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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  March 23, 2019 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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in all of television. we think. hope you win one. that's it for us tonight. have a great weekend. what a day. ♪ >> the ultimate man cave... >> underground, this was his home. >> ...dug with shovel and pick. >> he came at a time in america where if you could dream it, you could do it. >> it's a unique architectural creation. >> you can't go anywhere else in the united states to see something like this. >> but will his legacy be buried forever? >> he called my great-uncle the human mole, and that infuriated the family. [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ]
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[ bird caws ] ♪ >> jamie colby here in the san joaquin valley near fresno in central california. i'm on my way to meet two sisters who tell me the only way to understand their strange is to dig in and get below the surface of it. >> our great-uncle baldasare dug a subterranean world that hearkens back to his sicilian boyhood. >> it's been left to us to preserve it. >> ladies, hi. i'm jamie. >> hi, jamie. i'm valery. this is my sister, lyn. >> the sisters lead me through a grapevine arch and into an underground courtyard. >> this is part of a chapel garden. like most affluent families back in sicily, they always had their own private family chapel. >> truly incredible. as kids, i must imagine you said, "someday, i'm going to be in charge of all of this."
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was this your dream? >> [ laughing ] oh, no. >> no? >> no, not at all. that's another whole long story. >> that long story goes back to the old country of sicily, and lyn and valery's great-uncle baldasare forestiere, the second son of a wealthy farmer who grows olives, citrus fruits and grapes. >> baldasare really was involved with citrus, and that's what he really enjoyed doing. >> only one problem -- young baldy is not the firstborn son. >> he went to his dad and said, "hey, pop, i'd like to take over this part of this businesses," and his father said, "absolutely not." >> not? >> not, because back in sicily, the oldest son inherits everything, so baldasare knew that he could work his whole life anything of his own. >> at the age of 21, he got on the ship, landed in the port of boston, and got a job as a subway digger.
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>> baldasare learns a lot about excavation, but he still dreams of starting a citrus empire. so in 1904, he sees an ad offering cheap farmland in fresno, california. >> "go west, young man." you'll make a fortune. come up to the valley, where the land is really cheap. >> he cobbles together his savings and heads out west. >> he put down $10 gold coin down payment, for about 80 acres. >> they must have seen him coming because they sold him 80 acres of hardpan. >> hardpan is what they call the fields of silt, sand and clay, 5 feet thick, tough as concrete, no good for citrus farming. >> he was pretty devastated, realizing, "what did i just buy?" >> in the middle of his 80 acres, he builds himself a shack to live in. months pass. all he manages to coax out
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of his land are a few seedlings. then comes his first fresno summer. >> fresno gets 105, 110, 115 degrees. >> looking out over his sunbaked plot of dirt, baldy figures he at least knows how to turn it into a place where he can escape the heat. >> he remembered how cool the subways were back east. if you went below ground, it was very cool, the wine cellars back in sicily. >> mm. so he grabs his shovel and starts digging and digging -- tunnels, rooms. >> the hardpan made it really, really easy for him to do all this tunneling and room-creating. >> architect bob theis has baldasare's underground creation. >> it's a natural slab that he could carve rooms
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out from underneath. down here in fresno, 6 feet below the surface, is an even 65 degrees year round. >> jamie, let me introduce you to the heart of baldasare's work, his underground home, starting with the kitchen. this is an icebox. this is original. >> amazing. >> and right over here is a wood stove, where he did his cooking. >> so he would cook here. where would he eat? >> let me show you... >> okay. >> ...a very special place. now watch this. >> that's handy. and there's a cozy bedroom. >> he brought a little bit of his homeland with him. if you look at the frescoes on the walls, you can see these are fruit trees on a hillside. >> in the adjoining courtyard, a shower and bath. it's a sweet spot right here. how did he get water? >> there were irrigation ditches that ran along his property line.
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there was a tank up on the surface. then he would connect a hose to the tank and let it hang down here for a shower. >> pretty ingenious for the son of a farmer, with an 8th grade education. >> he's not an engineer. how the heck did he do this? >> he grew up with it. in sicily, there are catacombs covering acres, where they tunneled through the rock to create subterranean caverns. he could create usable spaces underneath. >> as baldy tunnels deeper and deeper, he hits soil hospitable to all those fruit trees he wanted to plant -- oranges, lemons, kumquats and pomegranates. >> we're about 12 feet below ground level here, and that hardpan is about halfway down. are mostly left open, to allow the sunlight for the fruit to grow. >> by now, baldy's underground world has snaked across at least 5 acres
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and is attracting attention. >> suddenly friends and family would come visit him in the hot part of the day. >> so he's popular? >> he's popular. >> meantime, baldy's siblings come to america, including his younger brother, giuseppe, valery and lyn's grandfather. baldy shares with them a new, grander vision for his property. >> he got the idea of having this underground resort. i think it just came to him -- "i can do something different." giuseppe, for one, is intrigued, so he helps his big brother baldy carve more acres of hardpan into a vast grotto, with ballrooms and an aquarium, all underground. eventually, their subterranean handiwork comprises about 20 acres. how long did it take for him to build this? >> about 40 years.
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he dug it with a pick, a shovel and a wheelbarrow. think what he could have done with a jackhammer. >> uncle baldy dies in 1946 at the age of 67. >> he came at a time in america where if you could dream it, you could do it. >> never married, he leaves behind five siblings, who were well aware that this part of california is growing rapidly and that uncle baldy's patch of hardpan is worth a lot more than it used to be. >> he didn't have a will, and so it was decided that they would just sell everything and then divide up the proceeds. >> like that, 3/4 of uncle baldy's land is sold off, including a huge chunk of his underground creation, and lost forever. only one sibling believes in baldy's dream. >> my grandfather giuseppe understood what his brother
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was trying to do here. >> giuseppe holds on to his share, about 20 acres. that preserves baldasare's living quarters and the heart of the gardens. but what happens next makes the forestieres mad as hell. >> the developer promised that he would get the resort going, but instead, he made it weird. >> how? >> here's a "strange inheritance" quiz question. where are the world's largest catacombs? the answer after the break.
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>> so where are the world's largest catacombs? it's b. the odessa catacombs in ukraine stretch over 1,500 miles. ♪ >> when baldasare forestiere dies in 1946, he leaves his life's work to his siblings, a vast subterranean world in fresno, california, that he dug by hand, plus the lush citrus gardens he spent a lifetime cultivating. >> you can't go anywhere else in the united states to see something like this. >> but most of baldy's siblings don't appreciate that. first chance they get, they sell off their strange inheritance to developers. >> you always have part of
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the family that isn't tied closely to the gardens, so they don't have the same emotional attachment. as something becomes more valuable, its like, "oh, let's just sell it and split it up." >> sixty acres of baldy's land are sold off, including much of his subterranean paradise. only baldasare's brother giuseppe keeps his 20 acres. he's still hoping to fulfill baldy's dream of an underground resort, but giuseppe needs help. >> my grandfather was 64. to take on a whole business, he just wasn't prepared to do that, so he leased it out. he thought this would be a great business venture. >> a business venture that would celebrate the craftsmanship of the sicilian immigrant and his vast underground gardens. >> the developer promised that he would get the resort going, but instead, he made it weird. >> what did they call it? >> oh, they call... yeah, well, okay, here it is. i know my family hates this, but it was called the human mole. come see the home
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of the human mole. >> the human mole? oh, my. >> and that infuriated giuseppe and the rest of the family. >> there it is, in print, even, "the secret world of the human mole." what an insult to a man of baldasare's vision. how sad. >> yes, it was. this beautiful accomplishment that he'd spent 40 years doing. somebody was trying to make it something weird. >> after the 10-year lease is up in 1960, giuseppe recovers the land, but he's forever mortified by the "mole man" moniker. the gardens are shuttered for almost a decade, until one of giuseppe's sons and baldy's grandsons makes a go of it. his name is rick, and he's lyn and valery's dad. rick reopens the gardens for tours in 1971, with a big assist from his wife, lorraine. >> my mom really took it from that whole derogatory,
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caveman type of thing into, like, "wow, look at what he created here." did they charge admission? >> yes. it was like $3 or something. >> was it a profit-making business? >> you know,it sustained itself. >> when giuseppe dies in 1973, rick inherits the land with his brother, joe. they keep the gardens open to the public. lyn and valery, now teens, guide tours. the sisters leave home after high school, while over the years, urban sprawl encroaches on the area. what was once farmland has become packed with gas stations and strip malls. to build roads, more of the gardens are gobbled up by the government. >> through eminent domain, they took out a beautiful entrance, and the highway 99 was built. they had to fill in, in order to build the freeway through there. >> worried the gardens might just disappear, rick and joseph
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get the remaining 10 acres designated a state landmark. but fresno continues to boom, and sadly, like the generation of forestieres before them, rick and joseph will part ways over the gardens. >> my father and my uncle ended up in court. >> what happened? >> oh, boy. >> here's another quiz question. which country created an underground bomb shelter with room for a million people during the cold war? the answer when we return.
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that protects what's important. it handles everything, and reaches everywhere. this is beyond wifi, this is xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity, the future of awesome. >> so which country created an underground bomb shelter in the 1960s, with room
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for one million people? it's a, china. the bunker below beijing included a skating rink and a movie theater. >> by 1990, what's left of the vast underground gardens in fresno, california, built with the eccentric vision of baldasare forestiere amounts to about 10 acres. his nephews joe and rick have held on to the last slice of his dream while watching fresno expand. >> now we've got the highway 99 and all kinds of shopping malls. >> lyn is one of rick's daughters. another is valery. >> my dad had promised his father, my grandpa, that he would try to preserve what had been done so that people could come and visit. >> rick, a schoolteacher, does keep the gardens open, but as real estate prices soar, he and brother joe lock horns over the future of the underground marvel.
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what were they fighting over? >> my uncle just said, "you know what? i want my share. just sell the property, divide it," and my dad did not want to let go. >> the brothers take their battle to court. joe argues to have the entire property sold off and the proceeds divided. >> it was a very emotional time. >> was he successful? >> the courts divided the property, so the 10-acre landmark was then split into two parcels. >> rick's brother, joe, acreage, leaving rick with that last remaining section of the underground gardens. >> luckily, my father got the part that had the heart of the gardens, which was baldasare's living quarters, most of the features that he wanted in his mediterranean resort. >> how big is this? >> we have about 5 acres on ground level, and another, like, 4 1/2 acres of tunnels. >> then in 2012, lyn and valery's mom, lorraine, passes away.
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their dad, rick, in his 80s, is no longer able to run this strange inheritance, and although his daughters would love to keep the gardens open, valery has made a life in denver, and lyn is 3 hours away in sacramento. so what's the forestiere family to do? they may have no choice but to further carve up the gardens or even sell them. if you had to go to your dad after four generations and say, "dad, we can't do it," how would he feel? >> you know, i think he'd feel hurt. he just sees it ongoing forever, you know. >> what's your "strange inheritance" story? we'd love to tell it. send me an e-mail or go to our website, with my friends to our annual get-together, especially after being diagnosed last year with advanced non-small cell lung cancer. (avo) another tru story with keytruda. (dr. kloecker) i started katy on keytruda and chemotherapy and she's getting results we rarely saw five years ago.
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by sicilian immigrant baldasare forestiere. but each time the architectural wonder passes to the next generation, it's carved up and partially filled in. only a slice of the underground gardens are left, maintained by rick forestiere, an 88-year-old widower. >> my father owns about the last 5-acre parcel, and about 2 1/2 of the acre tunnels are open to the public. >> now the fate of this strange inheritance falls to his daughters, lyn and valery. >> i have a love for the gardens, and i don't want to see it demolished. >> mm-hmm. so valery, who works as a bookkeeper in denver, volunteers to run the gardens' business side remotely. lyn lives a mere 3 hours away in sacramento. she agrees to be an on-site presence. >> my sister, lyn, and i were the only ones who were ready to really take on an active role with the business. >> have the two sisters
2:27 am
dug themselves into a hole? wouldn't you rather be shopping at the mall? >> sometimes, yes. [ laughs ] >> it's not just the 6-hour round-trip commute. the gardens have caused family feuds in the past, and some of those grudge matches continue today. >> sicilian families kind of tend to hold grievances and grudges. you know, like, aunt rosa didn't return your lasagna pan 30 years ago. you know, the fight is on. >> you and your sister get along? you make the decisions together? >> we do. there's a little pushing and shoving from time to time. >> but now the sisters say they're standing united to keep the gardens open as long as they can. has this place ever been a moneymaker? >> no, you make enough to cover your costs. >> there you go. >> excellent. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> but we like to make it affordable for tourists to come in and see it. >> this is a fabulous place. it's another world.
2:28 am
>> i was really inspired. to make something out of money, it's easy. but to make something out of nothing, now that's something. >> if you have millions of dollars, you can hire all of the artisans in the world and create, like, a hearst castle. but if you have nothing but your own vision and just your own work ethic, you can create an underground gardens. >> valery and lyn are working with architect bob theis to find ways of keeping these gardens intact for another 100 years. >> they recognize this as an artistic creation, and they've dedicated themselves to preserving it and making it available to other people. as an architect, you know, that's something that i respect. >> for now, lyn and valery, along with their father, rick, run the forestiere underground gardens as a team, but they know it will be up to the next generation to keep uncle baldy's legacy alive.
2:29 am
>> what happens when you and your sister can't do this anymore? >> well, we're hoping that our children will step up to the plate. some are interested. some are not right now. >> do you worry about that, the future? >> no, i don't, actually, too much because even though i went away, i came back. i don't know what it is about the magnetism of this place. ♪ >> remember how uncle baldy came to america because his dad wouldn't cut him into the business in sicily, and that all of his brothers also immigrated to the u.s.? well, a few years ago, valery traveled back to the old country. she found the family farming empire gone because there was no one left to inherit it. all the more reason she and her sister are determined to preserve this family enterprise for the next generation.
2:30 am
i'm jamie colby. thanks so much for watching "strange inheritance." and remember -- you can't take it with you. ♪ ♪ >> a crime ring -- family-style. [ gunfire ] she's the niece of the notorious bonnie parker. >> my aunt was known as that cute, little blonde bonnie. then she connected with clyde. >> clyde barrow was his uncle. >> once clyde had been accused of murder, he didn't turn back. >> their grandfather was a lawman who hunted them. >> two of the south's worst killers. >> your grandfather was the sheriff. >> killing bonnie and clyde was the ultimate. >> grim souvenirs, one strange inheritance. >> it was just like finding treasure after treasure. >> bonnie parker's three-headed snake ring. >> sitting there... >> right. >> ...all along? [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ]
2:31 am
[ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ] ♪ >> i'm jamie colby in boston today, about to meet a family who have traveled up here from houston to put their strange and historic inheritance on the auction block. >> my name's debbie wollebak-daily. my siblings and i grew up hearing fabulous tales about our grandpa, a texas lawman whose claim to fame is that he came this close to nabbing bonnie and clyde. >> ladies, i'm jamie. >> hey, jamie. so nice to meet you. this is my sister, debbie. >> i am so excited to be here in boston with you and your family for this upcoming auction. diana and debbie show me photos of their grandpa, a larger-than-life texas lawman. in 1933, he led a posse that ambushed that infamous outlaw couple, bonnie parker and
2:32 am
clyde barrow, and nearly caught them. as kids, diana, debbie, and their brother, steve, are fascinated by grandpa's 8-inch-thick scrapbook, full of vivid crime-scene photos. wasn't that creepy? >> very, very creepy. >> we thought it was the greatest thing ever. >> there are original mug shots of bonnie and clyde and news clippings about grandpa smoot's failed ambush in sowers, texas. you think he regretted the fact that he didn't get them the first time? >> i'm sure he was probably disappointed that attempt did not work out, but he was a legendary hero after that. >> so, who was this legendary lawman? richard allen "smoot" schmid, born near garland, texas, in 1897, soon becomes the image of a long, tall texan. how did smoot get the name "smoot"? >> in high school, he was 6'4" and wore a 14-size shoe.
2:33 am
i don't know what smoot has to do with that. >> smoot studies law in college but never goes on to practice. instead, he opens a bike shop in dallas. >> he had some motorcycles, also, and he apparently was a daredevil on those. >> a regular evel knievel. >> that's right! >> maybe it's smoot's flamboyant antics that catch the eye of a dallas widow, named cookie wollebak. >> that was cookie, and we called smoot "pa." >> 1931. cookie has two boys, 5-year-old david and 3-year-old bob, debbie and diana's dad. smoot raises the boys as his own. then, out of the blue, smoot decides to run for dallas county sheriff. well, how do you go from that to being the lawman in town? >> there was some upheaval in the sheriff's department, and he was asked if he would like to run for sheriff. and he said, "okay." >> turns out voters in 1933 are
2:34 am
charmed by big smoot. he takes office just as depression-era gangsters, like john dillinger and "pretty boy" floyd capture the country's imagination. the most notorious of all -- dallas' very own bonnie and clyde, who'd met as teens. >> clyde offered her a cup of hot chocolate, and it was love from then on. >> we get the scoop straight from the family. buddy barrow is clyde barrow's nephew, and rhea leen linder is bonnie parker's niece. >> she was well-known as that cute, little blonde bonnie. but then she connected with clyde, and all of her ambitions seemed to just revolve around him. >> a few months into their courtship, clyde's convicted of burglary and sentenced to 14 years' hard labor. when he's granted early parole, what's the first thing he does? hook up with bonnie, of course. >> her choice was to go with
2:35 am
clyde, and, unfortunately, they took the wrong road. >> the two set out on a vicious crime spree, first stealing a ford v-8, then kidnapping an officer in carlsbad, new mexico, then come armed robberies and gunfights with law enforcement in texas, missouri, and iowa. it's one thing to be in love. it's another to criss-cross the country on a crime spree. buddy, what was up with these two? >> once clyde had been accused of murder, he knew that he was gonna go to the chair. and he tried to get bonnie to leave many times, and she wouldn't do it. >> along the way, it's believed they kill more than a dozen people. >> it's like a soap opera. the general public had something to look forward to the next day. >> in november 1933, grandpa smoot receives two arrest warrants from the state of texas. "clyde barrow charged with the offense of murder." >> right -- 14 times.
2:36 am
>> sheriff smoot schmid is on the hunt, which leads eventually to diana and debbie's strange inheritance. and your dad had this, and he never told you? >> no. >> here's a "strange inheritance" quiz question. which texas beauty made her film debut as a stand-in for faye dunaway in the movie "bonnie and clyde"? the answer after the break.
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♪ >> so, which texas beauty made her film debut as a stand-in for faye dunaway in the movie "bonnie and clyde"? ...who was 16 at the time. unfortunately, her footage ended up on the cutting-room floor. >> we pick up this "strange inheritance" tale in 1933, when bonnie and clyde are wanted for multiple murders. >> these are death warrants for bonnie... >> oh, my. >> ...and here's another death warrant that we found in the scrapbook for clyde. >> in november '33, our heirs' grandpa, sheriff smoot schmid, gets a tip. bonnie and clyde will be attending a barrow family gathering on the outskirts of dallas, in sowers, texas. >> smoot schmid, his officers had found out about this from someone real close to his family
2:40 am
the night before. >> a leak. smoot and his posse stage an ambush on the road to the picnic site. bonnie and clyde roll up in a stolen ford v-8. the lawmen are lying in wait, hiding in a ditch. clyde senses trouble, but before he can hit the gas, the lawmen open fire. >> clyde and bonnie were both hit, shot in the legs and everything, and they were bleeding pretty good. they drove the car several miles on flat tires and wheels to get away. the officers had parked far enough away. they couldn't get to their cars very quick, so clyde had ample time to get as far as he could. >> a few miles away, clyde dumps the bullet-ridden ford and hijacks another getaway car. pretty tough to outrun and outshoot bonnie and clyde. >> yeah. he was probably the most elusive outlaw of all the depression outlaws. >> while smoot and his posse fail to nab the infamous couple, they discover a cache of bonnie
2:41 am
and clyde's personal effects inside the abandoned ford. >> these officers knew that somewhere down the line, these will be worth money. >> so, they keep them for themselves. six months later, in may 1934, bonnie and clyde are ambushed by another group of lawmen on a rural road in louisiana. this time, they don't get away. ♪ >> clyde barrow and bonnie parker... >> smoot shares the news with dallas. >> ...two of the south's worst killers. this was terminated in their apprehension day before yesterday in the state of louisiana. >> the couple's funerals attract huge crowds in their hometown. the mug shots, arrest warrants, photos, and other artifacts, documenting sheriff smoot's pursuit of the barrow gang, are pasted into a family scrapbook. smoot serves as dallas county sheriff until 1947. his stepson bob grows up and starts a family of his own,
2:42 am
including children debbie, diana, and steve. did dad show this material off to friends? was he proud of it? >> he just never pulled it out. >> grandpa smoot passes away in 1963. half a century later, in 2013, when his son bob dies, bob's kids and their spouses are cleaning out the family home. they rediscover that old scrapbook. >> we all started, like, looking at it again and saying, "wow, this is amazing stuff." >> and there's a lot more squirreled away in dad's house, north of houston -- relics they hadn't even known existed. there's grandpa smoot's monogrammed cowboy boots, his service revolver, and this 4-page letter, handwritten by bonnie and signed by clyde. that's his signature? >> that's his signature. >> there's more. the siblings find a ledger, written by their father. >> in his handwriting, the
2:43 am
contents of what was in the box. >> this is what we found that was so interesting -- bonnie parker's ring. >> oh, my. in small print -- "three silver snakes with tiny jewels." bonnie parker's ring? >> we all went, "oh, my god. where is that?" >> here's another quiz question for you... the answer when we return.
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♪ >> so, which nonactor did warren beatty consider for the
2:47 am
role of clyde? ...the musician and composer who resembled the actual clyde barrow. >> the descendants of a renowned texas lawman are on the hunt for a very personal relic connected to the infamous outlaw lovers, bonnie and clyde. they have only one clue -- a note written by their father on an inventory list. >> "bonnie parker ring -- three silver snakes with tiny jewels." >> that's the first we have ever seen or heard anything about the ring. dad never mentioned it. we had to search for it. >> they spend hours rummaging through their dad's house, near houston, looking for the ring that belonged to bonnie parker. days pass, and they still come up empty. then, in the back of a closet, debbie comes across a plastic bag filled with old costume jewelry. >> we poured it out on the
2:48 am
floor. there were three of us sitting around, going through this jewelry. >> it's like panning for gold. >> it was! >> finally, diana spies a small black box. >> it was a little box. opened it up. it was bonnie parker's ring. wow! >> along with the ring, there are other rare mementos, like original photos of the outlaws' death car and signed letters from fbi director j. edgar hoover. >> it was just like finding treasure after treasure. >> debbie takes everything home and tucks it under a bed for safekeeping. in 2016, a few years after their father dies, they decide it's time to sell their strange inheritance. >> we just thought, "maybe we should do something with this collection." >> they learn that in 2015, as you may have seen on a previous episode of this show, rr auction, based in new hampshire, sold two guns attributed to the barrow gang for nearly $500,000.
2:49 am
i pay a visit to the auction-house office here in boston. >> when i heard it was the famous sheriff smoot schmid, i got on the first plane to dallas. >> what's the timeliness of selling bonnie and clyde memorabilia? >> they were very famous in 1934 because they left behind these incredible photographs of themselves. then, in 1967, the movie with faye dunaway and warren beatty kept the legend of bonnie and clyde alive. >> we check out grandpa smoot's old scrapbook. i'm afraid to turn the page. it's pretty fragile. >> turn it. but this page here -- when i saw this, jamie, i was so excited. these are the original arrest warrants for murder issued in november 1933 by the state of texas. and i wouldn't be surprised goes for $20,000. >> and what's this? >> we've got his sheriff's badge. it's solid gold. >> twinkling. >> it's got a real diamond in it. >> only in texas. what do you think, bobby? >> it looks good on you. you should bid! >> how much? >> i would think that's gonna go for $10,000.
2:50 am
>> and more items for collectors to drool over, including that letter to a captured ex-gang member named ray hamilton, written by bonnie and signed by clyde. >> that's a letter sent to a gang member they felt was a rat. >> so, they're writing hamilton to send him a warning? like, "we're on to you"? here he says, "if i had found you, you wouldn't have had a chance to give up." yikes! >> clyde barrow furious enough that he was gonna kill raymond. that in itself is probably worth $40,000. >> and then, there's that three-headed snake ring. >> if that ring was given to bonnie parker, then that ring is the closest thing there is to a wedding ring between bonnie and clyde. >> but i thought they weren't married. >> bonnie and clyde were never married. bonnie parker was married to someone else when she was killed. in fact, was wearing her wedding ring. >> wow! so, the whole time bonnie and clyde were an item, she was still legally married to some other guy and wearing his ring? then clyde, bobby believes,
2:51 am
gives her this one. why wasn't she wearing it? >> i don't know why bonnie wasn't wearing it when they had the shootout in sowers in november 1933 when smoot had the shootout. but i do know he lifted all these things out of the car. >> could bobby be right? clyde's nephew buddy believes so. in fact, he thinks his uncle could have actually made the ring himself when he was in huntsville prison. >> clyde made jewelry in huntsville, and i've got a belt buckle he made while he was incarcerated. >> wow! with a "b"? for barrow? >> for barrow. >> as for the strange ring, buddy totally can see clyde making it for bonnie. >> clyde was sort of a mythical guy. the snake is a symbol of eternal love. it looked like something he could possibly design. >> next step? bring in a jewelry expert. david bellman wonders if the insignia inside bonnie's ring is another clue pointing to clyde. it's hard to make out, but he says it might be a music note
2:52 am
pierced with an arrow. arrow, barrow -- get it? and that's not all. >> come to find out that he was actually a self-taught musician. taught himself how to play the saxophone. >> in fact, clyde was famously toting his sax in the car when he and bonnie were killed. quite a tale. do you buy it? will the bidders, or is the auction house shooting too high? >> $6,000, now $6,500. looking for $6,500. what's your "strange inheritance" story? we'd love to tell it. send me an e-mail or go to our website, ♪ limu emu & doug what do all these people have in common, limu? [ paper rustling ] exactly, nothing. they're completely different people, that's why they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual. they'll only pay for what they need! [ gargling ] [ coins hitting the desk ] yes, and they could save a ton.
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♪don't tell me it's not worth trying for♪ ♪you know it's true ♪everything i do ♪i do it for you ♪ >> now back to "strange inheritance." >> in boston, in june 2017, the heirs to legendary texas sheriff smoot schmid are ready to sell their strange inheritance. it includes souvenirs he kept after a shootout with bonnie and clyde. auction exec bobby livingston's expecting quite a haul.
2:56 am
he's especially excited about bonnie parker's snake-head ring. >> that ring is the closest thing there is to a wedding ring between these two lovers. i wouldn't be surprised if that goes for well over $40,000, $50,000. we'll see. >> then, david bellman, bobby's jewelry expert, gets a new tip on that insignia in the band of bonnie's ring. tell me what you have discovered. >> it turned out that the hallmark inside that looked like a musical note was actually a shape of a "u" with an arrow that was a mark for a company out of rhode island that was actually manufacturing rings like this. >> i didn't get the slam-dunk answer i was looking for. >> you do still believe it was bonnie's. >> yes. the great news is, it was found in the car in sowers and belonged to smoot schmid, and he attributed it to bonnie. >> still, it's now doubtful the ring will go for the 50k bobby had estimated. what about the other items? ♪ first up on the auction block... >> sheriff smoot schmid's
2:57 am
service revolver. i have $3,250 bid. make it $3,500. yes, $3,500. fair warning. sold, $3,500. [ cash register dings ] >> next, smoot's diamond-studded sheriff's badge. >> number 2016. >> it starts with an absentee bid of 4,700 bucks and quickly soars. >> now $5,000 here. and now would you give $5,500? >> yes. >> okay. $6,000 here? >> and... >> i have $7,000. make it $7,500. $7,500. now, $8,000 with me? and this one is...sold, $8,000. >> whoo! >> south of the 10k estimate, but the heirs are still happy. now, those original bonnie and clyde arrest warrants. estimated price? 20k. >> starting bid -- $5,000. looking for $5,500. $5,500! and now looking for $6,000. $6,000. now $6,500. looking for $6,500.
2:58 am
and that is sold, $6,500. >> bidders get an even bigger bargain on that angry letter written by bonnie and signed by clyde. bobby guessed $40,000. >> bonnie parker/clyde barrow autographed letter, signed. >> it starts with a phone bid for $12,000. >> now $13,000. $13,000 i have now. make it $14,000. that is $13,000. [ cash register dings ] >> finally, bonnie parker's snake-head ring comes up, but with a disclaimer. >> this was found in the car. it belonged to bonnie parker. we no longer believe it was made by clyde barrow. >> but some bidders are still interested. >> and i have $14,000 bid. make it $15,000. we have an absentee bid of $20,000 on this. i'm looking now for $22,000. gonna sell it at $20,000. sold -- $20,000.
2:59 am
>> the final tally on the famous texas lawman's collection? just under $100,000, below bobby's estimate but still pretty good for a bunch of stuff found in grandpa's closet. the family's not complaining. >> very exciting. rr did a great job. >> the barrow family, meantime, predicts there could be more valuable relics on their way to the auction block in the years to come. among the items found in bonnie and clyde's death car -- clyde's treasured saxophone. it was returned to his mother and passed down in the family. then, it went missing. or, at least, no one's owning up to the fact that they might be hiding the old sax in a closet somewhere. buddy barrow isn't saying he knows what happened to the sax but that he and other family members do have their own stash of clyde mementos that they're thinking of selling one day. i reminded buddy, "you can't
3:00 am
take it with you." i'm jamie colby. thanks for watching "strange inheritance." "wall st" begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> from our nation's capital, this is a special edition of maria wart row's -- bartiromo's" wall street." maria: happy weekend, everybody. welcome to the program that analyzes the week that was and helps position you for the week ahead. i am bringing you my exclusive sit-down interview with president donald trump speaking about everything from the u.s. economy to interest rates and the federal reserve as well as his controversial comments about the late senator john mccain. i began by canning the president what his administration is doing to keep the economic


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