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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  April 4, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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so the lawyers probably thought it would be a lot more. david: yeah, i bet they were voting for more. they would have been with susan li right here. >> fight a little more. david: misty thank you so much that does it for bulls & bears we'll see you next time. >> liz: president trump set to announce a summit with china amid signs that the u.s. is in the final innings of a trade deal. we've got the fresh sound, that story, coming up and the president heads to the border tomorrow. he did give mexico a one year warning saying stop the flow of migrants and drugs or you, mexico will be hit with tariffs and mexico is on the hot seat right now this as obama's own border chief now says the southern border is "wide open", as both texas and arizona buckle under the migrant surge, we got this story tonight and also tonight, we'll blow up and take on the conventional wisdom with the facts we're going to show you the roadmap for exactly how and why president trump can battle the democrats all the way
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to the supreme court over the democrats new demand to see six years worth of tax returns, we will bring you details no one else is showing you, how the irs has personally warned me that moves like this, democrats, you are playing with fire. how your moves now could set precedent here, to reveal even more democrat tax returns at any point in this political process, i'm going to show how trump could likely win at this one, plus, it is official. amazon chief jeff bezos gets a bargain divorce of a lifetime as jeff bezos keeps control of amazon as expected but how much did his wife get? you won't believe the estimates we're looking at numbers showing he is still the richest man in the world we've got the details on that. to the beginning of the rise to the democrat moderates we have the names of 17 democrats that are running, and this as three more women accuse joe biden of improper contact, after biden's non-apology yesterday to do better but the democrats behind the scenes they are nervous
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about losing 2020 due to the hard left radical shift. that's what we're hearing we've got that word tonight i'm elizabeth macdonald, the evening edit starts right now. thank you for joining us you're watching the fox business network. we have you covered on all the angles we got edward lawrence in washington, casey stege el on the ground at the border in texas let's get right to edward at the white house with the details on that trade deal with china. edward? >> yeah, liz we're inching closer to that trade deal president donald trump has spent two successful days of talks now he got what he calls a beautiful letter from president xi-jinping showing that we're inching closer to a deal and the president saying we should know if he can have a deal with china very soon. listen. president trump: enforcement we have to make sure there's enforcement and we'll get that done, we've discussed it at length i think we'll get that
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done, so just to finish the deal , is coming along really well, we'll probably know over the next four weeks, it may take two weeks after that to get it papered. >> reporter: and the man whose actually doing the deal, u.s. trade representative robert lighthizer says there's still some major issues they have to work out like protecting intellectual property, the force transfer of technology and also says that the enforcement mechanism is an issue, tariffs the chinese want the tariffs to go away, never to return and the u.s. would like to keep some tariffs in place, to make sure china follows through with what they agreed to as well as being able to reimpose tariffs, if china breaks the deal, reimpose them without retaliation. that's the key. president trump says that he would not tell us when he's going to lift those tariffs, he said though, when there's a deal , he will have a summit. president trump: a lot of the most difficult points, points that we didn't think we could
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ever do or we wouldn't agree to on both sides have been agreed to. we've negotiated out some of the toughest really the tougher points, and but we have some ways to go and i think we have a very good chance of getting there. >> reporter: white house economic advisor peter navarro says that the last mile of a marathon is always the hardest that's where we are and as the trade talks continue tomorrow, as the u.s. office the president is actually going to the mexico border in california. he's going to look firsthand at some of the new border wall that is going up. the president also pushing mexico to do more. liz? >> liz: thank you, edward to homeland security secretary kristen kirstjen nielsen at the arizona border today meeting with border patrol, i.c.e., and local law enforcement facilities there are dramatically over-capacity and one estimate has they're over-capacity by 280 % and thousands of migrants
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there, president trump will visit at the border in california to have a round table discussion with officials there. let's get right to fox news at the border in el paso, texas. casey? >> liz, talk of tariffs or a partial border shutdown, an entire border shutdown, all of it frankly, has people living in border communities like el paso, texas where we are. very uneasy and watching very closely, because this could have a serious impact on their lives. customs and border protection telling us in fact that there have already been some ripple effects in border communities such as longer than usual wait times on some of the international bridges, and the ports of entry. commercial traffic congestion is an issue, 18 wheelers loaded with goods to be imported into the united states have been stuck for hours. trips that could normally take 30 minutes to get through a checkpoint are taking hours now and mexico by the way it's a busy route, the third largest
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trading partner of the united states, and it is also america's largest supplier of agriculture products like fruits and vegetables. >> some of the obvious effects would be perhaps avocados or other fresh produce coming from mexico would not be available. >> the president of mission produce, the largest distributer and grower of avocados in the whole world, estimates american supply of avocados would run out in about three weeks if imports from mexico were halted, although today, it made it sound like we were further away now from the border completely being shut down with the president's new talk of a year extension for mexico and if they don't help, stem the flow of illegal immigration and drugs into the u.s. , then tariffs could be put on coming in possibly cars we're just waiting to see how this all sorts itself out. liz? >> liz: casey at the border in texas thank you so much.
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let's talk more about what's happening with border security. this story stunned a lot of people. 280 illegals were arrested in a radon one tech business in texas it was a single biggest workplace raid in a decade and this is happening as the u.s. is doing more to temporarily detain illegal border crossers and then having to release them into our borders because of the dramatic surge in people coming here as migrants. we have federal border officials also forcing to shut and close lanes at the el paso, texas international bridge, because those workers are needed to be reassigned in order to help with processing migrants seeking asylum. let's bring in national border council vice president art del q uado. art thank you so much for coming on. truck drivers in el paso at the bridge they got to wait 12 hours to cross your take on this, art?
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>> that's what it comes down to every single aspect, we're steal ing from peter to pay paul that's what's happening and let me make this clear none of us are against immigration. we're pro-immigration if anything. we're against illegal immigration and when you have these issues happening and moving agents from one area to the other or people from the port from one area to the other what that does is it makes a huge impact on the people trying to migrate to this country legal ly also. >> liz: art you make an important point about that el paso bridge by the way, one of the bridges there, one of the lanes, rather some of the lanes could get closed down to commercial shipment of goods on saturdays but art i would like your reaction to republicans opposing shutting the border. let's listen to republican john kennedy. >> i wouldn't close the border. it'll knock a point off our gdp and probably crash the stock market, i would take another run
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if i were president and trying to change the asylum laws, look like somebody designed them on purpose. don't kill me the republican party of the american people are anti-immigrant. we welcome a million people to this country every single year more than any other country in the world, but they come here legally. >> liz: art, your take? >> you know, it's up to congress to try to change some of these asylum laws and try to change some of the issues to make everything a lot better. you know, we have a president now that has said he's not going to shut down the border. we see that mexico apparently is now helping out and they're willing to start deporting some of these individuals and that's what it's about. you can't just have free reign to go through their own country and something that's going to effect us and that's what it comes down to. border security is not a particular party issue. it shouldn't be anything to do with a particular party. i think whether you're on the right side of the aisle or the left side of the aisle you all
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want security in your homes. i speak to individuals all the time that are from both sides of the aisle, and in the end, they all say the same thing. i want to be secure in my home, and that's what it comes down to >> liz: come back soon we love having you on thank you so much, sir. >> thank you. >> liz: turning to one of the most expensive divorces in the world it's finalized looks like amazon's jeff bezos got a pretty good deal. susan li has that story. >> you could argue that mckenzie got a pretty good deal as well e-mac so yes it's clean cut. we have a divorce finalized between jeff and mckenzie bezos and it's a pretty good split, very early on after they announced their divorce so mckenzie gets 4% of the outstanding shares she relink wishes 75% of the total shares in amazon she is the fourth or fifth richest woman in the world so like $35 billion fortune, and now also in this divorce she will relink wish all voting shares, all voting rights in amazon and that is why we saw
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the stock actually erase some of its losses when this announcement was made in a twitter post she's grateful moving on excited to be moving on with her children as well, so there's a lot of confusion as to how this split would happen given that in washington state which is where mckenzie and jeff had lived, she had a right to 50 /50 of yes, the money but also the voting shares and she could have demanded a seat on the board she didn't ask for any of that so i think the shareholders are relieved at this point and also jeff bezos in a twitter post saying he's grateful for mckenzie and also to continue their relationship forward, as partners and this is an amicable split in fact it happened really quickly according to a lot of divorce lawyers it was six to eight weeks after their announcement with this type of assets the richest in the world being split up and also just a huge amount of shares on offer and one of the world's largest companies a lot of people thought this would take a lot longer so this is clean cut and people thought that maybe this has been in the works for a
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while it's something that some divorce lawyers have speculated but for shareholders it's a good day today. >> liz: susan i think that jeff bezos keeps control, correct me if i'm wrong does he keep control of the washington post and blue origin as well? >> yes that's right that is complete relink wishment from mckenzie. >> liz: susan li thank you so much for your reporting. just ahead, more fall out on the mueller report as the doj defend s bill barr's letter and his summary of mueller's exclusions, and barr is facing tax on the democrats but first, democrats going all in demanding six years of trump tax returns we'll give you the back story here and how this could be a big fail at the supreme court level we'll bring in steve forbes on that one to react, stay there. president trump: is that all? >> that's all. president trump: oh, usually it's 10 so i guess they're giving up. now we're under order despite what people said, we're working that out as i'm always under
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>> liz: let's get a check of your money. right now, this is what's happening. stocks did finish mixed, the s&p is up six days in a row the dow climbed more than 150 points pretty good showing there, gerri willis is at the new york stock exchange with more. gerri: liz optimism about trade fueling stocks today, the s&p 500 reaching a six-month high up six points the dow up 166 point points the nasdac struggling, and meanwhile all eyes on boeing that stock higher after a successful test of the 737 max,
6:18 pm
in which the ceo sat next to pilots as they tested this new patch for the 737 max and also a report from ethiopia showing pilots not at fault in that crash, and elon musk told by a judge in new york that he and the sec needed to settle their disputes over tweets during the next two weeks and tomorrow morning going to be very big for traders down here as the monthly jobs report is released, expect creation of 180,000 new jobs to be released in that report a 3.8 % jobless rate, that's what we see down here. liz back to you. >> liz: thank you, gerri and don't miss maria bartiromo's jobs in america show, tomorrow, her coverage rather at 8:00 a.m. here on the fox business network , that's breaking news that maria bringing right to you you want this before you start your trading day. let's get to the democrat fight to get six years of president trump's tax returns. well, i've been covering the irs for a long long time i basically testified before congress, about
6:19 pm
irs reform and offer position for a journalist report and i told congress that and again we dug into the law and supreme court decision, trump could easily take this fight to the supreme court and possibly win. let's get to steve forbes, and so let me just steve it's great to have you on you're the perfect man for this. >> thank you. >> liz: ways and means, democrat s are saying the returns are needed to prove the irs conducting private and proper oversight and trump is being audited and trump's private interest don't influence its public decision-making and none of this is based on the law to get at his tax return? >> absolutely not and they have no evidence to justify such a request. it is as if they say oh, we have this evidence here he did this and that therefore we need to find out what's going wrong. they have none of that just a pure phishing expedition. >> liz: the supreme court already ruled watch this during the mccarthy hearings, congress can't go on a phishing
6:20 pm
expedition they must be justifiable reasons to see a president's tax returns in other words it's congress' mission to make law, they have to support it with the legislative purpose right? so that's the issue too? >> yes well they are still reeling from the collusion fiasco, so they're hoping now gee maybe we'll find something in there and with the tax code as complicated as it is, you're always going to be able to say well we don't think that deduction was right or that amortization was too fast or too slow you can get into that but that's for the irs to decide not for congress people looking for ways to beat up the president. >> liz: it's not the law that presidents release the tax returns its been sort of irs policy since the nixon era. watch how nancy pelosi leaves out the details of the law including how it has to be for legislative purposes. watch. >> ways and means request under 6103 have never been denied, have never been denied. ways and means has evoked the
6:21 pm
authority in the normal course of oversight of tax administration many times before , so we are again honoring the constitution. >> liz: this has nothing to do with the constitution by the way really. i mean, by the way this is about trump and about his personal rights being infringed upon and the fifth amendment. the irs manual says that it doesn't say tax returns it says tax information. that's something a lot different right, steve? >> it is indeed and they're desperate, they're desperate to appease their base and show we're going to get this guy. it's like the white whale, and the white whale is going to wreck their ship of re-election or hoping to deny them re-election in 2020. they keep this kind of thing up. the public now knows they don't have real evidence they are just searching trying to find that magic thing to bring this guy down. instead of an honest campaign against him. >> liz: in the years of covering the irs i hate to say this, but
6:22 pm
irs officials don't like to be dragged into politics they just want to be a tax collector that's what they repeatedly told me when i was covering them they repeatedly pointed out how fdr abused the irs to go after political enemies so did jfk and nixon did too and eisenhower did too one top official said everybody got audited so enough through the clinton era so again and again you have to have a legislative reason. do you think trump could win at the supreme court level? >> oh, i think absolutely and that's why congress is also talking about oh, we're going to pass a law if you want to run for president you have to release your tax returns. i don't think they would even win that case. >> liz: but wouldn't they be playing with fire? all democrats tax returns right? >> sure and let's show the seat the democrats want to be compromised about it. have trump release his returns if every member of congress releases his or her returns for the last six years. they would rather die than do that. you would find at least 100 members of congress would be in
6:23 pm
deep trouble either not filing or doing stuff they know they shouldn't have been doing. >> liz: steve forbes we'll have you back on the subject if this happens and by the way the house is trying to pass a bill enforcing that just like you pointed out, to reveal tax returns again policy kind of like i don't want to say tradition but presidents have done this including nixon revealing their tax returns and i mean the president has a pretty good case here not to do it who knows. >> and he'll win and if they keep him they will help him with re-election. >> liz: it's like your tax returns it's your information. steve forbes you're terrific come back again. love working for you back and forth. >> hated to lose you. you were great. >> liz: so funny. moving to the first lawsuit filed on behalf of a u.s. victim against boeing. this is over the ethiopian airline crash in march that killed 157 people. let's back up. it comes from the parents of an american woman, she died in that plane crash. the complaint accuses boeing of putting "profits over safety" for more on this story let's get
6:24 pm
to jeff flock in chicago. jeff? >> reporter: in addition to that , elizabeth, we now have breaking news. this just though according to the washington post we have not confirmed this with boeing but here is your breaking news. washington post reporting a boeing-led review of the stalled prevention system suspected in the crashes of the two 737 maxes have detected "an additional software problem that the faa has ordered fixed before the planes are cleared to fly again" this is an additional problem not previously known and the post says the company has acknowledged that. we have not confirmed that with boeing but that would be an additional problem and of course they had problems today as well because of the release of that air transport authority report in ethiopia. take a look at the headlines on that. that did not go well for boeing either that essentially said there wasn't pilot error going into this. a quote from the report now, pilots followed boeing's emergency protocol, the take off was normal, the plane had a
6:25 pm
valid certificate and the pilots were determined to be qualified. that from the ethiopian transport ministry. as you know, everything has been focusing on that stall prevention problem and there is some evidence though, from someone that fox news talked to today, a former ntsb official who said that maybe those pilots didn't follow the safety procedures, there's some indication they turned the stall prevention off but then may have turned it back on. here is what he told fox news. >> the aviation, the standard operating procedure is when you're having trouble with a system you turn it off it's off until you get back on the ground and that covers circuit breakers , you're not supposed to reset circuit breakers because you can cause a fire, you've disconnected a system it stays disconnected. >> reporter: so unclear still, liz, yet we're still preliminary , but your headline, i think and this we'll see how this turns out but an additional
6:26 pm
problem for boeing looking at the stock in the after-hours down a little bit although stock was up big time today because at gerri reported earlier, the ceo of boeing sort of said we've got this software fix figured out, and so the market took that as a positive, but developments later not so positive. >> liz: jeff thank you so much for your reporting quick question. an additional software problem on top of the sensor issue? can you correct me on that am i wrong about that? >> that's correct and i just want to make sure i have this correct. boeing is calling it relatively minor but it would be a problem in addition to the one that we already knew about but one that the faa is ordering them to fix before the plane goes back in the air. >> liz: jeff flock thank you so much for your great reporting there sir good to have you on. let's get to the american tourist kidnapped in uganda. the kidnappers demanding half a million dollars in ransom, fox news benjamin hall has the story in london. benjamin? >> reporter: the first critical 48 hours since the kidnapping have now passed and we're
6:27 pm
hearing reports that the ugandan security forces extended their area of search to include not only the question she went missing but also surrounding areas. kimberly sue endicott, 56 believed to be from california was on an evening drive when four gunman ambushed her tuesday evening they pulled her and her guide out of the car and took them away but left an elderly canadian couple who raised the alarm. the response after that was fast >> the police have suspected to report the security and to actively pursue a group of four unknown gunman. >> the kidnappers later used endicott's cell phone to demand the ransom of half a million dollars and the national park bordered the conflict democrat of congo and that's where the kidnappers are from. authorities have tried to block key crossing points into the drc and of the district and they're hopeful the kidnappers are trapped from the expanded
6:28 pm
search area and there is also a theory it could have been poachers who came across the tour group and just took an opportunity. as it happens the newly-elected president was meeting with secretary pomona yesterday though he answered no questions about the kidnapping and in a separate meeting, pompeo also met with the families of americans detained abroad and urged them not to abandon hope. he also reminded them it was a key priority of president trump to bring back loved ones who are being held abroad, but he also made it very clear, that the u.s. does not pay ransom. liz? >> liz: benjamin hall in london thank you for your reporting, sir. coming up the first 100 days democrats being criticized as delivering another do nothing house, not accomplishing anything, just 11 bills signed by the president so far, we might go now just be seeing green shoots of the democrat moderates, the rise of the democrat moderates it could be the beginning innings of that. this as a fellow new york freshman democrat is now calling out alexandria ocasio-cortez
6:29 pm
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>> liz: we've got reports from the new york times and the washington post anonymous sources reportedly from the mueller team now questioning the way that the attorney general william william barr did his summary of robert mueller's principle conclusion so the washington post reporting these anonymous sources are saying there is evidence on obstruction and it is "alarming and significant" and the new york times reporting last night that some members of mueller's team again anonymous sources say the report was more damaging than william barr revealed in a four- page letter that they actually had separate summaries for each section that will yam barr did not use let's get to kristin tate for her take. what's your reaction for this
6:34 pm
kristin? >> this is a series of unforgivable leaks to the mainstream media by mueller's team who frankly appear to be angry that they were unable to frame donald trump, so now they're trying to make a case against him in the court of public opinion, and remember, liz of the 17 people who mueller hired, 13 were registered democrats, two had actually max ed out on donations to hillary clinton, but the bigger point here is that in america, when an individual is not charged with a crime, law enforcement the legal community does not then go and try to ruin that person's reputation in the court of public opinion and one more thing, the complaints of these leakers make little sense when you consider that attorney general barr was not the only one who had to approve of the four page summary of the mueller report. rod rosenstein did as well the person who initially appointed robert mueller and not someone who is always a fan of donald trump so these leaks are infuriating. >> liz: your point is well taken do you think the american people
6:35 pm
should see the unredacted mueller report? >> i think seeing some version of the full report is something everybody wants even the president has said he's wanted that, but what this is really about is the democrats not being able to accept the no collusion finding. they were betting hard on mueller finding something to impeach donald trump and now that it seems that the report doesn't have that, they really kind of appear desperate. >> liz: the justice department statement in defense of william barr is sticking to the law about grand jury material that it does, by law, have to be kept secret. this is interesting, 17 house democrats who are still serving in the house, they were against releasing the star report back in 1998 but now they're for releasing the mueller report today just like including jerry nadler. >> last year the democrats acted horrified when the republicans released a full report on the alleged fisa abuses this is just hipocracy at its finest but really for the
6:36 pm
last two years the only thing that's really united the democrats is the hatred of donald trump and i think that's what's fueling their reaction to all of this. >> liz: the bottom line is we paid for that report maybe we should just see everything, i don't know kristin you've been great come back soon we love having you on. >> thank you, liz. >> liz: let's get to other headlines for you, tesla ceo elon musk appearing in federal court in new york city today look at this a federal judge told musk and the sec hey, i'm going to give you two weeks to work out your differences. the judge punted on the sec's request to hold musk in contempt for inaccurately tweeting about his company's production numbers , violating an earlier sec agreement and musk today says he is optimistic he can work with the sec and the company other spacex successfully fired up its prototype rocket and now his has an enormous booster called " super heavy" and musk hopes one-day this rocket might eventually take 100 people to the moon, maybe even mars.
6:37 pm
let's get to the fight against alzheimers. the respected mayo clinic found alzheimers may effect twice as many people than scientists previously thought, saying it's really hard to catch symptoms early, as many suffers show no signs of the disease, before full blown onset and we have good news for the pot industry. the house financial services committee advancing bipartisan legislation that would let state licensed marijuana businesses access banks and financial services without having to fear interference from federal regulators we'll stay on that story for you coming up just ahead on the evening edit senator elizabeth warren is mapping out her path to the white house involves throwing corporate executives business executives into jail. this is anti-corporation populism, will voters go for it we debate that next.
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>> liz: we're going to stay on the first 100 days of go nowhere congress that's where we're at right now in the process not much accomplished to fix america , the democrats now hear what we're catching in the polls they now risk losing the white house, because they risk alienating the very same suburban voters that gave democrats the house in the mid-terms, turned off by the democrats big push, for a big government plans to change the rules, to get back and power things like that, and democrats warning that everyone is going to die if you don't do it their way on legislation let's get to former california gubernatorial into for quality candidate john they're saying that the polling is showing a shift right now voters don't like what the hard left is doing, john. >> no they don't, liz and great to be with you. a lot of these kids are too young to remember walter mondale and george mcgovern but
6:43 pm
these were far left populists in the 80s who promised everybody a free lunch and they got buried inland slides. the voters understand this stuff they know there's no free lunch they can see what's going on in venezuela right now and the chaos that's there and this green new deal looks just like something that would come out of venezuela promising free this and free that and the job guarantee for everybody people know that america is where you work hard and you make a living and you enjoy the benefits of capital itch. >> liz: that's right and here is the thing, democrats flipped 24 house seats, they zoomed in hard on health but now even nancy pelosi and her team is pushing back hard against bernie sanders not liking his single payer idea with states like yours, california, rejected, right, john? >> absolutely, and let me tell you, we lost seven congressional districts, we're going to probably win those back and i'll tell you why because people in this state are reacting to the
6:44 pm
outrageous housing cost, the outrageous cost of living, the cost of gasoline and food and water, the rotten schools being made worse by the party in power and people just want to live a good life, liz. they don't want all of this anger and resentment and all this division and i think that the people this state will react and throw them out. >> liz: let's show what democrat s proposed and called for more fairness in the system things like getting rid of the electoral college, creating rights to freebies lowering the voting age to 16 expanding the supreme court even freshman new york democrat representative max rose, he said to alexandria ocasio-cortez you're selling a big government lie, watch. >> this is not the time for milk toast incrementalism, but with that being said though nothing about what i just said would provide a justification for a massive socialistic
6:45 pm
economic policy platform. just not needed. there's no need to lie to voters right now. we don't need the democratic version of repeal and replace. >> liz: your reaction john, quickly. >> all those things aren't going to make life better for people. you got to make life better for people all this stuff about the electoral college is not going to make people's lives better and that's why they focus on that. >> liz: john cox thank you so much for coming in come back soon. coming up former vice president joe biden under fire as three more women say he touched them inappropriately, made them uncomfortable, seven women now are making those accusations and first up senator elizabeth warren has a big message for big business we'll put you in jail if you do it my way that's her roadmap to 2020 we'll break that down, next. fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely. but allstate actually helps you drive safely...
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>> so it looks like you had a really good thing going, talk up wells fargo's ability to open new accounts, get investors excited, and hey, if the stock goes up, by a dollar you make a cool 2 million bucks. huh, that is really interesting phrasing. i'm not aware of any problem.
6:50 pm
you enabled this fake account scam, you got rich of it and then you tried to cover it up at best you were incompetent, at worst you were complicit and either way you should be fired. >> liz: well, that's democrat senator elizabeth warren, and she's now cheering tim sloan's resignation from wells fargo saying in a tweet, about time he shouldn't get a golden parachute he should be investigated by the sec and the doj for his role in all of the wells fargo scams if he's guilty of any crimes he should be put in jail and now warren is trying to get into the white house by trying to fire up the primary base with a new idea we will throw big business executives in jail for things like negligence or data breaches let's bring in don luskin with trend macro. don your reaction to this? >> oh, i mean, i thought when we got rid of barack obama, we got rid of the war on business. remember when he told american
6:51 pm
capitalists, you didn't build that? well now, elizabeth warren is saying you built it and you're going to jail for it. man, who needs that? and i want to know where she gets all of this anger, and who does she think the market is for all this anger against business men? is there just like one voter somewhere like some old guy in a double wide trailer whose got like 12 dogs around his feet looking at the tv saying yeah, you tell them elizabeth so she's going to get that guy's vote, man but i'm sorry we need solutions from our politicians, not just picking the wrong witch to hunt. it's crazy. >> liz: you know, she's not, elizabeth warren has not caught fire in the polls, so i mean, this is interesting, you got howard schultz runs as an independent, he's a businessman, michael bloomberg talks about that and will she get the voter up to your point, over this idea to throw business people in jail >> oh, it's just not an idea.
6:52 pm
i mean, anybody who thinks about it knows it's just not an idea so she's talking about the ceo of equifax, this is the credit rating company that had a big data breach. equifax was the victim, criminal s stole their data, and so we're going to put the victim in jail? let me tell you how we do it in chicago. if i get robbed i call the police and they try to find the bad guy. they don't put me in jail, right so what is she even talking about? >> liz: you know so here is the thing she's also said if you want to start a business you've got to go to the federal government to get permission with the federal charter your take on that? >> [laughter] i mean all i can say is all my life i've been really successful by not asking for permission but asking for forgiveness, and that is the way growth happens. if you have to go to a bureaucrat on your knees and beg for permission to innovate there will be no innovation. there will be lots of bureaucrats but no innovation.
6:53 pm
>> liz: i want your take on the democrats trying to get the president's tax return? >> move along, man. this is just a circus, trump himself says it best. it is a witch hunt. it borders on being at some point, they've just go let the elected president of the united states govern. >> liz: come back soon love having you on. >> thank you. >> liz: coming up former vice president joe biden under fire, three more women came forward, with allegations about his past, after he put up that twitter video pledging to do better. more on that, next. all money managers might seem the same, but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better.
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dad! dad!! can you drive me to jessica's house? ♪ at northwestern mutual, this is what our version of financial planning looks like. tomorrow is important, but so is making the most of the house before they're out of the house. spend your life living. find an advisor at elizabeth: all right three more women step forward with allegations again joe biden, but more moderate democrats trying to make a comeback. let's get right to mary o'grady
6:58 pm
from "wall street journal" editorial page. joe biden has not even announced yet, and all this is happening. >> watching this. it important for people on all sides of all aisles to remember there is a big difference between giving someone a hug and what joe biden is accused of. i think that conflating it is unfair to women, there are men, i don't know about joe biden, but you know we've seen pictures, who take liberties they should not. i think that is what he is accused of. to say, oh, now, nobody will be able to give hugs, that is bologna. that not what people are complaining about, we know the difference. elizabeth: yes, i hear. tim ryan, he is announcing, in ohio, your take. >> i think tim ryan sees an opening, joe biden of everyone's
6:59 pm
favorite moderate. i believe, they say he will run, i think he is in trouble. he already had a lot of negatives. too old and out of it tim ryan is younger, and from ohio. a key state in the electoral college. he sort of reaching out to the yoga vote. elizabeth: he announced on the view. >> i did not know that. he is trying to reach out to the millennial set who wants to meditate. elizabeth: okay. >> he thinks he can cross over there. i think he will have trouble in the primary. the primary is not for moderates. he will hava really fight, if democrats are smart, they will choose someone -- -- elizabeth: we ran out of time, i wish we had more time, will you
7:00 pm
come back. >> sure. elizabeth: thank you for joining us, lou dobbs is next on the fox business network, have a good night. lou: good evening, we're today watching a collision of the most powerful forces in country. make no mistake, those forces, political, economic, are working in the deepest of conflicts. that is the struggle for dominance had. dom. the battle that will decide the nation's future, what america will be if we're to be. country's establishment, big business, k-street lobbyists and wall street mogul, koch brothers and deep state, the swamp. are in public


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