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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 28, 2019 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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lou: good evening, illegal immigrants overwhelming our southern border, so claims department of homeland security. the border patrol unable to handle influx of border crossers, border patrol commissioner kevin today spend his time asking for congressional assistance. carping that immigration is at the breaking point. what is happened to your department of homeland security? the department that slow walks the president's demands to secure our southern bore border. while releasing tens of thousands of illegal immigrants into united states, we look tonight. president trump has declared a
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national emergency sent military to border yet dhs is paralyzed, appears defenseless and on its knees before central american and mexican illegal immigrants. has department of homeland security sold out america? we knew there was massive corruption on mexican side of the border, but our side as well? we take it up former kansas stear of state, chris and krister in bedford. >> president trump today defending his decision backing an effort to strike down obamacare, saying time for republican party to take the lead and provide the best health care possible to the american people. >> obamacare is a disaster, too expense of by far, people can't afford it and the deductible is horrible, pre premiums cost too
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much. only difference is that we're administers obamacare very well. we made it better, but it is tilis --still horrible, no good, something that we can't live with in this country. lou: we take up president's call to kill obamacare and the precious, delicate rino republicans who now are all wobbley on their knees at president's bhoal bold acted, republican strategist ed roll ups, and columnist michael goodwin among our guests. >> top story, homeland security surrendering our border, kirstjen nielson imienin whinin. whose notable career
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accomplishment were serving in several staff roles in bush administration became secretary if december 2017, seceding john kelly, worsening border crisis makes it too clear secretary kirstjen nielson is in way overhear are her head, william with latest on crisis on southern border and the refusal of dhs to secure that border. reporter: today lou commissioner of customs and border protection raised a white flag, 40% of border patrol agents are not patrolling the border but processing, baby sitting and a tacky service for -- taxi service for migrants. >> monday we saw highest total of apprehensions, in a sense el day. yesterday we broke record, with
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4100. reporter: right now official say in effect we have a open border,. of those apprehended, 60% are family, 40% are children, a perform storm of factors, most democrats in congress are in denial, calling this a manufactured crisis, in is no consequences, no jail dime or fine, there also an unlimited supply of central americans making $5 a day, they can make 15 an hour, here in the u.s. today commissioner begged congress are i for help. >> only way this will be reduced and we will be able to restore integrity. reporter: monday, agents stopped 800 migrants on side of the ro
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road. to be released. sincapprehension rose monthly, surpassing 100,000 expected this month. to put it in perspective, like filling the university of michigan football stadium every month, multiply that by 12, over a year, tha that is a million. larger than the population of san francisco. most arrive destitute, their children will attend school, receive free breakfasts and lunch. and many cases qualify for healthcare, food stamps and housing and cash, many in congress oppose fixes the system, border control payings, they are small, they were designed to hold 3,, right now they -- 3,000, right now they have 12 thousand in custody, i.c.e. has 50,000.
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a majority will be released in day, but placed by someone else, someone will see a judge in 3 to 5 years, 46% free pending a hearing will not bother to see a judge at all. lou: thank you william. and deputy of homeland security -- a department of homeland security that right now paralyzed. question is why. dhs has seen increase in border apprehensions, that number pales to those of 2006, you hear the white flag has been thrown. here is the situation. back in 2006 there were average almost 90,000 monthly apprehensions, by the way, border patrol then had over 12 thousand border patrol agents. in 2019, fiscal year, there is
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average 54,000 apprehensions each month. with almost twice as many border patrol agents, 19555 now, and now the border patrol claim its can't function. this 40% fewer apprehension, 58% more agents, what is going on? they may claim they are overwhelmed and border at breaking point, but who is fooling whom? you are not fooling anyone on this broadcast. president trump in midst of a battle within his own administration on future of health care. with his fight on get rid of obamacare, and republican are afraid. we turn to white house correspondent, kevin cork. >> we're going to be the party of great health care. and democrats let you down,
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obamacare does not work. it is too expensive. reporter: president's confidence is in out growth of a district our decision that ruled affordable care act, obamacare, unconstitutional. a position that justice department is backing. multiple sources tell fox news there was des agreement between white house and health and human service secretary ceasar, and attorney general barr over whether to support the decision and go on in on an obamacare repeal. -- who accord said that a renewed battle made no sent, and party moderates warey of the strategy. >> i am very disappointed in and opposed to the administration seeking to invalidate the entire affordable care act. reporter: democratic leader all
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but dared president to try it again. >> president wants to go back to repeal and replace, make our day. reporter: there are concerns a reduction of he'l health care de could derail some of president's most mueller report agenda item like trade, and usmcarc, border security and an effort to infrastructure. >> white house officials insist if they quote, failed obamacare. does get overturned by the court in total, the white house will be ready, with a health care plan of their own, and i should add, they say they believe this it will benefit millions of americans in need, and do better by those who are enrolled in obamacare. lou: kevin thank you very much. kevin corke from the white house. >> within the fas past hour, por soul james comey, told nbc news
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that he is confused by the mueller special counsel report. comey also refusing to believe attorney general william barr's conclusion, that mueller found no collusion between trump campaign and russia, the man is struggling. >> there was no coordination, no collusion, language was clear, there was nothing between the campaign and russia. on this basis, should he be breathing a sigh of relief. >> i don't know that i read the letter from attorney general that way, i read him as saying special counsel cannot find that evidence 17e -- established and conspiracy. lou: pi pitiful, he is confusedd complicated. chief intelligence correspondent catherincatherine herridge withn the fallout from the mueller
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report. reporter: according to senior justice department official barr placed a share of version of mueller report with congress and public in weeks not month, graham whose committee has oversight said there will be more consultation with mueller identify, isolate and remove grand jury material, and protect sources and methods. >> he will go to intelligence community make sure we don't release classified information for sources and methods that may jeopardize your national security. >> james comey has criticize the president. >> are encouraging voter to vote trump out of office because he does not lineup with your values. >> i am asking them to vote their values, i believe are america's value. reporter: comey seemed to single out mueller and barr saying that it is to keep key decisions on charging away from political
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acomponent -- 8 ache appointees. i can't quite understand what is going on with the obstruction stuff. comey disagree with notion that obstruction cases are undermined if there is no underlying crime. goes against his 40 years of experience. lou: thank you. >> 40 years. fired. president of united states he leaks federal secure classified information. his opinion? perhaps not as important to me as to others. >> still ahead, president trump vows to clean up foreign policy failures of past administratio administrations. >> i inherited a mess between north korea and all of the problems we have all over the world, the entire middle east.
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and venezuela. these are things that never -- they never should have happened. they never should have allowed to get to this point, but i'll fix it, we're fixing it all over the world, that is what we're going to do. lou: professor paul bracken will join us later in the broadcast. up next, complacency at southern border, crisis of illegal immigration is worsening by the day, and certainly part of the reason is failed leadership at dhs. we take it up with former kansas secretary of state kris kobach, stay with us. want more from your entertainment experience?
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lou: radical dimms determined to pass new le legislation, aimed t limits president trump's tariff powers. congress would ar have to vote within 120 days whether to continue tariffs, rino senator chuck grassley also introduces legislation that would require congress to approve tariffs.
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during a time most successful president. the congress, that has muddied and fooled and just failed at just about everything it touched are going after the president. on issue of tariffs, which for first time is our best possible chance of balancing international trade. just in time, rinos rear their ugly heads, kris kobach. general council for nonprofit we build the wall. they have ambitions to build a privately funded wall, kris thank you. >> thank you. lou: as will began his report, dhs, border protection, basically flying a white flag in the face of tens of thousands of illegal immigrants, confront our border, this is shameless. >> shocking we're on track to
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have highest level of border apprehensions in 12 years. and great irony is president trump is the strongest president we have had on the issue of illegal immigration. he campaigned on it. yet we have his dhs, sitting on its hands, have you strong president who wants to solve the problem, yet agency is not. lou: we heard today saying, we need congress to solve this. i heard that pretext, that nonsense, that bull, for what 20 years. which is simply a ploy and a ruse, they are purposefully refusing to enforce the lay law and protect that border. >> it is a cop-out, yes congress could pass desirable legislation no question about it. but the agency has plenty of
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executive power, that has been given to it by congress, if we had whole show, i could give i 50 different things that dhs could be doing without congress. for example. work site enforcement. remember second half of bush administration, they were going to factories, plants where they hire illegals and make arrests. putting criminal prosecution top of the employer. that stopped with obama, it should have been restarted aggressively with trump administration. not happening. that and giving work permits to people who are in deportation proceedings, did you know that? we're giving a 3 years of work permits, we should say, if our government has decided you are hire illegally we're not giving you a work permit. >> president of united states has authority over immigration, there is nothing that stops this
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president from ordering this border patrol and department of homeland security to secure that border. he has now emergency powers, he now has the military at the southern border. and his dhs is thumbing their nose at him. and it is not an accident. >> i think that problem is with leadership in washington. i was at border last week talking with border patrol agents they are so frustrated, one she said we're the uber drivers for the illegal aliens, they come in, come to us fake a fall claim and tell us where to drive them. lou: is this a ploy to get to comprehensive immigration reform in congress? >> i hope not, agency, administration, should be aggressively enforcing our laws, not feeling like it has to make a deal. lou: why are we permitting these people to continue this charade. department of homeland security, looks like a joke. they are acting as a joke.
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kirstjen nielson. in my opinion, she is unqualified for this job, what should he did? >> hes have to have an agency that is aggressively restoring the rule of law in immigration, i don't know -- >> how about being adaptive, and innovative and making it work, can do on this side. >> i think passive tie too, -- passivity. it is moving forward and moving to enforce the rule of law. lou: kirstjen nielson has done everything but rejoin the obama mantra of strategic patience. this should a disgrace. kris, always ways to see you. >> thank you. lou: we would like to hear your thoughts, share your comments follow me on twitter @loudobbs. and up next, national left wing media endless lies about
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collusion, they are just struggling now, they still lie and lie, but. they are doing it to fewer and fewer people. even the left -- the left don't' to watch any more their lies, we'll tell you about their ratings and what happened over three day, ed rollins and michael goodwin join me after the break, stay with us for that and much more. guys, it's that time... and nothin's happenin'. well now there's score!, from force factor, to rev your libido and maximize physical response. it's no wonder walmart offers score! in more locations than any other performance enhancer. unleash your potential in the bedroom, with score!.
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lou: the swamp is atwitter with excitement. house correspondents association dinner could be different this year, president trump reportedly open to idea of attending this year. after skipping it the past two years. it would mark first time he would attend as president, it is held april 27. there it is.
4:28 am
primetime ratings for national left wing national media, you know the ones that have been lying to their audiences for two years or more. there extraordinary coverage on russia collusion, being fake, lies and they persist in it. let's see how that worked in the rates this week. 8 p.m. fox tucker carlson, beating cnn's cooper by a modest margin. overwhelming. and hmschris haze at now, and sean hannity. and yes, rachel, really people got tired of that act. 10 p.m., laura ingram winning against anti-trump duo of don lemon and lawrence o'donnell, who bright souls.
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getting clobbered. most corrupt city and county. is in an unprecedented donny brook, cook county state attorney state fox backed by george soros dropping all charges again jussie smollett. soafox decision outraging chicao mayor rahm emanuel, who has done outrages of his own, and chicago superintendent eddie johnson, fbi reportedly investigating why jussie smollett's charges were dropped. i think we know why. don't you, joining me to talk corruption. fox business mitta mitt mitt r l analyst. ed rollins and michael goodwin.
4:30 am
ed, i am shocked. cook county involved in what looks to be abjec corruption. >> system does not work. lou: don't tell that to jussie smollett. it is working for him. >> not for the people, or the cops or people who you -- this is a carefully put together investigation, they charged him with 16 counts of lying to police, twice. and prosecutor decides let him go. lou: she did not decide on her own did she. >> we don't know. i hope we'll find out. lou: are you doing that presumed 9innocent thing. >> i think that prosecutor jumped case intentionally, whether it will be a crime the
4:31 am
test, i think it should be. what is the purpose of a prosecuting system. there has to be some other safeguard, they were grand jury dime indictments by the way. lou: where is federal government. >> they are getting into it, fbi is investigating. lou: there we go. 32 their i their is an outfit td help. >> what is james comey doing these days. lou: what a mess we're in. >> one thing it did do it made rahm emanuel on his closing days unify with the police superintendent on the same cause. >> who thought we would see rahm emanuel with law and order. >> he might still be mayor if he behaved that way when he had the job. lou: deputy of homeland
4:32 am
security. this border is wide open. an invitation to a disaster, we have dhs officials walking around whining about protecting the border this is ignore a ign. dereliction of their duty. they are paralyzed and they are whining, i can't think of a worse combination. >> now open border, wide open. the statistics are staggering. >> it was twice as bad under bush, he had maybe more than half number of agents that we have now, what is the problem. >> my sense is that men on border, men and women don't feel they are being backed up. lou: this is the president who is the law enforcement. michael, the guy who said, he's to support. he loves law enforcement. and they look abandoned at that
4:33 am
border because of kirstjen nielson. a secretary who is clearly, as i said earlier, if i have seen an example of of someone in over their head it is her. >> i think that president trump right now because of outcome of mueller report has some new political capital. and i think if there is one place he should spend it, it is on the border, on immigration, and enforcement. he and we'll see how courts deal with national emergency. lou: move ahead. >> absolutely. lou: no matter, defend the borders that is the point of president. >> do it now, and let the courts try to stop you. lou: the courts are full of it. >> well. lou: there is no way that you deny the president of the united states his constitutional duty too secure the nation. >> i think he will prevail, but in meantime he should use his little bit -- political capital. lou: how about deputy.
4:34 am
>> the democrat now control house -- >> come on. >> let me finish. basically say -- >> no. >> bottom line, is they don't want allocate defense. lou: who cares what they want secure the damn border. >> my point if you let me make it. lou: i'm waiting. >> go beat up on them, trump as high ground, if he beats up on them, and said you are not fixing it, this is why i am doing this, we have talked about how we can reallocate. lou: are are we there yet? that is what you get the other night with the cup. >> i did not get a cup. lou: now you know why. >> i do show 5 nights a week, i don't get a cup. lou: we'll get you a cup. >> i don't eat cookies any more. lou: tomorrow night, ed roll ups
4:35 am
will finish his point. >> the dims and rinos. lou: they're the problem. >> can get a cup. lou: two cups. theresa may has a new plan to push threw her twice failed brexit plan. and high level trade talks in china, said to resume tomorrow, there is a great deal of excitement about that and i do know there will be a great excitement after yale professor talk about geopolitics and challenges facing this country and our transfe transformational president. stay with
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lou: headlines facebook said it will begin banning content, praising or representing whil re
4:40 am
nationalism. no such ban has been in place for other hate groups. british prime minister theresa may, desperate to get a brexit deal passed, she said she resign if you just pass it. she made promise as part of her last-ditch effort to persuade her party to support her and her version of brexit. you think we have problems? uk has problems. >> top u.s. general on korean pen seepeninsula said. general robert be abrams failso mention no denuclearization deal has been reached with north korea. >> joining us now, professor of political science and business at yale university, paul, great
4:41 am
to see you. >> good to be here. >> geopolitics have never been more fascinating. but some troubling conflicts. when we talk about china, whether trade issue or south china sea. hemispheric designs. the western hemisphere, china is a real challenge, right in. >> china is. just another element in there. that is yesterday india tested an antisatellite weapon glowingg up satellite in lower orbit in outer space, aimed at chinese satellite, u.s. is forming align with india. you have china building up hyper sonic missiles, that go 6 times faster than m16. they could hit our carriers. so, the competition that we all
4:42 am
grew up with in europe, stopping soviets with nato and that, has now transplanted to asia on a fantastically larger geographic scale. we're fighting this in an interesting long-term competition. lou: you bring up china's sunk e in space with china. india contribute -- contribute belicriticallyimportant, first s begun under this president an attempt to form an alliance with india. soon could be most populous nation on earth, they have largest english-speaking middle class, henry kissinger whom i admire and respect mightily. me ignored india in favor of china as about nixon, history
4:43 am
could have been different, if we could just get over that russia thing. >> that is probably correct. we're in a different situation today. the u.s. reaching out to japan, a lot is going on there with missile defense. and we're reaching to india, you will see a bunch of new alliances, weak estimator of this is now looks to be europe, european not spending enough on their own defense. lou: has this president has maintained. >> people will say, u.s. has so show leadership. everyone is in favor of leadership. i just would not confuse leadership with naivette. you cannot expect americans to do it for them, any system of international security in world order, which depends for its success on all of costs and risks falling on one country,
4:44 am
the u.s., is not possibly succeed in 20t 20 sense -- 21 century, you will see new aligns and coalitions. and u.s. alliances with other countries which are improving, many are joining us. >> this president, rebuilding our military. rebuilding america. point of fact as he suggested the other day. also thinking about nato, its role and very relationships alliances that you talk about. with europe. specifically germany, and emerging asia. >> yes, another trend i see, i have never seen pentagon more open to invasion than -- innovation than today had. lou: quite a statement. >> it is, they russ usually resist it. by they of adapting new
4:45 am
technologies of undersea warfare, drones, cyber, trying to use them this creative ways. interesting development? paul bracken always interesting talking with you. >> good to be here. lou: up next. aoc, beto. they share more than radical ideas, we'll tell you well, that. and we take up with daily caller's christopher bedford right after the quick message. stay with us. i switched to liberty mutual, because they let me customize my insurance. and as a fitness junkie, i customize everything, like my bike, and my calves. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ well now there's score!, time...from force factor,enin'. to rev your libido and maximize physical response. it's no wonder walmart offers score! in more locations than any other performance enhancer.
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lou: wall street stock close lower, dow down 32. s&p down 13. nasdaq down 48. volume on big board continued light trading 3.3 billion shares. >> crude oil down a percent. gold lost a half percent. silver lost a full%. listen to my reports 3 times a day, coast-to-coast on salem radio network. lou: we've noticed a simila simy between l.a. of radical dimms, look at the way in which alexandria ocasio-cortez and
4:50 am
beto o'rourke both move their arms, hands, they have a gestic laying demonstration worthy of note. i guess -- ideas are so complex they need as much animation to bring comp mention to we mortals who struggle to understand them. >> their movement have us wondering about what else they have in common, remind us of flailing tube men we see outside of car lots, i love the decor of the flying tube man. no way to beat the stars and stripes. joining us. christopher bedford, i am sure is envious he did not notice the similarity between we did.
4:51 am
>> tube man is perfect. i will think of every time. lou: excellent. let's turn to the day. we have the border patrol whining about illegal immigration. people crossing our borders, as if they don't know their president had declared a national emergency. that their job is to secure the border. i am a little stunned they turn to congress and holding their hands clasped and begging for help, they have just about twice number of border patrol agents as did george bush in the day, 2006. and he had twice as many apprehensions and illegal immigration immigrants at that time. what do you make of it. >> a lot is their hands tied in ways by congress and democrats in congress who try to throw up
4:52 am
every roadblock, saying no more bed or you can't work with a private contractor to detain the people, the convoys are not a huge difference in number of getting through. than in convoy but they are specifically designed to overwhelm border security. then you can left wing groups suing left and right, you can't do this and that and judges putting an injunction so border patrol they are doing more paperwork than guards, they want to guard had. but they are tied up by lawsuit. lou: i'm going to -- i have to tell you, we'll have to throw a benefit. because the leadership of the dhs is set u upon. this u.s. government, world's only super power, you are laying out a sit of excuses for failure to do their job, i am sick of a government that does, that i don't think that this president is about excuses, i don't think she about accepting the nonsense
4:53 am
that is emanating from leadership of dhs, border patrol, are you kidding me? who are these precious darlings who don't have the wherewithal, can do spirit and intellect and capacity and talent to secure the damn border against illegal immigrants from central america and mexico? for crying out loud. >> i agree, purecrats are those tying people hands. >> come on,. how about, let's tell bureaucrats, the deep state go to hell, try it out. >> i don't know what is wrong with national emergency being declared by president -- lou: if they can stop this president. for secures the border under a nation national emergency, the republic is dead. >> and congress is saying this is their job, this is a constitution this is basic, secures border of u.s. our own government our
4:54 am
legislatures refuse to back the president. on doe, that i am with you. lou: right, chris forbid ford thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> up next, president trump presents a medal of honor to family of know iraq war hero, more on that after the break, stay with us.
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lou: taking a quick look at the national debt, $22.1 trillion, and climbing. there it is in somewhat variegated form. let's get off that. that's a little annoying. border protection declaring the border has hit its quote, breaking point. yesterday, the highest total of apprehensions and encounters in over a decade, 4,000 illegal immigrants apprehended at ports
4:59 am
of entry, and president trump today awarded the medal of honor to the family of u.s. army staff sergeant travis atkins. atkins was killed when he subdued a suicide bomber in iraq in 2007. he saved three members of his unit. the president today praised his heroic actions in a ceremony in the east room of the white house. >> in his final moments on earth, travis did not run. he didn't know what it was to run. he did not hesitate. he rose to the highest calling. he laid down his life to save the lives of his fellow warriors. lou: that is the broadcast for tonight. we thank you for being with us. national security expert christopher whiten among our guests tomorrow. follow me on twitter, like me on facebook and follow me on instagram. we thank you for being with us here tonight.
5:00 am
good night from new york. lauren: here are your market movers at 5:00 al. the u.s. and choug china reporty making strides with unprecedented proposals on tech transfer. we'll have the breaking news. the faa grilled on capitol hill over safety concerns surrounding the 737 max. will anything change after two deadly crashes, plus, the lacest airline to ground flights over this troubled jet. facebook now vowing to regulate content on all platforms after coming under fire for not taking action against hate speech. why their promise already falling short. and one man's kind gesture bringing bagels to work sets social med


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