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tv   Bulls Bears  FOX Business  March 28, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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reporting from chicago. you and bob deuc cusack were tag earlier, i think that is to big of a number. i am going under. melissa: i'm going over. "bulls and bears" starts now. david: breaking news, you are looking live at grand rapids, michigan, the president will arrive later this hour for his first rally since the release of the mueller report, president trump was first republican to win michigan in almost 30-years in 2016, democrat made some big gains in the midterms, since then, gm, ford, fiat-chrysler announced big investments in michigan. president spoke about this before leaving the white house this afternoon. >> one of the reasons we're going to michigan we brought back so much industry, so many car companies, we're happy. >> will that be enough to turn
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the tide back to republican? welcome, this is "bulls and bears," i am david asman, joining me, susan lee, jonathan hoenig. and gary. and michigan g.o.p. chair laura cox, she is in grand rapids, how important were these auto company investments in moving voters toward the president? >> i think they are huge, they are very important. our economy is humming in michigan because of the policies of that president has put forward. >> laura, this is gary. i'm not sure our viewers know but michigan of closest race in presidential elect out of 4.5 million votes, the president won by 10700, what are you doing to make sure that numbers don't go backwards, and you extend that
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because this is a very important 16 votes. >> you know, we're really excited here in michigan, the energy in this room kind of shows that president is ready to rattle the cages, get activists out to make sure they make it a bigger margin than 2016, that is my job. >> law is, this is susan, i want to ask you about auto companies, and auto executives we have gm announcing 14,000 job losses across north america. and mary barr points to trump's tariffs and aluminum and steel. how do you feel about that? >> i could only hear part of the question, really loud. -- -- >> steel tariffs and aluminum tariffs impacting job losses for car companies. >> you know, dodge, ram plant is investing in michigan.
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ford is investing, a billion in mitch mcconnell. and money in michigan. over 7 thousand new jobs we're excitessed about it. >> jonathan here, i want to ask you about president's signature line, buy american, hire american, do you think it is important we buy american, considering so many companies come into michigan are foreign automakers like toyota and volvo? do you think buy important is that important? >> yeah, absolutely, we are the motor city, michigan, we manufacture. it is very important, i come from a ford family, my brother worked on the lines, is important and president message and his policies will resonate with the voters, and across country, in michigan. >> john layfield here, good luck to your michigan tate start spartans tomorrow night against lsu . i want to ask you go gm, gm has
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been building more cars in china than they have in the united states this trade war seems to exacerbate, that does that worry the carmakers in michigan,taryive tariffs and trade wars? >> well, like i said, we the motor city, detroit we have manufacturing throughout the state, the president's policies have encouraged manufacturing, we've seen it in michigan. they guarantee; that we're excited in michigan, i think that other thing they will play themselves out but we believe that president's policies will be good, and a boone for michigan. david: i want to go off of cars for a moment, ask whether or not the end of mueller investigation, the collusion charge, has affected voters there as far as you can tell? >> no, i mean, no collusion, no obstruction that will be mantra
5:05 pm will be wonderful that president will talk about it here in michigan in grand rapids, he knows how important michigan is, and michigan motors want to hear. >> looking at approval ratings president trump, 47% in michigan will it go up? >> yeah, absolutely, you know, only poll that matters is poll of november, in 2020. we're pretty confident that it is go. >> irony is that you know main of us on the so-called right, used to criticize president obama, sometimes maybe unfairly for always campaigning. are you expecting anything new in this rally? hear old favorite chestnuts like locker up, the same old trump rally or something new in 2020? >> i am excited to hear what the
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president will say, i am sorry i can't hear when you are saying, i think it cell be pretty excite -- i think it will be pretty excite, the music is loud, and crowd is loud. david: that all right. let me tell our panelists you have speak slowy and clearly, jonathan you speak too fast. >> thank you. david: laura let me stick to one question. the president has been criticized. for not selling the tax plan, well enough, in the 2018 midterm election, do you expect him to do more to try to sell the tax cuts and perhaps futpur future s and connection that to the booming economy. >> i think that president and representatives need to talk about that better more clear. and we have been working on that from our position, but. we need to talk about how they had more money in their pockets the year. instead of refund.
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that is a matter of way they will talk about, they did improve that. >> all right -- the big message in last week off of mueller has been about getting rid of obamacare, are you expecting a lot of that tonight. how do you think audience will take that. >> i am excited that something he's to talk about more. and i think it will be interesting what he says, he wants to save money for taxpayers, and make sure keeps that relationship between the patients and their doctor. >> are people in michigan feeling the booming economy? we talk about it all day. on fox business, we talk about the effects not only of tax cut but deregulations. everything that president has done, to get the economy moving. we see a world slowdown in economic growth, are the people
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there continuing to be optimistic about the future? or they worried about the slowdown abroad? affecting us here. >> >> i think they are excited, i think they are interested, we had low, low unemployment. in michigan. you know he will have a message and give to manufacturer and business owners and farmers, families, i think that everyone is interested. to hear what he wants to talk about, his past accomplishments and his 20s for -- plans for 2020. >> what about china and mexico, president trump told gm close the plant in mexico or china bring it back home to the u.s. do you think automakers will do that? >> well, i think that it is important that president stand up for what he mutual funds in he is -- what he believes in, he is holding china accountable, and the people love that.
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david: i am sorry the background music was so loud, by it was fun. have a great show, you have the best showman in the wore, the president oworld.president of t, laura cox. >> not -- >> thank you for having me. >> not easy to talk over lionel rich ilionelrichie and michael d the i hav village people. david: could the top prosecutor in jussie smollett case now be in hot water? details coming next. our grandparents checked their smartphones
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david: chicago top prosecutors on hot seat following controversial decision to drop all charges again empire star, jussie smollett, at president said he wants the fbi and department of justice to investigate the case. >> i think that the case in chicago is an absolute embarrassment to the country. and i have asked that it be -- they look at it, i think that case is an absolute embarrassment to our country. and something has to at least take a good hard look. david: to matt finn from chicago. >> this afternoon, somehow this keeps intensifying, latest that city of chicago seeks $130,000
5:15 pm
in restitution from smollett, they feel that is a fair demand. the city of chicago ram rahm emanuel calls the actor a liar. >> he is either a person that pulled a hoax around a hate crime for his racial background and sexual orientation. or a victim an innocent. but you bothn ' can't be right,e city of chicago deserves an answer. reporter: jussie smollett's attorney immediately fired back at rahm emanuel for demanding accountability and money, writing in part, it is mayor and police chief who owe jussie smollett's an apology, this afternoon kim foxx's spokesperson said that she never
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fully recused herself in the investigation, and never had actual conflict of interest, she did not have to seek the appointment of a special prosecutor. fofoxx said her office could hae convicted smollett but it would have resulted in the same outcome. >> fair to say that police department is not happy to every san diego wdecision we make, i t notoriety around this case, cast an unreasonable expectation that police department and us will agree on every case. reporter: also national district attorney association that say its represents 2700 prosecution officers in country released a letter slamming kim foxx writes in part, when a chief officer recuses him or herself, the
5:17 pm
recusal must apply to the entire office: we know that kim was messages with michelle obama's former chief of staff tina chen, and we learn that large police union here will hole a public dem demonstration against kim foxx here in chicago on monday. >> this stinks, if any average chicago an got caught stucking a turkey under his coat walking out of safeway, they would do hard time. he got 16 hours at rainbow/push, and now as i know it been nominated for a naacp image award. my question, tremendous amount of pressure on kim fox here in chicago, is here job safe? a lot of local politicians and
5:18 pm
leaders calling on her to resign? >> you know that is great question, we're hearings demand for kim fox to resign, we'll see whether or not she survives what is becoming a large scandal. >> matt, john layfield, where the charges are now? if jussie smollett is innocent right now, then somebody is guilty, let's say he is innocent. the 16 charges are not right, then body building brothers commit a racist, ain't gay -- antigay hate crime, that a felony, someone has to be arrested, you can't just say jussie smollett walks and nothing else is done, you have to arrest someone who perpetrated a hate crime, where are the charges now for the body building brothers? reporter: his record has been expunged. we has nothing regarding those 16 pounds, and tuesday, they
5:19 pm
were dropped, his attorney got in front of camera said, you know we know they testified, that they carried out this alleged attack, they must have been the one who did it, i asked do you think your real attacker are still out and would you demand further investigation, he it not respond. >> this is gary, what is the odds that we keep hearing about there could be federal charges because of the sending of the letter, is there any odds on whether that would come to fruition. reporter: chicago police say jussie smollett sent himself a fake death threat letter one week, when it did not get enough attention he decided too carry out the fake attack, chicago police tell us they pass their investigation on that death threat letter to the fbi, they do believe that fbi is investigating that letter, fbi very tight lipped, and not
5:20 pm
confirming about us, but legal analyst say that jussie smollett faces a serious federal charge of mail fraud, which could be up to 5 to 10 years in prison. >> this is susan, how the city of chicago feels about jussie smollett? part of his defense is that he is a son of chicago. he films in the city, and done a lot of community service. he left today on a plane -- please. >> what is the feeling. reporter: oh, my gosh, there is outrage, ever since the charges were drop be you have mayor call him a liar, top cop say he owors the see an apology, went hours after this, i talking with sources they said they knew from the start this appeared to be a hoax, and this city was being dragged through his scheme and a waste of resources and money and time to what many people felt
5:21 pm
was a lie. david: pick up on something susan said. to jonathan, have you been in chicago. most of your life. in they bend the law the way they did, putting it nicely for jussie smollett. what about for businesses. what confidence do businesses have they will play by rule the law? >> david this is a trem cousin s insult to all chicagoans, also police force of chicago, been ripped through the mud, by national politicians and local politicians. under tremendous criticism this is a tremendous slap in the face for jussie smollett to pull this type of outrage. david: when facts don't matter to the law, it should matter,. >> here if this it is littl politically correct or connected the factse don't matter.
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david: connecting china trade talks with the end of the mueller investigation. reporter: the chinese were waiting for the mueller report, they were waiting to see if the report would be damaging to president trump. now that it is out chinese do not believe it will hurt the president, they are more serious about negotiating, they believe trump could be reelected they would have to deal with trade policy through 20 tw 24. today they went farther than they have in past putting items to the table.
5:27 pm
>> i can't tell you whether or not it had an impact over other countries, including china. i can say countries are reacting very well. we're doing well with our trade talks with china and other talks with other countries. reporter: white house economic adviser larry kudlow said that the trade talks are not time dependent. he adds chinese are open to enforcement being part of deal that starts with a series of meetings to settle disputes. >> if the complaint stants there wilcomecomplaint stands therewi. >> chinese asked a new foreign investment law making it illegal for government agencies or employees to demand intellectual property, and kudlow said they
5:28 pm
are talking about ownership and companies giving u.s. companies a majority of ownership in chynna -- china. >> that is a sticking point. the talks continue on friday. and next week, you will have vice premier comes here to washington. david: edward, terrific thank you. >> how much has the president negotiating hand been strengthened with china and the world. >> a lot. china has been shrewd negotiators since way before the art of the deem wa"the art of tn print. this u.s. is in the surprise me at all, long-term planning is part of their business. and probably most important concession is not 100% ownership of companies in china. they say the law they passed to ban and make it illegal for companies to demand technology
5:29 pm
transfer. >> when country are negotiating on deals, and see weakness they try to be strong. when republicans lost the house, china somewhat backed away, now he has a win on the mueller deal, they realize he is streg endestrengthened. his poll numbers go up, china realizes he may be more longer. i am getting winded on this, already, how long it has been and how many different things we heard, sooner the better. let's get it done. >> that worries me, we're told trade wars were easy to win, this is well over a year now. this is costs and hurting every day americans, a hundred million a day in tariffs, and having a impact on our bottom line, not just in terms of expenses for cost of things like washing
5:30 pm
machines, but even our after tax income, they have hurt the after tax income from a half percent to 1%. it is -- this is having an impact on people's bottom line in a negative way. >> jonathan, i agree we'll also killing our own farmers, losing soybean contract not just a year but forever to brazil. who is having china help build their infrastructure. and china is just killing the clock, you look at japan, japan kills the clock. they have admitted ad as were. our farmer and ranchers are down 30% because we can't negotiate a bilateral deal with the japanese, they keep putting it off, similar to china. this trade war in my opinion is a disaster for this country, long-term structural damage, i don't think our guys know what they are doing. >> john, i know a little bit
5:31 pm
about brazil. nothing is for ever in brazil. they could pull soybeans new. one thing that is changing, is the way in which china is doing business. they have been changing some of the rules, no other administration before this has done that. gene i think there are individual sectors in our economy that are being hurt but the overall relationship with china is changing in a positive way. >> when chuck schumer said that the tariffs are working on opportunity, schumer agrees? this says something, and china has not faced someone as tough in terms of hard-line stance as president trump has been, i would say all in all it has been impressive in terms of the nerves he is cracks. >> i will tell you, they better get a good deal done. all of the rhetoric out of the
5:32 pm
white house it will be the greatest thing since who knows what. if is sudden, i think -- if it isn't, i think that marketing will recognize on it. i hear kudlow saying, you think this china is going to sit there if you put more tariffs. >> president has vowed he will keep some tariffs in place even if hey do come to a deal. david: nothing is permanent in politics. take a deep breath. 2020 democrats running on higher taxes on the rich, do they have more support than people think? results of a new fox news poll coming next. each day our planet awakens with signs of opportunity. but with opportunity comes risk. and to manage this risk, the world turns to cme group. we help farmers lock in future prices,
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david: democracies liz warren and beto o'rourke, pushing for a wealth tax on rich.
5:37 pm
34% of registered voters believe that the rich are not paying enough in taxes. is this a sign a wealth tax may be on the way? >> i think it is. i think it is. we may disagree on tariffs. but i think will agree wealth inequality right now it is coming. but problem you with, you ask why do you tax people, to provide for defense and provide for revenue for social programs. this not a tax to provide revenue to go to federal covers -- coffers on payoff debt, it is a punitive tax, to punish wealthy and stop oligarchy. we'll inequality right now is probably highest it has been because we're in a global world. >> we should be delighted that wealth is unequal, it means some
5:38 pm
people have been very successful and created this value, that all of us gets to enjoy, but let's get the straight, this idea this wealth are not paying their fair share is mel arco -- malarky. so we should give the high earners a tax break allow them to invest, and create more wealth. >> good luck with that. >> all i can tell you. i would love to sit down with every one of these people polled and explane to them, if you do this to wealthy, they will find theranother place to go. it will affect you from becoming wealthy as they take every dollar as you move up in life. where are they doing this poll in havana or berkeley? i am trying to figure it out. -- these people have continued to that enough of this taking from producer to hand out.
5:39 pm
we give them a dollar, they put town 10 cents to what is needed, and 90 cent stays in committees. >> interesting about "fox news poll" 34% said that rich should pay more, 55% say, they pay too high taxes. who is to say, when you give your money to the government that is the best way to spend it. we know how infortune they are to spending your tax dollar -- inmucinefficient they are in spg your tax dollars. you don't think it will get to everyone down the line. moral, is wealth comp sa come -e going with problem that the tax
5:40 pm
code has that republicans are trying to address. like, cutting tax rates or making it simpler or too many people don't have to pay taxing. 34% is about number of democrats that are out there. >> you know, problem is that we are just getting pounded away day in and day out from the candidates, about 90% taxes, 7% searches% tax -- sterchghts -- x on everything, they keep telling these people their lot in life is where it is because others who are rich are screwing them, and somehow that message is getting there, somebody has to scream loudly from the other side, it is the other way around, hard work and success got them there it was not given to them. >> you can't just say it was the a democrat.
5:41 pm
>> i agree. >> both parties. the republican right now had highest mont monthly deficit in history, it does not matter who is in charge or how much revenue you have, they spend more than they bring? david: to that point, in the country where it has been tried, wealth tax they had these predicttion to bring in this tax revenue, it did not happen. rich peoplin figured out ho to e their we'll in or out of country, i think 4 out of 15 country are those who kept wealth tax originally it was 15 countries. countries, elizabeth warren said, if you leave, we'll tax you on the way out, they already know people will be p po'ed they say where you are going from united states.
5:42 pm
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david: breaking news. lyft, announcing ipo. a lot more than was expected this ahead of their debut, a publicly traded company on the nasdaq, tomorrow, keep it tuned to fox business, we'll be coffing all of lyft's moves on the first day the market tomorrow. >> mm-hmm. >> facing an unprecedented humanitarian and border security crisis all along our southwest border we're now on pace for over 100,000 apprehensions and encounters with migrants in march, with 90% of those crossing border illegally. david: custom and border
5:47 pm
protection commissioner with warning about severity of migrant crisis. prompting president to tweet this out earlier. mexico is doing nothing to help stop the flow of illegal ill grands, -- immigrants, they are all talk no act, like wise. the dimms don't care, such bad laws may close the sout southern border. joining us now congressman brien babbin. how could you close the border without killing a lot of border businesses. >> that would be a bad thing to have happen to the southern border. but we have never experienced this type of crisis. we just heard cvp commissioner. we continue to hear the democrats say it is a manufactured crisis. not true. i am the border security caucus
5:48 pm
in the house of representative chairman, and i have been down to the border 4 times in the last three and a half months i have seen things that are scary. if we don't start fixing this problem, the system is about to collapse, if we don't fix it, so is our country, our country will collapse as well, i don't see how we could continue to have this type of influx of millions of people. we're on track for a million illegals to be released by year's end. there are thousands of people that of quarantined because of contagious diseases on the bored eof there are over a hundred emergency situations, medical situations per day. this is out of control. and if the dems don't help, i see nothing that can be done other than president do
5:49 pm
something like that. >> congressman, this is gary. thank you. you know often we hear some types that politics, toll toll politicians say one thing but do other things, is there and talk from the other side that yes, we know this is a issue. but we have elections coming up? or they just standing pat and we'll have to do something executive orders? >> i think only way we fix this, is with executive orders, i have talked to some of my colleagues across the aisle, democrats who said there is a problem. but the leadership of that party, seems to be just dug in on this issue. they want open borders. as we have seen, since they took majority in the house of representatives, their agenda is so extreme it is scaring a lot of americans, open borders is
5:50 pm
one of them. you have seen many others as well. >> congressman, yes, open borders very scary, but what about operation of cartel? you know ther a conveyer built system the migrants are bussed in, cartels are making millions of dollars off these distrat immigrants, how about help from mexico and el salvador and stop them. >> you know our hopes have gone up then dashed. as we've seen with president trump been trying to deal with the new president in mexico, they do, the mexicans can help us. and i hoping they will come forward, this is an unprecedented crisis, we have to absolutely get's handle on this. the cartel as you said are exploiting this situation on the border. while the people, thousands
5:51 pm
coming across the border in caravans, en masse, human trafficker, cartels, the sex traffics and drug trade is just rampant down there, they make a lot of profits off of the problem that we're experiencing down there. >> congressman john la layfielda fellow texas an, i grew up in sweet water, texas. i agree with you. i want to ask, switch gears, what happens when you do it on the ranch that i worked othere were a couple of illegal there who were there 15 to 25 years. they are there illegally, 1 youe you secures border what do you do with people who have been
5:52 pm
here 15 to 25 years. >> we were willing to deal with some of these issues. last time. last session, and we still could not get the democrats othey keep talking about daca, and blanket amnesty and et cetera. we tried to work with these people, we were unable to do so. but i have been down to that border, i tell you, john, i have been to sweet water as well, i have been on border of arizona are of and in texas, and also out in san diego. talk to ranchers. and let me tell you, these ranchers are ready to have this border secured, they have been victims. some of their fam deceased because they have been murdered by criminal aliens, and sanctuary city problems, and. this is probably one of the biggest mysteries to my, our country we have a local, and state politicians and federal, that would put the safety of
5:53 pm
criminal al aliens ahead of ther own citizens, i cannot see how anyone citizen would vote for a politician like this, we have to cut money off to the sanctuary cities, but we want a workforce we have to have a workforce, this is why we have to have a immigration policy that will give us that workforce, we have ton who is coming in. how long they will be here, and what the they will be doing and about they of sick or just getting on public services,s so many thousandsing our school districts, and all these publi t about this subject, we will invite you back. >> thank you, david. >> thank you. david: politicians trying to hold robo callers accountable for the annoying spam calls, what they say is getting in way right now, you don't want to
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♪ david: good nice for you the fcc imposed 208 million dollars in fines to robo callers bad news? they are having trouble collecting agency of now the government has recouped less than 7,000 bucks they say scams are run by individuals, or small companies, that usually do not have the funds to pay their fines in full is there anybody hope of stopping those annoying spaermz? the only hope stop giving your number look they are calling, because people are picking up, and actually i don't know giving them credit card number stop answering from numbers you don't know stop giving your number that is the way to stop robocalls in america. david: 48 billion that is with a "b", robocalls last year i feel i got every one of them, every now and then i answer it and answer it now and then play led zeppelin as
5:59 pm
loud as possible in the ear the only thing you can do stick he owners in a ring have jbl give finishing maneuver that will shut them. david: great idea wrefl mania next week. >> new york city sold out perfect, look, the government has screwed up something, i don't think really a shock to anybody, i don't want robocalls my own friends calling me that is why i text people. >> i don't think it is phone if i don't recognize number i play companies that sell information stop doing it or have government step in ban you from doing that as well. >> in the control room, our producer just got a robo call informed me it continues as we speak, folks there is a little blocking mechanism, if you go in to your phone, you hit ie.-button contradictorieled making a call blow it block caller so you can do that would would you rather have
6:00 pm
that the government come in and try to try to fix it? i mean -- >> don't answer your phone how hard is that? >> thanks again. >> contact you they will get in contact. david: thank you gang i appreciate it that does it for bulls and bears thank you for watching see you here next time. ♪ elizabeth: president trump on the way to grand rapids, michigan a victory lap had a sufficiently week by any measure tonight, he will be talking about manufacturing, about auto secret jobs and more right now president is renewing the obamacare fight with democrats moving to button down china trade deal news on that front coming up. fireworks in d.c. like you have never seen it before. all nine republicans on house and committee saying to adam schiff from floor of congress during adam schiff's own hearing step down as house chair of intelligence for mitigating


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