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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  March 25, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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the cyber security expert, morgan wright among our guests. we hope you'll join us. thank you for being with us tonight. it's a great, great day in america, isn't it? good night from new york. >> breaking right now, no collusion, no conspiracy, no proof of obstruction. the nearly two year long, 25 million-dollar mueller investigation coming to an end. president trump calling it a complete victory. listen,. >> there is no obstruction and none whatsoever. and it was a complete and total exoneration. it is a shame that our country had to go through this. >> butts, that is not stopping aggregate democrats from voting to finding any kind of collusion on their own, or the liberal media who would fall asleep
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blasted the occlusion narrative without any evidence. plus, is it time to investigate the fbi and justice department over a possible conspiracy among trump haters to keep donald trump out of the white house? a congressman who says, absolutely, is coming up. take a look at this new video showing migrants being dropped off due to overcrowding. this is new reports revealing a new caravan over 1200 strong is headed for our border. also tonight, trish regan has an exclusive interview with the wife of will juan guido, why she fears for her husband life and her own. we begin right now. >> on david. in for trish regan. glad you could join us. the top story can tonight, no collusion. robert mueller's two year long russia probe is finally over.
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the main finding, according to attorney general william barr, president trump and his campaign did not collude or conspire with russia during the 2016 election. but, will that definitive answer satisfy lawmakers on the left who have been crying collusion for 22 months now? the answer tonight appears to be a resounding no. listen. >> president trump is wrong. this report does not amount to a so-called total exoneration. special counsel mueller is clear that this report quote does not exonerate the president. >> i did say there is ample evidence, and indeed there is, of collusion of people in the trump campaign with the russians. that evidence of course includes a secret meaning at trump tower russia delegations with hillary clinton, the provision of polling data linked to russian intelligence by tromso campaign chair. i could go on and on.
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>> is joining me now is federal prosecutor doug burns. david: take a look at all of the details from the investigation. the number of people who were interviewed, the amount of money that was spent on the investigation. the number of fbi agents involved. the number of subpoenas. is there any doubt in your mind that this was as thorough an investigation that is good is been done. >> none whatsoever. that's not a political talking point. 500 search warrants, 500 witness interviews, 2800 subpoenas. i was in doj nine years dealing with hundreds of cases. i been a defense lawyer over 20 years. that is an extraordinary amount of investigative effort. that's great. bob mueller who everybody praised as they should, man of integrity, former marine, head of the criminal division, head of the fbi, he did an absolutely thorough job. people are disgusted and horrified on political grounds as to the conclusion.
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but, legally it's rocksolid. david: what further, if you did a stretch and took those numbers and try to add something to it, what could you possibly add to it? what could be found out there more investigation from bob mueller. >> i don't think anybody's suggestion that you need more investigation. now you get into the political dust ups. i find it amazing as a trial lawyer to wash them breathlessly say, he wasn't exonerated. how about we technically look at the letter. he was exonerated on the collusion question. on the obstruction, it separate. they say we didn't find evidence that he did a great crime. and we did not exonerate him. that's like giving each side plenty to work with. in the end, this is the key, no persecution is being recommended. that's the conclusion. david: i was trying to read from bars letter like what could they mean by saying that it was somewhat open. all i could think of was, what president trump was saying
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publicly that maybe could have been construed by some as being obstructed. >> for small, great point. in the letter they talk about the fact that they talked and said this publicly. one commentator implying that, so than it cannot be a crime. he got shot down by his guest he said no, usually this stuff is done secretly. you would not do something that you thought in your mind was done publicly. the other really important point is that if you assume or eat for the sake of argument that the underlying conduct was not a crime, collusion, and makes it that much harder it is headed in the letter to say you obstructed that. now, you can obstruct just everybody's clear, law school professor stuff. you can abstract even in a case where there is no crime. if a witness get subpoenaed and i say go in and lie and say the light was red even though we know it was green, that can be obstruction. collusion is not a crime. the report concludes no and even
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did that. they logically declined. david: what makes this case different is that this is a case involving the president of the united states. nobody has more power than the president of the united states. i am assuming that what mueller was talking about something he said in public condemning neither the investigation or someone affiliated with it. i have to tell you, is talking to ken starr, did an investigation on president clinton 20 years ago. he was threatened, physically threatened one of president clinton's aid. there is nothing like that. >> the obstruction was more about law than it was about facts. the point is, the president as explained over and over to the disgust and horror of people who cannot believe he is explaining the law in this fashion, the president has tremendous power. he could direct you are starting to drop the case. when they say go easy on flynn,
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that's not obstruction yet. david: good to see you. thank you. now that the russia probe is in the rearview mirror, lindsey graham is among those calling for a full accounting of the bison conspiracy at the top of the fbi and justice department to keep then candidate trump out of the white house. >> what makes no sense to me is that all of the abuse by the department of justice and the fbi, the unprofessional conduct, the shady behavior, nobody seems to think that's much important. well, that's gonna change. david: senator graham responded with cryptic tweets seen here from jim comey. in which comey said quote, so many questions. graham shot back, could not agree more. see you soon. what happens now? let's test my next guest, south carolina congressman, ralph
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norman. what does happen now with regard to what lindsey graham was saying? do we have a senate investigation? the unlikely that nancy pelosi in the house would order one. >> no, she wouldn't. it's a sad day because it ought to be a great day in america, a great day for the president to drag the country through another what we have just been through two years was unfair. i think senator graham is dead on. let's find out who and why this got to the point going back from july 2016 on a phony dossier. i think he's right to get the people in here and question them and let them answer some questions. we just did not turn out like for the last two and half years like the democrats wanted. adam shifted and jerry nadler will this country and apology. it's not right to convict somebody before they've had their day, they've had their day now. a just internet like they
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thought. david: what is really concerning the notes concerning with richard nixon is whether the fbi was organized. whether the powers of the fbi of the justice department which are incredibly powerful, think of their subpoena power in their investigative or spying power, those powers were used for political purposes it seems by some who were determined to keep donald trump out of the white house. >> go back to the beginning. the dossier by glenn simpson. to get a fisa warrant to spy on individual americans when they did not check it out. it was never, the fbi had the opportunity and the duty to set the gold standard. this has been the most publicized collusion dilution in the history of this country. which is sad. with that for the american people. what has been lost in the transition, look at the price tag.
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if you do the math, whether there's 25 million or 28 million, comes out to $50,000 a day. is that right? the taxpayers should not have to bear that expense. if democrats want to keep it going, let it come out of their pocket. let them pay for it. david: i don't mean to beat a dead horse but what concerns me more than the money is the fact that the powers of this government, the awesome powers of the united states government were used for political purposes to spy and overturn an election result. even before then of course before the election is when a lot of this investigation and work by fbi folks from getting elected. do you think the obama administration was at this time somewhat involved. clearly it happened at the justice department and part. >> if you're going to start looking at things as to why, i think they entered the picture. it's a question that should be
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asked. because, what happened to donald trump just like you mentioned about weapon iced in the fbi. any president should not have to go through this. the president himself has the power to declassify certain things that they like to get a look at. you mentioned the fisa warrants and what is used to obtain the warrants that was used to spy on american citizens. the president has the power to declassify. >> we voted in congress for 20 - zero to put the mueller report out there for americans to see. if you roll the clock back and look at the dossier, to declassify that we didn't get into democrat votes. when we are looking at it i don't think any democrats at the time came to look at it.
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they knew deep down where it came from, they knew the democratic party and hillary clinton had something to do with it. all of that is so sad to let it go to this point, two and half years later, over two years with the amount of money and then to find that there's nothing to it in to put the american people through them, it's not right and should not happen to anybody else. david: it was ill-conceived from the beginning. there was no crime. you don't set up a special counselor unless you have a crime and then you investigate the crime. there was no crime, they just open this investigation to look into this question without a crime having been committed. final room. >> other than fox, look at the news media that convicted this president before anything was explored. i'm glad it came out like it did. it's a great day for this country. >> congressman, thank you for being here. coming up, the liberal media spending the last two years pushing the trump russia collusion narrative, even though
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there was no evidence of collusion. now that the probe is over, will the mainstream media be able to put aside his anti- trump lies in report on the facts? we are on it. plus, new details on juan guido is a top aide who nicholas maduro kidnapped last week. in just minutes, trisha's exclusive interview with the wife of that eight who is fearing for her own life. the terrifying ordeal, when we continue. i can't tell you who i am or what i witnessed, but i can tell you liberty mutual customized my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no... only pay for what you need. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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simple. easy. awesome. stay connected with the best wifi experience and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. >> what is donald trump trying to hide? why doesn't he want the mueller investigation to continue? >> the biggest scandal since watergate may be the biggest political scandal ever. >> there is something that looks
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and smells a whole lot like collusion. >> no collusion. no russia. there was an attempt to collusion. >> certainly it wasn't an attempted collusion by you and your sons and everyone around you. yes, there was a lot of russia. what are you even talking about? what planet do you think were from? david: that was just a little taste of the thousands of examples of what has happened over the past couple of years. the liberal media continually push in the narrative over russia collusion with no evidence to back it up. the investigation has ended and not the way the liberal media had hoped for. will they accept it? joining me as trump 2020 national spokesperson, kaylee mcenaney and howard franklin. good to see you both. kaylee, as almost amusing now if it wasn't so absurd as the liberal media is, i think the real serious consequence of people having real, genuine power. a scary kind of power like john
11:19 pm
brennan who is head of the cia and james clapper who is head of the nsa. we know how powerful the nsa is. they probably have a lot more of our private information than any other, maybe even the chinese do. these are people who said there was absolutely collusion. jim klapper claimed the president was a russian agent. i mean, this is extraordinary. it is pretty frightening stuff when you think about the power that these people have. >> it certainly is. john brennan say in the had committed treason. this is truly awe-inspiring what they had said in the truth of the matter. you are exactly right to say, look at this, the power they have. the idea that jim, he was overseeing an investigation with peter strecker said there was no they are, they are after eight months but nevertheless it continued two years into a special counsel. lisa page two said there is absolutely nothing she testified before the senate.
11:20 pm
nevertheless, they kept it going. this was the fbi spying on a trump campaign. it's very frightening and we need to get to the bottom of it. david: howard, don't these people the president an apology? >> i don't think they're going to offer the president any apology. david: but don't they owe him one? >> i absolutely don't think you owe an apology for asking questions. david: is more than asking questions. they made assertions. there's a difference between asking a question of making an assertion. mr. trump claims -- let me just read and quote john brennan, the former head of the cia. mr. trump claims have no collusion are, in a word, hogwash. that's not asking a question. >> it very well may not be. i would see a little more room and make the argument that i'm hearing right now that if this investigation had not ultimately ended in multiple, dozens of indictments, number of high-profile convictions.
11:21 pm
>> none of them collusion. >> with high-ranking officials and it may not have been about collusion. the fact of the matter is, this is not or was not just an investigation about nothing. we found that americans in trumps employee committed high-level crimes and only came to light because of the investigation that just concluded yesterday. david: how will republicans uses going into 2020? >> i have to say that is ridiculous. crimes that were committed predated president trump and were personal financial crimes pertinent to those individuals. how are we we going to use a going forward? play some of these clips of these democrats who lie to us. adam shift said i have the actual evidence. jerry nadler said the same thing. d&c chair, tom prayers say there is mounds of evidence. those are lies. where's the evidence? spewing kaylee mcenaney, howard for income i wish we had more time. thank you both for being here.
11:22 pm
coming up, anti- trump lawyer, michael avenatti in hot water tonight as federal prosecutors in two states accuse him of extortion and embezzlement. detail straight ahead. first, trish regan primetime his new details on the kidnapping of juan guido stop a. just minutes, trisha's exclusive interview with the wife of that aid. why she said dictator, nicholas why she said dictator, nicholas maduro is wrongfully holding her
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david: nous reaction tonight,thg venezuelan freedom fighter, kidnapped by the socialist maduro regime is now speaking at. roberto marrero is the chief of staff the man of the united states recognizes as interim president, juan guido. he was taken from his home and it has been held hostage by nicholas maduro slugs for four days. some say the kidnapping is maduro seeking to provoke the
11:27 pm
united states. maduro is wife spoke to trish earlier today. >> thank you so much for joining me. i know how difficult this is and what a difficult time it is obviously for you, your family and certainly her husband. describe to me what happened to him. >> well, my husband has been kidnapped for four days. he wasn't home and suddenly the police take by force in the home we lived in. they read in my house and even my neighbors. they planted bombs and they destroyed my house. they invent something. this is something illegal procedure they make in my house. >> you sent me the picture of your husband, you can see maduro as people in the background all dressed in black. i can see the guns in front of
11:28 pm
your husband, the weapons, the cash, so, those were not his guns, his weapons or money? >> no. he doesn't have any guns. not even nothing. they just plant it. he's a human rights defender. he has been a man who has struggled for democracy for many years. he's the founder with others and he has been such a nomad for democracy and freedom. they just plant it. >> he is in jail now, maduro took him. your husband had a very big role in this fight for freedom, as he was juan guido his chief of staff. they cannot get to juan guido because i think many countries had made it clear that that is
11:29 pm
unacceptable. so, do you think they were going after your husband instead? >> absolutely. i think they took my husband because they know that the u.s. said if they touch one widowed they would be stronger actions. so they take my husband to see the reaction of what they were. juan guido has been recognized in more than 60 countries around the world. my husband doing this in latin america countries, they just came together, i think they are trying to -- this is something -- my husband is not the second to juan guido, they are a team and they worked together for many many times, planning the best venezuelan for freedom. what is happening in my country is something a humanitarian crisis that it is going and it is fear.
11:30 pm
if u.s. would not intervene in this, what would happen? they would still be there, so venezuelan people we kinda get out of this. we need help. >> your husband certainly needs help. tell me about yourself right now and how you are doing. i know you have led to the united states, to miami a few weeks prior to this. you have your children with you. >> yes. my children and my boy is with me. i have a 7-year-old boy. we came here and i cannot go back right now. it's so difficult. what i want to appreciate the most for american people is to help venezuela. the humanitarian crisis, it is the larger in the history of the hemisphere.
11:31 pm
every day, thousands of people go to our borders. our young people have been fighting for freedom. we don't have even such a security over there. we have lack of water, lack of food, we are going through a difficult time. >> you do not have the basic necessities, you do not even have the freedom to be able to fight for them as we have seen bad nicolas maduro and his socialist regime taking your husband in the middle of the night. let me ask you this, did you think that could happen? your husband is a freedom fighter. he is crusading for something different for change. in doing so, he is very much at risk. did you worry about this? >> yes, of course. >> as a wife? >> he keeps going because he knew he is working for the
11:32 pm
benefit of freedom. he put his personal interest on the side because of the country. even his personal. that's why when he was caught in kidnapped he left this message. go on. but, he is very important. that's why he has taken him. because people, government know he is very important person to juan guido as interim president. >> what happens to the movement without your husband who is a key part of the logistics as the chief of staff? what happened to the movement in venezuela right now? >> what is going on, my husband said you must go on. protect the president. but, they don't have to put aside this fighting for my husband for freedom. it has to be together. david: breaking tonight, more troubling news in our own hemisphere. two russian jets touching down
11:33 pm
in venezuela this weekend, reportedly carrying dozens of russian troops along with the russian defense official. national security adviser, john bolton, slamming russian tweets saying, quote the united states sends food and medicine to help the people of venezuela rather than sending nuclear capable bombers and special forces to prop up a corrupt dictator. russia should work with the international community to support the venezuelan people. here with me knows former u.s. army special forces and center for security policy executive vice president, jim hampson. how far do you think rush is willing to go to protect maduro? >> by sending the troops they have made a significant provocation and raise the stakes significantly. at this point, the u.s. has already recognize juan guido as the rightful leader of venezuela. so, russian coming in now and going against the will of 60 countries that support guido is
11:34 pm
a bad thing. we should keep in mind, this is not the only place that u.s. and russian troops could potentially be on the ground together, and syria they are. there is a group of 200 russian mercenaries that decided to try and take a u.s. base out in syria. they got returned to their component molecules. so i think putin should keep that in mind. david: again, the question is, how far we might go in supporting those people who are fighting for freedom in venezuela. i am just wondering particularly after what happened in syria, the russian so that we are serious about protecting our interests, whether syria, venezuela, or anybody else, do you think russian troops would really be willing to give their lives to support this clown, maduro? >> i think it is a provocation designed to create a response. i think the question is, nobody wants a military confrontation. the amount of troops at the russian scent is not enough to
11:35 pm
even make a dent. we probably have more people hiding in the jungle there that they brought in on the plains. the bottom line, there could be a situation where we feel obligated to protect people, like widows chief of staff and of the people were being kidnapped and picked up. there is no way to the u.s. could counter this having decided that guido was the rightful ruler. i think there is an upcoming confrontation that hopefully will not go to military action. david: one thing i find hopeful is that there are a lot of desertions now, not at the top. there are only a handful of people at the top who have left the maduro regime in the military. but, i'm told a thousand troops have deserted going to columbia because they just cannot afford to live anymore in venezuela. they have the freedom to travel that normal civilians don't have. so, if you just have a bunch of
11:36 pm
overpaid thieving officers in the maduro ricc regime, what doe have? >> that's the thing about the corruption and the thieves you talked about. they're not going to pick up a gun and fight, they are probably extra kiting all of the money and valuables if they haven't already and looking for their plan to find a place to sit with my ties on the beach. those guys are not going to fight to the last man. we will see how many maduro gathers around him. i have a feeling he will be pushed out by an international pressure of some sort. david: jim, in the 1980s we helped rebels a nickel walker and they eventually displaced the -- there were threatening the entire hemisphere. i know there were special forces in central america at the time. you suggested there are special forces now in the region, as well. what will they do?
11:37 pm
are they training rebels? what exactly are they doing? >> i think there is a good chance we are making sure that both in colombia and brazil where we do have cooperative agreements, those militaries are prepared if anything has to be done. there are probably some discussions underway with the troops who have gone ahead and left maduro was service, to say why don't you consider becoming a force for good? that's a special forces mission that would be perfect in the situation. david: thank you for being here. we appreciate it. coming up, michael avenatti in major legal trouble tonight. why he could spend the next 40 plus years behind bars. first, brand-new migrant caravan is reportedly making its way to our southern border tonight. many detention centers say they are at full capacity. wait until you hear how many migrants have just been released into this is decision tech.
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>> new tonight, new caravan ofrs reportedly headed towards our southern border at this moment. this, mid new reports of immigration officials released at least 1,000 migrants in san antonio, texas due to massive overcrowding at detention centers. all of this and democrats still refusing to see this massive crisis at hand. joining me now is ceo, ned ryan. the stats are extraordinary. william largeness and the border region says that since december we have released 100,000 families plus because we have no place for them at all. there are 760,000 cases pending that the courts cannot keep up with. if this is sin to an emergency, i don't know what is. >> they figured out there coming in with children, they're making claims. >> and not necessarily their
11:43 pm
children. >> a significant percentage are not there children. they make fake claims on they can check incredible fear. those claims are accepted at least initially. if you have a child you are released within ten days. the things that staggering, some people are not given a court hearing dates until 2023. they are being released into various parts of the united states. we know for a fact that they don't even show up for court hearings. i have to tell you, the fear that staggered the most was that congressman andy biggs shared which he said, we will probably apprehend close to 1 million illegal immigrants on the southern border. really catchy to about one out of every two or three. my question is where the other immigrants going if were not catching them. >> yet, despite all of that, despite all the evidence, listen
11:44 pm
to what beto o'rourke has to say about the situation at the border. play the tape. >> i'm here to tell you, a positive story from the us-mexico border. we do not need any walls, $30 billion, 30 feet high, it will not be built on the international boundary lines which is the rio grande river. that will be built well into the interior, someone else's home. we'll be forced to take their property. to solve a problem we do not have. >> to solve a problem we don't have. a profoundly positive story on >> we have immoral political leadership. but inside of republican party, i think that democratic party failed american people, and republican party failed american people, i think we're coming to a point there is -- a moral crisis. on southern border, we don't have a wall, the fact that trump
11:45 pm
administration continue with a catch and release, and continuing human trafficking this is a real issue. this say national disgrace. at some point i think trump has to say, i know you of blocking my national emergency. i am going defense funding and build heavy fencing where drug smuggling and i might also use my powers as the executive to say we'll shut the southern border, what taking place there is detrimental to interest of metropolitan people. david: how much more hu humane s it to stop using children as tools to get in. how much more humane to stop them in their tracks before they live their home in central america. >> we have to remove the incentives. at some point we have to say
11:46 pm
american taxpayer is tired of being the escape valve for mismanaged country south was border, at some point we have to have leadership that stands up, and also says we'll represent the interest of american people. david: revamped by the way our whole immigration system to get people that we need, people that have skills that our economy needs, that is a vital part of this. >> a merit based system like canada and like australia, there is no racist about that, this our priority should be to bring in those people that we deem are a benefit to the country, that our right to be able to do that as american people. david: ned ryunthank you. >> coming up michael avenatti in hot water, tomorrow pros -- federal prosecuters in two states, accusing him of
11:47 pm
states, accusing him of extortion and
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>> i am highly confident, when all of the every is laid bare in connection with these cases, all known, when due process occurs, that i will be fully exonerated
11:51 pm
and justice will be done, thank you. david: michael avenatti just moments ago addressing the media after being released on 300,000 bond, federal authority charge michael avenatti with trying to extort up to 25 million dollar from nike. in what they call an old fashion shake down. he faces over 40 years behind bars if convicted on all charges. joining me attorney jenna ellis, you are innocent until proven guilty. here, thank god, but he is making a hard sell. >> you know what is really ironic about this, that michael avenatti is now proclaiming that merit of due process, and justice and all this constitutional protection that just recently up to this morning, he was still talking about impeaching president trump, he has wanted to deny due process to now sits justice
11:52 pm
brett kavanaugh during his confirmation hearings and donald trump and others, ironic the same process -- i am grateful to be an american, and we have due process. david: his old client, stormy daniels, she said she was quote, shocked but not surprised. it is clear there was some business stuff between the two that was not on the up and up. yet remember ms nbc and or anti-trump forces how much they worship the group he walked on. tried to get him to run for president. >> one thing a lot of people have asked about you, and your role, you are an accomplished attorney with a successful career, you charge a lot of money for your services. >> you are a pretty good lawyer, how long have you been
11:53 pm
practicing law. >> 18 years. >> let's gist everyon just ever. >> correct, we put this founding of illly galty for a reason, reeboksed in donald trump. >> michael avenatti attorney for julie swetnick, the third woman now to accuse brett kavanaugh of sexual misconduct. david: that tells me, people too there is a different motive, they have a clear alterior motive to use anyone that hates trump, willing to do wha what he did, they are willing to put him on a pedestal. reporter: and brett hume just tweeted he appeared many times, the fact they are touting this person who is had a disregard for the justice sim, there is a
11:54 pm
difference. and people like michael avenatti that give you know former prosecutor and defense attorneys such as myself, i practice on both sides, these of type of people that give lawyers a bad name, he deserves all due process protection but he can agree he is a despicable in character and individual he is wanted to trump bash fro from te beginning, it is clear now he will not be democratic nominee. david: we wish him the best. you said attorneys like him, according to "wall street journal," mark geragos was a co-conspirator in the nike ordeal. birds of a feather?
11:55 pm
>> you know it will be really interesting to see if there is truth to that allegation. if is is mark geragos, unfortunately sometimes about world of criminal defense, you can get sucked to what your clients are doing, around than maintaining integrity went the defense world, it is really unfortunate to see people because everyone deserves a defense, they are afforded due process, but what you become like some of your clients that is what trouble starts. david: jenna ellis thank you, ♪ limu emu & doug look limu. a civilian buying a new car. let's go. limu's right. liberty mutual can save you money by customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh... yeah, i've been a customer for years. huh...
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david: you can catch me hosting my show bulls and bears every week night 5:00 p.m. eastern, tomorrow we will have florida senator rick scott, we'll cover the green new deal vote. we'll have the results for you.
12:00 am
you don't want to miss that, my friend kennedy begins right now, stay tuned. kennedy: thank you david, a president vivindicated, presided he thinks this is a disgrace. >> i'm glad it's over, it is 1 100% the way it should have been, i wish it could have gone quicker, there are a lot of people who have done bad things, i would sa san say treasonous ts again our country. we have


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