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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  April 3, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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$22 trillion and claiming good cheryl: here are your market movers at 5:00 a.m. not backing down, president trump still may close the u.s. border with mexico as the homeland secretary compares the immigration crisis to a cat 5 hurricane. business groups and some republicans now calling for the president not to shut that border down. well, as the 2020 race for the white house heats up, president trump isis is is issuing a warnn the threat of socialist ideas in the united states. democrats demanding the full unredacted mueller report today, while the president says it is a waste of time and just playing politics. and you may be able to play in one of the world's most iconic
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landmarks. how airbnb wants to give you a real night at the museum. it is wednesday, april 3rd. "fbn: a.m." starts right now. lauren: here's how your money is moving at 5:00 a.m. reports that the trade deal with china is 90% done lifting global equities, s&p 500 higher for day number five, it as the nasdaq will open at their highs of the year. take a look at the dow, it's jumping 114 points. oil prices are up as well, four-month high on opec production cuts, $62.79 a barrel is the quote. in europe, nine days before the u.k. is set to depart the e.u., that's it, prime minister theresa may stepping an olive branch to the opposition. will they be able to get a deal done? the ftse up 12. in asia, green across the board. welcome, everybody, to "fbn:
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a.m." cheryl: good morning, i'm cheryl casone. lauren: i'm lauren simonetti. thank you for joining us. cheryl: homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen is heading to the southern border today after announcing the creation of an emergency operation center in response to a surge of migrants. she emphasized the seriousness of the situation. >> this is one of, if not the biggest crisis this country has faced in a decade. this is at the top of the list at dhs. we're treating this as a cat 5 hurricane disaster. lauren: blake berman is at the white house with more. >> reporter: the threat remains but the timing and scope remain outstanding questions. president trump saying on tuesday that mexico has made some positive changes especially in the southern part of its country but he kept up his threat that the southern border could close. the president acknowledging that it would have negative impacts on the economy but says security
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tops all. >> we're going to have security in this country. that's more important than trade. hey, all you hear me talking about is trade. but let me just give you a little secret. we're going to have a strong border or we're going to have a closed border. >> reporter: the white house is looking into option that's would a allow trucking lanes to remain open if the border closes. the talk of closing the border is receiving bipartisan pushback. >> we have a crisis at the border. closing down the border would have potentially catastrophic economic impact on our country and hopefully we would not be doing that sort of thing. >> reporter: the trump administration amped up its language on tuesday with sarah sanders we are at a, quote, breaking point, dhs officials saying, quote, the system is on fire. back to you in new york. lauren: blake, thank you. president trump was on fire last night. he was speaking at the national
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republican creational committee annual -- congressional committee annual dinner. he laid out a potential weakness for republicans for 2020. >> we have to take back the house. we have to. there's no reason to have lost it. [ cheering and applause ] >> what really lost it as helped us lose it was healthcare. we didn't have an alternative. we said -- republicans should not run away from healthcare. we can't do it. you're going to get clobbered. we have the border. we have -- if you look at it, we have the immigration. we have the crime. we have the police. we have the military. we have so much. they have healthcare right now. we have to take that away from them. lauren: the president said that while there isn't a healthcare plan at the moment, the administration will come up with one and then they're going to vote on it after they win the election, cheryl. cheryl: well, treasury secretary steven mnuchin and trade representative robert lighthizer are kicking off the next round of face-to-face meetings with china's top trade
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envoy. lauren: edward lawrence is in washington with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, lauren and cheryl. the u.s. trade team met with president trump yesterday ahead of the face-to-face meeting the chinese today. white house economic advisor larry kudlow says enforcement will be a big deal in any agreement. he says that's still a sticking point. also, the chinese would like to see tariffs removed, never to return. the u.s. wants to be able to use tariffs as a penalty without retaliation from china if they break the agreement. kudlow says it will cover intellectual property theft and removal of barriers. >> it's a larger discussion than anything we've had before in u.s.-china trade relations. there's a certain amount of optimism. things have to get done. i'm not going to get up here and get ahead of that story. we will see. there's still certain issues that need to be resolved. >> reporter: last week, the chinese government approved the
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request for jp morgan to open a majority owned brokerage firm in china, a landmark that china is allowing a company to be majority by a u.s. firm, still forcing a partnership. they also announced retaliation on imported cars would continue to be suspended as a goodwill gesture. officials at the u.s. chamber of commerce say that at this stage it's more likely a deal will be finished with china. the chamber president said they've been involved with the talks since last summer. >> there's no question about the protection of intellectual property is necessary and that we have to do things to stop any joint venture that requires us to cough up all our technology. >> reporter: the ninth round of face-to-face meetings will start in a few hours. back to you. lauren: two more women accuse of joe biden of touching them inappropriately, bringing the total number of women who have complained publicly about biden to four. one of the new claims dated back
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to 2012 while the other encounter allegedly happened a few years after that. there's reports that the bernie sanders campaign is behind at least one of the latest allegations. sanders' camp denies the a accusation. cheryl: breaking overnight, the wall street journal has another story on boeing. the journal reporting that pilots on the 737 max that crashed last month in ethiopia initially followed boeing's emergency procedures but were unable to regain control of the plane. the journal says the crew turned off an anti-stall system that waswas pushing the plane's nose down and then turned it back on and relied on other steps before the jet crashed. the details come from the black box recorders. a faulty sensor on the lion air 737 max that crashed in october in indonesia was repaired at a maintenance facility in florida prior to the crash. investigators are focusing on the sensor's role in both of
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those disas tears. lauren: great britain's prime minister is looking for another brexit delay. she announced she wants to make a deal with jeremy corbin to break the logjam. >> i'm offering to sit down with the leader of the opposition and to try to agree on a plan that we would both stick to, to ensure that we leave the european union and that we do so with a deal. lauren: may also says she's going to seek an extension until may 22nd. right now, britain is scheduled to leave the e.u. april 12th, nine days from now. jeremy corbin said she would be happy to sit down with theresa may. cheryl: the wall street journal is reporting that president trump recently told fed chairman jay powell, quote, i guess i'm stuck with you. he blasted the federal reserve chairman again for holding back the economy and the stock market. the journal says trump's latest criticism came during three
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meetings with powell last week. the president telling maria bartiromo recently that economic growth would have been stronger if the fed didn't raise interest rates. >> frankly, if we didn't have somebody that would raise interest rates and do quantitative tightening, we would have been at over 4 instead of 3.1. cheryl: the fed has said it would be patient when it comes to further rate hikes. lauren: shares of walgreens boots alliance are rebounding this morning. the stock lost 13% yesterday after a disappointing earnings report. the ceo calling the last quarter the most difficult in years. the healthcare company says it's cutting another $500 million in costs, blaming a smaller profit from generic drug competition and also competition from amazon and walmart. today's a different story. stock's up almost 1%. cheryl: here are some other headlines making news this morning. a first on capitol hill today, nato secretary general will be
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the first nato chief to address a joint session of congress. it's seen as an effort to counter president trump's luke warm endorsement of the alooms. alliance. the president insists countries pay more. a chinese woman is in police custody after entering mar-a-lago with a thumb drive containing potentially harmful computer malware. president trump was there at the time. after legally entering the club, she lied about taking part in international conferences that didn't even exist. she's obviously under arrest. history made in chicago overnight, the city electing the first black female and opening gay mayor. she ran a campaign on shutting down government corruption. she defeated tony prekwinkle.
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rahm emanuel decided against running for a third term. president trump expected to name morgan ortagus as the new naval reserve spokesperson. she is a fox news contributor. she served in the obama and george w. bush administrations. we're going to miss her. she is going to replace heather nower. finally this, a stock to watch today, blue apron giving a lift to the stock, shares surging 16% after hours after the company announced that the ceo, bradley dickerson, and the co-founder, are being replaced. the new ceo will be linda kozlowski who is leaving etsy as cfo. the stock is down nearly 40% over the last 12 months. and that's what's happening now. lauren: that is an ugly chart. it's looking better this morning. if you look at the dow, nasdaq and s&p 500, s&p higher now for day number five, it's up 14 points, half a percent this
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morning, similar percentage gains for the dow and nasdaq. coming up, as the 2020 democratic playing field heats up, president trump is sounding the alarm on the left. >> don't underestimate the power of socialism to get a vote. it's what happens over a 10-year period when the country is destroyed. they don't care about that. lauren: he was on fire last night. we'll have the latest on captainly. versus socialism and the race for the white house. and airbnb is taking "night at the museum" to a new level. how to spend the night at one of the world's most famous museums. keep it here, "fbn: a.m." ♪ the way that you are. ♪ it's just the way that you talk like it ain't no thing. ♪ and every single day is just a -- ♪ then the morning comes. saved hundreds.
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don't underestimate the
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power of socialism to get a vote. it's what happens over a 10-year period when the country is destroyed. but they don't care about that. when they say we're going to give you free education, we're going to give you free healthcare, we're going to not have you pay your loans for college, we're going to give you free everything, everything is free, it's very se duck testifyo people. it's not going to be so easy as you think. in 10 years it's going to be easy when the country goes to hell because that's what happens. lauren: that's a dire warning from president trump last night, rallying his base at the national republican congressional committee's annual dinner, taking aim directly at socialism. what will this latest round of the battle between capitalism and socialism mean for 2020. let's bring in washington examiner commentary writer, tiana lowe. thank you for joining us. what do you think? >> in 2016 the democrats gave
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trump the gift of having him run against hillary cline phon clinw it's the gift of running against socialism. people need to look at the policies democrats are marching in lock step to endorse. the green new deal calls for a federal jobs guarantee, calls for medicare for all, one-fifth of the economy. trump is not incorrect when he attacks the policies of socialism. lauren: that's when joe biden or michael bloomburg would step in, a more moderate path. joe biden hasn't officially announced yet. two new women have come forward with allegations of inappropriate conduct against the former vice president. members of biden's team are reportedly convinced that the bernie sanders campaign is behind at least one of those accusations, although that's been denied by the bernie camp. do you think biden will still come in at this point? a and if he does, does he have
5:18 am
the money, the donors behind him? >> if he does come in, which i believe that he should, he those be prepared to fight. it is no coincidence that after half a century in public life these allegationses -- allegations, if you want to call them that of being somewhat creepy or two handsy, it's no coincidence they're coming out now, when the democratic party is making a left ward switch. obama's probably considering too centrist for th the democrat dec party right now. lauren: where does michael bloomburg stand in all this? >> i think he gets in if biden doesn't. i think bloomburg would have a weaker shot at winning the primary. lauren: got it. is bernie sanders, however, when we're talking about the far left, the man to beat here? because if you look at th the coffers, he's got the money.
5:19 am
he's got $18.2 million. kamala harris is number two with $12 million. is bernie the man to beat? >> bernie right now, he sort of is. just to put numbers into perspective, obama in 2007 at this point was doing better than all these candidates. bernie has gotten everyone on-board to endorse his terrible ideas. he has his base. he has a very, very active, vicious base. he's built quite the war cabinet. if you think this socialist is going to take this fight lying down, he is not. lauren: the former alaska senator, he's about to be 89 years old, his name is mike gravel. he wants to push the party further left. he said he's going to run for president and drop out after the debates. what do you make of that? >> this primary is a battle for the soul of the democratic party. are they a liberal party that
5:20 am
embraces the idea of liberty first and foremost with the component of a welfare state or are they actually embracing central planning, are they embracing socialism? i think the fact you're seeing all these ploys just to push the party further left ward shows how deep the struggle is running. lauren: seems like that's where the party wants to be, further left ward. all right, tiana lowe, we'll see how this plays out. thank you for coming on this morning. >> thank you. cheryl: well, still ahead, remember mark zuckerberg's privacy pledge? lauren: yep. cheryl: seems it didn't last very long. how facebook is now breaking that promise, apparently. and if you've ever had a rough morning because of one too many cocktails the night before, there may soon be a real life as in not a trick hangover cure. details ahead on "fbn: a.m.."
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♪ private eyes, they're watching you. ♪ they see your every move. ♪ private eyes. cheryl: notice how the music matches the story. here you go. facebook is under fire yet again for privacy concerns. this time, a link between your password and your contacts. lauren: private eyes are watching you. tracee carrasco, what's going on? tracee: facebook is now reportedly asking for new users to provide the password for their e-mail when they're trying to register their account. so this happens only with certain e-mail providers. it asks you to confirm your
5:25 am
e-mail address. to do so, you have to enter your password to that e-mail address, pretty alarming. in addition to that, for some of the new user as well, facebook is also importing their contacts without asking them also. cheryl: do you think they're trying to deal with fake accounts, though? that could be the flip side here. or they're trying to protect the platform of facebook, as in hacking or -- i don't know. because if you've got a yahoo or g mail account, you're fine. they don't do this to you. tracee: it's some of the smaller e-mail providers. that's a good point, trying to protect against those fake accounts. but security analysts warn that this is very risky, puts you at risk of being hacked and if service has to ask for these credentials, can you really trust them? lauren: i haven't been on facebook for about a year now and i'm doing fine. don't miss it. cheryl: except for the "fbn: a.m." page. lauren: not personally on it. the department of justice, they have concerns over netflix
5:26 am
films' inclusion with legitimate hollywood movieses. what's going on. tracee: interesting that the justice department would get involved with a hollywood awards show. but right now the justice department anti-trust division sent a letter warning the academy awards that their proposed new change that would potentially exclude netflix from the awards show, that could raise some anti-trust concerns there. so that letter sent to the academy awards saying if you try exclude them, you are basically representing an agreement among competitors to sideline an emerging rival. there were a lot of issues this past awards show with roma, that won three academy awards. a lot of people were upset about that. it wasn't widely distributed, wasn't widely released and that's the issue here. that a lot of these directors, these actors have been vocal, saying netflix should be excluded because they're not widely released films. cheryl: but they're good films.
5:27 am
roma was excellent. i just watched it on the plane coming back last week. this screams of hypocrisy from hollywood and the production studios. this is about money and the bottom line. this has nothing to do with they're not refill manies real e me a break. tracee: they've been excluded from the cannes festival because of this. lauren: lori loughlin and fells at thiif heandfelicity huffman n court today. there's a viral threat on the other end of this sign you're looking at. details coming up. slow down or what. ♪ call me on the line. ♪ call me. ♪ call me any, any time. ♪ call me. ♪ i'm a live. ♪ you can call me any day or
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lauren: let's get you caught up on global market action overnight. in the u.s. we see futures for all three major averages jumping a half of 1% each. check out oil prices, above $62 a barrel, $62.71. crude up about 30% this year you alone. in europe, nine days until the u.k. potentially crashes out of the european union, potentially without a deal. the ftse is lower by a point. the cac and dax each higher. and in asia, a sea of green, trade talks apparently going well. cheryl: well, our next guest says that president trump's threat to close the southern border with mexico would most certainly hurt the u.s. economy. lauren: how so? let's bring in michael levi, wealth manager to discuss. what is the economic impact? >> it's hard to tell. we import $340 billion worth of goods every year from mexico. we send them about $260 billion.
5:32 am
lauren: they're our biggest trading partner. >> the way you calculate that is not an absolute number. it's that how much of that stuff that comes in could not be found in other places. so the only similar comparison you have is the l.a. port shutdown. so you would have a negative impact of gdp but to measure it exactly would depend on how long this would be shut down and the white house is looking at exempting freight. so if freight gets exempted from it, i don't know what the point of shutting down the border is. but if it does get exempted, the economic impact would be pretty minimal. cheryl: the port of entry shutdown, a million dollars for each five hours of closure. that's a big chunk of change. that could really add up. >> it's very hard to tell. all the companies bringing stuff in from mexico, it's very hard to calculate who else would be making money. that could source things in the u.s. that will be a moving target. but to say that it wouldn't have a negative impact is
5:33 am
disingenuous. this will have a negative impact. it's hard to quantify. cheryl: the auto industry is saying this could really hurt the bottom line. lauren: what has hurt the economies of the u.s. and china are these trade talks. we have talks this morning, particularly from the financial times, it says the trade deal is 90% done. that's encouraging. the markets are liking it. it's one of the reasons we're you higher today. what about the other 10%? do you think we get a deal here? >> so, you know, i think you're far enough along, so if that last 10% stays in limbo for another three months, six months, nine months, the market will -- lauren: it's already gone on for nine months. >> it's been going on since the mid-90s that this has built into this. i think it will play out for multiple years. the tenuous points are about the enforcement. china is very quick to agree to things but then six, nine months later, it's not really flying along with it and there are
5:34 am
pledges to buy goods from the u.s., i think those are short-term fixes that aren't really -- i don't know how well that will play into the long-term. and then a lot of these commitments they haven't followed through on. so i would give it some time for that last 10%. cheryl: real quick, before you go, got to talk about jobs, we're going to get adp out today, the estimate for 170,000 jobs and the big report coming out friday, 180,000 is the revised estimate for that. how impactful are these reports going to be do you think for the market? >> we're watching every jobs number closely. so last week, the weekly jobless claims down to 211,000. you're at ultra, ultra lows on that, then it ticked up a little bit and has fallen back down, continuing claims also very low. i expect a pretty good adp number. on friday we'll look at revisions from the last two months. cheryl: markets kicking off second quarter pretty strong. hopefully we continue the momentum. thanks for coming in. be sure to tune in today, maria
5:35 am
bartiromo will have the adp number coming on. on friday, the big jobs in america coverage starts at 8:00 a.m. eastern time. lauren: let's get to other headlines making news this morning. former nissan boss, carlos ghosn, says he's getting ready to set the record straight. ghosn taking to twitter, promising to tell the truth at a news conference set for next week, his first address since being released on bail and hours after a report that prosecutors were preparing a fresh case against him. the wall street journal reports that nissan has investigated whether carlos ghosn funneled millions of dollars of company money for his personal use, possibly including the purchase of a yacht. somebody is betting big on bitcoin. the price surged above $5,000 for the first time this year after a mystery buyer placed a huge order, causing a one day spike not seen since the peak days of the cryptocurrency's bubble in late 2017. reports say a single order worth
5:36 am
about $100 million had been spread across multiple exchanges throughout the world at the same time. it's unclear who made the trade and why. actress laurie loughlin and felicity hoffman stepping into the spotlight in a today. they could face up to 20 years in prison if convicted. reports say some parents are in plea talks with prosecutors. meanwhile, the irs is getting involved in the scandal, tax experts say parents found guilty could also be forced to pay back taxes, getting hit with a 20% penalty. some could be on the hook for a civil tax fraud penalty as well. well, this could be a lot scarier than getting a speeding ticket. police in virginia warning drivers to slow down or they will call their mom. imagine that. officers say they've been getting a lot of laughs at the
5:37 am
sign but the meaning behind it is still pretty serious. and add oreo to the list of companies promoting game of thrones. starting monday fans can consume the new chocolate g.o.t. sandwich cookies. they'll be carried in supermarkets, target and online at i wonder what the flavor is. cheryl: check out my instagram today. there is a gigantic throne, as in game of thrones, in the middle of rockefeller center in new york city and a gigantic display for game of thrones from hbo. it is -- the thrown is -- it's huge. so you need to watch that show. lauren: i'm more into the oreos. cheryl: coming up, democrats are ready to light the fuse on their subpoena cannons, demanding bob mueller's full report. what could they legally get from mueller? we're going to break it all down next. and another challenge for president trump, this time on his golf game. the new fight teeing up on the
5:38 am
green. it's all coming up on "fbn: a.m." ♪
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cheryl: house democrats plan to vote to subpoena the full mueller report today but president trump says this is a big waste of time. he also was blasting judiciary chair jerry nadler for playing politics.
5:41 am
let's bring in attorney misty marris to talk about this. let's start with the legalities here. now, barr has said he would release it mid-april. it's april 3rd and they're fighting to get it several days earlier. doesn't this take time to get all of this through? >> cheryl, absolutely. think about it, there's so much documentation, there's so much to this and not for nothing, barr does have legal limitations about what he can actually produce. for instance, grand jury proceedings, that has to remain secret, confidential information, certain intelligence issues. all of this information needs to be redacted and guess what, you need to a take the time to do that. cheryl: i've heard some, though, from the house on the democratic side argue, well, we can look at classified information. that should not be redacted. then the grand jury testimony. pardon me if i'm wrong here, but testimony doesn't necessarily mean it's true. >> absolutely.
5:42 am
maria: smalle mueller had to . >> that's part of the reason grand jury proceedings are secret. that's the procedure in any courtroom, much less this political stage. the reason is, that's information, it's one-sided, it's not a trial. so grand jury proceedings are always secret. that's an important rule in our criminal justice system. and that's wh that's why barr id to vet that and take it out of the report. this may land in a courtroom and a court will decide the scope of what can be presented to congress and the public. cheryl: jerry nadler says the public should see everything. let's go back to 1998. he wrote a report, saying the department is only to produce the report to congress, an
5:43 am
unredacted. 1998, the bill clinton affair, impeachment proceedings, at the time, i don't know if we have the sound bite, but he basically said grand jury material is -- we may or may not be true by various witness, it's salacious, it would be unfair to release it. he changed his tune now, saying we should release all of it. >> it's an absolute political argument, nothing to do with a legal argument. the law and regulations that govern the special counsel and the attorney general's role have changed to make it so less information will be readily available. so the fact that in 1998 when there was a more expansive scope of what would actually go to congress and ultimately public has been narrowed. it's obvious that this is a politically motivated argument as opposed to a legal argument. cheryl: we've also heard democrats say they're willing to take this all the way to the supreme court. i want to look at the calendar with april. he's saying -- again, they want
5:44 am
the full report. that could take months. if they really want to take this fight on. they seem to be going after president trump with anything they can find. >> anything they can find. of course, it's going to take time for barr to do this properly. i say give him the time before you jump to the conclusion that you're not going of to get the information that you're looking for. let him give you the report and then take it from there. look, if this goes the courts, this could take years. you could not see a resolution for a significant period of time. cheryl: i tell you what, i'm a big fan of chris wallace on fox news sun you day and that's what he said on sunday, he said it's just a few days, are you really going to go down this road. democrats are like, yes, we are. thanks for the legal perspective. lauren, over to you. lauren: the head of the imf said the global economy is in a precarious position but doesn't see a recession. stocks are up. dow is up 116 points in the premarket. still a ahead, the alines of american football is calling a
5:45 am
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lauren: welcome back. for the first time since he left the nationals to play for the phillies, bryce harper returns to washington, d.c. cheryl: jared max, no shortage
5:49 am
of drama with all of this. jared: what a cool night it was at nationals park for bryce harper and the fans. seven years with the nationals, he left for a $330 million contract with the phillies and last night his first dame in dc in a -- first game in d inc in philly's uniform. >> bryce harper -- jared: they booed him all night and cheered him when bryce struck out with two men on in the first inning. he struck out the second time at bat. the third time, he hit a double and saluted nationals fans with a hardy smile, a little bit of a bronx cheer, next up, he had an r.b.i. single. the last time to bat, bryce harper hit the ball, boom, done it so many times before at nationals park, a home run. hthephillies beat the nationals,
5:50 am
8-2. breaking news last night, the alliance of american football, the start-up league, suspends operations effective immediately. league employees were notified by a letter yesterday afternoon. one report says players have been told they need to pay their own ways to fly home. this just happens with two weeks left in the regular season. the league is going to keep a small staff. they hope to restructure their business and have a second season. that didn't last. johnny manziel who had been signed by the memphis express tweeted advice, saying if you're a player and the league does dissolve, the last check you got will be the last one that you get. no lawsuit. anything else will get your bread. save your money. johnny manziel offering practical advice to players here into the a aaf. how about what russell westbrook did last night, something no player had done for 51 years. he he's the second one to do it. he basically had two triple
5:51 am
doubles, 20 points, 20 rebounds, 21 assists, second 20, 20, 20 night ever. three 20s in a row there and the thunder score a victory. what a night for russell westbrook. rick riley has a new book out, called commander in cheat, he attacks the president as a cheater in golf. yesterday riley tweeted at president trump, saying hey, real donald trump, i told this ap reporter to take you on for 18 holes for $100,000 but as long as rules officials are with us and you don't get to use one of your cheating ca caddies he says, you've got game. heard of a tumble weed burger? this comes from the albuquerquee isotopse. you get a green chili pepper on a bun, ghost pepper cheese and a
5:52 am
large poof of red chili cotton candy. lauren: that sounds disgusting and looks worse. jared: if you have a creative pat lea let it's for you. lauren: you can catch jared's sports reports on si sirius xm1. cheryl: you may soon be able to spend a night at the museum for real. >> things are about to get interesting. cheryl: details on how airbnb wants to let you sleep among the classics. and hangovers may soon be a thing of the past. the new liquor that may make your recovery quicker. lauren: that rhymes. ♪ whiskey river take my mind. ♪ lk. you've built a lot of cool stuff. lk.
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and you're good at innovation, but are you applying it the right way? dear tech, how do we bake security into everything we do? i want all my data to be protected. tech has to step up. so, let's rebuild trust and transparency. let's build ai that works with employees, not against them. let's champion data rights as human rights. let's expect more from technology. let's put smart to work. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ cheryl: you have a chance to sleep under iconic landmark. lauren: i imagine on the music tracee carrasco that it's in paris. tracee: with the monalisa and other famous pieces of art. with this contest you have to go to airbnb's website, you have to answer question, why would you make monalisa's perfect guest and you would be able to spend one night with one guest, hours in the museum, you'll get customized tour, dinner and drinks with the monalisa and intimate concert, i'm not sure who the artist will be but you'll get special concert and create a tent for you to mimic the famous pyramid that you'll
5:57 am
be able to sleep under. lauren: looking at it now. tracee: very cool, lastly, last year they had contest on great wall of china, they did have to cancel, they were worried about damages to great wall of china. you can sleep in lego house, you can sleep in new york new york city. lauren: she's judging. think of a different type of night, a night out where you might want to drink and get up the next morning and you don't want the hangover, there's a cure. tracee: possible cure coming very soon potentially, researcher at the college in london has been working on a synthetic alcohol, so
5:58 am
essentially this is booze without all the toxins which means in hangover, in headache, no nausea and dry mouth. no lerr effects either when it comes to heart damage, liver damage either. could hit store shelves in 5 years, he predicts within 50 years or so it could replace traditional alcohol altogether. so i'm not sure really how this synthetic alcohol would taste. i guess it would depend on the mixers but currently raising money to try and get this out there faster. cheryl: aldi, grocery store, they have a whole new line of them. tracee: prepackage mimosa, they
5:59 am
will sell it for you in a bottle. not only traditional mamosa with orange juice but they have pineapple as well, they had the orange last year, it was a big hit as you can imagine and this would be hitting stores very soon. cheryl: tracee, thank you very much, who doesn't want to have a prepackaged mimosa. maria: happy wednesday, thank you so much for joining us, i'm maria bartiromo, wednesday april third, battle of the border, president trump facing backlash over his threat to completely shut down the border. he is doubling down on that this morning telling his side of the story former nissan ceo carlos goshn take to go twitter, he will reveal.
6:00 am
warning for the actors, academy new rules on netflix could break the law and not even one and done, the alliance of american football suspending all operations before the first season ended and the league rubbing soft in the wounds, all that coming up mornings with maria begins right now. ♪ ♪ maria: all right, happy wednesday, let's check futures, we have a rally this morning. dow industrials indicating it will be up 100 points. pretty good discussion on the china-trade dispute, optimism as two sides begin another round of


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