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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  March 25, 2019 9:00am-12:00pm EDT

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for that? maria: they don't have the speculation about collusion anymore to peddle now that we heard the official word from robert mueller. >> trump ran on drain the swamp, did a lot more draining than needs to be done. maybe some people heading to the hoosegau. maria: stuart, take it away. stuart: i'm with you, dagen. good morning, maria. good morning, everybody. it is a win for the united states of america. a foreign power did not put donald trump into the white house. it is a trump win as well, vindication. he did not conclude or collude with the russians. he won the election fair and square. for two years, donald trump has been harassed. it has been a cloud hovering over his administration. there was always the threat of impeachment. well, that threat has been removed. he's not going to be impeached. in fact, his re-election campaign has been given a big shot in the arm. it is a loss for the democrats. they have hung their hat on impeachment. now all they've got left is
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socialism and the lunatic green new deal. some prominent democrats stand in disgrace. adam schiff kept saying he had evidence of collusion. where is it? mueller couldn't find it. and the former head of the cia, john brennan, stands in absolute disgrace. he called the president treasonous. and the media, my only word is shameful. for two years, they have abandoned all forms of professional integrity. okay, what's next? i hope we now investigate how this whole charade got started. i think the deep state tried for a coup. thank heaven they failed. throughout the program today, you will hear more about america's win, trumps win. i'm celebrating. now, i thought we might see a bounce for the market on the no collusion news. well, apparently not. the trump win perhaps strengthens the president in china trade negotiations but that's not translating into much of a bounce. down 460 points friday, the dow will open down maybe 30 points
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this monday morning. all right. this is apple's big streaming day. this is israel's day at the white house. and who knows what the president will say in the next three hours. we will cover it, though. "varney & company" is about to begin. there was no obstruction and none whatsoever. it was a complete and total exonerati exoneration. it's a shame that our country had to go through this. stuart: yes, sir, mr. president, commenting there on the mueller report findings. let's stay on that. bring in mike huckabee. governor, welcome to the program. good to see you. look, i said in my editorial, it was an editorial top of the hour, i want to now investigate the investigators because i do
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believe a deep state coup was narrowly averted and i want to know more about it. what about you? >> absolutely, stu. as usual, you're right. i have to say it. hurts me to do so. look, we know this. there was a conspiracy, there was a coverup and there was an attempted coup but donald trump had nothing to do with it. tell you who had something to do with it. the people in the previous administration, people like comey and lynch and mccabe and strzok and page. there's a long list, clapper, brennan. those are the people who engaged in a decided attempt to try to overturn the results of this election and prior to, they were the ones who knew that there was russia attempt of interfering. they were the ones in charge of the government, not donald trump. so if somebody is going to be held accountable for what russia tried to do, apparently they weren't successful, but what they tried to do, let's hold the people accountable who were
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actually in charge of the government and it wasn't donald trump prior to january of 2017. stuart: i would like to see some accountability on the part of the media, too. for two years, all -- they have just disgraced themselves. again, that's a very strong opinion but it's my opinion. what do you say? >> i think they have done more than disgrace themselves. they completely discredited the role of journalism in a free society. that is unfortunate. as much as i celebrate for the country that this report is done and it proves our president did not collude with the russians, i also lament the fact that it chose a level of just lack of integrity on the part of the journalistic community that is going to take years to restore, if ever. if ever. stuart: would you just stay there for a second. i want to turn to the money section of the program which that's what we do here. bear with me for a moment. i want to bring in market watcher dennis gartman this
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morning. dennis, any impact on the market from the mueller report? >> you know, stuart, what's really fascinating is the futures opened 30 and 40 points higher but after a 460 point decline on friday, the fact that you barely opened higher and at one time you were 115 points lower, the oldest rule in trading is a market that does not go up on bullish news and the president's news from mr. mueller was indeed bullish, the oldest rule in the book is a market that does not go up on bullish news is not bullish. you have to be very careful here. this market should have been 150, 200 dow points higher. in fact, it's 32 points lower and that's a rally from the low. be careful. stuart: what's the problem, dennis? what's the problem? is it a slowing global economy? is it a slowdown at home here? is that the issue today? >> yeah, that is the issue. the fact that the market did not respond very positively to the fed's comments last week, the
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fed's changing in policy for lack of a better term, the fact we have seen stocks in global terms reach their peak last january, january of 2018. the fact that we are not responding to good bullish news. this is deleterious to stock prices. you have to be very careful here. stuart: i thought that this no collusion report would strengthen the president's hand in trade negotiations with china. he's stronger politically and he's not going to be impeached. where did i go wrong? >> no, you're right. it strengthens his hand but the market is fearful the strength of hand by this president means the propensity to include and increase tariffs once again. that's always in the back of everybody's mind. if he had been damaged somewhat, the propensity to raise tariffs would have been greatly diminished. now with a stronger hand, and he has a stronger hand, let's not kid ourselves about this, the propensity to increase tariffs and put higher tariffs into effect has been increased and i think the market is worried about that. stuart: dennis gartman on a monday morning, all good stuff.
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thanks for joining us. see you again soon, i promise you that. thank you. >> thanks, stuart. stuart: now, israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu is meeting with president trump today. however, he's going to cut his trip short because of the rocket attack in israel. meanwhile, congresswoman omar going after israel while speaking to a group in los angeles over the weekend. watch this. >> why are you always talking about, you know, this particular country and you're not talking about that particular country. my choice of a country to talk about is based on what country is violating basic human rights. stuart: i believe governor huckabee saw that and i would like to hear his comment. go, sir. >> i just got back from israel. i was there last tuesday. i go four or five times a year. i have been going since 1973,
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long before that woman was born. she has no idea what she's talking about. she's utterly ignorant of israel. i bet she's never been. you want to talk about human rights? in israel you have free speech. you have free elections. you have a free press. you have freedom of movement. you have an economic system that is the envy of the world. i don't know what she's talking about but it's clear she has no clue as to what israel is about and i would love to take her and let her go with me. i will give her a tour. i will let her see it first-hand. she wants to talk about human rights violations, let's talk venezuela. let's talk cuba. let's talk russia. there are plenty of places. stuart: hold on a second, governor. in the "new york times" today, there's a report on hamas beating palestinians who are demonstrating in favor of a better quality of life. there's a picture of these heavily armed riot-clad guys going after palestinians. if that's not the abuse of human
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rights, what is? >> well, i'll tell you another abuse of human rights. i went with the prime minister last week to the home of rabbi eddinger who has 12 children. he was murdered by a terrorist. that's a violation of human rights. last night, a rocket was shot from gaza into a civilian target and injured a number of israeli private citizens. that's an abuse of human rights. i would like to just ask representative omar what does she consider hamas to be, a boy scout troop? these are terrorists. they are identified, they are known to be terrorists. they are labeled as terrorists even by the united nations. let's not kid ourselves and pretend that somehow, these are really wonderful people. these are thugs, terrorists and murderers and we need to be clear about it. stuart: we are both outraged and i said at the top of the show i was going to be celebrating the win for america and the win for president trump. let's put a smile back on our
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faces and conclude the interview. we will get back to the good times later. governor, it's always a pleasure. thank you, sir. >> thank you, stu. stuart: the college admissions scandal. a dozen defendants set to appear in a boston court today. who is appearing? liz: the majority of them coaches, four of them former usc coaches. we have a dozen today appearing at a court in boston, we have another 23 appearing on friday. what's happening right now is usc has a lot of coaches involved in this scandal. you are looking at the coaches in court. usc is now looking into students and possibly kicking them out of school. they are under investigation, according to a report, under investigation at usc. they could face discipline. felicity huffman will appear, lori loughlin will appear in boston april 3rd. they face a number of charges. today it's racketeering. this is the college admissions bribery scandal. stuart: it's a very serious
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charge. rackete racketeering? liz, thank you very much indeed. check futures again. this is how we will open up this monday morning. we will be down i think around 30 points, roughly that, and down 20 for the nasdaq. the powerball jackpot now, wait for it, yes, $750 million. nobody matched all six numbers in the weekend drawing. there has been no powerball winner since december. the next drawing, wednesday. ashley: fantastic. stuart: buy me a ticket. venezuela, russian planes carrying dozens of troops and military equipment arrived there in caracas over the weekend. sounds like an escalation to me. our venezuela expert will join us later this hour. democrats in the house vow to push forward with investigations into president trump. will anything get done in congress in the next two years? we will certainly ask that question. "varney & company" just getting started. see that's funny, i thought you traded options. i'm not really a wall street guy.
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stuart: netflix stock is down, not that much, but a couple bucks lower. that's ahead of apple's big new streaming service. the announcement takes place today at an event in california. will apple have a netflix killer? apple stock in advance of the streaming announcement, up 1.91 as of this morning. jerry nadler telling fox
9:16 am
news sunday that investigations into president trump will continue. roll tape. >> the job of congress is much broader than the job of a special counsel. the special counsel was looking and can only look for crimes. we have to protect the rule of law. we have to look for abuses of power. we have to look for obstructions of justice. we have to look for corruption. in the exercise of power. which may not be crimes. stuart: we have to look for everything that could possibly have gone wrong. the gentleman on the right-hand side of your screen is greg walden, republican from oregon. with all these investigations going on endlessly, will anything at all get done in congress in the next two years? >> you know that's a big open question. they have gone hardcore left. you look at the discussions you were just having with governor huckabee. i think they are trying to hide from the agenda they ran on. they want to have a complete government takeover of health care. you have seen the green new deal at $93 trillion, 22% increase in energy prices, and yet all we see, they don't want to talk about that. they don't want to run on that.
9:17 am
they don't even want to have hearings on those issues. instead, they are engaged in this never-ending investigation. stuart: i think we have got trump investigation fatigue. that's my reading of it. maybe i'm mixing in the wrong circles but that's what i hear. >> they are completely overplaying their hand and if you read the information about what the russians were trying to do, they are playing right into their hands. they wanted us to be discordant about our democratic process, not to accept the outcome of the election. you look at all the things they did online to try and affect and rip apart america. i frankly think the democrats are playing right into their hands while they've got this socialist democrat agenda on the left, they have a complete government takeover of everything from energy to getting rid of every single health insurance policy in america, including medicare advantage, stuart. at least they are being honest about it this time. last time they said you can keep your health plan or your doctor. this time they said no, we're coming to take it away. stuart: in this environment, i don't think you can get anything
9:18 am
done on infrastructure. that may be a bipartisan thing, both sides want it, but in this environment, how you going to get anything done? >> here's the mistake they're making. americans elect us to come and work things out and work together. when i chaired the energy and commerce committee, 93% of the 148 pieces of legislation that passed the house floor were bipartisan. they had bipartisan votes, 57 of them became law including our 60-bill package to deal with the opioid crisis. we really have problems in america we need to go solve. they should work with us as we worked with them and let's get america moving in the right direction. stuart: congressman greg walden, thank you very much for appearing with us today on a big day. thank you, sir. >> you got it. go, ducks. stuart: who? ashley: the oregon ducks. sweet 16. >> did you see them last night?
9:19 am
they were great. stuart: no, i didn't. >> watch the replay. great game. stuart: i was watching the apoplexy on cnn. i couldn't resist. greg walden, again, thank you very much. appreciate it. listen to this. brexit, prime minister theresa may facing new pressures to resign. wait a second. i have no doubt she's no longer going to be the prime minister. ashley: yes. stuart: who's the replacement? ashley: boris johnson could well be in the offing. at least boris believes so. i think he would back a deal where she says okay, you vote for my plan, i will resign. he wrote an interesting article in "the telegraph" today basically saying there but there's lots of speculation. he's got a more professional haircut, he lost some weight, he's got a new girlfriend. he pushed the reset button as though laying the groundwork. stuart: got a new haircut, lost weight and has a new girlfriend. ashley: he's a refreshed boris. stuart: all right, ashley, thank
9:20 am
you very much. futures, where are we? where are we going to open? we have about ten minutes to go. we will be down about 40, 45 on the dow, 24 on the nasdaq. president trump getting some positive news on more than just the mueller report. a new fox poll shows his handling of the economy's getting very good marks. details after this.
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stuart: new fox poll, here we go, president trump's handling of the economy, ash, i think his numbers are going up. ashley: pretty good right now. 50% of the people approve, 42% disapprove but it was 49-46 back at the beginning of the year. so he's picking up. job performance, let's get into that. that is the approval rating, 46% approve, 51% disapprove. in february, it was 46% approve, 52% disapprove. he's holding steady on the approval and improving just a little on the disapprove. stuart: i got a buck says after the mueller report, his approval rating goes up. i would put money on that. s ashley: yes. stuart: we have news on the democrats and their positioning here. joe biden and bernie sanders? liz: yeah. joe biden has not even declared and he's pulling ahead. he's at 31% of democrat primary
9:25 am
voters expected. sanders is at 23%. this is such a big field, our fox pollster said it feels like a march madness bracket. there are 20 people in here. the way to read this is experts are saying they are looking for the person who could beat trump. that's how the primary voter thinks right now, who can beat trump. clearly they are saying biden. look at the second tier coming in at just 8% is kamala harris or, you know, senator warren just gets 4%. gillibrand gets 2%. amy klobuchar, 1%. that's nothing. they are not even registering right now. ashley: maybe the centrist democrats are doing better than the louder, far left candidates. stuart: joe biden sees that poll, and i'm sure he will, he'll be in, i would imagine. if you haven't even declared and you are still leading the pack. liz: pulling away from bernie sanders. stuart: 31 to 23. thanks, liz. let's check that market.
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stuart: all right. here we go. monday morning, we have 15
9:30 am
seconds and this market will open. it was a rotten friday. the dow was off 460 points. worries about global growth, all wet across the board. minus 460 points. looks like we will be down again. right now, boom, 9:30 eastern time as trading gets under way. we have opened down 11, down 13. give it a couple of minutes. i think we will be down a bit more than the 21, 28 is where we are now, down 24. two-thirds of the dow 30 are in the red in the very early going but we're down just .1%. show me the s&p 500, please. where is that? it is down .17%. a bit more of a loss there. how about the nasdaq? big tech took it on the chin last week. taking it on the chin again this morning, down a quarter percent. last week's selloff continues this monday morning. i need analysis. put me on the couch. jeff sica, elizabeth macdonald
9:31 am
and ashley webster. i say the mueller conclusion, no collusion, i thought that would be a plus for the markets and a plus for the china trade deal. jeff, where am i going wrong? >> i mean, i think it is a plus in that this distraction, but let's face it, the market as you said earlier, investors got very fatigued of hearing of this investigation and the market now is looking at the two major issues which is the economy slowing down and what are the effects of the china trade deal going to be. stuart: the mueller thing was baked into the market? >> it was baked into the market. very little relevance. stuart: so no surprise this morning. keith, what do you say? >> i'm totally in agreement. this was a political issue, not a market issue. traders have figured this out and moved on. the hope of course, mine too, is that now we can focus on stuff that actually matters to your wallet. liz: it's really interesting, people are looking at that ten-year yield going down, saying that's a recession indicator. i think that's a false flag.
9:32 am
investors overseas are seeing $11 trillion in negative, zero to negative yield in bonds so they are looking to us for yield. they could be flooding in to our yield. stuart: that's where the money is -- liz: could be. stuart: if you lent money to the german government right now, you wouldn't get it all back. ashley: you would pay them for the privilege. liz: so don't think it's a recession coming, what the ten-year is looking. it's a mixed picture right now. stuart: slow growth is still the big worry on the market, is that right? >> well, it is. emac makes an incredibly valuable point here. you can't give money away when it's free. it will pay you to take it. global growth is not going to be as bad as everybody thinks. it's not going to stop. it may slow down. to this point, something we talk about all the time, got to have the right companies. stuart: incredibly valuable comment. take a bow. >> she always makes great comments. ashley: the least dirty shirt in the hamper.
9:33 am
yes, our economy is slowing down but the rest of the world, even more so. we are still the best game in town. >> also, what freaked out the market on wednesday was jerome powell was extremely, extremely dovish and made people think that he saw levels of -- stuart: oh, yes. we just turned around. we opened down. by the way, when i got up this morning, 2:00, 3:00 in the morning, i looked at futures and we were going to be way down. now we turned it around. okay. flat. i shouldn't have said anything. now we just dropped two points. 25,500. got it. let me escape this. boeing. serious stuff here. the safety certification process that allowed the max jets to fly is now under the microscope. keith, we have the ceo of ethiopian airlines saying it's going to be very difficult to restore confidence in the max jet. one more piece of bad news for boeing but the thing is up this morning. >> well, people are looking.
9:34 am
i think 340 to 370 is a critical line in the sand. if there were more cancellations, i think boeing is in a world of hurt. i fly a lot. i'm particularly concerned about this self-certification idea because you can't take chances with people's lives. stuart: it's up three bucks at $365. maybe the bottom has been reached. ashley: jeff, didn't you cancel a flight you were on bates weca was a 737 max? >> i did. i wasn't going to admit that. i had a flight scheduled to iceland and it was one of these boeing jets. i just, i thought i would just be too nervous over it and it's better off to fly out of new york than new jersey and not have to deal with that. stuart: you are a tough guy. >> i know. i didn't want to admit that on live tv. ashley: sorry about that. s stuart: exposed by ashley webster. ashley: sorry. stuart: check the big board. now we are up ten points. we turned it around. got it. now we're up 12.
9:35 am
25,500 is where we are. better profit at winnebago. what's the stock doing? it's down 1.6%. anyo nintendo is launching two new versions of its switch gaming console released this summer, maybe. that stock is up 2%. viacom and at & t have cut a deal to avert a programming blackout. viacom is up, at & t is down. apple holds a big event in its headquarters later on today. it's expected to announce their new streaming service. here's my question to you, jeff. is this new streaming service a netflix killer? >> no. i'm going to take credit for something again which was that i said apple should have bought netflix in 2012. no, it's not a netflix killer, with over a billion apple devices out, this should have been done back then. it is a good thing for apple but i think apple's going to find a
9:36 am
way to blow it because keep in mind, what netflix has that apple desperately needs is a tremendous amount of content that also disney has and they are not going to be able to do that, plus investors are waiting to see if they are going to offer these streaming services on non-apple devices. stuart: surely when all is said and done and all these streaming services are up and running, there is room for four, five or six profitable mainstream -- liz: right. ashley: a billion dollars -- stuart: i want to see what we get in content for a billion dollars from apple. liz: we already see consumers say we can't handle more than four accounts. it's annoying. netflix's market cap is pretty sizeable and add their balance sheet debt and off balance sheet debt which would make that purchase price whopping big for apple. could easily take a big chunk -- ashley: they have a ton of money to invest. liz: it could take a chunk out of it. >> i will give the hollywood
9:37 am
perspective because i have been doing a lot of research on this. what people are worried about with apple is they are going to control the content, and the producers and directors do not want tim cook making decisions as to what the content -- liz: as he is now. >> as he is now. that is not an environment that hollywood wants to be involved in. they like netflix because they have the autonomy and the economics and it's working for them. stuart: by the way, we have turned it around. this really is a turnaround. we opened lower -- ashley: don't focus on it. we know what happens when you do that. stuart: 60 points, 25,561. amazon, look, this is an old story. the whole foods division having some problems with delivery. that was last week's story. jeff, you have always been the guy who pushed amazon, you have always liked it, you never backed off. are you still there? >> yeah. i still like it. i think they have had very, very few missteps that anyone should be concerned of.
9:38 am
any issues they have with working through the logistics, especially with groceries, there needs to be patience with that. but once they get that under control, amazon is going to open up a tremendous line of revenue from grocery because sooner or later, very few people are going to be buying their groceries from anywhere else. liz: when are they going to split that stock? it's been more than 20 years. stuart: what have you got, keith? what do you say? >> it's a good point, right. this is the free market at work. if all of a sudden celery is more expensive than kale it's because more customers want it. if anybody's got the pricing power to figure out how to raise prices and match supply, it's going to be amazon. stuart: real fast, does anybody have an answer as to why the amazons of this world no longer split their stock? liz: i don't know. stuart: back in the day -- [ speaking simultaneously ] liz: last time was 20 years ago. they only split three times. stuart: what have you got, keith? >> they don't need to. they don't need to split it. if anything, they will create a
9:39 am
secondary series to allow that kind of monetization. their foothold is so strong they don't need to split the stock. stuart: how about facebook. they and instagram vowed to crack down on what they called vaccine misinformation. apparently it's still a problem. but stit's a teflon stock. bad news rolls and rolls and rolls. nothing ever happens. the stock's at 163. keith? >> it absolutely defies imagination. they can control advertising to the pixel and they can't control content. something is really wrong. i don't like the flood of executives out. i don't like the way they have sold their moral compass out. i'm not going to touch that stock. ashley: that's a good point. bottom line, we say this every week, every day, until regulation comes in and really impacts the business model, we can have bad headlines but it doesn't really hit the stock. you start taking money away and adding hurdles -- liz: start taking their immunity shield from lawsuits. they are showing what can be
9:40 am
called violence porn. that's a third party lawsuit. stuart: regulation of some sort that would alter their business model. >> they never got honest about their business model in the first place. now the government intervening in these big tech companies, facebook being the biggest culprit, is going to definitely negatively impact them. stuart: look at the time. when you get to 9:40 eastern, i have a digital clock right in front of me. it hits 9:40, say good-bye. keith, jeff, thanks very much indeed. you're out. look at this. the dow is up 46, 47 points. bit of a turnaround. that's where we are now. we have tesla raising prices on some of its vehicles. we will tell you which vehicles, and by how much. the top u.s. general, the chair of the joint chiefs of staff, joe dunford, he's going to meet with google this week over its work in china. the chair of the joint chiefs of staff? he says the chinese military is benefiting from google's work?
9:41 am
that is a big deal. russia sending troops and military equipment to venezuela. it sounds like an escalation to me and we're on it. we will deal with it in just a moment. heading into retirement you want to follow your passions rather than worry about how to pay for long-term care. brighthouse smartcare℠ is a hybrid life insurance and long-term care product. it protects your family while providing long-term care coverage, should you need it. so you can explore all the amazing things ahead. talk to your advisor about brighthouse smartcare. brighthouse financial.
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i swibecause they let metual, customize my insurance. and as a fitness junkie, i customize everything, like my bike, and my calves. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ stuart: all right. 13 minutes in, how are we doing? well, we pared the gain. looks like we are flat to slightly higher as we speak. you got it right. i should never have mentioned it turned around. i should have ignored it. ashley: it's a financial program. stuart: i know. tesla are raising prices on some of the vehicles. tell me more, susan on the exchange. susan: they are raising their prices on inventory cars, not
9:44 am
brand new ones that you order online. but the inventory ones that are premade, they could be new and could be used. this is another confusing pricing change for tesla. elon musk tweeted this on sunday saying this is bringing the inventory cars in line with other pricing schemes they have on other cars. model y also went up 1,000 bucks across the entire range as well. in january, we had tesla saying they were going to cut prices and in february, they were going to close down retail stores and in march, all that changed. they hiked prices by 3%. they say they will still keep some of their retail stores open and this is yet again another confusing point in terms of strategy for tesla. underperforming this year. back to you. stuart: it's taking the stock down, too. thank you very much indeed. let's get to the crisis and it is a crisis, in venezuela. a long-running crisis, really. two russian military planes landed in the country's main airport over the weekend. come on in, mary anastasia o'grady. those planes were reportedly
9:45 am
carrying troops and military equipment. that's an escalation to me. >> well, let's have a little perspective here. three months ago, the russians were doing joint military exercises with the venezuelans. a lost people don't know that because it wasn't well-publicized. what's been going on in venezuela for 20 years is both russians, cubans and iranians going and doing all kinds of cooperative activities together. stuart: are they now bolstering their defenses to guard against any american military action, or to guard against juan guaido taking power? are the russian troops and cubans thinking of stopping that? >> what they are making very clear is they are not going to let go of venezuela until they really have to. this is why i think it's important for the u.s. to begin to do -- be more aggressive with sanctions. stuart: more aggressive with sanctions. >> yeah. for example, i think there are shipments of oil still going from venezuela to cuba. why is that allowed to happen? they should intervene those
9:46 am
ships. because what happened here with the russians is you have 99 russians who arrived in those planes. most of them are advisers, technical people and doctors. what's more troubling to me is that maduro has said he is going to promote the idea of setting up russian bases in bolivar in the area of guyana as a tool to basically bolster his regime. if we start seeing that happening, that would be a shift. i think this is more the russians just continuing to show that they are going to be a problem for the u.s. and again, we talked about this before but the u.s. has, you know, if you are going to be in my theater in the ukraine and eastern europe, i can be in your theater. so i don't think the russians think they are actually going to save maduro. they want to be as much of a problem to the u.s. and to the democracy as they can. stuart: they are spinning out
9:47 am
maduro's -- >> exactly. exactly. no one's leaving among the bad guys until they really, really have to. stuart: that's not yet. that's what bothers me. the country is a wreck. people are starving. they shoot them in the streets. this goes on and on and on. >> behind the scenes supposedly there are negotiations between the military, the high demand of the military and the u.s. in looking for a place for these guys to land that they are going to be safe. if that happens, you still have this drip, drip, drip of military leaving, not enough, but when the military flips, in that moment, that's the time when you are going to really see -- stuart: does the end game come suddenly, just boom, all of a sudden, maduro's gone, the generals are gone? >> the day the military flips is the day, and it may come very suddenly. stuart: that would come really rapidly, wouldn't it? >> that would be from one day to the next. yeah. stuart: you wouldn't care to hazard a prediction when this might happen, would you? >> i will not. i'm going to go out on a limb
9:48 am
and say that it will happen, but i don't see maduro surviving, but that doesn't solve the problem because as we have talked about on this show before, you have a completely decimated institutional background. it's completely corrupted, it's, you know, it's destroyed and you have to rebuild that. so a transitional government will be very important and will need the u.s. help. think about iraq, when saddam hussein fell, it did not solve the problem. you had a process of institution building that had to go on. you know, we don't know exactly how that will go forward. i think that's scarier or more uncertain whether maduro will hang on. stuart: it's such a tragedy. i remember when i was a young lad, venezuela was considered a prosperous country. one of the richest in the world, back in the 1930s. it was a very wealthy country, up to the '60s and '70s it was wealthy. >> it's heartbreaking.
9:49 am
the last dictatorship fell in 1958 and if you look at the period of time from like 1961, when the constitution came in, if you look at that, you see them chipping away at property rights for four decades until you finally got hugo chavez. that's a warning to anybody with a democracy. you have to defend your institutions. stuart: well said. thank you very much for joining us. appreciate it. show me the big board quickly. i know you have seen it on the bottom right hand of the screen. we have another turn-around here. the dow is now close to a 100 point loss. it's been all over the place this morning after last week's big decline friday. now we are down 102. 25,400. that's where we are. next one, alabama residents, i don't know why alabama residents, but alabama residents will be able to chip in to help build the border wall. tell me more. liz: the state senate said yes, alabamans, on your state tax return, you can check a box saying direct your tax refund
9:50 am
money toward building a border wall. they want to send a message to d.c., we agree with the president, secure the border, stop the madness. the border is an issue, it's a problem. people should not be flooding over the border illegally. they want to stop -- now, congress would have to sign off on this, though. the use of that money for the wall. ashley: right. stuart: interesting move there. liz: interesting. stuart: now this one. the exodus out of new york could get a lot worse. a new poll shows a lot of new yorkers just fed up with the high cost of living here. that's where we are now. they want to leave. we will tell you all about it in a moment. this isn't just any moving day.
9:51 am
9:52 am
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stuart: 24 minutes into the session, down 81 points on the dow. that puts us back at the 25,400 level. chick-fil-a banned at the airport in san antonio. tell me why. ashley: because of their alleged legacy they say of anti-lgbtq behavior. city council saying nope, we don't want you here. san antonio is a city full of compassion. we do not have room in our public facilities for a business with that legacy. everyone has a place here, everyone should feel welcome. chick-fil-a responding saying this is a complete mischaracterization of what our company is all about.
9:55 am
we serve customers in our restaurants on a daily basis and they represent all people, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender identity. i only wish, they say, they only wish, the company wishes that san antonio would have talked to them before they went ahead and made this decision. let's not forget, the mayor of new york wanted to boycott the chick-fil-a right around the corner from this studio. what happened? the line went around and around and around. stuart: all right. let's talk about this poll about people wanting to leave new york because of the taxes and salt and all the rest of it. how many are leaving? liz: we have talked about this. this poll is striking. it's from quinnipiac. now 4 out of 10 saying we can't handle it, it's across new york state, not just new york city, 4 out of 10 voters in new york are saying can't do it anymore, we are going to leave within the next five years and seek better economic opportunity, you know, elsewhere. watch this. the number of people leaving daily out of new york city alone has tripled over the last five years. stuart: daily.
9:56 am
liz: daily. 131 people a day are now leaving. stuart: 131 a day out of new york city? liz: that's correct. they can't handle the taxes. stuart: who can? now, we are going to move on with our coverage of the mueller report. no collusion. the dust is beginning to settle. i'm going to pass some judgment here. i think frankly, we should all be happy america's presidential election was not compromised by a foreign power. it was not. the media, i think, should be ashamed. my take on that, next. fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. . . sugar in your family's diet,
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10:00 am
stuart: the mueller report is in. it is time to pass some judgment. number one, we should all be happy, all of us. america's presidential election was not compromised by a foreign power. the electoral process was and is sound. it held up. donald j. trump won fair and square. that is now settled. be happy. the president should be happy. he has been harassed for two years, constantly vilified. now he has been vindicated. can we be clear? mueller found no trump-russia conspiracy, no collusion. mr. trump's base should be very happy. throughout this ordeal they stayed true, despite the most outrageous charges they stayed with the man they elected. i'm looking forward to the approval rating now that the mueller report is out. but the media, ah, the media, they're not happy, but if you watched certain news channels
10:01 am
over the weekend they are absolutely, not just unhappy, they are apoplectic. i saw one news anchor very close to tears. what the media should be feel something shame. they have thrown away their professional integrity with an orgy of trump hatred and there is some democrats, who at the very least be embarrassed by their previous comments. house intelligence committee chair adam schiff said he had evidence, evidence, of collusion. evidence? really. where is it? robert mueller couldn't find it. former cia direct to, the director of the cia, john brennan, actually called the president, our president, treasonous. that is beyond i am -- embarrassing. that is disgraceful. i believe america is done with trump investigations but i don't think the president is done with what has been done to him. i said at the beginning of this editorial that america's election system survived intact and so it did but it was attacked not just by a foreign
10:02 am
power but also by deep state rogues who attempted a coup from the inside. it is time we got to the bottom of that and i think the president will. the second hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ >> this was an illegal take-down, that failed and hopefully somebody is going to be looking at the other side. so it is complete exoneration, no collusion, no obstruction. stuart: strong stuff from the president, right there on the mueller report. he is talking about this part of the letter attorney general william barr, quote the special counsel's investigation did not find that the trump campaign or anyone associated with it or conspired or coordinated with russia in its efforts to influence the 2016 presidential
10:03 am
election. i believe ash, you have got some numbers. ashley: i do. a little nauseating, length of this probe by bob mueller, 675 days, or if you prefer, one year, 310 days. the cost of all this? $25.2 million. the number of tweets involving this particular investigation, 77. i you would have thought that was week's worth. indictments, 34 people and three companies. no collusion. you know they turned over every stone they could in the close to a year investigation. stuart: you heard my editorial a few moments ago. i had something to say about adam schiff. listen to what kellyanne conway had to say about congressman adam schiff. roll tape, please. >> then you have adam schiff, talk about an oxymoron, this man heads the intelligence committee in the house. he said quote, he believed that
10:04 am
the scandal is of a size and scope probably bigger than watergate an there is plenty of evidence of collusion. he ought to resign today. he is on every tv show 50 times a day practice ially the last two years, promising americans that the president would be inpeached or indicted. stuart: more strong stuff, kellyanne conway. brad blakeman with us, former deputy assistant to bush 43. i want to celebrate because america won, trump won. i want to celebrate but i'm not going to celebrate until i see justice don about this coup i think place, an attempted coup, until i see something from brennan and congressman schiff about what they said previously. where are you? >> you will never going to see it. these people will down down. they will not admit they attempted a coup of the president with the complicity of media. the media wanted trump out just as much democrats did.
10:05 am
the only collusion existed in america during the time of the mueller investigation had to do with democrats and the media colluding together to conspire to remove the president. the problem they didn't have evidence or just cause. you know what? mueller is the silver lining all this. everybody thought on the republican side for his appointment. he may have been just what the doctor ordered because the american people now see that independent, non-partisan investigation was had. evidence was produced. by the way now, democrats are going to say if we don't turn over the entire mueller report, ah-ha, they're hiding something? you know what? mueller and barr have an obligation now to protect the rule of law. there are some things in that report that need to be protected. the grand jury proceeding, classified information and the personal information of people who are caught up in this. stuart: i think democrats have abandoned any hope of an impeachment. instead they just want dirt.
10:06 am
they want to slime the president. >> exactly. stuart: any which way they can. that is not good enough. look if you're, major political party, you run the house, you should be talking policy for the next two years, not just endless investigations and dirt on the president. i think it is shameful what is going on. >> no question. i think the white house should do a hard pivot and be producing legislation and dumping it at the foot of pelosi and daring democrats not to take it up. now is the time to bring this country together and to govern. the wasted time that we've had trying to chase windmills because they hate this president will never get back and that's a shame, not only for the things that could have been possible under donald trump, but also what they did to pervert our system. stuart: he wins hands down in 2020, right? >> i think he has a very strong possibility that democrats have just negated any possibility to defeat him. stuart: brad blakeman, thanks for being with us.
10:07 am
appreciate it. better check the big board. we've been up and down all day. we were down 110 a moment ago, now we're down 83. it is a volatile session i guess you could say thus far. look at boeing. the safety certificate isification process that allowed the 737 max jet to fly is under a microscope. was it rushed? investors are bidding the stock up by four dollars today, 366 right there on boeing. look at apple. holding an event this afternoon. we believe it will halt its streaming service. down 1.87. all important number on interest rates. where is the treasury what is the yield? as that yield goes down, lots of worry about the future growth rate. that i think is the big factor behind today's stock market selloff.
10:08 am
staying with the stock markets, i want to bring in stuart warner. i know you're a bull. even though we were down last week, down nearly a hundred, i foe you're bullish. make your case why. >> stuart, nice to be on to you. you have an excellent first name and your parents should be very proud they gave you at birth. stuart: and spelling is the same, stuart. >> yeah, my case for the bullish side of the number the gdp number is driven by consumer spending. it is 70% of gdp. i think consumer healthy financial state with wages up, unemployment down. i believe the consumer will drive this market. he is in charge of the bus right now. stuart: you mean, is he going to drive the economy to a bit of expansion? >> well the inflation numbers are very tame. there is no interest rate risk. i think if anything the fed may lower interest rates at this
10:09 am
stage and we have corporate earnings coming through stronger than expected. and the guidance going forward should be very, very solid. stuart: what is this selloff all about? is this worries about global growth, is that it? >> i think the inversion of the yield curve and people feeling inversion usually means that a recession is coming. i don't see that happening. stuart: okay. we enjoy someone holding investors hands on this program, you did it very well, stuart. come back and see us again. i have a very jam-packed show today. come see us again. we would love to see you again. >> thank you, stuart, very much. stuart: president trump will make announcement today regarding the recognition of the israeli sovereignty over the golan heights. this all after a rocket struck a home in tel aviv prompting israel's prime minister to cut short his visit to the united states. can you tell me more about that? liz: the news just crossing. two british israeli, husband and
10:10 am
wife, it was their house that was hit. it launched out of southern gaza strip. believe to be made by hamas a number of people were wounded. seven, basically he was at his home, wife, son, daughter-in-law, grandchildren, rocket hit. if they had not got to the bomb shelter in time he would be burying the family right now. 6-month-old baby, 3-year-old, 12-month-old among those hit. stuart: netanyahu goes back to israel. what will he do? >> expected military response. stuart: i got a question for any member of congress. even though the mueller problem cleared the president of collusion, will we still see two years of constant investigations? i believe we will. we'll tell you all about it. now that the mueller report is out and finished, obama and hillary should be investigated next. now that is according to one of our guests. he is going to be saying that.
10:11 am
we'll let him make his case shortly. a new migrant caravan has formed in southern mexico and it is moving in order toward our border. who is to blame for this crisis? the second hour of "varney & company" just getting started. ♪ why are you so good at this? had a coach in high school. really helped me up my game. i had a coach. math. ooh. so, why don't traders have coaches? who says they don't? coach mcadoo! you know, at td ameritrade, we offer free access to coaches and a full education curriculum- just to help you improve your skills. boom! mad skills. education to take your trading to the next level. only with td ameritrade.
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10:15 am
stuart: heading south, now we're down 129, 130 points. there you have it. 25,300 is the level. i have breaking news from the supreme court. they ruled on a class-action suit involving online retailer. ashley: shoe retailer zappos. the supreme court rejected a bid by zappos to throw out a class-action lawsuit that had been brought by customers after their information was hacked all the way back in 2012. the justices said no, this class-action suit can stand. it's a big set back for the company. it is a subsidiary of amazon. amazon taking a hit down. this is not good news for retailers. we hear about the hacks all the time. you start getting class-action lawsuits when these things happen it can get expensive. stuart: can keep going forward. they want money out of this. >> yes. stuart: keeps on going. very bad news. we have to get back to the mueller report. democrat congressman jerrold
10:16 am
nadler says the investigations will continue. roll tape. >> president trump is wrong. this report does not amount to a so-called total exxoner ages. given the fact mueller uncovered evidence does not exonerate the president. it is unconscionable president trump would try to spin the special counsel's findings if his conduct was remotely acceptable. stuart: okay. got it. come on in, andy biggs, congressman from arizona. okay, we understand there is going to be investigation after investigation. it will never stop ever. it will not stop, but, can you get anything done in congress over the next two years? >> well it is highly unlikely because the democrats will be focusing, you see how slow we've been moving since we started this session, this is the way it will be for the next two years because as chairman nadler said, they have just refused to accept
10:17 am
what guy who had 40 fbi agents, he had 19 lawyers, 2800 subpoenas, 4,000, over 4,000 media articles, six a day, media articles on this, guess what? they say that the report is inconclusive apparently. stuart: when i say, can anything be done, i'm serious here? what about infrastructure? both sides agree they want to do something on infrastructure it would be good for both sides, i take it nothing will happen? >> you look at infrastructure that is something that should happen. the democrats, stuart, it will not happen because my colleagues on the other side-view politics as a war. this is, for them, this is, they lost the skirmish, now though will redouble, they can't win. stuart: they can't win. you keep, you lost on mueller. the democrats lost on mueller,
10:18 am
if they keep on with the prosecution and probes, they don't win politically, they lose? >> i agree with you. you know as a republican who wants to get the house back in republican hands, i think that is not a terrible thing but a terrible thing for this country because congress will be static for the next two years. the election will turn on this. it will harm the democrats. nancy pelosi is beholden to that wing of her party because she was narrowly elected speaker. so it makes it really difficult for anything to get done in congress in the next two years. stuart: why do you want james comey, former head of the fbi fired by president trump, why do you want him prosecuted? >> if you look at it, he is the guy, you go back to the hillary clinton investigation, he is the guy that took over from loretta lynch who was the ag. set guy that manipulated the culpable state requirement on that to a more rigid standard, instead of the statutory standard, he is the guy leaked
10:19 am
information to the media in order to manipulated getting a special counsel appointed in the first place. the information he looked looks like it was probably classified. and why shouldn't he be prosecuted or at least investigated for his misdeeds? stuart: what is the, what is the guy who runs the fbi doing making leaks to the media? >> yeah. stuart: i didn't think the fbi was supposed to do that? >> absolutely not. they're not -- if somebody is not indicted they're not supposed to release information. if any information comes out it is not supposed to be detrimental to anybody but that is exactly the opposite of what mr. comey did in this particular instance. stuart: i'm fed up with investigations but i would like to see this one investigated. i want to know what happened back in the election. what was president barack obama doing, hillary clinton, strzok and mccabe, comey, i want to know. seems like me they tried a coup? >> i believe you're right. that is the word i have used as well. it was a coup.
10:20 am
it was a non-violent coup but nonetheless, it was an attempt to control the outcome of the election and once the election results came in, they didn't like it, they attempted to manipulate and delegitimatize this president and have him removed from office. stuart: i have 30 seconds. asked them about infrastructure. anything getting done? probably not. how about the border? we don't have another caravan. wouldn't like anything to be done on the border as the crisis grows? >> they say there is no problem. they say this is a manufactured crisis. as long as they say there is absolutely no problem, they're not even going to be willing to negotiate. i'm taking another group of congressman down to the border, in another couple of weeks. we'll get no democrats to come. they don't want to see anything that will change the narrative. that is the bottom line. stuart: congressman andy bigs, thanks for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thanks, stuart. stuart: talk about a cruise from hell. i'm getting seasick. engine tail lure during a storm.
10:21 am
may day calls. drama on the high seas. we cover all of that on "varney & company" including that. ♪ you wouldn't accept an incomplete job
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and our shirts from custom ink help bring us together. we just upload our logo, and if we have any questions, customer service is there to help. - [male] custom ink has hundreds of products to help you look and feel like a team. get started today at >> get that on video. [inaudible] >> whoa. stuart: did i hear somebody say, oh, it was a little choppy out there? ashley: i would say.
10:25 am
stuart: okay, there were passengers on board after cruise ship on big trouble off norway's coast. take me through it, ash. ashley: it went out on saturday. everything was fine until the engines malfunctioned, they got stuck. the waves picked up, weather got worst. this was the result. they airlifted some of the passengers out, it took 24 hours to get the cruise ship back to port. in meantime, poor people, the boat tilted at one point 45-degree angles. waves 26 to 30 feet. water coming into the communal areas. furniture flying left, right and center. hanging on for dear life. i don't know how many people will go cruising again. combination of things went wrong. 23 people were injured out of 1300 passengers. i wonder what they did when they got to port. stuart: i don't want to watch it. liz: i can't believe they're sitting in front of the boat watching waves. stuart: i do get seasick.
10:26 am
ashley: can you imagine? stuart: drop the video. liz: can't look at it. stuart: let me see the big board. calm and cure. i would rather watch that than be seasick. down 77. it has been up and down day, lots of volatility. 25,400 is the level. today, apple continues to develop the service sector, launching a new streaming service, that is hours from now. the stock is down 260. mainstream media? they spent two years saying there was collusion between trump and the russians. now i say they should be chronically embarrassed. brent bozell on that coming up. ♪
10:27 am
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♪ help, i need somebody, not just anybody, help ♪ stuart: it's a classic. i like it. i think john lennon said that was he was most proud of writing that. ashley: really. liz: he was feeling lyrics at that time. stuart: he was? liz: he was. stuart: i didn't like the movie. the movie was absolutely awful. another story. check the big board. we're off and running, we're down 70 points. we've been all over the place this morning. right now we're down 70. 25,400. apple, they're holding a big event today. they're going to launch their streaming service, however, our next guest says this is not going to be a slam-dunk for them. mark douglas with them again, steel house, ceo.
10:31 am
what is the problem, mark? they got all the money in the world. they can buy whatever they want, can't they? >> they can. i want to say first off 11 months ago i was on your show i predicted apple would release a streaming service. i'm not one to take a victory lap. i want to make the mention. stuart: you just took it. [laughter]. >> [laughter]. but i think the thing here is that apple is facing a lot of competition so the streaming service, you know i like being off-camara at fox you get comments, why does the world need another streaming service? that's apple's problem. that's apple's problem. netflix hold as slot in your living room. i think hulu established a really good space. apple is competing for the number three slot and it's a not easy. they don't have -- yes, sorry? >> what apple wants to do so shift away from the iphone which was their engine of growth for the last decade and shift
10:32 am
towards services which they can milk from their, what is it, their, what is the expression here? they have installed base. ashley: ecosystem. stuart: an ecosystem can milk it with fees so, wait a minute, that, is this move towards streaming not going to fulfill what they want? not going to enhance their services sector? >> this is about apple tv and with the apple tv, apple is number four. roku is number one otp provider, the device you use to stream content into the living room. after that, amazon, google, apple is number four. their device is overpriced. that is the problem. they don't have installed base of consumers using the device to get to the streaming service. iphone is not where you want to watch tv. you still want to watch it in your living room. apple doesn't have market share there yet. so that is the big obstacle they're facing initially.
10:33 am
roku, these other companies, they're huge competitors. so i think it's a good move but it will take them time. stuart: do you think they will try to buy their way out? >> well i don't think they can. you know, we've talked about netflix a number of times. the, you know, everyone thinks the way to get in your living room is a hit show. netflix fills the white space between the hit shows. what do you watch after you get home from work? apple can buy hit shows and into hollywood but that's competition with hbo. that is buying a service use on the weaken and cancel. that is not getting subscription revenue month after month. these are the obstacles they're facing. they don't have the market share. they don't have enough content to basically be the number one provider. so i think it is a good move. it will take them a lot more time than people think. stuart: mark douglas thanks for joining us.
10:34 am
see you soon. thank you. the political story of the day obviously the mueller probe. have a look at this headline, why obama and clinton should now be probed. there it is, author of that headline is michael goodwin. he is with us now. you think they should be probed, go back to the beginning how this whole thing got started in? >> exactly. what was the basis into the investigation for the trump campaign in 2016? the only thing we know about is the steele dossier that hillary clinton paid for and so, in a way she's the one who worked with the russians to get dirt on donald trump. and that flimsy dossier, none of which, serious allegations have ever been verified. stuart: michael, i'm sorry to interrupt you. i have to go to vice president pence speaking at aipac, responding to the mueller probe. >> greetings from the 45th president of the united states of america, president donald trump. [cheers and applause]
10:35 am
we gather here as americans, speaking about the progress we made and strength of our alliance with our most cherished ally. but i just have to say, yesterday was a great day for our country. our president and every american who cherishes the truth. [applause] after two years of investigation and reckless accusations by many democrats and members of the media the special counsel confirmed what president trump said all along, there was no collusion between the trump campaign and russia during the 2016 election and the attorney general confirmed there was no obstruction of justice. [cheers and applause]
10:36 am
make no mistake, my fellow americans, this was total vindication of the president of the united states and our campaign. and it should be welcomed by every american. and even if some democrats want to spend more time on discredited allegations the american people can be confident that the president and i are going to continue to focus as we always have, on the issues that are most important to our country. on a stronger and more prosperous america and on a safer world and that is exactly we've done since the first day of this administration. stuart: there you have it. vice president pence right up frond in the speech to aipac this morning. you were watching it live. there he says no collusion. immediately a strong round of applause from the audience who enjoyed and liked what the man had to say. vice president pence at aipac.
10:37 am
you heard it right there literally moments ago. i want to get back to my colleague here. we were talking about investigating obama, clinton, strzok, comey, mccabe, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. look, you're unwilling to use the word but i'm not. i think there was an attempted coup d'etat and it failed, thank heavens, it failed but am i going too far? >> well we don't know. i think that is what we have to find out. we know there were a lot of dirty things done. we know there was real prejudice against president trump and his supporters. we know there was an effort to weaponize law enforcement intelligence. we have many people, you mentioned comey, john brennan, former head of the cia, james clapper, head of national intelligence, they're still out there saying there was treason. as of two weeks ago brennan was still predicting indictments. so where did they get this information? what do they, what did they know? what did they put in the
10:38 am
political bloodstream that consumed this country for more than two years and turns out to have been false? it's a big lie, stuart, that disrupted this country, created a cloud over this presidency. now that the president has been cleared and exonerated and vindicated we need to know who started the lie and how did the fbi take it seriously? stuart: might have been, might be, the largest political, dirty trick, the most successful political dirty trick in centuries, ever. >> the dirtiest trick ever. stuart: that is extraordinary. >> impact on this country should not be ignored. we need to find out who did this and those people need to be held accountable. it may be many of it was an honest mistake but let's find out. stuart: i don't think it was honest mistake. i can't see that. >> some agents, some people involved. i think the top people it was
10:39 am
not honest from comey. i think from clinton herself. hillary clinton is the one who paid for this. this dossier is a tissue of lies, it is a fiction and it was the basis of an fbi -- think of it. think of the people who had to pay thousands of dollars in legal fees just to appear before robert mueller because of this lie? stuart: ruined. >> there was real consequenced. there were international consequences. do we think china might have based differently if it knew donald trump would be here for at least four years? what about north korea? what about iran? the consequences are monumental. stuart: do you think we will get a thorough investigation. >> i believe bill barr is a man of integrity. i believe that he wants to clean up the justice department. he promised lindsey graham he would clean up the justice department. stuart: isn't there an inspector general report due out shortly what on earth the fbi was doing
10:40 am
during the presidential campaign? >> look i respect the inspector general. he did good job on earlier thing on comey. he referred andrew mccabe for prosecution in maryland district. that was year ago. we still heard nothing. so the inspector general, mccabe lied under oath apparently to the inspector general. so the inspector general can refer. he has no power once people leave the government. so i think we need a criminal prosecution. i believe probably should be done by a special counsel because you are investigating the very agencies themselves. stuart: all right. michael. it was a fine column. we thank you very much for being with us this morning. good stuff. thank you, sir. here is another major story in my opinion. google's chief told congress back in december, quote, right now there are no plans for google to launch a search product in china.
10:41 am
however the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, top military guy, he is going to meet with google about their work in china. talk about wheeling in the big guns? this is happening now. sports note, rob is it, rob gronkowski, is isn't. ashley: the gronk. stuart: the gronk. he is retiring. patriots tight end. he made the announcement on instagram. he played nine seasons. arguably the best ever. he turns 30, only 30 in may. he says he is done with football liz: wow. ♪
10:42 am
10:43 am
♪ ashley: arkansas governor mike huckabee says congresswoman ilhan omar has no idea what she is talking about when she accuses israel of violating human rights. >> she is utterly ignorant of israel. i bet she has never been. you want to talk about human rights. in israel you have free speech. you have free elections. you have a free press. you have freedom of movement. you have an economic system that is the end very of the world. i don't know what she is talking about but it is clear she has no
10:44 am
clue as to what israel is about. i would love to take her and let her go with me. i will give her a tour. i will let her see it first-hand. she wants to talk about human rights violations? let's talk venezuela. let's talk cuba. let's talk russia. there are plenty of places. ♪ along with support, chantix is proven to help you quit. with chantix you can keep smoking at first and ease into quitting so when the day arrives, you'll be more ready to kiss cigarettes goodbye. when you try to quit smoking, with or without chantix. you may have nicotine withdrawal symptoms. stop chantix and get help right away if you have changes in behavior or thinking, aggression, hostility, depressed mood, suicidal thoughts or actions, seizures, new or worse heart or blood vessel problems, sleepwalking, or life- threatening allergic and skin reactions. decrease alcohol use. use caution driving or operating machinery. tell your doctor if you've had mental health problems.
10:45 am
the most common side effect is nausea. talk to your doctor about chantix. stuart: breaking news. here we go.
10:46 am
we're learning secretary of state mike pompeo has spoken to his russian counterpart about their involvement in venezuela, telling russia, quote, cease it is unconstructive behavior. that is reference to two russian planes landing in caracas carrying troops and military equipment. pompeo is on it. joining us now, american defense international chair van hipp. what do you make of this? that sounds like, hey, knock it off, russia? >> good, stuart. it is time to get tough with russia. go back to what happened on friday. on friday it was revealed the top brass of venezuela, of maduro's army was beginning to have conversations with our allies including colombia and brazil about switching sides. right after that, lo and behold is when the two planes took off from russia, landed in caracas on saturday. 100 russian troops, 35 tons of equipment. and yes, the head of the chief of staff actually of the russia's ground forces on the ground.
10:47 am
look, if it was not for russia right now, maduro would be gone. 82% of the people have had it. and by most estimates, the majority of the military has had it. it is all about the top brass. they're beginning to teeter. and they're just propping them up at this point. stuart: i'm glad you're with us this morning to be on top of this because this is a breaking and developing story i'm glad for your input. top general of the country, joe dunford, chair of the joint chiefs. wants to meet with google about work with china. that is escalation. when the chair of the joint chiefs, google, i want to talk with you. that is a serious thing. >> google wants to meet with him. the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, thank god we have a guy with backbone to call out google, he says if you're working to advance chinese military technology, that is not in in the the national interests of this country.
10:48 am
all last week, they want to meet. google spokesman says we're not working with the chinese military. either they are extremely naive or they're purposely turning the other way because anytime you do business in china, they have someone from the chinese communist party in your business. that is a liaison right back to the chinese military. if i'm general dunford i hope he would go a step further, google, i'm happy to meet, but under one condition, you have to take a class on civics an american history, understand what it means to be american and what this country is about because what you're doing right now is against the interests of this country. stuart: he, the general should just tell google, hey, whose side are you on? >> amen. amen. stuart: what is wrong with that? >> amen. stuart: i hope the meeting takes place. i hope mr. dunford does what he has got to do. van hipp, thanks for being with us. perfect timing on your part. >> great to be with you. stuart: now for something i mean
10:49 am
completely difficult. you can get celebrities to send you or your family special messages. all through a website. the website is called cameo. i want to know how much would it cost? ashley: that is interesting. stuart: to have ashley send a message. liz: how much would you charge? ashley: i'm pretty cheap actually. stuart: a lot. it is a good story. cameo up next. ♪ - in a crossfit gym, we're really engaged with
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10:53 am
stuart: i told you we're all over the place today. now we're up. we had been down, now we're up. up 37 points. 25,000, 500. now this. cameo, that is a company that allows celebrities to connect with the fans through personalized videos. watch this for a second is. >> how is it going, lacy, lance bass here. ali tells me it is your birthday. i'm officially to wish you happy 13th, going on 30th birthday. welcome to the 30 club. seems like we were all together at the no strings attached concert, right? stuart: cofounder of cameo.
10:54 am
steve welcome to the program. >> thanks for having me. stuart: let's me see if i got this right. i have a favorite personality, i want them to send me a birthday greeting. i do it through cameo, right? >> we have 10,000 athletes, actors celebrities, you pick whatever you want, seven days. stuart: how much? >> $42. that is average video. stuart: how many greetings have you done? >> over 200,000 since we launched the site two years ago. stuart: give me name of high-priced, celebrity, they set the price. >> totally. we run gamut from all pro players like antonio brown, brett favre. some of the most popular ones are real housewives. stuart: they are? >> they do extremely well. stuart: let's suppose, that the housewives or whatever, they
10:55 am
charge like, $100, just suppose. >> 125 is about an average housewife. stuart: how much dawes the talent get? >> the talent takes 75%. we take 25%. all 10,000 people get same idea. stuart: how much is caitlyn jenner? >> kaitlin ginner is $1000. stuart: is that the most extensive you have? >> that is the most expensive on site. we sold a $2500, jordan belfort, the "the wolf of wall street." stuart: he got that. >> once. stuart: happy birthday or something like that. >> 25% of the videos are happy business day messages. a lot of are friends roasting friends. congratulatory messages you name it. if you send a hallmark card for it you can buy a cameo. stuart: that is fascinating. you are the cofounder? >> cofounder and ceo.
10:56 am
selfies are the new auto graph. they want to put it on instagram and facebook. this is way to do it remotely. stuart: cameo, steven, with a great idea. smart guy. what are you doing with me. >> thank you for having me. stuart: good stuff. five months ago the democrats were riding high. they took control of the house. they were all about resisting and investigating the president. how are they looking now? not so good in my opinion. my take about that, top of the hour. ashley: i'm on your side. stuart: media not looking too good either. do you think rachel maddow? i think she was on the verge of tears when the mueller news broke. not good. we have a big hour for you, believe me. that's why we designed capital one cafes. you can get savings and checking accounts with no fees or minimums. and one of america's best savings rates. to top it off,
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stuart: five months ago the democrats are riding high. at one control the house. they had a near shining star. alexandria ocasio-cortez and they thought the mueller report within the term president he appeared they are not riding high now. far from it. the mueller report really hurt and they were expecting so much. they just can't handle no collusion. they're thrashing around, demanding the full report, hoping it was throwing a few nuggets will make the president look rad. what a shame the party of fdr and jfk is reduced to impotent rage against the presidency just alike. i think it's embarrassing.
11:01 am
but they've got to go with rage because they're in a policy mass. they are star aoc has led them down the socialist road, the coroner deal road. seriously? they're going to ask voters to rework the entire economy just as america returns to prosperity. that's embarrassing, to appear in they are split on policy and anti-semitism which is on full display today as the rocket hits tel aviv, democrat omar rails against israel's gross violator of human rights. "the new york times" today describes hamas beating palestinians who are demanding better living conditions. let's not forget, nine democratic presidential hopefuls refused to attend a pro-israel aipac conference that is one very split party appeared please don't ignore the border crisis which is a democrat creation. another caravan with 1200 people is on its way.
11:02 am
democrats are sticking with their open border policy. they don't want welcome and don't want immigration control. how long can they keep this up when we are being overrun. they become the socialist party appeared they're ignoring the border crisis and they are consumed with trump arrangement syndrome. it is astonishing that in five months of democrats have gone from triumph to tantrum. the third hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. 11:00. 11:02 to be precise. 45 minutes israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu will arrive at the white house to meet with president trump. the president to make an official recognition recognizing sovereignty over the ballon heights. benjamin netanyahu cut short due to recent attacks targeting tel
11:03 am
aviv. if anything happened to them over to write to you. back to the mueller report. steve hilton is with us, host of the revolution. the democrats i think are embarrassing. embarrassing themselves at this point. >> that's a very smart analysis because that is the key to it. the point you made about them being split. if you look at the pure politics here, and they took back the house by winning districts on quite a moderate mainstream platform. they talked about health care. under this love stuff for the great new deal. nancy pelosi knows that. she knows you're not going to limit the aoc style socialism and yet the act of a space where the energy is, where the fund raising is concentrated, all the money being raised in small donors is pushing them further to the left until the only thing that unites them is the anti-trump rage in the vehicle
11:04 am
for that rage has been this russia madness. now that's been shot to pieces, and difficult to see what they do next. endless investigation. >> i want to see what happens with john brennan. i want to see what happens with adam schiff, chair of the house intelligence committee. i'm just going to roast and tape from kellyanne conway for this morning came on real strong about adam schiff. roll tape, please. >> then you adam schiff you talk about the oxymoron. this man in the intelligence committee in the house end quote he believes the size and scope probably bigger than watergate and there's plenty of evidence of collusion. piazza resigned today. he's been on every tv show 50 times a day for the last two gears promising americans that this president would either be impeached or indicted.
11:05 am
stuart: pretty strong stuff. resign. >> i think so. there needs to be accountability. the big picture here which is what we now know is that the russian try to just interfere in the election. it wasn't just messing around with voting. putin tried to divide america and undermine faith in our democracy. it turns out now that it wasn't trump who was an agent of putin or any of his people. actually it was adam schiff, eric swalwell, brennan, call brennan, comey, msnbc and cnn. they are the ones that are the agents of putin because they're crazy obsession with russia is what is really divided this country and undermine faith in democracy over the past two years. trying to hold on for a second. i want to advance this and move us forward. i want to know where we're going. i want to bring commerce men michael waltz, republican firm florida. are they going to impeach the president decide what we got for
11:06 am
mueller? >> we've had a number of members demanding impeachment before they even know what he had to say. part of the party is determined to go forward. i want to take a step backward. this is a win for our democracy. as a green beret i have fought all over the world in places where investigations come allegations like this and in bloodshed, violence. our system has worked for everyone reagan at the wheels are coming off the best of america, tater chips in people being above the rule of law. we have had a massive, exhaustive investigation. we now on i'm calling on the other side to accept the results of it even though i don't like it. there was no collusion. there was no obstruction of justice and we have to move forward. i do want to focus on also the point that our democracy is under attack. and by the chinese and we do need to focus on what we need to continue to do to protect it.
11:07 am
stuart: congressman, we go further? we say our democracy has at least been undermined by democrats and their constant attempts to smear the president. two years of investigations. >> i think there are two points. one, the corruption uncovered within the top of our law-enforcement agency. not the rank-and-file, but the very top and the need to get at the heart of that. the democrats have a decision to make. are they going to continue to do everything they can to tear down this president or are they going to govern? when i talk to floridians they are not talking russia, russia, russia appeared infrastructure, water quality, immigration, national security. stuart: i don't think you can get anything done in those areas. if it's all investigations up and down the line. >> .the split in the democratic hardy are talking about because
11:08 am
there are many relatively moderate democrats who came from pro-trump districts who are frankly miserable right now at the direction their party is going. i just find a caucus called for country with 9/11 combat veterans on both sides of the aisle that were sent here to get this done. i can tell you find a company enemy's bullets don't care about parties, religion, creed. there are some folks here focused on getting things done. those are the ones i'm looking to work with peerless move the country forward. stuart: michael waltz, we shall do that indeed. we will see you soon. whenever i've got steve hilton on the set i have to update brexit. i think we'll be doing that forever. here is what seems to be happening. looks like theresa may will be out as prime minister fairly soon. looks to me like boris johnson,
11:09 am
englishtown discussing himself out to be the next prime minister. >> he is certainly in the hunt for that. that is for sure. one thing to bear in mind is the first stage in theresa may is going to go. the consensus seems to me that they do want to let her just get beyond this first stage of bragg at, just get out of the e.u. she can deliver that possibly amend should go pretty quickly. but then there will be a contest. the first run of the contest is among conservative mps. they don't trust for strong in. they don't particularly like him. he is popular in the country, not so much inside the conservative spirit drink and he's new haircut, lost weight. steve, will be watching your show or not they promise on sunday night 9:00 eastern on the fox news channel. always appreciated. get back to the market because again returned all over again at
11:10 am
33 points, 25,500. next i want to get to the mainstream media's reaction to the mueller report. msnbc rachel amado almost in tears when the news broke. a little embarrassing i would say. a rocket attack from gaza a house in tel aviv israel injuring seven people. that attack cut short prime minister netanyahu at the white house today. we are hoping to see when it happens. will it take you to the white house when he arrives. this is the third hour of bernie & co. just getting rolling. ♪
11:11 am
11:12 am
11:13 am
11:14 am
>> as far as this letter goes from the attorney general bill barth tonight. never exercised that power. he was notifying congress formally there was never anything. the special counsel sought to do and that's fascinating. stuart: at msnbc host rachel amado, and she was on the verge of tears frankly. very disappointed by the results of the mueller investigation. she wasn't the only one in the mainstream media who kind of lost it. watch this.
11:15 am
>> how can they let trump off the hook? so far tonight we have no reason to believe trump is going to be charged by rhetoric in the document itself in the mueller report. he will not be charged with obstruction or collusion without ever having to sit down with the special counsel and answer his -- questions. how can that happen? stuart: lightly beat that out. brent bozell, our media watcher, all right, brand, and i was watching. i found a flat out funny and embarrassing. how about you? >> yeah, but let's start for just a second. you would think that everyone in the press who is a patriot would be celebrating that is saying isn't it wonderful the evidence is in and the president of the united states is msn. shouldn't they all be celebrating the fact that they
11:16 am
would rather that the government be overthrown then be able to celebrate something that says donald trump is innocent. having said this, and no matter how many times you and i have talked about this investigation and how this would be the greatest conspiracy theory and history of u.s. msn. this makes the birth or his pale by comparison. you've got tens of thousands of stories from the press with this allegation that turns out was completely false. my prediction to use stuart varney as this is going to mean nothing to them. they are simply going to continue. now it's obstruction and i love this one. i would one. now they're looking to the fact that he obstructed into an investigation of his innocence. that's over talking about here. though pushed the idea of obstruction and say he wasn't investigated this correctly. and they think that track people
11:17 am
are going to say to themselves suddenly this campaign is ours to lose. stuart: it's an iceberg for the american professional media and they just struck that iceberg. i think everyone not professional integrity. i don't see how they ever get back the trust of the american people. that's where i'm coming from. >> you know stuart, this does not bring great joy to you and understandably so. i don't know how cnn never recovers. i was on your show about a year ago when i looked at their mobile device how the top 14 to 15 stories were attacks on donald trump. i don't know how cnn undoes the damage because they never stop. they're going to continue this. are they going to st. luke's for two years we were wrong and are slandering of the president? they're never going to do it. stuart: it breaks my heart. it really upsets me because i was the first person to broadcast for cnn on day one of the network back in 1980 and my
11:18 am
colleague lou dobbs founded the business department at cnn and carried it through for 20 years. highly successful in its descendent of those. i'm frankly appalled. i really am. >> half of me wants to burst out laughing. the other half of me wants to look seriously at american journalism and look at the damage these people have done to that institution. i don't know how they repair it. i don't know how some networks ever come back. i don't know how jim acosta can never be seen on television without people laughing at them. frank stelter at cnn. these people are never going to be believed again. stuart: shocking. thanks for joining us, sir. don't be such a stranger. we've got good stuff here. check that price of oil. price of oil 5883.
11:19 am
that's the price this morning. look at this. the price of gasoline has gone straight up. the national average is now $2 xt 3 cents a gallon. it's gone up for 40 straight days. just in the last month. what about going up fast and down real slow. other big stories we're watching for you. china trade, more high-level talks happening this week. in beijing will tell you who is going over there and win. venezuela, russian planes carrying troops and military equipment arrived in caracas. am going to call that escalation. here at home another migrant caravan on its way toward southern border. we have all the details on that. what a mess. we'll be right back.
11:20 am
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11:23 am
stuart: first off, boeing, the government now wants to know if the company set up certifications just to get the plane in the air faster. speeded up certification.
11:24 am
investors don't care. the stock is up this morning. tesla unveiled their new model y s. to be a couple weeks ago. they're pretty jacked up the price by a thousand bucks and that's not just the top-of-the-line model. that's for all of those models. check nintendo. they are rolling out two new nintendo switch consoles that will help the cycle were told that one will appear to hard-core gamers and the other aimed at the more casual gamer. the stock is up nearly 3%. apple big event today set to announce a new video and streaming platform. that will be about 1:00 eastern time. doubling down on services push the market apple up 190 currently. netflix, big competitors of course in the streaming field. that stock is at three bucks as we speak. $3.64 on netflix.
11:25 am
how were they doing this morning? not much reaction to apple's expected announcement. apple, also that if they spoke on the downside. the market overall up 50 points on the dow industrials. 25,500. shortly, prime minister netanyahu will be at the white house feared were going to talk to david rubin. he joins us live from jerusalem next. ♪ you wouldn't accept an incomplete job
11:26 am
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stuart: just to alert you were moments away from the arrival of benjamin netanyahu at the white house. his visit to america has been cut short because of the rocket attack on tel aviv. more on that in just a moment. up 100 points. 25,600.
11:30 am
the muller reports out the way. the president is stronger i thought that would help in the negotiations with china. what did i get wrong. >> again your man ahead of his time. and understand what the ramifications of the report were over the weekend. i think it takes sometimes to get through these issues. stuart: do you agree with me that with muller out of the way, no collusion. the president is totally innocent. that made him stronger going into the final stages we think in the china trade deal. i think that is why the market should've gone out.
11:31 am
you've got a figure that the market and economy has to be looking forward to 2020 and sameness but strumpet driver seat to win that election as well. therefore that's good for the markets and the economy. stuart: you probably do a couple of picks based on the idea will get a china trade deal. number one pick his comments. i know them as an engine manufacturer. >> power systems. that is relatively good as far as violation. when the trade deal does come down the road even if it does take a matter of months. stuart: starbucks, another one on your list of china trade beneficiaries. make your case. >> that is slowing. it is still growing but slowing
11:32 am
as they say. it is overseas danish on my friend. even though taken from recent highs were talked about our backs on the show before was no believe it's going higher. stuart: two picks in the event of a china trade deal. good stuff. let's get back to the rocket attack. they did indeed strike house in tel aviv in israel. seven people were injured. military officials in the terror group hamas for this attack. israel watcher david rubin is with us from jerusalem. david, set the scene for us. there's been a rocket attack in tel aviv. what is the mood in israel right now? >> well, very serious. things have clearly heated up. hamas has turned up the volume of this. they are taking chances. and i'm telling you, they are taking a big chance because they are doing it two weeks before
11:33 am
the israeli election. you don't taunt the prime minister like that two weeks before the israeli election. the attack was on a very populated area. stuart: david, mr. netanyahu has cut short his visit. he's going back early to israel to deal with this. if he is facing elections in two weeks, his almost certain he's got a take a tough line when he gets back, happening? >> clearly, clearly. he is being attacked from both the right and the left, saying that he hasn't done enough. so he is going to have to take a very firm stand. you can look for very strong israeli attacks on the hamas and gaza reservists have already then called up for duty and they are heading towards the border. stuart: what to expect from the meeting between president trump and mr. netanyahu that's taking
11:34 am
place very, very soon? would you expect to come out of that? >> well, i think you're going to see publicly a lot of feel-good rather late type of conversation in public. there will be a proclamation signed by president trump saying that the united states recognizes israeli sovereignty and that strategically is very significant. it overlooks vast portions of cereal, which is where iran is military is gone strain now and they're looking to use it as a base against israel. israel having control and having american support for that control is a very significant political step. stuart: does it change the balance of military power? i realize already israel controls the golan heights. they will now get sovereignty. but if not absolutely vital to the military balance in the area
11:35 am
and in israel and iran? >> it is absolutely vital and it is politically vital. israel has not had the support of the world for its control of the goal on heights, even though it's been in our hands for 52 years. having the american president come out and say very clearly and sign a proclamation, which pretty much means that it's a reversible. and it will give israel backing when it means to confront around even further than it's been doing. stuart: author of the book trump and the. we appreciate you being with us today. the president and mr. netanyahu would make a very big deal out of this meeting. let's get an update on china
11:36 am
trade. more high-level talks happening this week in beijing. treasury secretary stephen mnuchiin and trade representative robert lighthizer traveling for the thursday meeting. i'd expected to clear the decks for much-needed progress in the china trade talks back and forth. another headline, they have 100 russian troops or the other 35 tons of material according to reuters. russia's chief of staff on the ground -- chief of staff of ground forces was also flown into the country. just moments ago, secretary of state mike pompeo told lab rob, his russian counterpart that the u.s. will not stand idly by as russia exacerbates tensions in venezuela, and we are getting wind of another migrant caravan. this time it's formed in the southern part of mexico.
11:37 am
1200 migrant started their journey to the u.s. they are on their way. nowadays. very soon, prime minister netanyahu at the white house we told you about take either momentarily. congresswoman alexandra ocasio-cortez lymington republican ahead of the vote in her green new deal. we'll tell you what she's been saying and how when republican responded to her. ♪
11:38 am
11:39 am
tranter expected the market to open higher following the mueller report which is no collusion with president trump. but we actually open on the downside now we've struggled to again. this moment of 75 points. how about big tech because last week they really took it on the chin. not much of a recovery i can see. microsoft is up nicely. please put up a fraction amazon is up seven backs. you don't have a lot of movement, but look at apple. $190 a share. liz: there's no real excitement here. the mueller report whether bipartisan infrastructure and more policies coming out.
11:40 am
stuart: okay, we are out of time
11:41 am
stuart: the green new deal. alexandria ocasio-cortez sharply critical of senate republicans ahead of the planned vote on the green new deal. she says this code is a political stunt. here's what she said on twitter. the gop came up wasting votes in
11:42 am
congress to target others on the record for legislation they have no intent to pass is a disgrace. stop wasting peoples time and learn to govern. our jobs are for campaign and that's exactly what the bloc votes are for. now listen to congressman greg walden on this program earlier this morning. roll tape. >> i think they are trying to from the agenda they ran on. and yet they don't have hearings on those issues. instead they're engaged on the never-ending investigations. stuart: i think that the green new deal is an embarrassment and i think ocasio-cortez is a bubble bubble burst on the spike of the green new deal. train for only 90 house democrats aboard the green new
11:43 am
deal. that is less than half. wouldn't she want to put too about? why is it being called out by aoc above. stuart: she's going to lose. it's embarrassing for democrats to stand up and say i'm for the green new deal which is economic nonsense. to stand up in the import is a problem. stuart: how could they do that? they're kind of under pressure to bow to this fresh new superstar in the democratic party who is far, far less. but now i think it's coming off a little bit. everything was great until you get down to the nuts and bolts of how much it costs. >> the voters so smart out there they want to know about the cost in here with the green new deal lives. you can never underestimate the veteran not that they're doing. he wants to know the cost and it's a big one. $93 trillion. >> is a great gift to the gop.
11:44 am
>> mitch mcconnell has played a very smart. but the where you stand. if you like it, stand up. train for real profiles in courage down there, right? stuart: mitch mcconnell has turned out to be a real winner, has been a? especially the judiciary. prime minister benjamin netanyahu should be arriving shortly at the white house to meet with president trump. the president will sign a proclamation officially acknowledging israel's sovereignty over the long height. pete hegseth with us, host of "fox and friends" weekend. you spent some time recently and bear in mind the comments of omar. whether they think about israel? >> they want continued israeli control.
11:45 am
i do chance to sit down a couple weeks ago. a special coming out about jerusalem. pallas enhanced to live under israeli sovereignty the freedom to worship, to go to holy sites. all things that happen because the israelis -- they understand western civilization. there's a reason why we have an eternal bond with the jewish people the state of israel. that's recognizing reality, just like jerusalem as the capital of israel. it is strategically incredibly significant. the iranians effectively control syria, which means they're on the doorstep of israel and incredibly insecure. it's been many, many times. you just talked about aoc. that's like a campus millennial. these two people, president trump are serious men who live in history, who understand you've got to have good friends
11:46 am
in difficult times. that's what the relationship is all about. >> did you get palestinians on camera speaking and saying israel is the place i want to be? i would've thought they would be very worried if you sent something like that in public. >> intellect, great point. we had a lot of them say that to a soft camera because now you are on the chopping block of the plo and hamas. sure into at that interrupt you for a second. news out of israel. tranter explosions ian heard in gaza reporting unidentified palestinian airport say in israeli strikes have hardly begun. striking hamas targets throughout gaza. there is the response. >> explosions heard. apparently in israeli strike or maybe with a target. you expected that i guess. >> fighting for his life every day. gaza strip as an example of what
11:47 am
happens when you get palestinians the opportunity to govern themselves. an islamic terrorist organization took over and runs the place. the money that's supposed to be for food for their people. so how do you make peace with someone who wants to wipe you off the map? that's why netanyahu will get reelected next month because he understands big issues. >> let's not forget omar was out there saying israel is a huge violator of human rights and on the same day if you look at "the new york times" today, they've got a picture of hamas, heavy-duty riot police beating palestinians. what a contrast. who is really looking after human rights? come on. >> i'm sitting in a studio in minneapolis. that's where i am right now. i would say to her good israel. take a trip. one time. go to jerusalem. go to tel aviv where one of the
11:48 am
largest pride parade happens in the world. would any of these places and see what israel actually represents which is western civilization and freedom and human rights. what happens to dissenters were two christians in palestinian controlled areas is outright bigotry, i'll write discrimination. it doesn't happen because demand under israeli control. you want israel in charge because they will treat you fairly. the joke with the statement she makes. stuart: will get back to in just a moment. we are still waiting for netanyahu's arrival at the white house. the topeka -- a just informed us. >> apparently palestinian reports as well. the attack on the israeli home. the israeli military striking targets throughout gaza.
11:49 am
stuart: no impact on the market. we will have a lot more for you right after this. here at snowfest... for your worst sore throat pain, try new vicks vapocool drops. it's not candy. it's powerful relief. ♪ ahhhhhhhhhhhh vaporize sore throat pain with new vicks vapocool drops.
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stuart: on to hold pete hegseth over for just a brief shining moment because i can't make the show without getting his reaction to the mueller reporter. come on in. i know you're trying to restrain yourself. so have at it. your reaction, please. >> are we done yet? is this it? is mueller and! or just a comma. i want to be done. we gave them the time. we gave them the resources are bigger than the lawyers, the money, subpoena power. he looked into everything. trump has been denying it from the beginning. can we release as much as you can and they will. bill barr as disreputable as they come in washington d.c. and by the way, you cannot obstruct a crime you didn't commit. to talk about obstructionism sanity.
11:54 am
president trump should look in the camera and say i didn't block them. i didn't like any of them. they did their thing. now let's move on and he'll get elected in a landslide in 2020 on not. stuart: you are right on not because i want and i guess -- investigation of the deep state. i want to know about. >> you're right. i'm worn out investigations but i'm all in for a second special counsel or what it takes to get to the bottom of what it takes for the duly elected president which means he did it to everyone who voted for him. i'm energized for investigation number two. let's do it. stuart: you are always energized. thanks very much. we'll see you again really soon. i want to repeat the news on the middle east. reports that the israeli prime minister has begun strikes in response to the rocket has struck a home in tel aviv. president trump was due to meet
11:55 am
at the white house at 11:45 this morning. 10 minutes ago. there has been a delay possibly because mr. netanyahu is doing with the strikes now going on in israel. that's the probable reason. stay with us. a lot more for you still to com. . .
11:56 am
11:57 am
11:58 am
stuart: president trump arrived at the meeting in the white house. before we close i want to bring -- play for you a sound bite, by john brennan, former director of the cia. this is why what he has been saying about our president. >> i use the term nothing short of treason news. he is giving aid an comfort to the enemy. it needs to stop. mr. trump needs to understand there will be consequences for him too. stuart: that is absolutely outrageous. ashley: he loves to throw that around. he said that when he had his security clearance revoked. he calls that treason news. this individual believes as he said before this is president bringing this country down. he has had this kind of rhetoric before. stuart: how can you say such a thing? it is wrong. i mean it is wrong. of course, mueller spent two years looking at this, came up with nothing. liz: systematically looked at
11:59 am
it, every wiretap, every communication, had a team, rank-and-file, consulted with the doj lawyers inside, mr. brennan is treating accusation as tantamount to a conviction. you need to keep your head cool in these situations. by the way, james comey, andrew mccabe testified that president trump did not impede their investigation. they both said that. ashley: head of cia. that is the point. how could someone with that position and that responsibility behave like that? stuart: it outrageous. ashley: level of hatred. outright hatred. stuart: hatred and contempt for the president of the united states from a former cia director. ashley: which blinds him to the facts. >> who was in charge of the cia when this stuff was going down. i think we need an investigation. what was mr. brennan doing? was james comey doing? what was andrew mccabe doing? who was leaking? who was doing this? what an outrage but i die dress.
12:00 pm
we leave you with the dow industrials out of the way. i thought we would be gaining ground but -- there you have it. connell mcshane in for neil today. connell. take it. connell: stuart, thank you very much. a lot more breaking news we expect next couple hours. connell mcshane filling in for stuart on "cavuto: coast to coast" t has been an interesting day with all the news out there. the dow is only up by 11 points. you certainly had what we had friday, fears of a global slow down everybody is talking about. you work in the wrap-up of the mueller investigation and now some of the headlines from overseas. industrials leading the way with boeing, caterpillar on the rise, among the dow stocks in the green. we'll look into the red as well. still any worries about the economy slowing down and some of that red showing up on the screen. one thing we did


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