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tv   Bulls Bears  FOX Business  April 3, 2019 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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back to youis. connell: rich thank you for squeezing that in. we did have to get the abba news. melissa: it was important. >> thank you for joining us. "bulls and bears" is next it starts right now. >> in my opinion, right now this is one of if not the biggest crisis this country has faced in a decade, truly. we're not treating it like a massive cat 5 hurricane disaster. david: homeland security secretary kirstjen nielson visits the el paso border in texas. i am david asman, this is "bulls and bears," thank you for joining us. we begin with that crisis at the border, president trump calling to congress to act, tweeting, congress must get together and immediately eliminate the loopholes at the border.
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this is a national emergency. businesses also warning about the economic impact of a border. but president trump said that security is his main concern. >> i agree. it is going to be a big toll but trade and commerce and making money for a country -- that is all very important. but to me, the most important job i have is the security of our country, even more important than those other things. david: white house is looking for ways to limit the economic data of a shut down, larry kudlow suggesting scening truck -- keeping truck lanes open for trade. >> one area we've explored to try to keep the freight lanes open, the truck lanes. i have talked with various
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officials, that is possible. david: texas attorney general ken paxton is joining us, thank you. thank you. david: could kudlow's idea work? >> yeah, i don't know why not. the president has the authority it act and limit entry of any class of nonresidence aliens he views as detrimental. >> this is caroll roth. what are the chances of unintended consequences and perhaps backfiring. as we know a lot of times people from mexico come across the border to find better jobs and better economic situations. if we hurt mexico economically does not incentivize people more. >> we're in a difficult situation, i agree with the president there is a crisis, it is very expensive and has law enforcement consequences for us, human trafficking consequences. president is between a rock and
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a hard place. he needs to act for the sake of security, yet there may be negative consequences from this. >> attorney general i don't recall a president talking more about stemming flow of illegal immigration. here we are later talking about a category 5 crisis. why hasn't something been done until now? >> you ask a great question. i think something should have been done, maybe too often our congress and our leaders wait for a crisis to actually act, sometimes that is what it takes to force action. maybe that is where we finally are. >> attorney general, one of 2020 home fulls is o'rourke, a congressman from el paso, texas, which has high walls and some modern walls. he says there no crisis even though crossings are 400% in el paso. >> maybe he lives in a different state than i am, we are the
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state with second high must hume -- highest human trafficking, we have drug smuggling, homicides and assaults, i don't see how he can look in the face of families who have suffered the consequences of some of the illegals coming across the boredish. >> this is scott. doesn't it seem misplaced considering that all illegal immigrations, at the border are people sneaking across not at ports of entry. does this kind of seem misplaced here? >> i don't know how they are planning to do this. i think they are searching for answers right now be trying to figure out the most appropriate and most effective way to do this. it is hard for me to say, i don't know what they have
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decided to do. david: attorney general, beyond the wall, are we making it too easy for illegals to stay here, they are supposed to go back to the court hearings they never do, partly they get to have driver license and free healthcare, some some cases they can vote, should we not make it more difficult for illegals to live a regular life in united states. >> i guess, if you are trying to prevent illegal immigrationing yes, you are right. all of the incentives are wrong we provide healthcare, and educn and driver license. this is so easy right now come in and claim you want asylum then you are in. and you are here for a while, they never show up for their hearing. we do have at wrong incentives when we're trying to prevent illegal immigration. >> if you had your drothers, what do you think would be the most effective and efficient way to address this crisis?
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>> i think that they are headed in the right direction with the wall. and certain places where using technology with more border patrol agents. but the fact that every month we have an increasing number of people coming in, illegally, turning themselves in, maybe a hundred thousand in march, i don't know what choice they have than to try to turn these people back and shut the border down until they can get a handle on the massive number of people crossing. >> if i try picture that would happen in america tomorrow if we could snap our fingerser and illegal immigrant was placed back in their home roundry, our economy would -- country, our economy would collapse. are we doing enough to create a path forking wel legal immigrat, could we do more there? >> absolutely, i think if congress would act we become up
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with a system that benefits americans, clearly we need people too come from other countries for jobs. we need an assessment of what type of jobs we're trying to encourage. i don't think it is that hard to do but it is just having will to do it. >> does that also mean cutting off aid to el salvador, hondurus and guatemala as president trump has done, they make up the bulk of illegal crossing in the caravan individuals, is that the right way to go? some say if you provide more aid it encourages them to say and maybe help out these individuals. >> i might agree with you, if it was working, aid does not seem to be helping us with our border problem, it seems to be of no relevance, if you threat teen make -- threaten to take it away or take it maybe it will encourage the countries to do something to stop the caravans. >> a great point, too, if you talk about cutting off aid or
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just bottleneck that is mexico for the caravans from central america, as farah far as we cax me-- mexico is not doing enough. do they even have means to help us to stop caravans. >> i can't speak for mexico, just for us. anything that we can do to disinsensive icize -- disincente them too discourage that we have try to do, we can't make decisions for mexico, but we hopefully can encourage them to do the right thing. david: the way we're kind of the victim our own success,ure our economy is so strong right now. to jack's point, we have people looking for jobs, we used to have a becerra program, a guest worker program that worked for
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20 years it started in world war ii. carried on until the unions killed in it in the '60s is it possible to revive the idea of a gifguest worker program. >> i don't know why not, we just need a reasonable effort to maximize the number of people we want coming in and make sure we don't have the wrong typing of people coming in and make hurry it matches with the jobs we're seeking to feel, it does not seem to be that complicated. it is just a matter muc of two s willing to talk and negotiate. david: to get them to negotiate about anything these days is very difficult, ken paxton thank you. >> thank you, have a freigh gre. david: joe biden now responding to multiple allegations of inappropriate behavior, what he said this afternoon that has everyone talking. >> and bill mcgurn will tell
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>> i have thought about connecting with people, i said, shaking hands, hands on shoulder, a hug, encouragement, now it is all about taking selfies together. social norms have changed and shifted. the bounties of protecting personal space have been reset, and i get it, i get it. i hear what they are saying, i understand it. i will be much more mindful that is my responsibility. my responsibility. i'll meet it. david: that is joe biden, responding for first time to
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accusations of unwanted touching by 4 women now pledging to be more respectful of other's personal space, as former vice president is expected to launch his 2020 presidential bid any day now. joining us, "wall street journal" editor yeah, th editorr bill mcgurn. >> this is the time he should be running for president. he is at top of the polls. this culture of democratic party that he helped create, is coming to doe vow devour him. i am the father of three girls. i have my lines of inappropriate behavior. there is hey knock in off, there is a punch in the nose then there is harvey weinstein. the odd thing about joe biden, clearly he it not believe it was
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harassment, he has done it in public. i don't think he will come out of it. >> inappropriate, creepy some would say, but i think all of them have said it was not sexual, in my view from a younger generational view, there a gap, back then a human touch, you press palms, you hug, kiss babies. maybe that is what is going on, i give them the benefit of the doubt, i don't want to be you know this is happening. but i give a lot of leeway for older -- >> i think that there are distinctions this does not get to my punch in the not nose criteria, i would have for somehow they treat my daughter. >> okay. >> i am with you there are distinctions. >> it is interesting he blame its on society norms, like society said it was okay, i thought activity becauses so --
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society made okay, that is why i did it. but he says now i'll fix it not back then saying, i was probably out of line. that seems just still disconnected to me. >> it is disconnected he is trying to run for president and salvage his campaign. i think one thing joe biden is doing is going about this campaign very incorrectly by apologizing for everything. he is trying to look increasingly woke. and instead he looks increasingly weak. i think that democrats want a strong person to take on donald trump, i don't think that this will do the trick. >> i would prefer if none of you smelled my hair. but listening to the video. it sounds like he is going to run. do you think he will jump in the race? >> if you appear on tv, you are -- the moment you say you are not running is done.
5:18 pm
i think they are waiting. i would assume that the biden campaign is in this mode now, some people say, look this ralph northam, or the lieutenant governor, three horrible weeks of coverage, then it will go away, some people. or is this going to doom us? my guess is that is his debate. that is what politicians do. >> i was looking at my shoes when he gave that chat. it is awful to look at and unfair, yoa i don't think he has done anything too egree egregio. he comes across. i think maybe he is out of it maybe there is a spot for bloomberg, crazy talk? >> i don't know about bloomberg. >> wasn't bloomberg out because
5:19 pm
biden was in. >> i think there was more to it. i think that who joe biden need -- who joe biden needed apart from this was a sister soldier moment, rebuked political correctness of his party. david: referring back to bill clinton some in. >> he said mike pence is a decent guy, he then backtracked when he got attacked. he is increasingly making him look apologetic and weak. as a cold calculation, i am not sure that is what democrats -- . david: one things that democrats lose if he stays in it the abill feability to attack trump on the women issue. >> right, bern bernd bernie sans questions about people in his campaign. >> but i think, should he be
5:20 pm
running. you get scrutinized from all decades ago. let's be honest even high school. >> he ran twice before, thought about running last time. this time he is in the top. i think you see the arguments, persuade me his chance was 2016, if you read his memoirs, president obama and his team persuaded him not to run, he said i did well in states where hillary clinton was weak. >> democrats have to find someone who is morally perfect and fun at the same time, most of my friends are not morally perfect. >> scott martin? >> that is me, i am here. give me a call. >> we have to leave it. president trump delaying healthcare until after the election. is this smart strategy?
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david: president trump calling out his fellow republicans for not dealing with healthcare. here is his advice for g.o.p. >> health care, because we didn't have an alternative be we gist said, let's not talk. someone came out other day, they asked a republican two week ago, healthcare, he turned off the mic, i'm going home now, you can't do that, you have to confront it. we'll be the party of healthcare, republicans should not run away from healthcare, you can't, you will get clobbered. david: is it a good strategy? >> interesting, trump has talked
5:26 pm
about pushing it around the election or after. this is dangerous, we saw comments from chuck schumer and others say, this is evidence they don't have a plan. he is attacking g.o.p. chuck schumer and friends about, they are just delaying because they don't have answers. a little bit of a risk concerns that trump talked about how bad obamacare was and how much healthcare needed saving, here we are pushing it to 2020, voters might get tired of that. >> the perfect makes perfect sense. republicans have resisted putting up a plan for one reason, because they will get criticized, waaa. healthcare is not perfect. with obamacare, and medicare, the makings are there for something to be tweaked and improved. when it happens you get more rid state buy -- red state buy in.
5:27 pm
>> you have to tackle healthcare, after jobs and the economy, healthcare is number two issue among the voters, pew research study said 69% of americans' healthcare to be addressed in the 2020 election. that is up from 8 years ago. so mea many ideas on table from trump and his side are not bad. that does not sound bad. >> this is a wire weird day, i m agreeing with the president and jack at the same time. i don't see how you make it through 2020 as somebody who is running for house and senate, unless there is a healthcare plan on the table. this a huge issue for voters, g.o.p. has dropped ball, they need too have a stell ton of -- stelskeleton of a plan, they neo
5:28 pm
protect preexisting conditions. >> as we have learned look at tax plan and china trade talks, theafeverything that government hassett out -- set out to do, digi, digitake ding, ding, alwag longer than particularred. >> jack you wrote a terrific piece in barron's. it is not impossible thing to fix healthcare. but, you say we already have universal healthcare for example. >> to extent if you show up in an emergency room you will be treated. >> that is definition of healthcare. >> if you have have a ton tonsb
5:29 pm
we need to someplace where it will cost less. we just need toes that chose ad simplify and focus. >> we don't have that with healthcare, they should have equivalent with healthcare side as public defender. david: you say at least have a skeletal plan. david: the president's pick to join the federal reserve board. steve moores here to sound off with this and a lot more coming up. usiness in the transportation industry without knowing firsthand
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david: a top democrat in senate proposes a new tax on stock holders. taxes unrealizedded capita capi. joining us steve. what -- a stepping stone. what would a tax on unreallized gains do to the stock market. >> this is a horrific idea, it is a tax on your wealth or any gain on your stocks that would think -- what that would mean for just average americans who own stocks. think about the nightmare ladies and gentlemen, about that would mean in terms of complexity of your taxes, trying to figure out i made this much on this stock and that much on that one, and
5:35 pm
would they allow you to fully deduct your losses. there is all sorts of questions, but looks like a big new revenue grab by the democrats. >> this is jack hal from "barron's," you can tell us about complexity in terms of the bookkeeping. i have to believe for every dollar you add in revenue, any projecttion how much that would cost in extra people to track this down. or when assets go the other way. >> it would be a nightmare, every stock you buy, have you keep track of how much money you made on it of year, did i make a gain, did i have a loss. the complexity would be bad, but worse part, is we want more capital investment. art lapre you had him to the phone.
5:36 pm
>> my point this is scott martin. let's walk american people to how deadly serious and impactful this is, a thousand dollar at your job, you save 500, you put that man which taxed into a broker account you invest it in a stock. and then that grows government taxes it again. before you sell it, that money is going to be double tacked even if you don't tell it or realize a gain other than appreciation over the course of a year. >> you are right, we want more people to be invested in market, not fewer. i am in favor of worker capital im, everyone owns a piece of the rock. everyone has incentive to buy, this is discouraging people from doing that if you tax them on every gain or.
5:37 pm
>> ohr twice. >> and address the illiquid investments. >> you tax them when they are sold. >> right. that is not a bad system, in terms of doing it, i also, there is too big equity to the capital gains tax, you don't get to fully deduct your losses it not adjusted for inflation, that is another thing i would like trump administration to look at maybe indexing capital gains for inflation, have you hig high inflation, you could be paying a tax on a phantom gain. >> this is caroll roth, no secret president trump had has had a contention relationship with powell, do you see yourself in that job in future from "bulls and bears" to fed board to the chair position? >> i just want to get on the federal reserve board. this such an honor to be asked.
5:38 pm
i still have goose bumps. i just want to make chairman powell the most successful chairman ever in history of federal reserve, it stable prices, high implement. wage gains, and growth had. that is what i am for, you have to have table prices, that -- stable prices, i just want to sit down with the chairman and have a lot of learning to do, when i get over there. it a secretive chamber. figure out how i can make -- help the chairman grow this economy. i have said many times, i am a believer we could have 3 on 4% real growth, no inflation, and high employment, i reject the idea to growth causes inflation. david: how do you maintain your independence. >> look, i have been -- read my
5:39 pm
book. thanks for mentioning it. in the book, art lapre and i talk about a lot of things we disagree with donald trump on. he has done a phenomenal job on the economy. i'm not going to apologize for about what he as done. but there is a lot i disagree with him on, i am focused on stable prices strong, stable dollar. >> brace yourself for a stinker question. during obama administration you were talking about how low rates would lead to hyper inflation, i don't remember you changes that position until now when trump is president, and clear he wants low rates maybe keep stock market going, knock on you from left, he is a party guy, he will go with what president wants, where are they wrong. >> let me explain my position, i
5:40 pm
believe that real economy, the growth of the esplanade coming - of the economy comes from labor growth, that is the real economy. what is fed supposed to do, hold prices stable. why do you have a currency so dollar you have in your pock sit is worth it worth 5 years from now, you can't improve the real economy by printing money, 52 that was prov proven to be wron. >> your thought on larry kudlow said just cut interest rates. because there is no inflation. by the way there a global growth slowdown taking place. >> i was hyper critical of what the fed did december. when they raised those rates, by the way i think i was the canary in wil coal line, i said this a
5:41 pm
disaster. >> president agrees. >> president and fed admitted it was wrong. i fed has more of data that i have access to. i think right now i would look carefully at repealing the rate increase that happened in december. david: i assume that you agree with alexandria ocasio-cortez all you have to do to pay for her government is to princ prine money. >> a lot of people think it is true. david: it has a name, modern mod monetary theory. >> very simple, the fed can print money, it cannot print jobs. >> steve come back. >> thank you. david: hollywood heads to court, we'll bring you the latest news live from boston. where college admission scandal court hearings are now underway. that is next. so with xfinity mobile
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david: felicity huffman and lori loughlin in u.s. district court in boston appearing before a
5:46 pm
judge on charges they were part of a bribery scheme to get their kids in top notch colleges, fox news' mollie line is outside of the courtroom with more. reporter: hello. it was chaos and cameras today. when famous faces showed up to face the judge today. actresses lori loughlin and felicity huffman walking same path as any defendant would, no special treatment, right in front door. more than a dozen or a dozen wealthy parents appeared today in court accused of paying illegal bribes to the ring leader of the scheming with singer with the aim of get their children into elite colleges or universities of their choice, all parents face conspir conspie acetamoniphenconspiracy tocommin
5:47 pm
before the judge today, they face additional money laundering, they pleaded not guilty, alleged they took the exam cheating route of the scam. attorney for couple proclaims they are innocent, said they -- there son took his s.a.t. with asasas is>> one more thing, peto california, pleading guilty. he also accused of participating in college entrance cheating aspect. >> this is carol. the cynic of me says this could
5:48 pm
not be only group of people to do this. do you imagine this is a warning shot, to yo do you think more we uncover. reporter: one thing about this, they made it clear that investigation is on going. as they talk to some parents, you know that singer, pled guilty and he was the cooperating, that helped to lead to conversations recorded with the other parents. then to them them being charged. if they do something similar. they have a parent that choosing to cooperate, we don't know about what is happening behind the closed-door. we know they are, this is not over. >> always with scandals it great to have star power because more
5:49 pm
people talk about it. lori loughlin paid 500,000 to get her two daughters to usc on supposed crewing ability, then felicity huffman paid 15,000 for someone to take the exam. do -- -- -- reporter: regardless of the aim amount of money, just walking here, you should have seen the number of cameras here. they can't miss the people were going in and out of a federal courthouse in boston. in that way, certainly gained a lot of attention. you mentioned money difference there between what huffman and laughlin paid, big difference but yet the same charge. that something to think about. if someone thinks or just 10 or
5:50 pm
15,000, you could still face a serious charge. >> great reporting. none of my fellow panelists want to stick up for the poor show business millionaires. we're making them do to walk of shame. suppose best universities are bragging about how they let in 4% of people who apply. what is going on with that. it is a college cartel, they are so exclusive, why can't they just let more people in so you don't have desperate parents out there to get their kids stamped and branded i in life. >> anyone? >> this overall scandal raised a lot of those issues overall. about what is there. does seem like this is some action taken, lawmakers in california have put forward a couple proposals to ensure that type of fraud does not happen again. this has not just raised
5:51 pm
awareness of what could potentially be going on. but also in a way to prevent it, preliminarily make it more -- potentially make it more fair. as you know, the institutions will do what they want to do, they are not the ones being charged. but the department of education does seem to be eyeing things, and trying to ensure that everything has been on the up and up. >> this scott martin. you mentioned penalty faces the poor folks to take a page out of jack's book. do you think with a plea deal they will say, throw the box att -- book at them, they could bleed out and noplead out and n. reporter: it will be interesting to see what happens once sentencing begins.
5:52 pm
we've seen some people plead guilty. so it will be interesting once the sentencings begin what sort of sentences they get. colburns among those parents choosing to go to trial. it will be interesting to see final outcome. >> there is a littl a little bif delay. david: we have to go, i hearing a lot of people say, if they just pay a fine just like same thing they are charged with, buying their way out of a problem. is that something you think that court will pay attention to? reporter: i don't know. i don't have any indication one way or the other. i hear that argument.
5:53 pm
we'll see. >> we're hearing that here. >> yeah. reporter: it will be up to the judge as well. david: right, all right mollie thank you very much. appreciate it. unsatisfied in seattle, washington. why amazon is moving thousands of its employees, and other cities should take note. that is next. control. like bed. hmmmm. ♪ rub-a-dub ducky... and then...there's national car rental. at national, i'm in total control. i can just skip the counter and choose any car in the aisle i like. so i can rent fast without getting a hair out of place. heeeeey. hey! ah, control. (vo) go national. go like a pro.
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david: amazon is planning to move thousands of its headquarters in heavily taxed, seattle. to nearby tax friendly bellevue. >> right in my backyard, chicago, illinois, an historic mayoral election and changes to city council, less business friendly, a huge mayoral race a
5:58 pm
few months ago. most candidate that were most business friendly, they finished last in the race. the candidate that won were less business friendly, i don't get it, that will drive out more businesses. that is why we lose population. >> talk to the hand, not just long island se city. but also seattle. go elsewhere. >> they are not leaving seattle all together, they add several thousand workers in another city, what a 20 minute drive. david: specifically said that bellevue is more business friendly. >> they have opening still in seattle, they are not leaving ought together, but -- all together but they will keep a foot in each city. >> this another like don't hate
5:59 pm
the player hate the game situation. >> woo. >> politics don't seem to get they are in competition whether city to city or state to state, and why scott, feel you from chicago. we're having a huge out flow of business. >> we are. >> go ahead. >> we are, you have seen that from development with businesses moving out of chicago, higher hh taxes coming othis a step in the wrong direction, but politicians keep pushing for it. >> that is why new york, amazon pull out. david: we lost an entire operation, employees 25,000 people by amazon. i think you come to a points, new york is getting close to it where expenses of running city so out weigh money coming in they have to do something. don't you think? >> they will go to congestion
6:00 pm
pricing. >> more money they get the dirtier the city, i am sure it is same in chicago. you don't know where the money goes but in to pockets of corrupt politicians, that is this for blai blair players. "bulls and bears." >> tonight, border, white house said it dealing with it like aing whicing category 5 hurricane. that debate heats up, we're on it. first 100 days of go nowhere congress. we'll show you, this as yet top house democrat threatens, if you don't do democrat legislation our way, peopleuo


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