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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 25, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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you, sir, thank you. >> thank you for having us why your home, thank you for watching, lou dobbs is knocks nt right here on the fox business network, have a good evening. ♪ lou: good evening, it has been a great day, a grand day. in america. radical dimms. national left wing media, rino establishment. deep state in pain in bright light of truth. and the unrelenting effort to subvert trump presidency to overthrow president trump and this republic are now at an end for now, the president stands vein kateed. vindicated. >> just announced there was no collusion with russia, the most ridiculous thing i ever heard. there was no collusion with russia. there was no obstruction to be
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honest it a shame that your president has had to go through this for before i even got elected. it began. it began illegally. and hopefully somebody will look at other side, this was an illegal take down. that failed. hopefully somebody will be looking at the other side, so it complete exoneration, no collusion. no obstruction. lou: president trump, first lady, his family, the nation, have endured the viciousness even oeven open of -- venom of l left for over two years. the 31 cusio conclusion is an er in victory of the nation, and a partisan victory for this president and the republican party.
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today, the democrats got a prosecution, but not the one they hoped for, federal prosecutor today charge creepy porn lawyer michael avenatti, one time presidential hopeful himself with embezzlement, fraud and extortion. >> today, we're announce criminal extortion charges again michael avenatti. charges are based on avenatti scheme to extract more than $20 million in payments from a public company by threatening to use his ability to garner publicity ton inflation harm one company, his conduct had nothing to do with zealous advocacy for a client or any other legitimate legal work. lou: michael avenatti spent months and months attacking the president, and even claims at one point that president deserved prison time. this today, a great day for truth, justice and the american
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way. we talk this up tonight with an all-star lineup, republican national committee chair, ronna mcdaniel joining us. and strategist at ed rollin, har mead dillon, to talk about this moment. our top story, in that moment. president trump defeated greatest political scandal in american history. special counsel robert mueller opportunity finding new collusion between the trump campaign and russia, just as president said for years. the president has been an example throughout strength, and face of relentless attack, smears, and lies from radical dimms, never trump rino republicans, president trump today, said this must never happen again. >> what they did, it was a falle
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narrative, a terrible thing, we can never let this happen to another president again, i can tell you, that few people i know could have handled it. we can never, ever let this happen to another president again. >> we also can't over state the important role attorney general william barr plays in the end of the mueller investigation, anyone who loves the country should appreciate the attorney yegeneral taking charge of the correspondent department of just -- corrupt department of justice. corrupt ta tax tax tactics of t. tonight, rnc chairwoman, ronna mcdaniel, great to have you with us. your reaction first of all, to the vindication of this
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president. after more than two years of uninterrupted relentless attacks and claims by the radical dimms who orchestrated this assault on the presidency and the republic. >> well, i think you are right, i don't think that many people could have withstood what the president and his family have. it is really shameful for two years, this cloud has been upon his presidency, it was precipitated by a fake dossier paid for 3 hillary clinton and dnc that justice department ran with, democrats for two years accused our president of being an agent for a foreign country, they put that narrative forward over and over with the media, being complicit. 93% of the negative in stories from the media have been negative on this president, mead crmedia has been shameful, there needs to be a reckoning.
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i am glad that president is found to not colluded we all knew that. we. i do not want to gloss over what just happened over last two years it has been dangerous for our democracy we not had objectivity in our media enough to look at the facts of the case, they have run with it. it haas been reckless and damaged our democracy. lou: that is right. it is important for every machine tamerican it understands is what president called it. the few corporations, at&t, that owns cnn, comcast, with nbc, and msnbc, new york time, "washington post," the list goes on. of corporations that have an caran appcar,an ancounting, a rn
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with, an apology t american people, i don't know of a single person who could have handled this as this president has with constraint, with reserve. i mean it has been remarkable to me, i wonder your thoughts. we need to go that far, i believe. >> we do, there has been a coordinated effort to delegitimize the election of 2016, many in media and democrat party. they elected donald trump. and to see chairman schiff of house intelligence committee, nadler. say that the president was guilty of collusion. think about what that means, as americans, they are sitting at home seeing people who are priv to the investigation, see -- trivy to th iprivy to the invesy
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should be removed from their chairmanship, they owe the american people an apology and the president, they have work to do to heal this democracy, this is our country, we deserve a peaceful transfer of power, democrat with media and hillary clinton and dnc put us under this for two years, 25 million dollar, 2800 subpoenas, 500 witnesses, it goes on and on of shameful actions of democrats and media in trying to delegitimize this presidency, he is owed a great apology. i hope we can join the president in making our country better, safer stronger. lou: and on point. this president has done all o tt even as he has been under cease
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less attack from the left. a number of your tweets in particular steps to be taken now. if we could look at those twee tweets. you know, congress should actually investigate it. investigate ask ronna, how dncfunded dossier got to the investigators, i think that is a very purpos important question. how comey's fbi abused fisa warrants to spy on donald trump, and how did obama administration justify surveillances of american citizens in particular a man running for the very office that obama held. i think they are great questions, your thoughts on the answers. >> i think they are fair questions, this is not from a partapartisan lens, this shouldr happen again. and we want to make sure first,
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where were failures in obama administration they missed the russian meddling, why didn't they reach out to candidate trump, say these actors may approach your campaign, why not reach out to candidate. why put fisa warrants out spying on americans citizens based on a fake dossier. it would be wrong. lou: you remember who turned over that dossier on the fbi. and those who would inquire about why certain people are well vivid in this president's memory over the course of this sorted atrocity by the radical dimms, i think that questions answer themselves, ronna mcdaniel. you are being very nice about those folks. who pursued this president. i can't be quite so nice. but in your presence, i will be on my best behavior, thank you.
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>> thank you, lou. lou: appreciate it. up next, radical dimms are loudly whining, moaning and crying after robert mueller report concluded no obstruction. >> president trump is wrong, this 4r-79 of repor report doesa total exoneration. >> the mueller investigation was not covering that is suspicious. >> there is if evidence of collusion, we set that out time again. >> he committed you know, not only obstruction of justice right before our very eyes, but said and done things that can lead you to the conchewin concle has been collusion, this is not the end of anything. lou: oh, yes, it is. but will the radical dimms do now? who really cares?
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the nation has been liberated with truth. the truth is, radical dimms failed to over throw the trump presidency and this republic, shame on them, ed rollins, and washington times charlie hurt join me next, stay with us.
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lou: one of foremost legal mines in this country, alleial sayingt cnn should be ashamed of their coverage of mueller witch-hunt. >> a good day for president, a bad day for cnn. there should be hanging their head in shame, you think about how many people went out on a limb predicting there would be dimdime indictments, they made t seem it was an open and shut case, they misinformed the american public, they have to have some public accountability. >> over on cnn, owned by at&t, they are padding themselves on the back for a job well done after spewing lies about collusion, they have been unraveled and exposed. >> i think we have done media, press, press has done one of the
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great reporting jobs in history in specially covering presidency. volume of coverage has given people an impression that something big is coming. >> the volume is justified. because you know the big question, what is news. this investigation and conduct and behavior of this president, is the biggest story we have had in many years. lou: joining us, former reagan white house political director, republican strategist, fox business political analyst, ed rollins, and charlie hurt, fox business contributor. first, carl bernstein, ed? your thoughts. >> my thoughts are carl got a pulpulitzer once for never meetg deep throat.
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it is irresponsible and it needs to give an apology, dershowitz is right on this. lou: he is right. and kudos for having to say what is clear truth, that in his judgment. mueller copped out. you either prosecutor you don't, there is no such thing as exoneration. >> i lumped them in three different categories of crooks, we have the people in media doing their thing, you have the democrat politicians who have been lying to their supporters for two years, and joining up the excitement that is disappointment. but, the most terrifying part of this, is the actions of the previous administration. the idea that none of this stuff about the collusion is true.
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we now know that. but what is not been investigated is fact that we had a sitting administration, using our spying apparatus to spy on political open. lou: with knowledge of president obama. >> we don't know for certain. but i don't see how decisions like that get made without very high level knowledge. lou: we know they were lying from jump street, clapper, brenon, comey. talking about every intelligence agency in the country had created a consensus around collusion, they were lying from the beginning because -- >> they knew we had weapons of mass destruction in that war. they did not know anything about 9/11, that did not come out until long after, my sense it is time to look hard. lou: their incompetence is one thing, i am talking about their corruption. political corruption.
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>> they are corrupt. lou: under obama. >> time they get cleaned out, and most important element is fbi, that is one at the en the f the day that was driving this, i hope they get in there clean house. >> i thought big reason most reporters became reporters, to ferret out this government corruption this abuse of power that that is what pentagon paper was about and watergate, and idea that almost entire media will turn a blind eye to those questions in this situation proves they are -- >> how much should we hold at&t, comcast, these corporate masters of these politically corrupt left wing news outlets, how much should they be held account able. >> it you imagine if these corporate masters were operating
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on the other side of the coin? you know, on behalf of republicans? there would be an outcry. and you don't hear it now. >> you wouldn't have any of the mergers. i think they need to be looked at. and whole relationships with the news organizations, they need to be looked at hard. they are driving an agenda that is not interest to the country. lou: ronna mcdaniel in asking her questions, put in front of everyone who would pay attention to her questions. reason this president has on occasion mentioned the name john mccain. asking why we don't have an answer as to the senator as passing of a dossier to the fbi. and his one time assistant, doing some of the work on that. it's truly an ugly situation in which a lot of people
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participated. for their own purposes. but not for the nation. >> what john mccain did he gave it a credibility it should not have had and did not have. lou: a basis for which media could print this. this. >> under scores important, president is right they should investigate how it started, every aspect. because. it is a terrifying to degree to which the previous administration, weaponized our intelligence services to investigate political opponents. lou: quickly. you think we'll hear soon from rinos who fought this president at every turn, ugly, vicious, nasty and cowardly, do you think they might say i'm sorry mr. president? we should have supported you? >> they won't say they are sorry but keep a suspicious eye on
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them. >> don't hold your breath. lou: thank you so much ed rollin, charlie hurt. >> thank you. lou: up next, we would like to hear your thoughts on all of this. follow me, reminder we asking you to look at that. brand-new phillie on our farm, share your best ideas. for a barn name and a show name for that cute little phillie. pretty exciting. let me show you this, this is the most desired mug in all of television. excuse me. what are you saying, ed? >> i can't get one. lou: that is how treasured they are. okay. you have shamed me into it we'll get you a mug. >> up next, not a great day for creepy porn lawyer, what is his
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lou: attorney michael avenatti just been released we're told on 300,000 dollar bailed he was arrested today on federal charges, two separate cases on the west coast, and east coast, southern district of new york charged avenatti with trying to extort up to 25 million dollars from nike. and u.s. attorney in los angeles charging michael avenatti with bank and wire fraud. he stands accused of embezzling money from one of his clients and defrauding a bank through take tax returns. >> joining me tonight, harmee ht
7:29 pm
dhillon. good to have you with us. starting with the president, end -- vindicated and talking to white house press corps, seems a man who looks liberated? >> absolutely, i am happy the cloud has been removed. but angry as american citizen and a lawyer put through this witch-hunt on fabricated charges. i am not separating just yet -- i am knol not celebrating this . lou: i will celebrate for this president, for the republic because without this man in the white house, we would be in desperate evenni struggle add sa nation. get to issue of charges, two and
7:30 pm
a half years, as president noted, he has been under assault. staye spied on by obama administration spy chiefs, think about that circle of clowns, comey, clapper, brennan. they are such a disgrace to this country and they are still buying at the moon for the best wing media, what are we to do. >> they are baying at the moon. they are judges who signed off on the warrants who were lied to, and people who signed them, rod rosenstein signed one, those people are still out there as well in our government. we need to hold people accountable, i think that bob barr would be well advised to do
7:31 pm
a toa top to bottom review. >> i don't think we should kid our ourselves, this democratic party has p become something unrecognizable, it is outside not only mainstream but moved to the left in such a way, and thes if figures who make up the democratic party, they are going to be bipartisan? you think so. i understand your desire. but they have attacked without concern for this president. his family, or the american people, or the nation. and i think that you are right. there has to be a reckoning, and has to be soon. dow think william barr, attorney general, is of such a mind? >> well i hope so, i am sure in short time he has been there, he has been surprised by what has been exposed. he has a good representation, he
7:32 pm
did the right thing, there would have been a school of thought to say, take months to go over the report, then make your decision, he act swiftly. that was a great step. that was really encouraging to me, someone has been cynical about what is going on inside of the beltway. lou: where are we with nadler and schiff? is there any responsibility beyond ballot box for these people? this is just an ugliness, schumer and pelosi, the ignorance of their leadership is breath taking, so venomous. just ugly beyond belief. >> and eric swalwell, maybe democrats -- i think nancy pelosi seems to have slightly distanced herself before the report came out and was brushing away talk of impeachment. but she can't afford to do that now. the democrats seem intent on
7:33 pm
clinging to this narrative. you think it will backfire on them, they are making very bad political judgment to continue on highlight the failed effort by them. find go ahead do, that but, i think however lou, the reckoning will come for those elected leaders at the ballot box. lou: well, and it seems clear, ronna mcdaniel here at top of broadcast, i am so proud of her. she is standing with strength, and purpose behind this president. she means clearly to hold the democrats accountable at the ballot box, i know, as committee for great state of california mean do the same. >> yes, a great job, love to work with her. lou: and i think you are doing a great job as well. >> thank you. lou: thank you harmeet. >> happy to be here. lou: rino paul ryan and nikki
7:34 pm
haley, they are gone, they keep trying to come back, they get money, somebody is paying then off, what do you think? keynote speakers at asian leader conference n in south korea, do you suppose they give a speech in may on u.s. government policy isouth korea. but haley we'll tell you more as we learn it about what is in it for the former speaker. to be speaking. stay with us, we'll be right back. with much more. look limu. a civilian buying a new car. let's go. limu's right. liberty mutual can save you money by customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh... yeah, i've been a customer for years.
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lou: headlines tonight, president trump meeting with israeli prime minister at white house. president trump signed a proclamation recognizing israel
7:43 pm
control over go heights. and netanyahu having to make his trip short. responding to rocket attacks this morning by hamas. that hit an israeli town. 7 people we know of injured. >> a new caravan coming from central america are headed to u.s.-mexico border, they are to arrive in border in coming weeks. joining us now victoria ti -- tinsing and digenova. joe, you said this was a grand slam for the president in the first moments that we became aware that the report had been
7:44 pm
delivered to the attorney general, has anyone changed our mind over the weekend. >> not at all. i feel much better than i did even then. i am so happy for this president. and so feel so badly for the american media. empire that tried to destroy this president. made fools of themselves in the process, you look at performance of cnn, and mcircumstanc msnbc r incredible diligence, integrity with reporting this story, sticking with it, honestly, thank you for being such a great reporter and anchorman. lou: thank you very much, joe. i want to thank you both. for guiding me, us throughout this national nightmare.
7:45 pm
president said it lasted a long time. we're glad it is over. >> we're glad it's over. it 100% the way it should have been, i wish it could have gone quicker. there are a lot of people out there that have done some very evil thing, bad things, i would say treasonous things again the country, i say that strongly. very few people i know could have handled it. we could never, ever let this happen to another president again. >> victoria, i know you and joe share that sentiment. this president is the only person, as i said, who i think could have withstood these forces of evil that have tried to destroy his presidency and i believe the republic itself. your thoughts on those who we
7:46 pm
know are responsible to this point. and i am talking about strzok, about mccabe and comey. will there be an accounting. >> there has to be, they weaponized the intelligence system, our intelligence tools that we use to go after spies and terrorists and criminals. and they used it against a political opponent. i can remember in my days as a prosecutor people from liberal side would say we're afraid about these tools they will be used again innocent people, where are those liberals today? we tried to strengthen the laws and liberals said they should not be used again innocent people, they have been used against an entire stricture, not just the president, we represented other people. lou. these other people are
7:47 pm
devastated by what happened to them. their lives are affected, their bank accounts are. and this should not happen to people. and we have got to have something otteredder of a special counsel, i hate them, but we have to bill barr should not have to be burdened with this, we start with brennan the mastermind and took intelligence that dossier to read, to senator reid, so he could he went to comey and said there is a problem here, that is where the game started. lou: senator mccain and his chief of staff. >> yes. lou: this is -- there is so much just such a toxic moment in our history. because we're looking at the number of fbi agents, 40 that we know, that they were held in
7:48 pm
place and move moved to special counsel. special management stayed with them. this was contrive from the beginning, joe, your thoughts. as we begin to get a sense a darker sense of how much corruption there was in the agency, fbi and department of justice. >> the obama administration has done more damage to the fbi, the department of justice, and intelligence community than any administration in history. these were the good government people, this is nonsense. this is one of the worst things that has happened to the country. brennan, clapper, sally yates, john carlin who headed national security, they did was, they have created among the american people a suspicion of agencies that we rely upon, for
7:49 pm
intelligence and law know force- enforcement, only way that can be fixed is full acu acountbili, that requires a federal grand jury, with all subpoena power, they all must testify, they have to get lawyers and they have to know what it felt like for the little people who gotten snared in this disgraceful, manufactured crisis. this is a real crisis at the border, but this is a manufactured hoax of trying to frame this president and remove him from office needs to be accounted for by crim criminal proceedings. >> and the house needs to be given a lesson. nadler does not even know what the supreme court opinion is about u.s. versus nixon, there has to be a criminal case to get evidence from the white house.
7:50 pm
>> they are going and demanding this is insane. nadler and schiff, i think they are deranged. >> >> he is. lou: they are not making sense. >> he is chairman of judiciary committee, that is pathetic, you have to have a criminal case, and supreme court will look at that, their request, say, a house committee a fishing expedition is not a criminal trial. lou: listen, if you will to rudy guliani. making the point very similar to yours. that it impossible to obstruct justice if there is no underlying crime. sort of makes sense even to us laymen. >> question now is, if there was no evidence of collusion, three investigating a, who made it up? it had to come from somewhere. it just didn't come out of thin air. i want to know what did it, who
7:51 pm
paid for it, who fueled it. because the person that did it, and the group that did it knows it is untrue, because they invented it. lou: he is referring seemed clearly to the obama presidency and his leaders of the intelligence agency there, it could be inferred, your thoughts to guliani's point. >> i don't think that there is doubt that we know from susan rice a famous january 20, 2017 e-mail that the president of united states, barack obama, knew what was going on, knew about the investigation. about counter intelligence tragedy, brennan, clapper, comey, yates they all briefed him, there has to be an accounting by president obama, i know some of the democrats -- they want to avert their eyes from the fact that the holy one may have been involved in
7:52 pm
difficult and nasty things, unfortunately president obama was at center of this. he authorized it, brennan carried it out, now it is time for an car an an car, -- accoun. >> i can tell you where justice department could start that is unmasks of michael flynn, there were two crimes committed not by michael flynn. the leaks of the conversation with kislyak. then to in addition unmasking michael flynn to give ignatius that story, they are two different crimes they should be investigated. lou: quickly, a lot of chatter among radical dimms about southern district of new york. a shock, they were prosecuting it appears michael avenatti. who is now free on bail. is there any more from the
7:53 pm
southern district? can this nightmare end? or will we see continued political persecution from u.s. attorneys around in liberal jurisdiction. >> i think what barr will do because he is his stature is so immense in the department, southern district of new york is part of the department of justice, attorney general controls that district, they have to listen to him, i suspect you will see no more news conference from southern district where they take shots of president of united states without justification, like they did in michael cohen case. i think that barr's present will be a levinning factor in their behavior. lou: i think this is where i say, hallelujah. thank you so much joe, and victoria thank you, appreciate you. >> thank you. lou: up next.
7:54 pm
apple, unveils a number of new services. put a little something together, a billion dollars for a new entree into streaming, more as well on the exoneration. of trump of president trump when we come back, that will be quickly. stay with us. here you go little guy.
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expanding. the card is available by the summer. a reminder to listen to my report three times a day coast to coast on the sale and radio network presidential counselor, kelleyanne conway with choice words from house intelligence committee chairman, adam shift. >> adam schiff should resign. he has no right when someone has been telling a lie day after day, after day, on challenge. unchallenged are not oath. somebody should put him on and say you have evidence, where is it? bob mueller already re- of the fearful investigation. any partisan, politicized investigation from here on it will never have the credibility of the mueller investigation. lou: cancel to the president, kelleyanne conway. a quick look at the national debt. $22.1 trillion and climbing. that's it for us tonight. please be with us tomorrow, congressman matt gates, emily,
8:00 pm
the cyber security expert, morgan wright among our guests. we hope you'll join us. thank you for being with us tonight. it's a great, great day in america, isn't it? good night from new york. >> breaking right now, no collusion, no conspiracy, no proof of obstruction. the nearly two year long, 25 million-dollar mueller investigation coming to an end. president trump calling it a complete victory. listen,. >> there is no obstruction and none whatsoever. and it was a complete and total exoneration. it is a shame that our country had to go through this. >> butts, that is not stopping aggregate democrats from voting to finding any kind of collusion on their own, or the liberal media who would fall asleep


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