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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 29, 2019 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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- [spokesman] custom ink has hundreds of products for your business and free shipping. upload your logo or start your design today night. >> good evening, it is all about celebrating the president's mueller witch-hunt vincasion, after other than two years of political persecution, it is vindication, celebration time. these are the lines in grand rapids, michigan today, he will take the stage at the van andel arena at any moment, this is president's first rally since the robert mueller investigation concluded with the exoneration of president trump. completely vindicated after two years of fbi, and special
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counsel investigations. and you can readily understand where the people of michigan and america are eager to celebrate the president's victory and the utter condemnation of the left wing national media that relentlessly attacked this president vicious 3ly for two d a half years. and that is part of the reason they want president trump to take as many victory laps and celebrate as manually as he, can we'll follow the president's rally tonight throughout this broadcast. we're joined by republican strategist ed rollins, former new york leulnetwork lieutenantr betsy mccoy, mark simone. and radical dimms in disarray
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suddenly. the democrats are now deriding mueller at every turn, attacking his report, attacking attorney general barr's conclusions at least the outline of them. and lashing out at the attorney general as well. >> no thank you, mr. attorney general rally, we do not need your interpretation. it was arrogant, and not the right thing to do. >> i don't need attorney general's bar interpretation of the report. >> attorney general talked down any potential obstruction conviction or indictment. lou: wow that is nasty and vicious, i guess they don't know what to do with that pent-up hate. now they can no longer at will lie about president trump. the president, unfazed by the radical dimms' disgusting
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rhetoric, vowing to release the fisa documents at heart of mueller investigation origin. president said despite the sort the krupp -- corrupt origins of special counsel, robert mueller's findings were correct. >> there was a beautiful conclusion, there was no collusion, there never was. the result was great, no obstruction. no collusion. no anything. it was a great -- it was a great thing. lou: a great thing. vindication, tonight we take up the react to mueller investigation conclusions, rnccommittee woman harmeet dylan joins us, and most corrupt
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country in country, chicago. and cook county that would be. you think what is don' lou sayi? city seeking 130,000 dollars from jussie smollett, the actor's attorney claims that smollett is the victim in this hoax. the president today called the smollett an scanned -- scandal . >> i think that the case in chicago is an absolute embarrassment for our country. and i have asked they look at it, i think that case is an embarrassment to our country someoning what to take a good hard look -- >> did you hear the reporters? talking over the president of the united states? what will it take for those,
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anyway. we'll take up that and more. our top story, we're about celebration, the president is in michigan, celebrating the mueller vindication, highest approval rating since november, and a new prosperous america with a booming national economy. >> going to michigan. we're opening up car plants in michigan again, for the first time in decades. they are coming in really pouring in car companies are coming in, toyota announced coming in. and michigan is booming, and ohio is booming. and north carolina is south carolina, florida, a lot of places, we have a lot of car companies and a lot o a lot of s coming back into our country. this has been happening pretty much since i have been
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president. lou: president tonight celebrating in grand rabids, michigan a. he won michigan in 2016, nearly, some 10,000 votes. he is supporting the state's economy, and doing more than just cheerleading, he is working hard. to bring jobs to michigan. fiat-chrysler announced it will add 6500 jobs in michigan. michigan added over 90,000 jobs, its unemployment rate dropped down to 4%. president trump is winning michigan is winning. but america is winning under president trump's leadership. joining us, former reagan white house political director fox business director political analyst, edrollin, leading republican strategist. >> thank you.
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lou: we're going to -- i will ask folks if you will, to put up the pictures of the arena there in grand rabids, so people can see. this president has packed the house again, ed. and a house that holds about 12,000 folks. >> this is -- his victory in michigan of 10704 votes, that followed obama's two victories there. 19 and 16 component, democrats were shocked by this victory. and my sense today is that blue collar state, a barometer, a state that where his economy plan worked very well. i think, i am sure between now and november next year, a good state for us. one that democrats are going to have to wave a white flag. lou: it is fascinating to me, to hear the number of people advising this president, move on
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promueller. -- move on from mueller, a headline for a piece from karl rove, a never customer. customer trumper, saying move on. all those people in the arena, really want not to move on from mueller, they want to celebrate the victory, the president wants to celebrate it. >> except mainstream media, now barr is the bad guy, he has incredible credentials, this was a report to him, not to congress. lou: by law the report to him. >> yes, there has never been a doubt of him being an honest man, a very strong team. the most stellar in my opinion, most stellar representation as well as background and resume, he is a man of great talent and measure.
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>> he looked to at this report, he studied it, this respec respt report -- report was put together by mueller and his democrats they found nothing. lou: that is how venomous they are, schiff, you heard talking about mueller witch-hunt, which% --% purse cuted that president over two year his team of made up of as president referred to them, 13 angry democrats, that is what they were. >> if they found anything it would have been out there. and house and senate had full investigations for over two years, if there were a single thing to make a case it would have been leaked. lou: i am curious, i am sure everyone at home is, you are watching mark warp warner,
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senator warner complaining along with adam schiff, the ranking members of house and intelligence committees, they were there for every step of the way. where is the evidence? , of course, there is no evidence, now they play a nasty pitiful game that is -- how we got to this point. >> they had access to everything that the chairman had, they know every detail of those two long years of investigation. lou: here is the other part. we're watching right now, fox news, the primetime lineup is justi exploding, cnn, lying cnn, lying msnbc, they are collapsing, people are tired of being lied to even democrats
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are. and it is we're seeing it in the ratings numbers. this is a absolute collapse at cnn, a collapse at msnbc and it has been going on ever since the report we learned that report was going to be presented to william barr. attorney generaattorney general. >> campaign is started and basely this president on his way to a big victory, approval number he picked' 5 in the week. on ras -- a number of the national left wing news organizations, who are learning a lesson. new polling to get it out, early, rather than after we see the president sit here vindicated for a weake week -- , that isur is a fascinating gam t
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they have pulled. and ed, i hope you can stay with us throughout. we'll be going to the president when he steps on to the stage. again in grand rapids, michigan. this is hash tag vindication celebration, to ariff rife in moments, radical dems, like eric holder, he is questioning everything about the iny i the y of attorney general barr. he is only cabinet to be held in contempt of congress, and he is questioning the integrity of others, this is how absu absurde left has become, stay with us, we'll be right back.
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this is staying connected with xfinity to make moving simple. easy. awesome. stay connected with the best wifi experience and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. lou: former attorney general eric holder attacking america, questioning our standing in the world. >> i hear these things, let's make america great again, i
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think when did you think america of great. lou: wow, doing his cuomo impression? what do you think, when? how about when we triggered an explosion of invasion that created the modern world, a time in which we produce some of the greatest minds of all-time, earning america 368 nobel prizes. the most of anyone. how about when union destroyed confederacy to destroy slavery to free the slaves, and what about when we saved europe from yesterday in world war i, again in world war ii. defeating the national socialist party of germany, the nazi, communism, marxism, along the way? maybe mr. holder forgot about the time we became first nation to put a man on the moon? >> one small step for man.
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one giant leap for mankind. lou: or maybe mr. holder just forgot our founding fathers created one of the few nations of all the world that is for the people, and continues to successfully and include to support people from all races, all ethnicities, all national backgrounds, there is no more diverse nation on this planet. mr. holder. and we have been great since -- let's see, the founding of the nation. and on a personalit personal le, american has been pretty great to mr. holder who attended columbia law school and much of his career at deputy of justice he rose to attorney general under president obama. despite being only sitting cabinet member in history of that great nation to be held in contempt of congress, he was the still welcomed back to one of washington's top law firms.
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coming -- covington and berleing, i would love to know why you don't think that america is so great, mr. holder? america achieves greatness over and over, and president trump is working to ensure that america remains great. first by getting himself elected that was pretty good ensurance. >he stands on shoulders of manya patriot, this country does not expect praise not even a thank you, it is fair to ask everyone, including mr. holder to take some notice of their great, good fortune to be a is the citizen of this country, joining us now,
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harmeet dhillon. great to have you with us. >> happy to be here. lou: i have to say, i'm just fascinated that eric holder would pose that andrew cuomo nonsense, when did you think that america of great that is ignorant, that is stupe -- absurd. >> it is a piece of obama administration's trend of globalism, and bowing down do the rest of the world and downgrading america's stature, thankfully president trump has brought is back and on path to make it greater, and we're both big supporters and most americans are. as a immigrant i am thankful for all that america is. always been the best country in the world and only will be in
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future unless we let democrats bring us down again. lou: holder is a grand reminder of what happened when it occurs, my gosh. the time he lied to congress. you know. it just the list goes on. >> yes. lou: we're told we're getting close to president's there he is, very close to his arrival -- stage. the president has been called upon by a lot of never-trumpers to move on past mueller and move to whatever the agenda item may be. what do you think? do you think there should be some time for celebration, some vindication celebration here on the part of president? certainly he is enjoying it. >> right, i think we have that. we have been doing that for last couple of days, but before we move owe, president needs to get to bottom of how it happened. who set this coop attempt again
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him in motion. and -- against him, those people need to be held accountable. i think that justice demands we get to the bottom of it. lou: and in a way, that will be validation of the fact that this president is no longer subverted if we're able to do that to root out the origins of this incredible special counsel persecution. without any foundation, the abject considertion of fbi leadership. >> the majority of people who work there are those institutions are clea career pe, they are still aligned again the president. if we want to make sure this is not repeated we have to put in place some mechanism to make sure it does not happen again.
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lou: clear, after the comments, ignore an comments of nancy pelosi, schumer, schiff, warner -- you can go down the list. there is no co contrition, noah- apology or recognition. >> they are sore losers trying to change the game. lou: or they can't handle the emotional impact of being beaten, harmeet dhillon thank you. >> now the president of the united states. >> usa ! usa ! [cheers and applause] >> thank you, thank you, everybody, thank you. [cheers and applause] >> thank you very much. grand rapids, great to be back.
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[cheers and applause] right here. in america's heartland, you know, that right? with the hard working patriots from the great state of michigan. [cheers and applause] by the way, we're bringing a lot of those car companies back. remember i told you, they are coming back, they are pouring back in. they are coming back. they are coming back fast. this has been an incredible couple of weeks for america. [cheers and applause] the economy is roaring. the isis caliphate is defeated
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100%. [cheers and applause] and after three years of lies, and smears, and slander, the russia hoax is finally dead. [cheers and applause] the collusion delusion is over. [cheers and applause] the special counsel completed its report and found no collusion. no oka be onobstruction. i could have told that you two and a half year ago, very easi easily. at the time total exoneration,
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complete vindication. you know it is interesting, robert mueller of a god to the democrats, a god to them until he said, there was no collusion. they don't like him so much right now. crazy attempt by the democrat party and the fake news media, right back there -- and deep state to overturn the results of the 2016 election have failed, the greatest election we have had in a long time, maybe right from the beginning. [cheers and applause] >> trump, trump, trump.
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lou: president, rallying with a grateful 12,000-plus supporters in grand rapids, michigan, we'll continue with the president right after this quick break, stay with us, we'll be right back.
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lou: saudi arabia trying to control much more than just its massive oil reserves. a shocking new report reveals that u.s. deputy of energy has approved 6 to permit companies to sell to the saudis, they can share some nuclear technology but still cannot ship nuclear program to saudi arabia. >> we'll see. >> joining us, christian whiten senior fellow. and trump and george w bush administrations, let's start with the development. we find out that secretary --
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that the department of energy. department rick perry authorized u.s. nuclear energy for saudi arabia. >> yeah, it is surprising, one of those things they may have wanted to try to influence public opinion on before signing it out. saudi arabia, i have been people have been trying too drive a wedge between us and them on capitol hill over murder ofs a elemen-- islamic activist. this is worrisome on why would a country awash in oil need to develop nuclear energy? some company assert they want to export more oil. but, if you learn and climb the learning curve on nuclear energy you are climbing part of the learning curve on nuclear weapons, so a little bit concerns. lou: a little bit. i have to believe a lot of people are concerned. because the idea of putting u.s.
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nuclear technology in that volatile region, seem like madness. >> yeah, you know there are a lot of things we can cooperate on the saudis a lot of places we should push them, to make sure they stop their export of islamic radicalism, you see this in far away place like southeast asia, political islam is on march. and areas we we ca cooperate lie yemen for example. lou: to huawei, eu is not seeming let's taking our counsel seriously. and indeed, in case of germany for example, planning to continue to incorporate it, their technology into 5g, your reaction. >> china would have you believe that huawei is a combination of apple and qualcomm. it like a diagram -- combination
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of qualcomm, apple and the nsa. you buy technology, you get signal intelligence eavesdropping, brits came out with a study that says, yes, huawei if you integrate their technology in your 5g you get chinese intelligence spying, we are told our allies in europe, you cannot have this in your government systems be that's under invest in their military, and their intelligence, they depend on our intelligence for counterterrorism, we can't give them that information if it makes its way to the chinese, our sources and methods. lou: they are becoming something other than an ally. with that posture. concerning their own defense. christian good to have you with us, thank you. >> thank you, lou. lou: up next, more from the president's rally in grand rapids, michigan. >> president said that mexico is refusing to help, in the crisis on the border. and president is not pleased am
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we take up that after the break, i'll talk with sheriff thomas hobson about border security. stay with us.
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lou: headlines, president trump rallies more than 12 thousand of his supporters in an arena in grand rapids, michigan. we'll take you live to that, as he takes on the radical dimms, left wing national media and the deep state for pushing the russia collusion hoax for two years and more. >> the harm done to our country, think of what they have done, think ofs time wasted, yet despite this, terrible cloud, this phony corrupt, disgusting cloud, we have done -- more
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together than any administration. lou: there it is, deputy of housing and urban development charged facebook with high-tech housing discrimination, alleged to have allowed landlord and real estate brokers to. >> -- think about that threatening tweets. these labels would go on tweets that are deemed by twitter to violate twitter's ambiguous rules. but the then send out tweet, considered newsworthy by twitter. this is really quite something. president trump threatening to close the southern border, because mexico and central america are doing nothing to stop, stop the flow of their
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illegal immigrants into this country, border control said they or pace to arrest more than 5 5,000 family members on the border for the month of march. joining me sheriff hobson, welcome to the broadcast. this is rather -- >> good to be here. lou: delighted, this is spectacle. president of united states declared a national emergency, we have u.s. military at border, a dhs secretary in swirs swirs kirstjen nielson who does not know what she is doing, incredible to have people who are responsible for secures the border crying about fact it is -- what it is in the breaking point, a meltdown, fix it, i say. fix it. >> well, you know, lou, i have been working on this issue for over 20 years since i have been
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sheriff. i tell you, i have been to that border 4 times to southern border, this last time i just went it is as bad as i have ever seen, it is a crisis. the -- >> but we know it is a crisis, the president has declared a national emergency, why in the world is kirstjen nielson not fixing it? >> well, she is trying to fix it. problem is not kirstjen nielson it is congress. lou: what would folks in your country say, i'm trying to enforce the law and take charge, this just is not acceptable at any point. what would we do if defense secretary, we would love to defend the nation, but we can't. it is just preposterous when we're accepting. isn't it to you as well? >> of course it is, i'm as frustrated as anyone, i was at a meeting with kirstjen nielson last week on the border, she is
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as committed to get this done, she is trying to work with border patrol, telling congress, she within before congress, and told them what was going ocongress did not want to hear about it. lou: what is congress doing to o do. they want illegal immigrants flowing across that border nonstop, it a fool'ser ra errano doing congress to ask for help that is why president declared national emergency, he said he would choice the border, do you support that to control this. >> i support closing the border, a hundred thousand people are expected to come across in march, a hundred thousand people is more than largest 6 largest city in massachusetts. how many -- that is a month, how much cities like new bedford in massachusetts are sitting idle with houses and firehouses and
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schools. lou: none. >> that is right. that means they are being absorbed into infrastructure that were created for our population that already exist. this is the problem. we need to close the border, i hope that president does close it, until we get this straightened out. >> is is it is darndest crisis i have seen, that no one seems to am to respond to. as president said it's time to end the talk and start acting. sheriff, i know do you just, --, that we appreciate it. >> thank you, lou. lou: thank you. >> up next, president taking his vindication celebration on grand rapids, michigan, his base is loving it. we have more from him, we take it up with the panel after the break, president, vindicated, celebrating, keep it up
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mr. president, everythin
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lou: on wall street stocks closed higher. nasdaq up 26, volume still light, 3.1 billion shares, crude
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oil, flat. president trump earlier today railed again high oil prices, and called on opec to raises flow of oil. silver down 2%. and reminder to listen to my report 3 time a day coast-to-coast on salem radio network. joining me now, wor, radio tax - talk show host. let me ask you betsy, this president celebrates, i got a kick out of an article today. karl rove another suggesting he move on from mueller not -- >> are you kidding? i say flaunt it. absolutely, that is what he is doing out the there tonight, he is riding that momentum, he is going to a state he won by
4:50 am
10,000 votes in 2016, it a swing state, he is there to say two things, they are wrong, i am right, look at that roaring economy, i am bringing jobs to your state. lou: what do you think, can we just move on? and ignore it? for the sake of the never-trumper. >> i don't know, after two year, if donald trump talks about it one second, move on. when is someone going to tell nadler and schiff to move on, why was com comey on television again? >> because the news organizations, frankly never trump until the death, according to ratings they are dieing this week. they are on the way to the pro session -- pro it is stunning. >> they think their job is to
4:51 am
not run the house of representatives, they have renamed it, house ofs resistanc. lou: this is the most corrupt period in history. because of the radical dimms, the rinos in this country to hear them -- mo my gosh, the ris are as bad add the radical dimms. controlled by a corrupt establishment. >> the fake news. lou: i never forget fake news. >> that is our fire wall to protect us it this is gone. lou: not just fake news, but fake news but the fake news outlets are owned by fake corporations who are absolutely responsible for the content of these o organization. >> schiff said, he accuse
4:52 am
president of united states of being agent of a foreign power. that is not -- he he is a come complete idiot, he is, he goes on with this, he embraced special counsel, robert mueller and these 13 democratic acolytes. >> but the idiot sunday shows that put him on every week. lou: that is all they got. >> a bi big mistake to -- who me mistake. >> the fact when a prosecutor looks at evidence, and then prosecutor makes a decision, chang ocharge or not to charge. lou: who cares about that mumbo jumbo. the president wants it released. >> it should not be released, let them make fools of
4:53 am
themselves for a year, then release it. >> it is early in 2019, buzzfeed hoax, covington kids hoax. lou: he continues these rallies withs american people, for all-time that his base, his supporters have been put through holy hell by these ignore an, i diidididid sep -- corrupt radicl dimms. >> they are not being fooled. most americans know they are getting raped by all of the ebbs pebexpenseof that, they are glat is solving the problem he should
4:54 am
closes border tomorrow. lou: putting it in future tense is not happy -- >> he ought to close the border right away. lou: he should, he said he would, he might. but the fact is that we have a board roar right now people -- border right now people are pouring across it. >> he has to do something. we don't have room for these people. we don't have room for the democratic candidates it has to stop. >> i am amazed that democrats have been able to expression sympathy for this. lou: we're not amazed about what -- >> we won't tolerate people scamming their way to college but they scam their way to the country? >> well, they are being allowed in by kirstjen nielson and the dhs they decide to tell you how difficult their job is, instead of getting it done. can do, a view other side of
4:55 am
border, thank you. >> thank you. lou: up next, more from president's rally in grand rapids, michigan, we'll be right back with that.
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lou: president trump addressing the serena in grand rapids michigan. the first rally for the president since robert mueller concluded a special counsel investigation moments ago the president blasting the mueller witch hunt and the collusion hoax. >> to russia which found was a plan by those who lost the election to try and illegally regain power by framing innocent americans, many of them, they suffered, with an elaborate hoax. lou: that's it for us tonight. we thank you for being with us. here tomorrow night from border patrol chief mark morgan on what
5:00 am
is an out-of-control border and out-of-control department of homeland security and we will be joined by pastor robert robert jeffress among our guest tomorrow. we hope you'll join us. thanks for being with lauren: here are your market movers at 5:00 a.m. president trump hitting the stumping grounds, the president strike out against democrats and he took a victory lap over the mueller outcome at a rally in michigan last night. his harsh words for critics in a bit. the fight against obamacare, the trump administration ramping up efforts to get rid of replace a the system and hitting a roadblock in federal court. we'll have the late e. lyft is going public today, we have everythin you'll need to ke ride market company's offering. the fed is going after a social media giant with claims of discrimination against certain real estate customers. google and twitter beinght


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