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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 3, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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for coming on. and thank you for watching thank you for watching. lou dobbs is next right here in the fox business network. have a good evening. lou: good evening everybody. the border crisis rages on. tens of thousands of illegal immigrants crossing our southern borders, some being apprehended, many of them, most of them not. illegal immigrants surge in the catch and release program has been expanded. here's to nielsen secretary of dhs is the border crisis is what she calls a category 5 hurricane in my opinion it isn't a category 5, the perfect storm of colliding stupidity incompetence in decades of cowardly leadership in washington d.c.. tonight we continue our look into the border crisis and the
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ineffective leadership at dhs and the border patrol. we take it all up tonight with former secret surgeon -- secret service agent and authorizing a subpoena for the unredacted mauler special counsel report as republican congressman jim jordan said the democrats simply want to continue their failed witchhunt into the trump administration. we take up the radical democrats perverse commitment to creating a constitutional crisis to block the trump agenda. enough, enough. congressman matt gaetz republican strategist ed rollins among our guests tonight and president trump says freshman congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez is leading the radical democrats out of fear. >> agreed new deal done by young bartender, 29 years old. the first time i heard it comes
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just the craziest thing. these are professionals that have been there for long time, white-haired thing perfect and they are standing behind her. lou: indeed they are. former house speaker paul ryan also taken aback at cortez from 2020 campaign manager kayleigh mcenany and vince coglianese join us as well. our top story the crisis at the border and president trump saying once again unless the radical dems and the spineless rhino's in congress come together and work together he will shut down the southern border. the president tweeted this. quote congress must get together and immediately eliminate the loopholes that the border. if no action large sections of the border will close. this is a national emergency. national merchants he indeed since the beginning of the year.
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more than 200,000 illegal immigrants have been apprehended considering that for every apprehension an estimated three illegal immigrants makes it into the country illegally and free of legal authority that means more than 800,000 illegal immigrants have borrowed across their border and have gotten into the united states over the past three months. since september 21, 125,000 illegal immigrants have been released, released by immigration and customs enforcement. it's been 46 days since the president declared a national emergency. the department of homeland security's flailing goes on. our first guest tonight is one of 17 republicans on the judiciary committee at that the 24 radical dems on the committee the vote today to subpoena special counsel robert mueller's full report. the judiciary chair gerald nadler obviously intent on creating a political crisis if
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not a constitutional crisis. congressman matt gates serves on the armed services committee and is a caucus member and like his fellow republicans said they voted against that subpoena. congressman great to have you with us. first i must say a splendid green tie and i would like to get your thinking about nadler's intent. >> no, this is the anatomy of so sore losing. these are precisely the people that told the country that had actual evidence of collusion and now that they have been caught in a lie they are running out of a place to run so they continue to sort of i guess harass the president in a variety of different ways and it's our job to show the country what's really happening here. it's the same witchhunt but just a different broomstick and these democrats are going to continue to pursue our president even in
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the absence of evidence. seems like they have no shame. i would think that if i told a lie to the country for 22 months i would really say sorry. lou: i don't think i would expect sorry from nadler or shift for any of the other persecutors but they really have nowhere to go here. what happens when the president says the executive privilege ended and the attorney general says these are the statutes and the requirements in meeting procedures and legal restrictions on releasing that information within the mueller report. >> i don't think for a moment the two-time attorney general bill barr is waiting around for jared and nadler to figure out how to do his job. attorney general barr has operated at lightning speed concluding the mueller report so
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certainly he's going to be faithful to his commitment to get as much of the appropriate and legal from the mueller report into the public square. i supported that as has every other republican in congress but what we don't agree with is the strategy that would compromise sources and methods from our intelligence community or that would limit our ability to conduct a burden investigations in the future. democrats made these very arguments we are trying to get the underlying documents with how this whole ridiculous investigation got started in the first place. lou: do you opine for the days when he had a speaker and the republican majority say, last year? >> i certainly wish we had done more with the republican majority preview and i are critics fact that when we have the gavel we didn't do aggressive enough oversight to expose the genesis for this entire investigation holds people accountable who committed the crimes that led to the witch hunts in the first place. >> it's very clear and i'm sure
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the entire conference except for the most committed rhinos among them and there are many who would say history will record that is a missed opportunity or indeed for the nation. jerrold nadler and like to call him jerrold nadler. he keeps it in balance to use that for the chair. he's making basically a mockery. i just want to quote what he said. nadler and victims are probing alleged obstruction of justice public corruption and other claims against president trump, not president obama who apparently was critical of the incipient point of the witchhunt, of the surveillance of a sitting president of the united states and is still not being held to account. >> it doesn't just end there. today the radical demo cretz are trying to go and get mr. jones tax returns from all the way
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back in 2013 so think about that in context. they still won't investigate why peter strzok and lisa page attested to the fact that the white house and potus wanted to know everything about the trump campaign during that illegal surveillance. somehow they think the president's tax returns from five or six years ago is going to create a new sense of clarity for the country. it's ridiculous. we need to spend their time ensuring never again is our intelligence process used for political gain by people who would convert opposition research into a document to justify surveillance on american citizens. that is the real conspiracy. that is the real corruption and everything else is an effort by democrats to distract us from how corrupt the dnc and clinton campaign were with foreign adversaries. lou: what are the questions i think doesn't get much attention if any at all is why was it necessary to go to fusion gps?
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why was it necessary to go through all of the school buggery that the justice department engaged in and the fbi when they have 16 agencies in the intelligence community that have no clue about russian intervention and attempted intervention in the election to the price a single authority of that, didn't warn the president of united the united states alike, didn't warn the leading candidates, the leading candidate in the republican party nor the new president of that intervention. it was an absolute failure of intelligence and mind-boggling. it's utterly mind-boggling to me to think that the intelligence committees involved themselves in a witchhunt against a newly-elected president instead of finding out what in the hell is going on within an apt
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intelligence community. >> they can never let it happen day present republican or democrat. that's why we need to look at legislation to open up the fisa process for more transparency to confirm fisa judges publicly so we know what they believe and they won't violate the rights of american citizens based on this political. we should never have again in the country and what i'm upset about is democrats are trying -- turning a blind eye to that scandal and instead hoping that page. in 42 of the mueller report will be saving grace for people who were lying to the country for two years on a fake russian collusion narrative. lou: speaking of investigations this is time for the president to investigate what is going on with his administration to explore what it's going to take to deal with this emergency but he has declared. dhs secretary nielsen is headed
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to the border tomorrow to yuma arizona, one of my old stomping grounds to inspect the border. we are watching a nightmare unfold, a perfect storm i said at the outset of this broadcast that involves stupidity, ranked lack of knowledge about the border, about commerce on the border and decades of presidents and administrations of both parties who are trying to avoid the reality that is now a complete and utter national emergency as president trump has declared. our thoughts. >> i like the fact that our foreign aid is going to be conditions on results and we are going to take a hard-earned dollars of american taxpayers and ship them off to countries in central and south america who are not doing nearly enough to stop these caravans and the erosion of the border with mass caravans.
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guatemala honduras and salvador could do more and i'm glad the president is playing hardball. americans are dying as a consequence of our porous border in the drug trafficking occurring there. we should not be subsidizing failure from the western hemisphere. lou: what you think of shutting down that order? the chamber of commerce totaled up the daily cost but they didn't release a report about how much money corporate america and big business made by exploiting cheap illegal labor brought into this country. >> you and i both agree that america first means having a full web of allah sees trade and otherwise that ensures we are protecting american interests and the american economy. i'm going to be traveling to the border with congressman andy biggs in the coming weeks and we are going to be making evaluations of their current view is we are reluctant to support the president using every tool get this problem
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solve. lou: please don't be reluctant. it's a tough decision and it's the right decision. america, it only works for business. it's not working as america should and that is fundamental. i'm so proud of this president standing up for national security but commercial interests. we are facing a national emergency and it's a time for sacrifice by everyone if necessary. think about that. the possibility that all american citizens would share the burden of making a decision in the interest of national security. i think that frank lee is a far easier sale than the radical dems might suspect. congressman it's good to see you. we appreciate it. matt gaetz. >> bank you lou. lou: china and russia expanding their influence in central and south america infringing on the monroe doctrine doing more. take that up tonight in this broadcast but up next reinel
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paul ryan doesn't go away. he is lost all respect within his former party so now he's offering his limited political perspective and oh so deep analysis, in particular one special socialist alexandria ocasio-cortez. we will tell you what disappointed the rhine refugee from the house of representatives. gop strategist ed rollins is with us next. stay with us. i can't tell you who i am or what i witnessed, but i can tell you liberty mutual customized my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no... only pay for what you need. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ 2,000 fence posts. 900 acres.
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lou: ran a failed former house speaker paul ryan was apparently ending a political but he can't seem to get much attention from republicans so he is turning to new targets. seems now he has decided to share his wisdom with the radical dems's specific weight outlook sandra zero ocasio-cortez and brian is apparently disappointed that she apparently didn't follow his advice. >> to see the youngest person out there as a member of
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congress -- take it easy and just watch things for a while. coi works for her. lou: set out your career passed three bills and call it good. that's what he did and it worked out. former reagan white house political director political analyst leading republican strategist ed rollins. what do you think of that preposterous figure standing in front of those people talking about cortez not following his advice. no one in their right mind would follow his advice. >> they were both 29 years old when they got elected and he was a protége of jack kemp for vice presidential candidate and she was a former barmaid. too which you think is more qualified. >> bobby just say this. he became a part of the system and she is throwing hand grenades at the windows and it's
7:20 pm
gotten tremendous publicity. it's a force to be reckoned with whether we like it or not. lou: i don't dislike it but i have to tell you i think she's got original ideas and some of them are half-baked and some are utterly crazy and some of them appeal particularly to the left. >> she beat a significant incumbent and she's become the darling of the left. the problem is she doesn't offer much and the socialist agenda. lou: people do learn. >> what ryan is advocating is you go along to get along. lou: he's advocating being part of the system and moving on with his life which is what he did in cringe every did not a whit to the nation. that's a disgusting career. your thoughts first on what's
7:21 pm
going on with this administration the border. the president declares a national emergency 46 days ago. i can't speak to what we discussed and i don't think there's any sacred -- secret about it i spoke with secretary nelson. red is straightforward and pleasant talk but i have to say she sounded to me as though she were impeded by the system that she is working in rather than overcoming it. i can honestly judge how much is her fault and how much is not that i do know this, that government is not moving with urgency at all. >> she runs the biggest agency in government. she needs to be tough and cracked the whip and implement with the president present is talked about. the trump legacy as the economy ends getting that wall while in securing that border. the rest of the stuff doesn't matter. lou: let me say this.
7:22 pm
this president in every respect, and foreign-policy and domestic policy you name it this president made promises and 2016 and he delivers. thomases made, promises kept except when it comes to illegal immigration when it comes to border security. that is a horrible worsening vulnerability for this president the glaring electoral burden facing 2020. i think that's the reality of the politics and the reality is that this nation is in jeopardy every day that the border remains open and i don't give a dam at the chamber of commerce says. >> the public sees it every night on television and they are basically discuss it with that. they can understand how you help have 100,000 people coming across the border every month and how you have 1 million illegals coming in. lou: those are just the people being apprehended. the ratio is 3-1 for every
7:23 pm
person there. the traditional ratio has been three get through so we are talking about 400,000 because they are catching and releasing. a policy this president has mocked and ridiculed. >> i said before and she just came back to great britain where she was obviously doing something. she needs to go to the border and stay at the border. lou: let's turn to this nonsense with the judiciary committee issuing a subpoena for the entire mueller report. what an exercise in tennessee by the nadler led judiciary. >> the present and the attorney general me to say thank you very much. this is their report to me the attorney general a two-year investigation. you did a two-year investigation and you will get what we think is important to here. there's too much that is
7:24 pm
confidential and people up and implicated who did not do a crime and he has to get tough on this. it has to be a drip, drip, drip and he gives us a possibility. the bar will go wobbly. >> you have to stop this stuff and say i'm not going to send your subpoenas appear. we are going to respond to them. lou: ed rollins it's good to see you my friend. federal federal authorities investigating possible chinese spying at mar-a-lago. we take that up with former secret service agent dan bongino. he is here next. stay with us, we will be right back. after walking six miles at an amusement park...
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7:29 pm
measure in the senate that would allow the illegal immigrants known as dreamers to be eligible to work in congress, thank you very much. this follows julian castro and other 2020 hopeful who is calling for immigration to be treated as a civil not criminal offense. joining us tonight former secret service agent dan bongino. dan, it's great to see you and let's start first of all what you make of all the giveaways particularly on the issue of border security, illegal immigration from the radical dem presidential candidates 2020? >> lou this radical wing of the democrat party which is seemingly nearly every candidate running i guess outside of maybe john delaney who is more of a moderate who i actually ran against ted entirely given up on america. i mean lou you are for fitting borders now? how do you have a country
7:30 pm
without enforceable borders? it's a serious question. i'm not being hyperbolic or ridiculous but i'm asking liberals who watch the network how do you define a country that has no borders, the borders aren't enforceable and anybody can come in at any time with no penalty and claim the tax money earned by the hard-working citizens of the so-called country. does this make any sense? i think the answer is obviously no. lou: it's no but in some ways the people making sense understand they are coming into this country to receive in some cases $40,000 in welfare benefits and education. the price goes up. some estimates indicate hhs puts the cost at $800 a child a day. we are looking at some of the most mindless policies and idiotic government. you remember president trump
7:31 pm
said he's going to bring smart government and get rid of that government. i don't think he ever imagined how stupid and entrenched stupid was in this government. >> it's funny you say that. i'm laughing because i just talked to a guy who said the same thing. donald trump has had some ups and downs and he's been very successful at times, he is at moments as well but he builds up his model of success is looking at a physical structure where work has to be done and things have to be accomplished. he has to be walking into the presidency up to this point going i can't believe i worked with such idiots. these people on capitol hill. are we really having an argument about should reinforce the border on the united states. he has to be sitting there lou had in hand every day but i can't believe i have to work for these people.
7:32 pm
lou: the political advisers who are guiding him mr. president you have to explain why an emergency requires urgency. you have to explain that to your have to explain it to your government and then you have to explain it to the american people that thousands, millions of people crossing the border illegally is a problem. at the same time he is sitting here 46 days from having declared an emergency and the surge of illegal immigration or as dhs secretary nielsen referred to them a vulnerable population of migrants are crossing the border. does language matter any more? doesn't she understand the impact of that? >> it does and even jeh johnson obama's dhs secretary in a moment of honesty said on what planet is this an emergency? seriously among sane and rational people and what world
7:33 pm
is it that we live in where 10,000 people approaching our border and entering the country illegally. the ones we know about by the way. how is that not an emergency? that's a daily number. it's just stunning. we are arguing with people who have lost any moorings to reality at all. lippe maybe have lost any claim to keep this country if we are so stupid. when i call the government stupid maybe it's because the rest of us are stupid. we put this government together. we elect these fools that we send to washington. there are exceptions but i have to say this president is facing the most intractable stupid organization on this continent i think. >> no disagreement here. my father said something great.
7:34 pm
not that the government is too big, just to stupid and as you can tell by this segment he was absolutely right. lou: thanks so much. great to see you. come back soon. up next a storm in the western hemisphere and who is paying attention? are our intelligence agencies quickly take that up. the chinese russian influence etc. in south america, how committed are they? we take that up next. stay with us.
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7:39 pm
afghanistan prisoner majority leader mitch mcconnell has turned to the nuclear option to overcome democratic obstruction of trump nominees come the presence choices for the executive branch and certain judicial appointments can now be confirmed by a simple majority. if you aren't already terrified of the global security threats posed by huawei the story may give you pause. the chinese telecom giant has set a new goal to burst surpass samsung and apple is the world's largest smartphone maker. joining us tonight columnist author asia expert jordan chang and i want to say that we have just received word the president about five minutes ago announced the president will be meeting with the vice premier. does this do well for developments in the trade talks? >> people would say that this augurs of trade agreement. soon. i don't think we should have the trade agreement with the chinese
7:40 pm
and the reason is the remedy for failed trade agreements with the chinese and we have had decades of failed trade agreements is not another. agreement. the remedy is to impose costs on the chinese that they stop doing what they shouldn't should be doing which is stealing our intellectual property and committing all of these organizations trade violations. lou: do not think it would be a disaster for the administration to come up with the trade agreement that doesn't ensure there would be no more stealing half a trillion dollars of intellectual property and technology from the united states? don't you think it would be an absolute disaster if there is an immediate and to force transfers by u.s. companies in china? it would be a disaster. >> would be it disaster for one very simple reason that is each year the chinese steel hundreds of billions of dollars of u.s. intellectual property perhaps as
7:41 pm
much as a half trillion which means every time we have an agreement with the chinese, this is the past every time we have an agreement they continue trade violations and they continue stealing our stuff and we don't enforce the agreements we have arrived at. it's the real problem here. lou: secretary nielsen said the other day the immigration system , the border for which he is responsible is in meltdown. seeing ldh official referred to it as a breakdown and another referred to it as the border is on fire. in the chinese intervention in central and south america is not the subject of much television news coverage or for that matter any kind of news coverage of a particular moment. where watching them in venezuela and in panama.
7:42 pm
the russians now have security forces, about 200 we are told. it's a number we are uncertain uncertain of the best so we are getting word of in venezuela. the chinese have numbers approaching that security forces i.e. chinese troops there providing humanitarian assistance apparently as well as supporting and protecting their investment. what are the implications? how seriously should this administration be responding and frankly why have we not responded more vigorously and publicly to the presence of the russians and the chinese in venezuela? >> both russia and china have turned venezuela to the western hemisphere. they are prolonging this crisis center military involvement also commercial investment they are turning their hemisphere into a contested region and this is entirely within what aging in
7:43 pm
moscow want to do. one statistic shows what's going on. and the caribbean you have a lot of small countries. china has put more investment there than in the rest of latin america so this is not investment is being done for commercial purposes. this is investment for strategic purposes because it's advanced that the chinese government directed by state enterprises. you really have the chinese with a specific strategic intention in our own region. lou: it's more than an intention. it's obvious they are carrying out their strategy to subsume if you will the u.s. influence in the caribbean and this administration the intelligence agencies. that may ask you this. where the are they? we once had a significant intelligence in the caribbean central america or for that matter. seems as though we are suddenly
7:44 pm
left blind and deaf when it comes to chinese intervention in the cemetery. >> we need to do more but the one thing this administration has done and this is a good row -- a really good thing is president trump met with five caribbean leaders in march. lou: what is the initiative? we have no sense of an initiative. we have cited chapter and verse about chinese investment in this hemisphere. where is the u.s. investment and where is more than a handshake and a talk? is going to take a heck of a lot more than that. >> is going to take termination. the one thing this administration has done is it first of all has said it's going to do this which is important and i think they are actually going to put some money behind it because the chinese -- lou: they'll have to put a heck of a lot more than money behind it. they are doing with the chinese and the russians who don't sit there and tell you they are going to do something, they do
7:45 pm
it. the present when he ran for office said politicians talk. the rest of those acts. you're going to find out exactly what this government is capable of because it's being challenged. this nation is being challenged on every corner of this hemisphere right now. first and most urgently our southern border with mexico. >> you have a chinese military base in venezuela and its rumored there is one in cuba as well. we have got to remember -- lou: ? >> china. lou: i know there's a russian base. >> in the venezuela and probably one in cuba now. they are listening to her telephone conversations from cuba. lou: shame on us for not reacting and in the previous administration there's huge responsibility. if size and uplifting catalog of concerns that we share here. thank you so much. sadakas one in our own backyard. lou: front yard, backyard looks
7:46 pm
like three and 60 degrees to me. thanks so much. former vice president joe biden responding to a number of allegations of inappropriate touching by vowing to take a hands-off approach to campaigning. it sounds to me like he has got headwinds, problems, hurdles. we take it up with our political panel here next. stay with us. i had no idea why my mouth was constantly dry. it gave me bad breath. it was so embarrassing. now i take new biotene dry mouth lozenges whenever i'm on the go, which is all the time. new biotene dry mouth lozenges. freshen breath anytime, anywhere. new biotene dry mouth lozenges. i swibecause they let metual, customize my insurance.
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lou: if you're counting or women have come forward accusing former vice president joe biden of touching them inappropriately. today biden addressed the allegations. >> in my career i've always had to make a human connection. that's my responsibility to think that a shake hands and i have people and grab men or women by the shoulders and say you can do this. i get it. i worked my whole life to empower women. i've worked my whole life to -- and this idea that i can adjust to the fact that personal space is important and more important than it's ever been. i will, i will.
7:51 pm
lou: i think we should applaud his decision. the explication of house speaker nancy pelosi contributed mightily to supporting his candidacy if he so desires that pitch he said his conduct is not disqualifying. joining us now trump 2020 campaign national press secretary kayleigh mcenany and vince coglianese the editorial director. thank you both for being here. how eager is the president and how eager the campaign might be predicted and frankly looked to me like the image of a presidential candidate let alone all i could think of i remember president trump taking on jeb bush with low energy. i can imagine what he'd be saying about joe biden after watching that. >> i was not a good look for joe
7:52 pm
biden and this is just the beginning of his troubles. you listen to that in the first thing that strikes you after listening to the whole 10 minutes there's a lot of justifying and not a lot of apologizing. how is this going to be okay and acceptable with a democratic race that is out to get him. there are rumors leaked by the bernie sanders campaign and not sure if it's true. lou: he said it's not. >> the knives are out in the democratic party and it's just spring. lou: fancier thoughts on whoever does amongst this growing field of left-wing candidates that represent the democratic party. >> it's not a mystery that the former vice president is a handy person. you can go anywhere in america and get that. he grabs women a little too much. everybody knows this. we have cameras that capture this over and over again. as caylee just pointed out it's interesting that now of all times is the time the democrats
7:53 pm
are raising any concern whatsoever about it. this is something that we have seen over and over. we saw with al franken actually. superb example of the. democratic party feels a one of their own stands in the way of their pursuit of power they will destroy that person. that is the time they will strike and that's why you're hearing all this concern about the way that joe biden grabs people now rather than the many years he seen the seventh iowa. lou: it makes you kind of wonder why former president obama hasn't immediately gravitated to his candidacy and endorsed him. let's turn to the national emergency at hand k. lee. this president 46 days ago declaring a national emergency and since then it has only worsened and the action that has been taken at this point is inconspicuous. i will put it that way. thoughts about how the handling of this emergency is going and
7:54 pm
how important it is politically to keep a promise to get that order secured and to end this nightmare at the border. >> this president has taken innumerable measures to solve this. a national emergency of veto and withholding aid offering deals never short of building a structure under southern order but offering very reasonable deals to democrats. would have democrats done in return? lou: i don't think that's going to travel very well and i mean by that laming the doma crabs. republicans in control of the house of representatives for two years and they refuse to put any money forward. what do you think vince? >> i think republicans have a lot to answer for predicting paul ryan was a clear example of somebody who fell asleep at the switch perhaps purposely when he came to the issue of immigration. he made promises about running a border wall and fail to live up to them in exchange for signing
7:55 pm
that massive omnibus bill. the president very disappointed with paul ryan. that's very clear. we should remember what he committed during the campaign. tax remittance is one of the big things. lou: kayleigh mcenany and vince coglianese think you both. feel the clarity...
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are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management. lou: house judiciary committee chairman nadler, a crisis. congressman matt gaetz blasted the dim's witch-hunt again. >> they are the people that told the country they had actual evidence of collusion, now they have been caught in a lie, they are running out of plays to run. lou: that's it for us tonight,
8:00 pm
we thank you for joining us. we hope you will join us tomorrow, thanks for being with us tonight, good night from new york. >> as i have said, there served- there is evidence of collusion and comingling work between the trump campaign and the russians. trish: collusion? robert mueller comes forward with no collusion, yet mr. adam schiff has evidence of something else? time for congressman schiff to shows that you evidence. if he has it. put up or bow out. i don't see a problem with showing us what you have, congressman. the american public, that so-called evidence that you are


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