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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  March 22, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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in all of television. we think. hope you win one. that's it for us tonight. have a great weekend. history made. good night from new york. [♪] reporter: breaking right now. attorney general william barr has the mueller report in his hands. barr says he could advise the ranking members of the judiciary committee as soon as this weekend. corey lewandowski here on that in just moments. president trump telling our maria bartiromo who he would love to see as his challenger in 2020. president trump: i would love to have biden or bernie or beto. beto seems to be the one the press has chosen. the press seems to have chosen beto. maria: is this socialism about capitalism?
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president trump: he can dream about that. david: what president trump is saying about the democrats snubbing this year's aipac conference in washington. brand-new sanctions aimed at choking the financial lifeline of socialist venezuela. these come after the kidnapping of juan guaido's top aide. "trish regan primetime" starts right now. hi, i'm david asman in for trish regan. our top story. the special counsel's report in the hands of attorney general william barr. president trump came out swinging insisting there was no collusion between his 2016 campaign and russia. president trump: i have no idea about the mueller report. we'll see what happens. it will be interesting. but we'll see what happens.
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there was no collusion. there was no obstruction. everybody knows it. it's all a big hoax. i call it the witch hunt. david: this as fox obtains new next messages showing fbi officials were concerned over quote possible bias of a main source they used to get a surveillance warrant on a top trump campaign aide. and it showed bureau brass circulated two anti-trump blog articles. joining me to weigh in on this former trump 2016 campaign manager, corey lewandowski. you were right there when they were starting this. your reaction to the mueller report being issued tonight. >> i think it's a fantastic thing this witch hunt is finally over. 675 days. one year, 10 months and 6 days. all to show what we knew from
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the beginning. there was no collusion between the trump campaign and the russians. in this report, they put a nail in that coffin. the democrats will say this isn't the end, it's only the beginning because they can't help themselves. but bob mueller is leaving the special counsel. meaning there are no sealed indictments waiting. there are know current indictments waiting. this report is over. it cleared the president. it cleared our team, the team they spied on because they didn't like our politics. dave * how many thousands of times, and i'm comot exaggerating one bit. how many thousands of times have democratic politicians said there was collusion between the trump campaign and russia with absolute certainty. doesn't this president deserve an apoll -- deserve an apology?
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>> without equivocation. they said 100% they have seen evidence of collusion. they said we'll wait for bob mueller's report to come out so we can impeach this president. that was the goal to use the mueller report as a jumping off point to impeach the president. but what the mueller report shows. never once did anybody bob mueller was reporting to ever preclude him from talking to anybody or directing him not to do something. he articulated that very clearly. he said in the report there was no collusion between the president or anybody else, we are almost certain of it. anybody bob mueller investigated. whether it's paul manafort or michael cohen. whoever it may have been.
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they tried to get dr. jerome corsi to sign a plea deal he never did. now that the mueller report is over, he's free and clear. david: we have to emphasize what we are hearing came from some sources. we'll hear from the attorney general over the weekend and hopefully we'll see it from the beginning until the end. but the moral authority of those democrats who said with absolute certainty to the american public, to their constituents, something that apparently is not in any way in corresponded nation with the truth, i just wonder what has happened to their moral authority as they continue these investigations. they want the public to believe they have the moral authority to continue to investigate based on a charge that has been proved or appears to be proved false. >> they are morally bankrupt.
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hillary clinton lost the election is wait came down to. her team took $5 mill and hired a former british spy to create the fake dossier. james comey presented then president-elect donald trump in a one-on-one meeting then he leaked that information to say it was a document presented to the president in a classified briefing. jim comey has hopefully legal accountability for lying to congress and leaking classified information. this deputy andy mccabe has been referred for criminal prosecution. we hope lisa page and peter strzok are held accountable for use their badges and positions in the government to go after americans because they didn't like our politics. david: some terrific reporting
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by fox news showing there were discussions between the fbi and justice department occasions, they were worried the fbi was using political blogs as evidence to spy on americans. you are supposed to use evidence that's creditable. you are not supposed to use politically motivated blogs to obtain warrants. the way the fbi was used to try to overturn an election and disrupt an election before it actually happened is not only disgraceful, it comes very close to being a coup d'etat. would you agree? >> i agree 100%. again i ask the president to declassify the last five panels of the fisa application. we know the fbi was leaking information to media outlets to include those in additional fisa applications. the first fisa application they
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tried to spy on americans was denied because it was so outrageously against the fourth amendment of our constitution. they lied, they cheated, they stole, because they didn't like that donald trump won. they had an insurance policy. they tried to stop him, then throw him out of office once was elected. >> using the powers of the fbi and justice department to spy on a political campaign not based on substantive evidence but based on political blogs. somebody has to be accountable. but at least the mueller investigation is over. and i'm sure you are glad as most of of the american public is glad. corey lewandowski, great to see you. thank you for being here. appreciate it. president trump says the public should get to see the mueller report. but the one making that decision is this man, attorney general
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william barr who now has the report. what could stop him from releasing it publicly. let's ask my next guest. attorney misty maris. >> there are certain legal limitations that come with the rules of the special counsel. some parts of the report could be held back if it implicates unindicted individuals. certain documentary evidence that served as the basis. to the extent it was part of an indictment. so something like that could stop the information from -- david: substantive conclusions of the investigation. it would be redacted material relating to intel that cannot be released. so the public would be able to see the substantive conclusions of mr. mueller. >> yes. absolutely.
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nose -- those principal conclusions will be out. what mueller actually found. it's the stuff that came out during grand jury proceedings which are secret. that will likely be redacted and kept out of the final report. bill barr has a lot of discretion in his role making the determination what will be public and what will be held back. david: corey lewandowski and i were talking about what went down between the fbi and the justice department just before and just after the election. stuff was done that was clearly illegal, intentionally done in order to spy on a campaign for political purposes. nothing other than political purposes with no old evidence to do so. shouldn't somebody be held to account? i know americans are fed up with investigations at this point.
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but this an investigation i think need to be done. don't you? >> absolutely. the blatant abuse when obtaining the fisa warrant and the effect messages you -- the text messages you described in our last segment. it's deplorable. we are losing credit birth d weg credibility with the feds. this should have been the focus of the investigation. the bias at the justice department and fbi. david: coming up, a top doj official says special counsel robert mueller is not recommending any further indictments. will the dems accept the findings of the report? a startling report from our southern border. just hours from now border
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david: breaking tonight. robert mueller's russia report is in the hand of attorney general william barr. a senior justice official is telling us mueller is not recommending any further indictments. now the question, will democrats accept the findings if nothing directly implicates president trump. joining me trump's former campaign advisor and hillary clinton's campaign advisor. if there is no indictment for
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collusion between the trump campaign and russia that was the basis of democrats pursuing this investigation getting behind it 100%. it's one of the reasons most of americans would get tired of it. where do republicans go now? i'm going to ask antjuan where democrats go. will they use this in the campaign of 2020? >> this is the time republicans step up and say i told you so. the house investigations turned up nothing and the mueller report turned up nothing. cnn and liberal commentators badgered us saying there is clear evidence the trump campaign excluded with russia. president trump may be an agent of russia. the biggest conspiracy of my lifetime. and now we have the evidence coming forward with this report coming out that is a big nothing
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burger. will the democrats accept this? i don't know. but i think they should. they should be happy about this. no one should wish for the president of the united states to collude with a foreign government or be an agent of a foreign government. the fact that people would be disappointed with the report, that's scary enough. david: if there is nothing on collusion, no obstruction, no conspiracy charges, will the democrats continue with all these congressional investigations into the president, many of them are based on the idea of collusion? >> i can't speak for all democrats. but what i have said is let's wait to see what happens in the end. while i love madison, i think she is giving a premature benediction to this report. we do not know yet. all we know is the report is
11:19 pm
finished. as it relates to further investigations, these investigations are not into donald trump per se. they were into this administration and the overflow of corruption we have seen from this administration. these investigations were not necessarily about trump. but i would caution my democratic friend to wait and see. david: if our reports are correct, antjuan, and we have some good reporters. will the democrats continue with investigations? >> if they see corruption in this administration. david: madison, that's the point. we kept hearing there was corruption between the trump campaign and russia. and now our sources are telling us there are no indictments in this report saying that. if our sources are correct so far, what will happen to the
11:20 pm
democrats if they continue with these investigations? >> they will lose in 2020 because the american people don't want their time and taxpayer money wasted. and of course when we talk to people across the country, they want to know will the people who deserve to be eld accountable? will people who misled the fisa court judges, and the judges complained about this. will these people be held accountable? will changes be made that positively affect the lives of the american people and the trust they have in our government. david: if the fbi is being used the way we are being told it's being used. catherine herridge is one of the best reporters in the business. if the fbi was spying on
11:21 pm
americans in a political party based on political blogs rather than substantive evidence, wouldn't that concern you? >> i don't want to get ahead of myself. david: i'm because it on reporting that's being done. >> we should wait to see what happens in the end. we should wait in the end. but i will tell you -- congress has an obligation to have oversight. i think where there is corruption they should continue. david: they have the right to do that if they want. >> what he's asking you is not about congress. [all talking at once] >> he's not asking about congress or oversight, what he's asking about is if the fbi used their power as government officials to spy on american
11:22 pm
citizens based off of their political differences, that doesn't concern you? >> what we know is -- >> that's the question. >> these warrants were approved by republican judges. >> that's not question. regardless whether it's republican or democrat. doesn't that concern you? david: our producers say we have run out of time. coming up, a crisis at our southern border's detention centers continue to overflow. just hours from now border agents will release migrants into the el paso, texas area. we'll have more on the russia we'll have more on the russia probe when we so, you're open all day, that's what 24/7 means, sugar. kind of like how you get 24/7 access to licensed agents with geico.
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♪ ♪ david: new reaction tonight as the democrat party faces
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blistering create schism over an -- criticism. now several 2020 democrats are outright skipping the american-israeli public affairs committee conference. the left-leaning group is now calling on all those running for president to ditch the event. so when aipac if kicks off this sunday, at least eight democrat candidates, as you see here, will not be there. joining me now is former senior adviser to president george h.w. bush, brad blakeman. brad, great to see you. we'll talk about the mueller report in just a second, but first about aipac. their refusal to attend, their talks and defense, sort of circling the wag gone around -- wagon that some people said outrageous things against israel and jews in america prove they are anti-jewish as a party. would you go that far? >> yes, i would. the present state is one that has shunned israel and is
11:28 pm
telling their candidates and advancing their candidates' belief that every democrat running for president should shun aipac and not appear. this is an outrage. democrats have enjoyed wide support by the jewish community. but like other communities that have supported democrats, they have been used and abused, and shame on any jewish-american democrat who would vote for a democrat who shuns the state of israel. david: now, you're one of the rare jewish republicans who's been a jewish republican for a long time -- [laughter] but historically speaking, jews have voted democrat. not as a bloc, nobody does that, but the majority have. do you think because of what has happened over the last couple months, their attacks on israel and jews themselves, that that might change in this election? >> it should. now, democrats who are jewish tend to be very liberal when it comes to social policy, but i think what should trump all, no pun intended, is the support of the state of israel.
11:29 pm
jews believe in all our heart that the jewish homeland is the state of israel. and any party that has a policy that does not support the state of israel is an affront to jews no matter if they're americans or living in the state of israel or anywhere in the world. david: i'd tell you, i'd pay good money for next week if i was in washington when the president is speaking, you better believe he's going to call out the democrats on this issue. let me switch to the mueller investigation, because we want to spend a little time on that. i saw chuck schumer addressing himself to what we know now about the investigation. he looked gob smacked. i love that word. [laughter] if you want to see a definition of gobsmacked, that's it, on schumer's face. they really don't know how to maneuver around this thing if, in fact, early reports are true that there will be no
11:30 pm
indictments and no charges of collusion, conspiracy if, whatever. how do you think they're going to make that shift, that pivot? >> it's going to be very difficult because, as a lawyer, i know that a conspiracy takes more than one person. no person has been indicted for the underlying charge that mueller had to find a conspiracy to influence the 2016 election by an american with russia, any russian. and the fact is, there are no further indictments handed down by mueller, we know that, and we also know mueller has told the attorney general that there was no prevention of him doing his work, undue influence by the president or anybody in the executive branch. it's going to be very hard for them to do, but they'll do it. david: well, it'll be interesting to see. >> they can't help themselves. david: brad, thank you very much for being here, appreciate it. >> pleasure. david: now turning to the cry at our southern border, new reports that immigration officials plan to release nearly 2,000 illegal immigrants into our country this weekend, detention centers are
11:31 pm
running out of space, so they have no choice but to unleash these illegal immigrants into our southern states. joining us now is former i.c.e. director tom 40 eman. -- tom hohmann. every day there is more evidence of an emergency at our border. i mean, every day we get from, you know, nonpartisan publications like the news side of "the wall street journal," for example, coming out with these horrific reports of how people are overwhelmed at the southern border. i don't think it's possible for anybody to say that there's not an emergency down there, do you? >> oh, it's possible. the democrats are going to continue to say there's not an more than. look, this president's been right, president trump's been right from day one on this issue. i mean, number of families coming across now is historic. you look at the number of families and the others coming across the border right now, based on the rise every week, we're going to have close to one million illegal entries in the united states. if that's not a national emergency, i don't know what is.
11:32 pm
and also the opioids. this isn't about doing the right thing for this nation, this is about making sure that donald trump does not get a win on the border, that's what it's about. david: and, you know, we have some terrific reporters down there, william la jeunesse was reporting op how these busloads of central americans come in, go to a part of the border that doesn't have -- it has sort of a fence. it's kind of about 3 feet high, you can either climb under it or easily climb over it. and these busloads of immigrants come in and just walk over. they get caught, of course, but then they have to be let go because there's no space, no place to put 'em, they can't be adjudicated, etc. so that's what's happening right now. >> look, it's another clear example why a wall's necessary. every place they build a border barrier, illegal immigration went down, and narcotics smuggling went down. 100% of the time it's proved effective.
11:33 pm
what we really need to do right now, i.c.e -- the agency i used to run -- needs to get out there, locate these families and order them remove, arrest them and remove them. why? because i did that three years ago, and the almost immediate result was the border crossings went down because we showed there's a consequence to violating the laws of this country. we need to do that again. david: but if you have a wall, you wouldn't have to go through the process. all of these processes -- arresting, fingerprinting, etc., they all take time, they all take manpower. and we just are overwhelmed down there. we don't have the personnel to do it. >> well, some families are still going to come through the port of entry. look, you can't demand due process, you can't demand to see a judge and when you get the decision, the can decision needs to mean something. those decisions need to be executed, or there's no integrity in the entire system. the wall would certainly help, a barrier would certainly help, and we've got to change the loopholes. we've got to change the asylum
11:34 pm
laws. congress has failed to act. david: i don't know if we have that sound bite of to roarke, but you have beto o'rourke saying just recently that we don't need a wall, despite the fact that we have evidence of what -- do we have that -- yeah. let's play the sound bite and get your reactionful. >> i'm here to tell you, it is profoundly positive stories from the u.s./mexico border. we do not need any walls. $30 billion, 2,000 miles long, 30 feet high. it will not be built on the international boundary line which is the center line of the rio grande river. that wall will be built well into the interior of someone's ranch, someone else's farm, someone else's home. you and i will be forced to take their property to solve a problem that we do not have. david: we don't need a wall when thousands of immigrants are walking underneath or hopping over a fence. >> look, it's ludicrous , and here's the man running for president who refused to watch the video, refuses the data.
11:35 pm
the data's clear, anybody can go to the cbp web site. and this guy wants to be the president of the united states. so he's forgetting his first respondent as president to secure our nation, protect our sovereignty and to protect the american people. this is what angers me, because they know what the facts are, but they won't admit 'em. it's an anti-trump agenda. it's all about open borders, and that's what, you know, they're not going to be happy until all there's a welcome center and give everybody a democratic voter registration card, then they'll be happy. david: good to see you, tom, thank you very much for being here. president trump feeling confident he's going to win the 2020 election as the democratic party moves further and further to the left. straight ahead, who president trump would like to run against. also his new nickname for the democratic party. you'll want to hear (bird chirping) lots to do, hope you fuelled up.
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>> the democrats, actually, are becoming a far-left party. they're becoming a radical party. you look at what they want to do with the supreme court, you look at what they want to do with the voting age, they're becoming radical. they are radicalized. you look at this green new deal. it's the most preposterous thing. now, i don't want to knock it too much right now, because i really hope they keep going forward with it, you know, frankly, because i think it's going to be very easy to beat. david: president trump in an exchoosive interview with fox business' maria bartiromo sounding pretty confident on his 2020 odds. joining me now is david maury and american majority founder and ceo ned ryan. good to see you both, thanks for being here on this historic friday night, about which we'll talk more in just a moment. david, when you hear the litany of these radical programs coming out from democrats, the green deal, the packing of the supreme
11:41 pm
court, having a vote aring age of 16 -- voting age of 16, do you get a little nervous that the president might be right? >> well, i think the president is favored to be reelected, david, if we had to look at it tonight. but you're cite aring, you know, the pace car for the if democratic party, doc, versus the center of gravity. wait til biden gets in the race. you know, by the time you get to a general election, let's see where the party is. they're taking some initiatives, and don't forget, donald trump has overserved his base more than any president in history. he's good at rate creating a kind of reaction on the part of his opponents, and that's in some ways what you're seeing on the democratic side. david: ned, you even have formerly middle of the road democrats like ed rendell used to be governor of pennsylvania, he was mayor of philadelphia, he was a big wig in the democrat party. he is very nervous right now. he said he thought we had a slam dunk until the leftward drift
11:42 pm
began going further and further and further, now he's very worried. >> well, he should be, because i think the real power inside the democratic party lies with the progressive left, with the hard left, with the small dollar donors, with the grassroots activists. i'm convinced the mom fee for the -- nominee for democrats will have to swear allegiance for all these crazy ideas. you know, you were talking about aipac earlier, i think they're going to have to swear allegiance to the boycott divestment sanction movement against israel to actually win the nomination. and then the amazing part is about 90 days after they've won that nomination, somehow try to pivot to the middle and try to convince americans that they're somehow centrists when they've sworn allegiance to these far-left ideas. i theyny in a lot of -- they're in a lot of trouble right now, and i think donald trump is very well positioned. again, he has delivered to his base a lot of these things like judges. so i think he's coming into the
11:43 pm
2020 election looking very, very good. david: and then you have the news today, the mueller probe in the hands of william barr. 22 months long, 34 people were indicted, but democrats don't seem to like that they're going to left if they don't hear what they want to hear. i mean, the point is that the trump collusion charge, apparently, was not produced. it was not produced in congressional investigations, apparently it hasn't been produced by the mueller investigation. so, david, if, in fact, that turns out to be so from the reports that we're getting, do democrats continue with these investigations that are likely to go nowhere in terms of collusion? >> look, i think that we're at an historic cross roads. i think we need 100% transparency. we don't actually know what's in the report so far, so let's hold our breath there. the democrats will continue with investigations if the mueller report aims them in those directions. in some ways, you know, i sort of suspect that president trump will not be accused or culpable of collusion in this report, but
11:44 pm
i suspect both sides will find things in the report that are not comfortable for each. so this thing's going to keep going. and remember, there's 100% certainty the russians meddled in the election, they're probably going to try again, and there's an awful lot of indictments around the president that show there's a lot of smoke there, so let's see what the mueller report says first. david: i think the russians have tried to interfere in every election in my lifetime -- >> exactly. >> i think 2016's a little different. david: no charge of collusion has ever been proven, and it appears, it appears from what we know now that the mueller report is going to say as much. so where do the democrats go from here, and where do the republicans go in terms of using this as a campaign issue? >> we, first of all, you would say it's very hard to turn a fairy tale into fact, and that's what this russian collusion thing has been. it's been a fairy tale. there never was, there isn't, and there never will be. i think what's going to happen
11:45 pm
is the left -- this is all about them still being unable to come to grips with the election results of 2016, david. this is a massive political tantrum. and the whole thing that they are wanting to do is, basically, nullify the 2016 elections, the punishment is the process, and they're going to continue to do investigations as long as they can leading into the 2020 elections to punish trump for winning an election they think he shouldn't have won. i will say this, david, after listening to this collusion hoax and fairy tale for two years and going up against people on all different sorts of channels, i am not willing to let them off the hook for essentially trying to destabilize our democracy by pushing a conspiracy theory. so i think there's going to be a lot of consequences, and i hope there are, for people in the media on the left, in the democratic party who have been pushing this with the intent of damaging the duly-elected president of the united states. i don't think we've had the last word on this, and i don't intend
11:46 pm
to let these people off the hook at all. david: i is certainly don't think the president's going to stop talking about it either. david and ned, thank you very much for being here. coming up, president trump putting nicolas maduro on notice as a top aide to juan geico, the man the -- juan juan guaido is -- when we continue. ♪ we can go down this waterfall, honey. what do you think? ♪ woo! yeah! it's good! it's refreshing. ♪ at northwestern mutual, this is what our version of financial planning looks like. tomorrow is important, but she's only seven once. spend your life living. find an advisor at each day justin at work... walk.
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♪ ♪ david: new tonight, the white house slapping new sanctions on socialist venezuela in retaliation after nicholas nicos maduro's thugs kidnapped juan guaido's top aide from his home. calling for the release of why doe's -- guaido's chief of staff. republican strategist lauren clap by. good to see you, ladies. >> great to be here. david: the squeeze continues, and what really impressed me, i just heard this from remember that u.s. journalist that was kicked out, he was detained for a few hours, and then he was kicked out of the country, been there for five years. the story he was working on that really ticked off the government, that's why they arrested him, he was interviewing soldiers, just
11:51 pm
regular soldiers. not the generals, not the colonels, regular beat soldiers, and they were complaining about how hyper-inflation was killing them, how they couldn't take it anymore and, in fact, a thousand of those soldiers, the rank and file, have now left venezuela asking for sanctuary in nearby colombia. so if, you know, the generals are going to be hard to take down because they've been feeding off the trough for years, for decades. but if they don't have an army to order around, they can't keep control, can they? >> they can't. the military really is key to overthrowing this, you know, atrocious regime and forcing maduro to step down. i mean, at this point i think that's why it was so key that the brazilian president was in town the other day meeting with president trump and visited the cia, because he has ties to the highest level of the military in venezuela. and to have him onboard, to have the brazilian president onboard also stepping in and trying to force this regime change and
11:52 pm
stop the hurt and the starvation of the venezuelan people is huge. and so i think, you know, steps like those and, in addition to the sanctions and the pressure economically that we're going to be putting on venezuela, that we continue to put on venezuela and also having the caribbean leaders meeting with trump, pushing them to not rely on venezuelan oil and also put that additional economic pressure on them, all of these things add up into what we hope is maduro step thing down. and -- stepping down. and for the venezuelan people just to be able to have food and prosperity again. it's just atrocious, the human rights violations that are going on in this country right now. ta david something else that's atrocious is the way the previous administration dealt with not only maduro and chavez, but also with the castro brothers. remember, he went to a baseball game with raul castro who's a murdering thug. same with ortega in nicaragua. i mean, there was a complacency
11:53 pm
about these thugs being right on our border that, in the last administration, you know, even being friendly to them at times that this administration if just stopped 180 degrees, turned it right around. i, for one, am so appreciative that we're not taking that kind of thuggery anymore. >> absolutely. and that's what they need to do. you see it on the people's faces, the hundreds of thousands of people coming out into the streets. they're hungry, as you guys mentioned. we're not making the wrong deals, and mentioning meeting with the caribbean leader, i really respect the white house in taking that move today amidst all the drama -- or sort of the lackluster revealings that we know to this point, so far, of the mueller report -- that president trump was with the leaders of five caribbean countries and is, or you know, negotiating. perhaps we'll have our lender company go to these different nations. and also watch out for china undermining u.s. interests. david: right.
11:54 pm
>> that's what was so pivotal while trump was in north korea, meeting with kim jong un, to make sure china isn't undermining our interests, investing in venezuela or near it. and, you know, china with the tariffs that president trump had forced on them, their gdp growth rate is the lowest it will be in 30 years. so they're making the right deals and enforcing it economically in these areas, and i commend that. david: lauren, we just have about a minute left, but i've got to get you to react to the mueller investigation. tend of the mueller investigation. we at least now it has ended. your reaction. >> i'm actually most interested -- forget the domestic politics. i think that we actually do need to take a step back and understand that russia is an adversary of the united states, and the most important piece that i hope comes out of this investigation and what i hope attorney general barr actually reports out to congress and the intelligence committees and others is how russia directly and indirectly tries to undermine our democracy on a daily basis is and what we
11:55 pm
should do about it. david: right. >> it doesn't really have as much to do with president trump, it has more to do with how we protect our country going forward. david: britt, very quickly, you've got ten seconds. go ahead. >> i think the media should be held accountable as well. how much has the collusion conspiracy been spread. we know there are no more indictments coming from robert mueller. come on, now. david: britt, and lauren, have a wonderful weekend, ladies. thank you very much for being here. here. more "tr to be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing it's best to make you everybody else... ♪ ♪ means to fight the hardest battle, which any human being can fight and never stop. does this sound dismal? it isn't. ♪ ♪ it's the most wonderful life on earth. ♪ ♪
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12:00 am
period of time. thank you for watching tonight. you can catch me every weeknight hosting bulls and bears, 5 p.m. eastern, right here on fox business. have a great weekend. maria's's's's's's's's's's's's's" begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> from our nation's capital, this is a special edition of maria wart row's -- bartiromo's" wall street." maria: happy weekend, everybody. welcome to the program that analyzes the week that was and helps position you for the week ahead. i am bringing you my exclusive sit-down interview with president donald trump speaking about everything from the u.s. economy to interest rates and the federal reserve as well as his controversial comments about the late senator john mccain. i began by canning the president what his administration is doing to keep the economic boom going. >> it's happening. you look at what's going on with respect to china, our deal


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