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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  March 28, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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good night from new york. lauren: here are your market movers at 5:00 al. the u.s. and choug china reporty making strides with unprecedented proposals on tech transfer. we'll have the breaking news. the faa grilled on capitol hill over safety concerns surrounding the 737 max. will anything change after two deadly crashes, plus, the lacest airline to ground flights over this troubled jet. facebook now vowing to regulate content on all platforms after coming under fire for not taking action against hate speech. why their promise already falling short. and one man's kind gesture bringing bagels to work sets social media on fire.
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the breakfast battle that is brewing this morning. it is thursday, march 28th. ashley: good morning, everybody. let's take a look at how your money is moving at 5:00 a.m. u.s. stock futures pointing slightly higher, despite perhaps more promising news on the trade deal, the dow up 13 points at this hour. take a look at what's going on in europe, with brexit still, well, being brexit, but higher on the european continent, the ftse, the cac, the dax higher by half to three quarters of a percent. in asia, take a look at what's going on there, overnight, mostly down on the nikkei, the kospi, the hang seng, the only market in asia showing a point just slightly higher by a tenth of a percent. lauren: i didn't bring breakfast today, no bagels from me to celebrate the almost last day of the month. ashley: you talked about it but
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didn't bring any. lauren: welcome to "fbn: a.m.." i'm lauren simonetti. ashley: good morning,is, i'm ashley webster in for cheryl casone. lauren: breaking overnight, signs of progress in the u.s.-china trade talks. reuters is reporting that beijing is making unprespreceded proposals. they cover a range of sticking points including forced transfer of technology. a senior official in the trump administration telling reuters that china's ideas have gone further than in the past and treasury secretary steven mnuchin and robert lighthizer arrive in beijing today for two days of talks, aimed at ending the trade war between the world's two biggest economies. ashley: the united states is asking a chinese firm to sell off the majority stake in the dating app grinder. the main concern from national security officials says if asked, the company would have to
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share information about grinder's users with the chinese government and that information could be used to blackmail u.s. officials. another concern is that the a app's location data could be used to track down even more personal information about a user's comings and goings. lauren: president trump meeting with google's ceo at the white house to discuss the way google does business in china. the president tweeting this, just met with the president of google, who is obviously doing quite well. he stated strongly that he is totally committed to the u.s. military, not the chinese military. well, there meeting comes after general joe dunford said google was working indirectly or even directly to counter u.s. interests by trying to increase its business dealings in china. ashley: faa officials grilled on capitol hill following two deadly crashes involving boeing's 737 max jet. lauren: it got heated. we get more from edward
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lawrence. >> reporter: good morning, lauren and ashley. the faa acting administrator said they will use data to determine when to ground the 737 max 8 planes. the u.s. was the last to take the planes out of service around the ground. >> the decision to make an emergency grounded is vested in the faa. i made the decision. >> reporter: there is a concern that boeing makes an add-on upsell of safety features, specifically we're talking about a warning light that tells the pilot the anticipat a anti-stale may get false data from a sensor. elaine chow is reviewing mandating more safety features for a plane but stopped short of saying it will be required go i don't think we're there yet but it is very questionable, if these were safety oriented additions, why they were not part of the required template of
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measures that should go into an airplane p. >> reporter: and boeing confirms the warning light will be made standard on planes going forward. also word that the software fix does work in simulators, that has not been uploaded into planes yet. senators on the committee said the plane in the first crash back in november nosed up and down 21 times before it finally crashed. although the official cause of both the crashes has not been determined yet, those sense p tosser saying or the faa -- senators saying or the faa saying the planes will not fly without the software fix upgrade. lauren: we want to let you know this as well, ice land air will no longer offer flights between cleveland and halifax, saying the situation with the 737 max plane played a role in its decision. so another airline saying no thanks, grounded. ashley: all right. now this story. we talked about it a lot, have we not. theresa may willing to sacrifice her job to finalize brexit. the embattled leader offering to
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quit if parliament passes her plan. lauren: benjamin hall is in europe as the deadline to leave the european union rapidly approach noose tomorrow ies. >> reporter: tomorrow is the deadline for the u.k. to leave the e.u. for two of and-a-half years the british parliament has been trying to find a way forward. the deal is as difficult as exit and brexit remains as far a away as it ever has been. in a last attempt, theresa may offered to resign, saying i'm prepared to leave the job earlier than i intended to in order to secure a smooth and orderly brexit. i've heard clearly the mood of the parliament tri party and the need for new leadership in the second phase of the brexit negotiations and i won't stand in the way of that. this seems unlike throw have worked. although a few hard liner versus agreed to support her deal, a
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small northern irish party called the d.u.p. continued to hold out. yesterday, to try and find a way forward, m.p.s voted on eight other possible paths for brexit, everything from staying in the e.u. to postponing the departure to holding a second refer you rm or joining a soft market, none received a majority. tomorrow is the official deadline for leaveing the e.u., the 29th of march and parliament voted on an tension until may 22nd if they agree with may's deal or april 12th if they don't. it's expected theresa may will try to pass her deal through parliament one more time. at the moment, it's unlikely she'll get the numbers required. back to you. ashley: the soap opera goes on. thank you very much. lauren: facebook says it will begin banning content that praises white nationalism. the policy change goes into effect next week, in the wake of
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a white supremacist terror attack on mosques in new zealand. the ban will also be imposed on instagram. it's been described to me as closing a loophole on hate speech. ashley: we'll go with that. lyft raising the price tag for its initial public offering ahead of its trading debut. the company increasing the price range to between 70 and $72 a share, that's up from 62 to $68 a share. investors concerned about missing their chance to to invest in what could be the biggest listing of the year. the higher price range means lyft would be valued at more than $24 billion. the ipo set to price after today's closing well. shares set to start trading tomorrow on the nasdaq, under the ticker symbol, why not, l-y-f-t. lauren: let's get to some other headlines this thursday morning. another big loss for the maker of round-up. a jury in san francisco awarded $80 million in damages to a
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california man who blames the weed killer for his cancer. its maker says studies have established the product to be safe and it will appeal. a different jury in august awarded another man $289 million but a judge later slashed it down to $78 million. monsanto is appealing that case as well. saudi arabia's two largest companies are merging. the oil producer saudi aramco agreed to buy majority steak in stasaudi basic industry's corp. the cost is $70 billion and the deal could inject billions of dollars into the plans to diversify their economy beyond oil. the nation's top border chief warning the growing number of migrants crossing the southern border reached a breaking point. the commissioner says a surge in families seeking asylum in the southwest is overwhelming officials and warns that more deaths of people in government custody are likely.
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he says severe crowding throughout the di tension system is forcing the release of migrants directly into the u.s. the agency expecting 55,000 families to enter the process this month. now that the mueller investigation is finished, president trump is vowing to release unredacted fisa documents used by the fbi to probe his campaign. he says he wants to, quote, get to the bottom of how this long-running russia collusion narrative began. the president telling fox's sean hannity that his lawyers previously advised him not to take that dramatic step out of fear that it could be considered obstruction of justice. >> there was such a ridiculous thing that happened. on the other hand, you know, you look at how did this start, how did it start. you had dirty cops. you had people that are bad, fbi folks. i know so many, they're incredible people but at the top, they were not clean, to put it mildly. and what they did to our country was a terrible, terrible thing.
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lauren: the president didn't stop there. he also told hannity that the a accusing fbi officials of committing treason. and this one is no april fools joke. dunkin unfailing a peeps marshmallow flavored coffee and peeps donuts, both available monday, which is april 1st, april fool's day. they are celebrating the law lah of the peeps items by hitting the road in a peep mobile. ashley: i think it's an april fool's joke. more rain in the central united states may cause flash flooding and guess what, heavy snow expected in the northern rockies. lauren: fox senior meteorologist janice dean in the weather center with the forecast. spring skiing, i suppose. janice: there's a silver lining across the west. yes, more snow, you unfortunately more flooding for areas affected by historic
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floods a week or so ago. it's still a little cool in new york stitcnewyork city. we'll bump the temperatures up as we head into the weekend. here's the radar. we have a system moving into the west, very active pacific. some of this will cause heavy snow across the northern and central rockies and moving across the plain states, iowa, nebraska, wisconsin, missouri and the mississippi river valley where we have flooding concerns. heavy mountain snow for skiers and potential for he heavy rain over areas that have been affected with flooding. we'll see the flooding heading into april and may across the mississippi river valley, a story we'll continue to keep our eye on. back to you. ashley: thank you very much. not quite spring yet, at least in the northern rockies. taking a look at futures this morning, my word, it is flat as a pancake.
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the dow, well, unchanged up, a little bit, s&p and nasdaq also flat. a lot of let's wait and see apparently on the u.s. futures. still ahead, well, it just keeps getting crazier. the prosecution defending their decision to drop all charges against jussie smollett. >> he was aveiled to an alternative prosecution model. we treated mr. smollett the same way we would treat similarly situated folks. ashley: how the attorney's conduct is under the microscope. and talk about the lap of luxury, a new hotel offering cry cryo therapy chambers and sleep coaches. it's coming up on "fbn: a.m." ♪ it's a beautiful day. ♪ a beautiful day. ♪ don't let it get away. ♪
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ashley: boeing unveiling a software fix for its 737 max at a meeting with more than 200 pilots and airline executives. that fix basically gives pilots more control over the system and makes it less likely to be set off by faulty data. >> we'll be spending time with them today to explain the updates that we're making to the 737 max, to get their input, and to earn their trust. ashley: kyle bailey is an aviation analyst, pilot and former faa safety team representative. he should be more qualified than anyone to talk about this. kyle, thanks for coming in today. >> good morning, ashley. ashley: the fact that we have a fix for the software, does this mean the original plane in its original form was not air-worthy, was not particularly safe because they had to make this fix? >> that is correct, ashley. we've had two crashes and this software update is necessary. what boeing typically did here
5:18 am
for this fix is that originally there's indicators on the outside of the airplane called the angle of attack indicator which basically is the climb grading of the plane. initially, once one of those indicators was feeding into the system and the m-cast system and now there's going to be actually two of those. so we pretty much have redundancy there being added. if those sensors are off the indicator by more than five and-a-half degrees, the m-cast system will be disabled. ashley: does this mean boeing can get back in the air now? is this what was needed to get them back? >> it's going to have to go through a recertification to get them back in the skies. and here in the u.s., it probably will half fairly quickly, probably in a few weeks. around the world, this could go on for 12 or 13 weeks as every country has to recertify this for their own territory. ashley: you mentioned that term, recertify or
5:19 am
self-certification. is the relationship between the faa and these airlines a little too cozy when it comes to certifying new aircraft? >> well, according to the deputy administrator of the faa in those hearings yesterday, she feels confident how the faa is tacting but i -- is acting but i think the relationship should be analyzed. keep in mind, i want to make the point, boeing is certifying these airplanes. they don't want to lose an airplane to a crash. so they're doing the best they can and it's in their best interest to make sure everything is perfect with certification. and we have to realize that. they have a very good relationship, the faa and boeing, and boeing knows the game and they know the certification process and if something goes wrong, they're not going to benefit from that. so i think we have to keep that in mind during this whole process. ashley: is this a black eye for boeing, though? >> it certainly is. we have lawsuits here. we have airlines cancelling
5:20 am
orders for the airplane. keep in mind, they are in the defense business as well. ashley: that's very true. kyle bailey, thank you so much for coming, in aviation analyst, appreciate your input. lauren: coming up, winter is coming to west rose and so is your chance to find love. >> they all fell in love with you. i suppose he staring as you longingly because he's hopeful for a successful military alliance. lauren: the kateing ap dating s trying to help you find your john snow. ashley: oh, great. lauren: this is a mcdonald's breakfast sandwich, it's a video that is taking social media by storm. he's chopping the thing, it looks like a block of ice. ashley: it's a hockey puck. ♪ twisting the night away.
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♪ let it lift you off the ground. lauren: that's a pretty shot of mid-town manhattan this thursday morning. the weather seems just like spring is almost here, right? ashley: i don't believe you. lauren: i don't believe myself either. if you're a fan of the game of throne series and you're looking for john snow, you might be in luck. do you know anything i just said. ashley: i know john snow. that's about it. tracee: the dating site, okay cupid, they've come up with a way for game of throne fans to find their perfect match.
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they're adding a badge to users' profiles if you watch the show, you're able to match with other users because according to okay cupid, they say that this show has the most mentions of any other tv show on users' profiles. there's about 2 million mentions of game of thrones. so they already use algorithms, compatibility. >> al: grocompatibility algoritt now they're using a tv show to find your match. ashley: i don't know if i would put that in my profile but if it works. most people go to hotels forest and relaxation. this new chain designed to get you fit, right? tracee: the equinox gym is upscale and luxurious. they're coming out with an equinox hotel. the first one will be opening up in the hudson yard development in new york city in june. the wall street journal is calling it the fittest hotel on
5:26 am
earth. some of the amenities, there's a mini bar with jet lag tonics, also a gym that has cryo therapy chambers, the near freezing temperature chamber that you go into, helps with muscles and things like that, athletes use them. there's a nurse on-site to administer ivs to help with hangovers. there's a sleep coach to analyze sicircadium rhythms. lauren: all this for the price of? tracee: i don't know the price. joining the gym is expensive, so i can imagine -- ashley: i want a jet lag tonic right now. lauren: thank you, tracee. ashley: coming up, why did so many democrats who endorse the green new deal suddenly jump ship when it came to the vote. because alexandria ocasio-cortez
5:27 am
said so. how do you like that. president trump's green new deal warning and senator elizabeth warren has her eyes society on a new target. -- set on a new target. >> pork, the other white meat. >> beef, it's what's for dinner. ashley: why warren has a beef with ads like these. keep it here, i promise there's going to be more of this. ♪ make the best of what's around. ♪ -driverless cars... -all ground personnel... ...or trips to mars. $4.95. delivery drones or the latest phones. $4.95. no matter what you trade, at fidelity it's just $4.95 per online u.s. equity trade. run with us in the unstoppable john deere gator xuv835, because when others
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ashley: it is 5:30 a.m. here in new york. it's 5:30 p.m. in hong kong. it's 9:30 a.m. in london. all right, that's now you're up-to-speed on that. let's see what's moving markets around the world. andrew people, editor of the wall street journal asia joins
5:31 am
us now from hong kong. good morning to you, sir. what drove trading in asia today? >> it was a dismal day in asia, markets falling pretty much across the board, led by stocks in japan, the nikkei fell 1.6%, markets also down in korea, up just a touch here in hong kong but nothing to get too excited about. we also saw those yields on u.s. treasuries falling again to a 15-month low. really we've got the same problems out here, the same concerns that are gripping the world now about the health of the global economy, what with the u.s. may be slowing. china of course has been slowing all year, there's been more dismal data this week out of china and really no sign that the economy there is turning the corner at the moment. so it's a sort of classic sort of dismal feeling that people are just waiting for the next spur, the next thing to get them going. ashley: very good, andrew
5:32 am
people in hong kong, thank you very much. a bit of a pessimistic outlook, a bit of a malaise. let's go to london and bring in michael houston for a look at what traders are doing there. can we say something without using the word brexit, michael. >> reporter: sadly not, ashley. to coin a phrase, it's complicated. i think if theresa may thought that offering her resignation to get her deal through, she was mistaken. it still looks unlikely to pass, her withdrawal agreement. the democratic unionists are minded not to back it. m.p.'s voted on eight alternative options last night from revoke article 50 to no deal. they couldn't agree on any of them. there were two lease least popr items, they're likely to go to extra votes on monday, a type of runoff but ultimately nothing has changed. we still don't know what m.p.s
5:33 am
want. we definitely know what m.p.s don't want. ashley: very quickly, michael. the threat of a no deal brexit still on the table. >> reporter: very much so. still very binary for u.k. m.p.s, it's no deal or no brexit. that's pretty much it. everything else is in the hands of the european union. ashley: thank you very much. in the states, futures are inching higher. let's check in with jonathan hoenig, hedge fund manager. good morning, jonathan. >> good morning. ashley: we heard from our reporter in hong kong, pretty much of a malaise going on, the global slowdown affecting us here in the united states and we talk about yield curve inversions which basically things are slowing down and the market is reacting to that. >> i think that's exactly what you have. the last number of days we've seen the number of stocks
5:34 am
hitting new 52-week highs versus hitting 52-week lows essentially balanced between buyers and sellers, even as some of our guests were alluding to, taking a wait and he see approach, what's going to be next with growth, with tariffs, with trade, with all the elements weighing on global markets right now. i think a lot of investors simply sitting on their hands, waiting to see what happens next. at the same time, you've got geopolitical vaition considerat, turmoil, a lot of factors adding up to make investors say let's wait and see and get a sense for where the economy is headed. lauren: jonathan, don't go anywhere. it's lauren simonetti. i want to say good morning. i want to bring in another guest. we have no shortage of news today. there's new developments in the trade talks, the final estimate of fourth quarter gdp, that comes out in about three hours from now. and then some fed officials reportedly saying look, it's too soon to look at actually cutting interest rates. wells fargo senior economist
5:35 am
mark vitner joins us now. what do you make of what robert kaplan told to the wall street journal, let's not talk about cutting rates yet, it's too soon, the yield curve hasn't been inverted for a very long time. >> they want to hold onto the rhetoric for as long as they can. the move to an easing bias is a form of easing itself. they want to hold onto that in case they need it if we get untoward developments on the trade front, if brexit gets really ugly or if we get weaker economic news, then they can make the shift. they pivoted to a neutral stance and that gave the markets a bit of a push and was a form of easing in its own right. ashley: you know what, you mentioned the fed. let me bring jonathan back in. jonathan, you say the fed's wrong, they'll always be wrong
5:36 am
and you're concerned we could become japanified, no growth or slow growth, no interest rates, we're going nowhere, the zombie decade of japan. >> we're starting to see that throughout europe. in germany, yields on those bonds are below that of japan. you're seeing low yields across europe, certainly across asia and even here at home. a lot of borrowers are saying that's wonderful, lower interest rates. iportends a slower u.s. economy. we were promised that trade wars were easy to win, americans spending $50 million a day on tariffs, all of this weighing down into a picture of perhaps slower growth. lauren: let's talk about the trade deal and where we are. mark, reuters is reporting that beijing has made an unprecedented -- that's the word they used, an unprecedented proposal on forced tech transfer, maybe going a little further than some of us thought
5:37 am
they would. would you agree with that assessment? and do you still think the sticking point is enforcement? >> well, it is enforcement. that is always going to be the sticking point. because essentially what we are asking china to do is to do what they said they were going to do when they were admitted to the wto in 1999. so we're not really asking for anything that new, that's new, we want them to do what they said they were going to do and telling us they're going to do it again really isn't going to accomplish all that much. i do think we're going to get an agreement that is going to be better than what the markets think, because it's in china's interest to do so. a lot of companies are pulling out of china because they don't have those intellectual property protections and they haven't gotten the market access that they were promised. lauren: real quick, mark, baked in or not baked in, the prospect of a trade deal? >> i think it's somewhat baked in. i think everybody feels like we're going to have a deal but i think it's going to be better than folks think it's going to
5:38 am
be. lauren: mark and jonathan, thank you very much for going around the world with us. ashley: let's take a look at other headlines making news this morning. massachusetts democratic senator elizabeth warren calling for the breakup of big agricultural companies, saying they're choking family farms, criticizing recent industry mergers and says she will appoint trust busters to reverse anti-competitive mergers. this comes as warren is headed to iowa, an important primary state, where an estimated 90% of the region is covered in farmland. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez, co-founder of the green new deal, says she's encouraged senate democrats -- she encouraged them to vote present on the recent senate resolution. she's slammed mitch mcconnell for pushing the he vote without a hearing. president trump warns the u.s. might end up like venezuela if the green new deal ever passes. he's encouraging democrats to keep pushing it. >> it's ridiculous.
5:39 am
it's crazy. it will cost $100 trillion. nobody knows what means. that means more money than you have in the world and it will be catastrophic. it's not going to happen. it's just talk and of course they'll campaign on it. they'll say we're going to give free everything. you're going to end up being venezuela if that's happening. ashley: the resolution proposed by aoc and senator ed markey failed 0-57 in the senate. former fbi director, james comey, says he's confused about why special counsel robert mueller did not conclude whether president trump tried to obstruct justice. comey telling nbc news that he thought trump obstructed justice when trump fired him. he said the role of the special counsel is to make a judgment so political appointees are not left to make that call. the fbi is stepping in to review the jussie smollett controversy. chicago police standing by their arrest, releasing a report on the actor's original hate crime claim. the fbi's involvement comes days
5:40 am
after the cook county prosecutor dismissed 16 felony charges against the empire actor. agents now looking into possible federal crimes related to the alleged hoax. the police union also asking the u.s. attorney's office to investigate the cook county prosecutor's office which denies any special treatment and that is what's happening now. lauren: still ahead, lyft is getting ready to go public and expected to raise even more cash. but should you join in on this stampede of unicorn ipos about to hit the market? and apparently it does matter how you slice it when it comes to bagels. the photo that is turning crumbs into controversy. keep it right here on "fbn: a.m." ♪ we're going riding on the he freeway of love in a pink cadillac.
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lauren: lyft's initial public offering is slated for tomorrow. the ride sharing company increasing the target price to 70 to $72 a share, from 62 to 68. expecting to raise as much as $2.2 billion, valuing the company at as much at $24 billion. lyft is first out of the gate for what is expected to be quite lit l rally a -- literally a stampede of so-called unicorns. also on deck, uber, slack, pinterest and airbnb. these are privately held
5:44 am
companies that people want to buy. should they buy them? joining me now is alejandro or tees. ortez. should you buy lyft and some of the other unicorns? >> good morning. thank you for having me on. it's a tough question. lyft has tons of growth potential. i think that's what investors are seeing. reuters said the road show was over-subscribed. investors are very interested in this company. lauren: profits are not there. >> they are not there. these unicorns are not known for profitability. they're known because they bring a level of growth that is hard to find in any other asset class. lauren: the $911 million loss that lyft had for 2018 was the biggest of any start-up in the 12 months prior to an ipo and i think that's one of the things that investors are going to be grappling with. you said there's excitement out there, that people want to get into this, so i guess my next few questions for you is what does this say about the strength
5:45 am
and the health of the market? and also, of silicon valley? >> sure. so silicon l valley for a while has drawn a lot of attention for its growth potential. i keep using that word. that's really the focus here. the market also, it's a great time for these companies to go public. nasdaq is performing better year-to-date than any time over the past five years. it's a strong market now. all the anxieties that have been surfacing are really all bark, no bite. investors are eager to deploy capital. lauren: uber's valuation is five times that of lyft. we'll see when we get the final numbers for both. what does lyft's ipo tomorrow say about what could happen with uber? >> a successful ipo for lyft obviously it's great tailwinds for uber and they should benefit from that. it's important to note, even if lyft doesn't do well, uber has its own legs to stand on. it's a different company when you consider its scale in both
5:46 am
geography and services that it provides. lauren: you know what got me about lyft on the road show, they're telling investors don't worry about profits because our way around that is obviously autonomous vehicles eventually and we'll bring insurance costs down. if you're an investor, is that convincing that that's a way to profitability? i don't know. thank you very much. >> thanks, lauren. ashley: take a look at u.s. futures ahead of the opening, there you go, we were basically flat, now moving slightly higher, the dow up 29 points, the s&p and nasdaq also slightly higher. coming up, it's baseball's opening day, how about that. but we're already looking ahead to the world series and how some people are betting on the team with 2,000 to one odds of winning. that could be a big bet. lauren: baseball reminds me of cracker jacks. ashley: it reminds me of summer, good times many and then there is this, the mcgriddle that is breaking the internet,
5:47 am
the viral video -- lauren: he broke the fork. ashley: broke the fork. we'll get into this next on "fbn: a.m." ♪ as long as you're hold me me down, down, down. ♪ i'm going to keep loving you down, down, down. ♪ as long as you're holding me down, down, down. ♪ i'm going to keep loving you down, down, down. ♪ retirement you want to follow your passions rather than worry about how to pay for long-term care. brighthouse smartcare℠ is a hybrid life insurance and long-term care product. it protects your family while providing long-term care coverage, should you need it. so you can explore all the amazing things ahead. talk to your advisor about brighthouse smartcare. brighthouse financial. build for what's ahead℠
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lauren: the wait is over, baseball is officially back. ashley: jared max, it's a full slate of games today. jared: all teams are playing in the earliest start ever. the international series, they just played in tokyo. it's a lot of fun today. we have the two biggest free agents playing at their new homes, like bryce harper who
5:51 am
signed a 13 year, $330 million deal with the phillies. he'll be in philadelphia to take on the atlanta braves. bryce has hit home runs in five of the seven big league openers, cheapest ticket for the game at stub hub, $87, half the price to get into san diego's petco park to see manny ma cha h machado'st game in the padres uniform. he went to the dodgers after late in the season last year. who''s going to win it all? odds makers say the yankees, 5-1. the orioles, 2,000 to 1 and phillies, 10 to 1. if you like pitchers duals, youu can't ask for more than this.
5:52 am
jacob degrom, max scherzer will be competing. blake snell beat out justin verlander, they'll oppose each other in the rays, astros game. the sweet 16 tonight, the ncaa, four games tonight, four more tomorrow. gonzaga opposes florida state just after 7:00 eastern and then it's tennessee, perdue in the 9:00 eastern hour, michigan against texas tech, followed by virginia versus oregon. tiger woods a winner yesterday, the first day of pool play at the dell technologies max play championships, tiger a winner, 3-1 over aaron weiss. he will take on brett steniger today. opening day. ashley: there's always one game played in snow. jared: there's a yankee game today, maybe six hours, seven hours away. ashley: 10 bucks on the orioles, how much does that get
5:53 am
me? 20 grand. not bad. jared: i'll book it. ashley: you can catch jared's sports reports on fox news headline, 24/7, sirius xm channel 115. lauren: an unlucky mcdonald's customer sharing his unbreakable breakfast sandwich on social media. we'll have he details. genius is often misunderstood. social media is weighing in, saying this guy is neither. why a simple bagel slice has the internet up in arms. "fbn: a.m." coming right back. ♪ like a true nature's child. ♪ we were born, born to be wild. ♪ we could climb so high, i never want to die. ♪
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ashley: this mcdonalds customer wanted to enjoy menu item, let me tell you he had trouble with it. tracee: yes, the man -- a man in singapore ordered a mcgriddle from mcdonalds, it was rock hard, proudly present you sausage. ashley: wow. tracee: he's driving over it. threw it off of a building. he used a hammer. i'm not sure if that helped but finally, he used hammer and nail and that seemed to get the sandwich open. lauren: imagine digesting that. tracee: i don't know what was wrong with it. people are saying was it frozen, did it come like that.
5:58 am
lauren: i think he gets a response. tracee: free mcgriddle's for life. highly offensive bagel, he posted this tweet on twitter with a picture of bagel, he said today i introduced my coworkers to secret of ordering bagel, it was a hit, those are bagels sliced like leaves of bread. senator chuck schumer weighed in, st. louis, forget about it. even nypd are weighing in. chief of detectives said thank you for reporting this crime but we only -- lauren: it's a crime. tracee: we only serve new york city where this would never happen.
5:59 am
lauren: tracee, do social media have beef with -- ashley: thank you, tracee, well done. okay, this one, this woman took matters into her own hands when she was deceived and this happens to me often by a bag of potato chips. what happened? tracee: she picked up a bag of potato chips, made by tgi friday's, she opened up and no potato since in it, basically potato chips, this is misleading, people might, might associate those with the appetizer. that's what she said. lauren: loathes call judge napolitano.
6:00 am
ashley: the way you slice a bagel and potato since in a chip back get people -- lauren: roll over a mcgriddle for mcdonalds. tracee: the bagel story exposed on twitter. i want st. louis native to weigh in is this something that they do. ashley: is this normal in st. louis, tracee, thank you very much, i'm hungry now. lauren: mornings with maria begins right now. maria: thanks for joining us, i'm maria bartiromo, happy thursday, opening day, thursday march 28th, top stories 6:00 a.m. on the east coast, breakthrough on china trade, beijing reportedly offering new proposals this morning, key issues including forced technology transfer. very latest on the negotiations happening this week in beijing. health care in america, president trump doubling down on


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