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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  March 26, 2019 9:00am-12:00pm EDT

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watching chicago pmi and personal income spending on friday. let's see what the fed does. will they start talking rate cuts soon? i think they will. maria: the most important data points come on sunday when we get the chinese pmi. have a great day. "varney & company" begins right now. stuart, take it away. stuart: good morning, everyone. the gloves are off. the president is going after the media and he's going after all those people who made outrageous statements about his involvement with the russians, and senator lindsey graham is going after the people who started the russia, russia, russia circus in the first place. mr. trump got the ball rolling first thing this morning with this tweet. the mainstream media is being scorned all over the world as corrupt and fake. for two years they pushed the russian collusion delusion when they always knew there was no collusion. they truly are the enemy of the people and the real opposition party. now, the president is a fierce counter-puncher and he's just
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getting started. to the markets. it is a rally, triple digit gain for the dow about a half hour from now, maybe investors finally reacting to mueller's no collusion report, or maybe it's just a bounce back after a period of declines. the dow is going to be up about 120 and the nasdaq up roughly half a percentage point, 34 points there. headlines. just as our top trade guys plan their trip to beijing, our navy sends two warships through the straits of taiwan. tough line trump. exhalation in the mideast. at least ten rockets fired from gaza. president netanyahu likely to respond forcefully. the border crisis. checkpoints inside new mexico and west texas, closed. agents have to go to the border to deal with the flood of migrants who have overwhelmed our facilities. action on all fronts. "varney & company" is about to begin.
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stuart: michael avenatti, a lawyer, is accused of trying to shake down nike. here's what he said about the accusations. roll tape. >> i am highly confident that when all of the evidence is laid bare in connection with these cases, when it is all known, when due process occurs, that i will be fully exonerated and justice will be done. thank you. stuart: thank you. susan, how much is he trying to get out of nike? susan: $22.5 million. michael avenatti walked into a meeting on monday with nike executives thinking that he had the upper hand. he left in fbi custody. he's trying to extort millions of dollars from nike claiming that he had evidence that they paid college basketball recruits
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which goes against ncaa rules. nike stock did have some reacti reaction, ending the day flat. here's nike's statement, saying they will not be extorted or hide information relevant to a government investigation. nike has been cooperating with the government's investigation into ncaa basketball for over a year. when nike became aware of this matter, nike immediately reported it to a federal prosecutor. avenatti says he's representing his client who is a coach for a youth league in california and they say they have evidence that they paid three of those players which is illegal, that they are going to college and it's against ncaa rules. stuart: avenatti's credibility at stake, i suspect. susan: there are separate charges in california that he stole $1.5 million from a client, falsifying tax claims. stuart: and he has been arrested. all right, susan. there you go. i think it's a unique attempt, i think it's a shakedown and unique in our recent history of a company like nike. susan: yeah.
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absolutely. stuart: let's get to politics. president trump going after the mainstream media big-time. he once again called them the enemy of the people. about time we brought back newt gingrich, host of newt's world podcast. newt, should the president move on or hit back at his opponents right now? what's his best strategy, do you think? >> well, look, i think his best strategy is historic. imagine that mueller had done what ken starr did. he reported 11 differential gagss in the clinton investigation. if mueller had that kind of report we would be in a totally different world. instead, to the despair of every liberal, mueller came in and said no collusion, two years of effort, no collusion. i think there are three investigations. one, how did all this happen. what is it about the obama administration, the justice
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department, the fbi, that led to all this, clearly a totally false trail and clearly an extraordinary abuse of power. second, what does it tell you about the effort to protect and cover up for hillary clinton, that the very same people who were so deeply involved in breaking the rules against trump were equally involved in breaking the rules for clinton. third, the news media really should form a panel to investigate itself. i have already said both the "new york times" and "washington post" should return their pulitzer prizes which they won for their initial coverage of this. it's now clear that that reporting was false and i think if they have any desire to restore our belief in integrity of those institutions, they would give back the pulitzers and say something profoundly wrong happened here because virtually everybody in the elite media was wrong. that's worthy of a serious
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critique by the media itself if they want to reestablish any credibility. stuart: yes, sir. i'm in total agreement with you. would you just hang on for a second? i want to deal with another issue. i will get back to you just a moment from now. republicans are calling for adam schiff to step down as head of the house intelligence committee. the mueller probe found no evidence of collusion but schiff has consistently said the president colluded with the russians. schiff is not backing down. roll tape. >> i'm more than used to attacks by my gop colleagues. i would expect nothing less. stuart: okay. joining us now, congressman mike turner, republican from ohio, who is on the house intelligence committee. congressman, should mr. schiff resign? >> i think his leadership is absolutely compromised. when you look at what he's done, misrepresenting information to the american public, time after time we would have witness after witness in front of our
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committee who would say as we reported in the house intelligence committee's report on our investigation in russia there was no evidence of collusion, they did not know anyone else who had evidence of collusion, and he would run to the american public and said there's more than circumstantial evidence. secondly, we do something more divisive and problematic to his leadership. he would immediately attack his republican colleagues. he would come out and say that we were obstructing his ability to complete his investigation, that we were thwarting the investigation when in fact our investigation found the same thing as the mueller investigation did, that in fact there was no collusion. third thing is even more troubling. we have important work to do in the intelligence committee, protecting our national security, looking to iran, north korea, russia, china, looking to support our intelligence community, and what he has done is transformed the committee into an investigative arm of the congress just to pursue his vendetta against the trump family and the trump presidency. this needs to stop. he needs to step aside. stuart: next one, there is a vote today on the president's
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emergency declaration. it seems to me, though, we already have an emergency. we just reported that they closed the checkpoints inside new mexico and inside west texas. the border patrol guys are needed on the border. that's a crisis there already, isn't it? >> we had the undersecretary testify in front of the armed services committee, on which i also sit. there are areas of the border in which people can cross unimpeded that even though we have troops on the border, they are unable to prevent the number of people who are crossing our border. clearly that makes this a crisis. what that means is not just that the president's national emergency needs to go forward. the president shouldn't have to declare a national emergency. nancy pelosi should come to the table, fully fund our border security, close the border because today it is absolutely open. she needs to stop pursuing open border policies, work with the president, providing the funding he needs. stuart: not going to happen, of course, is it? >> i don't believe so because it helps her implement her open border policy. stuart: precisely. congressman, thanks very much
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for joining us this morning on very important subjects. we appreciate it, sir. thank you. want to get back to newt. i want to change the focus for a second. away from politics. let me just get to technology and money. you say that 5g is the next big thing and china is winning. make your case, sir. >> pretty straightforward. fifth generation computing and internet will create the internet of things. it will be an enormous increase. samsung has a sign that says 5g is to 4g what a computer is to a typewriter. that's a pretty good way to think of it. the united states is way behind. the chinese have made a huge investment. they just won in austria, they won last week in germany. our government bureaucracy is muscle-bound. it is currently -- the president gets it. the president has been saying over and over to his senior leaders fix this, yet the bureaucracy is totally frankly messed up. stuart: what is the bureaucracy
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doing wrong here? what's the bureaucracy done wrong? >> there are two major things here that are big controversies. one, the defense department has the largest element of unused spectrum available in the united states. they don't need it. if they were to allow it to be used, you could launch 5g in a very short time. as samsung has in korea. two, we need to go to a totally new model of auctioning where we create a wholesale market so that we drive down the price. the u.s. today has one of the highest prices for data in the world. if you go to a wholesale market, what happens is first of all, you cover all of rural america within five to eight years and second, you drive down the price which brings up all of the huawei calculations. they currently are basically buying their way into world dominance because the system is so fat, they can give people huge breaks. you get them into a genuinely competitive market, and huawei i think will all of a sudden have its whole structure collapse.
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we are in danger of the first major defeat in a chinese-american competition and this is really serious stuff. stuart: strong statement, newt. thank you very much for being with us this morning. always appreciate it. >> thank you. stuart: yes, sir. thank you. look at apple. this is their pre-market quote. it follows their big event yesterday. several new items put on the table and this morning, the stock is up a couple of bucks at $191. i've got more on apple in just a moment. how about the home builders? the latest numbers on home prices, by the way, they are just in. ashley: they are actually showing a continued sign of decreasing. certainly the growth of home prices is slowing down significantly, down .2% from december to january, year over year, up 3.6% but that is the slowest growth since september of 2012. so there's no doubt about it, the highest gains as always, we say this every month, vegas,
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phoenix, minneapolis are the top three markets where home prices were up year over year. it's a very volatile market, as we know. generally home price increases are starting to slow down even as mortgage rates are starting to come down as well. stuart: interesting. thanks, ash. check the futures, please. we will be up triple digits at the opening bell. right now we are looking at a gain of, what is it, about 120 odd points. there you go. presidential candidate kamala harris wants to spend billions of dollars to increase teacher pay. wait until you hear how big a pay raise she wants to give all teachers. israel getting hit with nearly a dozen rockets overnight. is the mideast on the brink of war? it's a fair question. we will ask it. "varney & company" just getting started.
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stuart: high level trade talks continue later this week with china, of course, but two american warships sailed through the taiwan straits ahead of those talks. they just did that. joining us now is christian whiten, former state department senior adviser. that sends a pretty tough message to china, doesn't it, right in the middle of the trade talks? that's almost provocative. >> it is. it's a signal that this administration is not going to frankly forgive china, look the other way at its various transgressions even during trade talks, even when we need them to stick up with sanctions on north korea. you see it across the board. you see vice president pence who met with a very senior long
9:17 am
congress -- hong kong democracy figure. the thoughts we were going to be quiet and nice with china because we need things from them, those days are gone. stuart: that's interesting. the president is laying out and sticking to a very hard line. i wonder if that's got something to do with mueller's declaration, no collusion. surely that strengthens the president and strengthens him in his talks with china. >> it does, across the board. a number of governments frankly are too influenced by our establishment media and analysts who have said there's a chance of trump being impeached from the beginning of his administration. it's always been untrue, i think, but frankly, it's effective in our sort of nonability to talk seriously with russia and other strong men who think they can outlast the president. stuart: is this president trump unleashed? he doesn't have mueller around his neck any longer. he's looking pretty good politically. he's kind of unleashed. he's going at it. that's what's going on here,
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isn't it? >> he's always been, of course, very confident but he's finally gotten the staff he wants, he has a secretary of state -- stuart: have you met him? >> i have been in extended audiences but not one-on-one. stuart: i have had an extended conversation with him. there is no more confident president of the united states i have ever seen in my life. the man exudes confidence. >> it's very useful to have candid thoughts on twitter. he still gets criticism for that but being on the outside, you know, in bush administration you sort of thought you knew what george w. bush was saying even if it was coming to you filtered. oftentimes i was wrong. with trump, because you get it directly, it makes it a lot easier. it's good for foreign leaders, too. stuart: i said at the top of the show the gloves are off. the president is going after the media and he's going after those people who made outrageous statements over the past couple of years. is it not necessarily your area, do you approve of that strategy? he could just forget the last two years and move on. he's not going to do that. >> one of the most fundamentally important things about trump is
9:19 am
not so much the policies he's promulgating but trump is a cultural figure, a movement, and going after the lying media which has been this fundamental pillar along with hollywood and academia of progressivism in the united states, that i think is actually his greatest contribution to history is ripping the mask off of all these people. stuart: would i be right in saying that china at this moment holds the weaker hand? >> oh, absolutely. they export far more to us than we export to them. it's a much bigger part of their economy. of the major trade blocs, the u.s. is the least dependent on foreign trade. xi jinping having just crowned himself as emperor is actually stumbling sort of out of the block on all of these things. stuart: very interesting stuff. we appreciate you being with us. thank you very much. okay. let's check futures again. we got up a little bit more. we are looking at a 150 point gain for the dow at the opening bell and better than 40 point gain for the nasdaq. yes, it is a rally.
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the trump administration going after obamacare again. it wants a court to declare the entire law unconstitutional. couldn't get it done through legislation so now they are going through the courts. okay. - my family and i did a fundraiser walk
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stuart: all right. big ride sharing deal. uber buying its mideast rival. how much did they pay? what did they get? susan: $3.1 billion, the largest acquisition from uber as of note going into their ipo, of course, which is expected sometime next month. $120 billion valuation. what did they get? they get to reach their milestone of getting to a billion users. also, they get to retrench from cutthroat competition in the middle east. basically, you buy your competitor and that's pretty much what they have done when they failed to challenge the likes of didi in china, russia, southeast asia. we are expecting that ipo at some point. look at the valuation. stuart: it will be a big one. now, the white house says all of obamacare should be just struck down. ashley: not just small parts of it. basically in a filing with the
9:25 am
federal appeals court, the justice department is agreeing with a federal judge in texas that basically invalidated the obama health care law and now the justice department is jumping on board which is a change from when jeff sessions was in that position because he didn't do that. now they're going to the courts. stuart: forget going to congress. go to court. strike the whole thing down. okay. here's another one. this is for you. you've got the story. presidential candidate kamala harris has got a multi-billion dollar plan to boost teacher pay. how big a pay raise does she want to give to each teacher? ashley: an average of $13,500 extra per teacher. that's about $315 billion over a ten-year period. how are we going to pay for it? no real details but we know it will come from changes in the estate tax which right now is $11 million for individuals, $22 million for -- stuart: that's the exclusion. ashley: that's the exclusion. stuart: if you die, okay, there's no estate tax but she wants to bring that down --
9:26 am
ashley: who knows. she doesn't say. apparently enough to pay for $315 billion for -- susan: how many people actually pay the estate tax? hello? very, very few. stuart: trust funds, baby. that's the way to go. ashley: we'll see. stuart: where are we on the market? we will be up. there's the good news, up about 140 odd points, maybe more. 40 points up on the nasdaq. opening bell, three and a half minutes. we will take you there. you wouldn't accept an incomplete job from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase relieves your worst symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances. most pills only block one. flonase.
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stuart: there are only three or four seconds to go and we will open this market on a tuesday morning. there you go. it's 9:30 eastern time. we are off and running. let's see where we go. up, i believe. look at that, right from the get-go we are up 157 points. right from the start. i see a sea of green on the left-hand side, up 168, 170. okay. we will take that. that is two-thirds of one percent, all green, left-hand side of the screen. the s&p 500, where is that this morning in the early going? it is up about the same amount, tw two-thirds of one percent. solid gain there. the nasdaq, the technology companies, up .8%, 62 points. the nasdaq's at 7700. big day. joining us now, d.r. barton,
9:31 am
scott shellady and ashley webster and susan li. suppose we get a brexit deal, suppose we get a china trade deal, would that restore global growth? >> that would restore global security, i think. maybe not as much as far as global growth goes because we still have problems with france and germany. that will be an issue in the european union. i think we still have issues in china. we are doing okay but we are still going to be the shining city on the hill alone. global growth's going to really depend on everybody else. 2017, we were all on the same page. 2018, we kind of faltered. 2019, it's been just us. that's been the problem as of late. that's the story of what we are looking at now. stuart: got to turn that around. >> yeah, i think to add to scott's point, if we can do something that is market expanding with china, if we can open up trade, china is such a big trickle-down economy for a lot of the emerging market countries that i think it could
9:32 am
spark some global rebound in the economy. stuart: okay. we've got the dow now up 212 points. yes, it is a rally right from the get-go this tuesday morning. a veritable hollywood's who's who at the big event for apple yesterday. oprah winfrey unveiled documentary projects and a book club. actresses reese witherspoon and jennifer aniston will star on the new apple show "the morning show." that's in their streaming service when it's off and running. d.r., this is all about content. they are really going for content. is that going to work for them? >> they are going for content. i don't see in the short term how they are going to make this work. i think this is going to be a net negative for the stock in the near term because they are going to have to pay out a lot of content to buy -- create and buy the content before they get the eyeballs they're looking for. i think actually, the whole announcement was a bust. they gave us no numbers. we don't know what's going on, no clips of the content to
9:33 am
entice us to come see the shows. i think they took a big high level pitch, advertising pitch, and missed. stuart: do you remember that advertisement, where's the beef? hey, scott, they have also announced a credit card. are they going to make much money out of that? what do you think? >> yeah, i don't know. especially knowing consumers, i don't know if it's the right time to go down that route. i think it's not a good idea. to d.r.'s point, look, this is just another example of content trying to marry up with people that have a platform to put it up. they are trying to step up to the plate and get on the starting line with the big boys. with at & t and time warner merger, that was another good example of content marrying up with somebody with a way to get it out there. i don't like the credit card idea. we have to wait and see how this content with the outlet really works. stuart: susan has been shaking her head throughout this. they also mentioned news plus. susan: that's right.
9:34 am
you get access to, you know, all these magazines and 50/50 share with the publishers. all of this is great. look at the stock reaction today. we are up 1.5. they sold on the event yesterday but this is changing the landscape for finance and by the way, the tech players are the biggest boogeymen when it comes to that. they are worried about facebook, they are worried about apple getting into financial cards. this is how millenials play. this is name recognition. this is how they are going to pay and bank in the future. stuart: "varney & company" is split. we have one who says it's a bust, one who kind of likes it -- susan: look at apple, the gaming shares. if it's not a threat, why are stocks moving that way? stuart: okay. okay. i'm backing right off. look at this. look at this. look at the big board. look at it now. we are now up high of the day -- ashley: i'm looking. stuart: i'm forcing them to look. 223 points. that is a rally big time.
9:35 am
25,700. here's a story that intrigues me. mcdonald's buying an israeli tech company to improve ordering at the drive-through and kiosks as well, i believe. what? i'm going to drive up in my f-150 truck, window comes down, there's the person and i'm going to have a robot kind of voice make recommendations? >> before you get to the window, you have to put your coffee order in for your 67 cent coffee. you have to put that in in the kiosk. the voice will be there. what this is going to do, what they do is take data, they make seasonal changes. in the summer they will say why don't you buy some ice cream. they will have things flashing there. it's more of an in-store marketing ploy. stuart: you need to buy more? susan, you are the smart one here. this is all about getting around the $15 an hour wage, isn't it?
9:36 am
susan: automation. it's also personalization as well. mcdonald's said they will spend $1 billion to refurbish their stores, what they call their restaurants of the future. that's what the ceo has been touting. yeah, it is to get around i guess paying the labor but it's also, by the way, how do i know what you want? it's extracting data as well. how do i know? stuart: because you ordered. susan: i can use this in the future. very smart. stuart: scott, what do you think? >> i think she's absolutely right. they will somehow be able to hook this up with social media across the board. they will know what you ordered the last five times you go in. this is another deflationary pressure on wages. this is the reason why we haven't seen wages really take off. this is just a little slice of what's been happening all across the board. stuart: got it. we have a group of activist investors who want to shake up bed, bath & beyond. that's not a stock that's been doing that well recently. their online sales are a real problem here. the stock is up 24% on this news. activist investors, i think they
9:37 am
want -- ashley: they made a proposal to replace the whole board. here's the thing about activist investors. it was a couple years ago where every stock that was doing well was because an activist investor was pushing the board. dupont went through this. p & g. they went after a lot of big companies they thought were inefficient. bed, bath & beyond has 1,550 locations. they are hoping to unlock some of the poor profitability and drive near-term gains there, and the market's buying it. stuart: market loves it. 24% up just like that. okay. breaking news. let me read it to you. purdue pharma has reached a multi-million dollar settlement with oklahoma in its opioid case. susan: they make oxycontin. they settled $270 million, have agreed to pay $270 million to resolve claims by the oklahoma attorney general. this is just one case. there are 1600 opioid lawsuits
9:38 am
right now on the table that they are facing across states, cities, counties, you name it, and oxycontin of course, some have blamed it for sparking the opioid crisis across america. purdue has been embroiled in so much trouble and so much bad p.r. that they are exploring bankruptcy at this point. stuart: not surprised. okay. susan: $270 million, one case, 1600 on the table. stuart: any way producers can get me the board showing the five big name tech companies? any way you can do that? it looks to me like we've got a very solid, very strong rally on big name techs. amazon is up $24. facebook up $1.54. there you go. apple, $1.90. alphabet, facebook, microsoft, all up. scott, what have you got? >> look, we will have to dust off the playbook from 2008 to 2015, because all the central banks around the world and ours included have gone more to the fiat money than they did under
9:39 am
normalization. when the money starts to get real cheap, you see what happened to our ten-year and the germany ten-year went below zero, you have to move money towards stocks. that will be the only place it can go just like it did under obama. stuart: that's what you think is going on? cheap money, they are printing it all over the place, pushing it into the economy and some of it's finding its way to the stock market. well said. we are up 200 on the dow as we speak. now, remember when we told you goldman sachs is relaxing its dress code? they are not the only ones doing it. what are we, casual friday? ashley: casual biz is the new thing. traditional suits, i'm sorry to tell you, out. the men's suit market, down 8% since 2015. stuart: really? ashley: sports apparel with a variety of fashion thrown in is becoming very popular, yes. you can add fashion these days to basic suits. in other words, you can wear your suit with a hoodie and some sneakers into the office. susan: i think it's silicon valley, the tech billionaire
9:40 am
hoodie getup that's probably catching up. ashley: very true. stuart: not just a friday phenomenon now. you think i would gain any credibility if i went on the air in a hoodie? do you really? ashley: i would pay you good money to do it. stuart: look at the time. it's 9:40 eastern time. tune in tomorrow, folks. who knows what i'll look like. scott, d.r., gentlemen, thank you very much indeed. great performance today. an extraordinary market we have going here. look at this. check the big board. we are up 235 points. best part of 1%. there's a similar percentage point gain for the nasdaq. it's a rally across the board. california, one step closer to bang those paper receipts. a new bill just passed its first hurdle in the state house yesterday. it would require businesses to provide electronic receipts by default unless a customer asks for a paper one. why on earth, what? is that to save paper or something? save the trees or something? ashley: paper is a renewable
9:41 am
resource. stuart: dear god. lot of people calling for the entire mueller report to be released. coming up in the 11:00 hour, we talk to ken starr. remember everyone got to read his report on bill clinton. i want to know, should the entire mueller report be released according to ken starr? we will certainly ask him. we are seeing hard line president trump. he's going after the media, he's getting money for the wall and he's sending warships to the taiwan strait. is that a good strategy? steve hilton on that, next. i landed.
9:42 am
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9:44 am
industrial average. how about that. back to 25,700. all right. politics, here we go. we are seeing hard-line trump, no question about it. he's going after the mainstream media in the wake of the mueller probe. he's getting money for the wall, taking it out of the pentagon, and he's sending ships, warships, to the taiwan strait. just ahead of these high level china trade talks later this week. steve hilton's back with us, the host of the next revolution on the fox news channel. is that a good strategy, hard line trump? >> yes. on both fronts, both on the mueller front and all those people who pushed what we can now see is a total lie for year after year after year. not just in the media, but within the actual federal bureaucracy itself, within the fbi, the cia, all those players both current and former people like john brennan and of course, those on the other side of the political divide and of course, the never trumpers as well. all those people need to be held accountable.
9:45 am
stuart: but if you do that, if you look backwards and go after all these groups that have been after you for two years, can you still get anything done? because surely that's what we want of this president, get something done in the next two years. >> yes. the reality is that nothing's going to get done in congress because the democrats control the house. whatever they insay about the ft we can all agree on infrastructure, whatever, they don't actually agree on how you do those things. they don't want to give the president any kind of victory before 2020 so there's no point worrying about them. do the things that he can do on his own. foreign policy's a good example. but also, put forward ideas for 2020. we are close to the election now, frankly, and the number one on that list i think is actually health care. it's the top concern for americans. yes, they do want obamacare repealed but they want the second part of that delivered as well. what's the answer on replace? that's a big question for the administration. stuart: well, the team, the trump team, has gone to court to
9:46 am
abolish obamacare top to bottom. they couldn't get it through congress so they have gone to the courts. but if they do that in the courts, you've got to come up with an alternative. >> exactly right. yet again, well, it's congress that failed, wasn't it? i think it's one of the biggest mistakes of the trump administration right in the early days, they handed the policy levers to paul ryan and the republican congress, who totally failed on health care. so you are going to get an answer out of the republicans in congress, the trump administration have to think about a positive answer. they're not going to get it passed before 2020 but you can run on that and say to the american people you don't need to elect these crazy socialist democrats to get good health care. i'll give it to you. stuart: i get the impression the president has a new lease on life. >> yes. stuart: i think he's mad as hell at what happened. >> i think that's good news for everyone. stuart: i think he's coming out swinging and i think his political fortunes have shifted. i can't wait to see the first poll of his approval rating. he's been in the mid 40s.
9:47 am
dare i suggest it goes to 50? >> well, it would be great to see that. i think one thing that's very interesting is a poll i saw out today which shows that actually, in those crucial battleground states, pennsylvania, michigan and wisconsin, he's pretty much -- i can't remember exactly which one, one of them he's ahead, on the other he's level, the other, the democrats are just there but the democrats i think have been overconfident about taking back all those three. it's really where the election will be decided. actually, even before this, the president was looking pretty good there. i think he will be going up and ahead in the weeks and months ahead. stuart: forgive me, steve, but i have to use the word brexit. >> it's like a curse word around here. ashley: oh, no. stuart: the bookies in london are offering 500-1 against the next royal baby being called brexit. did you know that?
9:48 am
it's true. i'm trying to treat this as a joke because frankly, brexit is a joke. that's the way it seems to me. the latest is parliament taking back control? >> that's exactly right. they always believed, so the ruling class in parliament, in the media, in business, the ruling establishment, call it what you will, have always thought brexit was a bad idea. they thought the people made a mistake when they voted for it. they have been punting to get to this point where they actually control the process ever since. they have finally done it. but remember that even though they can have these votes, they can have these votes this week about what kind of brexit they want, none of that is binding on the government. the government can turn around and say sorry, we're not doing that, so it's still absolute chaos. stuart: yes, it is. almost a joke. i can see the humor in this. >> there's a sticker, on my laptop, a sticker that someone gave me and it says consider the
9:49 am
possibility we are led by idiots. when you think about brexit, it's not a possibility. it's the truth. stuart: all right, steve. thank you very much for being with us yet again. appreciate it, sir. now this. doctors are making a new push for a soda tax. across the country? susan: across the country. two of the country's leading medical groups, talking about the american academy of pediatrics and also the american heart association, they say yes, they encourage soda taxes. they also encourage warning labels and a restriction on advertising by these beverage companies. they spend on average around $800 million a year on marketing. this is to bring down the obesity rate, type ii diabetes, cancer. this is health. shouldn't be laughing at this. stuart: just there is a warning label -- susan: think about tobacco use. stuart: nobody looks at them. nobody does. susan: it brought down the use of tobacco. they are thinking this will bring down the consumption of
9:50 am
sugary drinks, especially for kids who get 17% of their calories from added sugar. it should be 10%. stuart: a soda tax gets the support of susan li? susan: absolutely. stuart: okay. moving swiftly along. check the dow 30. looks to me like it's going to be a sea of green. i certainly hope so. yes, it is. there's only one loser. i'm squinting. i can't see it. united health. they are the only ones that are down in the 30 dow stocks. the dow is up 237. do you remember the old ford bron bronco? they were good. yeah, look at that. there you go. it was one of ford's biggest selling cars for decades. ashley: also involved in a big -- susan: famous white bronco. stuart: it's been gone for years and is making a comeback. the inside scoop on what the new one looks like. details, next. what's the hesitation? eh, it just feels too complicated, you know? well sure, at first, but jj can help you with that. jj, will you break it down for this gentleman?
9:51 am
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9:54 am
stuart: ford's bringing back the iconic bronco. joining us is fox news auto editor. okay, have you got a picture of the new one? because we were showing our viewers the old one and we don't want that to return. >> this is a concept they put out in 2004 that they never made, but the new one which they haven't shown publicly yet, they showed to dealers last month in secret, and they have been spilling the beans to automotive news.
9:55 am
it sounds like it looks a lot like that. round headlights, rectangular grills, boxy styling, the doors and roof come off, very traditional off-road bronco. stuart: jeep, the wrangler, should they be worried? >> they should be worried except right now jeep sells every jeep it can make. ford might just be the extra off-roaders. it might not actually steal too many sales from wrangler. these kind of vehicles, very hot right now. this could be a big player. ford dealers are saying it's going to be a game changer for them when they have them in showrooms next year. stuart: the ford f-150. i've got one, gasoline powered. they are going electric. they will have an electric f-150. say it ain't so. >> confirmed a couple weeks ago by jim farley, one of the executives at ford. we have seen pictures of a prototype at testing. also has an independent rear suspension. that's something you don't see in a full-sized pickup truck. stuart: so what? >> that's more of an suv type of thing. improves the ride quality but does take away some capability. it won't be able to haul or tow as much. that said, it's probably for e
9:56 am
the -- making the battery pack fit better. they are very excited about it. tesla is working on one. there's a new startup company. ford is the first of the major players in the electric pickup game. stuart: we're done. ip n i'm not interested. thanks for joining us. president trump, he's going after the media and i'm thrilled. i say the mainstream media is a total disgrace. my take on that, next. i'm working to keep the fire going
9:57 am
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10:00 am
brian: now i used to soften the word, say they have come tempt for the president, they hate him. they preened themselves. they're the elite. above the rest of us. they told us the president of the united states was a russian agent. they told us he was a traitor. they breathlessly reported most outrageous statements. they gave themselves prizes. listen to this, from the pulitzer pulitzer prize awarded to "new york times" and
10:01 am
"washington post." deeply resourced, relentlessly coverage in the public interest. dramatically furthered nation's understanding in the of russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. deeply sourced? would that be leaks from james comey? in the public interest. really? the attempted destruction of the president of the united states based on a clinton funded dossier is in the public interest? that is utter nonsense. what you get when the elites lose an election to the candidate they hate, loathe and despise. the counterpunch has already started. good. the trump campaign has sent a letter to news outlets telling them to employ quote, basic journalistic standards when booking guests who made outlandish and faults claims. wait to go, mr. president. remind them about basic journalistic standards. here is a counterpunch via twitter early this morning. mainstream media is under fire and scorned all over the world
10:02 am
and corrupt and fake. for two years they pushed russian collusion delusion when they always knew there was no collusion. they are truly the enemy of the people and the real opposition party. that is our president. go get em, sir. the media is a disgrace. the second hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. [laughter]. ♪ >> want to receive better information i suspected there was more than there actually was. i am relieved that it has been determined there was not a criminal conspiracy with the russian government over our election. i think that is good news for the country. i'm not all that surprised that the high bar of criminal conspiracy was not met. i am surprised that the second part, obstruction of justice in terms how it came out. stuart: oh, that was john
10:03 am
brennan on msnbc. he is one of the six people you see on your screen who were named in memo from the trump campaign warning the media of the false accusations they have made in the past. look who is here. doug schoen. you're a moderate, decent democrat. >> i would like to think so. stuart: i suppose you think i came on a little strong about the media there? >> not so much that i disagree but i think the point of emphasis for the president to get things done, on health care, on immigration, drug prices, infrastructure. focus on that rather than bashing the media. stuart: so you don't think he should counterpunch? insulted two years, called ugly, ugly names, called a traitor by these people, you don't think he should push back a little? >> one thing we've seen he does push back. without my help. stuart: these people have disgraced their profession. they have shamed america. >> stuart, what we need in this
10:04 am
country is less fighting and more progress. if he wants to be reelected you know what? put john brennan on the screen only helps him. we need progress on issues. he gets things done on drug prices with pelosi and infrastructure bill, something on health care, on immigration, the election's over. beating up the press -- stuart: they will not do anything, they will do absolutely nothing, nothing, they will not allow the president anything in congress. >> that only works to his advantage. because he is looking like he is fighting for progress, not partisanship. stuart: okay. >> he needs those swing voters back. you don't get them by bashing media. stuart: yes you do. >> we disagree. stuart: yes you do. >> we disagree. i don't disagree with your argument but i'm a practical man who wins elections. you win elections with issues. stuart: fair enough because you have got a piece, on the >> it is indeed. stuart: the title is, if
10:05 am
democrats want to win the white house in 2020, time to stop investigating trump. >> correct. stuart: hold on a second, listen to what democrat congressman jared nadler had to say. roll the tape. >> are you concerned about democrats overplaying their hand? do proper oversight, not be blamed for -- >> yes, yes. >> explain, just briefly. we'll let you go. >> we have to do proper oversight. that is our job. we'll do it. >> in other words you don't think people will perceive it the wrong way or anything like that? >> not if we do it right. stuart: endless investigations, you think that is flat-out wrong. >> flat-out wrong. i told jerry nadler, a friend of mine over 40 years that he is barking up the tree. stuart: you think he is backing off a little bit? i will not investigate everything? >> he had been walking toward the every camera he could find. i think democrat are in
10:06 am
disarray. they don't know what to do. if the republicans in my view can develop an agenda, the democrats who are, as you point out obstructionist, will just end up marginalizing themselves as the party of alexandria ocasio-cortez. stuart: you know, i can see you voting for donald trump in 2020. i can. i can. you have shifted a long way on this program, all, you know the years i've known you. >> stuart, i can tell you this, i'm not voting for bernie sanders. that -- stuart: good. that's good. >> we're making progress. stuart: we're making -- mr. shown, thank you very much, sir. senator lindsey graham responding to a tweet from james comey. take me through it. >> comey posted this on twitter a man surrounded by tall trees and the caption was simply, so many questions. and lindsey graham, senator, said, could not agree more. i will see you soon.
10:07 am
as you know lindsey graham, he wants more investigations, first of all how -- stuart: he want aspects prosecutor. >> how the surveillance of some of these warrants were issued, especially fisa surveillance on carter page, former foreign policy to donald trump during the election. and the abuse of federal power is based he says on faulty evidence like the salacious unverified dossier that we keep going back to off james comey, by the way. he testified in front of the house republicans in late 2018. said that he had numerous conversations with several members of the senate judiciary committee on russia related issues. stuart: counterpunch hard, mr. senator. go for it. why not? they disgraced our country and dragged us through the dirt. i want accountability. ashley: for nearly two years. stuart: i will calm down. look at this. 200-point rally for the dow jones industrial average. big smile, everybody, why not? up 199. i will take it. 25,700. bed, bath & beyond up big.
10:08 am
some activists investors want to out of the board completely, get the company moving again. mcdonald's buying an israeli tech start-up. this is about touch-screen ordering at the drive-through and kiosk. it is a way around $15 an hour, isn't it? the stock is up 188. interest rates, 2.43 -- oh, 2.43. susan: two points in one day. stuart: i want to stay on the markets. courtey dominguez. payne capital markets advisor. let me speculate. suppose we got a brexit deem of some sort. >> yes. stuart: suppose we got a china trade deal of some sort, would that give us a nice boost for the stock market? >> i think it would. we're in a global world. yes, these things are happening across our borders. china is more related to the u.s. specifically.
10:09 am
we've been really seeing a lot of fear and unrest when it comes to the market despite the fact that the economy is still really in a good place. we need optimism to have the markets strike out. stuart: suppose we don't see it, no brexit or china deal, are you still more bullish? >> i think short term hurdle but think possibilities are low. realistically -- stuart: forget brexit, china trade, put them off the table for a second. >> yeah. stuart: answer me this, if the market breaks out, next breakout, is it up or down. >> up. and very bullish on the markets right now. i think despite a lot of negative energy we're seeing you really is to look at the data. unemployment is still really low. wayne growth is really good. valuations are still around the historical averages. so when you look where the economy is, i don't think we'll see anything that exciting, like growth going forward. it is steady and staib. that is all i'm looking for.
10:10 am
i don't really see a downturn going forward. stuart: am i right seeing you tell the clients to invest in emerging markets? >> i love that. stuart: kiss of death for our viewers. they, i don't know whattage emerging market is. name one. >> one is china. stuart: china is emerging market in this day and age. >> believe it or not. stuart: second largest economy. >> second largest economy in the world. stuart: how do i invest in china? >> i invest in broad-based funds. i don't invest in specific companies or countries for that matter. china is having issues, there are entire world of emerging market economies you can get too. there are a lot of broad-based funds. i like to own the entire industry as a whole. stuart: own the entire industry as a whole. great stuff. >> thanks for having me. stuart: i hope you weren't too put off by my rant at the top of the hour. >> never. stuart: poor lady had to sit there while i'm ranting away. thank you very much for bearing with me.
10:11 am
here is another one, i'm calling it a crisis at the border. that is what it is. the border patrol has closed nearly a dozen checkpoints inside of new mexico and texas, because, they can't handle the number of migrants at the border itself. those agents have to go to the border to deal with the deluge. another caravan is on the way. the lieutenant governor of texas is with us momentarily. by the way more rockets fired into israel after israelis retaliated for a strike on tel aviv. it is an escalation in the middle east. we're on it. much more on former cia chief john brennan. we'll get brian kilmeade's response to mr. brennan, walking back his treason comments with, i may have had some bad information. second hour of "varney & company" just getting started.
10:12 am
10:13 am
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10:15 am
stuart: we have 226 point gain for the dow industrials. that is pretty much 1% up, the gain. not so rosy forecast from carnival cruise lines. the stock is down 6%. really taking it on the chin there. how about mccormack, the spice people? profit down but the stock is up 2%. $3 higher on mccormack spice. we have breaking news. the administration getting serious about space. edward lawrence with us. edward, what's the story? give us the news.
10:16 am
reporter: this is about communications the commerce department released a report, that the radio frequencies, within spectrum of radio frequencies should be dedicated to space commerce and space navigation. they want to make sure the satellite industry has enough of radio frequency in order to communicate and navigate. they're looking for short term policies within the spectrum and long term policies is could require, allow for deep space communication obviously looking forward. the global space economy right now is $384 billion. the u.s. has 57% of that. 800 satellites in orbit from americans right now. in 2024, 15,000. so they need to be able to communicate. stuart: yes they do. thank you, edward. two items frankly on the border and the border crisis. a new caravan coming reportedly a 1200 strong.
10:17 am
they're closing a dozen checkpoints within new mexico and state of texas. the agents on the checkpoints have to go to the border, because the border is being overrun. that is extraordinary. joining us lieutenant governor of the great state of texas, dan patrick. always good to see you. >> always good to see you, stuart, thanks for having me. stuart: this is crisis. when you close checkpoints on the border because you need the manpower, what is going on here? >> it's a clearly a crisis. it is smart thing to do to close the checkpoints. we don't have to allow people to come in. we need commerce to come across the border. we need to lock down as many checkpoints. they will continue to come. we're being overrun. in this cloud and these constant attacks by the mainstream media on the president who has now been totally exonerated, he is completely innocent of collusion, they're not focused on helping him secure this
10:18 am
border. we need hundreds of miles of fencing. i was happy to see the pentagon announce they were adding a billion dollars. the president needs to put pressure on congress. he needs to push the emergency order through the courts. he needs to build a barrier. not across all 1900 miles. in key areas, hundreds and hundreds of mice, we need it. we're being overrun, stuart. stuart: yes, sir. i would like for you to repeat what you told us previously on this program, some of our viewers may not have seen you previously. just how many illegals if i call them at are actually america. we constantly use the number 10 million. you have a different number. >> the number is 25 to 30 million, 8% of entire population here illegally, growing by the month. when i was on your show, june of last year, we talked about that, we broke the news on your show and fox, on the day i was in
10:19 am
new york with you, yale came out with a study that backs up the numbers. this idea, i hear 11 million people lear illegally, that is the u.s. number chamber of commerce president said we had in 2004. we know, stuart, thousands come across the border every day we apprehend, mostly from send is trillion america. almost all the caravan is coming from central america, even cuba. apparently hitching a ride on cruise ship. how are they getting from cuba to mexico, to hear? that is another story. it makes money for drug cartels. it makes crossing into america. the fact, stuart, we catch one out of four or five. i want your listeners to know this, have it ingrained, every time we catch 1000, if we get one out of five, another four thousand get through. multiply numbers. we apprehend on average, stuart, until last year, on average
10:20 am
400,000, if it is one out of four, one out of five, some people think one out of 10 in law enforcement that we catch, we have several million crossing a year illegally. we cannot educate, medicate, incarcerate the whole dang world. we can't do it, sir. stuart: i've been criticized going too far, ranting too much about the border crisis. you just confirmed, we have border, immigration crisis. >> and we have a crime crisis with those coming here illegally. 200,000 or more arrested just in texas, charged with over half a million crimes over the last seven to eight years. stuart: unbelievable. >> the drugs you see all over the country, stuart, it is coming across the southern border. stuart: thanks for coming to us, sir. dan patrick. >> yes, sir. stuart: let's do something really different. imagine this. you board a flight. you take off. you land. 525 miles away from where you supposed to land. no emergencies, no drama. the plane simply went the wrong
10:21 am
way. doh. we'll tell you what happened. honestly we will. shocker from sports. connor mcgregor retires. jason whitlock with us later this hour. the guy on the right retiring. fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely.
10:22 am
but allstate actually helps you drive safely...
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10:24 am
ordering custom ink t-shirts has been a really smart decision for our business. - [narrator] custom ink has hundreds of products and free shipping. upload your logo or start your design today at stuart: this rally is holding up. throughout the morning, that is an hour's worth of business we have been up over 200 points. 25,700 is where we are. look at proctor & gamble. that is a dow stock. in fact it just hit an all-time high, $103 a share, p&g. how about this one? british airways plane ended up 525 miles off course. the story, piece. susan: quite a diversion.
10:25 am
the flight was taking off from city airport in london. meant to land in dusseldorf, germany. imagine their surprise, they said welcome to edinborough, scotland. a little bit off course there, very off course. ashley: they landed? susan: apparently goes to accidental paperwork that wasn't filed correctly by wdl aviation, not british airways which operate the flight. they basically delegate some paperwork to the other firm. they are looking into it. how could this have happened. they say passengers were never emperilled. stuart: 500 miles away. susan: they were contacted. i don't know what kind of compensation they get. obviously they need to get where they need to go. stuart: free ticket. millenial men are walking away from suits and ties. ashley: going away from hoodies and with sneakers. lulu pants for men, the word
10:26 am
stretch is a big selling point these days, for wrung men that want to go cash in the office. fashion apparel that is athletic apparel that is kind of fashion conscious. stuart varney rolling his eyes. sitting there in the suit and tie, traditional kind of guy. stuart: the truth is, a man born and raised in england doesn't know how to dress down. he knows how to dress up. ashley: very stressful -- cash cash -- susan: lycra anytime soon? stuart: what is that? susan: stretch. stuart: update on college admissions scandal that led to dozens of arrests including actresses lori loughlin, felicity huffman. trump administration will look at colleges involved. big hour coming up for you. ken starr on the mueller report. mercedes schlapp going on attack.
10:27 am
lou dobbs on the sad state on the network that two of us founded. that is called a power hour. that is coming up. (indistinguishable muttering) that was awful. why are you so good at this? had a coach in high school. really helped me up my game. i had a coach. math. ooh. so, why don't traders have coaches? who says they don't? coach mcadoo! you know, at td ameritrade, we offer free access to coaches and a full education curriculum- just to help you improve your skills. boom! mad skills. education to take your trading to the next level. only with td ameritrade.
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♪ stuart: another favorite. that's what i want. ashley: perfect. stuart: this is a financial program. i'm allowed to do this. susan: music selection? yes. stuart: why not, look at this. give me money, all right. up 200 points. 25,752. big tech is a big part of this big rally. look at apple. it is up three bucks. alphabet up a buck.
10:31 am
facebook up nearly two bucks. financials, are helping to lead us higher. goldman, morgan, morgan stanley, citigroup, wells tagger -- fargo on upside. tim cook brought out big stars to launch the apple streaming service. that brought out big content. which stars did they bring out? ashley: all sorts of big stars. big actresses. reese witherspoon, jennifer aniston, were they together on "friends." wasn't she the younger sister. steve carell. promoting upcoming drama, a series called, "the morning show." we never saw any clips. big bird. that is not steve carell. big bird was there.
10:32 am
steven spielberg, will revive the tv series amazing stories he did back in the '80s. can you believe it was the '80s? oprah winfrey, new star touting a new book club and couple documentaries. really big names to promote the streaming service and some content they will v. didn't see any clips though. someone said no, we're a little too early for that. we're only in march. this is going to debut later in the year but those are big names. susan: spending a billion dollars on content. they're calling it the biggest up sell in tech history. when iphones are not selling as much. so you go to services. stuart: market likes it. apple up close to 200 bucks a share. they like it. let's get to the middle east. israel defense forces carried out strikes on targets in gaza. that follows a rocket attack on a house near tel aviv. seven israelis injured. prime minister netanyahu cut his
10:33 am
visit short to get back to israel. we have farley rice, president national council of young people for israel. i don't want to be too extreme here. this is exchange of fire. is it possible they go to war? >> it is unclear what exactly, where everything would go at this point in time but it very serious situation, because hamas, has no moral qualms to go attack civilians wherever they can. they are the epitome of terrorism and evil. stuart: i have not heard anything about omar about hamas or attacking israel by hamas. i don't think she said anything, has she? >> i haven't heard anything from her or rashida tlaib. i don't think we should hold our breath. they don't side with israel. they side with the terrorists. stuart: what about efforts for
10:34 am
jewish-americans to vote republican. >> i don't take sides. two different presidential election, one involving jimmy carter in 1976. jimmy carter got over 70% of the jewish vote. and in 1980, he dropped to 45% of the jewish vote because he was perceived as being unfriendly to israel and towards the jewish community. and then when george h.w. bush was president, he had james baker as secretary of state, he was perceived being unfriendly to the jewish community, his jewish support dropped 35% when he beat michael dukakis to 12% when he faced president clinton. 20, 25% of jewish vote will change when there is gap between candidates for president when it relates to israel. looks very likely such a gap will exist in the upcoming election. stuart: do you think in 2020, there will be a swing of jewish voters some at least towards president trump? >> i think it is going to be a
10:35 am
significant swing. if you saw with president obama he was not perceived as a strong supporter of israel. he went from 78% of the jewish vote against senator mccain, 69% against mitt romney. president obama tried to present him seven as pro-israel before the election. most actions against israel came after his term was nearly over. in this case, where president trump has done all the significant things towards israel, there will be a significant gap. the. >> >> vote will change where president trump gets at least 35, possibly 40% or more of the jewish vote in the next election. stuart: thanks for joining us, sir. this is story i want to stay on top of. i found it fascinating. thanks for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: look at the big board. we're holding on to a nice gain here. 204 points up for the dow industrials. 201. that is the best part of 1%. 3/4 of 1% on the upside.
10:36 am
that is pretty true almost across the board. ashley: even though the latest consumer confidence number was down. it hasn't hurt the market that much. >> it hasn't. we're still up 200 points. we got it. right precisely 10:36 eastern time that means i can now bring in brian kilmeade. host of the brian kilmeade radio show. i join his show and he joins mine and i want to talk about john brennan. he's the guy who called the president treasonous and supposed to be trying to walk his comments back. what do you make -- i'm outraged, brian, let's get right at it. i'm outraged at this guy. what do you say? >> stuart, number one, we're on the "fox nation" app. so there is a lot of power here. a couple of things. i noticed research, because of your monologue on john brennan in your passion for how much he has screwed up. what happens is, if you're rachel maddow, if you're anderson cooper you have a
10:37 am
certain persona. i get it. you're on television delivering the news, but when you're john brennan, you're hired to be an expert. when you come out and say the president has been compromized. he is stooge of vladmir putin. the president will go to jail. this is treasonous, it is not looked at someone just ranting. looks as if they're going, wait a second, what does he know? he knows robert mueller. he worked with him for years. he must know. it turns out he doesn't know, or, i have another theory. as they begin to peel this open, john brennan was so passionate against the president, and president is proven to be so innocent, he took his top secret clearance away. why was he so angry? is he worried about us penetrating more and more what he may or may not have done in 2016 to bring us to this place? stuart: that's a fair speculation to make, brian. that is a fair thing to ask, really is. let's talk tactics for a second.
10:38 am
the president is counterpunching hard. he is going after the media. he is probably going to go after a lot of those democrats and public officials who were so hard on him for the last two years. is that a good strategy? or, should he just forget the last two years, move on, and concentrate on doing something with congress? >> well, number one, when you look at, when he brings upjohn mccain, distraction. when he brings up george conway, a distraction. bring up a things to-do list, it contains that, that's okay. you know what you're doing? you're restoring faith in the fbi and doj you will gut it. what you have done to a degree, make sure people have faith in it again, if you go about it. i would let the lindsey grahams of the world go after it. let devin nunez and jim jordan go after it. when you're asked about exclusive interviews with stuart varney in the oval office, stuart varney brings it up. you're headed for bear. you include in the stump speeches.
10:39 am
leader israel yesterday in the oval office talking about annexing golan heights. in venezuela russia landing planes with troops into that country as we try to give people a degree of freedom. a billion dollars to build up the border, get democrats involved in catastrophe of our southern border. it cannot be your preoccupation. there is too much to do. now he is finally free to do it. stuart: taking a very hard-line, in every single area. those ships, two warships, american warships, going through the straits of taiwan, just as our top negotiators arrive in beijing. that is almost provocative. that is a very strong statement from the president. frankly i hope he keeps doing it. a hard-line trump works. >> stuart, i know you're running out of time. i don't like what is happening with china and europe. you saw what happened over the weekend, italy decided i will get into the belt and road program. i don't care that the u.s. told me not to. i will get involved with the
10:40 am
chinese tech companies in poland, even though the u.s. told me not to. i will get the s-400 system from, in turkey from the russians even though the u.s. told me not to. so if the u.s. can't get its allies to pay attention, maybe we start get our enemies too, work our way backwards. stuart: well-said, brian kilmeade. thanks for being on our show.on on behalf of fox radio, we thank you. stuart. michael avenatti, the attorney who represented stormy daniels accused of trying to shake down nike for 22 1/2 million dollars. avenatti says he has information on nike that would rock the college bass wet ball world. what does jason whitlock think about that? he is coming up next. back to our theme of the day. i say the gloves are off. president going after media and democrats. we'll head to the white house the next hour. is that the strategy? take the gloves off and attack.
10:41 am
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10:42 am
ashley: howard schultz still considering an independent run for president. here is what he told maria bartiromo about the rise of socialism on the left. roll the tape. >> socialism would destroy our democracy, our free enterprise
10:43 am
system. capitalism has created more jobs, lifted more people out of poverty. when i talk about the green new deal, i agree with you, and your viewers. the green new deal is not the answer. we can't afford 30, 40, $50 trillion fantasy, piling that type of money on top after trillion dollar debt. what do we need? we need common sense collaboration and compromise which we're not getting from republicans and democrats. you wouldn't accept an incomplete job from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase relieves your worst symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances. most pills only block one. flonase.
10:44 am
10:45 am
stuart: it's still a 200 point gain for the dow industrials. the dow is at 25,728. this is a rally all across the board this tuesday morning. cbs. the stock is up. the "new york post" reports that cbs will resume merger talks with viacom. it is up 2%. viacom up 5%. big gain. attorney michael avenatti accused of shaking down or trying to shake down nike. take me through it, susan. susan: interesting story, so many twists and turns. avenatti thought he was stepping into a meeting with nike executives having upper hand. he left with the fbi in custody. he says he and his klein, who is a coach on a youth basketball team in california, they have evidence that nike paid college
10:46 am
recruits basketball recruits which is illegal and goes against ncaa rules. let's look at nike's statement. they say nike will not be extorted or hide information relative to a government investigation. nike has been cooperating with the government's investigation into ncaa basketball over a year. when nike became aware of this matter, nike immediately reported to the federal prosecutor. avenatti, as i mentioned to you, he has a coach or client, says three of his players in california were paid by nike illegally, going against the ncaa rules. we should point out that avenatti is charged with wire and bank fraud as well. accused of stealing 1 1/2 million dollars from his clients and falsifying tax claims. this tangle web and a lot of trouble avenatti is in. stuart: this is giant story. this looks like an attempted shakedown. that is a very big deal. i want to bring in jason
10:47 am
whitlock. the "speak for yourself" guy on fox sports 1. good to see you again. >> great to see you. stuart: sir, i never heard of anything like this, certainly not in the sports world, sports apparel world, it is kind of unique a shake down attempt like this? >> i think this is unique but i think this is the society we live in now. we're so. we litigate everything, we shake down companies. i always contended, this will sound like a bit of a stretch, i contended that the colin kaepernick kneeling deal was a shakedown of the nfl. avante and this gregorios, colin kaepernick's attorney, basically doing the exact same thing. kaepernick tried to blackmail, in my opinion, the nfl for money. and this avenatti has done the
10:48 am
exact same thing with nike. i'm not comfortable with the nike deal, and fbi, the whole investigation into ncaa amateurism, who is violating those rules. i think the government has overstepped here trying to enforce these ncaa amateur rules, that give them real teeth and it created this opportunity for unethical lawyers to shake down the shoe companies, perhaps even schools and coaches. by going after these coaches and that are at least, these schools paying kids illegally because of the ncaa rules, we created an opportunity for lawyers to shake down shoe companies and coaches. stuart: always good to have you on the show, while you're with us, i want to ask you about conor mcgregor. i don't know much about this whole line of sport. he announced he is retiring from
10:49 am
mma. seems sudden. do you know what is going on here? >> yeah that is standard operating procedure for conor mcgregor. he threatened to retire from mm a-10 times. he is not going to retire. this is just what he does. stuart: they make a lot of money anyway, don't they? >> he certainly has. he made $100 million for the floyd mayweather fight. so he has a bit more leverage. but look, the ufc has had a lot of control over its athletes and has been, you know, i think most people consider stingy with their money. so there has been this give-and-take. conor has a lot more leverage than the average mma fighter because of the money he made with the floyd mayweather fight. i don't see conor mcgregor retiring. what will he do? doctor, lawyer, guidance counselor, school teacher?
10:50 am
conor mcgregor, loves to the fight. loves the attention. he will be in an octagon at some point for more money. stuart: sarcasm is low form of wit but sometimes very funny that was good, jason whitlock. fun stuff. see you again soon, jason. >> you too, varney. stuart: trump administration looking into the college administration scandal. this thing is not going away anytime soon. we'll deal with it after this. i'm working to keep the fire going
10:51 am
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10:54 am
stuart: this could be the high of the day. we're up 260 points now. that is better than 1%. 25,776. here we go. now this. the department of education, the feds, they will probe the eight universities named in the college admissions scandal. big names. susan: yale, sanford, georgetown, ucla. the department of education looked into this. they opened investigation into the eight universities. did they violate any laws or rules governing student financial aid and other applicable laws. if they found to violate rules, this is big deal, they could be cut off for pell grants for one, a federal student loans. a lot of students go to school, paying tuition, using federal
10:55 am
loans so. stuart: i don't think we heard the last of this. ashley: god no. there is lot more to come. stuart: the fixer. ashley: california. stuart: california guy, he said he had 751 clients. susan: only 50 have been named and charged. stuart: who knows if other people were involved in similar frauds to get their sons and daughters into schools. susan: court case started in boston as well. stuart: you will never hear the last of this. a lot of this will go on for years and years. a lot of people will be bankrupted. they have to lawyer up. ashley: amazing it hasn't come out before now, because of some people spending a lot of money. susan: i hope they change the education system as well, for those that deserve to go to the schools, work hard, study, they should be the ones awarded. stuart: intellectual contest. get on with it. come on. tell you. and now this. i say president trump should counterpunch against the democrats. he should go on the attack.
10:56 am
mr. president, go for it. wait until you hear my editorial on that at the top of the next hour. an update on the fight over those salt deductions, you know, state and local taxes? blue state lawmakers will not be happy about this development. which we'll tell you about. wait for it. lou dobbs and i will take you back to the glory days of cnn. 1980, sports fan. ashley: fresh face. stuart: lou, more than i, the two of us helped launch that once proud network. i had hair back then. my how times changed, the clinton news network. ashley: look like you have seen a ghost. stuart: 11:00 power hour coming up next.
10:57 am
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11:00 am
stuart: last hour we urge the president to counterpunch the media and he's doing that. this hour, we urge them to counterpunch the democrats and public officials whose defense and behavior damaged our country. start with john brennan. he was the director of the cia and the obama administration. he labeled president trump. he ran our foreign intelligence service. what is a world leader supposed to think when a man like brendan calls the president a traitor and implies he will finish his first term. and you damage the country like that, you should be held accountable.
11:01 am
adam schiff, democrat chair of the house intelligence committee said this. there's plenty of of evidence of collusion and conspiracy. hold him accountable. mueller found no collusion. beto o'rourke, democrat presidential candidate, he said this. you have a president who in my opinion beyond a shadow of a doubt sought to collude with the russian government. is that still has opinion? if not an apology is the very least he could do. the most effective counterpunch will be delivered by senator lindsey graham. he chairs the powerful judiciary committee. he will call witnesses and he wants a special prosecutor. what's he looking into? how this whole russia, russia, russia dirty trick i've started. obama was in the white house. hillary was the candidate and comey ran the fbi. go for it, mr. senator. reveal how a retired foreign spy
11:02 am
that gave his russia, russia, russia revealed what obama knew about his government spying on the presidential campaign. did he know about it? and if you knew, what did he do about it? president trump should now move on. forget the last two years. i then put through for no good reason and i'm inclined to think it was a deliberate attempt to destroy a presidency. you can gloss over that. besides, democrats will continue to undermine him, to resist everything. hammer them, mr. president and the denon 2020. stay tuned. there's another hour of this including lou dobbs. ♪ stuart: i refuse to calm down. congressman sam gray. i can tell you are watching now.
11:03 am
the president should go right after democrats. what say you. >> absolutely. it's embarrassing when you say things that are so outrageous you have to walk them back and that's what you're seeing right now. stuart: there is an argument that you should forget it. get on with the presidency and get something done. i think you can do both. hammer the bad guys. there's no reason he shouldn't go after these individuals. it's been two years. he spent over $25 million on this process. hundreds and hundreds of subpoenas. hundreds and hundreds of witnesses. it just goes beyond belief and then to say about coming in now, you should just forget about it trying to destroy this president be in the president himself there is accountability. stuart: dolby about today in the house on the overriding the president's veto of the national
11:04 am
emergency. how many votes does it take in the house to override the veto? what is the outcome of the vote today? >> it's a supermajority. the president is well within its right to declare the emergency and well within his right to veto the bill. we are going to be voting on it today and we have an emergency at the border. the president has stated that it is taken action to solve it. sure into congressman, you probably can't see it, but on the left-hand side of the screen we are showing our viewers senator ed markey, democrat, massachusetts. he's talking about the pre-new deal and they will be a test vote on it today in the senate. 60 yes votes to go to the floor before debate. it seems to me that the democrat , they're just going to say their pricing. they seem to be walking away from the green new deal. what do you think? >> they are. the president on anything coming
11:05 am
in on congress for that matter is just walking away from your responsibility. look, this is fantasyland of those individuals come in many of them don't want have to vote on this. this is being proposed by the other side, by the very far left. you've got a lot of individuals up for reelection. they do not want to be on record so it'll be interesting to see. stuart: i've got a bet that the senators simply vote president that gets them out of the problem is saying yes i'm for it or know i'm against it. would you think? >> what that is is simply shirking your responsibility. as a member of congress to have responsibility to vote yes or no. that's walking away from the responsibility to your constituents. sure into the green new deal is all about climate change mixed in the socialism at the same time. when you think about climate change? do republicans have a plan of any sort?
11:06 am
>> climate change is something that this world has been doing since the beginning of time. i do not think men will have been a consequence on it good or bad whatever the case may be. mother nature is going to do what it's going to do. you just look at the history of the time. just look at whether it's an i.c.e. it's an i.c.e. age or warming or whatever the case may be. it always changes. sure into congressman sam graves, republican missouri, republican misery. thanks for being with us. we appreciate it. we haven't even scratched the surface of what is going on on capitol hill today. house democrats will need about the mueller report as a group for the very first time. acting defense secretary patrick shanahan going before the house armed services committee. he may be asked about the decision to divert military funds to pay for the border wall. president trump will meet with senate republicans at the capitol for lunch. sounds at a strategy session to me. check that big board.
11:07 am
this is almost, not quite died the day. we'll take it up 263-point. 1% higher. leading the rally, energy stocks look at them go. also every single one of them on the upside. same with technology. the nasdaq up about 1% at this point. apple is at $3. we've got an unchanged on google. i've got amazon of 25, facebook of a couple of bucks and microsoft has made it to $118 per share. ashley: financial doing great, oil above 60 bucks. stuart: maxine waters and dine both admitting there was no real evidence of collusion, but they push their agenda anyway. trump 2020 press secretary fired up about this. meanwhile, the mainstream media unapologetic. talking to lou dobbs this hour. founding member of cnn.
11:08 am
attorney general william barr is the only man his in the full report. the president wants it released to the public. we are going to talk to ken starr about a full release a little later this hour. mercedes shellac joins us from the white house. the president takes the gloves off. is that a good strategy? it sure is the strategy. we'll ask her about it. this is the third hour of "varney & company." ♪ key portfolio events. all in one place. because when it's decision time... you need decision tech. only from fidelity.
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11:12 am
stuart: 2020 presidential hopeful kamala harris laid out a plan to increase teachers pay by $13,500 a piece nationwide. the plane is going to cost $350 billion in the next 10 years. the senator wants the federal government to provide the first 10% and then incentivize states to raise wages. got it. the trump reelection campaign is now putting media outlets on notice. they sent a letter to the news networks warning them about six individuals who they say may have made false claims about the president on the air. kayleigh mcenany as it does come at trump 2020 national press secretary. who's on the list? adam fitz, jerry nadler, tom perez.
11:13 am
a whole host of democrats who made false statements about the president come out right lies to the american people saying they have evidence where there was none to the media won't make them accountable but were putting tim murtaugh saying anything incumbent upon you as a journalist to replay those clips and asked for the evidence. stuart: you're taking the gloves off. you're going after the media. that's what you're doing? >> absolutely. someone has to. that's her job at the campaign. stuart: i want to bring up which retreated yesterday about maxine waters and dianne feinstein both saying they had no evidence of collusion but they push their narrative anyway. we've got the sound appears the first of all let's hear from congresswoman waters for us. roll that tape. okay. stuart: senator feinstein could
11:14 am
roll that tape, please. >> that is not necessarily evidence. stuart: they kind of knew it. they push the narrative anyway. >> i'm so glad juice stop those clips because there were two moments where democrats are not the talking points. they stop talking about evidence of collusion and admitted they had none. this is the deal. this is the game all along. they knew they had no evidence. you just heard it from feinstein and maxine waters. also from peter struck text messages but they peddled the theory to take down this president. we are playing this clip. stuart: that's what i didn't understand about the clips because they were taken away before the mueller report came out march of last year for one of them. but they were saying amounts which are going after. >> exactly right. and here at the fbi investigation after peter stzrok has sent the message. this is after this the page --
11:15 am
it was actually before the, but at the time of the fbi investigation that in fact there was a chance literally nothing. this is the year after the fbi investigation. they never last peddled the conspiracy theory. stuart: are you taking about the senator feinstein and maxine waters. is that what you're doing? >> sure come with all the democrats. the 2020 contenders, beto o'rourke, 35 minutes before the mueller report came out saying he asserted that there is collusion. all of these democrats together are responsible. stuart: there's some question to whether or not that is the right strategy. if you go off against the media and the democrats who made false claim, you go up against that come and take the gloves off and counterpunch vigorously, can you still get something done in congress because that's what you need to do. >> we can do two things at once but in congress that the two nancy pelosi coming to the table who was proven woefully
11:16 am
inadequate at this point. sharing the accomplishments of president trump that are continuing, but also democrats. we're going to do both. stuart: you are enjoying yourself, aren't you? i am enjoying it a lot. stuart: mueller made a big difference. >> a huge difference. stuart: any fired up about this? >> yes, he's fired up and exonerated. stuart: it's taken a turn for the better and i'm sure you'll agree with me. >> i'm looking forward to the rally thursday night. stuart: thursday night grand rapids the rally is going to be a lot of fun and the president will be on fire as he always is. stuart: kayleigh mcenany, thank you. see you soon. health insurers, the administration is asking a federal judge to strike down the rest of obamacare.
11:17 am
they won a recent ruling in texas upheld and the entire log on immediately. check the big board. health insurance shows a nice game. we are better than 1%. 265 points as we speak. politicians in mostly democrat high-tech state are claiming that the new salt deduction is heard and their residents. that might not be the case after all. we are on it. we have more big names still ahead this hour. ken starr, mercedes shellac, lou dobbs pick our coming up for you. ashley: the prosecutors have dropped charges. ♪
11:18 am
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11:21 am
stuart: breaking news. what a surprise in the jesse small a case. emergency hearing in chicago and why? ashley: they drop the charges. they will not say why. it's a quite stunning turnaround of event in the biggest turnaround for cook county prosecutors in chicago who are charged jussie smollett on disorderly conduct charges for allegedly stating phony attack
11:22 am
claiming he was the victim of a hate crime. two attackers shouting this is maga country. then the focus on jussie smollett are they said they had video camera footage that shows his story made no sense. he was out on $100,000 delaware expect it -- we are expecting this to go back to court. but now in a stunning turnaround, prosecutors have decided to drop the charges. stuart: so he will no longer be prosecuted. ashley: were basically staging a phony attack. stuart: there's a lot more. we'll bring it to you as soon as we get it. corporate stories here you go. apple, huge star-studded event yesterday. a new streaming service announced with original content that will be available. a new credit card hitching up
11:23 am
with goldman sachs. new fees, lower interest rate. a paid subscription news platform. a subscription gaming service as well. investors like it. the stock is up one point i%. 191 on apple. make a product in another legal battles this time. so they tried to distort for $22 million. hubby for their earnings report. he was arrested. check tailored brands. stores like men's warehouse. "the wall street journal" says suit are becoming less and less common in the workplace. chalk that up to companies promoting a more relaxed work environment. goldman sachs jumped on that plane, too. taylor brands down almost 11% because of it. that was yesterday back up 5%
11:24 am
today. stories about ford motor company. number one, sharper aim at the jeep wrangler. they've got removable doors and side mirrors are attached when the doors come off. goes on sale that one day her. 2020, not until then. ford's new electric s. 150 making waves. new pictures show not only a fake exercise on a pickup. the wrist suspension as well. goes on sale 2021 before still in the doldrums at $8 a share. there are calls for the entire report to be released. next, ken starr, remember he investigated bill clinton in his report was released in full to the public. he is next.
11:25 am
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stuart: the dow up 200 points. it's been that way all morning.
11:29 am
28 of the dow 30 are in the green. you hear a lot about this on this program. state and local taxes, salt deduction denied. lawmakers always complain about this because of the cap on the deductions. but we've got a bloomberg report that says it doesn't. >> the vast majority of the taxpayers never got the break in the first place according to bloomberg. most of them didn't get to that 10,000 anyway. it's no big deal. the people are being scared away from the state when ultimately many people don't even -- >> this was not her about ordinary middle income -- all will amount to 1%. they are the ones who will get creamed in these high-tech states. they're rightly complaining and leaving. dear lord. i want to talk about the greener deal. it's up for vote today in the senate.
11:30 am
democrats widely ask that did to say presidents. standing their ground saying they don't want it. come on in sean duffy, republican from comes in. another win for mr. drum. what say you. >> americans want true leaders say i have a vision for the country and i'm going to fight for it. virtually every democrat presidential candidate in the senate signed onto the greener deal. all of them -- if you believe in the greener deal in the polar vortex to have solar panels here at home or you want to get rid of wisconsin, you should go for that. leave the country. but they're not going to leave. they're going to take the easy way out. they won a bold plan to fix it but when it comes up for vote they know it's bad for the american economy and the american people. stuart: sean, on the left-hand side of the screen, kirsten
11:31 am
gillibrand, senator from new york, democrat running for the presidency. on the left-hand side of the screen was that the people supporting the greener deal. tell me this. are those senators, democrats running for the presidency like curse and gillibrand, like bernie sanders. are they going to say presidents when they come out in favor of the greener deal. are they going to cop out of presidential candidate of their own suggestion? >> the answer is yes. i brought up an amendment in financial services on the housing portion of the greener deal and actually maxine waters who signed onto the greener deal. she voted no. alexandria ocasio-cortez, the author of the greener deal voted on provisions of the greener deal that expect housing in america. they love to put a plant that the left loves that they know again that crushes the middle part of america so when they
11:32 am
come up for a vote they vote no. >> i've got to say it looks to me like president trump is on a roll. he's really gained a lot of ground with the no collusion report and now we've got the greener deal and his supporters when he was supportive. the man's honor roll. >> president trump has risen with the mullah report, democrat talking about how it's going to get dragged out of the white house in handcuffs are absolutely wrong. they look petty and donald trump, the economy is rolling. the investigations done and it looks good for 2020. >> do the republicans have a climate change plan of any kind? >> what we believe it's the one and make sure we do things more cleanly, more efficiently, but we also is understand if you put these really restrictive regulations on energy, and all you do is take those energy
11:33 am
using manufacturers and take jobs out of america or india where they have regulations and we live in the same world. so i'd rather manufactured here and keep those jobs in america. leftists want to drive the industry out of our country to places where they have no rules which is absolutely idiotic. stuart: i should tell you in the viewers at 4:00 eastern time this afternoon they will be that procedural vote in the senate on the greener deal. sean duffy, congressman, wisconsin. thank you for joining us. back to the mueller investigation. there are calls from both sides of dell including president trump to release the full report of the public are joining us now is judge ken starr, author of the book contents, a memoir of the clinton administration and of course the former white house special counsel. great to have you on the show. welcome indeed to "varney &
11:34 am
company." >> thank you very much, stuart. stuart: should the full report be released to the public? >> no. there should be trans. david not the full report. that's just a matter of law. not a matter of judgment or policy because the law protects grand jury information. so if information is gone to the grand jury and found its way into the mullah report, that has to come out. there is a way around that and there's a lawful way around it and that is to go to a federal judge, have the chief judge reviewed and so forth because there is a compelling public interest. everyone in washington seems to agree. that the only exception that otherwise proves the rule of transparency which is attorney general barr himself called for in confirmation hearings and he reiterated that in letters to congress. stuart: if anything were not revealed and there are ways of doing it legally revealing that, if anything were left out, a lot of people would simply say it's a cover-up.
11:35 am
>> at the end of the day, i agree with that. that's why congress decided 20 years ago inside the starr report, even though he said this is very sensitive information, it's all going to go out on the internet. stuart: back in the day when you shoot the starr report, your report, you didn't want to release it all i don't think because those some of the content. very catchy. we find that. instead watch out, caution. i divided so, but nonetheless it was a significant majority said we are not going to get into this process ever that dean.
11:36 am
we will just let the american people decide. we don't live in an age and have it for 25 years is assiduously attended to privacy interests. we want to know the facts. we want to know all the facts. in the fullness of time, when he does that the lawful way, and he's going to go by the books or we will see the entire report. stuart: what about robert mueller who did not make a clear decision on obstruction of justice? was adamant date? >> is certainly was a pond. i'm a lawyer. i can argue it both ways. i think it was his first one's ability to make the tough call and he didn't. and so he put that in the lap of bill barr. who brought in rod rosenstein his integrity.
11:37 am
he should've made that decision. why he didn't, hopefully we will know soon that's a huge responsibility. do your job. i'm sure we will. you should have pressed for obstruction of justice. you made the wrong decision and it will go on forever. >> i shouldn't, but welcome to politics. friday afternoon there had been no interference with the mueller investigation. if the attorney general disagrees, let's say the indictment of paul manafort, the
11:38 am
in attorney general can squash back. also, there is no suggestion that the funding was ever caught often how about this. robert mueller was never fired. there was just a lot hurled at him with bob mueller himself or with his staff. that investigation is comprehensive, elaborate, well-financed and it's over no collusion. i see no basis whatsoever to say the president said some nasty things which you have the right to do. it just doesn't follow. stuart: ken starr, we appreciate your expertise here. breaking news. >> they're going to price their shares above the target range of 60 to baxter 68 fax. they are going to debut, make
11:39 am
their market debut on friday, but we understand the shows will be above the target price of $62 to $68 in the ipo. very interesting. this is america. i say the president should counterpunch against the media. the lou dobbs agrees with me. that is not lou dobbs on the screen by the way. he's on the banner. blue is on the show coming out. i'll leave it at that. first, talking to the white house or the president's plan to move forward with his agenda after the report. or is it going to go after his critics? we are asking next.
11:40 am
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11:42 am
analysts said wait a minute. fundamentals are still pretty good in the united states. we are slowing down but it nothing. down the road may be. a little bit of a bounce back today picking up on that. >> most of them are out. only half of that down 10 cents. a broad-based rally. >> we see oil move higher. back in a moment. your worst symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances. most pills only block one. flonase.
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11:44 am
stuart: an important guest joining us now. mercedes schlock from the white house. welcome back to the program. >> good morning. >> there is a debate. should the president take the gloves off and go after critics the last two years or should it keep the gloves on, look forward to governing over the next two years? what is strategy? >> i think it's both. definitely the president is obviously going to call out his critics. i think you seen the democrats and the liberal media unhinged. the mere fact that they spent over two years creating those narratives where they are selling this to the american people that they kept saying the president was like a russian agent in colluding with the russians is outrageous. the president will bring this up again as we will because it has been a reckless time for these
11:45 am
democrats. a reckless and responsible time for the liberal media and the mere fact is they have discredited themselves. they don't even know where to turn because they were going to use a smaller report as a political weapon. and still, democrats are in denial. democrat still feel that they could pick up the evidence. they come up with conclusions before the mueller report came out and now they are back empty-handed. >> can he get anything done through congress and democrats are resistant to resist, resist. >> democrats have to figure out if they are going to continue on their tirade of anti-trump in denial this president juan this election in 2016 or are they really going to solve the problems we have in our nation. the president is focused on much lower drug prices. let's find common ground on
11:46 am
investing in our infrastructure and he wants to work with democrats on these issues. sadly, democrats were far too long continue to obstruct the resistance focused on impeachment. the american people clearly see through this. the president is winning. he's in high gear, focused on his agenda. focus on ensuring our economy keeps growing and also ensuring that we remain dominant in production as well as ensuring we are able to lower drug prices and provide better health care for americans. stuart: 4:00 this afternoon eastern time there will be a procedural vote on the pre-new deal. we are told that the senators, democrats will simply vote present. would you make of that? >> it just shows how far left the democrat has moved towards and how basically it's the far left contingency and the democrat party back to dictating the for all democrat. i think it makes these moderate
11:47 am
democrats very nervous. i have to tell you, you look at the pre-new deal. talk about anti-growth. talk about destroying our economy. talk about moving towards government control of energy, and welding, you know, focusing on destroying our economy as well as basically destroying job production and creation. i think these are red flags and it's something that i know we need to make aware to the american people and it's why they see the democrats very nervous, just saying they are well aware that the pre-new deal presents the very far left approach on the issue of what you're going to do with our economy in the future. the mere idea gilby regulating cows in airplanes and cars is just preposterous and that's why we're going to stay focused on what we need to do to continue pushing for environmentally steward in terms of what we need to do with our economy.
11:48 am
stuart: i want to get this in. what is the president's mood? you see him everyday. >> to tell you the president is so energized and so resilient after two years of this ongoing investigation and democrats using this whole collusion theory as their political weapon. the president is focused on what he needs to do, which is uplifting all americans. stuart: mercedes schlock, thank you for joining us as always. next, lou dobbs, founding members at cnn. 1980. i say cnn coverage of anti-trump has been an absolute disgrace. what do you think lou dobbs is going to say?
11:49 am
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11:52 am
>> you torture this man for two years.
11:53 am
>> certainly a big number of people who got caught in a whole lot of people who lied to investigators about their contacts with russia. >> rudy giuliani has a lot of good arguments. one of them is not his argument on that. people lie. what happened over there at cnn. who better to ask than the man who put cnn on the map in the first place. his name is lou dobbs on the screen right now for the host of lou dobbs on the fox business network thank god. >> we did note quite a network. you started the first-ever nike business program on network television and it was an outstanding success. you provided most of the money
11:54 am
for the first 10 years. >> well, we did. it was a hoot. by the way, to watch these folks that are playing with what you and i built along with hundreds of others. it is sad to think that creepy atmosphere is the legacy of ted turner. it's horrific. >> at&t bought that thing. >> it makes me mad as. when we started out, we were pretty much lets get it on the air. we were at the news. we were pretty straight down the middle. we decided what was news and away we went. they went terribly wrong in the mid-1990s. they became the clinton news network then. and it's gotten worse with trump in the oval office. >> with trump in the oval office, these people are beside themselves. they can't create a rational sentence, let alone thought.
11:55 am
watching chris cuomo to be a good guy, bad guy. they're so conflicted and also conscious of the fact they are lying slb is in in the entire country knows it. they owe this nation an apology. they owe this president an apology. at&t should pick up the phone and call the president didn't say were sorry and it will never happen again. not under our ownership ever again will cnn become anything other than a news network in the house with this nonsense created by -- ashley: and there you go. i want to see some fire. at&t, whoever is in charge will never do that. >> and i don't just pretend. he couldn't find his way into the closet, let alone down the hallway. the boss of the place come at&t needs to tell them this is the way you're going to do business. they can't do this.
11:56 am
who are they fooling? by the way, it was great fun putting together. now these people should take better care. there you go. you know something? they were so many great pictures of me. it is your show and you come up with those. by the way, how do you like the cut? stuart: lou dobbs tonight 7:00 eastern, only on the fox business channel. there will be more "varney" i absolutely promise after this. ♪
11:57 am
. .
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11:59 am
stuart: attention bitcoin people, if you weren't already sure you're for real, bitcoin traders, we have a new study up to 95% of bitcoin trades off fake. they are bunk exchanges we're told. study finds that $6 billion worth of coin traded each day. only 273 million of that is real. told you. dow industrials as we close out the program today, this is a rally. we lost some ground. about half hour ago we were up 200 points? ashley: 250. it's a bit of confused market. is the economy as bad as fed made out, inverted yield curve? the market saying you know what?
12:00 pm
the economy is actually pretty good. i think money coming back in. losing a little bit of air. stuart: the mainstay of our show the president taking gloves off having a to at media and going at the democrats who called him nasty names. neil, it is yours. >> no, i think the mainstay is dobbs and you doing cocoon. the granted a administration, what that was like. that was a precious moment. thank you very much for that, stuart. we have other items to get through, not necessarily reminisce. we're inverted yield curve, 3 month giving a little more yield on the 10-year note. that is nothing new. one thing to avoid the markets, with the mueller probe apparently out of way, other things to worry about, not worry about. we have strength in energy and technology issues. consumer confidence did decline in the latest


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