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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  March 25, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> i will tell you what i want my kids to drink is anything they want to drink, as long as it's not alcohol. david: you tell them what to drink. got to leave it at that, gang. thank you very much. that does it for "bulls & bears." see you next time. it was a false narrative. it was a terrible thing. we can never let this happen to another president again. i can tell you that. i say it very strongly. very few people i know could have handled it. it can never, ever happen to another president again. >> after two years of investigation and reckless accusations by many democrats and members of the media, the special counsel confirmed what president trump said all along. there was no collusion between the trump campaign and russia during the 2016 election and the attorney general confirmed there was no obstruction of justice. >> the conclusion was firm,
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without equivocation that no one on the trump campaign colluded with the russians. >> amazingly, the reaction in some corridors of the far left have seemed not to be celebration, but rather, disappointment. liz: the mueller report is in. the political warfare has just begun. trump says yes, make it public, wouldn't bother him. but the democrats still talking impeachment, even coverup. they want attorney general william barr and possibly robert mueller to testify. but should the democrats or the media apologize for treating accusations as tantamount to a conviction? is their credibility damaged for good? is the lid now off on the policy democrats have swung so far left that moderates are running away from them? we have the debate, next. is america over and done with
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investigations? also, we bring tu very latest on the bombshell arrest of celebrity lawyer michael a avenatti, a declared enemy of trump and stormy daniels' lawyer. he was accused of federal prosecutors in two states of charges including embezzlement, bank fraud and trying to extort from nike. we have the latest on the shocking downfall. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu cutting short a visit with president trump. he's still in d.c. for a security meeting after the israeli military launched air strikes targeting hamas and gaza after a missile strike wounded seven israelis north of tel aviv, including an infant, 3-year-old boy and a girl who had minor wounds. sirens wailing across southern israel after militants launched another ten rockets just a short time ago. word of a cease-fire now being brokered by egypt. we will give you the latest. this all unfolding as president trump today is declaring the u.s. now recognizes israel's
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sovereignty over the golan heights as democrats refuse to attend aipac. back in the u.s., the border patrol overwhelmed with migrants seeking asylum at the border. border patrol forced to temporarily shut down several checkpoints in el paso, texas. this as yet another new migrant caravan heading to the border, 1200 in that. we have the latest. thank you for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts now. liz: welcome to the show. you're watching the fox business network. hope you had a good weekend. let's get to edward lawrence with the latest on the arrest of michael avenatti. reporter: he's in trouble on both coasts. in new york, prosecutors took michael avenatti into custody for attempted extortion of nike
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for about $20 million. prosecutors outlined how he threatened to take billions off their market cap by holding a news conference alleging dirt. federal prosecutors call this an old-fashioned shakedown. prosecutors for the southern district of new york add avenatti tried to hide his actions under cover of his job as an attorney. >> through the alleged course of conduct, avenatti used legal terms like claims and settlements and retainers, but these were mere devices to provide cover for avenatti's extortionate demands for a massive payday for himself. reporter: all of this played out over the span of a week, culminating with a tweet from avenatti scheduling a news conference tomorrow concerning nike. in a statement, nike says nike will not be extorted or hide information that is relevant to a government investigation. nike has been cooperating with the government's investigation into ncaa basketball for over a year. when nike became aware of this matter, nike immediately reported it to federal
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prosecutors. now, it goes on to say nike firmly believes in ethical and fair play, both in business and sports and will continue to assist prosecutors. on the west coast, avenatti has been charged with bank and wire fraud for embezzling clients' money to pay his own expenses and debt as well as the debt of his coffee business and law firm. the attorney in los angeles adds he defrauded by bank by using false tax returns to obtain millions in loans, revealing what prosecutors call an ugly picture of lawless conduct and greed. >> on his twitter account, mr. avenatti describes himself as quote, attorney, advocate, fighter for good, unquote. but the allegations in this case describe something different. a corrupt lawyer who instead fights for his own selfish interests. reporter: avenatti could get 100 years in jail if convicted on all charges, on both coasts, with the maximum sentence.
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liz? liz: thank you, edward. we will have more on this developing story later in the show, with former federal prosecutor. let's go right to blake burman at the white house for the latest on president trump and bibi netanyahu. blake? reporter: president trump using a presidential proclamation to shift u.s. policy regarding the golan heights. that's the disputed territory that israel has claimed since the 1967 six-day war. for decades, the u.s. government has stayed neutral but the president cited security issues in the region as a reason why that policy should change. >> i am taking historic action to promote israel's ability to defend itself and really to have a very powerful, very strong national security which they're entitled to have. reporter: the move officially announced as the president met with the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu who called it a quote, truly historic day. coincidental or not, the announcement came just two weeks before netanyahu faces re-election back at home.
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back to you. liz: thank you, blake burman. appreciate your reporting there. senate minority leader charles schumer is about to address the pro-israel aipac conference. vice president pence, nikki haley and secretary of state mike pompeo all spoke at aipac earlier today. this as 2020 democrat contenders did not attend aipac. they include bernie sanders, kamala harris, elizabeth warren, beto o'rourke and others. this after the progressive demanded a boycott because of opposition to the iran deal. also, sanders, harris and o'rourke said they would re-enter the iran nuclear deal if they win the presidency. first, your take on democrats not going to aipac and now talking again about the iran nuke deal? >> well, first of all, good to be with you. i think it's quite deplorable and we have always enjoyed the
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bipartisan support because this is american interest, it's israeli interest, it's the interest of peace because when america has israel's back, then the tranquility and stability prevails, because anyone who wants to challenge israel's security or challenge israel's legitimacy, they know they have the u.s. in between to defend and when we have -- when israel becomes a partisan issue, i don't think it serves any purpose and certainly not the interests of our two countries. liz: ambassador, how aggressive will israel get with the gaza strip? because mr. netanyahu is facing a tough re-election. a number of military officials are squaring off against him. >> yes. you know, israel is a very vibrant democracy just like here in the united states. in our region, unfortunately, we are not accustomed to see open and free elections. yes, it is a tough decision,
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although my expectation is for bibi to be re-elected. gaza notwithstanding. and i think this is what hamas was banking on, that israel's hands would be tied because of the election. but we have to do what we need to do. hamas has become more and more aggressive with the support from iran, without iran hamas wouldn't be able to smuggle all these weapons, ammunitions and also, what israel allows for humanitarian aid, for humanitarian purposes. when israel allows just things to go in, whether it's to build homes, cement and all that, they use it actually to create and build all those missiles against us and this will have to stop one way or another. israel has to exercise our right for self-defense and even go into gaza, we will do it. liz: we know the eu doesn't recognize israel's sovereignty
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over golan heights. the president, it was pretty aggressive and assertive there in saying yes, israel deserves that sovereign tichltty. i want to ask about steny hoyer at aipac criticizing ilhan omar after she was accused of making anti-israel, anti-semitic comments. here's what congresswoman omar had to say about pro-israel protesters. watch. >> i don't think any of them realize that people like myself and many of the people in this room can care less about what they have to say. liz: let's listen to what steny hoyer said about congresswoman omar. watch. >> i am a part of a large bipartisan coalition in congress supporting israel. an overwhelming majority in the congress of the united states.
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i tell israel's accusers and detractors, accuse me. liz: also, at the same time, ambassador, appalling human rights abuses against women and others in the middle east including in iran. iran is second to china in executions and is the world's top executioner of children and teenagers. we are talking hanging, stoning, death by firing squad, amputation of hands. that's iran. there's not a lot of criticism from democrats. your take on that? >> i think it's very unfortunate. again, we see the singling out israel which is the only democracy in the region, in the middle east. it's the only jewish state, you know. we are up against, there are 57 muslim countries, 22 arab countries and one jewish state which is the best friend and ally of the united states, and steny hoyer got it right. he's been long enough in congress to understand this. all these newcomers who come and
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i think it's quite showing some ignorance, if not just im pertinence, to make any opinion before studying the issue. it's very deplorable and of course, very biased and showing double standard when the only democracy in the region is being criticized and not iran and venezuela, cuba, all those really despotic regimes. liz: thank you so much for coming on the show. really appreciate it. come back soon. next, more details on those two bombshell federal cases against michael avenatti. he's a long-time thorn in the president's side. avenatti allegedly scheming to extort $20 million from nike. more on that coming up. plus dozens of suspects in the country's biggest college admissions cheating scandal will be in court this week. we are there with the latest. stay with us. everyone's got to listen to mom.
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liz: okay. today, apple unveiling plans for a host of services, a credit card, original shows, streaming, the stock not really moving, sticking flat for the downside, around 180. let's get to hillary vaughn at apple headquarters with the latest. hillary? reporter: hey, liz, apple really made their pitch to take on streaming giants amazon, hulu and netflix. they decided they want to be the destination for the hottest original content so what they did is they went and hired hollywood's hottest celebrities, a-list actors like jennifer aniston, reese witherspoon, to generate this original content, steve carell and steven spielberg, j.j. abrams developing their own shows which will be exclusively available on apple tv plus.
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it's coming out in the fall. we don't know how much it will cost subscribers. we didn't get that key number yet. apple did make it clear that they want to go head-to-head with all these streaming giants. sesame street will have exclusive content for kids on this platform so they're not just appealing to millenials but also to younger ages as well as part of this. they also revamped the whole apple tv app so you are going to get your streaming subscription, your cable subscription, your itunes, everything on one platform. you don't have to toggle back between app to app on apple tv anymore. liz? liz: that's exciting. thank you so much. another competitor in streaming. to the new bombshell charges of extortion, embezzlement, bank fraud against michael avenatti. he's the celebrity attorney who rose to fame, he represented porn actress stormy daniels, also a woman who was one of the kavanaugh accusers. avenatti allegedly threatened to
6:19 pm
damage nike's reputation by accusing nike of misconduct, telling nike's lawyers over the phone last week quote, i will go take $10 billion off of your client's market cap. earlier today, look at this tweet avenatti sent out saying quote, tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. eastern time, we will be holding a press conference to disclose a major high school/college basketball scandal perpetrated by nike that we have uncovered. this criminal conduct reaches to the highest levels of nike and involves some of the biggest names in college basketball. now avenatti, he could face possibly up to 100 years in prison. let's bring in former federal prosecutor. this is a bombshell. your reaction? >> if you fly close to the sun you will get burned. this is the attorney who makes all attorneys look bad. for the jokes that can be told about attorneys over and over again, at the end of the day, attorneys are placed in special position of trust and that's to be honest, not only with your clients, but the parties you are opposed against. this was just, seems like a
6:20 pm
blatant effort to put money in his pockets. liz: he's been accused of running to the microphones and really, the accusation here really stepping way over the line, according to the charges. that's the allegation. how do you think he's going to defend himself? >> well, an attorney can engage in honest negotiations with an opposing party to reach some sort of settlement to settle a valid legal claim. so he's got to come up with an excuse, i think, in this case, about what that legal claim could have been. it doesn't seem like he had a legal claim, that his client had some information and in exchange to not embarrass nike, that they could settle it for a certain dollar figure. what an attorney needs to do is connect that to some sort of contract claim, employment claim, tort claim. that doesn't seem like what happened here. liz: okay. if there's no validity to his story about nike, why in the world would avenatti think he could get away with this? >> well, it's not necessarily whether there is or isn't validity. there could have been validity
6:21 pm
to the idea that this is embarrassing information. what there needs to be, though, is a valid legal claim. so he has to be representing someone that has a claim against nike. if you settle this for x dollar figure, we won't pursue this employment action or we won't pursue this contract action against you. simply to say that for this dollar figure, we won't expose you or corrupt behavior, that's not legitimate. that's extortion. liz: thank you so much for your perspective and insight. really appreciate it. also tonight, we have got several other developing headlines to update you on. bayer and johnson & johnson settling more than 25,000 lawsuits. this is over the blood thinner zeralto. $775 million, that's the settlement. the suits claim the drug caused unstoppable bleeding and in some cases, bleeding resulting in death. we will stay on that headline. fallout from the
6:22 pm
petrochemical fire, we broke the news last week, that fire in houston, the fallout of that, it's in its eighth day, this is the nation's busiest oil port. it was hit hard. the coast guard has reopened with restrictions, stretches of a shipping channel in houston. authorities warning, though, about high levels of cancer-causing benzene in the air. it's one of the worst chemical disasters on the gulf coast in ten years. let's take you to the latest cruise from you know where. norwegian officials want to know why the "viking sky" sailed into stormy weather with 30 foot waves coming and high winds. mayday calls went out after that boat was hit with severe engine problems. hundreds of terrified passengers went through a dangerous evacuation by helicopter. 28 passengers treated for injuries. nine still hospitalized, one critically. let's take you to venezuela. multiple reports coming in that two russian air force planes landed in ka racaracas.
6:23 pm
russia's sputnik news agency, the government news agency, is saying the planes were sent to quote, fulfill technical military contracts. coming up, the mueller report is out. we have all the details on the outcome that democrats and mainstream media were not expecting. we've got the reaction there. first, a dozen defendants from the college admissions scand scandal, who exactly is appearing in court today on racketeering charges? we will tell you who. we have the update after the break. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice! but uh, what's up with your partner? oh! we just spend all day telling everyone how we customize car insurance because no two people are alike, so... limu gets a little confused when he sees another bird that looks exactly like him.
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liz: welcome back. you're watching the fox business network. to the college admissions cheating scandal. a dozen defendants appearing in a boston court today. seven were coaches. at least four were former usc coaches. now, 23 more individuals will be
6:28 pm
charged in this case, in this court, this friday as well. also today, yale university announcing it yanked one student's admission because of the scandal. let's get to fox news for more from boston. reporter: on today's docket were the defendants accused of accepting bribes to get those kids into elite schools. among those defendants, college officials, testing administrators, four people from university of southern california. today we saw legendary usc water polo coach enter a not guilty plea. he allegedly accepted $250,000 for two students to join his water polo team. he was fired after being arrested. he previously led that team to 16ncaa championships. also, wake forest head volleyball coach william ferguson pleaded not guilty to allegedly accepting 100 grand to put a student on his volleyball roster. >> two weeks ago, the u.s. attorney told you about a litany of abuses, phony test scores,
6:29 pm
unqualified students, fake athletic profiles. well, i can't speak to what happens at any other school, but not at wake forest university. reporter: 50 people have been indicted so far, with 12 entering not guilty pleas today. the case is also beginning to affect students. yale today confirming they rescinded the admission of one student as a result of this scandal but they would not give any more details. defense experts say that it's likely the celebrity parents who are accused in this case could actually see the reality of jail time, saying it's unlikely that the court will see probation or hefty fines as a severe enough punishment, they may want to make an example out of these parents. for that reason, we may also see additional indictments come down as some of these people try to negotiate plea deals out of this case. we will be watching as these cases continue here in federal
6:30 pm
court in boston. liz? liz: thank you. to the mueller report exonerating president trump. the media spent nearly two years hyping a now debunked trump/russia collusion story. >> i think we're in territory for the first time. >> mueller dropping a major bomb on trump. >> the justice department may indict him. he may be the first president in quite some time to face the real prospect of jail time. >> my impression is i wouldn't be surprised when all this is said and done that some people end up in jail. >> the final indictments, there are indictments in this president's future. they're coming. liz: there are no indictments in the mueller recommendation and now after special counsel mueller's probe finds no collusion, some in the mainstream media are disappointed. watch. >> as far as this letter goes, from the attorney general, bill barr tonight, barr says he never exercised that power. he's notifying congress formally there was never anything the special counsel sought to do that bill barr stopped mueller
6:31 pm
from doing. and that's fascinating. >> how can they let trump off the hook? so far tonight, so far tonight, we have no reason to believe trump is going to be charged by rhetoric in the document itself, in the mueller report, he will not be charged with obstruction or collusion without ever having to sit down with the special counsel mueller and answer his damn questions. how can that happen? liz: well, the media turned the russian collusion story into a ratings bonanza so is that why the media seems so visibly anguished in reporting the story? let's bring in "wall street journal" editorial page writer jillian melcher. chris matthews brings up the point the president was not asked to come in, sit down and answer questions but here's the back story. with all of the other coverage, did the media suspend its sense of fairness as journalists? they were treating accusations as tantamount to conviction? >> they are freaking out because they know they put their reputation on the line for this
6:32 pm
story. they behaved really irresponsibly. you saw use of all sorts of anonymous sources. you saw journalists who clearly had an idealogical motivation. they look pretty silly. they spent two years focused on a conspiracy and that doesn't happen when you are emotionally connected the a story. if you are being responsible as a journalist, you report facts. we saw a lot of speculation. liz: matt taibbi says this is our generation's wmd. buzzfeed got in trouble for rorth reporting uncorroborated information about the dossier. >> this is just tragic for the american people but you know, when you have someone like the president, you want him under scrutiny. i think we saw obama getting a pass and we saw trump in many ways treated unfairly with anonymous sourcing, with really unethical -- unfair journalistic practices. what this does, it undermines the ability of good journalists
6:33 pm
to hold power responsible. i think that's something that the american public should be pretty upset about. liz: to your point, mueller report in and of itself says no further indictments so to your point, is this an indictment of anyone who pushed this collusion theory for the last two years? >> yeah, i think it undermines their credibility, for sure. liz: let me ask you something. shouldn't the texts between peter strzok and lisa page, formerly of the fbi, shouldn't they have caused the media to fundamentally question what is going on with this story? >> yes. this is why it's so important we trot everything out now that the american public has the opportunity to see it and judge for themselves, not only so that they can get the full story on what has happened over the last two years, but also so they can see how the fbi has been irresponsible, particularly how the media has been irresponsible. liz: should they apologize? we at least have some in the media reporting this on the investigation's results. watch. >> for the president's purposes, for his team's purposes, he's been exonerated. >> certainly a time for
6:34 pm
congressional democrats to stand up, too. and acknowledge bob mueller did not find a chargeable election conspiracy. liz: should they do that? >> they kind of need to own up to it now. they have been running with a false narrative for the last two years. i think they have real questions they need to answer about why they did that, how they got this story so fundamentally wrong. liz: will you come back? >> yes. absolutely. thank you. liz: you are on the bernie beat, aren't you? >> i am. liz: just teasing. breaking news on brexit. you're looking at a live picture of the uk parliament. here's what's going on. the house of commons voted 329-302 to take control of parliament's timetable away from the government. that's starting wednesday. they are going to hold votes on alternative brexit options. this is like chapter 59 of brexit. we will stay on that story for you. coming up, a new car van av migrants headed to the border while officials in el paso, texas are overwhelmed. they reportedly shut down numerous checkpoints.
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liz: breaking news. national security adviser john bolton tweeting this after two russian airplanes landed in caracas. here's what the national security adviser tweeted. quote, the united states sends food and medicine to help the people of venezuela rather than sending nuclear-capable bombers and special forces to prop up a corrupt dictator. russia should work with the international community to support the venezuelan people. we will stay on that story for you. now let's get back to the mueller probe. the mueller probe is the third to find no russia/trump collusion after the house and senate intelligence committees found the same. robert mueller says russia did try to tilt the election to trump. mueller, though, did not indict a single american for illegally colluding with russia. no trump team aiding of the hack
6:40 pm
into democrat e-mails, no conspiring with wikileaks, no secret computer server in trump tower as a link to russia. however, attorney general william barr's letter quotes mueller himself as stating his report, quote, does not exonerate trump. we don't know on just what yet that is about. critics say there can be no obstruction if there is no underlying crime. this as democrats continue to pound the table for impeachment and now talking about coverup. let's bring in the heritage foundation's kelsey bullard. your reaction? >> hi, liz. think back to the reason the russians wanted to meddle in our election to understand how damaging and reckless democrats' reaction to this final report is, and that is the whole goal of russia was to undermine our election, to degrade public trust in our institutions, and by doubling down on this conspiracy theory and now alleging there's some sort of coverup happening inside the justice department is giving everything russia wanted and
6:41 pm
more. liz: kellyanne conway said this about congressman adam schiff, trying to argue this is watergate and saying he should resign. >> yes, and you know, kellyanne conway is absolutely right. if the house intelligence chairman is going to continue spreading these rumors, doubling down, it's completely irresponsible, it's reckless, it's time for him to face the facts this is a two-year, $25 million investigation and there's no reason not to accept the final outcome. liz: even yesterday, adam schiff was still talking impeachment with abc this week with george stephanopoulos. watch. >> therefore, there could be overwhelming evidence on the obstruction issue and i don't know that that's the case, but if there were overwhelming evidence of criminality on the president's part, then the congress would need to consider that remedy if indictment is foreclosed. liz: there's that and democrats
6:42 pm
are trying to delegitimize attorney general barr's letter, trying to basically cast doubt on it, saying it raises as many questions as it answers. that's what nancy pelosi and chuck schumer are saying. now this, the house judiciary chair, jerry nadler, is trying to allege a coverup by william barr and the justice department. let's listen. >> so for the department to take the position that we're not going to give information because he's not indicted, like a normal person who is not indicted because of lack of evidence, is equivalent to a coverup, and subverts the only ability thoeo hold the presiden accountable. the president no more than anybody else can be above the law. once you say that a president cannot be indictable no matter what the evidence as a matter of law, to then follow the principle that you can't then comment on the evidence or publicize it is to convert that into a coverup. liz: your reaction? >> again, this is completely irresponsible. president trump was just cleared in this two year long
6:43 pm
investigation and it's really hurting public faith in our institutions, in our justice department, in our elections. it is time to move on. the american public is so frustrated with this. they are ready to talk about issues and policies that matter, have debates about health care, about infrastructure, about the economy, and all democrats want to do is continue this witch hunt against president trump. liz: now they are talking about going after robert mueller. he was considered, is considered the country's biggest and most important investigator, you know, and they had put a lot of prosecutorial assets and investigative assets on this case. didn't come up with anything, kelsey. is congress any better at investigating than robert mueller and the justice department? >> no. there's nothing else congress is going to find that they are going to be able to look at that robert mueller has not already looked at throughout this investigation. he had dozens of lawyers working for him. he had all the resources he needed. he specifically said there was no attempt by the trump
6:44 pm
administration to impede this investigation. so there's really no reason to waste time or taxpayer dollars on any more of these silly russia/trump collusion investigations. it is time to move on. liz: thank you so much for coming in. >> thank you. liz: coming up, the border patrol getting overwhelmed, now shutting down checkpoints because of a record number of border crossings showing up. this is happening at the el paso, texas border officials there. that's not stopping a new caravan heading to the border. plus now that the mueller report says no collusion on the part of the trump campaign, what's going to happen with the democrats russia, russia, russia mantra? is the real issue they have no policies that middle america or any american wants? what will be their message going into 2020? we take that on, next. our grandparents checked their smartphones zero times a day. times change. eyes haven't. that's why there's ocuvite.
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liz: robert mueller's probe was systematic and exhaustive, combing through every communication available, every e-mail, wiretap and both william barr and rod rosenstein, two top officials at the justice department, sought the opinions of other doj lawyers before william barr issued their letter. again, exhaustive.
6:49 pm
remember, even "the washington post" has reported that russia and its predecessor soviet union have been trying to influence american elections since 1960. critics are saying the democrats really launched this probe based on a fake steele dossier. so are they taking the party over a cliff? gunning for 2020 based on a hoax, only occlusion and virtually no policies that anybody wants. let's bring in christopher bedford from the daily caller. your take? >> that's pushing it a little far. today has been a very conspiratorial day where folks said they didn't specifically say this or that. mueller's team have occasionally given -- spoken when accused of some massive overreach or something that isn't being reported right, so for democrats and their supporters and enablers on some of the stations and papers to say that mueller's word after two years of investigation has been so severely twisted by barr and to not have mueller come out and defend himself is extremely unlikely. we are getting to the level now
6:50 pm
when you've got shady characters here and some meetings the democrats don't feel like can be explained over here, to tie those things together into treason and collusion is entering conspiracy theory territory. liz: if robert mueller had an issue with william barr's report he would have said so. remember, he called that buzzfeed for inaccuracy. here's the thing. senator lindsey graham may call him jim comey. should there be a probe into the obama white house for wiretapping, for leaking, also the hillary clinton campaign for paying for a phony dossier? she's angry she lost. she convinced partisan media the election was stolen from her when she ran a bad campaign that even her husband criticized. what about the insurance policy? what about the steele dossier? obama white house leaking? should there be a probe into all of that? >> especially the way the last administration handled the alleged russian interference or russian collusion. lindsey graham is specifically interested in how the fisa warrants were obtained. when it wasn't made clear to the secret courts that this was actually political opposition
6:51 pm
research in the dossier. the backup documents have been leaked by the very people who wrote the dossier. when these two things come together, now you've got a secret warrant and a court that's not answerable to the american people, and you are taking american citizens and dragging them through the mud, there's got to be a process here. james comey, who has been tweeting these weird e-mail messages from all around the world about thinking about the endlessness of time, he should come back to the capitol and answer questions. liz: in six months' time, democrats went from victory to embarrassment. they are stuck with policies about taking over the entire health care system and the green new deal. we have breaking news. mitch mcconnell is going to move the green new deal to a vote tomorrow. alexandria ocasio-cortez complaining this is a bluff. don't understand how this is a bluff, calling your green new deal for a vote. >> no. this is actual reality, which congresswoman ocasio-cortez has not seemed to really have grasped yet in washington, d.c. mitch mcconnell has been trying to push everyone to be on the record and much to a lot of the sadness of some of the more centrist and less hardcore left
6:52 pm
wing democrats, a number of their presidential candidates quickly grasped on to this green new deal. they are trying to grasp on to anything that comes out of the new socialist wing from the young people, trying to appear cool and hip and with it. maybe they ought to do a little more research. now mcconnell will ask people how do you vote. liz: you know the other thing, too, john brennan said trump was quote, treasonous. we have james clapper saying the mueller report, he's not surprised by this. the thing about obstruction, one final point, is this. the democrats are now going to try to pursue obstruction but james comey, andrew mccabe, they all testified to congress that no one in the trump white house tried to obstruct their investigation. >> treason is a charge which has been handled so lightly over the last two years. it carries a capital penalty. life in prison, the death penalty. it's being dropped on the president for two years. it hasn't been addressed yet by the stations that have done it. liz: great to see you. thanks for coming in. coming up, yet another
6:53 pm
caravan of up to 1200 now heading to the border. we will have former obama border chief mark morgan to react, next. yes! i just wanted to show you something i've been wor... ♪ james r. and associates. anna speaking... ♪ james r. and associates. anna. ♪ [phone ringing] baker architects. this is anna baker. at northwestern mutual, this is what our version of financial planning looks like. tomorrow is important, but you're ready to bet on yourself today. find an advisor at
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liz: this is brexit, a pour powr fight, parliament trying to take power away from prime minister theresa may, theresa may fires back. minutes after the house of commons, voted to take control of brexit away from theresa may, a big fight right now. to the border in u.s., another caravan is on the way, 1200 on the move from central america and cuba, as border patrol had to shut down el paso, texas checkpoints, why? they were so overwhelms agents could not properly process other asylum seekers, joins me, mark
6:58 pm
morgan who served border patrol chief during obama administration. >> another caravan, this does not surprise any expert that is working this. we anticipated this. as long as the incentives are there. they know, they get here, a enter illegally, they set one foot on soil, as long as they have a kid, they are allowed into united states, now they are allowed to interior of united states within hours of illegally entering, they will reach 100,000 alone this month, a million this year, this is a national emergency. liz: is this a matter of perspective. lou: people in the world in other country in dire circumstances, they would love to come here, they also could be considered refugees. do central and south america have a claim first on southern border. >> no, that is a great point, there is a fairness issue.
6:59 pm
intelligence information shows they are not coming in to leave persecution, they are coming in for economic equality and family reunification. that does not satisfy the asylum claims, they are coming in filing false claims and we know it, but because of the broken asylum laws they are still allowed to interior united states. liz:? are coming because it legitimate, but the asylum laws do not cover economic opportunities. people who just want a job, right? >> or family reunification is not covered, you have a customs and border protection, they are overwhelmed. it is undeniable, hey they release these individuals, they have no choice, they are frustrated. liz: mark morgan, great to see
7:00 pm
you, sir, thank you. >> thank you for having us why your home, thank you for watching, lou dobbs is knocks nt right here on the fox business network, have a good evening. ♪ lou: good evening, it has been a great day, a grand day. in america. radical dimms. national left wing media, rino establishment. deep state in pain in bright light of truth. and the unrelenting effort to subvert trump presidency to overthrow president trump and this republic are now at an end for now, the president stands vein kateed. vindicated. >> just announced there was no collusion with russia, the most ridiculous thing i ever heard. there was no


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