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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  April 4, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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lou: and that is it for us tonight. thank you for being with us. tomorrow night, general jack keane, pastor robert jaffers among our guests. please be with us. good night from new york. trish: the hypocrisy of washington, d.c. on full display tonight as 17 house democrats, dems who once voted against releasing the starr report back in 1998, announce they're all for releasing the mueller report today. amazing what a couple decades and a different political party in office will do, right? these 17 dems, there they are, we have done some research, all these dems that are still serving today, and we have a real cast of political characters. jerry nadler, nancy pelosi, m maxine waters. all of them once felt passionately against the release of the special prosecutor's report. now they are all for it. of course, what do you know?
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on the one hand, i guess this is what's to be expected after 21 years and 10 elections. they know how to play the game. politicians are politicians. but tonight, it's not just these politicians that are sharpening their knives. no. not just politicians. you get the "new york times" perhaps, i don't know, embarrassed that its reporters were so vehemently on the side of the democrats, on the side of hillary clinton? "new york times" tonight insisting mueller's team members think the a.g. went soft on trump and that the information they provided is actually more damning than barr concluded in his synopsis. and you've got commentators on other networks like msnbc trying to take it a step further, saying the report included evidence of collusion with the russians. where are they getting this stuff, right? because mueller did not conclude that. they may be concluding it. mueller didn't. it's a theme that "the washington post" is peddling as well. pardon me, last time i checked,
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mueller didn't find collusion and the a.g., mr. barr, didn't consider the report a reason to bring collusion charges. so no collusion. yet so-called lawmakers like adam schiff and so-called journalists like those in the mainstream media still want to believe the president is a manchurian candidate from russia. get over it, guys. you need to move on. the democrats actually need to figure out sooner or later that if they keep digging in their heels here on this one, it's only going to make their own situation worse. here's why. someone, someone has to get the ball rolling on all of this. think about it. someone said all that scandalous gossip on the initial so-called dirty dossier to christopher steele and fusion gps. steele was hired by clinton's team to dig up dirt on donald
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trump. and then someone at fusion gps was feeding the info to the fbi, who then decided it made sense to illegally spy on americans, americans that happened to be working for a political campaign. this is messed up, right? it's all messed up. and the "new york times" can try and save its story by insisting it has sources that expected more, i'm assuming adam schiff might have been in that group of sources, but what mueller concluded actually meant no collusion charges. and the attorney general of the united states didn't see any reason to bring any. my gosh, what more, what more do they need, what more do they want? joining me for his reaction to all of it, former deputy campaign manager for trump 2016, president of citizens united. david bossie. good to see you. >> good evening.
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trish: i want to share with you straight from the "new york times" here, some on mueller's team say report was more damaging than barr revealed, and then as i said, you got commentators on other networks trying to say there is proof of collusion, they're sure of it, they got unnamed sources, like i said, another adam schiff moment, but again, mueller's report said no collusion so what -- >> look, we all know that mueller came up empty on the collusion charge because there was no collusion. the only collusion we know of was the russians working with fusion gps and glenn simpson to help the clinton campaign. that's what we do know. trish: that's my point. i think we are going to find out some things -- [ speaking simultaneously ] >> we must investigate the investigators. clapper, brennan, comey, mccabe. the entire group, strzok, page, baker. we know every one of their names and we must investigate to find
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out how that insidious fake dossier made its way into the fbi. so let's get into that. let's just talk for a second. the president for the last two years has been saying there were 13 angry democrats working on the mueller probe, that he only hired angry democrats, and what do they do? they put out this report and then we now are hearing that some of these angry democrats don't -- trish: many of whom, by the way, donated to hillary clinton. >> they're beginning to leak potentially about the information that's in the report or not. they need to be held responsible. there is prosecutorial discretion but once you make decisions on charges, no charges -- trish: i don't know if they're leaking or not. i'm getting to the point, i read this story when it first came out, on the "new york times," and i thought well, wait a second, what are they basing this on. it was very sort of theoretical,
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right, that there are some people connected with this investigation that are saying it's more damaging than what has been presented. now we have seen that story spun by other members of the mainstream media, including as i said, you got one person on msnbc today saying there's actually evidence of collusion in the actual report which is similar to what adam schiff keeps saying. i say okay, fine, let us see it, right? adam, you've got all this evidence. let us see it, congressman. we would like to be able to partake in the knowledge that you somehow have. he hasn't even read the report. >> he has no knowledge. adam schiff has no knowledge about much of anything, but he definitely has no intelligence about the mueller report saying there is collusion, or his own investigation being able to prove there's collusion because there was none. so adam schiff, this is all about politics, it's about trying to delegitimize president trump's election in 2016 and trying to harm him for his re-election in 2020, and the
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american people know that. trish: you know what, you're right on that and the american people see through it, and i think that they actually, if they had any political gumption and common sense, they would actually start to focus on meaningful stuff, because americans want something to vote for, not something to vote against. i want to get back to this issue because i'm very troubled by the idea that john brennan, who was running the cia, somehow had bad intelligence because he was so convinced that donald trump was an agent for russia, and yet now he is sort of kind of admitted it may have been based on bad intelligence. how does the head of the cia have all this bad intel? >> well, he's a partisan hack. that's all john brennan ever was and that's all he ever will be. so we need -- there needs to be an investigation about what brennan knew. did he learn anything from his old intelligence sources, did he get information good or bad that he shouldn't have had. those are things, those are things that need to be
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uncovered. maybe a special prosecutor needs to be looking into brennan and clapper and comey and the rest of the cabal. trish: i don't like the idea of that because i'm so sick of special prosecutors at this point. i do have a lot of questions. >> the american people deserve answers and the president deserves answers on how this began. trish: we do. we absolutely do, david. the idea that this dossier made its way to the fbi, the idea that the fbi's out there issuing fisa warrants on innocent americans, spying on -- and by the way, never even telling the judge where their information was coming from, where the source of it was, and that somehow wasn't relevant to them. >> one good piece of news is we know that the department of justice inspector general's report is coming on the fisa abuses, on mccabe and comey. maybe there will be more criminal referrals to the department of justice related to the bad actors within the fbi and doj. so that's to the president's benefit and it's really to the
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benefit of all americans so that we can get the fbi back to the greatness that it once had. trish: well said. david bossie, good to see you. we'll keep talking about this. coming up, congresswoman maxine waters proving once again she doesn't care about the truth. she doesn't care about justice. she just wants one thing. that's to impeach the president. wait until you hear her latest comments. also tonight, the chicago police union is calling for kim foxx to resign after she suddenly dropped all of the charges against jussie smollett. let me remind you, there were 16 of them. 16 felony counts for allegedly lying to chicago police about being a victim of a hate crime. the head of the police union is here tonight and he's sounding off big-time. i will see you right back here with him. -we're doing karaoke later, and you're gonna sing.
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trish: congresswoman maxine waters, chair of the house financial services committee, pretty big gig, refusing to give in on her impeachment dreams despite a two-year investigation that concluded with this headline. no collusion. tonight, a cell phone video is making the rounds on the internet and it's one in which she's saying that she doesn't care that there was no collusion. she doesn't care. she wants the president impeached. i'm quoting actually now from that video. she is seen at a dinner saying despite the fact that we haven't gotten the report yet and we're going after it and it may be subpoenaed, that's being worked on, i'm still seeing impeach 45. i mean, okay, we get it. you have an agenda. who cares about little things like evidence. why let that get in the way of your mission, right, congresswoman? we know what your mission is.
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at what point i ask does this go from absurdity to blatant irresponsibility. here with me to answer this, trump 2020 national spokesperson kayleigh mcennany. i will start with you. i would argue this is increasingly becoming irresponsible of maxine waters. you agree? >> i do. i think it's a big mistake. i think we all need to see the mueller report. there's a lot of noise on both sides. until we see that, we don't have evidence. i also think it's bad politics. i think as a democrat, i think the democratic party has a lot to offer. you saw us win the house in 2018 based on issues. i think that's what we should focus on. trish: you say you want to see the mueller report and -- >> i do. trish: there's a lot of noise on both sides. >> yes. trish: we need to wait to see it. you're not satisfied with the fact that robert mueller determined that there was no
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reason to suggest that there was collusion and you're not satisfied with the a.g. saying okay, i'm not going to press charges. >> no. i would like to read the whole report. i'm not necessarily -- until i see the evidence, i can't say anything other than what i know and we know what william barr has told us -- excuse me, bob barr has told us. i don't know that we know the full extent of the mueller report so i just can't say that. i just want to read it. trish: what i want to know is how on earth this whole dossier wound up in the hands of the fbi and the fbi was out there getting fisa warrants on innocent americans, invading their privacy and their rights. i want to know who was responsible for that. >> absolutely. that launched the fbi investigation which then launched the special counsel probe. this was a three-year investigation when you count the fbi into president trump. he's now completely exonerated. this conclusion was a direct quote from robert mueller, no
11:17 pm
collusion, no coordination. why were the civil liberties of a trump campaign official violated. why was the trump campaign spied on. why were they looking into someone as an insurance policy against president trump's election? it is outrageous and yes, we need to get to the bottom of it. trish: maxine waters is going to continue with her impeachment dreams along the way. the democrats are not giving this up. adam, don't you think that's kind of bad form at this point? let me ask you this, on a personal level. were you happy, were you relieved, were you satisfied when you saw mueller's conclusion? >> well, because i only saw barr's conclusion, i can't answer that. i would like not to believe and i don't know this is true, that our president is a russian agent or colluded with a hostile foreign power. i don't know that. trish: that was mueller's quote. it was mueller's quote cited by barr. it was a quote. >> i agree with her.
11:18 pm
he did say that. it's never going to be enough. >> hold on. hold on. chuck grassley said today he wants to see the mueller report. i have the same position as chuck grassley. trish: i think you all will get to see it at some point, when it's appropriate. >> that's all i'm arguing. i'm just arguing let's see it. trish: you know, but i think there is a headline there and no one in the democratic party wants to admit it. they want to keep this narrative going and they are talking on some other networks about how there is actually collusion evidence in there which is why they all want to see it. i'm fine with seeing it because i'm all for information, but come on, at some point you got to move on and wouldn't they be better off focusing on important things like the economy and 2020 and how they might actually win as opposed to just living out this pipe dream that he's a russian agent. >> that's right. the democrats live in a fact-free reality. they won't accept mueller's conclusion, they won't accept rod rosenstein.
11:19 pm
these are people they hailed just two weeks ago but now they won't accept their conclusions. they are only hurting themselves because you're right, it's about the issues, it's about the economy. but they are so deluded by this president, so obsessed with taking him down that it's collusion all the way, all the way to 2020, even when -- trish: adam, giving you some good free advice for the democratic party. i would listen. thank you so much. up next, the chicago police union is demanding cook county state's attorney kim foxx resign after she dropped all 16 felony charges against jussie smollett. the head of the police union is here, next. plus breaking details on the city just announcing it's suing smollett after he refused to pay a $130,000 fine he was required to pay to reimburse them for its investigation. we have all the breaking details next. next. don't go anywhere. all money managers might seem the same, but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios
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we are here today and very grateful for the top police officials who are here with one united voice to demand the resignation of cook county state's attorney kimberly foxx. we have taken a vote both in the police chiefs associations and with the fop, a vote of no confidence. trish: that was the chicago police union today demanding the resignation of kimberly foxx for quote, blatantly mishandling the prosecution of jussie smollett. chicago police and even outgoing mayor rahm emanuel are so convinced of smollett's guilt they have demanded a $130,000 reimbursement of funds that were spent on the investigation. deadline was today, came and went. smollett didn't pay up. now the city just announcing a short time ago that it's suing him to recoup the money. good. they should. meanwhile, why is kim foxx, the
11:25 pm
one who is supposed to be seeking justice on behalf of the people in this case, why is she dropping it and sending mr. smollett along with a clean record? is this chicago politics at its worst? sounds like it. joining me, chicago's fraternal order of police president, kevin graham, who you just saw in his comments today. it's so good to have you, sir. >> thank you. trish: what do you really think went down? >> you know, first of all, this is why we asked for an investigation from the department of justice, because certainly she had what we consider inappropriate text messages between an attorney in los angeles and the state's attorney's office. this is just one of a long series of problems that we've had with kimberly foxx and the state's attorney's office. trish: she collects all this evidence, you hand it over to her and all of a sudden, you know, something happens and
11:26 pm
there's no case anymore. she just drops it. >> you know, i would guess that all around the country, people are scratching their heads saying how can this happen and certainly when we have officers that come into my office with broken kneecaps, they have had their fingers almost bit off and we can't get felony charges for felony battery against a police officer, you know, there's something wrong in that office. trish: you have seen a pattern of behavior. >> absolutely. a pattern and practice that is being taken out on the good people of cook county and the city of chicago. today, the police chiefs around the county and from one end to the other have all gathered, the majority of them gathered at fop and we with one voice said she should step down. trish: smollett was supposed to pay his fine today, $130,000. you think it was the least he could do. he got off easy, right?
11:27 pm
got a clean record, he's walking away thanks to his friends somewhere that may have known kimberly foxx. he's walking away with a clean record and he doesn't even pay the lousy $130,000? i know it's a lot of money but you know, he makes good money on that tv show. why didn't he pay it? >> you know what, i can't answer why he didn't pay it but i know that the city of chicago is going to try and make him pay it. rahm emanuel sent him a bill. he should have paid it because i got a feeling that bill's going to go up. parking tickets double within ten days around here. i can't imagine what that $130,000 bill is going to be like in a couple of weeks. trish: i know, sir, that you have been pushing for an fbi investigation and in fact, the president has said he wants one as well, because of miss foxx's refusal to prosecute jussie smollett, which he says is a total embarrassment to the country. let me ask you, is the federal government looking into this? what do you know? >> well, they have sent us back a letter.
11:28 pm
they are looking for additional information and we are collecting the information that they're looking for, and that's really all i can say at this time, but i do believe that they're going to be looking into it. trish: all right. we're going to continue watching it, because it doesn't seem entirely fair. >> no, it doesn't. we appreciate fox news and people around the country, we've had people commenting on supporting the police from all parts of the country and we do appreciate it. trish: well, you guys do amazing work and we appreciate it. we know how much risk you take every single day. thank you so much, sir. good to have you here. >> thanks very much. trish: as we reported at the top of the show, media is running wild hoping to spin the whole collusion narrative despite the mueller report which says no collusion. presidential historian is here weighing in on this total lack of self-control which is becoming increasingly
11:29 pm
irresponsible. plus, liberal academia has shown us over and over again they really don't believe in freedom of speech. well, tonight one new york professor has just come out and flat out said it. he said he does not believe free speech should be allowed on college campuses. at least he's honest. we are taking him on here. and the whole liberal academia charade. -driverless cars... -all ground personnel... ...or trips to mars. $4.95. delivery drones or the latest phones. $4.95. no matter what you trade, at fidelity it's just $4.95 per online u.s. equity trade. you wouldn't accept an incomplete job from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase sensimist relieves all your worst symptoms, including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. and all from a gentle mist you can barely feel. flonase sensimist.
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some on the mueller team are frustrated that barr stepped in and cleared the president of obstruction when robert mueller didn't do that and it was unclear his intent when he didn't do that. what we're told is at least some members of the mueller team believe the intent was to allow congress and the public to make their own decision about the evidence. some members of the mueller team say that the evidence on collusion, while not establishing a criminal conspiracy, is actually very compelling. trish: ooh, really. very compelling.
11:34 pm
the media working overtime to promote its whole collusion theory even though the report concluded there was none. that was the headline from mueller, no collusion. yet they won't let this go. joining me right now with reaction is presidential historian doug wheat. good to see you. i made the point this is becoming increasingly irresponsible, irresponsible of the media, irresponsible of democrats right now, but you know, they invested so much of themselves, like on a personal level i believe in this whole idea they were going to prove collusion and it wasn't there. so is this just the aftermath, they can't let this whole thing go? >> can't let it go. i found it quite comical he says one criminal conspiracy but it was compelling. so you are in prison, what are you here for? i was compelling. trish: compelling. interesting word choice. adam schiff, right, tells us
11:35 pm
he's got sources. he's got sources that tell him there's collusion but he hasn't read the thing but he's convinced that there is evidence of collusion. who are these sources? >> yeah. it's interesting, the "new york times" story, if you read that closely, the author did not talk to someone who was on the mueller team. he spoke with an associate who claims that they talked with someone on the mueller team, an anonymous source. it's third-hand. trish: i also say that the "new york times" piece actually seemed very tame in comparison to what i just heard on msnbc and tames perha perhaps in comp to other things we have seen out there today and we've read. i always love to talk to you, doug, because you have such an interesting perspective, so historically speaking, how messed up is this? >> it's real messed up. you would have to go back to the civil war to find such amount of disinformation and what was so
11:36 pm
interesting is for several days now, you will notice, trish, that there were stories on tv with one person after another baiting the other side by saying well, if they don't like what barr's interpretation was, how come the mueller people aren't complaining, then a little pixie dust and bingo, echo, here comes the "new york times" with their article. that will work. so it's just too far-fetched. trish: you think some of it's sort of hearsay? talking to an associate of someone who was on this team? yeah? >> it's too little, too late. the horse is already out of the barn. i mean, if you worked at the "new york times" and a reporter came to you and said president of the united states is a russian agent, you are going to say who recruited him and when did they recruit and where did they recruit and why did he modernize our nuclear deterrent, why did he increase defense spending. it's just so ridiculous. trish: there are so many obvious questions but i still go back to this whole thing, how it unraveled to begin with.
11:37 pm
the oidea that you had someone n the fbi getting that dossier that was paid for by hillary clinton and then turning it over to a judge, never telling them, right, where they're sourcing any of this or that this information is coming from a political opposition army. they never presented that fairly. but they got the fisa warrant and i think that, you know, doug, i guess it's happened before historically, and you know this well, but it's dangerous when you start investigating innocent people for political reasons. >> and what would have happened if donald trump hadn't won, if he hadn't won, the deep state would have run this who knows how far and how long. they would be investigating and controlling and censoring all kinds of people on the other side so it upset their timetable, donald trump's victory. trish: um-hum. well, the american people have a
11:38 pm
voice and they made that very clear. doug, good to see you, as always. thank you so much. we have some breaking news tonight. one college president saying that a college campus is no place for free speech. that's actually not an onion headline. that's the headline from his column. literally, the headline. he wrote in his op-ed entitled "a campus is not the place for free speech." because he says on college campuses, and he writes this, we must strive for something more than free speech. the mission of higher education, he says, is to provide students and all in our community with the information, exercises and opportunities to understand, not what to think but rather what the arguments are and how strong each is. of course, if you're not for freedom of speech, then you're actually trying to manipulate what students in your so-called community are hearing, aren't you, sir. and the information that they're
11:39 pm
getting, right? but perhaps that's indeed your goal. somehow on college campuses these days, the goal is to influence thought and not allow freedom of speech. joining me right now is campus reform contributor, emma michelle and fox nation host britt mchenry. good to see you guys. emma, you guys track this stuff all the time. at least this one's honest. >> the great irony of this story, trish, is that the whole point of this column was to disparage the president's free speech executive order but in doing so, this president actually proved that we need it. they proved our exact point here that free speech is under fire on college campuses. students' rights are being absolutely trampled by college universities and their administrations and we have to step up now more than ever to protect those rights because the fact here is higher education is not allowing students to have the most basic first amendment right when they are on our publicly funded oftentimes
11:40 pm
campuses. trish: britt, it's a little scary. i see it as they have their point of view, there's an agenda there, professors have their thoughts and their political biases and they want the rest of the world to have the exact same political biases. they don't tolerate, they don't allow any intellectual diversity, diversity of thought, and that to me basically is refuting all that academia should be standing for. >> that continues into the workplace, right? how many people are timid to admit they have some conservative views or republican views, and it really starts in the academic setting. i just think that this is the wrong time, besides, you know, this coming out, yes, we have the president signing the executive order, i'm not a big fan of free-wheeling executive orders but as she said, it needed to be done because we need that freedom, we need that liberty to go on whatever path we choose. right now colleges are really coming under fire. look at the usc scandal, i have
11:41 pm
have been investigating what it's like to start a scholarship and the $250,000 minimum at certain schools just to give back. think about that. if you wanted to start a scholarship at your alma mater and setting that kind of threshold and now students feel like they can't even say what they want to. it's a very limiting place. trish: it's really a generational thing. don't forget, these professors are influencing the next generation. you are paying $50,000, $60,000 a year all in and maybe more these days for this education, where you're not allowed to actually explore different views because they have a view they want you to think. >> yes. it does such a disservice to students when they're only exposed to one viewpoint. the best way to get a good well-rounded world view and balanced perspective is to hear from people with different opinions and that's just not what's happening on college campuses, and this isn't even the only column we have seen that is skeptical of trump's executive order. a dean of the berkeley law school actually wrote a column calling this executive order
11:42 pm
unconstitutional which is just hilarious to me because it's protecting the first amendment. what is more constitutional than the first amendment. also, i don't remember seeing anywhere in the constitution that universities have a right to federal research dollars, so it's pretty insane to see the way colleges are reacting to this. really, they should be celebrating it because it is protecting students' rights on campus and it will ultimately promote better discourse between students with different viewpoints. trish: discourse matters, right? we all need to have conversations, we need to be able to disagree with each other intellectually and not get so bent out of shape, and if you are that worried about the other viewpoint how are you ever going to exist in the real world? >> we lost that in the real world. $50,000, $60,000 a year tuition at a lot of these private institutions, compound that with the interest rate, federal interest rate of 5.5%. how much money, we have a generation of millenials paying to not have the freedom to think and learn and be exposed to
11:43 pm
different viewpoints the way they should be. if you are going to make that kind of investment you should be guaranteed that right. trish: hear, hear. absolutely. so good to see you both. thank you so much. coming up next, ohio congressman tim ryan throwing his hat into the ring for 2020, but he might be already out of the running before his campaign even begins. plus howard schultz on fox earlier tonight. we will give you the democrat spoil spoiler handing the 2020 election once again to pre ♪ limu emu & doug what do all these people have in common, limu? [ paper rustling ] exactly, nothing. they're completely different people, that's why they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual. they'll only pay for what they need! [ gargling ] [ coins hitting the desk ] yes, and they could save a ton. you've done it again, limu. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ you won't find relief here. congestion and pressure?
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trish: breaking tonight, a fiery fox news town hall with potential 2020 third party candidate and former starbucks ceo howard schultz. some democrats are kind of worried because an independent run would absolutely fracture their party, leading most likely to another victory for donald trump. our own hillary vaughn is live inside the grand hall in kansas city, missouri where this just wrapped up. how did it go? reporter: hey, trish. well, howard schultz told this hall packed full of voters that he wants to run for president, but he's not going to make a final decision on a 2020 run until this summer. he has, though, decided who he's going to vote for. >> would you vote for joe biden? >> well, i'm going to vote for myself.
11:48 pm
reporter: schultz promising the room he is not a spoiler, even though democrats are worried a third party run would ruin their shot at the white house. schultz says if anyone is at risk, handing trump a second term, it's socialist democrats like current front-runner bernie sanders. >> if a democrat runs who resembles bernie sanders, who says he's a democratic socialist, donald trump is going to get re-elected. on the character issue alone, life-long republicans will not vote for bernie sanders. but they might vote for somebody who is independent, a centrist. reporter: the presidential hopeful painted himself as a middle of the road centrist who could bring both parties together to try to come up with solutions for big problems like immigration and health care, but he mostly avoided detailing his own policy proposals, but he did offer a strong rebuke of how president trump has handled the current trade negotiations with china. schultz said he sees no strategy
11:49 pm
out of these negotiations. he says it was a big mistake to pull out of the tpp. if he was president, he says he would rejoin the trading group. he also said the white house, instead of negotiating with china for a better trade relationship, should team up with them to tackle what he sees as a bigger threat to the u.s., russia. >> russia is an enemy of america. putin is a cold-blooded killer. china is a fierce competitor and not an enemy. reporter: and trish, at the end of this event, people, half the room raised their hand saying they want to see schultz get in the race because they would like to see what he has to say. trish? trish: he said he's going to vote for himself, right? sounds like it might be happening. thank you so much. good to see you. meanwhile, ohio congressman tim ryan, the latest democrat jumping into the 2020 race. got a whole bunch of them now, bringing the crowded field on the left to 17 candidates and still counting. watch.
11:50 pm
>> i'm a progressive who knows how to talk to working class people and i know how to get elected and working class districts because at the end of the day, the progressive agenda is what's best for working families. trish: hm. here's what he's missing. what he's missing is that the party right now has been so corrupted, if you would, by the socialists that they no longer care about the working class in america. this whole rust belt roots of his, his focus on jobs and the economy, that's going to connect with voters in the middle of america but the thing is, he's not going to get the nomination and you can't get the nomination when you got all of those progressive socialists out there increasingly moving the party left. joining me right now to discuss, democratic strategist and republican financier. good to see you both. robert, starting with you, listen, i'm giving you some free advice. joe biden actually has some sort
11:51 pm
of mass middle appeal, right, even despite the sniffing of the hair and all that. he's got a connection with voters. but you're out there chewing him up, spitting him out. tim ryan, i got a feeling you guys will do some similar stuff. not you in particular, but the democratic party. there's this fascination with the likes of bernie sanders and socialists that i'll tell you, if howard schultz runs, you are going to just lose again. you're going to lose to donald trump. >> well, i think a big thing is there are 17 people running. about 10 of them have absolutely no chance to win. the people in the bernie sanders wing of the party, we know they're not going to be the nominee. we know they are not suggesting real policy solutions. i like seeing tim ryan -- trish: how can you say he's not going to be the nominee, robert? people seemingly love him. >> trish, i told you, if bernie sanders is the nominee, i will wear a maga hit on your show. there is absolutely no way bernie sanders is going to be the democratic nominee for
11:52 pm
president. we see that they are in this middle ground, this centrist policy route in the democratic party based on the attacks on joe biden. they wouldn't be attacking joe biden for saying somebody is pretty or patting somebody on the back if they didn't fear him and want to keep him out of the race. i think once the campaign really gets started, we get centrist democrats excited, start talking about economic policies, talking about kitchen table issues, then the poll numbers will tick up. trish: all they want to talk about is aoc and the green deal. >> that's what you like to talk about. trish: $1,000 to every family in america. buy the votes. dan, look, you can float that, right, i get it, offer everything, freebies for all, but the reality is that never works. we have seen it over and over again throughout history. it never works. but what does work is meaningful economic reform, less regulation, lower taxes, freeing up the economy so that people can take care of themselves and
11:53 pm
the government gets out of the way to help people take care of themselves. those are policies that actually work. tim ryan actually, i think, he's middle of the road. he may believe in some of those things but does he get to first base? >> he's got three or maybe four major problems. number one, no name i.d. number two, he can't raise any money. number three, his lane is crowded, mostly occupied by joe biden. maybe biden's deflating and in his wildest dreams, klobuchar fails to fill the void and up marches ryan and he becomes the nominee but then he has to face donald trump. no one's really done more for the american worker than the current president. i mean, the combination of what he's done on the supply side by increasing -- excuse me, by decreasing the regulation, by decreasing the taxes, increasing the amount of employment opportunities on the one hand and -- with trade deals, and on
11:54 pm
the other hand, working to try to control the border and the influx of unskilled labor, this works to create higher wage opportunities for americans. now, what is tim ryan going to do that's better than that? he has no experience, no track record. he couldn't get to first base trying to beat nancy pelosi. trish: howard schultz, robert, are you worried about that one? because he could be the spoiler in the whole thing, right? he could be the ross perot of 2020. >> i'm not worried about howard schultz. actually, i'm glad that he's in the race but i wish he would just run as a democrat. run as a centrist democrat. trish: he can't. you guys would chew him up and spit him out. >> no, well, that's the entire point. if you can't beat a primary field, you can't beat a general election field. the president has poll numbers very similar to president clinton in 1995 prior to his election. you can't expect to beat the big dog at the end. he needs to get in there, wet his chops, show he can win, build a constituency, have his name on the ballot in all 50
11:55 pm
states and if he does win, he will actually have a political party behind him to pass the agenda into law. i love what howard schultz says, i love what he stands for but look, get together, run as a democrat. trish: i don't see that happening but wishful thinking on your part. much more coming up. six months, six pushups ready. up. up. down. down. ah ah! that's one. up. that's two. down. down. get down, get down. hey, who are you? oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, paying for this could feel like getting robbed twice. so get allstate... and be better protected from mayhem... like me. ♪
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did you eat all of your treats? and buy a gator xuv835 ♪ help! i need somebody ♪ help! not just anybody ♪ help! you know i need someone >> women, men. young, old, the way i've always been, i try to show i care about them, and i listen, i shake hands, i hug people, i grab men and women by the shoulder, i say you can do this. it the way i've always been. i try to show i care about them. i shake hands, i hug people, i grab men and women by the shoulders and say you can do this. trish: this is a tweet, a meme that president of the united states september out. you sought whole video there.
12:00 am
he did say, i see you are on the job, presidential as always. funny, see you tomorrow night.g. >> thank you, president trump on the war path. blasting democrat for their never ending investigations so-called collusion decollusion. also "new york times," all over a story claims that mueller report is worse for president than we've been told. but who'll get last laugh? i'm guy bentio benson in for ke. first the investigation. >> so, this charade seems maybe


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