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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  March 26, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> a and -- >> totally agree. >> o pharmaceutical pricing -- that would do i think, those would be two biggest. >> you button holed entire show with that suggestion that we all agree with -- ♪ we are going to vote on the green new deal that is a -- a vote that i don't think a lot of democrats are really anxious we will not allow republicans to make a mockery of our democratic process. >> i never seen a spill sponsored by a dozen members in the senate who don't want their bill to come to the floor. >> is it leader mcconnell, stunt you back fired. >> a vet for the president is in favor of the green new deal. >> dozens of democrats avoided going down the record voting "yes" or no instead voted pre in procedural vote in green new deal, we break that down and debate why progressive democrats are so angry at
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mitch mcconnell, for giving them what they should want, a center stage spotlight vote for 93 trillion-dollar deal that is the estimate of the cost. we are going to talk about what democrats are secretly scared ofs exactly what barack obama warned them about in closed-door meetings yesterday on the hill, we also have late-breaking news about boeing, a 737 max jet operated by southwest no passengers on borrowed just made an emergency landing at orlando international airport same model that crashed twice full details coming up, the democrats scandal factory overdrive democrats doubling down so is jeed proposed show show voters practical shouting, is to be the story each other's lives stop turning differences into scandal, we don't want another 600 days of scandal and toxic speculation we want normalcy, stop running from greenroom to greenroom avoiding day jobs we want you to sit down with each other, do your jobs fix
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america, work on kitchen table policies, tonight we take on what the democrats will do next, and the man it may hurt the most joe biden the "the wall street journal" will shine spot slight on scary backstory that should concern all americans, talking about the power of our nation's -- they can bring anyone down try to including commander in chief, also tonight the new mind bending twist in jussie smollett case more on arrest of trump them citizen michael avenatti, nation facing skyrocketing bankruptcy we are on the scene, robust house democrats just moving to block the president, after grilling acting defense secretary shanahan over pentagon redirecting a billion bucks to build miles of fence along the mexican borrowed, the democrats already approved 8
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times that one billion amount for border wall six years ago illegal immigrants continuing to break the wall crossing the border i am elizabeth holmes macdonald thanks for joining us -- "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪ ♪ let's get right to he can brag news on boeing a 737 max plane with no if passengers onboard just made an emergency landing, at orlando international airport he had war lawrence in washington with details edward. reporter: this is a test flight boeing 737 maximum 8 plane it ended in that emergency landing you mentioned southwest confirms that they were flying the plane to go into storage until the ban was lifted no passengers onboard just two polites a spokesman for lorpding aviation authority says plane encountered general trouble 10 minutes into a flight from orlando to victorville california turned
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around landed safely in orlando, faa allows air also to fly 737 max 8 planes if going to storage or for maintenance without any passengers. some senators concerned fia may have put profit ahead of a company, trying to make money back to you take a look. >> i want to know why the -- the fox was guarding the henhouse in fact a. faa, kneeled lesley recollect leslie delegated safety authority, to boeing and other air manufactures. >> other senators saying boeing should not try to up sell safety, especially when it could potentially mean life of every one onboard. >> why would a safety feature on your airplane be an option? why wouldn't this automaticalliautomatic be included if you don't check a box plane is not as safe is unacceptable. >> senator durbin referring to boeing making optional warning center that could tell a pilot
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when antisystem is getting faulty data the faa says this wednesday they invited 200 pilots, for an informational session, the agency says they are working closely with consumers and regulators on a software update to the antistall oscar as well as additional training boeing paying for all of it faa says final swrergs of the update could be in reports hands by the end of the week, if approved it would be uploaded into the plane no timetable, for flying the plane. >> so glad you are on story stay on story tloult 2 hour reuters ares are reporting reuters reporting 737 max software not to blame a mystery what happened with this plane say stay with us if you could appreciate your reporting, let's get on the phone right now with former faa supervisory rob, ma, rob, what is your take on this again, southwest and officials according to reuters saying computer system not to blame
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scary stuff afraid of something with 737 jet could happen inside you have the he u.s. hasn't happened yesterday. on the phone: start with emergency landing first, welcome i mean i think that any time you move an aircraft that has been grounded you are no the absolutely certain of the reason, that the airplanes were grounded always problematic. it is it burned out this -- from what we know on this that it was problem on this airplane caused it to return to orlando, and as far as we know not controllability problem, but this issue of -- boeing saying not their software -- that was the problem, kind of caught me out of left field on that one, because that is the first i heard of that. elizabeth: rob here is the thing, i mean boeing, is -- is now so big so important to u.s. economy jayp morgan chase top economist says anything
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with inventory could hit gdp trying to push towards 3% growth he could shave 0.6% gdp when you hear about this, when you hear that there is engine trouble on this jet, and. >> is an emergency landing, again breaking news no the passengers on that plane circled back to orlando what is first thought that crosses your mind. on the phone: as watching it or hearing about it, i mean, the most important thing is they got the airplane down on the ground in one piece, but, you know, all of these airplanes today, are designed that if one engine quits one stops operating, it is -- it is absolutely controllable, a little slower, doesn't climb as fast, you the is not you know, completely on -- when one engine quits not that big a deal to me i have been trained for it, i am more concerned now about this -- sudden revelation that boeing is saying software wasn't
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about to blame, i like to hear more about that. elizabeth: all right rob, ma, stay with us if you could, if you are near a phone former faa supervisory, on the breaking news about a boeing 7737 max jet had to circle back maked emergency landing in ovrnd southwest air also according to reuters was southwest plane saying not related to the computer system but we are staying on is it not right this was involved in two crashes prior to this event, are procedural vote in green new deal failing in senate moments ago, 43 democrats he voting present just didn't want to about on record as for or against it right to fox news senior producer chad with the latest, so is the vote present really for irritate as as mitch mcconnell said this was to end filibuster to start debate on the green new deal not the up vote not a down vote on the green new deal this is efforts to start debate, and this is where democrats did not want to vote yes or no this was
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targeted by mitch mcconnell at presidential candidates in senate trying to get them for it or against it and most of them voted present. there were 43 present votes in the senate it was very reminiscent offing a medicare for all vote engineered by bernie sanders a couple years ago, where most democrats voted present as well. now the same token there were four democrats went ahead and voted "no," these are moderate senators, senators tough reelections doug jones alabama kristen sinema joe manship west virginia angus king independently cautions with democrats kau becauses the democrats this means green new deal dead in the senate lots of people are still going to talk about this plan from from alexandria ocasio-cortez the freshman democrat from the bronx there was another vote in house of representatives, this was to override president trump's veto to end it be national emergency it was his first veto there have only
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been 111 sufficiently veto overrides u.s. history 25 month totally at the very least this was a not successful there were 38 votes short, all democrats voted to override, 14 republicans jumped ship voted with democrats one additional congressman voted on republican side, to override the president's veto that was john -- of new york did not vote to end national ernl 14 republicans are strike cons institutionalists or are from moderate to swing districts, what this means now, that is the efforts, to kill the national emergency is dead. it did not go through the house of representatives, and that is it, it does not got to the senate so for right now the national emergency stands elizabeth. elizabeth: thank you update here is the thing here is what we want to area have a from
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you and know about senator democrats who were sort of against the vote, you know, voting present, are they worried behind-the-scenes because the green new deal will slam is it poor and middle class with higher taxes energy bills mitch mcconnell saying going to destroy industries and jobs a lot of people say that. >> 80 is very coastal unrealistic it is wl ai socialist i think type plan four democrats voted no, the other, 43 in essence voting present you have to almost look at that as a "yes" vote. but they didn't want to actually vote yes. so obviously their concerned about it. >> even president obama warned democrats in a closed-door meeting yesterday, hey the high price tag of your policies that could hurt you at the polls, that is kind of rich given that he doubled down you know basically doubled debt with stimulus --
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green new deal free of course free health care child scary tuition voters say wait a second how are you going to pay inefficient right. >> that is it us you mentioned 93 trillion dollars our entire gdp is about 20 to 21 trillion you can see unbelievably costs ever won having to renovate homes with energy fierce measures to the tune of 30,000 dollars you are talking about, much higher energy bills, and then supposedly getting free stuff as you know it is not free. you are haying for it hence 93 trillion dollars. >> president will be going to grand rapids, michigan for a rally is it your tame voters can't kitchen table issues done with politicians destroying lives with scandals what is happening right now democrats have all sorts of of policies out there talking about, about you know, in the green new deal ending airplanes, also ending all insurance plans medicare for
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all the college where debate should be policies i think voters are done with scandalized talk; no? >> kind of things i talk about all the time bred absent butter cutting taxes growing economy more jobs better pay, addressing the crisis at the border law enforcement, supporting our military, reducing the cost of health care, those are the things that people want to hear about, and energy policy where we develop more energy with good striernl stewardship more dependbly lower cost bread and butter issues like you said knee appreciate it come back soon we are going to have texas attorney general paxon joining us about the border vote new mind bending twists, you are not going to believe what happened here and we are going to bring that update, plus, michael avenatti out of jail 300,000 dollar bond facing legal music from both
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coasts now got a big tax problem, as well we're going to bring the latest there. stay there. ♪ dad! dad!! can you drive me to jessica's house? ♪
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♪ . >> i have been trult full consistent on every single level since day one, i will not be my mother's son if capable of one drop of what i have been accused of -- >> this is a whitewash of justice. a grand jury could not have been clearer. to then say now is the cost 10,000 dollars -- financially -- but all the other repercussions of this decision is made and the -- where is the accountability? i stand by the fact what have we proud, if they want to
6:19 pm
dispute those facts do that in court not -- >> to shocking announcement that is leading chicago police in the mayor rahm emmanuel to blast prosecutors for dropping charges against empire architeactor js just accused of faking hate crimes accused of even rehearsing hate crimes fox news has the latest. reporter: jussie smollett just scheduled to appear april 7, 16 phony charges today suddenly the case was dropped. a judge granted the prosecutor's request to no longer prosecute the charges cook county state attorneys office wrote in part quote after reviewing all the facts and circumstances of the case, including mr. smol university's service in the community and agreement to forfeit bond to the city of chicago we believe this outcome is a justs disposition appropriate resolution to the case fifrt jussie smollett and
6:20 pm
attorney general held a press conversation addressed in the court husband o. >> i am a man of faith has knowledge of history would not bring my family for movement to a fire like this i just wouldn't. >> the cook county state attorneys office says this is not an exoneration that it stands by chicago police department charges dropped against jussie smollett in caming for community service, and he forfeit 10,000 dollar bond top cop says not justice smollett owns an apology mayor rahm emmanuel says jussie smollett took advantage of chicago. >> casts a shadow whether telling the truth he did this, all in the name of self promotion. he used the law that hit a crime legislation that all of us he collectively over years have put on books to stand up to be the value that embody what we believe in, this is a whitewash, of justice. a grand jury could not have
6:21 pm
been clearer. >> smol universisimultaneous university facing tantrum death threat letter chicago ploy say he sent to himself back to you. elizabeth: thank you, joining me now, is former federal prosecutor omar, we've got reports coming in, again unverified tracking story cnn reporting cook county state attorney general recused hurdz off this case due to address potential questions of impartiality because of her familiarity with potential witnesses in the case. want is that potentially why would that be enough to reason why they would drop the case against jussie smollett? >> thank you for having me on liz, what we have been left with us total state of confusion, because what we have is the current prosecutor on the case, going on record saying that the prosecutor stands fully behind decision
6:22 pm
that charged jussie if he feels exonerated prosecutors were unequivalent cal sm not feel that way why drop charges? public needs explanation to add to matters the judge ordereded that public filing of this case be steeled chicago police young called for federal probe in this case as former prosecutor myself i know a lot of prosecutors out there, probably scratching their heads, you are out there saying publicly that you are fully behind the charges, the decision that charge you go out say you made a deal with jussie smollett then you have jussie smollett's attorney saying that no deal has been established a lot of questions here. we have a serious problem i think call for federal probe is justified. >> this case is pitting the police chief and the police in chicago mayor against the prosecutors your take on that? >> you know, i think that the police and the mayor, are
6:23 pm
saying what the public fields, and i think that they are correct. at the end of the day, you have a grand jury you have the will of the people, a process that was followed. and charges that followed that. the prosecutors office says they are going to stick by dropping these charges going to have to are a tickilate why dropped police superintendent union mayor doing excellent job articulateing what they are doing without any intervention prosecutors have to about clear what with the public. >> swift to stormy daniels former lawyer avenatti on bond after being accused of trying to shake down nike nike denying all charges, avenatti claiming he had evidence nike played college bubble against ncaa rules watch this. >> i am highly confident, that
6:24 pm
when all of the evidence is laid bare in connection with these cases with all known, when due process occurs, that i will be fully exonerated and justice will be done. thank you. >> all right still going after nike going to be he says going to be fully xorntd charges in l.a. your take? >> well, we have a string and pattern of behave here you have former client stormy daniels character rooidzing him dealing degrees honest eithere, referring to doj criminal investigation for potentially lying to congress about false charges against now supreme court justice brett kavanaugh, you have accusation of domestic violence, against avenatti here, the situation has gotten a lot more serious the federal
6:25 pm
complaint both in new york and california, that are not related bring together some charges with very rich factual ba basees going to put avenatti in a different situation broadly the reason this matters is when you take the threads between both justiceu and avenatti you have dishonesty people using left wing media for personal gains to indoctrinate millions of americans to falsehoods and verdict first facts afterwards, the immediate the left-leaning weed in particular needs to take some responsibility here and be more mindful about fact checking before letting basically anybody with a social media following, to come on, koouf conservatives of anything they want, and then have a situation here, where it essentially unravels nonetheless a lot of damage done. >> thank you for coming in i appreciate it sir this hour we are tracking several other
6:26 pm
fast-moving stories perdue pharma embattled maker of oxycontin agreed to pay 270 million dollars, to a settle lawsuit brought by the okay homea attorney general aggressive marting fueled a crisis left thousands date to venezuela liters taking advantage of second major blackout impacting most 23 states loot eshs using sledgehammers machetes to rob from stores, churches, the "new york times" reporting that colin mcimpregnator gail -- mechanic agreeingor investigated over sexual assault allegations listen to british airways flight from london to germany wound up in scotland, 525 mile off course, after the wrong flight plan was filed, passengers thought capital was joking when he landed in end what should have
6:27 pm
been 70 minute flight took nearly 6 hours next "the evening edit" acting confidence secretary a capitol hill grilling after redirected billion dollars for border fencing six years ago democrats approved 8 times that amount, we will daep it a slow moving capacity he devastating midwest funds we are on the scene for an update, stay there. did you know with vanishing deductible, you can earn $100 off your deductible for every year of safe driving? sing that. ♪ vanishing deductible, you can... ♪ ♪ earn $100... ♪ earn $100 off... ♪ off your deductible. ♪ deductible. ♪ for every year of safe driving. ♪ ♪ for every-- for every-- ♪ ♪ for every year of safe driving. ♪ what are you-- what key are you in? "e." no, no, go to "g." "g" will be too high. not for me. ♪ vanishing deductible. oh, gosh. sweet, sweet.
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elizabeth: watching the fox business network the bottom of the hour the house failed to override president trump's vote a on a bill that would have blocked his national emergency that is a victory for president trump. but acting defense second salon han a you to grilling about pentagon money being redirected to pay for the border wall, it out could affect as many as 150
6:32 pm
projections across the country if pushed to redirect pentagon money totaled more than 4.3 billion dollars, we are at pentagon. reporter: acting defense secretary shanahan wants money from a pentagon markets account just 85 million dollars chairman of the house armed services committee denied request quote do you recent notification of intent to use in a process, to reprogram one billion dollars, without congressional approval is a violation of that trust, the administration continues to spend billions on imaginary crisis. >> you are not asking for our permission you understand the result likely is appropriations committee in particular will no longer give the pentagon, program authority funding a border wall out of the department of defense, is also unbelievably
6:33 pm
irresponsible. >> shanahan told smith he knew using pentagon funds for the border risked losing lawmakers' trust. >> risks were weighed given legal order from the commander in chief we are executing own that order. >> responding to a dhs request for more money sports shanahan case billion dollars would help build nearly 60 miles wall in yuma, arizona el paso, texas the southern border nearly 2000 miles long shanahan says he authorized by law to quote construct fences to install lighting to block drug smuggle corridors across international boundaries of the united states pentagon says it plans to divert funds from previously used personnel account u.s. army was short nearly 9,000 last year. >> lukas, in washington thank you so much for reporting there, okay, as fight continues over border wall
6:34 pm
funding immigration out of control at border 22 i will immigrants hid in pickup truck bed in texas tried to flee after police stopped stolen vehicle many got away to texas attorney general ken paxon your reaction. >> absolutely, you see that every day in texas maybe they don't get videos of it but it is happening every day along our border we have 65% border -- so that is a reality for our border a reality for our state, so not surprised to see that. elizabeth: the president has a victory today national emergency declaration stands. we have a situation, in texas el paso checkpoints, are so swamped they have to close border patrol you know the record number of salary questions into the country, is -- kwl swamping our men and women at the border is this going to will get worse? >> i think it is i think -- until we do something about border security the way
6:35 pm
putting more people on border using technology more effective way or building the wall, the message is come on in because we can't stop you we are would evere overwhelmed, there are too many points of entry easy to access we can't stop it. >> the thing, 2013 democrats led by charles schumer willing to give 26 billion dollars funding for intrd including 8 billion dollars toward border a bizarre, was it okay then? why not okay now? >> purely political, look, they know there is a problem obama knew there was a problem declared a humanitarian crisis knew we had issues there nobody doubts we have issues it is a pure political issue at this point sad because it effects immigrants from across the border unsafe conditions, our state. >> thank you for coming on we appreciate it. >> coming up power the power of our nation's spy chief could bring down anyone try to
6:36 pm
even commander in chief we are going to debate that coming up first, the already flooded devastated midwest briefing for more rain more flooding we are going to take you to the scene there, coming up. making h. smart tech is everywhere. making h. but is that enough? i need tech that understands my business. i need tech that works at scale. dear tech... dear tech... dear tech... we're exploring quantum to develop next generation energy. we're using blockchain to help make sure food stays fresh. we're using ai to help create more accessible health care. we're using iot to create new kinds of digital wallets. let's see some more headlines about that. let's expect more from technology. let's put smart to work.
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elizabeth: major flooding wreaking havoc in the midwest foreclosures warn worse before it gets better the national weather service says snowmelt beginning the threat o goes well into the spring on the ground in missouri fox news mike. reporter: missouri river here at waiverly missouri is just about as high as it can get without getting over the top of the levies army corps of engineers to consider levy at risk two feet from the top another concern that is boils inside levy i can show you an example this is the water that is seeping through the levy the danger here that it can
6:41 pm
degrade dirt cause a breach in it breaches you've got thousands of acres farming land south of us all at risk, now to solve the problem with boils nothing high-tech let me introduce you to noah what he is doing here is putting bags of sandbags of gravel inside that inside the start of the hole causing that boil and what is it like. >> pretty cold. yeah takes a little bit of digging and stuffing couple bags in there, and the whole -- isn't bigger than your fist but -- kind of hard to find. >> one hole at a time you can empty atlantic with a teaspoon. >> basically. >> i see good luck seems that every one in the community examine pitches in every one has country in the game a farming tight-knit so many, many every one associated with farming remarkable to see the
6:42 pm
way efrp in community is pitching in. >> mick tobin in missouri thank you. >> republican colorado congressman, thank you so much for joining us, we've got news coming in, associated press about a health concern more than a million private wells 10 states affected by flooding, being affect because there is groundwater overrun, there is danger because of flooding of e. coli seeping into private wells your reaction, sir? >> this always concern was whenever we have flooding certainly the it in colorado now seeing in midwest as well, fortunately the president declared this a devastate area, this going to be allow for funding for watershed protection, to be able to come in to be able to do assessments hopefully to be able to do work to be able to protect we are the sheds as well. >> we al hear after a national devastate four out of 10 businesses go bankrupt,
6:43 pm
bankruptcy rates skyrocketing what is going on with congress's bankruptcy reforms to help these family farmers who are really facing dire situations right now. >> fortunate we were able to pass farm bill important component to be able to protect something he so integral to what is national security for our country our food sources, to be able to help support our farming ranch communities senate has legislation working on right now, for disaster relief, to make sure that we are getting resources, in to be able to support he farming ranch communities supply food that we all need to be able to survive, and hopefully to be able to make sure they are able to continue businesses, but thes devastation we are seeing in nebraska right now farms completely wiped out, first heart goes obviously, to the families, then also to the businesses, that are suffering as well. elizabeth: we are going to stay on this story representative, thank you so much for coming in we really
6:44 pm
appreciate it. >> thank you. >> coming up "the wall street journal" editorial board member he is going to show you why c you should be concerned the rest of m eric should be concerned about the pour of o spy chiefs, the pundits double down ub who got it wrong who got it right "new york post" writer authored that piece, coming up. ♪ limu emu & doug mmm, exactly! liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice! but uh, what's up with your partner? oh! we just spend all day telling everyone how we customize car insurance because no two people are alike, so... limu gets a little confused when he sees another bird that looks exactly like him. ya... he'll figure it out. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ can we talk?
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to media democrats still doubling down on trump and russia collusion story. still going on including adam schiff he thinks there is plenty of evidence of collusion in plain site why aren't they showing it that as nancy pelosi kind of backpedaling on no to impeach him saying about impeachment quote it is not on the table, until it is on the table to the "the wall street journal," your work warning about pie she was what are you worried about. >> what i am saying when this story was pushed russian collusion narrative, and as far as we know the special counsel found no evidence of this he didn't just say i don't have enough evidence to the to procuursue a criminal ca
6:49 pm
categoryically said they did not do it all these people pushing it intelligence chiefs brennan treason clapper about pr being you russian asset mccabe said the same thing what evidence do guys have i think this is important three groups pushing for this, one is democrats, obviously, who dislike mr. trump, one was the media that went in for this hook, line and sinker, but i don't think either would have got as far without intejs chiefs sort of giving it credible because the idea was i see things that you haven't seen, so forth, now on i am a professional not a partisan now they look have you partisan to me elizabeth: that fuels it makes nation think they know information we don't have. >> right. elizabeth: so here is john brennan trying to blame bad information now not his own poor judgment watch.
6:50 pm
>> well i am -- receive that information i think i suspected that there was more than there actual was i am relieved has been determined not a criminal conspiracy with the russian government. over our election. >> wait a minute he was saying there was a conspiracy. >> right. >> john brennan is the most intemperate language tra treasonous i think he wrote op-ed saying that people who say no collusion issing who warsh now bad information i thought he was an under investigation professional you have -- this is just outrageous why i don't think democrats might want to impeach him not going to the story is not going much much further i don't think people as enthusiastic pushing it. elizabeth: a critics said to wrong for jim comey to d district attorney passenger hillary clinton going on two years power of offices are, to
6:51 pm
disseminate a false hope. >> more authority of office right, sort of intimation i have seen things that you haven't seen -- mccabe launched investigation what basis did they make these claims? >> a do you think schiff should be called on in carpet say where is proof. >> absolutely he is chairman he is not going to you know. >> do you think she resign. >> i think he should at least offer apology but look he is a parent partisan instead of he featuring on point of view impartial person look to go get truth that now treated, you know, for the partisan that he is i hope he doesn't get the same platform he used to get he used to say things go unchallenged. >> phillip has five-million-dollar legal bill, flynn no longer about political differences it is g destroying each other's political lives, their own lives. >> second part look a lot of
6:52 pm
people that were enthusiastic for special counsel i dis-like like dislike the office bad idea doesn't mean special counsel himself is corrupt they were hoping, there was talk of trump officials being frog marched out of white house the inspector general has reports that he is looking at one on fisa abuse, by fbi agents we know the one on mccabe hillary investigation where he said he lied three times, it is pretty conclusive so there may yet be indictments out of this whole but probably not people they thought in the beginning. >> catherine herridge fox concludes report on clapper brennan -- >> i don't want to about like them i don't know what they did was criminal, but it was egregious the way they used the authority of their office to engage in this partisan game, and made claims and we
6:53 pm
know they had no evidence. except for maybe an opposition funded dossier. >> funded by democrats. >> clinton's campaign. >> thank you so much. >> thank you come back soon president trump, taking mainstream media to task again not minimumsicing words that is coming up next. ♪ with expedia, i saved when i added a hotel to our flight. so even when she grows up, she'll never outgrow the memory of our adventure. unlock savings when you add select hotels to your existing trip. only with expedia. select hotels to your existing trip. itso chantix can help you quit "slow turkey." along with support, chantix is proven to help you quit.
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6:58 pm
adversary but to suggest that through the trump administration they are practically running the u.s. and all her viewers coming along for this ride up until the mueller report came out and got shattered. >> you are saying the thoughts were facts to them and their opinions were facts. let's show joe scarborough talk about what the backlash has been against reporters. let's show you his take on criticism of reporters. watch. >> just because you're sucking up to donald trump and just because power is all that matters to you and just because you will justify everything that man does and just because you are corrupt, just because you're not a journalist, just because you have sold your soul to a personality, don't knock reporters at the new york times or the washington post or the "wall street journal" or the broadcast networks for doing their job right. >> okay. all right. you know, yes, call out the president.
6:59 pm
yes, call out the lies and the distortions all of that, but the media here acted like judge, jury and execution, accusations were tantamount to a conviction. instead of looking at the facts; right? >> i think a lot of people who were the skeptics on the mueller thing just followed basic journalistic procedures. there are clips out there on the internet where people have gathered bits from morning joe from rachel maddow from don lemon on cnn and others and you see one after another, the wall is closing in. the noose is tightening. the noose is tightening. well, in fact it wasn't, and if they had just waited or if they had just done the proper reporting as opposed to taking on little speculative bits and turning those into, you know, factual situation that wasn't going on, the noose wasn't tightening. the walls weren't closing in. they wouldn't be in the place they are today. >> what a story. op-ed editor at the new york post, come back soon.
7:00 pm
>> thank you for having me on. >> thanks for watching. lou dobbs is next right here on the fox business network. have a good evening. lou: good evening everybody. the radical demes in disarray -- dems in disarray, uncontrol bly reeling from the special counsel investigation conclusions that completely exonerated president trump, but vindication of the president doesn't mean his sworn enemies are any less venomous. now defeated those same advocates of ignorance are calling for robert mueller's full report to be released to them. they even threw down an absolute deadline for the report's delivery, that would be april 2nd, they declared, setting themselves up for more pain,


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