekend. this is something president trump himself urged that this report is released to the public in whatever form it can be. in full would be terrific for us, every american who has thanked along with this president, go through what has been seemingly in intermable. and the special counsel investigation. we appreciate your reporting as always. >> we are seeing here that
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democrats are starting to shift the debate away from possible collusion to throw this dragnet out to see if there are any financial issues with the president. they don't know what they are looking for at this point. lou: they didn't know what they were looking for from the very beginning. i can say that, you can't. the fact of the matter is this has been as the president said, a witch hunt from the outset. you can launch the senate minority leader there on our air. that's a man that's not happy. that suggests as much as anything what's in this report. that's just me speculating and i want to underline speculating. but occasionally i get lucky when i speculate. up next, tom fitton. he's the president of judicial watch. there you are. good to have you with us. this is the big day.
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it finally arrived. your thoughts as we try to figure out, speculate even about the impact of this report and what it all means. >> the long national nightmares over in large measure as it relates to this year's long abusive investigation of the president. unless there is something surprising in there that andrew weissmann and the anti-trumpers just created some nasty dossier barr will rubber stamp and sending out. the president has been vindicated to the degree there has never been any russia collusion. this report is a year plus late. the three core issues were hacking, whether the obama -- the trump campaign was involved in hacking the democrats. and whether they were involved
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with interference with the russians in terms of buying ad or facebook ads and creating false accounts. so those indictments specifically ruled out any knowing involvement of any american. it should have been shut down a year-plus ago. but instead we had a year-plus of low rent indictments by an out of control special counsel. i'm glad king mueller is finally stepping down. i don't think harassment will end. but if there is not an apology in the report, there ought to be. lou: that's a good point. i'm a fella who over the course of my life and career, i never sought either thank yous or apologies. you can move on rather neatly from both and you should never rely on either. the president has to be feeling very good tonight about the fact that there are no further
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indictments, that the attorney general himself is considering making as much of this public as possible. he wouldn't do so, if it were in any violation of department of justice guidelines which would prohibit making known information about those who are not charged. so it looks like it is a very good moment for this president. >> i think the attorney general is on the side of transparency. we would probably sue for the documents if they weren't made public to large measure. lou: regulations and law require great confidence and confidentiality to not harm those not charged. >> there could be privileges protected by the courts if they
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decide to assert them. but i would take the transparency step further. the president should go on a transparency tear on the fraudulent fisa warrants, the charging documents that set mueller in motion. the collusion between the obama operation and the clinton campaign, all the text mess across we don't have access to. we need some accountability for the outrage that was the operation, a seamless part of the web. it began under this administration with andrew mccabe and company. lou: pointing out none of those who have been forced to leave the department of justice in disgrace has yet been prosecuted.
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we appreciate it. i asked tom to stay with us through the broadcast here as we assess what is happening. and i appreciate you doing so. thank you so much. we are going to be taking up all of what is unwinding now as finally the special counsel's final report has been turned over to attorney general william barr. headlines as well. outside this story, senate republicans today unveiling a five-year budget plan. the plan shockingly does call for reducing the federal deficit, but it does not support president trump in his call for greater spending in defense. the senate's proposal includes just $643 billion, well below current levels, and well below the $750 billion president trump wants for our troops. the white house says isis in syria has been 100% eliminated.
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president trump showing reporters the collapse of the terrorist organization's caliphate. noting just a small pocket of fighters remain. the president holding up that famous map of the caliphate in red which is now but a pencil point on the map. fears of a global slowdown sending stocks tumbling. a sell-off on wall street. up next. the president dismissing robert mueller's report. county rsh i have no idea about. president trump: i have no idea about the mueller report. there was no collusion, no obstruction. everybody knows it. it's all a big hoax. it's a big hoax. lou: more on this defining day in the presidency of donald
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trump. attorneys victoria toensing and joe digenova join me. we are speculating a lot. but you won't find more knowledgeable speculation anywhere. stay with us on this i would have to say red letter day. hey mercedes,
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lou: breaking news tonight. the delivery of special counsel robert mueller's report to the attorney general. we want perspective from some of the best legal minds in the country. there is no one we would rather have with us than victoria toensing, and joe digenova, former u.s. attorney for the district of columbia. founding partners of digenova and toensing law firm. this has been a two-year process. i began the broadcast by saying the long national nightmare is over. perhaps i should say all but over. victoria, your reactions on the report and what we do know, that there will be no further indictments. and the indictments that did
7:18 pm
take place, the vast majority of them were of russians. >> i am look at chucky schumer and how the democrats are going into another direction. he came out, and this is what the democrats do, and set the bar that cannot be met. we discussed earlier. there are categories of information that if they are in that report cannot be revealed. one of them is classified, another is grand jury, and people who were not indicted. here is the important one. executive privilege information. the white house gave up all the document. didn't fight anything on privilege. now rudy and jay hawaii must be allowed to review that report and make sure there is no executive privilege information and chucky knows that and that's why he's putting out the bar, it should be put out immediately and the lawyers in the white house should not be aloud to see
7:19 pm
it. he knows what he's talking about. lou: the presence of some sealed indictments in federal court that may pertain to the case, but it's unclear to me certainly exactly what the likelihood they pertain in any meaningful way. your assessment of that, victoria? >> this is just thought police by abc news that put out the story. well, there are a lot of sealed indictments in the district of columbia. lou: joe, the other issue is what are we to make of the fact there will be no further indictments? >> this ballgame is over. grand slam, home run for the president. the bottom line is mueller would never have delivered the report if there are other indictments
7:20 pm
sealed or unsealed. the fascinating thing to me was to read the letter attorney general bill barr sent to capitol hill. it was a slap in the face to schiff and schumer and pelosi. i got the report, there is nothing in it basically is what he said. and the most of important thing was he said it requires me to tell you whether or not the department refused to allow any indictments. there were no such instances, he said. in fact the fact that the report he said he could brief them as early as this weekend on the contents of the report leads me to believe that they are popping champagne at the white house. of course, they are going to get a chance to see it before it's sent to the hill and they should for the reasons victoria said about executive privilege and classified information. this is a great day for the president. he beat them all, and schumer will continue to pound. if they do, if schumer and
7:21 pm
schiff and pelosi continue to do this, they are going to lose the house. lou: it's interesting to see schumer as i pointed out earlier in the broadcast. he was about as hang dog as i have ever seen the man. obviously disupon dent about what seems at least to be the contents of the special counsel report. i would like to share with the audience the letter from attorney general barr to the chairs of judiciary in the house and senate and ranging members. the last paragraph in which he wrote, finally the special counsel regulations provide that the attorney general may determine that public release of this notification would be in the public interest. i have so determined and i will disclose this letter to the public after delivering it to you. going beyond the letter as you
7:22 pm
mentioned, joe, victoria, this sounds like the attorney general listening to the president's call for transparency means to be as transparent as possible. >> of course he'll. and it was wise of the president to say i want transparency. but i'm sure judy and jay are say -- i'm sure rudy and jay are saying not privileged stuff. lou: and classified. joe: if you feel like speculating, what do you think are the next steps here? i would just like to get a sense of in the jew -- in the judicial process, does the president get a ringing endorsement. i know we can speculate by the. but to what degree will the
7:23 pm
president be able to say it was a pitch hunt and there was never any collusion? >> 100% be able to say it. bill barr, we have a real attorney general. this is what one looks like. bill barr will impanel a federal grand jury to investigate the leaks, the unmasking, the leaks from national security council to smear people, the illegal fisa warrant, the violation of the civil rights by people in the doj, the obama doj and fbi who were acting under color of law. those people, all those senior law enforcement people were acting under color of law, sally yates, john karline, mccabe, strzok, comey, they all acted under color of law. so did brennan. there will be federal grand jury impaneled to look into this.
7:24 pm
>> the president will now be free without his lawyers saying so, my god they might accuse you of a crime ifth you release that classified information. he will be now free to do that. >> get the fisa stuff out now. lou: we are deeply grateful for your amal -- your analysis and perspective. thanks so much. still ahead. more on robert mueller's report and what it means for president trump and his administration. more 2020 radical dimms pulling out of a major pro israel conference. what do social media stars diamond and silk have to say. stay with us.
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lou: our coverage of the suspicion counsel's delivery of the attorney general report to the attorney general continues. some headlines we are looking at. the red storm hitting italy. xi jinping is in rome. he's expected to sign a big deal that will add italy to china's one belt-one road global infrastructure project. italy becomes the first g7 nation to join that project. some see it as a step toward china's colonization much europe. gm says they will build a new electric vehicle plant and the president calling for the
7:30 pm
lordstown, ohio layoffs to be reversed by gm. 2020 dimms snubbing aipac. the list of dimms saying they won't attend the conference. bernie sanders, kamala harris. beto o'rourke. vice president pence and mike pompeo, they are -- they are attending. attending. joining us tonight. social media stars, president trump's most of loyal supporters. what an you auspicious evening e here. the special counsel report is in. by the best assessment that we
7:31 pm
can accumulate here of the folks whose opinions we most of respect in law, the president is big vinds kateed, and the d the president is being vindicated and the opportunity for real transparency on this report appears to be great as the attorney general, william barr, is reading it and will prepare a report to the public. >> i hear chuck schumer is demanding that this report be released. and he wants transparency. and x want transparency, too. so if the report is released, everybody that orchestrated and par is night this russia collusion witch hunt needs to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. this has weighed the american people down, the president and his family down for no reason at all. they need to be prosecuted to
7:32 pm
the full extent of the law. lou: this president as we all know, who is tireless. he worked day after day. tonight the president and his family are in mar-a-lago. this president deserves a break. to take a few days off. while kings out for weeks at a time, a rest for him is a stroll around the white house and back to his desk. he needs the time of. he's deserving of the time and i hope they are enjoying this weekend and this report from robert mueller. it looks very good. and when we think about what he could have accomplished without being harassed by the fbi report, the nice -- the fisa sue and the crooks at the top of the department of justice. it's shameful. the president says he hopes no
7:33 pm
other president has to endure such harassment. >> they were in search of a crime because there was no crime. tonight you minds no evidence of that particular crime glass you was no evidence of it in the first place to investigate this thing. the only thing that this has shown me, that this report has shown me, there was collusion between the dnc, hillary clinton, obama administration, page, strzok, comey, we could reach a decision to go on, fusion gps, christopher steele. we could continue to go on and on. that's veal collusion. will they be calling in these individuals? we need some answers here after what's going on. what chuck schumer is doing, all they are trying to do is find some more crimes. it started with an underlying
7:34 pm
document and finding. they want that. so once we found out tonight that was no russia and trump collusion that interfered in the election, that's all i need to know. lou: the president said that from the very, very beginning. and to your point, talk about schumer, the hang dog face he had on tonight. mark warner pounding his fist figuratively, demanding transparency. it's not up to him. not up to a single democrat. it's up to the president and the attorney general. the president of the united states despite the rhetoric of the radical dems, he already said he wants absolute transparency. we'll see what happens from here.
7:35 pm
diamond and silk. great to see you, ladies. thanks for being here on this red letter day. >> thank you for having us. lou: up next. no further indictments to come from the special counsel report. robert mueller found no collusion, no conspiracy with russia. stay with us. we are coming right back. so, you're open all day, that's what 24/7 means, sugar. kind of like how you get 24/7 access to licensed agents with geico. hmm? yeah, you just go online, or give them a call anytime. you don't say. yep. now what will it take to get 24/7 access to that lemon meringue pie? pie! pie's coming! that's what it takes, baby. geico®. great service from licensed agents, 24/7.
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lou: joining me ed rollins, and tom fitton the president of judicial watch returning to be with us. ed, appreciate you as well of course. i have got the ask this, ed. this moment finally arrives. 635 days later after the special counsel was formed. no further indictments. the attorney general says he'll
7:40 pm
make every effort to disclose as much as possible to the american public. your reaction. ed: mueller i think did an effective job in cleaning all this up. he looked at every nook and cranny. the congress investigated this and there were no crimes committed except manafort and stone who used to work for me. lou: even those few people from the campaign no matter what level or how low or high, none of the charges related to their work on the campaign. ed: none whatsoever. the reality here is i think the russians were trying to play around. the people who should have been indicted elsewhere and they had been on hillary clinton.
7:41 pm
when president trump won, they continued to play around and do him a great injustice. i think it's time to say thank you very much. let's get this country moving forward. lou: we are hearing a lot from the democrats what they are going to do. they started conditioning, if you will, the arena, when they realized what was coming. that they are going to have to do more in the way of congressional investigation. they want to know more about financial data for the president. this is a pathetic political maneuver i think for the dems that could very well fact d -- l in fact backfire. >> there was never a basis to target president trump with a
7:42 pm
special counsel. it began with a clinton operation done in cooperation with partisans in the fbi and justice department and led to the apointment of mr. mueller. this has been a democrat operation from the moment of inception. and they are not going to say we were wrong and we were knowingly lying and defaming the president of the united states. they are going to pretend none of it happened and move on and make up new sets of allegations to justify a further witch hunt. the president will continue to be harassed. but this major sword of damocles over him has been removed. the democrats have lost their moral authority. lou: they look like criminal fools. the radical dimms pursuing the politics of destruction that they invented. they carried it out through the institution of the special
7:43 pm
counsel. and the president himself says robert mueller was conflicted from the moment he signed up to be special counsel because he was the case could be made avengeful reject from the trump administration seeking a job the president chose to give to someone else. >> there were four major committees in the house and senate. there were hundreds of witnesses, and still no charges of collusion or anything else. i think it's time we move on, let him move on. and at the end of the day we need to be sure this never happens again. >> the president has been the victim of the largest corruption scandal in history. the criminal activity that led to this abuse of power by the justice department, the fbi, the
7:44 pm
state department department. it was all hand on deck when it came to these abuses of power. the cabinet officials under president trump need to get their act together and clean house after mueller's black hole of investigation has moved on. lou: victoria toensing and joe digenova earlier said some u.s. officials were acting under color of law and must be investigated for their abuses of power. a lot more to come. and the democrats are on highly uncertain and treacherous ground. tom fitton great to have you with us. ed, thanks so much. up next. secretary of state mike pompeo says president trump may have divine support and divine guidance. we'll take that up with pastor robert jeffress. stay with us. with all that usaa offers
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lou: secretary of state mike pompeo suggesting president trump's policy toward israel has some divine support. >> could it be that president trump right now has been raised
7:49 pm
to such a time like this just like queen esther to save the jewish people from an iranian menace? >> i believe that's possible. to see the remarkable history of faith in this place and the work our administration has done to make sure the democracy in the middle east and this jewish state exists, there is divine work here. lou: pastor, all i can think is god helps those who help themselves. this president, no one has worked harder than he has to achieve the successes of the first two years of his presidency. your thoughts about pompeo's suggestion that god made sure he was the right person in the right place for the jewish people? >> secretary pompeo is exactly
7:50 pm
on target. the reason the left ridicules this idea is first of all they don't believe in god. or the god they do believe in is is -- is the god their imagination. and the left hates israel and they hate donald trump even more. but fortunately the god we serve doesn't rule according to popularity polls but according to his divine plan, and his plan has always been to protect israel. this great president is on the right side of history and the right side of god in his protection of the nation of israel. lou: there is no question this president in my judgment, if he saved the people of israel web saved the people of america as well. without this man in this office at this time, i will not indulling in con tell -- i will
7:51 pm
not indulge in contemplation how serious and profound the dangers that would be facing this country. i want to get your reaction to a great danger for this president and the presidency that he has had to live under for two years. we have a mueller special counsel report, no further indictments. the attorney general himself today saying initially that he wants it to be as transparent as possible and could release many of the major conclusions or this weekend. your reaction? >> you know, lou, tens of millions of christians pray for president trump every day. i think what happened today is an answer to those prayers. i think god is protecting this president because of the great work he is doing. i think this report was dead on arrival before it was even
7:52 pm
delivered today. the president's great accomplishments the last two years, decimating isis. reinvigorating the economy, remake can the judiciary. these accomplishments inoculated him against any charges mueller may have made or what the democrats try to charge him with, it will fall to the ground without any consequence. lou: yesterday the path said he has been -- yesterday the president said he has been about rebuilding america. when we look at the economic momentum of this country and what he has achieved in deregulation, tax reform, driving 3% growth, and as he points out if it hadn't been for 90 days of insane federal reserve policy likely it would have been over 4% in the fourth quarter. this is a president who is
7:53 pm
rebuilding and restoring the american people's belief in our destiny. and it's to me an exciting time for us all. >> i think it is. if the democrats persist in harassing this president, they will only motivate his base even more. i made the prediction on your program a couple months ago he was going to win reelection in 2020. i'm going to amended that prediction. he'll win in 2020 by a landslide bigger than anybody can imagine. lou: now you have got the radical dimms worried. >> good, prayers answered. lou: the israeli lobby that's being ignored by the democratic candidates, i mean, what are they trying to say to jewish voters in this country?
7:54 pm
what are they trying to say to israelis, the israeli people? what are they thinking about? >> they are further cementing their position as a godless party. when you oppose israel, you are opposing the god of israel. i think this is going to alienate jewish people even more. it certainly is alienating conservative christians who have a long history of standing by our allies, the jewish people. lou: it's the judeo-christian culture and heritage of this nation that should be impossible for anyone to ignore or not respect. pastor robert jeffress. always good to see you. we are coming right back after this. stay with us. how do you gauge the greatness of an suv?
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days has completed his investigation. according to a senior justice department official, mueller is not recommending any further indictments. judicial watch's tom fitton talked about the significant victory for president trump. >> the president has been vindicated to an extraordinary degree. no additional indictments. there has never been any russia collusion. this is a year-plus late. lou: we would like to conclude with a little light news. we are trying to name a filly recently born on our farm. we are asking for a barn name and show name. if you have an idea and want to see more photos like this head over to my instagram account and follow me @loudobbstonight. this is the most of desired mug
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in all of television. we think. hope you win one. that's it for us tonight. have a great weekend. what a day. history made. good night from new york. [♪] reporter: breaking right now. attorney general william barr has the mueller report in his hands. barr says he could advise the ranking members of the judiciary committee as soon as this weekend. corey lewandowski here on that in just moments. president trump telling our maria bartiromo who he would love to see as his challenger in 2020. president trump: i would love to have biden or bernie or beto. beto seems to be the one the press has chosen. the press seems to have chosen beto. maria: is this socialism


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