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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  March 27, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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breaking right now, massive outrage over the bombshell news that prosecutors dropped all charges against actor jussie smollett, but why then is one of the prosecutors saying this? listen. >> is mr. smollett innocent of the charges against him? >> no, he is not. we stand behind our investigation. we stand behind our decision to charge him and we stand behind our decision to bring the case to a grand jury. david: the chicago fraternal order of police thinks this was a politically executed move and is calling for a federal investigation into kim foxx, the prosecutor who initially recused herself. the group's vice president is here in just moments with the action his group is now taking. and president trump meeting with juan guaido's wife today
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and sending this warning to russia over its interference in venezuela. >> russia has to get out. >> have you in any way communicated that -- >> they know. they know very well. david: retired four-star general jack keane is here on russia's bold moves in venezuela. meanwhile, a crisis even closer to home. the border chiefs saying quote, the breaking point has arrived at our southern border. the latest on that growing crisis this hour. plus, while president trump focuses on the important issues at hand, democrats continue to live in a hypnosis of false collusion claims. rnc chairwoman ronna mcdaniel is here on that. "trish regan primetime" begins right now. david: hi, everybody. glad you could join us. i'm david asman in for trish
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regan. our top story tonight, outrage growing in chicago after a stunning move by prosecutors dropping all charges against jussie smollett. despite their own evidence that the actor faked a racist anti-gay attack on himself in an attempt to boost his career. now chicago police are releasing their files on smollett to the public showing step-by-step how they uncovered his alleged hate crime hoax. the release coming as the city's police unit, the fraternal order of police, is calling for an investigation into chicago's top prosecutor, kim foxx. foxx was forced to recuse herself from the case after text messages and e-mails emerged revealing she discussed the case with michelle obama's former chief of staff, who was a smollett family friend. we are also learning that the fbi is now investigating why smollett's charges were dropped. joining me now, vice president of the chicago fraternal order of police, martin pride.
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nice to see you. thank you for being here. prosecutor kim foxx seems to be claiming now that what smollett did was no big deal, to which you say what? >> ludicrous. this is a 16-felony count that the grand jury approved. are we now going to let people run around making up false hate crime claims and then spend detectives and all the time investigating them, and then just let them go? that's nonsense. we talked to dozens of former states attorneys and chicago attorneys, they never heard of such a thing. we don't buy it for one second. david: and forgive me, i called you mister. you deserve the title patrolman which is what you are. >> that's fine. david: you are a brave man to be there on the streets of chicago. we applaud for that. while this wild goose chase was taking place that smollett had you folks on, 18 chicagoans were
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killed in the streets. you think that the fact that you guys were diverted from your task, your life and death task, by the wild goose chase, that that actually led to some of these deaths or complicated their investigations? >> well, we are very low on manpower to begin with, and we have been very low on manpower for a long time, particularly detectives. you know, i haven't done an equation to measure it, but you know, this decision by foxx in this case, we have complained from the get-go that she's been way too easy on criminals, and she's been -- she's taken very good cases we brought forward and not charged appropriately and lowered charges, so i mean, she's created an atmosphere that is very conducive to violent crime, particularly gang crime. i think a lot of officers feel on the street that they feel
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very emboldened these days that they can get away with a lot more than they used to. david: we should emphasize that in 2018, we saw a rise in the number of police officers around the country that were killed. i'm sure that the incidents of violence against police officers in chicago was no exception to that, right? >> yeah, in chicago there's a very, very powerful anti-police movement in the political structure, the city and the county, even the state. a lot of -- kimberly foxx comes out of that tradition. there's an intense vilification of the police that's a narrative they have been pushing for a long time and we have been trying to fight back about that and trying to say there's as much corruption in the people who are accusing the people of misconduct as there is, you know, evidence of police misconduct itself. there's a war of narratives in chicago.
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it's sort of like the base camp of the tension that's reverberating throughout the country. very dangerous. david: a lot of us watch television, watch these shows that show prosecutors and police officers working together to solve crimes. we assume that's what's going on. you would assume that police officers need someone like a strong prosecutor to have their back in case there's trouble. it doesn't seem like you have somebody like that in chicago. >> you're absolutely right. in a functioning criminal justice system, there's kind of a dialogue between the prosecutors and the police. with kimberly foxx, that seems to have almost completely eroded. the police officers on the street have a distrust that even their simplest actions or investigations are going to turn around and make them the villain. there's a very powerful movement
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in chicago to make the police the criminals and to make the worst criminals, folk heroes. it goes all the way back to the 1960s. it's very, very depressing. david: finally, do you support a federal investigation into what the heck went on in chicago, what went on with this case, who else was involved, maybe somebody outside of chicago, in dropping the charges? i understand there may be a federal investigation that's already begun with that regard, but if you were to file a civil case against smollett, maybe even against the prosecutor, you could get through discovery a lot of information on those files that the prosecutors tried to keep shut. will you do that? will you file civil charges against smollett? >> i have been talking to our attorneys all week and we're going to look at every single angle to go into this case and others. you have to remember, this isn't the only case we challenged
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kimberly foxx about. we are very upset about the exoneration of many convicted killers that she made. we believe that these exonerations should not have been made and these are as alarming as this case itself. so yeah, we are going to pursue every angle. we have our attorneys working on it. we've had enough. we've had enough of this. the police in chicago have had enough. david: every day you go out in the streets, you are a hero in all of our eyes or at least most of our eyes in the country. patrolman, thank you for being here. good luck. >> thank you very much. david: prosecutors dismissing criminal charges against the actor but the legal fallout is far from over for jussie smollett. for more on that angle, let's bring in attorney and fox news contributor emily campagno. we are getting word, it's thinly sourced, we have to mention, it comes from one media source in chicago, that the federal investigation has begun.
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what is the focus of that federal investigation, what should it be? >> right. well, there were two separate formal requests for investigations by the fed that were called by the union of the chicago police department, so those two were both the recusal by cook county state attorney kim foxx and then secondly, this entire dropping of charges. ultimately, i would hope that those two investigations would be merged. the purpose would be a, that she didn't recuse herself formally, right, and unlike what was widely reported at the time, the entire office should have been recused if that's what was happening. we learned later it was on the basis of a personal relationship she had with the family in the form of constant text messages and calls requesting a federal investigation, and then the second thing would be the fact that all of these charges were dropped. now, here are some things i really think viewers need to understand. david: before you go further, before you go further, let me just say this. if you recuse yourself from a
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case, you are supposed to appoint a special prosecutor or have a special prosecutor appointed to take your place. obviously, that's what happened very recently on the federal level. we saw that happen with the mueller investigation. in this case, she put in charge a flunkie, one of her deputies that essentially was open to being manipulated perhaps behind the scenes by her. so she still got her intention put through. that's what one of the things that i hope federal investigators are looking into. >> right. and that's the legal argument against an informal recusal which is that those underlings are acting as agents of her so an informal recusal doesn't work because acting agents are still acting on her behalf so there's that aspect. there is also the aspect, i want to point out the fact that today she talked about the court sealing the records with maybe an error, right, it was a court error, but just today, the chicago police department released all of their
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investigative files and it included copious details about their investigation, and immediately upon that release, the prosecutors called and said per the court order, it's to be sealed. look for that reconciliation to happen. if it is indeed an error, it's up to the court to immediately release the full records. note as well that her argument for removing it, for calling for a federal investigation, was that jussie smollett wouldn't be given a fair shake in the state department, that it required fbi investigation because he was being misrepresented. but note to the lengths chicago p.d. went to in their file to ensure he wasn't -- david: absolutely. emily, i have to jump in because we only have about 30 seconds left. but we have to mention tina chen. tina chen was a personal assistant of michelle obama. she also worked with president obama himself. she apparently played a role with kim foxx. there's this text exchange between kim foxx, the prosecutor
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in chicago, and tina chen. foxx says i spoke to the superintendent about logistics, maybe some deal, et cetera. tina says oh, my god, this would be a huge victory. the question of course, what she means by victory and for whom. is it conceivable that somebody besides tchen in the obama administration from whether it was michelle or former president obama himself, was involved? is that something federal investigators should look into, quickly? >> the investigation should have no bounds. they should look at everyone and anything. i obviously won't say specifically whether someone is involved but yes, they should investigate everything and note again that public image, the public exposure, this is exactly what the smollett team wanted with their transparent public hearing. none of this makes sense. david: none of it makes sense. well, it's not justice. we know that. it's not justice. it's a perversion of justice, what happened. even the democrat mayor who worked for the obama administration, rahm emanuel, says that.
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this was really banana republic kind of stuff. emily, great to see you. thank you very much. appreciate you being here. coming up, president trump putting russia on notice today as he warns vladimir putin to get out of venezuela. retired four-star general jack keane on next on what is next for the socialist country as a major blackout cripples venezuela for a third straight day, with no end in sight. and the crisis at our own southern border reaching a breaking point, as u.s. customs and border protection says a record number of migrants were apprehended at our border in just the last two days. the shocking number when we continue. great news, liberty mutual customizes... uh uh, i deliver the news around here. sources say liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need.
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david: breaking tonight, president trump meeting with the
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wife of u.s. recognized venezuelan president juan guaido at the white house. this as tensions, violence, poverty and a 91% blackout blanket the socialist country. trump today told russia in no uncertain terms, back off of venezuela. watch. reporter: what sort of complications does russia's involvement now pose? >> russia has to get out. what's your next question? reporter: you just said russia needs to get out. have you in any way communicated that through your representative at the united nations? >> they know. they know very well. they know very well. david: here with me now is institute for the study of war chairman and fox news senior strategic analyst, retired four-star general jack keane. general, five words. russia has to get out. i love it. the eloquence is wonderful. what was missing was "or else." or else what? >> certainly this is
8:19 pm
complicating the situation. it's already tense in the political and diplomatic standoff with maduro. clearly, what i think is happening here is the russians are buoyed by the successful intervention by their military to prop up the assad regime but what is stunning is this is the western hemisphere. this is south america. this is our backyard. 100 soldiers does not make a military intervention. that's what we've got here. but it clearly raises the stakes. the president is responding to it. i don't think the military option is on the table necessarily as a result of this, or likely. i think that would only happen after all the pressure is applied and full pressure hasn't been applied yet. the consensus among our allies in the region is let's carry that out. however, there are some things i believe the president could do to get inside putin's head.
8:20 pm
david: for example? >> his backyard is ukraine. let's increase the lethal aid in ukraine over what we have already done, and maybe a little more than what we intend to do. get his attention. secondly, russia has never complied with the u.n. resolution on sanctions dealing with north korea. they have been in violation of the very resolution that they voted for. i suspect we have evidence of it. let's put it out there and expose them for that. expose what they're truly doing in assisting the north koreans in violation of the u.n. resolution. those are a couple things you can get out there. david: you know, ambassador john bolton brought out kind of a scary notion, looking at this russian plane, he said, this is john bolton's tweet, he said rather than sending nuclear-capable bombers and special forces to prop up a corrupt dictator, is it conceivable that this has nukes on it, this plane? >> no.
8:21 pm
absolutely not. david: we're not to a cuban missile crisis. >> that would be provocation beyond cuban missile crisis, actually. maduro has friends. russia is one of them. they have investments there. they have a little bit of a military capability there. china, major investor. the cubans have provided mentorship to maduro and they've got goons in there that are paramilitary forces actually on the ground pushing back on the people and then of course, there's nicaragua. look at that lineup. it's not surprising that this stooge maduro has those kind of countries supporting him. every single one of them is an adversary of the united states. david: the cubans have been there for a long time, thousands of them, and they have a tendency to blend. we saw it in nicaragua when the sandan sandanistas are still in control but they blended in with the population. even if maduro leaves, might it not be difficult to kind of weed them out?
8:22 pm
>> no. i think if maduro leaves it's because the military has changed its support. then guaido would order eviction of the cubans. the cubans would go pretty quick because they know the people could turn on them without the protection of the military. i think they would get out of there. but you know, you bring up a good point. certainly we are in a standoff with maduro. we want a regime change there, hopefully peacefully as opposed to using military force, but the strategic implications of this are significant. the president's team and the president himself gets it. this is really a pushback on authoritarian regimes in the western hemisphere that have been so troubling to us and so detrimental to the people who are living there. david: for decades. since the early 1960s, we have been dealing with this. just finally, we got to wrap it up, but i think of president obama and i don't mean to always pick on president obama, he did some good things, but president obama sitting down watching a baseball game with castro,
8:23 pm
giving a high five, as i remember, to hugo chavez, maduro's predecessor, instead of encouraging dictatorship, you have a president who is willing to stand up to it. that's a good change, isn't it? >> absolutely. i think this is the beginning of that kind of change. i think the other countries here that are supporting him in the region will have some impact in terms of weaken their hold on their own people and also encourage the people in those countries to demand change. david: if maduro goes, of course the money tree goes, too. all of the oil, the pipelines get blown up and i don't know if cuba, it's the communist government there, could stand on its own without that oil. >> that oil has been very significant to them. that's why as you indicated, there's thousands of paramilitary there. that's the tradeoff. they provide the goons and get the oil for nothing. david: great to see you. thank you. coming up, a brand new migrant caravan, 2500 strong and
8:24 pm
growing, marching towards our southern border this evening. but many on the left still refusing to acknowledge that there's any kind of national emergency. in just moments, i'll be talking to a border agent who has seen first-hand the crisis at our border. first, attorney general william barr's summary of the mueller report says there was no evidence of russian collusion. but some on the left are still not convinced and they are doubling down on the collusion narrative. the left's refusal to accept reality when we continue. fact is, there are over ninety-six hundred roads named 'park' in the u.s. it's america's most popular street name. but no matter what park you live on, one of 10,000 local allstate agents knows yours. now that you know the truth, are you in good hands? with expedia, i saved when i added a hotel to our flight. so even when she grows up, she'll never outgrow the memory of our adventure. unlock savings when you add
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more beverage choices, smaller portions, less sugar. this president when he was a candidate for the office, sought to collude with a foreign power that was trying to undermine our democracy. >> there was a big difference between whether there's evidence of collusion and i think that evidence is in plain sight. >> i do not think we can assume that what he has reported as a
8:29 pm
summary is an accurate summary of the report. >> i'm not going to make any conclusions until i have read the report. not at all. i think that we should read the report, congress should have access to it. i think it should be made public. david: the democrats, they just can't seem to let go, can they, of the collusion narrative that they tried in vain to push for two years but as the left continues its collusion outcry, the gop is moving on to real issues at hand. so will the democrats' refusal to admit they were wrong hurt them in 2020? joining me now, the daily caller's stephanie hand and robert petillo. good to see you both. robert, let me play for you some leading democrats before the release of the mueller report. let me just play that and have you react. >> look, i'm going to wait for the mueller report. we have to see what the mueller report says, i think, before making any conclusion. >> i think we're going to have to look at that evidence in its totality as we learn more, and
8:30 pm
we get a report ultimately from bob mueller about what the consequences of all that are. >> wait until the investigation is finished. i think we should wait until the report comes out. >> well, we have to wait and see what happens with the mueller report. david: so the mueller report is out, robert, but the democrats are not letting it go. >> the four-page summary written by the attorney general is out. what we're waiting on to see the actual report and the actual -- what the findings were. we understand it has to be redacted. people's personal information has to be protected. you have to protect innocent individuals who have not been charged with crimes but the american people, particularly the intelligence community, needs to know exactly what robert mueller found but regardless of other offenses, we know russia interfered with the 2016 election, we know they will try to do so in 2020. david: they have been every year since i was born. i'm just wondering, when the report, the redacted report comes out, then will we hear an end? do you predict that no democrats will say the word collusion again up until 2020?
8:31 pm
>> look, i can't speak for all democrats. you will hear it until the day you die, probably, the word collusion. but what i do think is important is we root out and find out how many of these people had ties. david: we know from what mueller said the number is zero. zero. but stephanie, rush limbaugh spoke about -- talked about what would happen if the shoe was on the other foot, if the republicans were in the position of democrats. let me just play the tape and get your reaction. here's rush. >> i made it up and was telling you it was true when it wasn't, then i would perfectly understand you abandoning me, not wanting to do with me ever again and i would have to resign. if on the other hand i had been lied to and i never asserted that i know this, i'm being told this by people i trust, i would be livid at those people and apologizing. so where is that in the drive-by
8:32 pm
media? these people have been played for fools, apparently. david: so stephanie, i haven't heard any apologies. i haven't seen any resignations. have you? >> no, not at all. in fact, they are doubling down. just because you wish it, dream it, think it, say it, doesn't make it true. no stone has been left unturned in this case. think about it. 675 days of investigation, over 500 witnesses interviewed, over 2,800 subpoenas, over $250 million spent on this investigation alone, and let me tell you, mueller was definitely not -- he was definitely looking for any sort of collusion. it wasn't found. president trump has been saying this over and over again. a lot of people are embarrassed today and so that's why they are doubling down. we are hearing swalwell and some of the other members of congress and high profile democrats that are really conspiracy theorists now. they need to be held accountable. same with many of the hosts and reporters in the mainstream media. they need to be called out on
8:33 pm
this, because they have been spreading a conspiracy theory for two and a half years. i'm critically taking any sort of information that fit their narrative and obviously, you know, their biases. david: robert, i will give you -- you only have 15 seconds, i'm afraid, but if in fact the report comes out and pretty much parallels that there's no conclusion from what barr said, do you think that the american people are going to vote for folks that continue with the collusion illusion? >> well, i don't think you can call it an illusion when so many people have gone to jail. david: no, no, no, collusion, of which mueller said there was zero according to mr. barr. if the report released says the same thing that the barr memo does, you got to admit voters would not be voting for people that want to continue with this illusion. >> what i think we have to do is continue to find what people are working with foreign governments who are involved in our electoral system, root them out,
8:34 pm
jail them and get rid of the hyperbolic nature of the discussion and get down to facts and get those people out of our government. david: there are no republicans guilty of this according to what barr said about mueller. maybe there are some democrats. we'll find out. stephanie, robert, good to see you both. thank you very much. coming up, as democrats remain fixated on the now bee dunked russian collusion narrative, president trump is setting his sights on 2020. the next big agenda he plans to tackle. plus reaction from rnc chairwoman rona mcdaniel. first, the commissioner of customs and border protection warning the national crisis at our southern border has reached the breaking point. wait until you hear how many migrants were apprehended just in the last two days. the record number when we continue. 300 miles an hour, that's where i feel normal. having an annuity tells me my retirement is protected. learn more at retire your risk dot org.
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week at the border. cbp is facing an unprecedented humanitarian and border security crisis all along our southwest border and nowhere has that crisis manifested more acutely than here in el paso. david: that's the chief of u.s. customs and border protection warning today our immigration crisis has reached a quote, breaking point. border agents apprehending more than 8,000 migrants in the last two days alone. this as a new caravan, 2500 strong and growing, is heading to our southern border this evening. joining me is border patrol agent stevie sauer. thanks for coming in. there's the human cost of all this which is horrific, when you think of what could happen to american citizens, what is happening to the immigrants themselves, the way children are abused and misused by people who aren't even their parents, just used as toys in order to get in by themselves, but there is the cost of it as well. there's the cost of housing and feeding and providing medical care for these people. there's a cost of the man-hours,
8:40 pm
the man-hours of patrol agents, the cost of legal fees for all of the adjudication of illegal immigrants. won't the price of fixing this crisis be far more than the $5 billion the president was asking for for a wall? >> absolutely. the cost of agents leaving their families at home only to go to work and continue to take care of other families is insurmountable. the agents continue to go in day in and day out and do their job with good attitudes and great attitudes, actually. david: i don't know how -- i really don't know how you face it, day after day, not only the physical rigors of dealing with illegal immigrants which in itself is a problem, but the crisis of not having enough beds, not having enough officers to work, then what we're hearing now is that you are back, not because you want to, but catch and release is back just because you have to.
8:41 pm
the head of the customs office said that today. >> that's absolutely correct. we have reached our breaking point. i'm surprised it didn't happen sooner. we have agents that are apprehending well over 50 plus people and still having to find beds and i.c.e. is capped out. i.c.e. is housing well over 50,000 aliens. david: now, if democrats had gone along with the president's i think very modest request for $5 billion over two years, by the way, that's $2.5 billion a year, for a wall, you think this crisis could have been avoided, if it had been started when the president first proposed the $5 billion about a year ago, and the wall would have been going up? i think the message would have been relayed down to the immigrants in central america, don't you? >> the wall would have been constructed in strategic locations. the fact of the matter is the immigration system is broken.
8:42 pm
we are consistently having to release aliens who are going to go before an immigration judge within three to five years. our system is completely full and that needs to be fixed as well. david: i'm just wondering the effectiveness of a wall. i have seen it work in places like san diego. internationally it's worked in places like israel. so wherever around the globe where you have an effective wall, it does send a message to people who are trying to get through otherwise, doesn't it? >> absolutely. it will send a message. david: yeah. and there was a time when even democrats, not just border patrol agents like yourself, knew this. let me just play a tape for you of a time when that was true. >> it is wrong and ultimately self-defeating for a nation of immigrants to permit the kind of abuse of our immigration laws we have seen in recent years, and we must do more to stop it. >> we simply cannot allow people
8:43 pm
to pour into the united states undetected, undocumented, unchecked. >> we do not want to do anything to encourage more illegal immigration into this country. >> the american people are fundamentally pro-legal immigration and anti-illegal immigration. we will only pass comprehensive reform when we recognize this fundamental concept. david: stevie, how frustrating is it for you, a border patrol agent, to see democrats at one point years ago before trump was in power saying walls are a great thing, then after trump comes in power, they say it's impossible, we can't afford it? >> it's unfortunate that their opinions have changed. you speak to several agents that we represent, the national border patrol council, the walls do work. the walls are an impediment to make somebody else think twice about crossing in that area. david: stevie sauer, we wish you the very best.
8:44 pm
it's got to be one of the toughest jobs on the planet, what you're doing. god bless you for it. thank you for being here, stevie. >> thank you, david. have a good night. david: you, too. coming up, democrats still fixated on the russian collusion narrative and the outcome of the 2016 election, but president trump is setting his sights on 2020. the president hinting today the next big policy he plans to tackle. plus rnc chairwoman ronna mcdaniel is here with exclusive insight on how the gop is gearing up for 2020. she's next.
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so the deductibles are way too high. obamacare's a disaster. so we're going to be the party -- i said it yesterday and i mean it 100%. i understand health care now especially very well. lot of people don't understand it. we are going to be, the republicans, the party of great health care. the democrats are -- they've let you down. david: president trump today touting republicans as the party of health care. the white house already gearing up for 2020 as over a dozen democrats fight for top billing on the election ballot. republicans can focus every effort on the president, possibly giving mr. trump a massive advantage. the woman leading the charge
8:49 pm
joining me tonight, republican national committee chair, ronna mcdaniel. great to see you. thank you very much. >> great to be here. david: you sneaked in here when i didn't even notice. let me first ask about the latest beltway meme, forgive the expression, but the beltway meme now is that the president's making a terrible mistake because he is focusing on an issue, health care, that helped the democrats win in the 2018 midterms. what do you say to that? >> the thing about the president is, the president's always focusing on the american people and he's saying health care costs are too high. we recognize that obamacare is broken and so there's two ways of fixing it. democrats are saying let's do a total government takeover, let's socialize medicine, let the politicians and the bureaucrats make your health care decisions, let's get rid of 177 million private plans in this country. people have private health care insurance, they're saying we don't want that anymore, we want the government to take it over. and the president's saying let's
8:50 pm
make sure we protect pre-existing condition coverage, let's lower the cost of pharmaceuticals, things that he laid out in his state of the union, then let's restore the patient/doctor relationship and let's lower the cost of health care for americans across this country right now, who are continuing to suffer under the burden of obamacare. david: how many times have establishment republicans said about this president oh, he's getting too far ahead of himself, he's getting too far in front, he's setting himself up for failure, and then it turns out he pulls it out of the hat, he pulls the rabbit out of the hat and he wins the argument. doesn't happen all the time, but it's happened enough so i'm surprised that republicans are going back to their scaredy-cat mode. >> they know their constituents are concerned about this. this is very real for a lot of families across this country. that's what the president understands. he understands the people he represents. he's not here to be the regular politician. he's here to be a bold leader, to bring change and make people's lives better. he's done it. higher wages, more jobs coming back to this country.
8:51 pm
we are booming as an economy. now he's saying we've got to fix this health care because too many families are struggling. david: we know what the democrats' plan is. you alluded to it before. john goodman writes in "forbes" magazine today, i recommend this article to everybody, what's wrong with the democrats' new health plan? mentions the fact it includes expanding health insurance subsidies, something that i thought we had gotten rid of. it also subsidizes insurance companies once again so it uses taxpayer dollars to give money to rich people and insurance companies. i mean, i don't think that's going to be very popular once republicans expand on that. >> they are selling the whole deal right now, the green new deal, we are going to take over everything, free education, free health care, health care for everyone. what they're forgetting to say is the government's going to take it over. this is a path to socialism and it's taking away individual liberty and from a health care perspective, that ability for a doctor and patient to make the most personal decisions about your care. that's where we should have
8:52 pm
those decisions made. david: well, maybe now that the mueller investigation is over, don't you think that that might open it up to just a policy debate and in a policy debate like that, i would assume americans don't want to go to the socialist route, but what effect does the end of the mueller investigation have on the 2020 election? >> i think it's had a huge effect. with voters across the country right now recognizing that the democrats for two years have called our president pretty much a traitor, saying that he colluded with a foreign country and to have this report come out saying absolutely there was no collusion, it's ridiculous but then to go this costs us $25 million in taxpayer dollars and democrat leaders like adam schiff, who sat as the chairman of the house intelligence committee, lied day after day, it hurt our country. it hurt our democracy. i think it exonerates our president which we know it does, and i think it brings home for
8:53 pm
voters who recognize while the democrats are about partisanship at every level, even if it costs our country. david: that's pretty strong language, you saying adam schiff, the head of a powerful committee in the u.s. congress, lied day after day, but what else is the explanation, because he said he had evidence. >> exactly. david: that the president colluded with the russians. if there was evidence after everything mueller did in two years, all the money he spent, all the fbi agents, we would have seen it, would we not? >> another thing is, this is why i talked about adam schiff. because he sat in a very powerful position that should be trusted, as the head of the house intelligence committee, and he said there is evidence that the president colluded day after day after day. that is really detrimental to our president, it delegitimizes him. we have been under this cloud for two years and now we have learned through the mueller investigation that there is absolutely no evidence of collusion. they owe the american people an apology and they need to try to -- david: as i said before, they are doubling down. you mentioned schiff.
8:54 pm
jim comey is also doubling down on collusion. let's just play the tape. >> that four-page letter we got from attorney general barr, that there was no coordination, there was no collusion, the language was pretty clear, there was nothing between this campaign and russia, so on that basis, should he be breathing a sigh of relief? >> i don't know that i read the letter from the attorney general that way. i read him as saying the special counsel didn't find that the evidence established that there was any conspiracy between an american and the russians. what other evidence there is, what evidence there might be that falls short of that standard, i have no idea. david: the american people are smart enough, i believe, to know what is true and what is not true, and what he said is not true. it's very simple, based on the barr letter, again, we'll have to see the report, it will have to be redacted, but based on what we now know, there is zero evidence. it's that simple. >> it even went further. it said that russian agents did contact the trump campaign and tried to get them to do things
8:55 pm
with them and the trump campaign rebuffed that. it also said no american citizen was privy to collusion or trying to commit a conspiracy, and shame on james comey. shame on him on so many levels, but for him to not support mueller and his investigation and to support attorney general barr, it shows that james comey only cares about james comey. david: ten seconds. so now we're going to focus on policies because i don't think they're going to get the collusion thing anymore. socialism or capitalism, very quick, where do you think voters are going to go with? >> capitalism. freedom or government control. venezuela or the united states of america. it's a pretty clear choice. david: great to see you. thank you very much. we'll be right back. or what i witnessed, tell m but i can tell you liberty mutual customized my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no... only pay for what you need. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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david: you can catch me hosting my show, bulls and bears, every week night. we have president trump with a rally in michigan. that we're going to be monitoring, i'll seal you
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tomorrow night, now it time for migratmy -- friend kennedy, shes right now, stay tuned. kennedy: david asman i love your guts. >> deep state embe embarrassed e mueller report, they have been swearing for months that the president was working with the russians to win the white house. now that john brennan and clapper and comey have been proven wrong! the conspiracy theoryivetheorists have a new no camion their cause, adam schiff foreveschifffor brains, he canne is wrong.


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