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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  March 29, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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1 -- >> a positive curve wouldn't have scared investors having a recession dealing with now in maths would have been short-term rates longer you longer term rates not above 3 let inflation happen. >> thank you so much for joining us. elizabeth: -- president trump threatened to shut down border? we bring reality so bad at border u.s. officials talk about military bases to house border crossers, facilities government and private maxed out are trump's critics, what have other presidents done in similar crises would democrats in d.c. people in mexico say we agree, enough is enough, if we shutdown our border, about what will mexico do with theirs? also tonight, attorney general bill barr short time ago sighing yes he will deliver to congress 400 page mueller
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report mil april or scene blasted media democrats for mischaracterizing his summary about mueller's principlehite h get a sneak peek more on that former cia chief brennon mote with top democrats to talk national skaufrt brennan admitted to using information during two years what he presenting as factual attacks on trump those were off base trump prepares in your face-to-face attackn against democrats in 2020 might win in landslide we tell you why economists are saying that got every other president elected not just about not just mueller report the speech at last night's michigan rally key to 2020 republicans nervous about all this nervous with president's attack look at this, demonstrates are seriously divided on their
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plan, many democrats feeling like -- thigh by an healed plan get this wipe out obamacare all insurance being medicare medicaid, plus sanctuary state battle in california new report says nearly half law enforcement agencies there are in reality, blowing off safe sanctuary laws cooperation with agents going to break that down more fallout over jussie smollett case, chicago police in there entire illinois state bar associations furious at this bringing a live update, thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪ ♪ elizabeth: welcome we'll to show fox business he had wars her ans latest on president trump in florida threat to shut the border. >> so a liz president donald trump pack at mar-a-lago the
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president he individualist lake okeechobee infrastructure to see improvements to herbert hoover dyke taking to twitter vept about the surge of illegal immigrants at southern border, a thread to mexico what is about described mother of caravans headed to southern border. >> they can stop them they chose not to now they are going to stop a them if they don't stop them, we're closing the border, we will close it keep it closed for a long time i am not playing games. . mexico has to stop it they have people coming right through mexico. it is a long very dangerous journey mexico sends buses they send trucks they do absolutely they started at one point a little bit. stopping. they don't do anything to stop it right now. >> you heard there closing the border for a long time the president saying, he could close the border as early as next week, that could impact trade now in all of 2018, 424
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billion dollars goods crossed mexican border according to department of transportation trade would stop if president closes the border, mar-a-lago the president commenting on william barr hos letter saying redacted 400-page report released by mid april. >> great confidence in the attorney general and if that is what would he like to do i have nothing to hide. this was a hoax this was a witch hunt, i have absolutely nothing to hide. reporter: attorney general says he would be ready to testify about the report on may 1, senator lindsey graham chairman of the senate judiciary committee says, he looks forward to that testimony. liz. elizabeth: thank you for your report the president's threat to shut border first confrontation with mexico's new president, this as border patrol agents says as many beyond breaking point is in he collapse homeland security talking to pentagon about
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using military bases, to house broader crossers after officials released hundreds of migrate dwrants in arizona and it has, shelters churches detention the facilities overflowing homeland security put out urgent call for workers to voluntary for duty mexico's president obrador insisting mexican doing its part saying we are going to do everything we can we don't want a confrontation, it is legitimate but u.s. is disbelieved voice concerns bring in retired general thanks for joining us would shutting the borrowed force mexico to stop problems maybe shut theirs fix it. >> that is certainly the assumption i believe the president is making, is that if we shut ours then migrate grants back up within mexico left to deal with it you will trade stops, and mexico is third largest trading partner, with united states. and so it will take double
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whammy so the problem will then be four square in their court they have to deal with it. and they would deal with that i believe by taking off closing their border and turning those caravans around, and -- an understanding housing them. elizabeth: general the president is not the first to close the border lbsanctuary city did it after assassination of jfk nixon did it to stop marijuana trafficking, nixon got applauded by left leading papers like you "washington post" boston globe saying nixon got mexico to step up, strip searches back then at border reagan en acted similar policy after motor vehiclescan drug cartel killed a usdea agent present here looks like the immigration about nationality act says mountain can do this. >> absolutely, the left visceral hate for trump causes them to oppose anything that the president sports supports
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at the end of the day they've to lack at this realize that it is untenable unsustainable the number of migrants storming our border no, nowhere to put them this in 90s haitian grants flooding florida had to put in cuba panama places, and so that is that is one option. but right now we're out of places to put people, and our border patrol is stretched to the maximum. >> talking about using fort bliss, air force base as well, your point we'll taken about mexico a third biggest trading partner the president could use that certainly, as a big club against mexico but also doesn't want to hurt 2020 chances also about trade deal with mexico; right? >> that is right, you know he just redid nafta right. >> got a much better deal, wanted that to be to flourish tightrope between forcing
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mexico hand to deal with a national security issue, meanwhile, he wants the economy to continue to flourish really is what he has been mainly about, with regard to the his presidency the economy and national security so trying to balance the two and i think doing it well. just it is a very difficult problem to balance particularly when you don't have support, from you know, 40, 50% of the nation. that is led to believe that illegal immigration is not a problem. >> president effectively saying house on fire new democrats you are smoking in bed. maybe doing this is give a big wake-up call to everybody in d.c. bubble. and all the bubbles across the country people live in the border is collapsing as you point out churches sherpts detention facilities overwhelmed talking about military bases, homeland security secretary nielsen pointing out yes, unexpand children are put in danger coming here that is the issue, that is the open secret no one
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in d.c. talking about, about how people are aabusing children to play loopholes. >> well that is right, so -- what my plan would be anyone who opposes this anyone who opposes shutting down the o border anyone opposing changing the laws for illegal immigrants, just they can sign up and take the illegal immigrants into their homes many of these democrats running for president have walls around their homes they can take they can take as many as they want. and they can help alleviate the problem do the border patrol a big service. elizabeth: general thank you so much come back soon. >> all right. thanks liz. >> president trump blasting the ongoing democrat investigation as calling them ridiculous, polls show americans wanted to move on lets bring in heritage foundation senior writer kelsey do democrats think in your face for path of power are will this backfire what is
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your take. >> a i do think going to backfire americans are getting exhausted spent 25 million dollars on mueller investigation from takers hardoned money democrats duplicating in congress investigating charges of briks i don't think this is a good you look for them i think really is just a big traction talking about policies crisis like cuffing right now which is the actual crisis that is happening in border, 4,000 people crossing the border one day this is what we should be focused on this is what democrats should be focused on particularly in congress, because their job to solve this immigration cries and all the flats want to do is focus on they see witch hunts. elizabeth: the comey memos should be coming out, you know possibly within coming weeks will show that what did comey say to the media leak to the media to get mueller probably
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launched, basically, it was built on a hoax that steele dossier 25 million looks like just totally fraudulent whole thing, critics are saying "the wall street journal" kimberly straws pointing out a cnn poll show americans don't care about mueller probe anymore they care about economy immigration and health care. that mueller probe started to loss altitude last year in the fall, when just -- you fly something up no leaks about trump being you a russian asset. >> i don't think it is any coincidence that cnn, msnbc mainstream media has seen rating down past week fox news only the only network actually covering the issues, the truth about what is coming out of this seeing ratings go up speaks to where americans are when it comes to this investigation. you know good we have checks and balances in thisnothing is elizabeth: yeah, listen push the president get them out of
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has been saying yes people around him, were indicted charging should not have been doing whatever they were doing what what critics say they got they got slammed but look at this. attorney general barr is slamming media saying stop mischaracter rooidzing me my summary was about mueller's principal conclusion not whole report so that is interesting if going to hear anything more, the other thing too why didn't mueller write like independently counsel walch iran/contra been star on bill clinton why did mueller have his own summary. >> ultimately what russians wanted to do meddling in 2016 election to create chaos and distrust in public institutions and the fact that we can't accept attorney general barr's final summary of the principle findings of this investigation i don't think is a good anything he has said as far as wrong or misleading. >> mueller corrected a ring wit.
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>> oh, he is have a -- i mean, he lost so much credentialed thus far i don't think a good look if anything should be walking back, and apologizing. elizabeth: agent kelsey heritage foundation thank you. >> lyft surging in ipo debut today we will tell you what the company is worth a vote of confidence by investors you see big economic gains in the future of the united states plus, felicity huffman lori loughlin dpu in court next week a round of suspects made court appearances today, a big decision to make plead guilty to lesser charges, or plead not guilty, and face a kitchen sink of coming charges, nail-biter for alleged college cheats, we've got the latest coming up.
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elizabeth: lift ev o for lyft ride-sharing company soaring in ipo trading debut today kristina partsinevelos has details what it is worth now. reporter: there is a lot of excitement for in ipo, lyft shares out of the gate 87.24 about 21% higher than ipo price, sounds great lots of excitement over scribed at the end of the day closed below 80 dollars you have a company that is valued well above 20 billion dollars hasn't turned a profit a unicorn last year net lost 11 plldz uber
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similar, at 120 billion value not many like having discussing long-term profitability and can this company turn itself around and end up in green i am sending it back to you. elizabeth: kristina partsinevelos, thank you so much to college, admissions scandal first 15 of p -- of 33 parents charged in federal court in boston huffman loughlin to appear in court next week we live in boston with the latest. reporter: good evening the first two appear in this college admissions scandal all stand accused of essentially the same sort of theying paying bribes to try o to get scomoidz lethal colleges, universities among those to appear chen new york beach california operates shipping industry business paid 75,000 for the scheme to have sons actand correcting, facing
6:20 pm
conspiracy to commit mail fraud. the california mom from very wealthy food manufacturing family developed hot pockets prosecutes allege she took dual pass paying bribes to get daughter into usc volleyball recruit, documents review conversation, in which she expressed fares younger daughter was suspicious singer assured her in most cases none of the kids know. >> augustine, jr., own of vineyard napa california accused of paying for exam cheating to bribe the water polo coaches attit of southern california. to get his daughter in, no she did not play watder polo fab braitsdz profile included photo of he is one else playing? befr littles california president, ceo l.a. based real estate development firms prosecutors alleged
6:21 pm
participated in a test cheating coach recruitment seams represents by william wine red assistant u.s. attorney on team that process koortdz marathon bombing trial a day to washing wednesday wednesday the most recollectable faces wlb here in court huffman and loughlin. >> you can't write this, a woman who company developed hot pockets is involved in this scandal? i mean this is astounding. reporter: you know very, very wealth parents clearly with a lot of money i think that is i he partly why this caused so much interest across the country, so for so many people it is so other than the lives they lead. >> thank you so much for your reporting there. >> and for you we are keeping a close eye on several headlines tonight we g in with facebook, coo now says yes facebook does want to put
6:22 pm
restrictions on its livestream facing criticism pundits analysts on wall street saying you know there is a danger for -- you are making money off equivalent screaming porn after terrorist in new zealand built his massacre of 50 people at two moefksques in new zealand. >> boeing software did erroneously misfire and audit mate in crash of airlines causing plane to nose-dive killing all a boeing 737 max operating by lion air crashed in october, death col 346 reuters reporting based on difficulties it says it has seen that regulators new the skwae was confusing boston dynamic latest robot something out of a dream, backward
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bendi bending knees, look at that scary looking, look at this, this is your friday feel-good story for all softies out there, park rangers in thailand rescued six baby elephants trapped in the mud in national park took five hours to dig them out. one by one they did. again your friday feel-good story about how kind people are. >> next up on "the evening edit" you won't believe the latest, in jussie smollett silent case we take live on the scene there, now this illinois state bar association is saying state attorney general scandal you are asking for inaccurate abnormala nasty fight escalating the biggest that will determine who wins white house in 2020 going to tell you what it is how republicans need to step up, democrats are now really
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divided stepping down from their big plan we break it all down coming up next. ♪ i'm working to keep the fire going for another 150 years. ♪
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welcome back. you are watching the fox business network. we are coming into the bottom of the hour. look at this, the illinois bar association is slamming cook county state attorney kim fox for her handling of the jussie smollett case, calling her dismissal of the charges and public statements quote unethical, misleading and abnormal. fox claim smollett got the same treatment as everyone else but tried to find examples to prove her right. this as smollett has been nominated for tomorrow's 2019 naacp image awards in the outstanding supporting actor in drama series category. this is the fourth year in a row he's been nominated. chicago officials still say hey jussie, pay us back for
6:29 pm
investigating your own hate crime. you owe us money. it is a hate crime that you tried to tie to president trump. we have a lot more news on this story what's the latest? >> the latest right now is we're looking ahead towards tomorrow, saturday, because fox news can confirm that smollett flew to los angeles late wednesday ahead of the naacp awards. a spokesperson won't confirm to us whether he will appear at the awards show. the host of that awards show, anthony anderson says he hopes that jussie smollett wins and takes to the stage. meanwhile there are conservative groups that are demanding that his nomination be rescinded. and you know here in chicago, people are telling us they are outraged. they want the resources and the focus here in the city to shift away from an actor who say they got off the hook and back towards true crimes and people that are hurting and, you know, looking ahead as well -- excuse me, the city of chicago here is asking that jussie smollett pay back $130,000 in calls overtime
6:30 pm
over its investigation and said that if jussie smollett does not pay the $130,000 in less than 7 days, it is going to potentially bring new charges against him and prosecute him on the charge of lying to the city. jussie smollett, the drama is not over for him. the president says he has asked the fbi and the justice department to investigate him, and here in downtown chicago, on monday, liz, the very large chicago police union plans on holding a public demonstration against kim fox. liz: wow, matt finn breaking a lot of news on this case. thank you very much for your journalism there. appreciate it. let's bring in former federal prosecutor doug burns. great to see you. >> thank you. liz: how strange is this case? >> here what jumps out and what tells you it is really unusual. i talked to all my friends, experts, i have been doing this for 30 years. normally you see this type of negotiation before a case is indicted and may you get a lenient disposition. after indictment, 16 counts here, but in fairness may be
6:31 pm
overcharged with 16, you don't see after indictment an outright dismissal. what you see usually is some kind of let's say deferred prosecution, give him a violation, non-criminal offense, but something that telegraphs to the world that the person did something wrong, but at the same time, we're going a little bit ease easy. -- bit easy what was so bizarre is they turned around and said we're dismissing the entire case outright. then the defendant walks out in front of the building with his lawyer and proclaims his innocence. i was shocked because all my friends, all the experts are like doug, in that situation you would keep your head down, keep your mouth shut and leave and go home. and then this is amazing, you have the authorities countering that and saying he's not innocent and here's why, and the police department releases documents. what this was, liz, in the end, was a dust-up between the police department and the cook county prosecutor's office. the way we knew that was the police superintendent came out and condemned the defendant. that's also unus most of the time they come out .
6:32 pm
we believe the evidence is strong. we believe the cook county prosecutor will handle it to justice. not what he did is a disgrace. you know, he disgraced the whole city of chicago. when i watched that live, i said whoa, that's strange. and i think the prosecutor is not going to like that, and then this boiled over to a head because the police department and rahm emanuel came out ripping mad about the decision. liz: yeah. >> very bizarre situation. liz: now, the federal government is stepping -- we know they are already investigating. the fbi is investigating the purported hate letter. if they step in here, will it be double jeopardy with jussie smollett? >> great question. so interesting. what happened in chicago itself is not double jeopardy which is quite amazing. double jeopardy attaches as we call it when a jury is sworn in. here even with this dismissal, technically it is a little bit in the legal academic weeds but he could be reprosecuted in
6:33 pm
chicago. you just heard them tease it up, and i was a little surprised if you don't pay this $130,000 we may re-prosecute you. that caught my attention just now in chicago. let me get to the federal thing, that's really important. generally speaking if you are even acquitted which is not the case here in state court, the rodney king situation, the federal government can bring the case under a different label, civil rights in that case instead of straight assault. it's not double jeopardy. in reverse, sometimes it is. if you're acquitted in federal court, in new york state, you can't be charged in the state. it gets complicated. liz: interesting. this isn't over. >> here, yeah, they could look at him for mail fraud. i also think and you have heard judge napolitano also say they may investigate the circumstances under which this case was dropped. liz: wow. what a story. will you come back? >> i would love to. liz: great perspective. i love you. come back. coming up the democrats took the house by gunning away on healthcare now they're gunning to take back the white house the same way.
6:34 pm
the only problem is they are seriously and hopelessly divided on their only big radical plan that would wipe out, wait for it, obama care. also we're going to ask when will republicans step up with their plans, and later in the show, full throttle, at a michigan rally, this is the road map to 2020, that's what trump is doing, or is this going to be a problem? nervous republicans, they don't like this in your face strategy. what are republicans going to do here? we will debate that next. jardiance asks... when it comes to type 2 diabetes, are you thinking about your heart? well, i'm managing my a1c, so i should be all set. actually, you're still at risk for a fatal heart attack or stroke. that's where jardiance comes in. it reduces the risk of dying from a cardiovascular event
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>> obama care is a disaster. right now it is losing in court. right now in the texas court as you know, probably ends up in the supreme court, but we're doing something that is going to be much less expensive than obama care for the people. i'm not saying government. i'm saying for the people, and we're going to have preexisting conditions, and we will have a much lower deductible.
6:39 pm
so -- and i've been saying this. the republicans are going to end up being the party of healthcare. liz: see that? president trump declaring republicans do have a cheaper and better plan than obama care we're waiting to see it. the president is saying that will get him re-elected in 2020. that's how the democrats took back the house. after the russia story is over for now it looks like that demes are split on their own plan -- dems are split on their own plan. it is a bernie sanders plan. it would give healthcare issues total control to the government. let's bring in gubernatorial candidate john cox. john, this is astounding what's going on. what's your take in all this? >> you said it all, and that is that politicians want to have control. the president's absolutely right. the affordable care act has made premiums much more expensive. they have raised deductibles,
6:40 pm
and in many places around the country, there's only one competitor and in many places only two. you got to have more competition, liz. what the president needs to do is flesh out the alternatives. we've got to have more interstate sales for medical insurance. we've got to loosen the regulations that allow health insurance companies to even exist. we've got to create more of a free market, like we've done with lasik and plastic surgery and those kinds of medical services that are more subject to the free market. the worst thing that we can do, liz, is turn this over to politicians and make it all a government program. liz: because the health insurance lobby is so powerful it basically hijacks state lobbies and they run the show. we get that. you know, what's really interesting only three democrats support bernie sanders plan, kamala harris, kristen gillibrand and jay inslee. nine top democrats oppose his single payer. a lot of 2020 democrats still on the fence.
6:41 pm
warren is kind of dialling back from it so is o'rourke and kaiser family foundation when they told voters the actual details, 58% of it don't like single payer. do you know what's interesting too, final point, you know states act as a laboratory, right, john, to what works and what doesn't? >> right. and vermont turned it down, remember. liz: yeah, that's right. romney care in massachusetts led to obama care. vermont bernie's home state doesn't like single payer. california says no to single payer because it would have bankrupted the state, right, john? that's indication this won't work at the federal level. >> it's lousy care because we're finding out in california, you know, they've massively expanded medicaid, and people can't even get an appointment with the doctor because a lot of doctors and providers don't want to live under medicaid's low reimbursement formula. so it's not only a massively paexeneding the government -- expanding the government but also resulted in bad healthcare.
6:42 pm
we need to get back to a free market, liz. that's the answer. liz: john cox, great to have you. will you come back soon? >> i will. liz: good to see you. president trump tweeting -- after more than two years since the quote insurance policy statement made by a dirty cop, i got the answers i wanted, the truth. i'm going to stay on this story for you. next up, president trump he is on fire. he's on the attack. he's going after everybody and everything in his sights. the left in general. jerry nadler and adam schiff in particular. not all republicans are comfortable, while others wonder is this the way to keep the white house in 2020? we will debate that. plus a new report shows that california law enforcement nearly half of them will work with i.c.e. -- to save sapg
6:43 pm
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so why didn't we do this earlier? life line screening. the power of prevention. call now to learn more. >> the economy is roaring. the isis caliphate is defeated 100%. and after three years of lies and smears and slander, the
6:47 pm
russia hoax is finally dead. the collusion delusion is over. liz: let's get reaction on the rally last night from "wall street journal" editorial board member. great to see you. what was your take of that? >> i think this is trump talking to the base. we shouldn't read too much into it about the american public in general because this is his base. these are the people who go to rallies and they want to hear trump in his, you know, most authentic form. that's what you saw last night. liz: there was a column that was really interesting. what was your take on that column? >> peggy was saying that she thinks that two sides are more fiercely divided than they have ever been before. i think first of all we should stipulate that it's always sort of been veryith other founding fathers. but i think she has a couple --
6:48 pm
she's got her finger on the pulse of something that's really important, which is that we don't even agree on the facts anymore. you know, there used to be something called truth and we were interested in truth. you hear people now talk about my truth and your truth. and how can there be a my truth and your truth because there is really only the truth. but that terminology is used all the time. i think it tells us something about how we're having conversations because when we go to make compromise or have a debate about something, there's usually a common set of facts that we agree on. and if we don't have a truth that we agree on, or even that we're in search of a truth that exists, i think that causes a lot of problems. liz: we can't agree on the facts about the border that our border guys are telling us. critics say alexandria cortez's 15 minutes are up. a poll shows that cortez has much higher unfavorable ratings than favorable ones, but she's
6:49 pm
blaming the far right for this. what's your take on that? >> well, you know, theer thing -- well, of course, i think that trump is a phenomena of the left during the obama administration because i think that people began to feel like people who had more conservative values and more traditional ways of living, they felt like they were completely marginalized, that they didn't count, they had no voice and trump for them is sort of, you know, expressing their feeling that hey, we're over here too. we count too. and you know, for many years, we were told by the left that one of the most important values was tolerance. we were supposed to tolerate people, even if they weren't the same or didn't think like us. liz: right. >> that i think has really gone by the wayside during the obama administration. it was like we have control and we're going to do it our way. that i think gets to the bigger problem which is that government was never this powerful. i mean peggy talks a b 50 or 60 years ago when things were like, you know, more reasonable, but
6:50 pm
at that time, washington was a small town. look at the power there is in washington. liz: great point. >> and the problem is, when there's that kind of power at stake, then it's, you know, winner take all. people fight to the death, and that's what she described in her column. liz: great point. the per capita income in d.c. is bigger than silicon valley. a lot of money there. >> a lot at stake for whoever gets in that chair. liz: the president fighting back at adam schiff and jerry nadler. let's listen to him. >> our country was hurt. our country was hurt. and there are artificial respirators right now. they are on artificial respirators right now. they are getting mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. little pencil neck adam schiff. jerry nadler, i have been fighting him for many years. i want every record in the history of the trump
6:51 pm
organization. every single sheet of paper. and what do you have to justify that? nothing. the democrats have to now decide whether they will continue defrauding the public with ridiculous [ bleep ]. liz: whoa. what's your take? >> well, i think it's unfortunate. you know, i agree with a lot of things that the president has done in the years he's been in office, but i really don't think that this kind of language and this kind of rhetoric is helpful to the country. i mean, i would like to see him, you know, arthur brooks, the former president of aei has written this book called "love your enemies" and he says love your enemies is not about compromising, not about giving up your positions but about being able to engage with people who disagree with you. i understand that the president is angry. i don't blame him, you know, because of what they tried to do to him, but he should be able to rise above that and to extend an olive branch and say look, you lost, i won, but let's try to
6:52 pm
look for common ground and so forth and not get into this name calling. i think it is unfortunate. liz: could get more swing voters then, right? >> i think it would also improve the prospects to have peace in the country as opposed to people dividing more and more deeply. liz: he's fighting back. i hear what you are saying. i get it. mary o gradgrady, thank you ver much. california police a new study shows they are blowing off and ignoring california sanctuary policies. they are cooperating with federal agents at i.c.e. this after outrageous crimes and murders in that state by criminal illegals, including kate steinle. that's coming up. we made a car that does, too.
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>> the chances are it's not going to happen. this is not going to happen again but we have to ensure it's not going to happen again. being a mother, you know anyone who is a mother, it's
6:57 pm
unfathomable. it's just unfathomable. trish: that was kate steinle's mother in 2015 pictures caught caught -- shot and killed in san francisco by an illegal. he was convicted seven times of drug felonies among other things. just been released three months prior. they continued to fight for justice and the court of appeals slapped down their lawsuit. they cannot sue the city of san francisco. the judges there said there's no law in california requiring that the sheriff had to notify i.c.e. about this guy's release. let's get right to sharon about this. many angel families across the country are following this timely case. >> well i can express my disappointment. my heart goes out to kate's family. here you have a five-time deported felon that takes an innocent life that was in the prime of her life and there are
6:58 pm
no consequences to that. we are down here on the border trying to security and keep this country safe and i've got to say the 9th circuit doesn't disappoint us. they are very liberal and who are they protecting, americans? i challenge that thought. liz: let's listen to angel parents telling their story. listen. >> he was killed on his way home from work by repeat illegal alien criminal who was driving drunk the wrong way over 35 miles and slammed head-on into my son. >> he and his partner were on their way back to the station and a drunk driver that was here illegally pulled in front of the ambulance with no regard to anybody else and my husband's ambulance pulled over and he and his partner both lost their lives in that accident. liz: a new study by the asian law conference on four out of 10 california police agencies are
6:59 pm
i.c.e.your take on that? >> that i commend these leaders. these laws enforcement leaders to take an oath of office to support the constitution and the community. kudos to them and to the leaders that are ignoring our federal laws and echo partners, shame on them. liz: the california law says yes actually they should be doing just that. it's a violent criminal about to be released. state officials, law enforcement is supposed to tell i.c.e. about this. i don't know if you are aware of that in california, final word. a quick one. >> the association of police chiefs support this. liz: share fontana thank you for coming on. thank you for having us in our
7:00 pm
home. thanks for home. thanks for watching. lou dobbs is next right on the fox business network. have a great weekend. lou: good evening everybody. the department of homeland security is flailing -- failing to protect the southern border from the flow of illegal immigrants and the problem is only worsening. thousands of central americans and cubans are making their way through mexico intent on illegally entering the united states. another caravan is being formed in honduras. that group may achieve we are told some 20,000. president trump today said he will shut down our southern border unless mexico stops the massive flow of illegal immigrants.


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