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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 23, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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don't try it, nancy. >> paul: that's it for this week's show thanks to my panel and thanks to all of you for watching. hope to see you right here, next week. lou: good evening everybody. president trump traveling to the heartland today, taking his message of prosperity and strong economic performance to american workers in ohio. president trump: and you look at some of the economic numbers nobody thought we would ever see numbers like that in our country , not for a long time, not forever. >> [applause] president trump: after so many years of budget cuts and layoffs today jobs are coming back and pouring back frankly like never before, companies are coming back into our country, they want the action, production is ramp ing up in the biggest way. we've created more than almost 6 million jobs since the
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election. >> [applause] president trump: we, all of us, are living by two simple rules, buy american and hire american. unemployment has recently reached the lowest rate in 51 years. more americans are working today than ever before in the history of our country. lou: and it gets better and better tonight we look at the trump economy that's outperforming all expectations, even the promises of this president when he was a candidate. counsel of economic advisors chair joins us here tonight, president trump ramping up his message in campaign, he's speaking directly to the american people. president trump managing to manage the national left wing media, and out maneuver his political enemies, radical dems alike, and out to destroy his presidency. mr. trump's campaign of truth has the left reeling.
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and president trump holding strong against china saying tariffs will remain on chinese goods, even if a trade deal gets done. president trump: no we're not talking about removing them we're talking about leaving them , and for a substantial period of time because we have to make sure that if we do the deal with china, that china live s by the deal, because they've had a lot of problems living by certain deals, and we have to make sure. now, no president has ever done what i've done, with china. china had free reign over our country, taking out $500 billion a year for many years. we actually rebuilt china in the true its sense of the word, we rebuilt china. lou: tonight we take-up the president's tough stance in taking on china, former deputy national security advisor to president trump, k. t. mcfarland with us tonight and the crisis at our southern border is raging.
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immigrant detention facilities reaching the breaking point, hundreds of illegal immigrants will soon be released given a day to a poor appear in court thereby free to rome our nation. the meltdown on the border is the responsibility of an inept department of homeland security, failing under its current leadership to establish control of our southern border or even make an effort to do so. we take-up the failures of homeland security, and what must be done now, to secure our border. republican congressman mark green, a money our guests tonight, and our top story president trump today, brimming with confidence as he took on the national left wing media, wrangelled the white house press into at least hearing his strong messaging to the american people president trump clearly prepared clearly ready to control the narrative, with the evidence of
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his extraordinary achievements in restoring economic growth creating jobs at every level and region of this country, putting america back to work. and taking on the same left wing media and their puppet masters, the radical dems, both of whom appear in-store for a massive disappointment when the special counsel wraps up his almost two- year long witch hunt. president trump began by laying out who robert mueller really is , and the witch hunt that is bedeviled this administration and the nation for way too long. first, mueller. president trump: i know that he's conflicted, and i know that his best friend is comey, whose a bad cop and i know that there are other things, obviously, you know, i had a business transaction with him that i've reported many times. i know he put 13 highly conflicted and very angry i call
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them angry democrats in that's sort of an amazing thing that when you have a great victory, somebody comes in, does their report out of nowhere, tell me how that makes sense, who never got a vote, who the day before, he was retained to become special counsel. i told him he wouldn't be working at the fbi and then the following day, they get him for this? i don't think so. lou: i don't think so. the president also taking aim at the opposing forces, pushing back on his strategy to combat isis, demonstrating exactly what his policies have done to annihilate the isis terrorists that prospered under obama's so-called traffic patience. president trump: i brought this out for you because this is a map of everything in the red this was on election night in
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2016, everything red is isis, and when i took it over it was a mess. now, on the bottom, that's the exact same, there is no red. in fact there's actually a tiny spot which will be gone by tonight, so that's isis, red, right there, and the bottom one is how it is today. lou: and how it is today no matter how hard the national left wing media tries to derail this president's message, the president frustrates them all the more, controlling as he does , his messages and as a populous president should by going directly to the american people. president trump: what i do is i get out the word from a fake and corrupt media, on five sides. i have over 100 million people and that includes facebook and instagram and twitter and everything, and it's the way
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that i can get honesty out because it's tremendous dishonesty with respect to the fake news media. lou: joining us now to discuss the unprecedented economic boom launched by president trump and his policies and with an astounding forecast to boot, is kevin hasset, chairman of the white house counsel of economic advisors just releasing the annual economic report, kevin good to have you with us, and congratulations. >> it's great to be back with you. lou: this is a stunning report looking at blue collar workers to begin with. those jobs being created at an extraordinary rate. the workforce is just a fire. >> we're seeing blue collar jobs sky rocket, we're seeing people out of the labor force who were discouraged and have been told don't bother it's a new normal we won't grow above 1 % they're searching back in the labor force and wages are skyrocketing too. my favorite wage story is the
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bottom 10% of the wage distribution their wages are growing at 6.5% so it means president trump's policies are going into the places, the stressed communities where the factories closed and they're reopening the factories creating jobs and driving family incomes higher. lou: and the president today taking on the united auto workers union, general motors and touting ford and toyota, for investing in this economy. this president is, if you will, forgive the expression, job bon ing like no other ever has. he is a booster of the highest order, picking up a phone, or talking directly to a ceo and talking about the forgotten man and woman and their jobs and their prospects. >> i don't know if you covered this on the show that the president very often when they brief him on the economy will pick up the phone and call somebody and so this is, you know he absolutely is super engaged and as far as auto workers go, you know the president has been fighting hard
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for auto workers ever since i got here i've known him for a little more than two years and he's always talking about autos, and we looked at the numbers, but because he was going to ohio do you realize that since the election there are 56,000 more auto workers in the u.s. than there were when president trump was elected and so the auto sector is booming, and against that back drop, you know, i think the president is very disappointed there's a factory closing and i think he's right that if somebody were to try to sell that factory there would be a lot of people lining up to buy it. lou: well that unemployment rate and this is to me, a statistic that i really didn't have a sense of. unemployment remaining at or below 4% for the past 12 months, that is the longest streak in 50 years that's how remarkable this is. >> now we're looking at sustained low unemployment, and the reason is that we got late in the cycle, and then we fixed a whole bunch of policies we de
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regulated there's a chapter on that and cut taxes and had a financial reg reform so the banks were making loans again. the community banks are out there in communities all across the country loaning money to people who want to start a business because of the financial deregulation and so anyways, so the economies working on all cylinders because the policies are working on all cylinders and i've got to tell you it was an immense pleasure to be able to document that in the 700 page book that came out yesterday. lou: ahead of the economic counsel, the president's counsel of economic advisors, i haven't seen grin like you're grinning in many, many a year, and as you should. i like these numbers, on regulation as well. i like all of these numbers, as everybody can tell, because wages growing 3.4%, and as you suggested, the american dream is alive and well, when we see upward mobility, both in wages, and positions, and income, the
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labor market is as i said, a fire here, but there's also another story, we hear a lot about tax cuts but deregulation, under this president, contributing $23 billion in savings but actually, you have an interesting number here. we're quanitfying what that effect is over and above regulation and that is to me, remarkable that you've actually gone to a net positive with the benefits of deregulation. >> yeah that's right or to put it another way that every year, there's more regulation and there's more regulatory paperwork costs and president trump has stopped new regulation that paperwork costs are going down and he's doing it because of something that makes such complete common sense. we've got a regulatory budget now so if any agency wants to increase the regulation then they've got to cut some regulation too and show that
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their regulatory costs don't go up and so that kind of discipline has led us to this world where can you imagine paperwork costs are going down in this country? it's something really unprecedented. lou: and who could have imagined that this president would be able in two years to lift 5 million americans off of food stamps? >> that's right and that by the way the thing you just emphasiz ed lou as you know is one of the reasons why we're so optimistic about the years head because people have said that oh , you're not going to get people off of food stamps or get people back to work that have been out of work for a while but it's happening in unprecedented numbers and we believe it'll continue to happen. lou: kevin hassett, the chair of the president's counsel of economic advisors and things have never been better for any chair of economic advisors, in modern history. still ahead, president trump says america's military is ready to face whatever comes its way. president trump: america does
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not need conflict, but if conflict comes and you know the story, got to be strong if conflict comes, we will dominate the battlefield, and we will win , win, win, we're now set up to win, win, win. lou: former deputy national security advisor k. t. mcfarland joins us now with much more on that and up next republican voters show enthusiasm for president trump ahead of 2020, the left wing media it's just the truth. we take that up and other truths with ed rollins, stay with us. great news, liberty mutual customizes... uh uh, i deliver the news around here. sources say liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. over to you, logo.
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president trump: you know hillary wanted to put windmills all over the place, when the wind doesn't blow just turn off the television. no wind today please turn off the television quickly. lou: well president trump having fun at the expense of hillary clinton and the radical democrat s early on twitter the president said the entire party is getting very strange but strange is definitely an understatement. listen to some of the radical demonstratesings latest. >> this man and its family, are the greatest threats to democracy of my lifetime.
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>> you heard the president of the administration say that immigrants are thieves. this is the same type of propaganda that we've heard in the 1920s afterworld war one against jews. >> i think we can win texas. i think we've proven that we know how to campaign. >> there's no question that the popular vote has been diminished we need to deal with that. lou: joining us tonight former reagan white house political director fox business political analyst, ed rollins, whose just listened to that shaking his head. i mean jerry nadler, why isn't there a protest here, he's effectively comparing this all to hitler. that was mindless tripe. >> the more they do this and have this irresponsible rhetoric and this irresponsible activity of using what he's going to do to attack the president the more the public will turn on him. my sense and we'll talk about
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here is people draw the line in the sand people before president trump and they're enthusiastic about it and ready for this fight, equally as important democrats got to be ready for the fight too. lou: well let's take a look at what ed sheeran referring to and that is a recent poll showing voter enthusiasm. if we could see that full screen please. voter enthusiasm for 2020, there we go, and this is a cnn poll, my goodness what are we doing here? voter enthusiasm for 2020. the republicans at 57%, the radical dems at 46% and independents at 26%. this is stunning, i think, to a lot of people. this must have just shocked cnn viewers to find out there is a republican party and then to find out almost twice as strong. >> and 78% of the republicans are extremely enthusiastic about the president, and these are
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better numbers than reagan had or nixon had when they both had re-elections with 49-state victory so i'm simply predicting there's a lot of republicans out there ready for the fight that are proud of this president and want the president re-elected. lou: and we're starting to see some movement within the party and by the way, i think rona mc daniel deserves great credit the chair of the rnc for holding the line and supporting this president with full support when there are people like oh, let's say mitt romney, for example, undercut ting this president because he made some nasty remarks about john mccain. there's a reason for that, there's a history between those two men and the people that were attacking including mitch mcconnell attacking the president for his views on john mccain. >> well jon hilsenrath broken
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his word to the president on that vote and they would add that vote. lou: the vote on obamacare. >> he would not have had that vote if he hadn't promised the vote they would have got somebody else to vote for and it was just bad blood, bad history and the reality is mccain ran one of the worst presidential campaigns ever that elected obama and i knew john well and liked john over the years, but the reality is trump did what he had to do and he won a big, big election against allegedly the toughest democrat in modern times. people thought she was. lou: she was strong enough to win the popular vote. >> absolutely. lou: just not smart enough to win the electoral vote. >> you don't go to wisconsin, michigan or pennsylvania very much you won't do well. lou: the downfall of many a politician i hear. >> absolutely right. lou: ed rollins great to see you thanks so much. >> thank you. lou: up next the threat china's expansionary policies pose to american interest around the world, former deputy national
7:22 pm
security advisor joins me tonight right after the break with much more but before we go to the break a look at the national debt, this is reality folks $22.1 trillion and rising. we'll be right back. stay with us.
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i'm gonna keep being me. president trump: american workers are building the most cutting-edge modern and powerful military anywhere in the planet. lou: president trump talking about america's military which is getting mighty but there is a new frontier demanding our attention as well according to acting defense secretary patrick shanahan, russia and china are treating spice as a battlefield and the united states could be in danger of being left behind. >> china is moving fast to grow their presence in space. last year, their government put
7:27 pm
38 rockets into orbit. this is more than double the 17 that our government launched. lou: russia by the way launched 20 rockets last year, also more than the united states. shanahan went on later to also give more details on the new space force the new military branch will be placed under the department of the air force and have between 15 and 20,000 personnel. joining us tonight, kt mcfarland , oh, it feels good just say those words and initial s former deputy national security advisor to president trump a regular on this broadcast for years and she's also served in the next on, ford and reagan white houses great to have you back with us, kt. >> delighted to be with you. lou: let's start with space, shanahan making it clear that this is underway that we have a big, big gap to overcome in rocketry, and missions to low
7:28 pm
earth orbit but he's surely talking about much more than that isn't he? >> oh, sure the problem was that during the last two administrations we wore down the military, fighting in these two wars that we didn't win and now, we're in a position where we're behind, we're behind in cyber defense, we're behind in cyber offense, and we're really behind in space, so we need to put r & d money in and also develop these two areas where we've been sitting still everybody else has been moving smartly out. lou: and this president again it's absolutely essential that he had been elected otherwise this gap would be simply getting wider and wider with every passing month. >> he might never have been able to make up for it. just in the nick of time. lou: so let's turn to china and to the gap that exists in a very real way, between a communist nation, it's now acceptable to say that china is a communist nation, people have taken note under this president, that they
7:29 pm
are a regime with expansionist plans not just in the region but around the globe and the united states, which has to stall those ambitions. your reading of the prospects? >> well, i think that china has right under our noses while we've been preoccupied in the middle east for the last 15 years china has been moving to create a digital, maritime and a land route where they're going to lock the world under their control, and then in 2025 they have this made in china 2025 plan about 10 years ago, they introduced it and what their goal is by the year 2025 that's just in a few years, they plan to dominate the 10 major technologies of the future , artificial intelligence, robotics, all the way through the list and when once they do, then they have the commanding heights over the future of not just technology but the economy of the world. lou: zte, huawei, two of the primary technology companies of
7:30 pm
china. the president gave relief to zte , despite violating our laws and also a tabbing our interest, huawei the same situation, in spying through the architecture, their technology, as they advance towards 5g dominance or at least that's their aim. we are at a crossroads here. we have to engage china on those issues. >> look i think this is like a five alarm fire, 10 alarm fire. we have not paid attention to what the chinese are doing if you look at how they are treating their own people they have a total surveillance state and monitoring every one of their individuals, just step out of line for a minute. they are so frozen out of their society what is china going to do when it becomes the dominant economy in the world when it controls these 10 technologies of the future. they will rewrite the world order. lou: we have to remind everyone that google did not want to work
7:31 pm
with our military. they felt it was a matter of subconscious but they have no problem according to joe dunford , the chief of staff, joint chiefs of staff. >> that's right. lou: they have no problem whatsoever benefiting the chinese military directly. >> and yet turning up their noses at us. look i am very proud to work for president trump particularly because he's the first president that's had the guts to stand up to the chinese and say enough. enough of this treating you like some third world country in the world trade organization. enough of giving you all these freebies and special treatment. enough of looking the other way while you're stealing our intellectual property while you're pushing us out of market. lou: a half trillion dollars a year in stolen technology and intellectual property. it starts to add up. >> it does and if we don't do it now, this is the last time we have a chance to do it. our economy is strong, there's is weak this is the time to stand up and he's doing it. lou: and we have so much to
7:32 pm
catch up on, we have syria, venezuela, russia and much in need of the world we look forward to doing just that with you here frequently, often and regularly. >> pleasure and an honor lou. lou: kt mcfarland. up next the european union slaps another massive fine on google for online ad abuse and also the insanity of dhs's leadership on full display, as they expand catch and release policies, and by the way, admit that they're near a meltdown of some sort, likely of their own making. we take that up with congressman mark green, that and much more, stay with us, we'll be right back. naysayer said no one would subscribe to a car the way they subscribe to movies. we don't follow the naysayers. ♪ ♪
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anti-trust regulators finding google used exclusivity clauses to prevent websites competing websites from running ads by google's competitors, the eu has fined google nearly $10 billion to date by the way the united states hasn't fined them at all, 10 billion to the european union and nothing here, for the poor old home country. and an off-duty pilot reportedly saying a lion air, boeing 737 just a day before the plane crashed, the extra pilot was seated in the cockpit helping the crew when the plane fell almost 900 feet in less than 30 seconds the plane crashed the next day with a different crew on board, and border patrol releasing 50 migrants i believe illegal immigrants from custody in mcallen texas. officials saying agencies have run out of space because of overwhelming illegal immigration from primarily central america. this comes as the border patrol
7:38 pm
has arrested more than 400 illegal immigrants in el paso the groups including families and unaccompanied minors. joining us tonight congressman mark green a member of the house oversight committee, the house freedom caucus, congressman good to have you with us. >> thanks, lou. lou: it's stunning stuff to see the head of the department of homeland security, sort of shake her head, and say that the borders near a meltdown, because they can't handle 100,000 illegal immigrants in one month, and that's half the number of 11 years ago when the border patrol have just about a third of the agents that it does now. how could this be? >> well it's because the democrats are preventing any funding of dhs. they won't give us the money for the wall. $1.4 billion is nothing. they clearly need more resources and i have to applaud the
7:39 pm
president. i think he just gave $100,000 worth of his own salary to help dhs with this it's ridiculous the democrats they want an open border they don't care it's crazy. lou: so i guess i'm getting to the point where i'm tired of republicans sort of sitting on their hands and bemoaning the existence of the radical dems. you know, you've known what they are for 20 years, and we now have a republican president and a republican administration and republican senate, we had a republican house until paul ryan screwed that p pretty thoroughly , and now, you guys can't come up with a response to what the radical dems are, or a way in which to secure the border. i mean, this looks like the white flag of surrender to me, and i have to tell you it's either a white flag or a red flag either way i'm going to be reacting and millions of americans are alike. >> i agree with you, lou.
7:40 pm
it is absolutely absurd that we can't get the democrats to help out on border security and right now they're in control. we need 18 seats in the house, america please help us get them back and get control of the house again. we will get border security. we'll make it happen. lou: you know, but the crisis is now. i mean don't you want to say to the department of homeland security secretary, get in the field? get out there, and find out how you can fix this now, whether it's with bashed wire, i don't care what it takes, or give them a welcome wagon or something, but make up your mind about what is america and where is that ink new it and where is the drive and the ambition to defend what is the greatest country on earth >> well again i've got to give it to president trump. he sent military, he has deployed military forces to the border to do just that put up constantina wire. do whatever they possibly can
7:41 pm
with the resources that they have so i think the president is acting. he's doing everything within his power declared a national emergency going after some dollars that haven't been spent in defense. he is doing what he needs to do and i applaud him for doing that lou: well i do too, no president before him has even made sense of it let alone taken action. but i'm going to put this to you as a military man. you're a decorated veteran. >> yes, sir. lou: i guess the question becomes at some point to what effect, to what effect, it isn't enough to do, it's to get it done, and right now, this administration needs to get it done. >> i agree, and clearly, there's more to be done. we can't do it without the help of the democrats as long as they hold the majority in the house, and that is the battle cry across america for 2020. we have got to win back control of the u.s. house. lou: congressman i will say to
7:42 pm
you this. if you wait until 2020 it's done it's over, and if anybody told you that you somehow have to give over control of the united states government because of 18 democrats, i think you were miss informed and i sure hope to member that that is not a truth that i've simply ignored. i hope that we can still save this country. >> i can certainly speak for myself. i'm 100% with the president and i stand with him and i think many of us on our side of the aisle are doing just that. lou: i know that you're well- intentioned and i know that you're standing strong with the president. i'm just hoping like hell that's enough. congressman let's turn to the justices who upheld the detentions the president won one in the supreme court. how about that? >> he did. it's great [laughter] i think he wants more immigration ruling in the supreme court the liberals will
7:43 pm
have a caniption. lou: let's hope i'd like to see it 24/7, year after year after year, because they need it, because right now, the republicans seem to, well, we've discussed the republicans right now. >> well if you look at this, it's just like the packing of the court. you know, they've got this notion now where they want to pack the supreme court with activist judges creating some kind of court of superior legislators. you take this ruling of course they can't stand the fact, i mean the ninth circuit court, basically kept dhs from detaining criminal aliens who were just pending deportation. i mean, the democrats, they want a different country whether they want to do away with the electoral college, change the supreme court, they want to change how elections are run, force california-style elections on the rest of the states.
7:44 pm
they want a different country, and it's ridiculous. we won this one in the supreme court. i'm excited about it. another victory for the president on immigration is a good thing. lou: congressman good to have you with us as always. >> thanks, lou. lou: thanks so much. we're coming right back after this, stay with us. i can't believe it. that there's a lobster in our hot tub? lobster: oh, you guys. there's a jet! oh...i needed this. no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on our car insurance with geico. we could have been doing this a long time ago. so, you guys staying at the hotel? yeah, we just got married. oh ho-ho! congratulations! thank you. yeah, i'm afraid of commitment... and being boiled alive. oh, shoot. believe it. geico could save you 15% or more on car insurance. that guy's the worst.
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lou: dhs says the united states on track to catch 100,000 illegal immigrants at the border this month. that would be nearly 24,000 more than last month, former president george w. bush using more nonsense expressions about border security and immigration today at a natural station ceremony in dallas the former president called immigration "a blessing and a strength" end of discussion apparently this from a man who last year said americans don't want to pick cotton at 105 degrees, and we have to welcome those who do, ignoring the fact, ladies and gentlemen, that according to the epa, 99% of cotton in this country is picked mechanically these days. this seems to be the level of knowledge and intellect that three previous administrations
7:49 pm
brought to the issue of immigration. a new report today says a meeting between president trump and xi-jinping may be pushed back to june, the united states and china at odds now over how to enforce any trade agreements should they be made a big development tonight congressman devon nunes filed a $250 million lawsuit against twitter, accusing twitter of failing to remove defamatory and malicious tweets from real individuals and bogus accounts alike, carrying the congressman's name the lawsuit also says twitter was designed to discredit him and to undermine his ability to carry out his russia investigation. newark, new jersey becomes the latest city to experiment with that brilliant radical idea of universal basic income. where are they going to get the money? we'll be right back with the washington examiner's byron york , stay with us. ♪ limu emu & doug
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lou: newark, new jersey has come up with another radical idea planning to test a universal basic income program, newark has a 28% poverty rate median household income of $31,000, but the freshman congresswoman everyone's favorite socialistic, alexandria ocasio-cortez friday called the house oversight committee hearing a little boring, dealing with by doing push-ups during recess, and oversight committee chair elijah cummings can't be too pleased with cortez calling his hearing on the census citizenship question "boring." we'll see what happens, and the radical dems on the committee probably wish they hadn't tangled with the hearing star witness none other than commerce secretary ross who is the start its commerce secretary to serve in decades. joining us tonight, byron york, chief political correspondent
7:55 pm
for the washington examiner fox business contributor, great to have you with us. i mean, ocasio-cortez, she is a, they can commit every preposterous construct known to the language seemingly, and still get more ink, we are really committed to her, aren't we? >> well i think we should all be in favor of physical fitness and some of these hearings do get a little tedious at times so at the moment, so much so that a number of democrats on capitol hill are at the least, irritated by the idea that's being put out that illham omar and analysis are the whole new freshman class when democrats picked up dozens of seats in the last election.
7:56 pm
lou: and today the national media prepared to none other than george w. bush for his new fresh thinking on illegal immigration. i want to share with you this quote because it really speaks so directly and so volume about the president's comprehension, about illegal immigration when he said americans don't want to pick cotton, at 105 degrees, but there are people who want to put food on their family's table and are willing to do that. we ought to say thank you and welcome them, and the president had no idea that 99% of cotton of coursing in this country is mechanical. it's automated what in the world you know, it's just embarrassing to watch this nonsense emanating from the comprehensive immigration president, i mean, he had no, he said famously that americans don't want the jobs,
7:57 pm
therefore, we should permit illegal immigration is effective ly what he said. >> one thing to note about the former president bush is you seen all these reports lately about the growing crisis and the border was at a breaking point with 70,000, 706,000 apprehensions of would be illegal crossers. lou: nielsen the secretary said it's a system-wide meltdown. >> exactly you just reported that that could be 100,000. lou: yeah. this month. >> now there is an argument you hear both on the left that it cannot be a crisis because it used to be worse, you know, 10-
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