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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 29, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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liz: share fontana thank you for coming on. thank you for having us in our home. thanks for home. thanks for watching. lou dobbs is next right on the fox business network. have a great weekend. lou: good evening everybody. the department of homeland security is flailing -- failing to protect the southern border from the flow of illegal immigrants and the problem is only worsening. thousands of central americans and cubans are making their way through mexico intent on illegally entering the united states. another caravan is being formed in honduras. that group may achieve we are told some 20,000. president trump today said he will shut down our southern border unless mexico stops the massive flow of illegal immigrants.
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>> mexico is making a fortune with the united states. they have a trade surplus of over 100 billion dollars. we have right now to be caravans coming from guatemala, massive caravans walking right through mexico. mexico is tough. they can stop them but they choose not to. if they don't stop them we are closing the border. we will close it and we will keep a close for a long time. i'm not playing games. lou: of course mexico and the central american countries who are sending us their illegal immigrants are doing just that, playing games. tonight we discussed the boldness of the president's demand for the inept leadership of department of homeland security officials and the rising impatience of the american people who want illegal immigration to the end. we take it up with former border patrol chief mark morgan republican strategist ed rollins and the trump administration has
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issued a clear warning to russia after more russian troops landed in venezuela. president trump warned russia to get out of venezuela. national security adviser john bolton today followed up. bolton said the trump trump administration considers russian forces in the western hemisphere to be absolutely unacceptable. >> the russian military presence along with what our earlier indications of russian military presence and the huge presence of cuban security forces really leads to the question who is running venezuela and if the idea is russian military forces are entering the western hemisphere to protect more dharun to keep them in power that's just not something we except. lou: center for security policy among us on the latest with the present form policy the president's commitment to america first in the monroe
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doctrine. chicago mayor rahm emanuel finally found his balance, his footing. took days for the mayor the inept and correct radical mayor to blame none other than president trump for the jussie smollett scandal. we would expect nothing more from this mayor, the most corrupt city in the most corrupt county in the entire nation. we take it up with sydney aviello 20 advisory board member jenna alice the "washington times" charlie hurt and pastor robert jeffers is with us as well. our top story president trump has had enough of the invasion of illegal immigrants crossing our southern border. the president said it's time for the government of mexico to act responsibly to stop encouraging and helping illegal immigrants reach our border and then cross it. >> it's a horrible situation in mexico could stop it. we are going give them hundreds of millions of dollars and tell
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them that they are going to use their strong immigration laws to help the united states. there's a good likelihood i will be closing the border next week and i will be just fine with me. >> the president's threat comes as the department of homeland security has been reduced to saying the border is being overrun. the border patrol unable to do its job despite the president's national emergency declaration and calling out the u.s. mattel mattel -- military to back up the border patrol. dhs secretary kirstjen nielsen is flailing and her department appears utterly under ineffectual leadership. so desperately she's trying to raise a posse of dhs employee volunteers to help secure the border and the border patrol responding to the border crisis by releasing illegal immigrants onto american streets. are they also dumping deadly drugs at the same time? traffickers have wide-open access to the united states.
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the cartels frankly are winning. the cpb said commissioner kevin mcillwaine is actually whining instead of acting and crying out for congressional help of all things. congress is the problem, not the solution. tonight we are calling on the president to fire these incompetents in the leadership of the department of homeland security and customs border protection. they can't act effectively. they can't create, they can't innovate. they only react and then call on congress. customs and border protection has become a little more than a welcome wagon service for the cartels trafficking its deadly drug running and illegal immigrant smuggling across our southern border with mexico while tens of thousands of americans are dying. these border officials should hang their heads in shame and
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they should be fired for endangering the lives of the american people. do what it takes straightforward. joining us tonight mark morgan former u.s. border patrol chief under president obama and it's great to have you with us mark. this is a stunning thing to watch the cpb commissioner call on congress for help. he is sitting there as the commissioner of the agency responsible for protecting the border and he is trying to explain that he is being overrun the department of homeland security is talking about volunteers to back up the border forces. this is an embarrassment. it's an outright surrender by dhs, isn't it? >> lou i have a little bit different perspective. we are here, make no mistake. our border is a national
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emergency for one reason, because congress has failed to do their job to protect our borders and protect this country. that's why we are here. let's go to what is actually happening. the commissioner said it this week at cbp. he said hey we only have so much space, 4000 capacity and 6000 in crisis. we have 13,000 right now. there is no more room at the inn and because of the broken asylum laws is actually law. the dhs has to release these individuals. you are a minor or attached to a minor they have no choice. they have to release them into the interior united states. lou: let's start with a couple of things. it seems to me into me this is not a matter of perspective. this is a matter of national security. it's a national emergency crisis and the president has put forward a declaration, national
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emergency and has the power -- by the way to obviate all that you have just described. he has the authority. he has no authority for this nation to commit suicide which is the effect of this hodgepodge of laws. secondly the president of mexico says our forces are going to be 100 feet inside of your border. i want your permission and your agreement to do that and i want it now and that is where we would start. there would be none of this nonsense about american soil. you and i both know a big game is being played here. the president isn't the one playing the game but dhs is including all of those in the ports of entry is suicidal. those agents should be out on those frontiers between those ports of entry because that's where the illegal immigration is occurring principally in the transport of deadly drugs by the
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tons. correct? >> lou 100%. everything you just said. let's stop the individuals from entering our country and make them wait in mexico which by the way we know 85% are false. that's where we have to start to be cannot allow them to enter our country. right now with the numbers in the millions 65% her family. that means we are going to let 650,000 people into the interior of the united states never to be heard from again. that's absurd. has to stop at stop them at the border and i'll all of the men. lou: the dh is s. -- dhs secretary think of what that means for immigration and customs authority with limited resources and manpower in the interior of the country tried to contend with all of those people being released onto the streets.
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the stories in the yuma sector right now. the idea of the temerity of the head of dhs to allow that to happen its ignorance. the can-do attitude is on the side of the cartels. they have a bunch of bureaucrats walking around in green uniforms who are absolutely, i'm talking about the leadership of the border patrol who are absolute morons. they are sitting there waiting for orders and waiting for someone to hand them a solution. if this is what we have come to, the quality of people in leadership that dhs from the secretary of the department on down i mean literally lets put out welcome wagons. pile them high because we are trying to assign tens of thousands perhaps millions of americans to their deaths. >> lou what i would say is look i know the leaders of the border
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patrol and i can tell you they are furious. this is not what they want to do. lou: and stand up. i'm so sick of bureaucrats being told how great they are when in point of fact they have to say at some point my god we have got to stop this. instead we have got the secretary of dhs saying we need to go to congress. we have the cpb commissioner saying we have to have congressional help. they are fools. the congress of the united states over the successive congresses and successive presidents republican and democrat have created this mess. time now to deal with it. >> i agree lou but the men and women of the border control have to take their orders from the secretary. they have to get off probation to do what they want to do. >> the president needs to fire them. she is nothing but a roadblock of august of this and responded the situation would have been
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that of the one she apparently wants to dream about. she is absolutely overwhelmed. she has paralyzed and her department has paralyzed this president. the national emergency now be if he's not right. >> it is an emergency and i do believe there are things that can be done as you said stop them from coming to mexico. push forward tent cities and all the immigration laws do all that you need. lou: a marine general says this is a problem for his command. still in his job and his office there is something wrong saying he doesn't want to help in the national urgency because it might jeopardize training on a distant foreign exercise. that is the height of stupidity and by the way rank insubordination. >> i think we have a real, real
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crisis here that transcends the national emergency. we have got a problem. i'm sitting here looking at some numbers by dhs. do you know what their idea of shutting down the border is as the president orders? there's over 750 agents out of the port of entry or two or three instead as the president has said shut down the border because that will bring mexico to his senses in a hurry. by the way it will also deliver a message to the powers in this country, the powers that be particularly corporate america, wall street who are by the way the greatest enablers and facilitators of this crisis, that they here. i'd like to have your perspective on this. >> lou look, you are spot on. i can't say the men and women of the border patrol and even the
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leadership, they are doing the best that they can lou but there hands are tied to a certain extent. they need to go ahead and say shut down the order. right now if you are a family unit or accompanied by a minor our borders are open to you. it's only a matter of whether you are allowed in a day or 10 days. lou: you are describing the crisis. i have said to you what has to be done and it's that straightforward and by the way if lopez doesn't understand 100 feet into mexico one solution after another here. it can be put together and implemented and it's got to happen. >> i agree and we have to shut down the border to these individuals. we have to make them stay in mexico. mexico has skin in the game. as long as we keep letting them
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and they are going to keep coming. we have two lock it down at the border lou. >> mark is always great to have you with us. appreciate it. come back soon. we will have a lot to talk about for sometime i have have a feeling. thank you so much. up next whining rhino. former senator no friend of the president jeff flake said he can persuade the republican party. guess what? this failed embarrassment says he can persuade the republican party to vote against president trump. we cannot go another four years this way. if the republican party nominated somebody else that person is just as likely or perhaps more like a two win than the president. >> are you willing to lose this cycle for the republican party because of the principles you are arguing? >> oh yes. lou: the man is a fool. there's no other way to say it. so fool. the man despised by his former
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wu senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has already abandoned president trump's new push to repeal obamacare and creating new health care program mcconnell apparently telling "politico" quote i look forward to seeing what the president is proposing and what he can work out for the speaker. i'm focusing on stopping the democrats medicare for none scheme. if not for get how the rhinos including mcconnell and former speaker paul ryan actually helped repeal and replace obamacare because they didn't get it done despite leading a republican held congress. joining us tonight former reagan white house political director and "fox business" political analyst leading republican strategist of the country ed rollins. let's start with what is mcconnell trying to prove
7:21 pm
here? this is childish. >> he is up for re-election in a great many of his people in kentucky are on medicaid so we doesn't want to have the whole thing abolished. lou: president trump has it 2-1 better rating. >> i understand. i think it's domestic politics. there is no bill. but the white house institute do is get a bill ready and buy with the democrats in the house to see what they can get done. lou: what you are saying is we really have to have another health care fight right now? >> i'm not worried. i think the bottom line here is it's foolish for the president to talk about anything but the economy. the borders what he got good marks on. get into the trenches with the democrats on health care is a losing battle. lou: i'm perfectly fine with this president making the republican party at party of health care. what i'm not fine with is not being the party that is
7:22 pm
following through with the border crisis and not being the party that didn't create a new reality on the order with the national emergency. i'm not okay with turning over this country to the drug cartels of mexico. right now let's cut through all of the nonsense. right now the cartels run the government of mexico. the cartels are running drugs, trafficking. they are running this country because we can't secure our border. it's that straightforward. >> i'm 100% with you. the idea that the white house can come up with a bill right now and get the democrats to adopt it in the house which is where it all starts is absurd. lou: obviously this is the head of cpb talking about going to congress. he has been told to do that. the idea that the president of the united states has shut down the border and the best they can
7:23 pm
do is to come up with 750 agents that move from a few ports of entry. this president is being gamed and he needs to grab somebody by the nap of the neck and shake their little brains into action. >> recent presidents have shut the border down for periods of time in this president needs to do that. mexico will not cooperate. transients are coming through their country to get to our country they have to shut it down for a week or a month or whatever. lou: nancy pelosi said yesterday the republican party is a bunch of scaredy cats. they haven't got any imagination. there's no creativity. they have no sense of urgency. they have a bunch of rhinos. it's enough to make you the idea of being a republican. >> nancy pelosi said that? lou: i added the last part. >> the president ought to say this is what i want done and i
7:24 pm
want it done now. lou: what the heck is the guys named the four-star commandant of the marine corps? general mallor telling the president that any reduction in his marines, saying this publicly. >> i would say thank you very much for your service. lou: get him the out. first of all i'm sick of generals who don't understand that they commander in chief the president of the united states is in charge but if they haven't got a better grip on military order than that they don't have any place being involved in the command structure. >> beyond the marine corps the bottom line is this is what we need to stop -- lou: i have great respect for our armed services. that's not what i'm saying. these generals who do not do as their commander-in-chief orders and publicly takes on the commander-in-chief need to be
7:25 pm
told thank you for your service and audios brother. >> we have had two marines serving as four-star generals. they don't want to do with the president wants, take a walk. lou: i mean there are so many questions here. why does the president put up with this nonsense? >> all he has to do is they do it and if you won't do it get somebody else who will do it. lou: the chief of staff has a role here in the whole white house structure has a role and by god it's time to get this nonsense resolve. >> you have to tell me how to do it. lou: these radical dems. what a mess. at least he has a witch hunt behind him and hallelujah thank you very much. thank you ed rollins. i feel better already, don't you? up next president trump criticizing the handling of
7:26 pm
jussie smollett's hate hoax scandal. >> it's a terrible situation. so an embarrassment not only to chicago, that is an embarrassment to our country. lou: it's unbelievable. when we tell you what is the latest in this case he won't believe it. we are coming right back with our panel. stay with us.
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. maria: chicago mayor and radical rahm emanuel's desperately trying to find a way to blame president trump for the jusse smollett hate crime folks scandal. and it surfaced yesterday. >> my recommendations no
7:31 pm
opening day baseball. 's stay on the sideline and stay out you have created a toxic environment. maria: he has more murders than almost anyone in the country. he has run the city into the ground. he is the biggest joke and he has a lot of competition but he is the biggest joke. "washington times" opinion editor and foxbusiness contributor and "washington examiner" contributor great to have you with us. so let's start with the rally last night. more than 12000 people in the arena in grand rapids in the state that gave him the 10000-foot victory and then the last stop of the 2016 campaign so how important is
7:32 pm
this to him and his base quick. >> and then it is so encouraging and then the accomplishments for american people so catch me in washington but it is very encouraging to see that he genuinely does care. . >> secretary dhs customs border protection she is ringing her hand and paralyzed in in over her head and now it's a joke. and now they're whining about going to congress?
7:33 pm
and then to be responsible. they are the problem not the solution. . >> they have been the problem for 30 or 40 years. that humanitarian security crisis catastrophic crisis and to be on par with 100,000 people just that we know about that we stopped 100,000 stopped at the borderver half at even returned because now they use our laws against to return them. maria: we are idiots if he calls manuel lopez and that's
7:34 pm
it and see how quickly they react. lou: that's right. the president has a brilliant idea to shut down the border but now his own administration says bring 750 agents out to put them between the ports of entry that is one more for every 1000 yards? it is stupid. . >> him from the president of the united states quick. >> and we even have precedent. ronald reagan shut down the board air so did bush 43 so everyone that says he goes outside his constitutional authorities. >> they will bellyache about
7:35 pm
everything. . >> and doing it well. but we need to back that as a commonsense solution. but then a country without a border. lou: so stipulated that's why we voted for the guy. but not for the idiots that are working for him and not following orders whether they are generals or in the white house. >> with the edict it is a crisis. and then to take whatever action is necessary to stop the flow across the border. and then try to appeal to his base this isn't a 50/50 issue. if you talk to democrats and
7:36 pm
then to get out of the belt way with regular democrats this is an issue everybody cares about. it is an 8020 issue. >> think you both for being with us. we will be right back. stay withde us. that's a win. but it's not the only reason i switched. geico's a company i can trust, with over 75 years of great savings and service. ♪ now that's a win-win. switch to geico. it's a win-win.
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cake in the conference room! showing 'em you're ready to be your own boss. that's the beauty of your smile. bring out the best in it with crest 3d white. crest removes 95% of surface stains... in just three days. lou: last night the president told russia to get out of venezuela. for the center of security policy and also today following up ambassador john bolton also saying it is unacceptable for russia to be in our hemisphere with its forces. >> that's exactly right. and then to say this to russia you can be sure there will be consequences there are some
7:41 pm
very the intense discussions between individuals that russia officials and chinese officials because it is going down there will be significant follow-up. lou: what we have seen so far is more of russia security force forces, russia troops to be be brought in on russian aircraft in on rockets. . >> so this incident doesn't look good. >> it doesn't. it is getting worse and worse and we have to make the case to the russians and the chinese that eventually where they don't have electricity or running water will turn into a violent insurgency. so what can we do about it?
7:42 pm
that doesn't seem to be coming up with any solutions it with those bright ideas for those countrymen. >> this is to back the government with the international coalition behind it could take time to fall but the president will not invade venezuela. that is not on the table. lou: i don't see a lot on the table i think military forces available. we will pressure this regime see mac so $100 billion in sales after allies are told they are an espionage threat and they blindly come in particular germany go right ahead and sign the order.
7:43 pm
>> it is amazing the 19 bidet of the governments that very often it's that teefive is an arm of chinese intelligence. >> their interest and europe's interest to not align with ours because the secretary of state has made it very clear that huawei what it is and what it represents and the threat that it poses to the west. >> they are trying to take the easy way out the subset one - - subsidize technology then if they do the us will cut off military and intelligence cooperation we don't put our sensitive data at risk alliancer
7:44 pm
a significant transformation that the president has been talking about that they seem to be catching up. >> so concerned about the germans. this is not a universal problem. >> we have reached a point when people do not listen to us about trade or stealing our stuff the germans have no hesitation and huawei for the 5g technology. we are's starting to look like a pleading bunch or as nancy pelosi calls us, a bunch of scaredy cats.e
7:45 pm
my fluff good to see you. up next full faith and trust william barr releasing them all a report. >> i have nothing to hide. i have absolutely nothing to hide. i have confidence in the attorney general. stay with us.
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lou: the economy is hot and getting hotter on wall street stocks rising dead dow sword the best quarter since 2009. the s&p is up 19 points nasdaq rose 65. three.7billion shares the highest rating level of the week the s&p and nasdaq so just over $60 a barrel and silver is up nearly 1 percent
7:50 pm
and a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. member of the faith initiative pastor of the first church of dallas tweeted this earlier today. nobody has done a better job to expose the failed coup against the president and the great lou dobbs. how should christians respond to overturn the 2016 election? i included the first part of that but so thanks so much i appreciate you being here. how will evangelicals react and prepare for 2020 i was asked that earlier this week and given way to anger if this was allowed to take place to begin with.
7:51 pm
but there was interference in the 2016 election. it was interference by the democrats and the media and even some establishment republicans working in the unhealthy alliance and as a christian what the bible says to seek vengeance but we should never surrender our desire for justice. and to seek accountability to have an investigation to make sure this never happens again in our country. lou: that with the jeff flake with his pretense and self-importance and he is "the biggest loser" amongst maybe i shouldn't say who is the biggest. [laughter] that one of them.
7:52 pm
but that there has to even be a discussion this president has done far too much in the short order of time. and i'm watching mitch mcconnell say things like and then to have further talks with nancy pelosi. in to watch a four star general still sitting at the desk? nobody in that white house has the guts to say you are done? dunford call him. this is ignorance 750 agents at the ports of entry? to shut down the southern border. and do whatever it takes to protect this country.
7:53 pm
but in their thinking that it is evil. that i think any senator or republican or congressman and that it needs to be thrown out of office. and to service the needs of the chamber of commerce. and it is treasonous. lou: and to have a huge role to play in the upcoming election. that week to week sunday through sunday. and then to say to be engaged in a full on participant in the democracy.
7:54 pm
. >> had this election go to hillary clinton they would have done everything they could to shut the evangelicals down. and the good thing about 2024 president trump is no longer is the president promising that he can run on his record on what he has done then the pro-life or pro- religious and so many other areas he will run on a tremendous record. and then to mobilize the evangelical base. lou: it is always great to have you here. think you. i just even feel better seeing you. more on the president with his foul on the southern border with mexico we will be right back.
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ove. roger. hey rick, all good? oh yeah, we're good. we're good. termites never stop trying to get in, we never stop working to keep them out. terminix. defenders of home.
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lou: president trump today warning again he will shut down the southern border unless the government of mexico stops the massive flow of illegal immigrants and mexico will have to do something or i am closing the border i will just close it. with a deficit like we have with mexico and have had many years closing the border will be a profit-making operation. also you. a lot of the drugs from coming in. lou: president trump tweeted moments ago about the special counsel investigation conclusio conclusion. >> robert mueller was a hero to the radical left democrats until he ruled there was no collusion with russia. parenthetically so ridiculous to even say program after more than two years since the insurance policy statement was made by a dirty cop i got the answers i wanted. the truth.
8:00 pm
that is it for us tonight. thank you for being with us. on monday the trump 2020 campaign is some of our guest we hope you'll join us. have a great weekend. . >> breaking right now by mid april if not sooner when the attorney general william barr will tell congress he will provide a redacted version of the 400 page molar report they campaign manager is here now president trump doubles down on his threat to close the southern border. >> we give them hundreds of billions of dollars and tell them they will not use their strong immigration laws to help the united states there is a very good likelihood i will close the border next week and that is fine with me.


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