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tv   Bulls Bears  FOX Business  April 6, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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share with us? we'd love to hear it. send me an e-mail or go to our website, connell: thank you, we'll wrap it up, to bulls and bears. david: president trump just wrapping up a round table with border agents in calexico, california, now he will tour part of u.s.-mexico border. >> we have a big emergency at our southern border, the system is full we can't take you any more, whether asylum, it is illegal immigration, can't take u any more. we can't, our country is full. david: this is "bulls and bears" i am david asman, thank you for joining us. joining us. president giving mexico a strong one year warning to fix the evolving crisis at the border.
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>> mexico, i have to say, has been very good, you know that over the last 4 days, i talked about -- since i talked about shuts down the border, if they continue that it will be fine, if they don't we'll tariff their cars 25% coming into united states, if on other hand it does work, which will be. the tariffs will work just like with steel, but if it did note work, i will close the border. this will supersede usmca, that is a great deal, it great for mexico but this will supercede usmca . david: bringing in president trump's former senior policy adviser on trade and jobs mr. cur isi curtis ellis thank r
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coming in. >> the president is not afraid to take unilateral action to defend america's interest, he made a great deal with the usmca, he promised everyone he would renegotiate nafta which was a disaster for auto industry. it all within to mexico. on campaign trail, it used to cars were made in flint and you couldn't drink the water in mexico -- >> let's listen in to president. >> i hope it worked. this is just a concrete prediction or. but the wall be-- protect or,er. the wall behind it, it looks great and better. more effective than the previous wall. we can do it faster, it is less expensive if you can believe it. other thanna, who knows. thank you for being here, a great stretch of wall, see where
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it's going this going up much of it like this, we have different walls. we have some that are holding back water, this doesn't do that trick. we have a lot of big concrete divisions that hold back various parcells of water. this i would say majority would be in this style. some of it 30 feet. some 15 feet, some 12, depending on the area, mutua mutual is re- much is reinforce heavily, and very hard to climb, if you want to climb that, it is sharp on top too, if you want to climb, that you deserve whatever you can get, it anti-climb. a great wall. it looks -- i think it looks fantastic, very see through, you can see the other side that is a very important element, okay. >> mr. president -- >> no, you know interesting
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about california, they are begging me for the wall in san diego. you know, that people are pouring through, going over front lawns to people's houses. they want the wall in san diego. and we did it then you hear they don't want the wall, they want the wall, if talk down -- they wanted it we did a great job, we stopped everybody virtually actually everybody from coming over. it was a tremendous success, but california is always the first to complain, not the people of california, they are fantastic. i am talking about politicians in california, they complain, the wall they want the wall in san diego. but then they are always, first one, so. first one to pulls national guard, they need the national guard, in california. so, we're proud of this. as you know. this area is a area that a lot
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of people used on come through, since we had it up, i think not one person has come through, these people can -- come here say hello to fake news. >> some of us are okay. >> president -- >> we'll see what happens be we want people -- we want everything just perfect. we may going it a different -- you see soon, in a different direction. if anyone wants to speak up about it. i'd like you to gloria. maybe you will say a few words. >> thank you, mr. president. >> in el centur el centro we'ree appreciative of this wall, men and women in this area, were expireconomy per yenning high nr -- e experiencing high number of
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assaults, until these walls were built. for us this is a huge advantage to see what is on the other side, before with old landing mat we could not see the threat on the other side, we would get rocked and items thrown at us every day, with this 30 foot wall we've not this those, in this two miles our assaults have drop head by 65%, just in this area, that is very important to me as a chief, i don't want our agents hurt, i want them here doing their job. in these two miles illegal entries have dropped by 75%, just in this area. yes. the wall is here, people have maybe, around it are breaching the area, they are coming around. >> only way -- they get in by foing around not over. because you have a lot of
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tremendous deem team watching did -- tremendous people watching. when gloria says 65% this is a hundred, we're going further out of day we're building more wall, and going further and further, be at 99.99. >> we will, we have about 11 miles mr. president, thank you for, that construction starts with this type of wall in june of this year. >> we have our -- here. fabulous partners here. >> come on over here. you don't have anybody in hollywood that looks like these guys. >> i am sheriff from central valley of california, i have their others we feel them pack from 400 miles away, each of us have experienced heinous crimes by theme people in our country
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illegal, i want to thank this president for doing the right thing, and standing up for law enforcement in this country, we appreciate it i want you to know that. >> thank you. >> how are you? >> a good one, i am sheriff don young blood, kern county. >> a great group of people. >> we -- we don't have on south end of our county pinal county could we border with pima county, we're working to try too fight the drug trafficking and human traffics that is coming in a couple weeks ago, we were in oval office and issued a challenge for congressmen and women to come down see the border, i appreciate your president leading by example and coming down here, you can see the benefits of the walking, hopefully, as we progress with this we'll see effects in our country, we fight this every day. >> good afternoon, i am mark dapior pima county, arizona.
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this strategic deployment of physical barriers in southern border will always be a part of picture of our national security which is necessary are in for national security, anyone that woulding is suggest we did not have a crisis on our southern border is being intellectually dishonest, we have a compelling crise of public save the with a human traffic, drug traffic sex traf economfic -- trafficking, s not make believe, we applaud effort to of current administration to second cure our border, this is -- to secure our border this is long overdue. pay the pounds of methamphetamine the other day, and 13,000 felicit -- do not tee
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this is not a public safety crisis, not a humanitarian crisis, not a national security concern this is a very serious issue, it is time our government got serious about it. >> the people that are opposed, mostly democrats. republicans are for it they don't come here, we want them to come here, we could take you to seconds now -- section that look nice and calm now, because of the wall, if you saw it before the wall, you could not believe it. we could take you to sections that are so dangerous, you can't walk through them. okay? you can't. thank you very much. all of you. >> we have -- chief here. >> good afternoon, pete flores, director field operations if san diego file office, all california, mexico ports of entry with airport sea port in san diego, from our perspective as we talk border security, it
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means national security at our ports o of entry 50 billion worh of trade that came through just northbound. then this investment and officers and technology, and equipment, what we have our ability to scan, screen and inspect is a tremendous investment how we do business on the border, and securing our border thank you. >> thank you very much. >> i am local media here, we've been covering this for month. so many of these migrants are crossing illegally, how would shutting down the southern border help if they are crossing illegally. >> we'll shut it down if we have, to but mexico can do it easily, you know jennie, they have been doing a good job over last 4 days, we'll shut if if e
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have, to tariff the cars cam cog in they make in mexico if we have, to i want t thank the president of mexico here, is helping mexico too. not only economically and because i won't be forced to shut it down or do tariffs but he is helping mexico. doing a great thing for his country. i want to thank through your camera, thank him. the president of mexico, thank you. >> anyone? >> we've seen letter your lives sent about your tax rushe retur. >> nothing what so ever. i have nothing to say about it -- i got elected. they elected me now they keep going, i am under audit, you don't do it i am under audit. other people are under audit, nobody would do it when you going through an audit. they audit me all of the time. i don't know if they od audit yu sheriff. they would be afraid.
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but, that is it. any other questions? >> general barr for his testimony? >> i don't know about you i think he is doing a fantastic job, he is a fantastic attorney general seeker so respected in department of justice, and by these people. it is what we need, a great gentleman. thank you very much. everyone we'll see you back on the the next stop, thank you. >> thank you. >> [applause] david: selfie time, we listen until the end, you never know when he will speak, president trump at the border, u.s.-mexico border calexico, that borders mechanicaly, they have a -- mexicali, they have a new wall there, 30 feet high, he said not only has it decreases dramatically the number of illegals pouring over the border there, there have been home invasions, and ingins incident ,
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that talking about how some illegal entries had fallen by 70% as a result of what they say result of the wall. we have with us curtis ellis, a senior policy adviser on trade. president was very friendly to the president of mexico who is a left winger. he said, that this president is helping him a lot in culting back on the -- cutting back on central americans going through mexico on their way to the border, that might at same time he talks about possibility of shutting border and tariffs, an oughodd place to be with mexico right now with trade deal hanging in balance. >> the same way president trump targeted tariffs in china, the auto industry is key for mexico.
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threatening tariffs again the auto industry, is a real leverage point, a pressure point you can get response. david: do -- forgive me, do you think that is why mexican president is being so helpful right now? because he was concerned about this? >> that is part of it. they want the new nafta agreement as much as president trump and our people in america want it. mexico did not do well under nafta. a few of the elites did. the people who owned auto parts plants did, but the mexican people as a whole were hammered. the president of mexico. populous leader of mexico understands that they want a new nafta as well. >> president has been talking about an emergency, we heard from a number of sheriff this is a crisis, why would he give
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mexico a one year window if this is something that requires emergency action? >> one year is the outside, he wants to see them do it for a full year. not just do it on day 363. they have to do it today, and keep it up through that full year. that is the window he is talking about. >> curtis, i don't think that anyone -- well maybe on this panel will disagree that president is basely right about mexico they don't do enough to stop, they have drug crime on the border. the whole country is a pass through enly it is like an llc to our country, they need to pay for some of the wall. the way you just -- the car tariff ir. that is our auto industry. to save money, and putting tariffs on it. just to say, we're punishing
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mexico. how will this get to point b where they help us stop the process, which is largely their problem, they are outsources it to us. >> right, as president said if you put a 25 percent tariff on automobiles made in mexico that industry will come right back to mexico. it used to be in flint. you start putting that 25% tariff on, it is as if they had all expenses of being in michigan, you might as well be in michigan. that the put pressure on mexican government they don't want to lose that industrial base that tax base they have. >> this is adam with "fortune" magazine. it i understand from david, helpful in negotiating new nafta bill, we -- treaty. we negotiated a treaty it has
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not been ratified by congress yet. how do you feel -- what do you think the mexican negotiators feel when the president says, you know what, i have new terms to throw at you today, i just woke up this morning and decided there should be new terms. >> that a good question, and a good day to ask, today mexican government said, they are not going to renegotiate nafta. that is their message to the democrats. the democrats, congressional democrat the house, saying, we want to renegotiate over labor protection, and over the pharmaceutical industry protection. and they have to reopen and renegotiate, whole. mexico says no thanks this is it take it or leave it, they will stopped -- respond when president trump says you better do anything about the border. >> why would anyone negotiation with president trump when he
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renegotiates when he feels like it. >> we have a deal, they did negotiate with president trump because we have a deal, we're talking about, i think you are hitting on is the president is not afraid to take unilateral action to defend america's interests. every previous administration acted like the negotiation was like talking to mother teresa, they came in as if they were mother teresa across the table you had pit bulls, president trump is actions like a pit bull, he wants to make sure we get the best deal for america, there is no point in having a u.s.-mexico trade agreement if we don't have a country any more, if we don't have a border we don't have a country. >> this is gary smith, a point that jonus made. i'm not sure that tariffs will help the auto industry. it because very few cars that are maide made -- enterally in ,
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auto sales -- there will be about a 400,000 auto job lost. you will increase the price of cars almost 3,wil 3,000 dollarsd light vehicle sales will go down this is a summer, fec of these tariff -- effect on the tariffs on auto industry, i understand the wall from you know, i keeping out illegals perspective, i agree, but economically, have you seen it does not make sense. >> well, i guess they came up with this analysis today. or in last two days when president said 25%, these are probably about the same cabal of people who said when president putariffs on china, it would cae the stock market to crash.
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but we see what you that turned out. however, to your point, auto industry, also includes american workers. and if in this hype threat call -- i am talking about auto workers. people who work in auto parts plant, president has a responsibility more than just shareholders of ford, gm and fiat chrysler, he has a responsibility to the communities across this country that have been devastated by wholesale relocation of our auto industry to other parts of the world. >> curtis ellis, thank you so much for coming in sorry we had to break in i am sure you are used to president breaking in on what you say. >> i love it. david: all right, good to see you thank you. >> thank you.
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david: joe biden meeting press for first time after being accused of inappropriate behavior, his comments on that and more next.
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>> i made it clear, if i made anyone feel uncomfortable, i feel sorry about that. i am sorry i didn't understand more, i am not sorry for my intentions, i am not sorry for anything i have done, i have never been disrespectful intentionally. david: joe biden answering questions for first time since women have asse accused him of inappropriate touching. >> definition of progressive is changes, it is are you a
11:27 am
socialist? up until this last time around, the traditional judgment of whether or not you were quote a liberal was whether or not your position on race were on women. your position on lgbtq community, position on civil liberties. i'll stack my record on those against anyone who has ever run, running now or will run. if you look at all of polling data and results. party has not moved. david: is he right the party has not moved that far to the left. >> you know, david, i think he is right, but also wrong in the same regard. studies have shown that the average american is that not far left or right, they are some what in middle. the last term of bill clinton
11:28 am
years. biden is right. but all his rhetoric his demeanor, his back story, it does not sell copy. what sells copy these days we know is the aoc's of the world, they are young, they are attractive, they have big bold headlines in their speeches, does not matter if if makes sep or not, that is -- makes sense, or not that is what els sells. >> i don't think if biden who base ebblbasically never moved y needle. >> i have a different take. i'll never behalf political theorist that joe biden is, but i think he is focusing on the wrong things. seriously, he knows politics. i am surprised what he was emphasizing what used to define
11:29 am
a liberal is someone who supports workers, union and equality in the economy 1 the wn the capitalism framework. that is the case he needs to make that would win with the american people, i don't know why he is not making it. >> at this stage, middle candidate has to be quiet. you won't get through primaries, i don't think that party has benefited from marginalizing biden these years. if you are an investor or a worker sh he is probably your pt bet, i don't know what he has done. but at his age, saying, more mindful than a yoga instructor. he is a grown man, it is a different world, you should note write-off biden this early with
11:30 am
this many weak candidates. >> i don't think that is touchiest subject he is dealing with. i agree with gary, in terms of the american people, most people are moderate whether moderate left or straight up centrist or moderate right. i think the media creates this cookie narrative, they are going behind very far left, maybe some young people. i think that joe biden, not that i've trying to give him free advice, but i think he is falling into a trap, the way to differentiate himself is stick to who he is, put out that moderate message. the things that are coming out of his mouth are not no concert with that, i think that is to his detriment. david: it is more than media it is other democrats running for president, you have 18, beto and
11:31 am
mayor peter moderates other than joe biden. but they support the green new deal, and socialize medicine and reparation for slavery, these were far left issues. >> david, the the reason they are supporting those issues is they saw that generated the buzz that scwhregenerated the headlie is no reason for them not to follow. >> gary, stop shooting the messenger. >> i am serious. >> people go where headlines are. >> gary -- gary. they are reflecting important conversations in th the elector. >> no they are not, they are reflecting what gets headlines and poles well, adam. >> 100%, they are actually following fact that aoc is getting covers of magazines, a huge twitter following. they saw that worked for her, they did not know what to do or
11:32 am
differentiate themes or their own message they are all glomming on to that. most of mes them other than bere don't really believe those things, it media and symbiotic relationship that creating it. i agree with gary. david: the biggest sign off i have seen. thank you so much. jussie smollett league troubles far from over. tmz harvey levitt on latest developments in the saga, that is coming next. fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that.
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david: jussie smollett's legal battles are for from over, tmz reports that se city of chicagos preparing to sue the actor. here with us now tmz founder harvey levin.
11:37 am
thank you for being here. have you been following this story from the beginning, how do you think this plays out. >> well, i think jussie is in a box, he has been so clear proclaiming his innocence. that he said he is victim of a real homophobic and racist attack that to settle this thing, and to pay the money is going to create prproblems for him. on other hand. if he goes to trial this is a situation where it is not a criminal trial, which is beyond a reasonable doubt, standard of proof is just tipping scales 51-49. and he is in perilous territory there. he has to make a hard decision both are high-risk. >> this is caroll roth. i would like to get in on a class act suit for my time wasted talking about this. i have to ask you, being out in
11:38 am
hollywood, we have seen a lot of apology tours before. what did you think happens with jussie smollett's career either if he is found guilty by the city of chicago suit or by fbi. or if nothing happens? >> you know, we kind of talk about this before. we have done tmz for 14 years. every time something happens to a celebrity. everyone takes a snap shot at their worse time, they say this going to define them for their life. almost never does. and my guest example -- best example is kobe bryant. he won an oscar last year in 20004 --2004. everyone said he was finished and never get an endorsement. i have seen this so much.
11:39 am
number one i don't think this necessarily defines him. but number two, given what is going on in our crazy world right now, i don't think that this incident is going to define jussie smollett depending on what he does. this will have an impact on him. the way he has drop down on this but i don't think that you know 8 years from now, this will continue to hound him. but the way he handles it will be important. >> harvey this is adam. i found your answer to caroll fascinating. if i hear correctly, all stuff this tmz puts about people, a bunch of sick people send to you invading people's privacy does not have a big ai impact, do you think our society would be better if people stopped send you those. >> i think that is a loaded and very uninformed way of looking
11:40 am
at this. >> i would lop t love to be inf. >> we actually turn away a lot of stuff. and the things we do, this week, you we've been reporting -- broke the story about nipsey hussle which was a big deal. there are bad things that happened and good things, but you suggest that people should stick their head in the sand and not do anything, i think that is ill advised. >> jonas ferris. your point about careers turning back. but does the city come back. you our tabloid is very good, but image now this set progresses back like 10 years, a person gets so much attention for his wrongs and makes everyone think that l.a. is -- is that really hurting your city. and other people. you make it out like that is
11:41 am
what everyone is like who has a story that sort of like this story but this is crazy. you know -- of all media there are a lot of complaining to go around but careers come back but city and people are changed? >> will chicago come back from this? i don't know that chicago has necessarily suffered from this. i think that the you know police chief, you they did an aggressive job, they say they got to the bottom of it i think that bigger issue is the dismissal of the charges after the grand jury issued an indictment, really at state's attorney behest. it does not make sense. but look. state's attorneys come and go they get elected, thrown out, new people get alleged. this not doing t -- going to dog the city of chicago. city has more fundamental issues
11:42 am
it is dealing with right now. >> that is gary smith, i want to go to point you made about dismissal of criminal charge, do you think that was due to his fame, and connection in my places? if it was, and that is my guess, are they going to help him with the civil charges, he'll way just find and settle and it will go away. come back like, kobe did. and so many other celebritys. >> i take last point first, i don't think that this civil case is going to be impacted by what the state's parent did, i think -- attorney did, i think it is opposite could city of chicago, is out for blood on this one. they want this aired and they want what they consider to be justice. our first question, which is why did this happen. i can't give you a good answer, but answer that state's attorney
11:43 am
herself gave to me makes no sense for her to say we do this all of the time is not true, they end up doing with 16 felonies, you get someone to cop a plea to disorderly conduct maybe they put them on probation for a year, i have a feeling people would have been okay with that, but to say we just dismiss 16 felonies, period. just makes no sense. and i i don't think she has explained it adequately. >> are right, harvey thank you so much for being here. >> appreciate it. >> my pleasure. david: new york time column must paul krugman at it again, he says that the president is now trying to kill you, yes, he said that. ♪ ♪ ♪
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we're here early before they wake up. we stay late. we stay informed. we invest in the latest technology. we take the time to train the next generation of doctors and nurses. we work together to make sure we heal their bodies and their minds. ♪ we do this not because it's our jobs. but because this is about our veterans'lives.
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this is our mission. more than 300,000 of us working as one. together with families and loved ones. no matter where they live in this country, we'll be there. we all come together... ...and stand together to serve our veterans. we stand strong. united. stand with us in caring for our veterans. david: paul krugman sounding the alarm on president trump's record of deregulation. writing an article, entitled, "donald trump is trying to kill you." do you remember election night that krugman said that markets would never recover from a president trump presidency. >> he lets his political bias move his economic analysis.
11:48 am
that is easy to do, economics is not a real science. this whole thing with killing that disturbing. you can disagree with a lot of these policies. you could do damage. but to say you kill people, if you really think about governmental wayis alwaysmakingl people, they are often in best interest of country, going to world war ii kills people. and ain raising the speed limit kills people. some people die because of the medicare, that does not mean it is a bad system, i think he is bringing up meat packing thing. a lot of industries, can regulate themselves well because their brands and businesses are so valuable, a government but create ibureaucrat is not geeino
11:49 am
make it safer, this killing thing is overboard. >> it very overboard, krugman raises the wrong straw man. it was all about deregulation, it is government's job to regulate. to look out for us, to take care of us from trade told -- from cradle to grave to be our nanny, mother and dad. we've gone so far to that extreme, that is not what this country is founded on. the government is there to protect our borders, ajudicate disputes and assure fairness, not income wise, like adam would want, but fairness judiciarily, not government's job to regulate to do this poll leavers to be like wizard of oz, that is where krugman gets it wrong. we did a great job all along being a great democracy, a great
11:50 am
thacapitalistic country, that i- >> i am gearing up. >> thank you. >> so inspirational. i'm tearing up. our recession -- >> watch the irony. >> i'm not going after you the way i did with that other guy. our regulatory framework is pride of world for our problems, including with boeing right now, jonas -- we need government regulators who kept our food safe our airline safe, and i can go on and on. but i will defer to caroll. >> well, i want to say, i am not a doctor but, my unofficial diagnosis that paul krugman suffers from tds, that is trump derangement syndrome, it
11:51 am
permeates every thought. i am a fan of deregulation on all kinds of things, federal and state level, getting license for hair braiding, when it comes to safety, i do think that there is a limited role of government, because both government and private sector have -- for government to set some standards that is fine, but they are too ow-- onerous, we have far too mh regulation here. david: i am surprised people have not taken other side, how many people are die if we outlaw carbon energy, mainstay of the green new deal, freeze to death or boil to death in the summer. how many people will die if we have socialized medicine, there is good stats that in britain they die 10 times rate we do because of hospital borne illnesses. krugman put it out there.
11:52 am
you can take other side. >> environmental will not look after itself, in theory the government has to do something. but to your point, and -- even caroll, mcdonald's would not need food regulations they are not going to damage the valuable brand over getting someone sick. does that mean a local restaurant that can go out of business does not need a food inspection no they need regulations where there is no brand and value. david: i have to thank krugman for something, that is stirring up a good conversation. >> howard schultz takes a stand, saying what america real needs is an independent. is he right?
11:53 am
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run with us in the unstoppable john deere gator xuv835, because when others take rain checks... we take the wheel. run with us. search "john deere gator" for more. david: former starbucks ceo,
11:57 am
potential 2020 candidate howard schultz took a shot at two party system. >> how many people in this audience believe that u.s. government is doing well by you, your family and the american people. raise your hand. how many? so i would say majority of people, correct me if i'm wrong, don't feel as if the country is meeting or at a minimum exceeding your expecting. david: are americans not getting our money's word out of our government. >> well, david it is -- a difficult argument because, again it goes to the last segment. i don't think of a government on a cost benefit basis. like the head of condo association, just want to have a walwall paintinged and stair wel cleaned, i don't want to think i am paying the fees. the association is working for
11:58 am
me. >> condos are better in europe. i like howard schultz, i think he it a great job, i like to think he is a grey poupon candidate. the short coming. government is not run as well as governments abroad. it done better by other governments, part of that is because we have most dynamic private sector, which is good. impeachmentmenpeople want to wor starbucks or google and not the government. that does not give us carte blanche to run government as badly as we do. the train should not be this bad. democrat need to improve how government does with budget they have to increase budget. i think that public would be good on it then. >> gary and jonas, have you missed the plot, by design. government cannot be good at
11:59 am
allocates resources you can never have a handful of people who will be as appreciate and effective as the me market. imlg that governmenanything thas involved with will be lesser quality and more of a cluster. >> have you been on a highway in italy or a train. why? >> if you go -- you could outsource that to private sector. but that said, things this different should to, they should be in charge of infrastructure. and military. >> they screw it up, that is my point. >> we -- david: we have a find military, the pentagon screws it up. >> but the reality is that they are not efficient in anything, they are things they should focus on any independent who gets into race should be focused pairing down government and making it more efficient by making it smaller, you can't depend on having a great group of people in there who are all
12:00 pm
of a sudden -- geniuses. geniuses. geniuses. david: we'll see, that is it for "bulls and bears." thank you - [announcer] the following is a paid advertisement for the hoover smartwash. when your throw rugs need cleaning, you toss them in the washing machine, easy! if only you could do the same for your carpet. instead, here's what carpet cleaning looks like for many of us, hauling around heavy, bulky rental machines. they're a hassle. and do you really want to bring someone else's dirt into your home? and then there's all the mixing, soaking, waiting forever for your carpet to dry. no wonder we sometimes give up and call in a pro, but that's a whole other level of pain! they're all over your house, you're left with a damp carpet, and it costs a fortune! sometimes you just want to give up. now there's an entirely new way to get your carpets looking and feeling like new again.


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