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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  March 28, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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everything. liz: good to see you, david dietze. will we make it 100 points to the upside for the dow? we're up 99. we shall see. [closing bell rings] how will the markets close on final trade of the month and close tomorrow? ipo for lyft, not how it opens but how it closes. see you tomorrow. melissa: the dow ending up about 89 points, settling off session highs. we were up 11points earlier today. s&p 500, nasdaq ending in positive territory for the second time in three days. take a look at the dow winners today. nike, caterpillar, mcdonald's, jpmorgan. i'm melissa francis. connell: i'm connell mcshane. looking good there. we'll have more on market movers. here is first what is happening at this hour. firing up the base, setting up a post-mueller agenda. that seems to be the idea for president trump as he is getting ready to leave the white house any moment now. he will make his way to michigan
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where he has a campaign rally tonight. we'll bring you breaking comments from the president as he leaves. we're also live on the ground in that critical battleground state ahead of the rally. long read. latest details about robert mueller's report, growing demands from republicans for adam schiff to step down as chairman of the house intelligence committee. new court appearances this afternoon. college cheating scandal. the next fight in the cheating process. how the fallout impact the administration process from this point on. melissa: fox team coverage. blake burman at the white house where the president is getting ready to take off for michigan. gerri willis on the floor of the new york stock exchange. edward lawrence is in d.c. let's kick it off with blake. reporter: hi, there, melissa. president trump set to leave the white house any moment. will get on board air force one shortly. marine one first. grand rapids be, michigan, western part of the state. the president will hold a
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campaign rally there. notably the very first campaign rally since the conclusion of the mueller report. i'm told the president will be talking about jobs in the state of michigan where automobiles and manufacturing is a big deal there. the president will be talking about manufacturing as well. i'm also told, this will be quote, unquote victory lap from the president. we'll hear lots from him at mueller report. the president took aim at one of his biggest critics, top democrat on the house intelligence committee the president saying this of adam schiff quote, congressman adam schiff spent two years knowingly unlawfully lying and leaking should be forced to resign from congress. that the official demand from the president of the united states and from the white house. as far as the actual mueller report itself, we also learned today that the report of some 300 plus pages. remember the attorney general bill barr, all that he put out there so far is a four-page summary. that red democrats to increasingly call for the entirety of the mueller report
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to be released. melissa. melissa: well, we'll see. more than 300 pages we hear. blake, thank you. edward lawrence with breaking news on the chinese trade negotiations related to that mueller report, edward? reporter: exactly, melissa. you know how everyone on capitol hill and the nation for that matter was waiting on special counsel robert mueller to wait on the report, so were the chinese. sources tell us they were waiting on the mueller report that the president got vindicated. now that it is out, the chinese believe it will not hurt the president that is why they put more on the table to negotiate over. the chinese negotiators went farther than they have in past talks. chinese wanted to see the mueller report would hurt the president. they're more serious about coming to a deal because the chinese believe the president could get reelected. that the chinese would have to deal with this administration and trade policies through at white house economic advisor hairy kudlow saying they're willing to negotiate on our side in weeks or months to get the
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right listen. >> if it takes a few more weeks, or if it takes months, so be it. we have to get a great deal as the president says. it works for the united states. that is our principle interest. reporter: china already passed a new foreign investment law that protects intellectual property t makes it illegal for government officials and employees to demand intellectual property. the central bank governor of china says that he could see more good than harm by opening financial services markets. so they're starting to talk the talk. we'll see if they can actually put it down on paper. melissa. melissa: we will see, edward. thank you. connell: good reporting from edward. the mitch rochelle joins us along with lindsey bell. edward's reporting comes out very late in the trading session, in the last few minutes, people may be hearing about it now for the first time but as you heard him say the indication he is getting from
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sources the chinese were waiting forge -- for the mueller report they now feel they have to deal with president trump for longer time. that is interesting. i wonder how it changes things. >> that story was out earlier in the day, not the link to the mueller report but fact chinese were offing forward. connell: moving forward, right. >> on important issue of i.p. theft and intellectual property transfer. that is the big issue here. we're making progress at least seems we are and markets responded favorably today. connell: that is helpful, you're right. lindsey for stock to mitch's point there were reports of progress now edward linking some of those reports to politics. where do you think we are in all of this? what do you think it means for markets? >> i think what you say the late-day pop related to this mueller news about the chinese beginning to believe in trump having a second, potentially having second term they're ready to play ball. it means that investors are willing to trade and buy into
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any news out of china. the reason for that is, once we get a china trade deal, we could see corporate profitability and corporate earnings improve. cap-ex increase and economy pick up. connell: seems like we're talking about that forever. lindsey, mitch, stick with us. we'll be back to you guys. melissa. melissa: gerri willis at new york stock exchange. gerri? reporter: let's drill into couple stocks today. amazon announcing it is expanding operations, comes months after the company said we're not coming to new york city, remember that? the american statesman reporting they would add 800 jobs in austin at a new 145,000 square foot space. amazon loves texas. they have 22,000 jobs there. they spent $7 billion. but this isn't being taken well in new york. the company is receiving no financial incentives from austin. the other big story, everybody on the floor of the exchange is talking about, the next unicorn to go public. it will happen on the nasdaq. it is lyft, the ride-sharing
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service the second biggest in the country with 39% market share. here is the big detail nobody is talking about, they lost $900 million. yes, they're a unicorn. yes they will have valuation of $20 billion in all likelihood but they lost a lot of money last year, probably more than any other company that has come public in at least the last year. guys, back to you. melissa: gerri, thank you for that. fears of a looming recession maybe. the u.s. economy growing by 2.2% in the fourth quarter of 2018. that was is a downward revision from those previous estimates. they had been 2.6%. according to the commerce department, despite data though, one of president trump's chief architects of gop tax cuts is fighting back against critics. listen to this. >> as long as sound tax and regulation policy are in place the american economy will grow very strongly in 2019 and beyond.
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the fundamentals, despite the fed, tapping, hitting the brakes too fast, too hard last year, boy our outlook is just fundamentally strong. melissa: so lindsey, he was basically battling back against this argument the tax cuts were a sugar high from the economy. we're seeing a little bit of a slow down here. he is blaming the fed for stepping in a little too quickly. in fact we heard talk that the fed might loosen again. what do you think of that argument? >> i think it is, it is easy to blame the fed right here. melissa: sure. we do it all the time. >> i think what they did last year was really the right move. you needed take advantage of an environment whereby the way, gdp was coming in 50 basis points above, half a percentage point what fed thought it was going to be. inflation came in line. you had unemployment coming in better than expected. that is absolutely the type of environment where you will raise rates and might even raise them one more time than you initially
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thought. i think the fed did the right thing. positioning us for when we get the slowdown or when the next recession comes. we're in the 10th year of the bull market. once we get past the first quarter, and china trade deal gets done, you will see trade pick up but for that the past article i'm on board for. melissa: mitch, do you agree with that. >> that is additional arrow in their quiver if they do in fact next year need to lower rates. there is good news there, the fact the economy was strong is a reason to do it. if you look at the slowing of the economy and to the sugar high point, everybody realizes that law was passed a little over 15 months ago and businesses who you expect to invest, it takes them a while to take up the investing machine. the benefits from business investment won't be seen for some time. i think people need to be patient there. melissa: interesting. mitch, lindsey, thanks to both
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of you, good stuff. connell: interesting story. facebook in hot water. this time the social media giant facing new allegations for violating housing laws on its platform. how the federal government is responding. what it could mean for the future of big tech is head with the judge, andrew napolitano. fox news senior judicial analyst is next. melissa: every day it's a new hit on facebook, have you noticed that? investigating the investigation, president trump calling on the doj to look further into the jussie smollett case and the move to drop all charges against the actor. the latest from chicago holding smollett accountable. connell: speaking to his base. any minute now president trump will be departing from the white house heading to michigan, key battleground state. he has a big campaign rally there tonight. the president's first since the mueller findings were released. we're live on the ground in the state of michigan coming up.
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melissa: new facebook charges again. the trump administration accusing the tech company of discrimination in its advertising practices for housing and other giants in silicon valley may be next. fox business's hillary vaughn has the details. reporter: hey, melissa. we're just now learning that the
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housing department of urban development are not just looking into facebook but also eyeing other tech companies in this space over potential discrimination over housing advertisements. two companies at center of two different probes, twitter and google. we're getting fresh reaction from both companies. google spokesperson giving me the following statement, saying we had policies in place many years to prohibit targeting ads based on race, ethnicity, disability status, negative financial standing, et cetera. our policies are designed to protect users to insure that advertisers are using our platforms in a responsible manner. google also noting that their advertising practices are nothing like facebook's advertising practices. twitter now also responding saying, quote, twitter doesn't allow discriminatory advertising on our platform. someone using twitter to advertise agrees to comply with the law and not use our services for illegal activities,
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discrimination in housing and employment is against the law and against our rules. now, people familiar with the case against facebook at hud, charging facebook alleging that they used discriminatory practices or make them available to advertisers tell me they have engaged in a variety of practices that they say are discriminatory. they say that facebook let advertisers block out their housing ads from reaching entire groups of people saying that housing advertisers could draw a red line around entire neighborhoods that they did not want to see their ads, even letting them discriminate based on gender or religion. facebook says that they're surprised and disappointed by the charges because up until today they had been negotiating with hud in good faith trying to settle the issue, even making changes to their platform but people i talked to today at hud said those changes did not go far enough. facebook's response to the charges say today, quote we've been working with them to
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address the concerns and have taken significant steps to prevent ads discrimination. also saying that hud wanted data they weren't prepared to hand over. melissa. melissa: hillary vaughn, thank you. connell: we have the judge here with us to react to this, andrew napolitano. fox news senior judicial analyst, host of "the liberty file" on "fox nation." this is interesting case for these companies because i hadn't thought of something like this in the past. something that didn't cross my mind but i was reading about it today. should facebook and twitter, google be worried about the case against them. >> connell, you're not only person that has not thought about this, the whole federal judiciary has not thought about it. that is how novel the litigation is. if i had to put my two cents, something i would expect from the obama administration, housing and urban development, you don't think it will go anywhere. >> it will not go anywhere. they are arguing the effect of certain advertisers is to keep low income people from learning
4:18 pm
of availability of products. connell: right. >> if the availability of products is out of financial reach of people, what would the advertiser want to reach them for? advertising is based upon a business model to reach people that will buy your products. connell: create a facebook ad. they changed some of this regard to housing as hillary alluded to. if you create ad, click on eggs necessarity or gender, target females or males is there any legal issue there? >> i don't think there is. can you imagine that congress contemplated when they wrote the laws prohibiting discrimination in housing that you couldn't tailor your advertising to meet the financial ability of the people who are looking at it. connell: even if based on, is that a protected class, race, ethnicity or gender? >> you're talking about the secretary effect of what facebook is doing. facebook doesn't do the advertising. facebook makes the advertising available. connell: right. they allow targeting i guess my point. >> correct. under this theory, if i were
4:19 pm
opening up a restaurant across the street from public housing facility, i decided that, the stuff is too expensive in here for people live in the neighborhood, move it mile away, they could sue me for decision based on race. that is so far removed from what the statute was intended to accomplish. if they really believed this is racial discrimination they would have filed lawsuit in federal district court. instead they filed in administrative court where the judge works for the prosecutor. he works for the secretary of housing and urban development. don't expect a fair hearing. connell: that tells you something. >> don't expect a hearing at all. this will be resolved by payment of money or publishing of new regulations that facebook will honor in the breach. connell: the other item we want to talk to you about here, completely different subject, but a big issue last few days in washington. a number about republicans, particularly members of the house intelligence committee have been calling for the chairman of that committee adam schiff to step down after releasing the mueller report. their basic argument, mr. schiff
4:20 pm
has been going around promoting what they call a demonstrably false narrative last couple years. >> you said in your intro after the release of the mueller report. last time i checked the mueller report was not released. >> good point. summary of the report. >> so nobody knows what there is in there. if there is some evidence of conspiracy not enough to convict, basically what bob barr said on sunday night, if there is some evidence of on obstruction of justice, not enough to convict but you won't exonerate, what bill barr said on sunday night, will we see that when the report comes out? or will the attorney general of the united states follow the federal rules of criminal procedure and not reveal evidence of guilt for a person who is not being prosecuted? connell: we have news coming in. judge, we'll wrap it there. always good to see you. pleasure. melissa: breaking news, wells fargo ceo tim sloan is stepping down effective immediately. he will retire from the company
4:21 pm
on june 30th. general counsel alan parker will be interim ceo. the bank says external search process will begin for the company's next ceo and president. shares are up slightly after hours. connell: okay. the scandal still rocking the nation, coaches from two elite universities appearing in court for their alleged involvement in the college admissions scam. the fallout coming up. the government barring opposition leader juan guaido from holding public office for 15 years. what it could mean for the future of that country. breaking news from president trump speaking to reporters at the white house before he takes off for michigan. when he gets comments played back for us we get them played back for you. don't go away. ♪ our grandparents checked their smartphones
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connell: breaking news at the white house at this hour. president trump we've been told
4:26 pm
is indeed speaking to reporters. he is on the south lawn of the white house. you know the way this work as you know by now. president speaks on his way out. we're not allowed to take it live. once he is done we can play it back. he is pretty much on the other side of the building. on the south lawn of the white house. that is the best i could do. melissa. melissa: good stuff. latest power move by nicolas maduro. the government announcing new restrictions on opposition leader juan guaido, as u.s. asks foreign firms to cut oil deals with the country. rich edson at the state department. reporter: melissa, the government of maduro said juan guaido is ineligible to hold office for 15 years in venezuela. the united states recognizes guaido as the legitimate leader
4:27 pm
venezuela. the state department spokesperson just reacted and saying the maduro move is just ridiculous. u.s. continues broad diplomatic support for guaido. his wife, who the u.s. views as the first lady of venezuela. she was in washington this week meeting with the first family at white house. united states is demanding russia, in words of the president, get out of venezuela. a few days ago, russia sent 100 troops and some military equipment to venezuela. russia recognizes the maduro regime as the legitimate government. russia says it was invited under a agreement with the maduro regime. according to the russian foreign ministry, all that is deliberately stoking chaos and collapse of the state which can no result in no winners. that is what they're saying about the united states involvement. back and fourth over venezuela on going between the united states and russia and between the u.s. and maduro regime. secretary of state mike pompeo says he spoken repeatedly to his
4:28 pm
russian counterpart, he told him the united states would not stand idly by as russia escalates tensions in venezuela. president nicolas maduro refuses to leave despite the pressure from the united states and dozens of its allies to replace him with interim president juan guaido. venezuela, there continues to be blackouts in the country going on much of the month. there is humanitarian crisis. according to the united nations, more than three million have fled as maduro refuses to allow u.s. aid into the country. melissa: rich edson, thank you for that. connell: airline news. a company called wow air, it is ice lan dick, was a icelandic budget airline what were ridiculously cheap flights around europe. it abruptly shut down operations, happened earlier today, shut down for good due to lack of funding. the company announcing closure on the website. canceled remaining flights it had planned.
4:29 pm
thousands of people don't know what to do, they're stranded apparently both sides of the atlantic. wow airlines. melissa: amazing. sending smollett a bill. that is what chicago mayor rahm emanuel is planning on doing after all charges were unexpectedly dropped against the "empire" actor. so will he pay up? president trump heading to michigan. speaking to the press on the south lawn before departing. we'll bring you the latest from the president. that's next. ♪ rather than worry about how to pay for long-term care. brighthouse smartcare℠ is a hybrid life insurance and long-term care product. it protects your family while providing long-term care coverage, should you need it. so you can explore all the amazing things ahead. talk to your advisor about brighthouse smartcare. brighthouse financial. build for what's ahead℠
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connell: he is taking his message on the road. the president heading to michigan, the first campaign rally president trump has had since the conclusion of robert mueller's russia probe. the president is, has been speaking to reporters on the south lawn of the white house commenting on the special counsel investigation, talking china trade, talking number of things. we'll play you comments once they come back to us but let's get out to fox news correspondent kevin corke on the ground ahead of the president in
4:34 pm
grand rapids getting set for the rally. looks like number of others are there, kevin. reporter: i'm in good company, connell, as you can imagine. there are rallies and then there are rallies. tonight promises to be exciting one. this is the first following conclusion of the mueller investigation. you heard the ag say in the summary there is no collusion. i'm betting the president will talk about that here tonight. let me share what he said on twitter, so folks at home, no, get a sense what he will be probably talking about tonight. he said this. he said, will be, not we will, we get it, we will be heading to grand rapids, michigan tonight for a big rally. we'll talk about many exciting things happening to our country but also car companies and others pouring back into michigan, ohio, pennsylvania, north and south carolina and all over. not only is this very officers opportunity for him to talk to
4:35 pm
not just his supporters and public but in rousing atmosphere about the mueller report, understand this, he is really excited about the idea that the 2020 election campaign is right on the corner. this will feel like that. my sources tell me, expect it to go just a little bit longer than perhaps we had originally planned. we'll find out together tonight at 7:00. for now, back to you. connell: kevin corke at the trump rally. familiar soundtrack of a trump rally. this is in grand rapids. melissa: is me, or that song really distracting? might have been me. bob cusack, "the hill" editor-in-chief. so the president is heading out to michigan. got a lot of support there. what do you think he will talk about? what is the impact of the trip? >> oh, melissa, i think, it is not how much he will talk about, how long he will talk about -- melissa: three hours, don't you think? i bet he goes three hours.
4:36 pm
>> his speech at cpac was his longest. that was 2 hours 20 minutes. this could rival that. melissa: oh, my gosh. >> he deserves to spike the ball. this is a big week for him. going to a state, remember this was hillary clinton's blue wall he had to knock down and he did with wisconsin, also with pennsylvania. so this is key to his strategy getting reelected in 2020. he will have a lot to talk about. i'm sure he talks about the economy. without a doubt he talks about the mueller report. probably talk about adam schiff and the media. this will be one, i think one for the ages. this will be a big speech. melissa: you go over or under on the time from cpac, 2:20. you take over or under for this speech? >> that was so long, i will take the under slightly. melissa: that is good. i will take the over. >> okay. >> looking at some polls, you know, we have some polls from firehouse optimism, we have to say it is right-leaning group. these are, they're also polls
4:37 pm
which i don't know that anyone believes in them anymore anyway, whether they're coming from the right or the left, but it does show when you put president trump up against democrats, the only person that gives him a run for the money each and every time, and looks very strong in wisconsin, in pennsylvania, in michigan, which is this industrial midwest, the place that is really the battle ground or was the last time around is joe biden. he is the guy who really gives him a run for his money. is that just name recognition at some point or is that real? >> that is real. we talk to a lot of republicans from cpac, who do you fear on democratic side? by and large easily joe biden. the question, can he win the primary. the party has moved left. joe biden is viewed as century. where does he stand green new deal, "medicare for all." change his positions reparations. that is real problem. some of it is name i.d.
4:38 pm
some is he is likeable and he, they liked the person who he served with, barack obama. but, the big question is, he will take a lot of arrows into the back, once he gets into the race about his anita hill and vote for iraq war? can he take the punch? i'm not so sure. melissa: in the past his problem has always been the gaffs and missteps. >> yeah. melissa: we had two years. we're pretty much immune to all of that now. i think the public is over the idea of anything presidential. kind of ready, okay with the president being a real human being. >> sure. melissa: i wonder, there are people especially on the left who say they don't think he will get in. my bet he can't possibly resist running like this in the polls. what is your bet? >> i totally agree with you. he has a team. he will get in. looks like it will be in april. he will announce. i think his launch is very important. i think it is important he has a nice rollout. that he is specific. will he run for one term, two
4:39 pm
terms. running with stacey abrams. i don't think she will be with him. he floated that. i think that is smart. he definitely will be running because you say he can't resist. melissa: bob cusack. thank you. >> thanks. connell: ahead of the rally for the president tonight he was on twitter touting the car companies coming back back into the state of michigan. let's bring in john bozella. as we do that, fresh comments from the president on the south lawn are coming in to us. we're told he made comments about the special olympics big story last couple days. we'll play those as soon as they come in, john. he touted car companies coming back, mentioned, not only michigan, ohio, pennsylvania, north carolina and south carolina. that is kind of interesting. all the states are different, when it comes to the auto industry. foreign auto-makers and some dough mess snake good to be with you. look, this is important, this auto industry and the health of this auto industry. 10 million americans depend on this industry for their
4:40 pm
livelihood. i think it guyed to have the conversation. it is important for americans to export cars all around the world. this is great opportunity for american workers. connell: we have 20 seconds before the president's comments come in to us, the concern is the threat of tariffs which you and i talked a number of times about? >> no question about it. if you're concerned about the health of industry, the last thing you want to do is put big taxes on americans which would raise the cost of cars and instruction made hire in america and made elsewhere. that will reduce sales and production. that ised about idea for the industry. connell: i don't know how much the president will get into that? do we have comments. john, i have to wrap-up. >> thank you. connell: here comes the president, moments ago on the
4:41 pm
south lawn of the white house before his trip to michigan speaking to reporters on a number of topics. >> we're going to michigan. we're opening up the car plants in michigan for the first time in decades. they're coming in. they're really pouring in. car companies coming in. toyota just announced $13.5 billion coming into our country. and michigan is booming and ohio is booming and north carolina, south carolina, florida, a lot of places. so we have a lot of car companies, we have a lot of companies coming back into our country. and this has been happening, pretty much since i've been president. it is really amazing what is going on. because i'm going to michigan, i will tell you we'll be speaking about it tonight. we have companies coming back in. car companies. it's a great thing to see. [reporters shouting questions] reporter: [inaudible].
4:42 pm
>> well, look i've been going through that for almost two years but it is really much more than that. because if you look back, you could probably look at the insurance policy area in terms of timing. it is a disgrace what happened. this was a terrible thing that was put on to our country. nobody has seen anything like this, probably never happened before. beautiful conclusion. i haven't seen the report. beautiful conclusion and, there was collusion at all. there never was. everybody knew it. i wish it could have gone in one week instead of taking almost two years. but the result was great. no obstruction. no collusion. no anything. it was a great, yeah, it was a great thing, but it took, it took a long time. [reporters shouting questions]
4:43 pm
reporter: [inaudible] >> well i can't tell you whether or not it had an impact on other countries including china. i can say this, that countries are reacting very well. we're doing very well with our trade talks with china and our trade talks and other talks with other countries. our country is doing great. if you look at, if you -- if you look at other countries, if you look what's happening, the economies of other countries we're leading the world economically. we're leading the world as far as our economy is concerned. we have a strong dollar. we have, i mean are going very well. one of the reasons i'm going out tonight to michigan is we have brought back so much industry, so many car companies to michigan. so we're very happy.
4:44 pm
[reporters shouting questions] reporter: [inaudible]. >> the special olympics will be funded. i just told my people. i want to fund the special olympics. and i just authorized a funding of the special olympics. i have been to the special olympics. i think it is incredible. i just authorized a funding. i heard about it this morning. i have overridden by people. we're funding the special olympics. [reporters shouting questions] reporter: [inaudible]. reporter: will we see the full mueller report? reporter: [inaudible]
4:45 pm
>> she is a very nice lady. she is a friend of mine. i hope she diswell. i hope the brexit movement, everything happening there goes very well, but theresa may is very good woman. i will tell you what, she is strong, she is tough, she is in there fighting. reporter: [inaudible] >> i like boris johnson a lot. [reporters shouting questions] reporter: [inaudible]. >> i have taken better care of puerto rico than any man ever. we have $91 billion going to puerto rico. we have 29 billion to texas. 12 billion to florida, for the hurricanes. puerto rico has been taken care of better by donald trump than by any living human being. and i think the people of puerto rico understand it. but you do have a mayor of
4:46 pm
san juan that frankly doesn't know what she is doing. the governor, they have to spend the money wisely. they don't know how to spend the money. they're not spending it wisely. but i'm giving them more money than they have ever got, gotten, and frankly the people of puerto rico, i really have a great relationship with them. i think, when it comes time, they really do appreciate it. [reporters shouting questions] reporter: [inaudible] >> where? >> reporter: [inaudible] >> [inaudible] reporter: [inaudible] >> so obamacare has been an absolute disaster.
4:47 pm
i have asked john barosso, senator bill cassidy, who is a terrific health care person, rick scott, and others to take a look, form a really great plan. we're winning the lawsuit to terminate obamacare in texas. we are winning the texas lawsuit. and right now we're on the winning side. hopefully we'll win at the appellate division and go to the supreme court, to terminate obamacare. the cost of obamacare to people is far too much. the deductibility is ridiculous. it averages more than $7,000, meaning it is unusable. obama care has been a disaster. we'll take care of preexisting conditions, better than they're taken care of now. i have already gotten rid of the individual mandate which was the worst part of obamacare, where you had to pay for the privilege of not getting bad insurance.
4:48 pm
so so we are working very hard on that. john barrasso, rick scott. we have some great people. you look, i mean we put together a group of four or five and, bill cassidy health care person. they are going to work together, come up with something that's really spectacular. maybe we'll even get support in the house from democrats but it will be far better than obamacare. if we win on obamacare, it will be terminated in the court and we'll see what happens. reporter: [inaudible] >> we're working on a plan now. there is no very great rush from the standpoint. we're waiting for decisions in the court. but we've already won the case against the, determination of obamacare, against obamacare. now we'll go to the appellate division. we'll see what happens there. i think we'll win. it is in texas. wait, wait. it goes to the supreme court of
4:49 pm
the united states. if the decisions are held up, if we win on the termination of obamacare, we will have a plan that is far better than obamacare including very importantly preexisting conditions, which i have always been in favor of. [reporters shouting questions] reporter: [inaudible] >> well i think the, i think the smollett, i think the case in chicago is an absolute embarassment to our country. and i have asked that it be, they look at it. i think that case is an absolute embarassment to our country. and somebody has has to at least take a very good hard look at it. [reporters shouting questions] connell: president trump moments ago on the white house south lawn as he makes the walk there
4:50 pm
to marine one, eventually on to grand rapids a rally tonight in michigan. topics covered from jobs coming back. he talked a number of types in the auto industry. you heard him talk about health care and other things. made news about political flap over special olympics developed last couple days, involving education secretary betsy devos. the special olympics will be funded. he has overridden his own people. they will be funded. there you go. melissa: bob cusack, is back with us. it cracks me up when he squawks up and down on the reporters, looking for who he will talk to, deciding if he will walk away. he was a little subdued for someone taking a victory lap around michigan, no? >> a little bit. at the same time he may be gearing up and having energy for tonight. the special olympics is the big news item. that will never be passed by
4:51 pm
congress. he saw it as a major, political problem, moved beyond it. that is smart move by the president. clearly will not see the proposal. had no supporters. republicans were critical of it and democrats were critical of it. trump, good to get rid of it before the rally. smooth move. melissa: what do you think about the deal that china was holding back until they saw the outcome of the mueller report? what do you think of that there? do you think the chinese thought he would get booted out of office? do you take any stock in that. >> i saw several people in washington saying trump will never run for re-election. i never bought into that. the even if the mueller report was damning, it has been a home run for him. i think they will get a deal on china. china's economy has been struggling. the president needs the economy strong going into 2020. it's a win-win for both of them.
4:52 pm
just a matter of getting details. they're getting closer. obviously they have a long way to go. melissa: how close do you feel they are? we keep hearing they're getting closer and closer. both sides are very proud and a big move to china to give in on a lot of these issues? >> listen, i know the president held out those auto tariffs as leverage. i think they will be, not going to be i think in mid-april, i think probably going to be later in the spring. but i do think that that could really help the economy. the stock market could take off. but, as you know, they have been working on this for a long time. i do think they will get a deal, because there is incentive on both sides to strike an agreement. melissa: definitely. bob cusack, always fantastic. thank you. >> thank you. connell: not backing down. the president just weighing in, you heard him on the jussie smollett legal saga. the latest on the case, new developments coming your way next. i'm working to keep the fire going
4:53 pm
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connell: fallout over jussie smollett, you saw president trump saying it was an embarrassment to the country. the fbi and doj are going to review the investigation. the city of chicago plans to makes actor pay up. matt with the latest. reporter: somehow this saga keeps intensifying this afternoon, city of chicago demands restitution from jussie smollett, saying it is a just and fair demand. mayor rahm emanuel said that the actor is a liar, and justice, so far, has not been served. >> he is either a person that pulled a hoax around a hate
4:58 pm
crime. or he is totally a victim and innocent. you both can't be right, the city of chicago deserves an answer. they deserve answer about responsible in the system. reporter: jussie smollett's attorney firing back at rahm emanuel releasing this statement, it is the mayor, and police chief who owe jussie an apology for dragging an innocent man's character through the mud. and tells state attorney that that the attorney never formally recused herself. kim fox said her office could have convicted smollett but it would have had the same result, the state attorney said her office chosal t alternative prosecution. >> it is fair to say that the
4:59 pm
police department is not happy on every decision that we make. i think that the notoriety around this case has somehow cast i think an unreasonable expectation that police deputy and us will not agree on every case. reporter: national district attorney association that say its represents 2700 prosecution offices in country release a letter slamming kim fox, writing in part, when a chief prosecutor recused him or herself, the recusal must apply to the entire was ooffice. >> and prosecutors should note take advise from politically connected friends of the accused. the state attorney was messaging with michelle obama's former chief of staff tina chin. connell. connell: what a story, good reporting from chicago.
5:00 pm
you and bob deuc cusack were tag earlier, i think that is to big of a number. i am going under. melissa: i'm going over. "bulls and bears" starts now. david: breaking news, you are looking live at grand rapids, michigan, the president will arrive later this hour for his first rally since the release of the mueller report, president trump was first republican to win michigan in almost 30-years in 2016, democrat made some big gains in the midterms, since then, gm, ford, fiat-chrysler announced big investments in michigan. president spoke about this before leaving the white house this afternoon. >> one of the reasons we're going to michigan we brought back so much industry, so many car companies, we're


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