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tv   Bulls Bears  FOX Business  March 26, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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mayor is mad, chicago police mad, prosecutor recused themselves, one to watch. connell: thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. melissa: "bulls and bears" starts now. david: first key vote on green new deal, just wrapping up on the senate floor, we'll bring you the very latest on this vote tally. stay with us. but first potential 2020 candidate howard schultz scolding democrats over the mueller report finding, howard schultz saying americans, he is meeting on his tour are not asking about it, it time for democrats to let it go. >> to last 7 weeks, as i travel the country american people have not asked me about that investigation. and i think to see the president of united states now spiking the ball, and celebrating the fact that their was no collusion, and no democrats unwilling to let it go. this is another prime example of
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the fact that we're not seeing the government work on behalf of the american people. david: hi this is "bulls and bears," i am david asman, joining me caroll roth, kevin kelly, robert wolf, john layfield and peter mariesy. gate to see you with mueller investigation over, will this put the spotlight back on the economy as the issue for 2020 election? >> absolutely, americans voted for donald trump to solve their economic problems, and to extend moderate democrats. now a time for both sides to accept the outcome and work together on baseis basic issues. like infrastructure. let's find areas of agreement on things like health care and make sure that economy keeps on goin and growing. >> this is caroll roth, i am
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glad you brought up health care, people care about things that are happening to them and their families, the economy has been a great win for them. health care is one that has not been such a great win. what to you think the president needs to on healthcare between now and the time of 2020 rolls in. to ensure that is not an albatross for him and the g.o.p. during that elected. >> we want it not be anna also -- albatross for either party. why don't we turnover the money to the states, as much as we can, let them put into place state-based programs. california wants a single player system, let's have at it. if arkansas wants to reform the healthcare system, bring in imported jobs, whatever let them
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do that. we need at federal level is some antitrust with regard to pharmaceutical companies. some kinds of reforms that donald trump is doing like pegging prices in united states to those charged in europe, that makes sense. >> few things, i atry t agree wh peter on bipartisan stiff on infrastructure, trade, and usmc. i think health care was number one topic for midterms, i am actually surprised after the mueller report that first thing that president talks about is healthcare. i think that was a good pivot for democrats, they would be happy to continue to expeek spet health care. david: we'll talk about it in later. >> he should keep on topic with the economy, like they said, it's about the economy stupid, when is a famous line, i am not
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saying stupid on anyone here. >> getting back to the economy, fascinating that not a single democrat voted for that tax plan that went through, americans by large approve. do you think that will come home to roost during the election, whoever on republican side, probably donald trump, will say, they didn't care about you, they didn't vote for the tax plan, note a single one, what do you make of that? i think that republicans have not done a good job of selling tax cut, stig lets and saying president created record deficit with tax cut, but real tie, barack obama's deficit from hit stimulus spending was bigger. the reality we need to see what happens this year when we get into spring, with regard to business investment and worker training. that is is where i expect to see
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corporate tax cuts come through, if they come through, and economy grows at reasonable pace, 2.5% perhaps then democrats have problem, 3% last year, 2.5% this year, overall the trump economy is better than obama economy who would want to bust that up. >> the deficit in -- was largest in history. >> that was one month. >> but you have a 3 percent growth right now in gdp, can you imagine if we were at recession, this spending is worse in our country history. it seems like all this investigations stuff is white noise with so much corruption, in both party its seems this is mud thrown, i think it st on the economy, are deficits not going to play a role at all this in electtion? >> i don't think they will play a big role, reason is, given --
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this is a little bit comp blix, reserve currency status of united states, fact this china probably inching toward a recession and europe as well, longer term we need to be worried. but we need to be worried about this on the spending side there is all kinds of stuff that goes on in this town that does not do anything any good, it does not regulate correctly, only thing it does creates a class for democratic party -- that will vote to keep their jobs. david: the point that democrats are now going to have mueller investigation to point to continuously as something to keep an eye on, they have to deal with the spending consequences of for example, green new deal, that is being voted on right now according to
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some would cost 94 trillion, they will be forced to account where that money is coming from. >> yes, and practical things, i grew up in new york stay, i like nathan's hot dogs, how to we get them in the city with that green new deal, with collide clydes dales, oac will change every oil burner in the united states to heat pumps. the whole thing is beyond absurd. it is not going to happen, i don't know that democratic the have to account for spending that does not take place. >> a couple thin, one, and i met with most of the presidential candidates that are running in 2020. i know people want to talk about but mueller report is not in the top 10 conversations. they just down bring it up. david: nobody now, it is over. >> not over, i mean -- >> exonerated, "washington post," had headline said exonerated, jeff bezos paper
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exonerated the president. it don't get better. >> okay. you can say it is over, that's fine. i think it started with no one thought it made that much sense to spike will football. i am happy it is over, i would rather talk about infrastructure, healthcare, i know that everyone wants too say that is what politicians were talking about, but it's not, not in iowa, or new hampshire or north carolina or south carolina or las vegas, that is where the first 4 primaries are, just not. >> but at the en was day, and this is a question for you peter, is there a message that comes across that better than the economy is on fire? in we have a strong economy, we continue to have record low unemployment across the board as well as for people of color, if we continue to have good numbers, is there any messaging they can use. it sounds like everything they are talking about would undo that good news? >> the thing, they have been
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effective at spotlighting inequal fee, it waity, the factt getting worse. situation with african-americans getting worse under the obama presidency, now it is getting better, problem with -- global economy. europe is not getting better, china is not getting better, that will be hard to grow the economy fast enough, people say i feel family better than -- fundamentally better than before. that is his challenge, and he has not done a good job of -- on that score, i think that they should basically sound bite or auction point pence get him out there talking about it. >> interesting -- interesting -- >> it is getting better, i think thatveryone's pocketbooks are better but people' free stuff, if the they want something for e they will vote for, that my question robert, if you talk
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every presidential candidate, what is the number one on their list in the 4 states you mentioned? >> number one polling message who is best to beat donald trump. on topics, healthcare is number one. i think people want to make sure they can afford their medicine and their health care. >> if you get rid of insurance that is healthcare they are talking about. >> most people do not say, that they say to extent public option. >> an issue you grab that will turn this, second, student debt. >> oh, yeah. >> touches so many people now, if you grab on that, i think you, get a lot of votes. -- >> peter, i am sorry, we have some breaking news. break in faa said southwest airline boeing 737 max 8 aircraft without passengers, without passengers aboard has landed safety, after declaring
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an emergency over engine related problem, it left orlando international in florida, two pilots on board. and they were flying to victorville, california to deliver the plane for storage. all this coming after grounding of 737 max following two fatal crashes since october, boeing spokesman, said the company was quote aware of the indent and supporting our customers. a lot more on this, a little bit later in the show, peter, i ash pol, polljiez, but -- apologize. >> democrat blaming president's tax policies, but senator rick scott said that is not accurate, senator is joining us next.
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for your business and free shipping. upload your logo or start your design today david: democrat from high tax state like new york, governor cuomo continue to blame president trump's tax policies. new analysis shows a majority of residents in high tax states were not benefiting from salt deduction to begin with. joining us florida senator rick scott. do have you any doubt that high taxes are what is driving new yorkers and other folks from high tax states to florida. >> they could fix it they could cut their taxes, i appreciative of cuomo and malloy, i sent them thank you notes. because, we'll get more people to move to our state, and grow our economy. and you will lose yours. >> senator this kevin kelly, what is fascinating you are a
5:17 pm
businessman, you came in cut 10 billion in taxes and 5,000 regulations in florida, were you surprised by the election in your state to fill your vacanty real close, by a guy who wanted to come in raise taxes. >> florida is a 50/50 state, you have to get your message out, it is a lot of work, in our state, who is winning, we added 1.7 million jobs, as we kept cutting taxes and we control the size of government, these -- you know i think new york's taxes are almost double ours, we are bigger as far as number of people than new york that is now inefficient they are. we have number one higher education sim, record funding for k-12 education, and environment. you can do both, you can do -- care about all those issues, but you have to have a good economy. >> governor -- senator rather.
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john, i think you did a wonderful job as governor as stated of florida, i am from great state of texas we benefited as you did from the high tax states. what do you do with salt deduct shup that ideduction that is suy other, a lot of times they get $2 for every dollar they send in as remi remittance from federal government how do you stop it. >> we get paid half as much money approximately for every medicaid recipient or state from federal government, that is not fair. we get about 30% less than we put in for our gas tax. that not fair. and so, you know there is -- you know they should make it fair, if federal government is going to be involved let's fund it but
5:19 pm
not play games where senator from or congressman or woman is from. let's -- >> senator, this is caroll roth, i am from great, corrupt state of illinois. illinois. if you look at where we rank, we're at the very bottom, you know to be frank we're subsidizing almost all other states to 4 billion dollars, how is that fair for people of illinois that every year we're paying outweigh more than -- out away more than we're getting back from federal government, should it be level across the board? >> you should not subsidize other states, why, why does illinois' tax so high. >> and new york or connecticut or pennsylvania. or california, i did 20 trips to those states to talk business people to moving, they are competing globaly, they can't compete globally and pay higher taxes, no one is willing to pay
5:20 pm
higher price for a products because someone pays soar taxes -- mays more taxes, you are right, federal government should be fair to everyone. >> senator, we are been taxing aboutalking about economy and healthcare, just a question, what would you herrin recommendt way to fix while health care with respect to cost of pharmaceutical and health care in general. >> i came out of health care industry, you have to figure out how t to drive down the cost of delivery system. what i have been doing is organizing meetings with pharmaceutical industries, pharmacists, and pbamerica'bm'sd hospitals and insurance companies, we have figure out what would drive down costs, insurance prices. take care of people with
5:21 pm
preexisting conditions. >> i know, what would be the reameasure you you would do. >> if you walk into a pharmacy, if it is less money for toupee ou-- to may out of pocket you should be able to do that if a drug you take, and if you on a staton you should know when your copay is, why are we paying higher prices an japan or uk or germany or france. on top of that, i want to pass something that says if you have a preexisting condition, you get health care, i grew up in a very poor family, i have a brother my mom could not get health care for. we have to make sure medicaid
5:22 pm
and medicare programs are great safety nets and we don't waste your money. david: senator rick scott thank you for joining us, great to see you. >> nice to see. >> house failing to override president trump's veto national emergency. what does this mean for the border wall? we ask congressman andy biggs he is next. liberty mutual can save you money by customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh... yeah, i've been a customer for years. huh... only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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david: house failing to over ride president trump's veto of a bill that would have blocked his national emergency to build a wall, as the pentagon directs a billion dollars to build 57 miles of 18 foot high fencing on u.s.-mick memexico border, senae democrats already reeling saying they strongly reject to the move. we bring in republican arizona
5:27 pm
conditiocongressman andy biggs. >> a great week for the president, it takes a weight off his shoulders, i don't think that anyone thought that veto would be overridden. i just say let's get this wall built. >> representative this is caroll roth in terms of building the wall, where is the priority area to start. where are you expecting might start, and are there and other issues like imminent domain that could cause roadblocks. >> well, i have been told first two places they start are around yuma, sector and also el paso sector. you will see a little bit of fencing there. there is some important needs down in the boot of new mexico,
5:28 pm
southeast arizona it is critical to get fencing there. you see a lot of funneling going through there. if you can put some along the area where some of the reservation land is, they don't really want that. -- that is one area there will be a clash on, along the reservation in southern arizona. that is a real critical need. there is a lot of trafficking that goes on there, that funnels up to pinal county in southern arizona, there will be some issues, i know ranchers on the border who are willing to actually let fencing be built there, you might see some of that waived. we have other areas where u.s. government owns land, we will see some go in there.
5:29 pm
>> john layfield here, border security is important but there is so much that needs to be done. no one has idea what to do with so mean people in the country right now illegally. what do you propose to do as far as immigration once the border is secured. >> you have to fix will hole in the asylum process, it broken. you have to revisit flores decision, that is important we can't detain people now, we have released 86,000 people since january into the country. right now, if you are on american soil and say you want asylum, i can guarantee you border patrol will rob lease --l be releasing them, give a date and never show up in the country. john you are right, we don't know how many people are here. on other hand, on visa over
5:30 pm
stay, that estimate maybe 40 percent of our illegals who are in country are visa over stays, we don't enforce that law because we don't track them. we have a better improved tracking system. i know when i lived in a foreign country, i had to register, if i did not register where i was living next 3 or 4 months they could deport me, that was always over our head, i carried my little record book with me. and reality, if you didn't have it be they would sens sense youe -- send you home, that is where we need to be, and we need more corporation from our southern border friend, mexico, they need to keep these people there right now they keep a few, by and large if someone gets on our fence, and claim asylum, we have to bring them over the fence and release them into the internior. >> robert wolf, i am confused by the original answer you gave
5:31 pm
where the money is now going to be released to build the wall, we should start -- we're now building it. is that accurate? >> i didn't say money is now going to be released, it has been designated today, by the secretary of defense. so that money is going to become available and my understanding it is. but there are other funds where president can go from and that puts treasury asset forfei foree today. >> was to override the president's veto. >> he is not getting the 5.3? today? >> not today, but they have another billion that has been released to army corps of
5:32 pm
engineers to build. david: congressman, we have breaking news on boeing, thank you. >> thank you david and panel. david: we're learning more with thabointhabo -- boeing 737 max e landing in orlando, we have details right after the break, stay tuned. oh, brad, check it out. (agent) with nationwide, you could save up to 20% by bundling your home and auto insurance. bundling home and auto. two songs in one. like a mash-up. exactly. yeah. what's a mash-up? i'm going on the bus. jerry♪eastbound and down.ound loaded up and truckin'♪
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david: back to breaking news on boeing, a southwest 73 7 max on its way to california for storage had to make an emergency landing at orlando international, the plane did not have any passengers. there were only two on the flight. the pilot and copilot, the plane landed safely, now the faa is investigating, we bring in anthony roman, faa se certified
5:37 pm
pilot, this is described as engine problem. >> these engines have a lot of software components to them. and overriding software that helps fuel flow and other characters, so boeing has its hands full. a tremendous ai amount of bad l. >> this is kevin kelly, it has been interesting. the developments that have happened and the faa's response. what is your take on how the faa has intercoulded with boeing -- interacted with boeing and getting planes grounded in. >> well, you know the issue is really started back in 2005. s faa and approved by congress gave better ata autonomy to boeg
5:38 pm
in test their. so boeing economy more competitive with airbus. then in 2012, as a result of a number of complaints by faa design staff, concerning their interaction with boeing, they felt the autonomy had grown on boeing's part too large and were complaining that objection they had with some boeing testing information provided to the faa or being suppressed by faa's superior. as a result there was an investigation that concleuned thaconcludedthaboing
5:39 pm
thaboing -- boeing had too much autonomy but nothing seems to have been done. all this through the development of 737 max and course of accident phase. >> mr. roman, i was trying to catch up and read a bunch of articles today, i read an article that said boeing 737 flight simulations gave pilots 40 seconds to override a malfunction system to me that sounds like no time. since you are the professional, i was wondering what you know about the sim lake simulation, s that a lot or little time. >> the specifics concerning the assimilation have not been provided, during the take off thing. if you have an aircraft pitching
5:40 pm
downward, and unresponsive to pilot's inputs, even if they them ai -- temporarily discouldt neck the design, and pitch goes down against in a steeper configuration because america md software had a reset. without pilot knowledge, you don't have a lot of time to make that correction. 40 seconds to one minute sounds about what time you have because you are low, you are slow, and you are very heavy, you have most fuel, and the weight of passengers, and all of the luggage. that is one of the most critical portions of flight. so that sounds about the right time, with or without software to correct a problem. >> mr. roman, in terms of what
5:41 pm
faa and the airlines need to ask from boeing and to test to make sure these max 8s will be safe for flying, what does that look like? >> well, it appears to me that the faa had knowledge that there was problem with the software quite frankly, probably i suspect before the first accident scenario. to redo such complex software in a short period of time following the second accident is not likely. i suspect that the identification of the problem. and the attempted to correct it. during that phase of time was a result of knowledge, of issue and software glitches before. david: anthony roman we really appreciate you coming on, thank
5:42 pm
you so much for youriic -- experts ease. >> high pressure. >> coming up. democrats voting on the sweeping green new deal proposal. we're going to head to capitol hill for the very latest coming up. >> if you believe the green new deal is the prescription for america, why would you not top vote on it? -- why would the not want to vote on it? ty comes risk. and to manage this risk, the world turns to cme group. we help farmers lock in future prices, banks manage interest rate changes and airlines hedge fuel costs. all so they can manage their risks and move forward. it's simply a matter of following the signs. they all lead here. cme group - how the world advances.
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>> i've never been seen a bill sponsored by a dozen members in the senate who don't' their bill to come to the floor. >> i have never seen republican leaders work so hard to bring a bill to the floor they do not support. >> if you believe that green new deal is the prescription for america, why would you not want to vote on it. a vote present today is a vote in favor. of the green new deal. >> for the first time i heard leader mcconnell admit that climate change is real, and cause by humans. their sham vote is backfiring. >> senators divided over first
5:47 pm
key vote today on green new deal resolution. procedural vote failed. bringing in chad, what did the vote mean for the future of the greenspan new -- green new deal. >> if you talk too chuck schumer, he said this first time they are actually discussing climate change. this was a vote engineered by mitch mcconnell to try to get 2020 senate democratic presidential hopeful on the record about voting for or against the green new deal, there were zero people who voted to proceed with it, it is not coming up. 43 senators voted present. look at moderates like joe mansion from west virginia. and doug zones fro -- joining fm alabama, and kirstjen nielson. >> you know have you someone
5:48 pm
like mitch mcconnell saying, i am sorry chuck schumer saying this first time we're getting into this democrats who run for president they inoculated themselve without casting a vote yea or i nay. they would say they are for something like this if he voted no, it would say this plan by alexandria ocasio-cortez is so far out there we can't get most liberal people to vote. >> chad, john layfield, we can't afford this stuff. when i had a professor on earlier he said deficits don't matter, because we have a recession in europe. it seems that a dog and pony show. they are trying too distract from fact we have a huge deficit. we can't do anything with i'm breaimmigration and healthcare, everyone is just throwing big
5:49 pm
bombs at each other, nothing is really getting done in dc. >> there is no effort to try to plan the budget and reduce deficit. a couple week ago, said balances by 2034 much there are questions about that. they have not balanced budget since late 1990s. there have been a lot of people on left who have said that 93 trillion dollar price tag that republicans assigned to this is a lot o bunk. i talk too other democrats, moderates, they want to address climate change, but this is not the package, they wish some other proposals which were more middle offe of the road and invn economy they could have more attention paid to those issues, rather than this plan by alexandria ocasio-cortez. >> hard to get a democrat on the
5:50 pm
record, but we have been able to get a centrist on the record, potential candidate howard schultz, told maria bartiromo that quote the fantasy plan is not the answer. take a listen. >> agai green new deal is fanta, there are well intentioned people trying to do good things, but let's not throw stuff gain the wall they know are not going to stick. green new deal is not the answer. we can't afford 30, 40, 50 trillion of fantasy with are guard to piling that money on top of debt. >> chad, given your previous comments, do democrats stick to the plan? or try too pivot to something else. >> they are trying to pivot to all sorts of other things, they are talking about health care all of a sudden. a moment chuck schumer asked had mueller report gone the other way would they be talking about
5:51 pm
climate change and healthcare and some ther other issues or tk about corruption in white house could they are walking a fine line right now. this is why democrats are taking this effort by trump administration to you know try to get rid of obamacare, again, how many times have we been there to say they will try to take healthcare away, that plays into democrat hand, some people think that maybe tripl trump administration might have made a bad decision. they were winning then they go to healthcare, democrats won house, they did well on health care issue in the mid term election. that could be a problem for republicans if they continue to badge that drum. >> you must heard the beginning of our panel today, i said the same thing. david: highest watching. >> what do you think i watch. >> democrats love that president
5:52 pm
did that pivot to health care. whether you top admit it or not, there was a huge -- 40 seats over 100 legislatessive wins, midterm was about health care. i want to talk about green new deal, we know that vote was a gimmick. if they did an up-and-down vote on paris accord it would pass. it is interesting today mcconnell, okay would not make the mueller report transparent, when 420 people in house voted for this, i think that is number one bipartisan piece of legislation we have seen in years in washington, as we want tratransparency on mueller repo, interesting that moc mcconnell would do a vote on this. >> i that with the mueller report, mcconnell wants to make sure they cull through classified information, you know people who might have their name sullied innocent people, they want to be careful.
5:53 pm
i just spoke with lindsey graham. and there has been a push by house democrats telling the attorney general, william barr, they want that report by second. lindsey graham said what is so magic about next week. democrats, he said, really don't know what they are doing, they need to take their time with this. david: chad, always a pleasure thank you so much. >> appreciate it about thank you. david: president trump pushing to overturn obamacare, but, is an end really in sight, we debate that, coming next. >> the republican party will soon be known as the party of health care. our grandparents checked their smartphones
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sometimes a cough gets in the way of a good night's sleep. that's when he needs vicks vaporub. proven cough medicine. with 8 hours of vapors, so he can sleep. vicks vaporub. goodnight coughs. >> justice department announcing today that it is siding with the district court ruling affordable care act is unconstitutional. so gang as the president
5:58 pm
doubles down on his fight against obamacare will we final see an end to it with a do you think. >> i think going to be an interesting fight because a i don't think we will see an end to it. but what is fascinating is that this was the first major item that the president went after remember paul ryan and him straight for health care when taxes was right there they should have got that first, when easy, right so president has -- hung on to this, hasn't let it go it could be doom of him. >> he had two years to show a different plan hasn't been able to, and as democrat we love that he is pivoting back to health care instead of the economy. keep it going. >> this is the big challenge i think, i think a big clal for the president. this is one of the issues that he is completely bungled, he needs to open up free markets health care, right away, open up the insurance, open up transparency and he needs to do it quickly because you can't takeaway the affordable care act from people unless
5:59 pm
you have a replacement. >> you don't have a replacement republicans the dog that caught the car they said going to repeal and replace saul president trump gets elected they don't have any idea what they are going to do to replace it in will they come up with an idea how to replace it, it is not going to be fixed yorp. >> meanwhile, flats have a plan to fix it surprise, surprise involves a lot more money, they make more middle class people eligible for subsidized health insurance increase aid lower income provided money to help insurers pay the bill going to spend more money. let's hope during general election next time that that increases affordable care act don't go up monthly premiums that did hurt hillary. >> i know that you want to talk about the democrats spending money, but we have the largest deficit we have seen, under this administration. >> yeah. >> so spending more isn't going to fix it right. >> exact this is exactly why we need to spend less money and go back to a free market system. >> i think if we opened state lines. >> yes? >> a and --
6:00 pm
>> totally agree. >> o pharmaceutical pricing -- that would do i think, those would be two biggest. >> you button holed entire show with that suggestion that we all agree with -- ♪ we are going to vote on the green new deal that is a -- a vote that i don't think a lot of democrats are really anxious we will not allow republicans to make a mockery of our democratic process. >> i never seen a spill sponsored by a dozen members in the senate who don't want their bill to come to the floor. >> is it leader mcconnell, stunt you back fired. >> a vet for the president is in favor of the green new deal. >> dozens of democrats avoided going down the record voting "yes" or no instead voted pre in procedural vote in green new deal, we break that down and debate why progressive democrats are so


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