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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 31, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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♪ >> good evening, everybody. illegal immigrants overwhelming our southern border so claims the department of homeland security. the border patrol not able to handle. today spending time asking for congressional assistance. carping that immigration is at the breaking point. what has happened to our department of homeland security? the department that slow walks the president's demands to to secure our border while simultaneously releasing tens of thousands of illegal immigrants into the united states. we take a look tonight.
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president trump has cleared a national emergency. dhs is paralyzed. the world's only superpower now appears defenseless and on its knees before central american and mexican illegal immigrants. the department of homeland security selling out america, we knew there was massive corruption on the mexican side of the border, but on our side of the border as well, we take it all up tonight. former kansas secretary of state president trump today defended his decision backing an effort to strengthen obamacare. saying it's time for the republican party to take the lead and provide the best healthcare possible to the american people. >> obamacare is a disaster. it's too expensive by far. people cannot afford it. the deductible is horrible. the premiums cost too much. the deductible is.
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the only difference now is we are administrating obamacare very well. we have made it better. it is still horrible, no good. it is something that we cannot live within this country. >> we take up the president's call to kill obamacare and the precious delicate rino republicans who are now all wobbly in their knees at the president's bold action. ed rollins, michael goodwin among our guest here tonight you'd our top story, the department of homeland security security surrendering our border. dh secretary whining about the inability of her department to protect the homeland despite the president's best efforts to provide the department with every means necessary. the most notable accomplishment serving in several in the george w bush administration became
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secretary in december of 2017. succeeding her mentor and sponsor john kelly. the worsening border crisis makes it all too clear. secretary nielsen is in way over her head. william with the latest on the crisis on our southern border and the inability or the refusal of dhs to secure that border. >> today, lou, basically raising a white flag. saying the agency is overrun and overwhelmed. 40% a border patrol agents are not patrolling the border he said tiered processing, babysitting and providing a taxi service for migrants needing taxi fare or rights to the bus station. >> we saw the most in over a decade with 4000 migrants apprehended in a single day. yesterday we wrote the record again.
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>> the u.s. does not have an open border. officials say the 4100 of migrants apprehended, 50% are families, 40% are children many are sick and need quarantine. the perfect storm of the actors here, most democrats in congress are in denial. calling it a manufacturer crisis. no consequences. no jail time. no fine. no deportation. an unlimited supply of central americans making money a day when they can make $15 an hour hour here in the u.s. today the commissioner begged congress for help. >> legislative relief. changes in the law. the only way that this will be reduced and we will be able to restore integrity to our system. >> agents dropped 800 migrants on on the side of the road, forced by court order after 20 days in custody or eight hours in the bus to be released.
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this is not a surprise. just after president trump took office in april 2017, apprehensions have risen monthly surpassing 100,000 expected this month. to put that into perspective, i think filling the university of michigan football stadium every month, multiply that by 12. over a year, 1 million apprehensions. larger than the population of san francisco. both migrants say their children will attend school, free and reduced price lunch or breakfast, and many states apply for healthcare, healthcare, lawyers, childcare, housing and cash. still many in congress oppose fixing the system. border patrol stations are actually pretty small. designed to hold 3000. right now they have 12,000 in custody. i.c.e. has another 50,000 migrants in custody. a majority will be released in days.
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replaced by someone else. so mostly a judge and 3-5 years. 46% who are who are free pending a hearing will not bother seeing the judge at all. lil. >> william, thank you very much. the hard facts. obviously, the department of homeland security that is right now simply paralyzed. and the question why. dhs has seen an increase as william just pointed out. border apprehensions. the number really pales in comparison back in 2006. the white flag is being -- here is the situation. back in 2006, an average of almost 90,000 monthly apprehensions at the southern border. the border patrol only had slightly 12,000 border patrol agents. in 2019, fiscal year fiscal year 2019, an average of almost 54,000 apprehensions.
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almost twice as many border patrol agents. 19,555. now, the border patrol claims it cannot function. 40% fewer apprehensions. if the 8% more agents in 13 years ago. what is going on at dhs. they may claim they are being overwhelmed. who is fooling whom. you are not fooling anyone on this broadcast. president trump is in the midst of a battle within his own administration of the future healthcare. obliterating obamacare. republicans afraid of the presidents boldness. >> we will be the party of great healthcare. the democrats have let you down. they've really let you down. obamacare doesn't work.
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>> and apparent outgrowth that ruled the affordable care act, obamacare unconstitutional. multiple sources tell fox news that there was disagreement between the white house and helping human service secretary and attorney general over whether to support the texas decision and go all in on an obamacare repeal. a concern chaired by republicans on capitol hill including kevin mccarthy who told the president a renewed battle made no sense and party moderates wary of the strategy, especially after last fall's midterm election blowout. >> i am very disappointed to the administration. seeking to eval a date the entire affordable care act. democratic leaders today all but the president to try it again. >> the president wants to go
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back to repeal and replace again. make our day. >> there are concerns that the health care debate could derail some of the post molar report agenda items like trade. border security and an elusive i partisan effort on infrastructure. white house officials insist if they "fail obamacare " and it does get overturned by the court in total, the white house will be ready with the health care plan of their own. i should add this, too, they believe this strongly, benefiting millions of americans in need and do better by those currently enrolled in obamacare. >> thank you very much. within the past hour, the poor soul who is fbi director james comey, fired fbi director, telling nbc news that he is, as he put it, confused by the molar
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special counsel report. also refusing to believe the conclusion. mueller found no collusion between the trump campaign in russia. the language was pretty clear. there was nothing between this campaign in russia. on that basis, should he be breathing a sigh of relief? >> i don't know if i read the letter that way. the evidence established there was any conspiracy. >> pitiful. confused. it is all complicated. he is actually at the point of the special counsel that has frustrated the nation for two years. chief intelligence correspondent catherine now has more on the fallout from the special report. >> according to a senior justice department official, planning to
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share a version of the report with congress and the public in weeks, not months. lindsey graham whose committee has direct oversight said there will be more consultation with robert mueller to identify, isolate and review material. >> he will go to the intelligence community.jeopardil security. >> former fbi director james comey has routinely criticized the president. >> voting trump out of office. >> i am asking them to vote their values. >> north carolina speaking event , also seem to single out molar same the special counsel appointment is designed to keep key decisions away from political appointees. i was not hoping for a
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particular result except the work be done, fax be done. i cannot understand what is being done with the obstruction stuff. >> obstruction cases are undermined if there is no underlying crime the former director said it goes against justice department traditions and is 40 years of experience. >> thank you so much. forty years of experience. fired by the president of the united states. he intentionally leaked federal secure classified information. his opinion not appointment to me as to others. the crisis of illegal immigration is worsening by the day and certainly part of the reason is failed leadership at dhs. we take that up with former kansas secretary of state. stay with us.
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joining me tonight, former kansas secretary of state also general counsel for the nonprofit we build the wall who have ambitions to build a privately funded wall along the mexican border.
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chris, great to have you with us as william began his report, dhs , order protection, basically flying a white flag in the face of tens of thousands of illegal immigrants confronting our border. >> it is shocking. we are on track to have the highest level in 12 years. higher than anything we saw in the two years of the obama administration reared president trump is the strongest president we have ever had on the issue of illegal immigration. he has made clear where he stands. dhs sitting on his hands. you have this strong president that wants to solve the problem, yet the agency is not doing it. >> we need congress to solve this. i heard that pretext, that nonsense for 20 years which is
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simply a ploy and a ruse. they are purposefully refusing to enforce the law and to protect our border. >> it is a copout. yes, congress could pass some desirable legislation. i could give you a list of about half a dozen. the agency has plenty of executive power that has been given to it. if we have the whole show, i could give you 50 different things that dhs could be doing without congress. worksite enforcement. the bush administration was going into factories. making arrests. putting criminal prosecution on top of the employer. deporting illegal aliens. it should have been restarted. the trump administration, not happening. we are giving work permits. deportation proceedings, your
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lawyer can string that out for two years. we are giving you three years of work permits. you are here illegally, we will not give you work permit. >> the united states has authority over immigration. there is nothing that stops this president from ordering this border patrol in department of homeland security to secure that border. he has the military at the southern border. it is not an accident. i think the problem lies with the leadership in washington. talking to border patrol patients that are so frustrated. we are the uber drivers for the illegal aliens. they come straight to us to make a false claim of asylum. this part of the two-step
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charade? >> i sure hope not. the agency, the administration should be aggressively enforcing our laws. not feeling like it has to make a deal. >> the department of homeland security looks like a complete joke. in my opinion, she is utterly unqualified for the job. an agency that is restoring the rule of law and immigration. innovative and making things work. >> i think it's passive eddie, too. >> it is funny you say that. kiersten nielsen has done everything but rejoin the obama mantra of strategic patients.
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it is a disgrace. we would like to hear your thoughts on all of this. follow me on twitter at lou dobbs likely on facebook, follow me unanswered graham on lou dobbs tonight. up next, national left-wing media and list lies about collusion. they are just struggling. they still lie and lie. they are doing it to fewer and fewer people. even the left. we will tell you about their ratings and what is happening over the three days. ed rollins and michael goodwin joined me after the break. stay with us for -♪ just like any other family ♪ the house, kids, they're living the dream ♪ ♪ and here comes the wacky new maid ♪ -maid? uh, i'm not the... -♪ is she an alien, is she a spy? ♪ ♪ she's always here, someone tell us why ♪
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primetime ratings for the national left wing media.
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the one to a been lying to their audiences for a few years or more. they are extraordinary coverage on russian collusion. turning out to be completely fake. let's take a quick look at how that works in the ratings this week. 8:00 p.m. fox's tucker carlson beating anderson cooper by a modest margin. chris hayes as well. sean hannity dominating the night p.m. hour. higher than cnn chris. rachel maddow really, really got very tired of that 10:00 p.m., a ingram winning against the anti-trump duo of don lemon and lawrence o'donnell. two bright souls, certainly getting clobbered.
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unprecedented donnybrook. kim fox back by left-wing billionaire dropping all charges against jesse small at. donating $4 million by the way to support fox back in 2006. a little outraging of his own over the years. chicago police eddie johnson. the fbi investigating why jussie smollett charges were dropped. i think we know why. don't you? former reagan white house political director, foxbusiness political analyst, ed rawlins new york coast columnist and foxbusiness contributor, did i mention pulitzer prize -- >> not yet. >> michael goodwin. good to have you. cook county is involved in what
7:28 pm
looks to be abject corruption. >> the system does not work. >> working pretty well. doesn't work for the people who basically, you know, very carefully put together investigation. obviously they charges guy was 16 counts of lying to the police. not once, but twice. the prosecutor decides. >> did not decide on her own, though, did she? >> we don't know. i think we will find out. presumed innocent for the prosecutor. >> i think the prosecutor clearly jumped the case intentionally. whether it is a crime, i think will be the test. i don't see what is the purpose if a prosecutor can say let's close this case out. we don't like the results.
7:29 pm
let's close it out. there has to be some other safeguard. grand jury indictments. investigating to see if there was something. >> here we go. >> get him in for a good counseling and consulting. what a mess this country is in. >> it made them unified with the police superintendent on the same cause. >> whoever thought we would see robin manuel indignant about corruption. >> he might still be mayor. >> fake artist that he. the department of homeland security at this border is wide open right now.
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it is an invitation of what is utter disaster. we have dhs officials walking around, whining about having to protect the border. this is ignorance. it is absolutely their duty. they are paralyzed. they are whining. i cannot think of a worse combination. >> wide open borders. it is staggering. >> twice as bad under bush in 2006. he only had a little bit more than half of the number of agents that we have now. what is the problem? >> men and women on the border don't feel like being backed up. >> this is the president who was a law enforcement unit this is the guy who said he wants to support. he loves law enforcement. a look abandoned at the order right now. it is because of kirsten nielsen as i said earlier in the
7:31 pm
broadcast, if i've ever seen an example someone in over their head, it is her. >> i think president trump right now, because of the outcome, new political capital. i think if there is one place he should spend it, it is on the border. it's on immigration. it's on enforcement. seeing the courts deal with the emergency declaration. >> you've got to move ahead here. >> absolutely. >> that's the whole point. >> do it now and let the courts try. >> there is no way that you deny the president of the united states constitutional duty, i think he will prevail. >> using his political capital. >> ingenuity. adaptive nest. >> the reality is, the democrats now control the house.
7:32 pm
basically saying -- >> bottom line, they do not want to allocate. >> who cares what they want. >> secure the damn border. >> my point, if you let me make it, i'm waiting. >> going up in beating up on them. this is why i am doing this. we have already basically talked about how we can reallocate. >> are we there yet? [laughter] that is what you get for the other night. >> i did not hit a cup. >> five nights a week. i don't get a cup. [laughter] i don't take cookies in a more because diabetic. >> join us tomorrow night. [laughter] >> let me finish. >> okay. [laughter] >> they are the problem.
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michael, thanks for for putting up with us. >> do i get a cup? >> yes. >> a new deadline for attorney general william barr. >> the molar report should be disclosed. we expect that the attorney general will disclose it no later than april 2. >> william barr must just be shaking at his desk as he hears these ultimatums. all we've got to say tonight about their demands are what russia mark what? we take that up after the break. congressman matt gates stays with us. with us. we will be right you still stressed about buying our first house, sweetie? yeah, i thought doing some hibachi grilling would help take my mind off it all. maybe you could relieve some stress by calling geico for help with our homeowners insurance. geico helps with homeowners insurance? they sure do. and they could save us a bundle of money too. i'm calling geico right now.
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prosecutors abruptly dropping all charges against actor
7:38 pm
jussie smollett, the decision by the cook county prosecutor's office comes five weeks after jussie smollett was charged for staging a fake hate crime against himself. it's complicated in cook county. prosecutors gave no explanation whatsoever as to why they suddenly drop the case but some say they still believe smollett contracted the assault, of course he did. he saysnot. more signs of the crisis along our border, take a look at this video . 22 illegal immigrants piling out of the back of that pickup as they flee from police after being spotted in encino texas, the county in which this incident happened. an absolute hotbed of illegal immigration. new reports tonight that vice president mike pence convinced dan coats to remain with the trump administration as the president was criticizing his performance
7:39 pm
as director of national intelligence. it raises the question, what is the shelf life for coats as dni? pence is chairman of the armed services committee. great to have you with us and if i may, i'd like to start with what seems to be the absolute essential question to be answered now raised by lisa page in a text to peter strzok and that is potus wants to know all that we are doing, the talking points for comey, lisa page says yes becausecomey wants to know everything we are doing . your thoughts on whether we will get to the bottom of what potus did learn, what you know and when he knew it? >> your speaking of potus obama.
7:40 pm
what we know is there was no collusion, no obstruction of justice, no wrongdoing that would warrant an impeachment or removal of any kind but we have not applied that same level of scrutiny to the people who began this utterly ridiculous witchhunt to begin with and we know why this began. it began because we allowed political dirt, opposition research written by someone who the fbi knew to be a liar to masquerade as an intelligent document, to fuel the basis of an investigation dividing the country for 22 months we spent 675 days, tens of millions of dollars investigating the president. let's apply that same level of rigor to investigating a process that was broken and by the way luke, this will
7:41 pm
happen again if we don't fix it. if we don't fix the underlying problems with the secret courts and surveillance and allowing politics to interfere with investigators it will happen again and it would be a terrible thing for our country . >>this has been a terrible two years for this president, shackled as he was by the conspiracy against him and i don't think anyone should make any mistake whatsoever about what it was. this was an operation by the radical democrats to take down this president , to overthrow this president , to over throw . >> and possibly also to cover up for the real collusion that was happening through the clinton foundation where untold sums of money were paid in exchange for influence with the state department that a lot of bad people hoped wouldcontinue in their world where hillary clinton would have been a elected president. that was the collusion, the dnc, the hillary clinton campaign. democrats are going nuts,
7:42 pm
they're going through the stages of grief. first you saw denial . i think adam schiff is trying to maintain a russian collusion story is true where we have known that bogus. we've seen that angry democrats who are still pursuing impeachment and you just reported onthe bargaining process, trying to act as though this is legitimate by making demands on attorney general barr to produce on a timeline consistent with the democrats. give me a break. this investigation was a nothing burger and now the american people know who's been lying to them . >> and the democratic party owns this absolutely scurrilous plot against the president 100 percent and should be held accountable. how high do you believe that the treasonous actions by the
7:43 pm
radical left in this country, the democratic party, how high do you think they go? did they go to president obama for example? >> when you look at the text messages between peter strzok and lisa page, they continue to reference thewhite house so i don't know who in the white house was driving this but i'm sure it was senior levels of our government, people who did not want to see donald trump elected president. we cannot allow outgrowing administrations to launch investigations into their political enemies because they're doing what they accused russia of doing. they'reundermining confidence in our democracy by creating this huge dust storm of suspicion against a president who did not collude with
7:44 pm
russia so now you're going to see the democrats go to 81 different investigations and probe every element of the presidents life . same witchhunt, different groups, the american people shouldn't trust them. >> i have toask is this president, is his government, his administration going to put up with the nonsense that your democratic colleagues are attempting ? very quickly, we're out of time. >> they did should not do anything to distract them from the important work they're doing, cut taxes, reduce regulations and reinvigorate an american spirit
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>> we noticed quite a similarity between two of the radical dems's or heralded members. the way in which alexandria ocasio-cortez and beto o'rourke both move their arms, their hands. they've got a just regulation demonstration worthy of note, i think. i guess the ideas are so complex they need as much animation to bring
7:49 pm
comprehension to we mortals who struggle to understand them.their movements also have us wondering about what else they have in common. they remind us of those flailing to men you often see outside car lots. did you see the similarity there? this is when i had a chance to talk to my friend and colleague stuart barney about cnn's sad state of affairs. with trump in the oval office these people are beside themselves. they can't even create a rational sentence, let alone thought and i'd like to thank sean hannity for his shout out last night acknowledging our colleagues and the stalwarts who stood with president trump since the very beginning. >> if not for talk radio, thank god for russ, mark, my colleagues here, many of them at the fox news channel like
7:50 pm
tucker, loudobbs on our sister station, a few other rave, logical independent thinkers tanning alone there would have been no one out there advocating for the truth . discovering the biggest abuse of power scandal in our history. >> sean, good on you. great work. congratulations to the president who's the only one i know who could have withstood the two-year long assault by the radical dems and the deep state, they tried to overthrow our republic in what house now amounted to the biggest scandal in american history. it's about to get much larger. next,robert mueller's report
7:51 pm
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7:54 pm
>> a major leadership shakeup at the southern poverty law center exposing the group for
7:55 pm
the left-wing scam that it has always been. sdlc president richard cohen resigning friday, nine days after the southern poverty law center's cofounder maurice b's was fired over allegations of racial discrimination and sexual harassment in investigations we are told are just about to be launched joining us tonight, republican strategist, former chair of the nevada republican party, amy tarkanian . amy, emily compagno, foxbusinesscontributor, great to have you with us and let's start amy with you . the southern poverty law center has been sort of disguised on the side and covered up by all that's been occurring but this is a major development because that is a
7:56 pm
left-wing activist group that has benefited from nonprofit status many of its employees describing it as pure scam. your thoughts? >> that is correct and even rolling stone has been on the record of calling it a scam and their basic mission is to fight hate and bigotry, we're finding this group is filled with nothing but hypocrisy and this gentleman, there's been numerous allegations of sexual misconduct allegations since 2003 and you had mentioned also the financial possibility thatthat's also a scam, that there's millions of dollars that are in offshore accounts .they basicallybuilt a lot of people . >> $500 million . >> it's uncanny. >> we are told investigations are likely to follow on this quickly. emily, your thoughts?
7:57 pm
>> amy and you are both right. this nonprofit posted at the billion dollars in assets including 20 billion in offshore accounts. not only does this nonprofit is a taxes with its targeted policy but also ask as a policeman for large data consumer platforms such as amazon and google and it's a common filer of amicus cure briefs so it assets policy literally so it's up to everyone to know what happened to it and that it's held accountable . >> let's turn to the big news which is the president vindicated. the radical dems are just beside themselves. trying to contend with the reality that their conspiracy, they're more than two year-long effort to overthrow this president and our government, 80 . to think that italmost came to pass . if we had any other president butdonald trump, i truly believe this .
7:58 pm
that person would have folded very quickly under the pressure of the unrelenting attacks on him throughout this entire period of his presidency. >> i agree wholeheartedly and it's frightening that we even got this far. it's not surprising when you see most of the mainstream media trying to backpedal and save their backsides. this is a huge ordeal where i would actually believe they would require hugeapologies from the majority of the mainstream media as well as those who have been pushing and peddling this story in the house and senate . >> emily, the companies, the corporations that own these media outlets, take news as the president has branded themwhether it is at&t, whether it is comcast, whether it is the new york times . the list goes on. they have great
7:59 pm
responsibility here. should they not step forward andsay they will never permit those news organizations again to distort , to lie to the american people? >> it would absolutely be a step forward in the public being reassured there's a measure of accountability taken with that if that happens and i want to point out just how much this has absorbed for the last two years, how much tax dollars went to this and the coverage that did a disservice to constituents that were hoping for policy debates and learning more about what's going on in washington and instead we're simply fed back. remember the cohen hearing, what was going on at the same time? our first ever cybersecurity infrastructure agency. that deputy had was
8:00 pm
testifying on thehill, we heard nothing about it and that's so much more vital thistime . >> there's many more issues far more vital . and the president now with this burden off his back . ria bartiromo's "wall street" begins right now. ♪ >> from the fox studios in new york city, this is maria bartiromo's" wall street." maria: happy weekend. welcome to the programming that analyzes the week that was and helps position you for the week ahead. i'm maria bartiromo. we have another jam-packed program this weekend. coming up, blackrock's rick reider is with me overseeing $2 trillion in assets under management in fixed income among other areas, in blackrock's firm of almost $6 trillion of assets under management. later on, minneapolis federal reserve president and ceo neel kashkari will be here as well. a big story for the market this is week was the inverted yield curve when short-term interest rates are


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