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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  March 26, 2019 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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they could find on the streets, cut board. ashley: they set the standard. just go to the back and get whatever you need. tracee: exactly. ashley: thank you very much, tracee, good stuff. lauren: mornings with maria starts now. maria: hey there you 2. good morning, happy tuesday, i'm maria bartiromo, thanks for joining us, tooz march 26th, building that wall, the pentagon directing $1 billion in funds for border security, uber big play in middle east, acquiring korim. largest ride-sharing service, what it means ahead of uber's expected ipo and apple's next chapter, technology giant makes major push in services and news, we have the details on the new product and stream to go credit cards and more violent football
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game, plus this quarterback china unveils seems to support the idea what he tweeted later this hour mornings with maria begins right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ maria: funding the border wall, the pentagon transferring $1 billion to border security border. here is what the president said and told me last week about the importance of that wall. >> we are building a lot of wall right now, you know that, we are building the wall and big,
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strong, looks good, we are building the wall now, we will have a lot of wall built pretty soon but if you don't have that, you can't have border security. maria: joining me right now washington examiner editorial director hugo gordon, good to see you this morning. were you surprised by a billion dollars being transferred now? >> not really a surprise, i mean, we know that there's about $8 billion that's being kind of the wrong word, nevertheless identified that can be transferred, 3 quarters from the pentagon budget, now a couple of billion from drug addiction budget, so what the first billion dollars will do is build apparently 57 miles of wall and it's in el paso area and that is said to be cutting off several areas of drug corridors into the
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country and so no i'm not surprised, very interesting to see it happen quickly and on the eve before defense secretary goes up to testify on capitol hill. >> isn't it interesting while this is happening, we've got another new migrant caravan, reuters reporting that another caravan, headed to border this morning, your reaction. >> you know, it's one of those things which yet to the idea you believe there's emergency at the border and whether the president was correct to declare an emergency, there is a crisis at the border, the immigration system and the border itself has broken down, doesn't work anymore, the president is right that if you don't have a border, you don't have a country. so we know that there's a big problem, there's another caravan and other ones before and some of the members to have caravans
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just as predicted and just as denied by those who want to oppose the border wall, they try to rush the border several of them did so, another caravan coming and unless we make the border strong more will come up. maria: which is what the president is saying, recent reports show that migrant families are being released, instead of being detained they are being released because of the overcrowded situation and safety concerns, they would then have to show up later for further processing, hugo you know what happens, they get released and they never show up for processing or a trial. >> lots of them show up. obviously some do, but the more that come, the more pressure there is because as you say, people are being released because of facilities are not substantial enough to house them therefore authorities can't contain them, they then have to release them.
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they are into the country and they join the over 12 million illegal immigrants in the united states. maria: hugo, let me switch gears and ask you about the fallout about mueller report now that we know what our audience has been hearing for two years and there was no collusion and the media got it massively wrong. good op-ed from freeman, the mueller confirms the obama administration without evidence turned surveillance power of federal government against presidential campaign of the party out out of power. how far does it go in terms of obama calling the shots to spy on trump campaign? >> you know, that's something that has to be found out. there has been extraordinary scandal here for the past 2 years efforts made to undermine the elected president of the united states, that began back
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in president obama's time, you know, i think it goes pretty high, there were people like susan rice who, you know, helped release the names of people into the media that was, you know, james comey, you know, warned the president after he was in the right house that the dossier was out there and then somehow or other 4 days that was all over the press as well. now, the fake collusion narrative has been dispense, now that's being swept aside, a really important job here to look into whether or not the narrative was delivered or how much was a screw-up. if there was deliberate, there are individual that is need to answer for this. maria: loretta lynch had meeting with bill clinton a few days
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hillary clinton met with the fbi. hugo gordon joining us there. dagen is on that one this morning. dagen: maria bartiromo, sorry, that was a lot for 6 seconds. maria: you get an ipad. dagen: you read my mind, maria bartiromo, here is a quick synopsis of what we heard yesterday, a 9.99 per month news service and apple partner with goldman sachs, take a listen. >> all of these magazines come to life in an all new service that we call apple news plus, we think apple news plus will be great for customers and great for publishers, things about credit card experience that can be so much better like simplifying applications,
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eliminating fees, lowering interest rates, offering clear and compelling rewards and having privacy that people with apple pay. today we are introducing brand-new service and we call it apple card. >> we have unique opportunity to rise to our best selves in how we choose to use both our technology and humanity. that's why i have joined forces at apple because the apple platform allows me to do what i do in a whole new way, to take everything i've learned about connecting to people, to the next level, because they're in a billion pockets, y'all.
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dagen: 1.4 billion pockets from apple around the world. steven spielberg, one of the other celebrities who was there, it's not just the video subscription service that launches in the fall, base of video subscription, the launch is in the spring and you will be able to use it on samsung tv, other devices, there's a new apple arcade of gaming subscription. we don't yet know the pricing of the the video game service or distribution and stock fell 1%, maria. maria: uber acquiring middle eastern rival. this is a company that prince told us about when he was on the show a couple of years ago, lauren simonetti with the details here. uber spread the wings ahead of ipo. >> it sure is, maria,
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$1.3 billion giving uber presence in the middle east. as you noted, maria, kingdom holding company was one of karim's early investors, he treated supports the deal between uber and karim vammed at 3.1 billion and uber to go public later this year in a few weeks actually, cel for -- celebrity attorney released on vial in a statement to journalists stormy daniels attorney seems confident. >> i am highly confident that when all of the evidence is layed there in connection with these cases, when it is all known, when due process occurs that i will be fully exonerated and justice will be done, thank you. >> also tweeting early this
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morning, i want to thank all of my supporters for kind words, it means a lot to me, i'm anxious to see people for what really happening and they will learn about nike's crime and cover-up, facing separate federal embezzlement charges, if convicted on all counts he could spend the rest of his life behind bars. more setbacks overseas for british prime minister theresa may, parliament vote today take control of the exit from may by calling for indicative votes to see if there are any other options lawmakers can actually agree on. that includes possibility of preventing from the eu altogether, may said she will bring twice rejected proposal again to parliament, maria. maria: all right, lauren, thank you so much. we will watch the big day for theresa may, quick break and
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battle over obamacare, trump administration asking courts to throw the entire health law out even millions of americans have signed up this year, details after this break. why rapper eminem says why fighting should be allowed in nfl, back in a minute. ♪ ♪ move to the enterprise-grade cloud that's built to handle all your apps. ♪ ♪ the ibm cloud. the cloud for smarter business. but when i started seeing things,
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that's where i feel normal. having an annuity tells me my retirement is protected. learn more at retire your risk dot org. maria: big show this morning, exclusive interview with starbucks ceo howard schultz. new york congress member and member of select committee, peter king, lots to talk about there, north dakota senator, banking commit ie's member, former federal prosecutor and fox legal analysts, lots to talk about, don't miss the moment of next 2 and a half hours, the end
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of obamacare, the trump administration will ask the court to throw out the entire affordable care act setting battle with 2020 candidates who embrace medicare for all. the individual mandate is already gone, obamacare sign-up hitting 11.4 million for the year, that's down 300,000 from last year, joining the conversation this morning, fox business dagen mcdowell, michael block is here and fox news contributor columnist at the hill liz peek, great to see everybody this morning. >> good morning, just another slow news day. [laughter] >> i can't get over the avenatti story. maria: unbelievable. the president is having real victories. what a week.
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>> exactly h. >> they will not be able to override the veto on national emergency and, of course, avenatti. >> who is such a low life excuse me but has made life going after donald trump. dagen: we never attempt today extort nike, he's defending himself and thanking supporters to get to the other side. maria: he's still sticking to it. how about green new deal, democrats say republicans are for tally and likely to block it. majority leader mitch mcconnell pushing vote to put democrats on record, 37% of democratic primary voters were candidate who supports the green new deal. i don't understand why aoc is so upset about this, you have an idea about the green new deal
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and then you get upset when your colleagues want to vote on it. >> it's really unreal how divided the democratic party s they are shooting themselves in the foot and someone needs to take control here, it's not aoc is not going good job, chuck schumer is trying to take control. the polls speak well, people want universal health care. it doesn't make sense. >> but it is interesting because legislators often spend years trying to get some pet project to the floor for a vote so here mcconnell is offering up a vote, of course, he's doing to put people on the record, i did think it was pretty funny, kirsten gillibrand is talking about courage, that's what they are going to do. >> it's breach. dagen: this move by president trump's justice department asking the u.s. court of appeals to fifth circuit to effectively strike down the affordable care act, this is a very, very big
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deal because you do have even more well-formulated plans on medicare for all from the democrats, from those running for the democratic nomination while you still have 11.4 million americans on the affordable care act, so unless that there is some way to replace what the trump administration wants to strike down, they are going to be backed into a corner on this and so i don't -- i will dig into this much further but this gives the democrats a lot of ammunition if you're asking to strike down the health care -- >> i don't know what they're thinking, i think it's a risky political move, i agree with you. maria: by the way, in terms of private insurance, johnson & johnson ceo said 180 million people who were covered by private insurance, the medicare for all is it -- i mean, i know we talked about how it completely makes it unlawful for the private insurance and goes away, he felt that there was
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some way to have private insurance as well as medicare for all, is that -- dagen: there will be, i expect, and vice president biden and some democratic candidates move away from bernie sanders medicare for all which does make private insurance illegal, no competition against the government plan and have a public option, have a lower age for medicare to maybe 55 and let people pay in for that. i think that's -- maria: that's how they will push back on something that sounds incredibly socialist. dagen: correct. maria: a lot to talk, mcdonalds expanding market, wait till you hear this, latest coming up. devastating injury on the court trail blazer player out indefinitely after suffering compound fracture, ouch, more on sports next.
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maria: welcome back, markets higher this morning. s&p up 10 and nasdaq up 29 points right now, investors awaiting news out of china trade story, next round of talks later this week, mnuchin and lighthizer heading to beijing. here is what president trump told me about key issues on trade in my interview with the president last week. >> you said that they will stay in place for a substantial period of time, is there negotiation? >> no, not at all. if you look at technology and $50 billion, we want to keep that and because we need that.
6:25 am
we have what's called the chicken tax, you know what that is, great thing for us and that has to do with automobile industry. that's the best segment. people don't know if we get 25% tariff on the segment. maria: if you slap more tariffs, tariffs on auto and auto import doesn't affect the global stream of goods, doesn't it slow down the economy, it's expensive and what's the end game? >> i tell you the end game, plant in the united states. maria: mr. president, let's go to zero percent, let's go to no tariffs, are you willing to give up tariffs on truck? >> chevrolet never sells like a mercedes here. i have an idea, well, the problem is that the chevrolet will never be accepted in europe like the mercedes is accepted here so it's not a good deal. i wouldn't do that deal. maria: zero tariffs?
6:26 am
>> i will do it for certain products but not for cars because they have bmw, mercedes, they are making over there, if you are going to sell them to americans, make them here. maria: great to see you, anne. >> great to be here. maria: how is trade deal they will be working on? >> i think t important because investors have been anticipating it and could be the next catalyst for growth, i think it's pretty important. maria: liz, do you think they would come up with enforcement to keep china from stealing ip, we know that the chinese are willing to open up their markets to put financial services, i understand they are going to get a big win in that regard -- >> this is clearly the thing that they've been working on for months now and everyone is
6:27 am
skeptical about it. it is obviously very critical to see the deal concluded and i think it's going to be helpful to the markets but in terms of enforcement my optimism about this stems from the fact that we have incredibly good people working on this. lighthizer and navarro are tough and have experience and went early on with the objective of establishing perspective, i don't think they will back down on that, that's clearly the big issue. >> trade or otherwise, what are you looking for stock growth? >> right now, stock picker's market, a lot of areas in markets have risen, some of those areas are the ones that fell the hardest at the end of last year, so industrials have risen in anticipation of this deal, so now it's a little bit trickier because if we don't get the deal, then it's going to be -- investors want to hide out
6:28 am
where there's some safety. so what we are doing is trying to find areas that could work regardless if the deal happens or not, it's going to be tougher because we are going to be in slower economy if we don't get the deal as well, so, again, from a bottom stock selection, looking for, you know, those stocks, and energy stocks which are kind of surprising because you would say energy is impacted by global but a company like nobel energy which has a big natural gas field going in the eastern mediterranean and israel, they put a lot of cap x in the project, sorry, cash flow is coming. maria: dagen, real quick.
6:29 am
dagen: what about financials with the yield curve inverted between the 3 and 110 make it hard, make it impossible to make money on loans quite frankly. >> it does, it's a difficult place to be right now. i think, you know, the longer it says inverted the more difficult that becomes but, again, you know, it's not just one factor, i think if you get the trade deal you will get in market -- at least domestic recovery and hopefully a global recovery and the changes of curve will influx, you will see financials recover and little bit more cautious right now. maria: ann, good to have you on the program. coming up surprise retirement, see what's next for conor mcgregor.
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first throne discovered ahead of finale, right here.
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maria: welcome back, good tuesday morning, thank you so much for joining us, i'm maria bartiromo, tuesday march 26, top stories 6:33 a.m. on the east coast. green across the board, take a look at rally underway, futures indicating start at 130 on dow
6:34 am
industrials, s&p up 12 and nasdaq up 30 points as we continue earnings crossing the tape after markets were changed yesterday, the dow ended up 14 but s&p and nasdaq down fractionally. theresa may and the idea that brexit is going to be postponed, the ftse 100 up 11, cac quarante up 32 and dax index up 16. stocks in asia overnight, nikkei average up better than 2%, shanghai composite in china down 1 and a half percent but the others fractionally moving. mcdonalds looks to improve with acquisition, reported 300 million-dollar deal first in years. coming up. too much paper, one state introducing legislation to limit those long store receipts, that's funny, those receipts, let them fight rapper, players should be allowed to work
6:35 am
differences out on the field no matter how heated, he's getting support from former football star as well. never underestimate your viewers, hbo, took game of thrones few days to find throne ahead of eighth and final season. first top story this half an hour, real estate in focus, spring-home buying season is upon us, in february existing home sales up 12% but warning sign, wall street journal reporting that more and more large expensive homes on market, joining me now is chairman and fannie mae executive, tim, thank you for joining us. >> of course. maria: what's your take on the housing market today? >> man, what a difference 30 days makes, 30 days people were writing, flashbacks to housing crisis which was speculation and this housing market is really based on fundamentals, i like
6:36 am
what i'm seeing, it's evident how sensitive the market is, affordability issues and you come into the end of last year, third quarter, you really hit buzz all where interest rates were over 5%, incomes were flat and we stalled, we lost volume. now coming into the buying season, everything is working out quite nicely, values have stalled in some cases have actually gone down. interest rate are 1% lower than 52-week average. incomes are up. i'm excited. maria: yeah, but are we about to see a downturn in industry, dagen and i have been talking about it a couple of weeks, april 15th is coming, tax day, people will get sticker shock particularly those people living in states where the detection went away, dagen, the fact that people are going to see tax, i didn't realize i had to pay that much, they are going to start pulling it back when it comes to
6:37 am
real estate and spending in general. dagen: your were ahead of this, you started talking to people particularly in the new york area, there are individuals and i'm not talking about wealthier people, there are individuals who i know in bluer states, high-taxed state who owe money, not just a little money, say $10,000 when they never owed the government money when they went to file tax returns, that's a huge hit and in some way discourage people from going out and buying homes, it could hit the economies in the blue states, i think we don't yet know what the impact is going to be and it's a little unnerving. >> saying they will monitor risk levels. what's the impact, i wonder? >> what they noticed and they
6:38 am
report to congress every year, look, we are seeing troubling signs, risk layers are one of the things that got us in the trouble in the housing crisis, down payments are low and what they are saying, hey, look, we are still willing to take the risks but we need you mr. lender to kind of go bonnie and collide with us. we want you to crack open the file, make some judgment calls around credit worthy and whether or not they have the capacity to repay, by the way, in the event this defaults down the road you and i are in business together and you and i come back, you have to indemnify me. maria: what about mortgages too large to be sold to fannie mae and freddie mac. down according to wall street journal.
6:39 am
>> where you want to see activity is below. not enough volume. property values have gone up so high and inventory that exists, it's kind of obsolete, it's too far out, too much work, you're not seeing enough action there. on the higher end of the market, he -- having glut supply and seeing how that will play out and that makes the averages in terms of home price depreciation high because you have too many homes sitting on the market and not enough on start-upside. >> tim, you are saying that the salt deduction issue is impacted the high-end of the market here. show this going to play through. do you see pressure on the high-end of the market and how is this going to affect things overall? >> we will have to see and let it play out. you are seeing early signs that there's softness in the market,
6:40 am
middle and upper ends of the housing ban as oppose to lower end and there's clearly softness there because it's good, in order to have move-up home buyers which create inventory at lower end, they need something to buy and needs to be economic case for making that move so little bit of flattening out on top end is actually probably a good thing, i'm not concerned just yet. maria: all right, we will leave it there. tim, good to see you this morning. meanwhile this, activists investors waging a fight at beth, bath&beyond, look at the market, michael, the rally that we are seeing, 130 points, do you think this is largely earned related, economic backdrop or what, was the selloff on the heels of manufacturing data overdone. >> i think we are seeing bounce-back from friday's selloff, maria, whether this is overdone or not remains to be seen. there's a lot of issues, trade
6:41 am
deal we are talking about, yeel curve inversion is nerving a lot of investors and earning season coming up. key one was euphoric and now we are coming into the wall. dagen: real quick, what i said yesterday was right if lee asked me if there was ever false positive with yield end curve, but there was a false positive, in fact, right around the time the report was released, long-term capital management collapse and the next recession, '98, '99. maria:let get to activist investors, lauren with details there. lauren: trio of activist investors, they are joining forces, they are seeking to
6:42 am
replace the entire 12-person board, the group says bed, bath&beyond, they want the ceo out. stock is up, look at that, 10 and a quarter percent in premarket. let's talk mcdonalds, looking to improve in-store ordering, they are buying the israeli base dynamic yield, burger giant will pay more than $300 million for it, that's going to be biggest deal in two decades. the journal adding that the deal highlights mcdonalds' interest to use new technology to raise competitive edge and this one didn't take long, hbo scattered 6 iron thrones literally across the globe to promote eighth and final season of game of thrones and unless than a week, some fans found one, they tracked
6:43 am
down the thrown at the forest of dean in britain, the trio didn't win any money but they walked away with a crown and bragging rights, fans have 8 days left to find the second throne. this is literally a mega worldwide scavenger hunt. [laughter] dagen: i have a question, do you get to keep the throne? you load it into your pickup truck? lauren: after all you did to find it, yeah. dagen: exactly. maria: you would think, thank you, lauren. fighting in football, rapper eminem thinks it should be allowed. state wanting to ban extremely long receipts, that's coming up next i'm working to keep the fire going
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what do all these people have in common, limu?oug [ paper rustling ] exactly, nothing. they're completely different people,
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6:48 am
nation's first video-gaming arena. part of 47-acre stadium complex. 3500 seat stadium being built walking from wells fargo center. sick of those long receipts, california lawmakers with bill to ban them, would require businesses to leave electronic, the bill easy way to reduce paper waste and address complaints of excessively long receipts. >> i just wonder how many people have called up their local legislator and complained about long receipts. that's the dumbest thing i've heard all day. oh, my goodness. dagen: like banning straws. >> yeah, i know. dagen: just a tip, the metal straws that everybody is trying to pedal, they chip your tweet and highly unsanitary. maria: the plastic in the ocean, this much of it is from plastic
6:49 am
straws, it's largely from fishing nets. >> everybody wants to be on record as having done something for the environment, something for climate change. dagen: you know, bake a mac and cheese and take it to neighbor. >> exactly. maria: you want to get the mac and cheese. >> no, i don't care for mac and cheese. dagen: mine comes as vegan cheese, enjoy. maria: horror on the court, portland trail blazers player suffered leg injury, took him out of the game indefinitely, player reaction after this. surprise retirement conor mcgregor announced he's leaving the sport, back in a minute right here.
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maria: all right, out of the game, jared max joins us with serious season ending leg injury. jared: good morning, double overtime last night. he suffered two compound fractures, tibia and fibula. 10 rebounds a game. canter among many nba players who tweeted support. wishing the best. breaking news from the world of mixed martial arts, conor mcgregor said he's retiring again, he said he was retiring,
6:54 am
sent tweets a few hours ago, hey, guys, quick announcement i've decided to retire from the sport formally, i wish all my colleagues well going forward, in competition i join my former partners on this venture in retirement. tweet hours after connor said this to jimmy fallon on the tonight show. >> the fight in july. but, again, like i said, i am in shape and i am ready. jared: in july or just negotiating? september 5th, thursday, super bowl champion patriots will play first sunday night, september 8th, opponent unknown. rapper eminen, please entertain
6:55 am
regarding iron and express game, allowing the players fight is key to success. i will watch every game. don't blow it. sincerely martial. first name. i got you, lead cofounder charlie responded, detroit is not a bad idea for future franchise, let me know if you want in on it and he also said my life has taken a surreal turn, join the alliance now. headed to #8-mile. [laughter] >> that league feels so empty without eminem. >> march madness? >> no, but the ratings are up. dagen: was he negotiating with rematch, potentially, he's
6:56 am
turned into real punk, he will beat people outside of bars and restaurants? jared: you want to go smash somebody's phone or do something stupid, you will wind up in jail. i think this is all just negotiation on his part. and i think he will be back fighting once again. dagen: yeah, go pick on -- that's what he's been doing lately. fight outside of miami hotel where he smashed somebody's phone and he through the hand struck through the window. maria: apparently whiskey is selling pretty well. jared: fighters, muhammad ali, conor mcgregor. maria: jared max, sports report fox news 24/7, siriusxm 115.
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in your own customized view of the market. it's smarter trading technology, for smarter trading decisions. and it's only from fidelity. open an account with no minimums today. maria: welcome back. good tuesday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is tuesday, march 26th. your top stories right now. building that wall, the pentagon directing $1 billion in funds for border security last night. it's a move supporting president trump's emergency declaration. we have the latest as another migrant caravan is making its way from mexico right to the u.s. border. plus, the green new deal, the senate set to vote today on the controversial plan, forcing democrats to make a choice and show their hand. the details coming up. and a major risk, porsche is recalling thousands of cars and suvs. we'll tell you which ones and tell you why. markets are higher this morning,
7:01 am
futures indicate a rally at the start of trading, dow industrials up 139 points, a pretty good rebound after the last couple he'll days, s&p up 14 a and nasdaq up 34. stocks were little changed yesterday. remember the selloff on friday last week after the weak manufacturing data out of europe. yesterday, the dow was up 14, s&p was down 2, the nasdaq was down 5. europe p mean aneuropean indicer across the board, fq100 up 25. cac up 33, two-thirds of a percent, the dax index in germany up 28 points. in asia overnight markets finished mostly higher, best performer was japan, up better than 2%. casual fridays turning into casual monday through thursday and now men's retailers are feeling the pinch. we've got those stories coming ups this tuesday morning. joining me to break it down, dagen mcdowell, third seven advisor, market strategist,
7:02 am
michael block and fox news contributor liz pete. great to see everyone this morning. >> good morning. i think the apple story is pretty fascinating. we're going to talk about that. but that's such a giant shift of direction from this major american company. i can't -- maria: credit cards now. >> it's fascinating i think what that means for the company going forward. dagen: the best thing ever is the mueller madness bracket, the new york post, i know that president trump was tweeting about the russia probe but again it's basically who said the most idiotic things now that we know from the mueller report that there was no collusion. you've got cable, print, the twitterratti and the network hosts. maria: who was the worst, dagen? who lied the most? dagen: i think that the thing that's most disturbing is that when you had the john brennan, the former head of the cia, coming out, repeatedly as if he
7:03 am
had access, presenting it as if he had access to information and knowledge that no one else did. it's one thing to talk about reporting from news organizations, but literally they were piecing together little tidbits and creating a narrative of collusion and drawing conclusions and presenting this great, big fat lie to the american people. i don't know how a lot of these people keep their jobs. maria: john brennan,s he's over there going on all of these shows becauses he's the former director of the cia. so he has this title to carry him. and he says that the president committed treason. dagen: friday, march 8th is the day that the grand jury indictments are coming down. he even suggested that president trump's children would be indicted once the mueller report was handed down. >> he wasn't alone. there were a lot of people calling for indictments with certainty that this person and that person was going to be
7:04 am
indicted. maria: our viewers knew it a year and-a-half ago. i was pretty adamant about it. i took my own shot. on twitter people would come back to me and say remember when maria was a journalist. i have more journalism in my pink ethan any than any of the people, given the fact that i sought truth. i'm proud that we were on the right side of justice the last year and-a-half. >> what troubles me right now is they're not letting go of this. you spend so much time on a particular investment theme, when you're proven wrong, you keep doing it, you lose investors' money. what democrats and opponents of the president are doing here is we're focused on thing wrong things now. to quote the folks talking about president clinton 20 years ago, move on. maria: the president is tweeting this morning. he's talking about the russia investigation. here's what he wrote. the mainstream media is under fire and being scorned all over the world as being corrupt and fake. for two years they pushed the
7:05 am
russian collusion delusion when they knew there was no collusion. they truly are the enemy of the people and the real opposition party. the president is now vindicated a after the mueller report and we got the official word, something we knew already that there was no collusion. our top story right now is apple. the technology giant's new streaming service and original programming announced yesterday during a star-studded event. watch this. >> i'm so grea grateful to be he today. this is my first time at apple. the place where imagination and technology join forces to change the world through sight and sound and touch. >> reece and i are so proud to be a part of this exciting launch with apple, officially announcing our new project, the morning show. >> i feel incredibly lucky to be here today, to get a chance to collaborate with sarah whose music has moved me for years and with apple is an actual thrill. >> we have this unique
7:06 am
opportunity to rise to our best selfs in how we use and choose to use both our technology and our humanity. that's why i have joined forces with apple. [ cheering and applause ] maria: the company also introducing a credit card and a news platform. joining us right now, technology analyst and big eyed wish founder, ian wishing dishegrad. it's interesting what appet is s doing. is this about the fact that it doesn't see growth in the hardware like the iphone or the ipad? >> a few things. i think they did such a good job, they hit a trillion dollars. you've got to give them a minute. it's okay. the next thing samsung is talking about is folding phones. do we need that, per se? i think it takes a long time for the next big hardware to come out. i think it's a smart move on
7:07 am
their part. when you activate and use their services, it reduces churn and keeps you in the apple garden. i thought it was emittin excitid big news for them. the apple card is something no one talked about. everyone was talking about the tv service and what's going to be there. that was a me too thing with the netflix a and hulu. i think the card's interesting. in our generation there's a lot happening with venmo and pay pal. the fact that you have a brand so strong that you would want their card, it's clever. >> you could get it it at that pointli thinkstandly -- instant. it furthers the automatic pay mechanism and tied up with goldman sachs. so it's not like they don't have any financial chops going into this. >> they did a good job marketing this. they hammered privacy. tech in general is getting hammered on privacy. they said we're going the other way, it's your privacy, your phone, you do what you want with
7:08 am
it which i thought was a smart move. >> with these announcements with the services yesterday that we knew about or we knew they were coming or we didn't know about, do consumers win here? will they get better content and services at lower prices? >> for sure, $10 a month for the news plus service. it's a bad time to be a digital media news publisher. they struggle to make money. the split terms of the ad revenue for them isn't awesome, it's better than nothing. everyone's saying we'll try, we'll sign up for a year, see how it works. you don't want to be left behind when apple decides to make a decision. dagen: the tv service it's in two parts, so there's the tv app, which you will be able to subscribe with one click to like hbo and showtime, other content providers and then the video subscription service which we don't know what that's going to cost. you will be able to use this tv app on other devices, like a samsung television, an unusual move as well. >> there's a book, frenemic and
7:09 am
that's the future of technology. they're trying to be the conduit for all your content. does anybody have apple cart car play? that's the move for them. that's how you keep in the apple ecosystem. they can't assume they're going to charge $2,000 on a phone and that will be the business forever. maria: the auto business is a big growth story for apple. >> they chose to go the software route. maria: within the car, connecting and then you can -- that gives them a whole other avenue to come up with new devices for the car. >> yeah. they're trying to become a part of your life, so it's not about the phone, it's on your health with your watch and payment with your wallet. they're slowly boiling you, grabbing you, and saying it's nice in here, i want to stay in this ecosystem. dagen: they had to do something in terms of content. because they were getting left behind by literally everyone. and so this was kind of a must have for them.
7:10 am
there were almost 500 original programs that were created last year. they've got to be in the ballgame. >> they don't need too many hits. netflix with house of cards and hulu with handmaids tea tale -- maria: are we getting to a saturated business? we've got hug hulu, amazon. rupert just sold the entertainment assets. maybe we're looking at a peak for content. >> i think the way they positioned it is we're going direct, we bring steven spielberg directly to you, bringing oprah to you. it's like screw the movie theaters, we're going to bring the tall p ept into your home. you've got the big screen already. it matters about the quality of the content, not the volume. they put a billion in. it wasn't that much money in the scheme of what other people do. dagen: if you're a content
7:11 am
creator, this is the boom times. it's the golden age of television. but there is that danger of do you have people working at your company who have incredible instincts about entertainment development because you could end up wildly over-paying for a steaming sack of garbage. maria: apple has the money to acquire netflix. >> they do. i think maybe there's a -- you drive down the value of netflix as a company and then you go in and evidence p onlily bu -- evey buy it. >> the risk here, again, i was thinking about the lower pricing for consumers, the issue here is everyone is paying a lot for content. that could come back and bite you. >> their business is still selling the hardware and getting you to use -- they're trying to get you to grow and spend more time with their platform. it's where you spend your time and attention now. they were smart to say they weren't going to sell it from advertisers. they get a pivot from social platforms. a lot of us have here about what's going on with our
7:12 am
information and who is watching us. it was smart to say everything is secure ande and encrypted. >> that said, their basic business is slowing down. everyone has to be watching the enormous profitability of their iphone business and saying that's not growing at this point and all these others, there's enormous competition. i think it's a huge and fascinating pivot for the company. maria: which is why they've been emphasizing services the last couple years because of this very reason. >> it takes the -- the characters used to subsidize the phones. now you're paying for the full $1,000 phone. you're going to hold on for another year or two. i think there will be another cycle where people re-up on iphones and they'll come out with next level artificial intelligence. they are behind amazon and google on artificial intelligence. they don't listen to everything and they don't get that machine learning. dagen: really quickly, youtube tv, i have all of the tv services, it is absolutely the best. maria: wow. you like it.
7:13 am
dagen: it is the boast best stg tv service. it's amazing. maria: it's individuals putting stuff out there. dagen: no, this is youtube tv, it's like cable on your phone. maria: content developers, youtube tv. thank you so much, ian. when we come back, porsche is recalling some popular models, the potentially dangerous issues, we'll have details when we come back. men's fashion forward, companies following a casual trend in the workplace. the story up next. stay with us. ♪ trying to run from that. ♪ say you're done with that. ♪ on your face girl, it don't show. us as people.
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maria: welcome back. coming up this morning, my exclusive interview with former starbucks ceo, howard schultz, he is here, joining us. the intel committee out of the house, peter king is here.
7:17 am
armed services budget and banking committee member, kevin cramer here as well as andrew mccarthy. we have a big two hours coming up. first this, china reportedly planning record u.s. pork imports. lauren simonetti with the details there. lauren: bloomburg is reporting that china could increase u.s. pork imports to the highest ever this year, all part of an effort to resolve the trade war between washington and beijing. china may bias much as 2 -- i'm sorry, as much as 300,000 metric tons of pork this year. that amount would be 80% more than it bought from the u.s. back in 2017. fighting escalating between israel and hamas. israeli aircraft bombing targets in the gaza strip and hamas militants firing rockets into israel, hours after hamas announced a cease fire was brokered by egyptian mediators, this comes as president trump
7:18 am
recognized israel annexation of the gol lan heights. >> today aggressive action by iran, terrorist groups in southern syria, including he's bohezbollah continued to make te golan heights a potential launching ground for attacks against israel. any possible future peace agreement must account for israel's need to he defend itself from syria, iran and other regional threats. lauren: bing benjamin netanyau heading back home after cutting the trip to washington short. porsche recalling vehicles, being called back due to potentially failing warning lights that alert drivers about worn out brake pads and also late model 718 boxster and cayman sports cars need to be checked out. the luxury compartment bracket could break in a crash and that
7:19 am
could cause a fuel leak. easter has a new face this year at cadbury. the chocolate company's new bunny is english bulldog henri. he replaces the bunny at the star of the annual ad campaign for the chocolate cream eggs. henri beat over 4,000 competitors including a llama and a horse for this gig. you'll see him in ads starting next month. i love the cotton tail. you can't see it right now. maria: henri, i love it. lauren: could be henry. i'm going with henri. maria: coming up, the mueller fallout, growing calls for an investigation. another migrant caravan storms south of the border as new reports show more than 1,000 illegal immigrants were released into the united states just over the weekend. that's next. ♪ you've got your hands up. ♪ you're rocking in my truck. ♪ you've got the radio on. ♪ you're singing every song.
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maria: welcome back. the border wall battle continues. the pentagon is directing $1 billion in funds for 57 miles of border wall in support of president trump's national emergency declaration. this as a new migrant caravan is reportedly formed. it is headed for the southern border this morning. joining me right now is senator kevin kramer. it's good to have you on the program this morning. what are you expecting in terms of this caravan headed to the border once again? president trump's plans, he said to me last week the wall is being built. >> well, i trust that he means it. i hope that he's right. i'd like to see a little bit more action, frankly, from the builders of the wall. i'd like to see more trenches being built and more wall being
7:24 am
put into place. there's a lot of planning. there's a lot of designing and there's a lot of contracting but i want to see real action. north dakota, if you task the contractor with putting up a wall, they start working on it tomorrow. i'm a little anxious about the actual process of building. but he's right, and i think the case is being made for him. maria: you have called on the department of homeland security to fire the pentagon officials who are overseeing the border project and i stead hire private sector companies. tell me, senator, why that would be a big difference, what are wu looking for private sector companies to take on this work? >> the private sector doesn't seem to be as hampered by the bureaucracy that the corps of engineers is. the corps of engineers is made up of engineers. they're bound by the bureaucracy that involves lots of planning, lots of bidding, lots of oversight. but they don't build anything. i think ver vertically integratd companies who know how to build
7:25 am
things and have the means to do it are much better than the bureaucracy. on top of everything else, the corps of engineers is a division of the army which adds another mass of bureaucracy to the process. when i look at the history of the corps of engineers and the project of border security, i don't see a lot of action. we've appropriated a lot of money. maria: now that we know a political enemy, the clinton campaign started this whole narrative about trump collusion and a couple of dirty cops went along with it and the media drove the bus on it, and it was all completely false, now that we know it officially, do you think the sentiment is going to change against president trump, will he start getting the support he needs in the senate and in the house, filled with democrats, that continue to say resist, resist, resist on every one of his proposals. >> so r far, maria, there are no signs that democrats in congress are prepared to accept the results of a $30 million,
7:26 am
two-year, 60 investigators and lawyers, you know, process, a very exhaustive investigation. they don't seem to be willing to accept those facts. that said, the real collusion, that being between the department of justice and the democratic party has to come under the microscope, in my view. will sentiment change? i think that at least my colleagues on the republican side should feel a little more comfortable. unfortunately, some of them were squishy leading up to this point. maria: that's true. good point. >> at this point, it's time to buck up and stand. it's not about the president. it's about the presidency. maria: that's right gl it's abou.>> it's about our country. maria: this is not about donald trump. this is about america, the fairness of america, to step on the scale and try to change an election and take down a dually elected president. i want to ask about the green new deal and the vote today. but before that, you just said a minute ago that the collusion -- really where the collusion was,
7:27 am
are you expecting new investigations to begin out of william barr office looking at the perpetrators of the big lie. >> i was critical of the previous attorney general i feel like when he recused himself from one investigation, he really recused himself from the job. i'm hoping that attorney general barr takes it more seriously and is more active. his job is justice. personalities and political parties aside, i think he has to look at that. it's there in the most powerful law enforcement agency in the world and we have to t root it out or we'll never restore confidence in law enforcement. maria: we're going to talk about the james freeman op ed in the joint venture nail today, telling the obama administration, time for some accounting. what did obama know and did obama direct all of these agencies to become so politicized. we'll get to that. let me get your take on the green new deal, the senate expected to vote on the deal today. democrats say they are forcing the quick tally. mitch mcconnell says he's
7:28 am
pushing for this vote to put democrats on the record and in a fox news poll, 37% of democratic primary voters said they would be very likely to back a candidate who supports the green new deal. is the vote taking place today? >> i'm sure it will. and i think it will be very revealing. shouldn't we all be on the record? isn't that the whole point? none of us came here to be neutral, i hope not, anyway. we took a position of influence to have influence. and so when you have nearly a fourth of the senate democrats, a third of the house democrats co-sponsoring the bill, they ought to be thanking the leader for bringing it up for a vote. that's why introduce legislation, is to vote on it. i would think they would want to vote on the resolution. interestingly, maria, not a single democrat has signed on to the bill since the leader announced he was going to call for a vote. so it does tell you something about what they really think about their own ideals. maria: if they vote present, what does that say about what they think of the green new deal. >> it says they don't think much of the green new deal, don't
7:29 am
think much of the process, don't think much of the institution. why would you introduce legislation that you're not willing to vote for. maria: that's right. why introduce legislation if you're going to trash your colleagues who say okay, let's vote on it. it's amazing. we all know the flaws in the deal and obviously they do too. senator, good to see you this morning. thank you. coming up, pizza lovers rejoicing this morning, dominos testing out a new way to order your favorite pies from your car's dashboard. story coming up. alien headed to high school, a hollywood classic getting its theater debut, details coming up right here. ♪ and i don't know how to slow it down. ♪ my mind's racing from chasing
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maria: welcome back. good tuesday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is tuesday, march 26th. your top stories right now, 7:3. futures indicate a gain of better than 130 points at the start of trading this morning. the s&p a 500 was up 13 and the nasdaq was up 35, one half of a percent there. stocks were little changed yesterday. take a look at the markets at the close. the dow was up 13 points. the s&p and nasdaq were negative by a fraction. in europe this morning the momentum is following through. you've got the european indices higher across the board, fq100 up 16, cac up 35, dax index up
7:34 am
31 this morning. and in asia overnight markets were mostly higher, take a look. worst performer china, shanghai composite down 1.5%. treasury yields are fractionally higher this morning as prices are lower. the future of retail, suit makers are struggling as the workplace gets more casual. we're taking a look at one successful company this morning that's capitalizing on instagram. how you can use an app to get the same clothes as celebrities and social media influencers. ordering a pie straight from your ride. dominos rolled out a new future allowing drivers to order pizza from their car's touch screen. plus, out of this world, a high school play in new jersey goes viral for unbelievable costumes. we've got them for you coming up. first, our top story this half hour, the mueller report and its fallout. lawmakers calling for answers from former president obama in the aftermath of special counsel robert muleer's probe, arguing the obama administration made minimal efforts to counter
7:35 am
russian threats. president trump stressed the need to investigate the obama administration and democrats yesterday. >> there are a lot of people out there that have done some very, very evil things, very bad things. i would say treasonous things against our country. and hopefully that people that have done such harm to our country, we've gone through a period of really bad things happening, those people will certainly be looked at. i've been looking at them for a long time. maria: as have we on this program. joining us right now to talk more about that is andrew mccarthy, former federal prosecutor, fnc legal analyst on set with me. good to see you. >> great to see you. maria: i want to take a look at what the fallout is because the mueller probe is now done. we know it. we knew it going in that there was no collusion. what about the perpetrators that launched an investigation into president trump, then candidate
7:36 am
trump, based on no predicate? >> that has to be -- there has to be accountability for that, maria. and if you think about it, there's a lot of screams now for full disclosure of the mueller report. they're saying that having barr's -- attorney general barr's summary of it is not enough, we need the whole report. in a normal criminal trial -- i'm all for disclosure. i think the more disclosure the better. but in a nor l mall criminal trial, you wouldn't just get the government's version of events as a defendant would be given discovery of all the underlying investigative material, all the representations that they made to courts to get warrants to collect evidence, why they initiated the investigation, all that stuff, and in the trial for the jury, the government would be able to put its case out there and the defendant, in defending the charges, would be able to say, look, they tried to railroad me. here is the following ways they tried to frame me and you put it all out there and we get to decide what actually happened. to my mind, you can't just put
7:37 am
out half the story. it's not right to just get mueller's version of events, especially when we now know that mueller's version of events, president isn't guilty of a crime. maria: we're talking about two different things here. i'll stay where you are right now. i don't know, our judicial system is not one that you say like this, look, andrew, i've been investigating you for the last several years and i've decided -- i'm the government, i've decided no charges. by the way, i didn't like what you did three years ago with the insurance thing and you know what, when you bought this a couple years ago, that looks shady too. that's not the way our judicial system works. if you put it all out there -- i recognize maybe the standard is different when you talk about the president. but when you put it all out there aren't there going to be crumbs for his sceptics, opponents to say let's investigate this, let's investigate this even though at the end of the day the special counsel deemed he was vindicated
7:38 am
and there were no charges? >> well, actually the big problem here is that this case was assigned to a special counsel without arcti articulata crime. maria: no predicate. >> it's the assignment of a prosecutor to a person. if you would do it to anyone it would be frightening. to do it to the president under circumstances where the cloud of criminal suspicion hanging over his ability to govern the country actually harms all of us is about as wrong as it gets. what's supposed to happen in this country is you have a crime and then you assign a prosecutor to investigate the crime. maria: that's right. >> you don't assign the prosecutor, give him a person that he's assigned to and tell him go on off and see what you can come up. maria: that's what happened. they wanted to take down president trump and they started investigating everything and the investigation just to be clear was launched in july of 2016 but there were things way earlier
7:39 am
than that. >> right. maria: they had informants going to the trump campaign in march of 2016. even devin nunes said it starts at the end of 2015. >> i think that's right. they papered it in july of 2016, august 2016, but there was a lot going on before then. and. maria--maria: and no predicate. they launched the investigation into candidate donald trump with no reason. they have nothing to base it on, other than the flimsy dossier. >> they thought, number one, we'll do it as counter intelligence because that's classified and then that's a black box that no one will ever be able to get into. and secondly, hillary's going to win anyway and she's not going to have any interest into going into what happened here. they figured they were playing with the house money. when he won, what that meant was 10 months -- 10 weeks from the day he won, he was now going to
7:40 am
be president and have control over all of the intelligence files of the government. so they had a choice to make. do we sit here and wait for him to find out what happened? or do we gaslight and create a situation where there looks like there was a collusion conspiracy between trump and the kremlin that we really had a good faith basis to investigate. maria: unbelievable. >> and between intelligence leaks and -- think about what obama did. obama says i a want the intelligence agencies to put out a report on russia's interference in the election. for eight years, obama does virtually nothing -- maria: a couple weeks before he leaves office. >> and says i want a report that would normally take the government months, if not over a year to complete, he gives them days to do it because he wants it out while he's still president so they can put it out. that was the basis for the collusion. maria: then he changes all the rules of the intel agencies within the government. now everybody should share all the information, right before he
7:41 am
leaves office. when that happened, we were all like why did he change the rules right before donald trump came in. so this is the subject of our dear friend james freeman's op ed, he makes the point in an op ed saying mueller and the obama accounting, it reads in part, if mr. obama never bought into the collusion conspiracy theory, then the question is why he endorsed or allowed the use of federal surveillance tools against the party out of power. a direct threat to the democratic process that is at the heart of our country's greatness. it continues, the absolute bare minimum that mr. obama owes the country is an explanation of the actions of his government, in spying on a presidential campaign. this is as simple as it gets. one political party spied on their political enemy, the other political party. how far up the ladder does it go. >> it a has to go to the top. maria: obama. >> we made the distinction between counter intelligence investigations and criminal investigations from the start. they did this as a counter
7:42 am
intelligence investigation, right, which is why it don't have the criminal predicate as you said before. criminal investigations are done to vindicate the rule of law in court. counter intelligence investigations are done for the president. that's the only reason they're done. they're done in support of the president's constitutional obligation to provide for the national security against foreign threats. so national security investigation, a counter intelligence investigation is obama's investigation. that's why they do it. that's the information that goes into the president's daily brief, the information that goes directly to the top. maria: that's why loretta lynch, then the attorney general, gave the word to lisa page and everybody else at the fbi, lay off clinton, forget about this e-mail investigation. we know from lisa page's testimony, you it was behind closed dicer but it was -- doors but it was released two weeks ago. we know from that testimony that she told congressman john ratcliffe in the testimony that she was told by the doj that
7:43 am
they were not going to bring charges on hillary clinton. are we going to see an investigation into that? >> i certainly hope so. look, the agents who were working these cases didn't think of them as two discrete cases. they thought of them as two parts of the same whole. and all of it has to be looked at. maria: what about james clapper and john brennan, james clapper says that his former boss, obama, initiated the probe. remember this, i tweeted this out about a year ago. listen to this. >> if it weren't for president obama, we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did, that set off a whole sequence of events which are unfolding today, notably special counsel mueller's investigation. president obama is responsible for that and it was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. maria: there you go. there you go. so when i first tweeted that out a year ago, people were like,
7:44 am
well, -- they were mad. but he just said it. now clapper's trying to defense his harsh stance on president trump. last night he was on cnn. he was asked if he regretted anything that he said. watch this. >> no, i don't. i had concerns and as do others and i have tried to be factual and temperate about it, but i do have concerns and no, i don't have any regrets. >> well, he has concerns and he tried to be factual and his problem was, he was factual. obama forced out that intelligence assessment. the intelligence assessment was the pretext for having clapper and the other intelligence chiefs brief trump. the briefing of trump gave the news hook to cnn and other outlets to put the dossier out there and the dossier was the foundation of the narrative. maria: but john brennan went on cnn and told the world that the president committed treason. shouldn't there be accountability for that?
7:45 am
he's riding around with his cia resume, spewing out this stuff. >> yeah, well, you know, there's certain things that the law can control and there's certain things the culture has to control. if you can get away with that kind of stuff and still have a gig, then the problem isn't the law, the problem is us. maria: andrew, thank you. andrew mccarthy. we'll be right back.
7:46 am
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retailers including joseph a. banks and men's warehouse are struggling to find a balance with a more relaxed structure in the offers. the wall street journal has a great h piece on this. they say as more demand for casual clothes rises and becomes more acceptable in the office, the u.s. market for men's cyst s is shrinking. pizza lovers pull over, dominos is launching an app that allows you to order your pizza using a touch screen in your car's infotainment system. it is expected to come preloaded on many new vehicles, starting later this year, not clear what brands will have the technology. but it's apparently easier than using your smartphone and you can time your pizza delivery to arrive right when you pull into your driveway. and this, one high school in new jersey getting hollywood's attention. students at north burgen high
7:50 am
school performing an elaborate show of alien. they used recycled materials, some out of the trash can. clips of the show now viral, getting rave reviews. i watched some of the play online, really remarkable stuff. maria: lauren, thank you. instagram shopping, have you done it? finding inspiration from your favorite stars by way of a new app, details next. ♪ let your body move to the music. ♪ move to the music. ♪ hey, hey, hey. ♪ come on, vogue. ♪ want more from your entertainment experience?
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maria: welcome back. behind the influencer economy, rewards style and like to know
7:54 am
it revolutionizing retail, helping influencers and global retailers target customers on social media, allowing shoppers to shop real looks, from fashion to home beauty. the company hit a milestone, $4 billion in sales as of january of this year. joining us right now is rewards style and like to know it president and co-founder, amber rensboxes. tell us about your app. >> it allows users to shop in context of real people's lives, whether a stylist, influencer, interior designer, you can see the imagery and shop everything you see in the picture. and most recently we added a search feature. our influencers created 3 million images in the apps that are shopable. you can search. whether you want a stroller for a new mom or you want to know how to style that white marble table or what trench coat to wear, you can search the items and see all the results of the influencers who are wearing them
7:55 am
in the context of their real lives, whether a small new york apartment or a new mom with three kids. >> how many influencers are you covering or involved with. >> it's n invitation only platform. we started in 2011. we work with 40,000 influencers world wide, over 100 countries around the world. they're publishing everywhere. when we started it was about blogs, facebook and twitter. it moved into pinterest, instagram, snapchat and youtube. incremental is a new plat form, like to know it, that they've been publishing into for several years. that's been the dominant source of retail seals to retailers we work with. 4500 brands commission sales through rewards style and like to know it as one of our tools, consumer app they're able to use to see the content in one place. but last year we drove $1.2 billion in retail sales. so influencers not something that's just kind of a cute side job for a lot of people. it's actually -- it's not just a
7:56 am
tactic for retailers anymore. it's actually often-encompassing strategy. dagen: do the retailers and the clothing manufacturers, the accessory manufacturers, do they give products to the celebrities and then you don't know that those are freebies they're promoting. >> that is a tactic of p.r., has always been. influencers do note that, that it was gifted by. that's not the core of what we do. a across our 40,000 influencers they're creating content around 50,000 products on a daily basis. they're letting their audience shop. maria: still ahead the former ceo of starbucks, potential 2020 presidential candidate, howard schultz, next hour, right here.
7:57 am
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ask your doctor how prolia® can help strengthen your bones. . maria: welcome back. good tuesday morning. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. happy tuesday. it is tuesday, march 26 top stories right now 8:00 a.m. on the east coast, the 2020 race heating up one person still on the fence about a run is former starbucks ceo hoarded schultz joining me momentarily in a fox business scloouexclusi find out plan coming up the pentagon directing one billion dollars in funds for border security in a move supporting president trump's emergency declaration a migrant caravan
8:01 am
headed our way from mexico. uber big play in middle east company acquiring careem the largest ride-sharing service 3.1 billion dollars what it means ahead of under's expected ipo lyft going public this week, by the way, apple makes a major push into services details on new product from screaming to credit cards markets rallying take a look at futures again start of trading 150 points high of the morning right here, in fact, the market was down for you four distraught days s&p up 15, nasdaq up 41 s&p down four straight days, but this morning looking at gain stocks a little changed yet\dow industrials up 14 but s&p down two and nasdaq down 5, in europe, this morning, take a look at the indices we see money into equities here as well, ft 100 up 20 cac quarante up 40 dax in germany up 2 asia overnight market mostly higher exception of china shanghai composite down
8:02 am
one and one half percent, of course, headed to beijing for another round trade talks to break it down fox business network dagen mcdowell, third seven advisors strategist michael block and the hill columnist liz peek. >> happy to about here i love avenatti story i can't get enough this can about avenatti walking bionike huge company trying to shake them down though marvelous. >> allegedly. >> comments from p boston if he had overnight talked about how fed should to buy more t-bills possibly uninvert yield curve eyes on what the fed will do, to undo this inversion, keep the economy moving. maria: yeah, see about that. maria: higher. dagen: mike cutting short-term rates. >> how about that? heresy right here fox business. dagen: balance sheet winding
8:03 am
down isn't supposed to end until september do they move that date room to cut rates i don't know. maria: a lot of room to cut rates don't have a lot of wiggle room i guess that is now being talked about. dagen: negative. maria: all that coming up this hour first our top story this hour 20-20 vision, joining me right now in have exclusive interview with former starbucks yee hoarded schultz a pleasure to see you thanks so much for joining me. >> have you how are you. >> good when will you zie if you will run you have been on the road talking to american people, finding outlining what is positive are to them have you made your official decision yet? >> the well i have been on road seven weeks, almost different city every other day. what i am learning and hearing from american people is that they really want core issues finally solved immigration problem solved comprehensive tax reform all this things concerned about, kthrough 12
8:04 am
for their kids, and i think what we're seeing constantly and seeing it even pay out today, after the mueller ruling is that the revenge politics between democrats and republicans unwillingness to put this signing aaside focus on needs requirements of the american people i think a shame i really do, the american people have a right to see their situation solved. and democrats, rpdz more interested in fighting with each other, than taking caring of the american people that is what i am listening and hearing. and that is why i am considering running for president in -- >> you he make a really good point howard hanging out in middle you might lean to 2 left on some issues lean right other pretty much moderate hanging out let me ask you about mueller situation start there get your take from colleagues on the right and the left what was your reaction, to what took place, where in last two years all
8:05 am
we've been talking about is crazy -- craziness over donald trump, clueiolludeing we know a lie. >> american people have not asked me about that investigation, i think to see the president of the united states now kind of spiking the ball, and celebrating the fact that there wasn't collusion democrats unwilling to let it go another example of the fact not seeing a government work on bavr of the american people, i mean, there are so many issues that need to about solved, not the least of wi standing in world i was at aipac yesterday in national interests to support israel apeak especially at a time like this there are so many issues that require leadership, common sense, and what we're seeing every day is the ideology on both sides
8:06 am
that are preventing collaboration and compromise on behalf american people i think american people are you disgusted you exhausted of it all they are quite thieved given the choice between, reelecting donald trump, and socialist democrat on the other side i think a great opportunity if i decide to run for president to get the two -- 270. >> let's talk about some policies because they sure feel socialist on left green new deal getting first vote on capitol hill today, the senate scheduled a procedure motion, democrats who are expected to block it, majority leader mitch mcconnell wants 2020 candidates on the record, you have been on the record on green new deal; right? >> i have been, you know i think once again, it -- i find it so insincere that either party would be floating ideas
8:07 am
they know are not possible, so when the republicans today came out, and the president came out and said he wants to eradicate the affordable care act where is the solution where are they going as a result of that? the democratic side the green new deal is fantasy, look there are well-intentioned people that are trying to do good things, but let's not throw stuff against the wall they themselves know are not going to stick. the about the affordable care act provided 20 million americans with insurance, we should go back and fix it not eradicate it where attith regar green new deal medicare for all not the answer the far left far right at extremes not working together on behalf of american people all i am doing in traveling the country, is demonstrating we can fix problems we can move the country forward, we can advance standing in the world takes leadership takes cooperation there is no
8:08 am
evidence whatsoever even if a democrat should win the white house in 2020 or that donald trump gets reelected, that anything is going to change, so i am going to try and disrupt the system and transform our government american people have lost failth and trust in both parties it is time for distant change common sense solutions that themen people really need desire and deserve i would say one last thing, the american people deserve so much better than this. and even -- and every one watching knows that, this is just it is unbelievable to me that we can't get health care fixed can't get k through 12 fix can't get immigration bill can't get tax reform not to mention to all viewers last year and a half i have been pounding the table about 22 trillion dollars in national debt, which is immoral when you think about the fact going to be on backs of kids and grandkids that is what congress with what this administration has been doing. >> how are growth and spend we
8:09 am
go know around entitlements, 22 trillion dollars in debt has moved up in the last couple years because of too much spending but when you look at big items it is entitlement what would you do would you change the entitlement? to get our debt situation down? >> well, it is not only entitlements the president just submitted a bill a budget that he himself and entire administration knows has no chance whatsoever. and this is another example of sending a bill to the hill that the administration knows has no chance of passing. . this is what we've got we've got democrats and republicans, and this president, in willing to work together and what is going to happen now is that the republicans are going to actually celebrate the fact that the president was not found to about guilty in collusion and democrats are not letting this go we have 18 months between now and election of more infighting while the american people do not get what they need. maria: it is more than just
8:10 am
-- >> it is more than just you mueller report showing the 239 presidents wasn't involved last two years misinformation from leading democrats john brennan calling the president traceonous or clapper saying that there is a real case for collusion or a adam assist a few weeks ago said that he continues to see -- the -- the cause for collusion here and evidence of it. so this is just not true it is lies, and it is one political party framing another. so do you believe that the intelligence agencies were politicized under president obama? >> well, i -- i -- i think on both sides, what we have seen is a complicit nature both sides unwilling to respect the other side i agree with you things have been said by flats that obviously, were not true. but this president has spent two years, with a level of
8:11 am
incitement on his side as well, look at health care just for a moment i know you are asking me a question about mueller report but the president comes out says he wants to eradicate the affordable care act the last nine years republicans have been saying that, without any plan to replace it while the democrats are talking about medicare for all will cost 30 trillion dollars. maria: right. >> what we need is common sense approach to successfuling health care the same thing with immigration put me in a room with people who are not based on ideology, and ego want to solve problems for the american people, we can solve the immigration problem in 30 minutes. maria: so what is the answer then. >> they want the weaponize all political issues. >> what is the answer hoarded to fix immigration start there i want to go through immigration health care, and certainly, the green deal and the tax situation, because i am wondering if the democratic party can if fact chewings a pro busine -- choose a pro business
8:12 am
candidate doesn't look like it based on these policies. >> if you want to go back in the history both president bush and president obama, a republican and a democratic president both presenting to the opposition immigration bill both cases it was killed so that was evidence over the 10 years both parties he would rather weaponize the issue than solve the problem with regard to immigration the republicans are exactly correct we need very strict borders i complete agree when they came out talks about immigration, what they said was, the -- the borders need to about secured, in terms of ice we need to give them resources and tools they need and fund them. but there is a humanity issue here where atted to the dreamers in my view the dreamers should be given a pathway to citizenship and we have the whole issue of the national debt tied to immigration, there has been false narrative the false narrative is that immigration
8:13 am
for the last hundred years a complies catalyst for growth two ways economic issue humane issue trying to do right thing secure the borders, not let bad people in, the president is right about that. the republicans are right. but the dreamers humanity of the country, they should be given a pathway to citizenship we should have legal immigration which would be a catalyst for growth would help bring down the national debt there are so many issues like this commends common sense. >> people would like he honesty green new deal 94 trillion dollars is what -- -- team is saying going to cost you got -- medicare for all costing better than 30 trillion dollars, i want to talk to you about socialism virtual reality expect ali licau grew up in brooklyn low income
8:14 am
you go housing projects built a business became a billionaire so let's talk socialism versus cap list a.m. i want to know what system means to you howard we will take a short break come back on that we are live, after this back in a minute. back wit
8:15 am
8:16 am
8:17 am
interview with howard schultz i mentioned president trump in this interview do you at the least acknowledge some of his policies have helped economic growth and jobs you look at unemployment numbers here, talking about record months in, for so many groups, growth 4.2% second quarter 3 1/2% third quarter probably going to end year was 3.1% year-over-year growth his policies did move the needle on growth after a decade of stagnation; no? >> i would give the president credit for that i would also says the stock market is not a
8:18 am
proxy for the economy when you've got 40% american family literally don't have 400 dollars in case of an emergency, the question you asked me before the break was about capitalism versus socialism i am glad you spoke about starbucks as capitalists a company provided free health care ownership to every employee free college tuition at the same time stock price up over 25,000% since 92. on the other side, socialism would destroy our democracy
8:19 am
8:20 am
our -- i am not the in favor of what democrats are proposing i was not in favor of 21% tax rate for
8:21 am
corporations, it was a catalyst for growth look at in a over long term i am in favor of impressive comprehensive wealthy should pay for taxes corporation higher rate than 21 build into educate people retrain people. we need to do everything we can in this country, to reduce the gap of inequality, about specifically, we have to restore the faith and confidence in country in leadership american people vast majority do not trust our leaders, don't trust this president we have to fix it. >> i don't know -- the vast majority -- certain institutions,. >> good to see you howard schultz joining us there. >> thank you very much. -- apple shares higher. ading inu want to follow your passions
8:22 am
rather than worry about how to pay for long-term care. brighthouse smartcare℠ is a hybrid life insurance and long-term care product. it protects your family while providing long-term care coverage, should you need it. so you can explore all the amazing things ahead. talk to your advisor about brighthouse smartcare. brighthouse financial. build for what's ahead℠
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maria: shares of apple this morning, the company unveiled a host of services, jerry willis on the floor of the stock exchange. gerri: apple coming out video streaming, tv streaming, finance gaming, news service, apple tackling the content world with a glamorous presentation. the stock is down 1.2%, today a change of heart, stock higher by 1.5% and a slew of wall street firms upgrading their visibility here on the share price. they are hitting $201 a year, morgan stanley 220, baird coming in at 201 as well, looking at higher cost for apple shares. we have uber buying cream,
8:26 am
$3.1 billion, uber has been trying to pair costs so interesting they are buying into this conquering the middle east market, which has 200 million potential people, young and tech savvy. with evaluation of $120 billion. maria: the pentagon directing $1 billion for border security. new reports show 1000 illegal press released into the united states over the weekend. than the fallout from the mueller probe as lawmakers push francis from the obama administration, the latest coming up. ♪ and i'm free ♪ freefalling ♪
8:27 am
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be the readiest. maria: thanks for joining us. i maria bartiroma and it is tuesday, march 26th. at 8:30 on the east coast, howard shultz joined me earlier talking about his goals as he meets people across the country and what he sees for the future. >> all i'm doing and traveling the country is demonstrating that we can fix these problems, move the country forward and advance our standing in the world but it takes leadership, it takes cooperation and there
8:31 am
is no evidence whatsoever even if a democrat should win the white house in 2020 or donald trump gets reelected that anything is going to change. i will try to disrupt the system and transform our government. maria: markets are higher, we are getting housing data and the market is stable of 130 points, has been that way much of the morning, the s&p's 13 points tire and the nasdaq up 35. in europe money moving into equities as well as 14, the cac quarante in paris at 41 and the dax index in germany up 30 points. with the exception of china the us officials head to beijing to work on another round of trade talks, shanghai composite down 1.5%, japan was strong up 2%, funding the border while the pentagon approves $1 billion for border wall construction. blake berman has more on that. >> the acting defense secretary patrick shanahan will testify before the house armed services committee and he will likely
8:32 am
face a grilling from democrats over a decision that was announced last night. the defense department notified congress that the pentagon is transferring $1 billion to the department of homeland security which will allow the army corps of engineers to build 57 miles of 18 foot fencing along the southern border. this would cover areas in and around yuma, arizona and el paso, texas. in a letter to the dhs secretary kirstjen and shanahan cited dod's authority to, quote, block drug smuggling core doors across international boundaries of the united states in support of counter narcotic activities of federal law enforcement agencies. senate democrats contend this bypasses the appropriations process and raids the military democratic funds. they said, quote, the $1 billion reprogramming that the department is implementing was without congressional approval, constitutes a dollar for dollar
8:33 am
theft from other readiness needs of the armed forces. this is completely separate from the president's national emergency declaration that he declared a few weeks ago but it does follow the playbook the trump administration is trying to utilize which is shifting money around that already exists around to try to get the president the border wall, the border fence he so desperately once. maria: blake berman at the white house, joining us as a member of the house intel committee peter king. thanks for joining us. your reaction. the president says this wall is being built as we speak. >> the president has the legal right to do this, was given the right by congress and has it under the constitution. it is a matter of national security, national defense, as commander-in-chief he has more control over the military then congress does. i think he is doing the right
8:34 am
thing. and to find some kind of consensus rather than get blocked, the president should go ahead with the wall. legislation which would appropriate money for border barriers and pathway citizenship for dreamers to get this started. right now it is locked in this incredible logjam. we need border security but need to do something for those people that are law-abiding and tps, invited into the country. there isn't time to work something out here. >> i think the country would really applaud a fix, a solution to our long-term problems with border security and all are immigration policies. is there any appetite for democrats to talk about a solution? >> tom is a colleague of mine that i have known for a number of years, strong democrat but he and i believe we need border security but we have to do
8:35 am
something about the dreamers who are innocent people. we can start with that. the president said something could be done with the dreamers. most democrats say all i want to do is take care of the dreamers and others not have a wall. too many republicans just wanted to have the wall. we have to do both. this is not opening the floodgates are giving amnesty as we are talking a limited group of people and we should do it and that would be a good way to get started. maria: the president feels he has support on the left for that policy and infrastructure but i am wondering if this most recent victory the president had after the mueller report finding will change the sentiment of your colleagues on the left, that they will want to work with the president or make the american people believe they are. now people are wondering how up the chain all these lies went and they want answers from
8:36 am
president obama. in the wake of the special counsel investigation the wall street journal editorial page editor, james freeman writes an editorial this morning, mueller and the obama accounting. if mister obama never bought into the collusion conspiracy theory than the question is why he endorsed and allow the use of federal surveillance tools against the party out of power, directorate of democratic process that is at the heart of our country's greatness. it continues with this, the bare minimum mister obama owes this country is an explanation of the actions his government is spying on a presidential campaign. how far up the ladder, how far up the chain do you think it goes? we know officially it was all one big lie about donald trump and colluding with the russians. >> this is in the usual political lie, not talking about taxes, not talking about particular project. we are talking accusing the incoming president of the united states and now the current president of being a traitor. this had to start close to the
8:37 am
top. john brennan was the head of the cia constantly in contact with president obama. i see brennan behind this very much, we should give back his pension. everything he said is a disgrace to his office. comey knew that the dossier was undocumented and the top levels of the fbi, mccabe, page, all of them, strzok, as complicit as clapper and the president in his last month in office told the intelligence community to put together a report about the extent of collusion. to me president obama has to be answerable to this. i'm more interested in this than hillary clinton, that is in the past. this goes to the heart of attempted coup of the president of the united states. maria: an attempted coup, you're right. let me ask you, you mentioned james clapper, national
8:38 am
intelligence director at the time, james clapper says his former boss, president obama, a piece of clapper on cnn last july. i was stunned by what he said. >> if it weren't for president obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that are unfolding today. president obama is responsible for that and he tasked us to do that in the first place. maria: it was obama pulling the strings. >> that is a damning statement. that report that was put together in december 2016 is a misleading report, no doubt russia interfered in the election but the conclusions
8:39 am
they came to were politically, done by john brennan. ultimately president obama. >> it adam schiff resigned? he's on cnn and everywhere else saying there is more than circumstantial evidence of collusion. i would like to know who he showed the circumstantial evidence to because he didn't show it to the attorney general. should he resign from the intel committee at this point? >> he should put up or shut up. i got along with adam for a number of years in the last 2 years he has gone off the rails. the same testimony he was listening to key witnesses and not announce of collusion in any of that and i would say he would be on cnn talking about the mounting evidence of collusion, there was none and then and now, hurting the democratic party, hurting the country. he should step aside and come up with the evidence. so far he hasn't. maria: extraordinary, the
8:40 am
biggest scandal of our time. peter king joining us, donald trump going after the mainstream media, stuart varney has a thing or two to say about that, living large, the brand-new luxury residences, back in a minute. ♪
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8:43 am
maria: donald trump squaring off against the mainstream media after the host of the mueller report.
8:44 am
stuart varney weighing in. it was like a funeral in the mainstream media. stuart: it was wonderful to watch. i've got the presidential suite in front of me was the mainstream media is under fire and being scorned as corrupt and fake. for two years they pushed the russian collusion delusion when they always knew there was no collusion. i think the gloves are off. the president is a famous counterpunch are in the counterpunching has begun. the trump campaign has written a letter to news organizations saying you better get back to solid journalistic principles and lindsey graham wants a special prosecutor and this is a good tactic. there are those who say forget about it, just walk away and move on. i disagree. america has been the victim of the worst political dirty trick
8:45 am
in american history. our country has been damaged and we have every right to demand that we get to the bottom of it and make people accountable. maria: it is incredible we still have not heard from the former doj officials like loretta lynch after her meeting with bill clinton 5 days before hillary was to face fbi agents. stuart: we heard from john brennan who appeared yesterday on some other show. maria: he was calling it treason. stuart: still calling it treason. i thought he said -- maria: bad information. stuart: that is not good enough. he was director of the cia and is calling the president of the united states a traitor. imagine what damage that does. maria: they did this when the president was on major international trips. we will see more lawsuits. devon nunez told twitter he's about to come out with four more media companies, not going away anytime soon you will be
8:46 am
on it. varney and company begins at the top of the hour after "mornings with maria". another day in paradise, taking you inside the new luxury residences, back in a minute. ♪
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♪ maria: living large in the bahamas, a limited collection of oceanview residences, joining us is graham davis, great to see you again. when you first we had two years
8:50 am
ago you were just opening, how is it going? >> business is booming and occupancy never been higher. we opened all three brands, over 2300 rooms, 5000 employees. it has been incredible, we added 40 restaurants, 2000 ft. of indoor outdoor function space and it is an incredible growth. maria: you have seen the visitation because europe is low, 1% economic growth in europe, the us is apparently gotten to slow down. you think travel and people spending money on vacations. >> without a doubt. we had record number of visitors to the bahamas, 6.6 million visitors, record in history in visitations to the bahamas and airlift is grown, new flights coming out of new york and major cities across the united states, chicago,
8:51 am
texas and other major hubs coming in. it is an anchor two years, the most famous butcher out of tuscany, italy. the nexus club is a partnership, ernie yells, justin timberlake and joe lewis, we are launching a new residents. dagen: the real housewives of beverly hills travel there during the current season. does it pay for that travel? do they cover all the costs of these women, what is the payoff for payout of the resort? >> real housewives of beverly hills are an incredible group of ladies and out to have a good time. dagen: i want to know about the
8:52 am
financial relationship? >> and production expenses and all that side. dagen: no dramatic fights or anything. depending what relationship you are building, that group of ladies certainly portrayed a loss to the resort but with some of the women, coconut -- >> we partner with the right brand when it comes to the housewives. maria: why do you want to own a residence? >> it is an incredible opportunity. you have a lifestyle, these are for individuals looking for second, third, fourth home. the only 21/2 hours from new
8:53 am
york, it is 10 minutes from the airport and these residences are stunning between the sls and rosewood and if you are not there you can put it in a rental program. maria: where are your visitors coming from? >> the united states. 85% from the us and the northeast and this is a great opportunity. >> were you able to hire people locally? this is a big project for a small island? >> over 5000 associates and local, 230 expatriates from around the world come from all the different brands to support and make training and the luxury of choice dining options. >> you are for big employer and owner of property in the bahamas. i trust the government is supportive of your activities and development? >> extremely important. tourism has run 80% of gdp for the bahamas.
8:54 am
this is for to have billion dollars invested near the project and the government and people of the bahamas are supportive and i am proud. dagen: it sounds spectacular. we could use a vacation like that. are there specific plans people want? technology or new perks you are offering? >> it is really the experiences that we are looking for. we have a cfo, chief flamingo officer. dagen: which he would know if you will watched the real housewives of beverly hills, the baby came into one of the seeds and they are gray and fluffy. i did watch. >> we have a chief scientist, experiences on conservation, a full-time art direction with 12 staff and art director,
8:55 am
creating bohemian culture experience so guests are looking for the authentic experience and we offer it and largest casino in the caribbean, 40 restaurants and world-class golf. maria: sign us up. great to see you, thank you. still had final thoughts from the panel, stay with us. ♪ jardiance asks... when it comes to type 2 diabetes, are you thinking about your heart? well, i'm managing my a1c, so i should be all set. actually, you're still at risk for a fatal heart attack or stroke. that's where jardiance comes in. it reduces the risk of dying from a cardiovascular event for adults who have type 2 diabetes and known heart diseas. that's why the american diabetes association recommends
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the active ingredient in jardiance. and it lowers a1c? with diet and exercise. jardiance can cause serious side effects including dehydration, genital yeast or urinary tract infections, and sudden kidney problems. ketoacidosis is a serious side effect that may be fatal. a rare, but life-threatening, bacterial infection in the skin of the perineum could occur. stop taking jardiance and call your doctor right away if you have symptoms of this bacterial infection, ketoacidosis, or an allergic reaction. do not take jardiance if you are on dialysis or have severe kidney problems. taking jardiance with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. so, what do you think? now i feel i can do more to go beyond lowering a1c. ask your doctor about jardiance today.
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maria: final thoughts from this all-star panel. liz? >> i hope that the republicans can proceed with an investigation into the other side, the fisa warrants, the misdeeds by the fbi, et cetera, and that they don't muck up what right now is kind of a good position. they are clearly the injured party, donald trump is the injured party, and i hope that they can go after them, this investigation going forward. >> i will add to that, you have which you covered extensively, the inspector general's report which will be coming out in a few months. prosecutors should go after and senator lindsey graham will probably put everybody under oath and make them testify and if you lie, you go away. maria: he already said he's going to bring down all the people who signed the fisa warrants to testify. michael? >> let's see if this market rally can last. we had shaky housing data.
9:00 am
watching chicago pmi and personal income spending on friday. let's see what the fed does. will they start talking rate cuts soon? i think they will. maria: the most important data points come on sunday when we get the chinese pmi. have a great day. "varney & company" begins right now. stuart, take it away. stuart: good morning, everyone. the gloves are off. the president is going after the media and he's going after all those people who made outrageous statements about his involvement with the russians, and senator lindsey graham is going after the people who started the russia, russia, russia circus in the first place. mr. trump got the ball rolling first thing this morning with this tweet. the mainstream media is being scorned all over the world as corrupt and fake. for two years they pushed the russian collusion delusion when they always knew there was no collusion. they truly are the enemy of the people and the real opposition party. now, the president is a fierce counter-puncher and he's just


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