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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 26, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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>> thank you for having me on. >> thanks for watching. lou dobbs is next right here on the fox business network. have a good evening. lou: good evening everybody. the radical demes in disarray -- dems in disarray, uncontrol bly reeling from the special counsel investigation conclusions that completely exonerated president trump, but vindication of the president doesn't mean his sworn enemies are any less venomous. now defeated those same advocates of ignorance are calling for robert mueller's full report to be released to them. they even threw down an absolute deadline for the report's delivery, that would be april 2nd, they declared, setting themselves up for more pain, more disappointment.
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how do these lying utterly discredited think they could enforce such demands or for that matter their silly ultimatum? >> there was clearly evidence of collusion, and i want to see the mueller report, not the barr summary. >> i think what the american people want most of all first is the report. let's have the report and all supporting documents. as a lawyer, i cannot go into the courthouse with a summary of evidence. >> a four-page summary that may be colored by the attorney general's personal views is not adequate. lou: inadequate, my, my. adam schiff must know whereof he speaks. president trump today again reminding the radical dems the handful of holdout rinos in the deep state what the mueller investigation actually did not find. >> the mueller report was great. it could not have been better.
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it said no obstruction, no collusion. it could not have been better. >> it could not have been better. it could not feel any better, could it? is we take up the president's vindication, the exposure of the ignorant conspiracy among the radical dems and the national left wing media. will there be an accounting for the evil they have done? the pain they have caused our president and the american people? congressman jim jordan, congressman matt gates among our guests here tonight. and more winning, more winning, house democrats failing to override president trump's veto in the fight over the president's declaration of a national emergency. joining those dems by the way, 14 house rino republicans, betraying again the president refusing to support national security and all together ignoring the obvious and ever worsening border crisis. tonight we take up these 14
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rhinos and -- rinos and their refusal to back president trump's demands for border security. republican strategist ed rollins and amy tarkanian join us here tonight. charges dropped against actor juss se smollett, both the chicago mayor and police suspect absolutely raging against the prosecutors who refuse to prosecute. >> this is without a doubt a whitewash of justice and sends a clear message that if you are in the position of influence and power, you will get treated one way. other people will be treated another way. mr. smollett is still saying that he is innocent, still running down the chicago police department. how dare him? how dare him? >> do i think justice was served? no. do i think justice is? -- where do i think justice is? i think this city is still owed an apology. lou: among ours guests here
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tonight legalist analyst emily kapano. our top story the radical dems and the national left wing media flailing after their russia collusion conspiracy against president trump and their deep state inspired witch hunt failing to overthrow the president. president trump tweeted about the media this morning. the mainstream media, he tweeted, is under fire and being scorned all over the world as being corrupt and fake. for two years, they've pushed the russian collusion delusion when they always knew there was no collusion. they truly are the enemy of the people and the real opposition party. president trump responding to the months of smears originating from the left for almost two years, former cia director john brennan attacked this president, viciously, called him a traitor. cnn's chris cuomo said the trump campaign engaged in collusion
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behavior and msnbc's joe scarborough took the ticket saying the president conspired with russia. now that mueller has exonerated president trump, this unholy trinity did their worst trying to defend themselves. >> i don't know if i received bad information but i think i suspected that there was more than there actually was. >> there ain't no apology coming. i got nothing to apologize for. they are taking a victory lap for not being felons. that's how low the standard is for behavior right now. >> i just pose this question to you, i pose this question to everyone watching, either now or later on the internet, what would you have had the media do over the past two years when donald trump lied throughout the 2016 campaign about his contacts with russia? lou: well, i guess one of the things we could have started
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with is maybe just simple decency and trying to report facts instead of absurd twisted ugly ideological cant. cnn president jeff zucker actually tried to defend his network's coverage. he said this, quote, we are not investigato investigators. we are journalists. and our role is to report the facts as we know them, which is exactly what we did. well, actually, mr. zucker, that's exactly the opposite of what you ordered up at cnn, the opposite of cnn's so called reporting. the national left wing media and radical dems narrative didn't fit the facts and you know it. and that didn't slow the attempted submersion of the trump presidency one wit. president trump's campaign sending a memo to the major news networks with a clear definite warning. stay away from those who have been perpetuating false claims
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of collusion. the names include richard blumenthal, adam schiff, jerry nadler, eric swalwell, dnc chairman tom perez, former cia director john brennan. joining us tonight is congressman jim jordan, ranking member of the house oversight committee, member of the judiciary committee, cofounder of the house freedom caucus and one of the president's great advocates and supporters throughout. congressman, great to have you with us. >> good to be with you, lou. lou: let's go straight to the point here. this is a conspiracy that is clear. >> yeah. lou: it was an attack on the presidency. we also know that if i may quote from the mueller probe and the text by lisa page to peter strzok saying this -- let's go straight to the quote, which is,
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if we could put that up, it's a very simple quote, potus wants to know everything we are doing. this in sent of 2016. >> yeah. lou: this seems to me to be the appropriate jumping off point to investigate what started all of this, who directed it, and who insisted on where it might lead. your thoughts? >> no, i totally agree. look, if you go back to this dossier, one party's opposition research document, dressed all up, made to appear to be legitimate intelligence, take it to a secret court to get a warrant despite the other party's campaign, that is never supposed to happen in this country, but that's exactly what took place, and remember this, i go back to this because i think it is so important, when it was president elect january of 2017, the president hasn't even been sworn into office yet, january of 2017, the top democrat in the government chuck schumer says this, if you mess with the intelligence community, they have six ways to get back at
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you. think about that statement. lou: yeah. >> that is not supposed to be how it works. get back at the president for what? for winning the election? this is why it is so important we do get to the bottom of this, find out exactly who was involved in perpetrating this whole dossier narrative using that dossier to start this whole crazy ridiculous thing they did. that's why it is important because we can never have this happen again in this great country. lou: and the words that she, lisa page, texted, potus wants to know everything we are doing. >> yeah. lou: those are words that will resonate i believe throughout much of the rest of this year. >> so there are key people we need to look at, the key five people at the fbi who have been fired, dmoeted or left -- demoted or left the fbi, comey, mccabe, lisa page, peter strzok, but also brennan needs to be examined, and then the one person that i think is critical
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to all of this, remember, this guy took the 5th in front of the judiciary committee last congress, glen simpson. glen simpson who is the guy who was paid by the clinton campaign through the law firm perkins who went and hired the foreigner christopher steele who put this dossier together. he's not answering our questions. he took the 5th in front of the judiciary committee. it is interesting lou nadler sends out 81 letters to 60 some different individuals trying to get all the information he can but he doesn't send a letter to glen simpson. why is that? i think he's an important person that we need to get in, see if he will answer questions now, get documents and information from him so we can get to the bottom of all this. lou: at this point, do you think it would be appropriate, appropriate to have a grand jury to pursue each of these lines of inquiry that we're talking about here tonight? >> i think we need to remember a couple things. one, michael horowitz, the inspector general at the justice department is in fact doing an investigation. he's supposed to have his report sometime late spring, early summer. there's also john huber, u.s.
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attorney, state of utah, who is looking at the whole potential fisa abuse and what happened with the fisa court, and we haven't heard a thing from him. i don't know what he's doing. but at some point he's supposed to have a report as well. i look forward to those two things. we may have to do more. all i know is this was so egregious, so wrong, so bad, it can never happen again in this country. that's why we need to hold people accountable who were responsible for starting the whole thing. lou: another who has played a central role in maintaining throughout for two years claiming that he had evidence of collusion, that of course congressman adam schiff, amongst others, minority leader, kevin mccarthy calling for his resignation. kellyanne conway, counsel to the president calling for his resignation. your thoughts? >> well, i mean, look, he's the one who pushed for devin nunes to step down as chairman for -- or step off the leading the investigation into this issue a couple years ago. it seems a little hypocritical
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if he doesn't, particularly because he was palling around with glen simpson last summer. also you have the fact that it was adam schiff who tried to prevent congress from learning who paid for the dossier. tried to prevent congress from understanding that the clinton campaign was the one who paid the law firm who paid glen simpson. so again, it seems a little hypocritical if he doesn't step aside from some of the investigations he is now pushing. lou: of course a little hypocrisy is no problem at all for the radical dems. congressman, always good to have you with us. we appreciate it. >> you bet, lou. good to be with you. lou: thank you. congressman jim jordan. still ahead here tonight, prosecutors in chicago suddenly dropped their case against jussie smollett. what's going on in chicago? maybe a little of the usual. we will bring you the latest. up next, president trump fires back at his political opponent still clawing for imimpeachment.
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-- impeachment. >> we have the greatest economy we have ever had. our country is in incredible shape. they and others with this ridiculous witch hunt where it was proven very strongly, no collusion, no obstruction, no nothing. we are doing so well we never probably had a time of prosperity like this. lou: not in modern history. we'll take up the president, the presidency, and much more right after the break. ed rollins joins us. stay with us. from the start, the c-class was ahead of its time.
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smarter sleep. so you can come out swinging, maintain your inner focus, and wake up rested and ready for anything. sleep number is ranked #1 in customer satisfaction with mattresses by j. d. power. save $500 on select sleep number 360 smart beds. only for a limited time. lou: radical dems socialists, whatever you want to call her, alexandria ocasio cortez green new deal failed miserably today to pass even a senate procedural vote. all together, 57 senators, that is, 57, voted against that proposition. four democrats joined all 53 senate republican senators opposing literally 93 trillion dollars deal. that would have been a lot to take on. also today it was just a procedural vote, but the point was made and also our hats off
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to mitch mcconnell for showing what a bunch these radical dems are in the senate. today the house failed to override president trump's emergency declaration veto and 14 republicans jumped across the aisle voting to override the veto. the 14 lawmakers are legendary of, well, i would consider them legendary creeps. they don't even really rise to the level of rinos because they hide little silly votes like this and then frankly betray their party, the president trying to show their uniqueness which is really quite an eccentric identification i think of them. joining us tonight former reagan white house political director, fox business political analyst ed rollins. let's start with doesn't this feel great that the president has been vindicated?
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we're watching these fools on the left, they are in pain. this is a wonderful moment. >> my favorite has been watching brennan the last couple of days, a man who i despised -- lou: do you still despise him? it makes it sound like you are over it. >> i'm a catholic. i believe in forgiveness. lou: you have to get there so quickly. >> watching him say maybe i overstated the case a little bit. lou: he had bad information. remember he was bragging earlier as he attacked the president viciously. he bragged that he was an intelligence professional. he's neither professional nor very intelligent. i mean, and what a coward. maybe i had bad information after he assails this president daily for two years. are you kidding me? >> again, he's my favorite. he had bad information when he was a cia director. he never failed to give -- lou: he had bad information when he spied on the senate
7:20 pm
intelligence committee. he's just disgusting, appalling, disgrace to the country. >> that was my highlight of the day. [laughter] lou: that was it? my highlight is watching the president go down to capitol hill in the white house victorious, exonerated, vindicated. that's the highlight of my day. >> that's a good highlight. good highlight for him. and obviously they didn't lay a glove on him and they are all now eating his dust. lou: what do you make of the procedural vote? again, i want to give mitch mcconnell credit. >> mitch mcconnell is a master of maneuvering the senate. we criticize him sometimes on this show. lou: yes, i do. >> i do too. [laughter] >> but he is a master by making the democrats vote on this idiotic bill that the young lady from the 14th congressional district -- lou: alexandria ocasio cortez. >> just showed the absurdity of it.
7:21 pm
96 billion dollars guesstimate -- lou: 93 trillion. >> trillion -- lou: it is a big number. incomprehensible to me. >> it is never going to happen. forcing them to basically vote on the bill today including all of those who will run for president next time, so my sense it was a brilliant maneuver on his part. i think he deserves a lot of credit for this. lou: speaking of setting the standard, if you will, and putting forward the direction of this country, i want you to hear president trump today who i think today just probably again sent the radical left of this country, the radical dems just spinning. here is the president. >> let me just tell you exactly what my message is, the republican party will soon be known as the party of healthcare. lou: and there he is. what do you make of it? >> well, i think obviously they've got to repeal and have to replace the healthcare
7:22 pm
system, which is now broken. i think the supreme court may do it first, but at the end of the day, here republicans need to come forward with a real comprehensive package that works. lou: don't use that word, please. >> works? lou: no. comprehensive. i hate the word. it is the word that the swamp uses all the time where they will make things so big, so broad, so unintelligible. >> how about something that ordinary citizens can understand, purchase, and go to their doctors with? lou: yeah, you are talking to me, a man of the people, now i can understand it. we appreciate it. as always, ed. >> thank you. lou: thank you very much. >> a big day. lou: a great day in america. >> and the democrats are really rolling over, playing dead. lou: you have adam schiff running around like the fool that he is. >> he is irrelevant. lou: schumer, pelosi -- just -- what a terrible, terrible
7:23 pm
gallery of shame. >> throwing rocks at the window, throwing pebbles. lou: thanks, ed, ed rollins. ignorance, ignorance on the part of the european union. we think of the left as having sort of a monopoly on ignorance, but no, it's around the world. and in the european union sometimes it opens the door for more chinese cyber espionage. we take that up. a new ruling on huawei with cybersecurity expert morgan wright. stay with us. china, china, china, red storm rising. i can't believe it. that there's a lobster in our hot tub? lobster: oh, you guys. there's a jet! oh...i needed this. no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on our car insurance with geico. we could have been doing this a long time ago. so, you guys staying at the hotel? yeah, we just got married. oh ho-ho! congratulations! thank you. yeah, i'm afraid of commitment... and being boiled alive. oh, shoot. believe it.
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hey rick, all good? oh yeah, we're good. we're good. termites never stop trying to get in, we never stop working to keep them out. terminix. defenders of home. lou: the european union is defying the united states warning to ban chinese telecom giant huawei as its potential 5g network provider. the european union has decided instead to call on countries to share more data, to help stop cybersecurity risks related to
7:28 pm
those 5g networks, despite the u.s. campaign against huawei, the chinese company says they have seen no impact on their sales. joining us tonight to assess all that is going on in cyberspace and of course in international politics, morgan wright, former senior advisor, former law enforcement advisor to the republican national committee cybersecurity expert. great to have you with us. >> hey, lou. lou: how are you doing? this is stunning to see that the united states has not had an impact on huawei, its expansion into friendly networks of u.s. allies, particularly the european union. >> look, we have met the enemy, and it is huawei, and it is china. make no doubt about that. you know, right now, lou, huawei, through access to unlimited capital from the chinese government, the communist government has over
7:29 pm
half the patents in 5g right now. they are putting it in nef everything. in boston you have the metropolitan transport up there is buying all of the trains that are equipped -- that are coming from china. same thing down here in metro. all of this technology, guess what? it is built in for cyber spying for cyber espionage because that's what the chinese do. this is the frog in the scorpion partial all over again. -- parable all over again. every company in china is expected to work the intelligence agencies, all the artificial intelligence that's being built by google, in shanghai in their lab right there, i guarantee you it is ending up in the hands of the chinese military. lou: let's listen to patrick shanahan the acting defense secretary on this very issue before the house armed services committee. >> you're talking about a country that has a clear history of cyber espionage. we're talking about country with predatory economics. talking about looking at, you
7:30 pm
know, people having to have a social credit, that's part of doing business over there is you have to share data. lou: have to share data. in fact -- >> yep. lou: partly an element of the talks going on between the united states and china on the trade partnership, their relationship. your thoughts about what shanahan is say ing? we are talking about the united states defense department having no impact on our allies whatsoever apparently. >> yeah, this is going to be subject to my column coming out on the hill next week, lou, and i dive into this hearing. i dive into the one where the testimony before the house judiciary committee. look, if this is world war ii, we are now feeding the germans the weapons and the ammunition to shoot us with. we are giving these guys everything. i'm concerned like you are. it is called the alliance, united states, canada, u.k., australia, new zealand, at least they should be united behind this to keep huawei out of our
7:31 pm
infrastructure. they did it with 3 com. did it with the broad band network called first net. we have kept huawei out of a lot of other things. why we can't keep them out of a lot of this infrastructure, it will lead to problems and issues. china steal us our of our ip. they rob us of it. lou: which they have been doing for a quarter century now. is the united states simply incapable of carrying out attacks against china's cyber assets, their systems, their networks? >> no, you know, here's the difference. i think we're really good at it. the difference is when you look at reporters without borders and the freedom index, china and russia rank at the bottom. we are still farther up the scale, not great obviously considering the findings that just came out, but still we have much more transparency. so when there's an attack, we hear about it. when there's an attack over there, you get the death
7:32 pm
sentence if you give information about details like we're very over there. it is just that that information is not being reported and we're not declassifying some of those victories that we're having in cyberspace to where we are making an impact. what we don't do is we don't rob intellectual property out of commercial firms the way china does to us. that's the big difference between how this game is played. lou: and the reality is that we're talking about the theft through primarily in cyberspace, the digital assets of half a trillion dollars a year in some instances, carried out by the chinese from the united states. if we're so good at it, why aren't we stopping them? why is it a matter of negotiation rather than a matter of national defense being asserted? >> well, it should be. you know, if this were a football, you would have a coach saying we're great on offense but we're not good on defense. i think when you and i last talked with gordon chang, we talked about some defense contractors the state of cybersecurity is just pathetic.
7:33 pm
that's what we've got to make an impact. we need to make an impact on our defense, keep them from breaking in and stealing the stuff. raise the cost of an attack so high that from an economic standpoint it forces them to scale back or stop the attacks on us. right now it is just easy. they walk in. they are stealing us blind. lou: inexcusable, inexplicable. morgan wright, always good to have you with us. you are going to write that column next week in the hill; is that correct? >> yeah, it will be coming out next week. lou: i'm kidding you. i'm trying to promote it in a very soft and gentle way there. >> thank you, sir. lou: yes, sir. morgan wright as always good to have you with us. >> you bet. lou: the radical dems have a new deadline for attorney general william barr. >> the mueller report should be disclosed. we expect that the attorney general will disclose it no later than april 2nd. lou: wow, william barr must be just shaking at his desk as he hears these ultimatums. all we've got to say here
7:34 pm
tonight about their demands are what? are what? we take that up after the break. congressman matt gates joins us. stay with us. we'll be right back. patients that i see that complain about dry mouth,
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lou: headlines tonight chicago prosecutors abruptly dropping all charges today against actor jussie smollett. the decision by the cook county prosecutors office comes just five weeks after smollett was charged for staging a fake hate crime against himself. it's complicated in cook county. prosecutors there gave no explanation whatsoever as to why they suddenly dropped the case. but some say they still believe smollett concocted the assault. of course he did. he says not. more signs of the crisis along
7:39 pm
our border, just take a look at this video. 22 illegal immigrants piling out of the back of that pickup, as they flee from police, after being spotted in encino, texas, the county in which this incident happened. an absolute hotbed of illegal immigration. new reports tonight that vice president mike pence convinced director of intelligence dan coats last year to remain with the trump administration, as the president was criticizing his performance as director of national intelligence. it raises the question, what is the shelf life for coats as dni? joining us tonight congressman matt gaetz, a member of the house judiciary, armed services committees. congressman, great to have you with us. if i may, i would like to start again with what seems to me to be the absolute essential question to be answered now, raised by lisa page in a text to
7:40 pm
peter strzok, and that is, potus wants to know all that we are doing. the talking points for comey, lisa page says yes, because potus wants to know everything we are doing. your thoughts on the implications and whether we will get to the bottom of what potus did learn, what he knew and when he knew it? >> of course you are speaking of potus obama. lou, what we do know is there was no collusion, no obstruction of justice, no wrongdoing by the president that would warrant an imimpeachment or a removal of any kind, but we have not applied that same level of scrutiny to the people who began this utterly ridiculous rich hunt to begin with. -- witch hunt to begin with. we all know why this began. it began because we allowed political dirt, opposition research written by someone who the fbi knew to be a liar to masquerade as an intelligence document to function as the
7:41 pm
basis to fuel an investigation dividing the country for 22 months. so we've spent 675 days, tens of millions of dollars investigating the president. let's now apply that same level of rigor to investigating a process that was broken, and by the way, lou, this will happen again, if we don't fix it. if we don't fix the underlying problems with the secret courts and the surveillance and allowing politics to interfere with investigators, then it will happen again and that would be a terrible thing for our country. lou: i think this has been a terrible two years for this president. shackled as he was by these false charges, this conspiracy against him, and i don't think anyone should make any mistake whatsoever about what it was. this was an operation by the radical dems to take down this president, to overthrow this president, to overthrow -- >> and possibly also to cover up for the real collusion that was
7:42 pm
happening through the clinton foundation, where untold sums of money were paid in exchange for influence with the state department that a lot of bad people hoped would continue in their world where hilary clinton would have been elected president. that was the real collusion. the dnc, the hilary clinton campaign. now, democrats in washington today are just going nuts, lou. they're going through the stages of grief. first you saw denial. i mean, i think adam schiff is still trying to maintain that the russia collusion story is true, when we all know now what you and i have known for quite some time in that it's bogus. we see the angry democrats like maxine waters who are still pursuing impeachment. then you just reported on the bargaining process, trying to act as though this is still legitimate by making demands on attorney general barr to produce on a time line consistent with the democrats. give me a break. this entire investigation was a nothing, and now the american people know who has been telling them the truth and who has been lying to them. lou: and the radical dems, the
7:43 pm
democratic party owns this absolutely scurrilous plot against the president, 100% and should be held accountable. how high do you believe that these treasonous actions by the radical left in this country, the democratic party, how high do you think they go? do they go to president obama, for example? >> well, when you look at the text messages between peter strzok and lisa page, they continue to reference the white house. so i don't know who in the white house was driving this, but i'm sure that it was very senior levels of our government. it was people who did not want to see donald trump elected president. we cannot allow outgoing administrations to launch investigations into their political enemies because then they are doing what they accused russia of doing. they are actually undermining confidence in our democracy by creating this huge dust storm of suspicion around a president who did not collude with russia. you know, so now you're going to
7:44 pm
see the democrats go to 81 different investigations and probe every element of the president's life, same witch hunt, different broomstick, lou. same group of people, and the american people shouldn't trust them. lou: i have to ask you, is this president, is his government, his administration going to put up with the nonsense that your democratic colleagues in the house are attempting? very quickly. we're out of time. >> they should not do anything that distracts them from the important work they are doing to renegotiate trade deals, end wars, cut taxes, reduce regulations, and reinvigorate an american spirit that is absolutely on the rise. that's what i want my president focused on. he's focused enough on this bogus russia witch hunt. lou: yeah, and the president just think of everything that he's done. i mean, you ticked off a list that basically he's already accomplished in the first two years and now it looks like healthcare becomes a priority for the president and for the nation. congressman, great to have you with us as always. >> thank you.
7:45 pm
lou: congressman matt gaetz. up next mueller's report exposes the national left wing's media biassed botched reporting. can we call that reporting? i don't think so. we will take that up after the break. amy tarkanian and emily capanio join us here next. we will be right back. exactly, nothing. they're completely different people, that's why they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual. they'll only pay for what they need! [ gargling ] [ coins hitting the desk ] yes, and they could save a ton. you've done it again, limu. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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lou: a major leadership shake up at the southern poverty law center exposing the group for the left wing scam that it has always been. the president richard cohen resigning friday, nine days after the southern poverty law center's cofounder morris dees was fired over allegations of racial discrimination and sexual harassment investigations we are told are just about to be launched. joining us tonight republican strategist former chair of the nevada republican party amy tarkanian. great to have you with us, amy. emily capanio a former federal attorney and fox business contributor. great to have you with us. let's start, amy, with you. the southern poverty law center has been sort -- it's sort of been kind of disguised over here on the side and covered up by all that's been occurring, but
7:50 pm
this is a major development because that is a left wing activist group that has benefitted from nonprofit status many of its employees describing it as pure scam. your thoughts? >> that is correct. and even rolling stone has been on the record as calling it a scam, and their mission is basically to fight hate and bigotry, but we're finding that this group is nothing but filled with hypocrisy, and this gentleman, there's actually been numerous allegations of sexual misconduct allegations since 2003. and you had mentioned also the financial possibility that that's also a scam, that there are millions of dollars that are in offshore accounts -- lou: 500 million dollars in deposits. >> it's outstanding. lou: we're told that investigations are likely to follow on this very quickly, emily, your thoughts?
7:51 pm
>> yeah, amy and u are both right. -- you are both right. this nonprofit posts half a billion dollars in assets, including 121 million in offshore accounts. here's why viewers need to care because not only does this nonprofit evade taxes with its targeted policy, but it also acts as a policeman for large data consumer platforms such as amazon and google and it's a common filer of amicus briefs of the united states supreme court so it affects policy and our courts literally. it is up to everyone to know what happens to it moving forward and it is held accountable. lou: let's turn to the big news which is the president vindicated. the radical dems are just -- i mean they are beside themselves trying to contend with the reality that their conspiracy, their more than two-year-long effort to overthrow this president and our government.
7:52 pm
amy, to think that it almost came to pass. if we had had any other president but donald trump, i truly believe this, that person would have folded very quickly under the pressure of the unrelenting attacks on him throughout this entire period of this presidency. >> agree with you wholeheartedly. it is very frightening that we even got this far. you know, it's not surprising, though, when you see most of the mainstream media now trying to backpedal and trying to save their back sides. this is a huge ordeal where i would actually believe it would require a huge apology from a ma jorty -- majority of the mainstream media as well as those who have been pushing and peddling this story in the house and the senate. lou: emily, the companies, the corporations that own these media outlets, the fake news as the president has branded them, whether it is at&t, whether it
7:53 pm
is comcast, whether it is the new york times, the list goes on. they have great responsibility here. should they not step forward and say they will never permit those news organizations again to distort, to lie to the american people? >> it would absolutely be a step forward in the public being reassured that there's a measure of accountability taken with that, if that happens, and i want to point out too just what this has encompassed and absorbed of the last two years. how much of our tax dollars went to this and also the time and coverage that did a disservice to constituents that were hoping for actual policy debates and learning more about what is actually going on in washington and instead were simply fed that. for example, remember the cohen hearings, what was going on at the same time as that? our first ever cybersecurity infrastructure agency, that deputy head was testifying on
7:54 pm
the hill that same week. we heard nothing about it. that's so much more vital than what was covered this whole time. lou: so many issues far more vital, and the president now with this burden off his back, the american people can move forward to a very bright future. amy, thanks for being with us. emily, thank you very much. we're going to be right back with much more. stay with us. i wanted more from my copd medicine...
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7:58 pm
lou: this morning i had the chance to talk to my friend and colleague of some 40 years, stuart varney, about cnn's sad state of affairs. with trump in the oval office, these people are beside themselves. they can't even create a rational sentence, let alone thought. and i'd also like to thank sean hannity for his shout9-out last night acknowledging hur colleagues and the -- our colleagues and the stalwarts who
7:59 pm
have stood with president trump from the very beginning. >> if not for talk radio, thank god for rush, mark, my colleagues here, many of them like laura, tucker, @loudobbs "fox & friends," a few other logical, independent thinkers standing alone, there would have been no one out there advocating for truth discovering the biggest abuse of power scandal in our history. lou: and, sean, good on you. great work. congratulations to the president who's the only one i know that could have really stood the more than two-year-long assault by the rad call the dems -- radical dem asks if the deep state. it has amounted to now the biggest political scandal in american history, and it's about to get larger. much larger. that's it for us tonight. tomorrow, former kansas secretary of state kris kobach and the daily caller's christopher bedford among our guests. we hope you'll join us. thank you for being with us
8:00 pm
heren tonight. good night from new york. ♪ ♪ david: breaking right now, the angry democrats and liberal media justin can't seem to come to grips with the findings in the mueller report. a adam schiff, who for two years claimed he had proof of collusion and even though bob mueller's report cleared the president, he just can't seem to let it go. listen. >> i've said all along that we would accept whatever conclusions he reaches as a prosecutor. i've also said that there was a big difference between the whether there was evidence of collusion -- and i think that evidence is in plain sight. david: schiff is facing growing calls from gop members to resign. one of those congressmen is here in just moments. and a bombshell in the jussie smollett


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