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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  March 28, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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is an out-of-control border and out-of-control department of homeland security and we will be joined by pastor robert robert jeffress among our guest tomorrow. we hope you'll join us. thanks for being us tonight. good night from new york. >> president trump taking a victory lap in a michigan rally in grand rapids just moments ago. let's listen. >> the collusion delusion is over. >> tensions are mounting as republican members of the house intel committee called for the resignation of chair adam schiff for his refusal to acknowledge the robert mueller found no collusion. >> we have no faith in your ability to discharge her duties and urge your immediate resignation as chairman of the committee. >> meanwhile chairman schiff
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began pushing his two-year long narrative that there is no -- that there is evidence of collusion. take a listen. >> mueller could not establish a criminal conspiracy. that's something you have to establish beyond a reasonable doubt. it doesn't mean there isn't evidence. there is. >> former intel house chairman jason chaffetz is here on data meanwhile president trump calling for the justice department and the fbi to renew actor jussie smollett's case at the prosecutor abruptly dropped the charges sparking outrage all over the country and the city of chicago. chris reagan prime-time begins right now. hi everybody i'm david asman in for trish regan. top story the house intel committee devolving into an all-out war of words as
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republicans on the panel demand the democratic chairman adam schiff stepped down over his continued claims that president trump's campaign colluded with the russians in 2016. >> your willingness to continue to promote it demonstrably false narrative is alarming. it exposes you of having abused her position to knowingly promote false information. as such we have no faith in your ability to his charger duties. my colleagues may think it's okay that the russians offered on the democratic candidate for president as part of what was described in the russian government effort to help the trump campaign. you might think that's okay. >> i don't think it's okay. i think it's immoral. i think it's unethical. i think it's unpatriotic and yes i think it's corrupt. and evidence of collusion. >> would the gentleman yield?
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>> i will not yield. >> you attacked me and your opening statement. >> i've not had an opportunity to respond at all. no one over here thinks that. david: intel republicans are the only ones calling on shift to step down president trump tweeting quote congressman adam schiff who spent two years knowingly and unlawfully lying and leaking should be forced to resign from congress. joining me now former chairman of the house oversight committee "fox news" country rader jason chaffetz. jason two questions. should he resign and while he resign? i suspect one is yes and one is no. >> i think what he should do is lose his security clearance. without a security clearance he can't serve on the committee. albeit on the other side of the aisle i have never seen as by when i was chairman i have a lot of contentious hearings that
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there was always a respect and that the quorum that went on there. look at the way the committee operated before. we have never had this problem and look in the senate. we don't have these problems except with adam schiff. i don't think you should be the chairman and i don't think you should have security clearance. david: there's an old expression in middle america put up or shut up. he claims he has seen evidence that for all the work the robert mueller did and for all the years that he was tracking down documents using fbi agents, hundreds of subpoenas etc. mueller has found no evidence. he said he is seen evidence of collusion. put up or shut up, right? >> absolutely and if you listen really closely to what schiff is saying he is saying the russians were trying to do that but juxtapose that against mueller's report and what attorney general. paul: said.
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they did approach the trump campaign and on multiple occasions they had the opportunity and they didn't take it. they rebuffed it. i've got to tell you is schiff has been singing this song for two years. it's full of lies and his lost peoples trust. it's supposed to be the political arm of the dnc. david: i love his false outrage where he says you might think it's okay for this to happen. i don't. you might think it's okay for donald trump jr. to meet with the russian woman. nobody asked him do you think it's okay that hillary clinton's campaign. a million dollars for russian disinformation? do you think it's okay that the fbi used an unverified salacious report put together by russian intelligence to get a fisa to spy and a political campaign during the height of the presidential election? put it right back to them. >> look, adam schiff has been
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spewing this stuff for years and there's no basis for it but for him to continue now that the report has been summarized in its finality and there's nothing there and there are no more charges. one of the things i worried about and i think you and i talked about this once before, the opportunity. there are a lot of threats against the united states of america and how many times does this committee under adam shifts direction going to ignore all the other things that went on in the world of intelligence to pick him as president? david mcafee sees things that don't exist is that kind of guy you want in charge of intel these guys that are made from certainly that mr. mueller didn't see. finally i'm wondering if he matters anymore. it's so clear now he has been revealed as a peddler of lies. this was a lie from the get-go.
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whoever fed christopher steele that information from the russians however was peddled by the hillary campaign to all kinds of people both on the right and the left. this was a peddling of lies and he is the chief peddler. i'm wondering if he matters at all anymore. >> i don't think the so-called journalists of mainstream media should believe him. i don't think anybody on the committee truly does believe him. he let everybody down the path that not as -- is not true and here's the problem. he's in the gang of eight. pcs the same type of intelligence that the president gets to see and that's a problem. that's why he needs to be pushed out of his position. he sold a bunch of lies to the american people and he should you lose that security clearance. david:it's like johan omar -- ilhan omar passing secret information on their enemies. there's a whole lot of it is
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very dangerous for the united states right now that's going on in congress. congressman thank you. >> you know i have seen none of that evidence or allegation but i want to be careful with that. the same time nancy pelosi made the decision and she trusted adam schiff but he is shown over two years he has earned it. david he has earned it. he needs to be off of that committee loses security sake -- clearance. and deal with the intelligence challenges that are truly facing this country. david:jason chaffetz great to see you again thank you for being here. president trump bound to release the full and unredacted fisa warrants that the fbi used to probe his 2016 campaign. >> i have plans to declassify and release. i have plans to absolutely release but i have some very
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talented people working for me, lawyers and they really didn't want me to do it early on. david:let's bring in former federal prosecutor's sydney pals the author of licensed a lie. what do you think it's going to reveal? >> i think they are going to be full of worse information then what we saw from the steele dossier. it was used to frame the president of the united states and violate the fourth amendment right of all kinds of american citizens leading to the leaking of information against general flynn that allowed him to be set up and wrongly prosecuted. there's going to be a lot of information coming out in the igs report on the fisa abuses and a lot of it's going back to mr. comey getting illegal access to three private contractors to the databases in 2015. david: are on catherine
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herridge has been doing great reporting for the past couple of years and most recently on the viza warren spahn thing that she found out was apparently the justice department officials who were worried that the fbi was using political blog posts as part of there is -- evidence for viza warren. a fisa warrant is something that should be used only for the most dangerous exercises and security where somebody is really endangering the united states. to use an unverified blogpost, a political blogpost as evidence seems to me to be a crime. >> it is, david. they were making it all out. this was a criminal conspiracy to perpetrate a huge fraud on the american public the courts and the president and the incoming president of the united states. started with a cover-up of hillary clinton if not before and morphed into this fraud to
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the american people. absolute dismal and we must pursue it to find out who all are responsible. david: the question is how. do we appoint another special prosecutor? every time you hear the phrase special prosecutor i get worried bet is that what's needed to find out what happened? >> no, we don't need it separate special prosecutor. he can be done now that we have a real attorney general within the department of justice itself by a special task force hand-picked by the attorney general. you want -- might want to bring in some new blood to do that and be careful of who he selects to do it. yes they can be done inside the department and i think mr. barr will do that. david: and finally to use expected is there any evidence that this may have gone all the way up to president obama? >> it think there's substantial evidence of that from a text message is that obama wanted to
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know everything that they were doing to meetings in the oval office, comey's memo about his meeting with the president trump and how they said all that up after meeting in the oval office writing this memo that explains the meeting that day. there's a lot of evidence that will tie it to president obama and susan rice in the upper echelon of the obama administration. david: a lot more to know about. great to see you, thank you for being here. coming up the mayor of chicago wants after jussie smollett to foot the expensive bill for the police probe into his alleged hate crime crime plus new details and his attorneys are releasing about the alleged attacker. this uniquely here. the crisis at our southern border hitting a breaking point. whether president is threatening to do to stop the crisis. meanwhile you are looking live right now it president trump's rally in grand rapids, michigan.
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the president just addressing the jussie smollett
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>> he's said he was attacked. maybe the only time i have ever agreed with the mayor of chicago that's a terrible situation. that's an embarrassment not only to chicago, that is an embarrassment to our country what to place there. david: president trump weighing in on the jussie smollett hate crime hoax release calling on the justice department and fbi to review the case in the city of chicago
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wants smaller to foot the bill for the investigation. watch. >> we will communicate through jussie smollett's legal team about recouping that cost in that effort and given he doesn't feel any sense of contrition or remorse my recommendation that he write the check and in the memo section you can put the word unaccountable. david: joining me now is niger innis and former d.c. police detective defense attorney and "fox news" contributor ted williams. gentleman great to see you. aycher i want to stop that -- step back for a second because this is all of a part of this idea that the media driven pc narrative trump's the facts. that is the facts whether it's the covington boys whether it's collusion whether it's this going on in chicago or the hands
11:19 pm
up don't shoot narrative of michael brown. when facts don't matter in our justice system we are in a lot of trouble. >> big-time trouble and here is another manifestation of the narrative or the politically correct and politically appropriate narrative trump's facts in trump's reality. you know in 1983 i was a little boy and all of us were younger and i remember being inspired by harold washington being elected chicago's first black mayor some 200 years after the city was founded by another black man. you will recall that it was directed largely at the rebuke to the corrupt daily machine. harold washington must be turning in his grave. it's not only smollett that is the problem but the state
11:20 pm
prosecutor and potentially michelle obama's former chief of staff that put their thumbs on the scale of justice to make this case unjust. david: ted speaking of ms. boxer prosecutor usually prosecutors work closely together in terms of solving crimes. obviously it's not happening in this case. they are an all-out warfare. how will the chicago police department ever be able to work with kim fox again the? >> unfortunately they are going to have to david but you are absolutely right. a law enforcement and prosecutors have to be joined at the hip and in this instance in chicago the crime rate is off the charts. therefore you need law enforcement but you have to respect law enforcement. kim fox and her administration showed no regret whatsoever to the police officers.
11:21 pm
there is something called deferred prosecution and that is where if you are a first-time offender you can get off with a warrant and whatever have you but what she didn't do david in this case was to get smollett to accept responsibility. she gave him the right to get off, go in front of a courthouse and swear that he was innocent and that is what has created this problem. david: she's a acting on behalf of a liar she's acting on behalf and it's incredible and perhaps it shouldn't be surprising that smollett's lawyer after the police did such an extraordinary job of deferring some real crimes, probably investigations for murders included in order to follow this wild goose chase smollett's attorney continues to pour pitcher all over the police
11:22 pm
department. let me just play a soundbite from what that lawyer said. >> what are the chances that is the case that he is somebody with light-skinned? >> i think obviously you can disguise that. interestingly enough there's a video. there was a minimal investigation in this case. took me all of five minutes to google one of the brothers and one of the first videos showed up was one of the brothers and a white face. >> this is the absolute nonsense that must infuriate you. >> that is outrageous. she is playing with fire. how dare her use white face when it's 42 degrees in chicago at at 2:00 in the morning where these guys were wearing ski masks and she wants to blame it on why people or at them acting as white people as smollett has
11:23 pm
done? david: we don't have much time left but i'm not a big fan of the department of justice in washington d.c. taking over a criminal situation in localities. we saw that happen in the obama administration. the local authorities are usually the best to deal with this but when you have a situation like this were the prosecutors and the police are at war with each other do we need to have the feds come in and straighten things out? >> absolutely in the investigation to fox in the corrupt decision that she made and i will say it again the role that michelle obama's former chief of staff played in putting her thumb on the scale of justice to make this an unjust case should be investigated. so little thing called collusion david: by the way her name is tina chen and she worked for michelle obama and the president and of course there is a
11:24 pm
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>> the rush to the border. neither two caravans are pouring in. mexico could stop them so easy and if they don't it's going to cost them a of a lot of money. [applause] and if they don't, and i'm telling you right now we will close the border. david: president trump saying he will not hesitate to close the southern border as the crisis continues to grow on the border. homeland security secretary
11:29 pm
neilson sending a letter to congress urging them to act immediately to address the dire situation of the border. joining me now is former army intel special operations soldier bret balaka veg. excuse me for your last name and insulting it. i hope i didn't mess it up too badly. we have seen a situation get worse and worse virtually every day and yet no help at all from mexico no help from the central american countries who the president keeps reminding us are getting millions of dollars from the united states. what should we do? >> david based on the numbers that i'm seeing which are clearly showing we are being overwhelmed we may absolutely have to shut down the border. david we are being overrun. we are being overrun along the southern border and as a former military guy when i look at these numbers of the migrants being captured i feel like i'm on a military base overseas being overrun by the military
11:30 pm
and congressional democrats attacking the president not letting them take action and waving the white flag letting them come in and watching everything crumble around us that we have built. this is no longer about the morality of it all, the right versus wrong. this is not about protecting us as citizens. this is about protecting american citizens and we have got to do something about it before it's too late. david: specifically about your point is worse than throwing up their arms saying we don't know what to do about it. they are saying there's no problem at the border. beto o'rourke said it recently. let's play the tape. >> we go not need any walls 2000 miles long, 30 feet high. it will not be built on the international boundary lines which is the center of the rio grande river. it goes well into the interior of someone's ranch someone else's farm someone else's home. you and i will be forced to take their properties to solve
11:31 pm
problems that we do not have. david: this is criminally responsible, to solve a problem that we do not have. to crisis. it's not a problem and badeaux refusing to a minute. >> this is a joke. this crisis has strained every aspect of u.s. operations along the border from medical costs to everything. let's look at this from purely a business standpoint. illegal immigration costs u.s. taxpayers $134 billion last year alone but illegal immigrants only provided 19 billions -- $19 billion in state and federal taxes. david: forgive me for interrupting but the person is speaking to this matter. let's go back live. >> there are truly a at the trail to the american people. this is dangerous what is coming into our country. to defend the united states of
11:32 pm
america i have deployed the united states military. i have thousands of troops. right now we have 4000 troops on our southern border and they are fantastic. [applause] and think of it. for years we defended the borders of foreign countries but we don't want to defend their own borders. weird defending borders of countries that are 6000 miles away that many of you have never even heard the name of these countries but our southern border are a border along mexico where we have a lot of problems and drugs and human traffickers and child traffickers and all of this coming in. we don't want to defend our border. think of how crazy that is. so now we are defending our borders for our country and the
11:33 pm
people of our country. [applause] in the last two years alone, i.c.e. officers, we love i. >> , 266,000 arrests of criminal aliens. who the wants to do that? you don't want to do it, right? you like what you are doing making cars, right? they like it. that's what they do. including those charged or convicted of nearly 100,000 assaults, thousand crimes, 4000 kidnappings and 4000 murders. they got them. how about if you don't get them? how about if you just leave all of those people? he know what that means for our
11:34 pm
country. democrats democrats want to abolish i.c.e.. they want to get rid of these very great patriots, these very tough people that love our country as much as anybody i have ever seen. they want to set up violent offenders free and they will be coming into your communities. we are not having it. we want our country to be a sanctuary or law-abiding americans, not for criminal aliens. [applause] david: you have the president making it clear between those who favor sanctuary cities and the release of known violent predators and what he is doing in terms of locking these people up. don't you think voters in 2020 are going to choose the laughs are? >> the numbers prove that americans want border security and the president could not be more right in this case. we need to get more military
11:35 pm
down there becoming a force multiplier. his job is to keep america safe and he's doing it to the best of his abilities. they should not even be a political issue. this should not be a right versus left issue. the numbers are clear 13,000 migrants were in custody this last week alone. the cbp commissioner made it very clear this was overwhelming the system and who's going to pay for that? it's a burden on everybody. the system is being overwhelmed and not to mention illegal immigrants themselves are not safe. david: the amount of money that this is going to cost is going to dwarf the 5 billion dollars at the present was asking for too build the wall and it's absolutely clear what has to be done. brett velicovich thank you so much for being here, good to see you. coming up president trump taking a big victory lap over the
11:36 pm
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believe it! geico could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >> and after three years of lies and slander the russia hoax is finally dead. the collusion delusion is over. [applause] the special counsel completed its report and found no collusion and no obstruction. [applause] i could have told you that two and a half years ago very easily. david: the president holding his first rally since the end of the mueller probe in grand rapids michigan. joining me now is columnist adam epstein and david annella.
11:41 pm
david's amazing how politics works. you go from the mueller investigation being a drag on the presidency for a couple of years to now something that he is going to hold up as a victory lap going around the turn all the way to 20202 the election. think is going to do that for the next year and a half, don't you? >> president trump is in midseason form. he have to follow the baseball schedule and do these rallies three out of every four days. this message he is using tonight is one that can win the general election. he ought to be using it in wisconsin and arizona and texas and georgia and pennsylvania and florida all the states that will decide the 2020 election. david: at them as the president is using the mueller report to his advantage
11:42 pm
politically yet adam schiff continuing to talk about collusion, isn't that helping the president? the more adam schiff talks about it and puts it at about it impressive that center stage inc. is using the word collision after apparently mueller said there was none, doesn't that help president trump? >> president trump can throw all the rallies he wants. the bottom line is we haven't read the mueller report. all they know is what the attorney general told us. when we read the mueller report it exonerates this president than we should move on. as of right now we don't know that. do you know that? david: if mr. barr is filed lying about what's in the mueller report david then it's a possibility that what adam is saying is true but based on a lifetime of being a criminal lawyer and an internal -- and attorney general i really don't
11:43 pm
think he is a liar, do you? >> what we are seeing here is the pure hatred that democrats have for the president there really clouds everything and let me say from another perspective, in 2020 republican hatred for president obama was so high that there was no scenario they could think of that the president would lose and what did president obama do? he won re-election. democrats are in the same position. their hatred clouds everything they do and their focus is ultimately on trying to impeach the president and get him out of office when in reality americans who will ultimately decide this election get back to this message tonight and specific examples on the economy. it's a winning message. david: at of mine know you
11:44 pm
were very much invested in this idea that there was collusion. you heard it thousands of times by political operatives and politicians etc. but again i just put it to you, aren't you at all concerned that there's a possibility that adam schiff and others who continue to use the words collusion and say they have seen evidence of collusion where mueller, when that mueller report comes out this could be a real drag on democrats going into 2020. >> that is very true and i believe the election will be based on issues like health care, like via kona me and the environment. and it should be but i think we should see the mueller report. i'm not obsessed with collusion and i don't want my president to be found guilty of being a russian agent. i don't feel that way. david: you want your fellow democrats to continue to use the word collision before they have seen the report.
11:45 pm
>> i want the democratic party to focus on the issues. as i said i believe they should. this election will be won on that. whatever rhetoric they choose to use i just want to see the mueller report. i don't think that's an unfair position. david: i feel you are okay with running on issues alone but i think we will hear donald trump talking about the mueller investigation less barr does something totally contrary to the things he's done for his entire life which is to lie about purported cell. i think the president will use it all the way up to november of 2020. >> the mueller investigation said the president didn't collude with the russians so we should all be pleased that the president didn't commit a crime and colluding with the russians and the mueller report which we were told to wait and wait for
11:46 pm
the mueller report, we have it now. let's talk about the issue. here's the challenge. the green deal and medicare for all our losers were the democrats. middle americans in suburban women in particular don't like either proposal. the issues to campaign on are not winners. david: gentleman we have to leave it at that and the fact that the president uses you can't always get what you want from the rolling stones as he wraps up this event. you know it's over when you hear that and that's the president in grand rapids fish -- finishing his speech to the crowd, to the multitude. coming up president trump getting socialism just before he wraps up in grand rapids. why he is saying that socialism is the quickest way to watch your money go down the drain. we have the sounds coming up i switched to liberty mutual, because they let me customize my insurance. and as a fitness junkie, i customize everything, like my bike, and my calves.
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>> right away if you want to see those 401(k)s and all of the stocks, if you want to see them deflate could -- put a good socialist in this position. go get yourself a good socialist. you will see some deflation. david: they have a lot to choose from. the president wrapping up and
11:51 pm
grand rapids michigan joining me senior adviser to president george w. bush brad blakeman. not only do you have a socialist running for the democratic party although i'm not sure if he will call himself a democrat anymore but he is a socialist. bernie sanders and others who are now doing stuff like not knowing this country talking about the renewed deal but padding on the back people like maduro and the regime in cuba that has been there for 60 years and so forth. i don't think the american voters are going to buy that, do you? >> i certainly hope not but the american people understand what takes her country great. it's our freedom to do what we want when we want to do it. the government shouldn't do for us what we can do for ourselves. i do what the government and health care business when it comes to a free market health care system for those working. i understand we have to have it for the elderly and the poor, of course and it works well but not
11:52 pm
a single-payer system where i will have to go like i do at the dmv and wait to see a doctor i don't know and i will never see again. david: the problem with socialism is it creeps along and gets bigger and bigger until suddenly it controls your life as it does in venezuela. that's why people like bernie and aoc are reluctant to do what the president has done to say he recognizes the opposition to the socialist regime in venezuela. >> we have a socialist catastrophe happening on our hemisphere. doma crestor slight lead on it. if they call attention to it calls attention to the failed policy they want to bring to america. the new green deal will absolutely put us back in the stone age is a country and we will lose our competitiveness as a society. this is not what americans want yet democrats are relentless in pushing this policy in 2020.
11:53 pm
david: the other thing they are relentless about still today is collusion. honestly i felt sorry for them. i was thinking the more adam schiff says he with his own eyes has seen evidence of collusion when clearly mr. mueller through what we know from what barr said there is no collision. by the way if barr was lying about that you know that mr. mueller would have stepped forward by now and said wait a minute that's not what my report says. that's the kind of person robert mueller former head of the fbi is. >> ara did the right thing. he announced that the report has been given to barr. barr came out in order to quell peoples hysteria and to what exactly the conclusions were with the caveat that the report will come out once they scrubbed 300 pages. you can't please the democrats
11:54 pm
and they are on this collusion delusion. they have invested so much time and effort in ensuring themselves that this was going to happen yet they have produced no evidence. they have produced no evidence to me, produced no evidence do you, produced no evidence to mueller. david: the point is again i think it's much to the advantage of donald trump and his re-election campaign that schiff goes out there and continues to say that he is seen with his own eyes evidence of collusion which clearly mueller did not see. it really helps the president's case and he's going to carry it forward to november of 2020. >> absolutely in the president would like nothing better than to continue on this collusion. he is talking about the new green deal. the more you talk about the more ticked off americans get because they understand they are going to lose their freedom. they will lose their freedom of choice by what airplane they can
11:55 pm
travel on. this is crazy stuff and the more they hate trump the worse it gets for them and policies. david: you have to issues. you have the craziness of the collusion delusion and then you have the policy. as they president going to deal with both of them are so going to choose one or the other? >> he has got to deal with both and make the differences to the american people clear as night and day. david: whether you are talking collusion or socialism you are talking lies. brad blakeman great to see you my friend. thank you very much. thank you very much. more h
11:56 pm
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12:00 am
have a wonderful night. kennedy begins right now. >> a love it david asman thank you. >> president trump wrapping up a major rally in grand rapids, michigan, first since the mueller report dropped. 12,000 were in attendance. he was touting all sorts of present accomplishment -- recent accomplishments. >> the economy is roaring. the isis caliphate defeat 100%. after three years of lies, smears and slander,


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