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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  April 8, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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s is the big thing. lou: absolutely. couldn't agree with you more kayleigh mcenany, vince coglianese, thank you both. tomorrow we hope you'll join us, thanks for being with us tonight , and goodnight, from new york. >> here are your market movers at 5 a.m. deer stand neil son out as they look to bring more muscle to border enforcement details on her replacement and what it means for the crisis at the southern border. more air travel headache, courtesy of beau welcome the airline is canceling a 90 flights per day with no sign of stopping. 2020 white house hopeful beto o'rourke weighs into middle east politics with a jab at benjamin netanyahu speculation swirling as book is to be close on cory booker's campaign. and how far would you go to score some free food? how some local customers are inking their bodies for free pizza and it is not even free
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pizza for life. it is monday april 8th, fbn:am starts right now. >> and here's how your money is move at 5 a.m. let's take a look at the u.s. futures as you can see pointing lower at least that's what it suggests dow off 66 pontes and nasdaq down a couple of a tenth percent in europe same story down -- modestly so down 34 and dak and dow moving and up a a percent. meanwhile in asia mixed bag as you can see shanghai down slightly but the hang seng up and in south korea essentially flat to just slightly high or. >> all right welcome everybody to fbn:am good morning i'm cheryl casone. >> and good morning lauren simonetti. >> big news breaking over the
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weekend deer staying on for at least a few days. >> griff jenkins in washington as new information helicopters to unfold. griff. >> at the white house which surprise all of us announcing resignation followed with a tweet saying i have agreed to stay on at secretary through wednesday. april 10th to assist with an orderly transition ensure that key dh missions are not impacted but she'll gone led the agent since the end of 2017 she was the most challenging in tush lengt times as a surge at the border has increasingly grown in a letter expressing some frustration writing this, i hope the the next secretary will have this support of congress, and that courts in fixing laws which have been impeded our ability to fully secure american borders and a which have contradicted to discord in our own nation's discourse former acting i.c.e. director, and fox's contradict tore tom had this to say.
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>> other right and hands tie in many ways but president is frustrated as what's going on southern berld and pointed in a different direction. meanwhile democrats who have been critical of the secretary particularly after family separation fiasco react aring to news speaker pelosi issuing this statement saying it is deeply alarming that the trump administration official who is put chairman in cages is resigning because she's not extreme enough for the white house's liking an house homeland security chairman bennie tomp sanseiing his tenure was, quote, a disaster from the start. now, current custom and commissioner kevin will take over as acting dhs secretary and is no stranger to border issues, after decades in work there having been since the last administration and president obama in 2014. he's a well respected, border official by members of congress and within the administration as a top immigration officer, we shall see exactly where things
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head and whether or not will continue in the job. cheryl. ashley. >> griff thank you very much. it is a crucial time for the crisis at the border what the fallout from the resignation is dhs secretary. bring in of the london center for policy research. great to have you on this. good morning. >> what is is the fallout here, this is a crucial critical time for both the president and for the border crisis as we're getting more and more migrants families flooding through is this a good or bad thing that neil son decided to walk away right now. >> it is actually a very good thing because this is one issue that president trump ran on and won on. and we haven't seen a great amount of progress on this e illegal immigration concern that are facing the country right now. kristin was not as strong of a player that i think, nation pghtsed her it be and a lot of allies she had are no longer there. she was a protege essentially of cali who has since resigned and
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they were had big fans of hers but the president has since moved forward and i think he's realizing that this problem hasn't gotten better. it is only gotten worse, and that is a big slap in the face for the administration. so i think this trump support reverse celebrating this widely. and i'm sure democrats are going to be celebrating it until we get a new one in who is going to be just as tough going to be hopefully tougher than christian neil son was. >> right now cuss testimony and border protection commission and what do we know about him? >> well i think he's going to present some concernings again or for trump's base, he had backed the obama catch and release policy and a lot of that is why we still have is problems today. essentially people bring children over border and declare asylum they release them with a promise they'll come back for the asylum hearing and number of returns for hearings is record lows. they don't come back, and essentially that has been the wave of children coming across the border because a lot of these adults recognize that is
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their key to get in. where if it was adult without a child they're deported much quicker or quickly. this is a problem, and he's been behind that. so maybe there's going to be a stern talking with the president and honefully they'll be able to get past that because right now this one of the biggest problems we have with illegal immigration coming over border. >> look at jesse j.76,000 and change arrest at the u.s.-mexico border just in the month of february. 76 ,000 so you know those that say there's not a crisis need to look at numbers we're seeing here. do you think we're out of point and point with border, that threats against mexico, that the controversy over essentially closing border do you think this is the right moment for the president to get a win on border protection? >> well he no choice. 202 is beaten down the door, and we have seen only a larger increase of numbers, 100,000 in mar alone came over the borders that were that is topping numbers record numbers that are
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reaching the numbers that we have seen historically in the 90s and the 2 ,000 era so that this hasn't dropped so i expect that he's going to get tougher on this issue because we have no choice it is a humanitarian issue. we're talking about children that are coming over some have died in this long journey and president is going to have to lock down on border because otherwise mexico is not tag this seriously as they allow them to come in from guatemala at no cost for them but and let him in. thanks for getting on breaking news for us this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> also breaking overnight, carlos ghosn is out at nissan shareholders voting tokyo to remost of former nissan chairman from company board following his arrest while financial contact charges back in november and chief executive apologizing to shareholders for the scandal. ghosn arrested for a fourth tomb last week on new charges after being briefly released from the
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detention on bail now ghosn denied any wrong doing calling his most recent arrest outis ragous and arbitrary. well american airlines now extending cancelationings of 0 flights a day through early june. after the grounding of boeing 738 max jets american now admitting that the prolong cancelation whats could disrupt travel for some flyers. the airline has 24 of the boeing planes in its fleet and 737 max has been grounded worldwide following two deadly crashes in ethiopia and indonesia. >> pin interest is expected to ip organization range price below last evaluation according to regulatory find technician they preipos investor he is in 2017 at 21 and 54 cents each to value company at about about 12 billion dollars. pinterest set to start trading on nyfc under symbol pins seems appropriate. marking the public debut of another high profile tech
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company. >> all right let's talk about lyft. they are threatening to sue morgan stanley accusing firm of supporting short selling. ahead of its ipo accusation comes just a week after lyft made its nasdaq debut morgan stanley isen didding that charge. trading has been rocky since lyft has been public and stock 9% of the first day. but it fell 12% by the second trading day, and on friday it rallied 5% then trade back by the ipo price of $72. >> heads to the polls tomorrow to decide whether to extend prime minister benjamin netanyahu long tenure in power and promised ann exjewish settlement if he wins the election. >> here at home 2020 democratic presidential l hopeful beto o'rourke slamming netanyahu at a campaign event in iowa saying he doesn't represent the israel or peoplageing them a race racist. >> this is somebody who in a
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previous election warn that arabs were coming to polls racism this is someone joined forces with far right parties who were inharntly racist in their speech and the way they want to treat their fellow human beings. >> net ya with hue is facing strong challenge from bennie a popular former military chief there. >> all right there's some other headlines making news this morning. britain is facing another brexit decline, yes another one only l five days remain before country is set to leave e.u. prime minister theresa may doing an emergency summit in brussels wednesday. meanwhile british lawmakers are considering proposals to force may to ask for extension rather than leaving without any deal at all. criminal charges could be possible for people behind several leaks surrounding the russia investigation. the republican congressman devin muñiz telling maria bartiromo that eight criminal referrals are being prepared he says five of them concern people accused of lying to or misleading congress.
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>> they're anonymous sources. and they always say something to the effect of, current and former senior officials. so we think we've got a pretty good idea of who some of the sources are behind these leaks. >> when muñiz say he's been working on referrals for more than two years, they want to wait until the confirmation of the attorney general william barr. in chicago, cook county state attorney kim fox is defending her offices decision to dismiss charges against actor jesse smollett claiming "empire" star is did not receive special treatment fox says low defenders received same treatment with defer prosecution she accuse of communicating during about probe and she'll run for reelection when her term is up. next year, despite calls for her to step down. >> mean tile shazam flying high at the box office.
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his name is kathy sparkle fingers. >> no that's not my name. >> who won -- like a bad guy. >> usually did opposite of what a superhero is supposed to do. >> syping hero calling in or not pulling in 53 million bucks in ticket sales over the weekend. handing d.c. comics latest success coming in a disabt second was universal's pet cemetery request 25 million, and that is what's happening now. >> also happening over the weekend with, 54age yule academy of country music awards lighting up las vegas last night entertainer of the year award going to a familiar face. >> and the winner is keith urban. no stranger to title and won entertainer at the year at the cma awards an jason aldean getting big recognition winning artist of the deck kid as for
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ladies, casey taking home best female artist, and album of the year, and this is crazy, this has wowed the crowd with her debut sticking performance surrounded by country music stars that included carrie underwood. ♪ >> whenever you go -- ♪ that song was many memphis upcoming movie break through and viral news on twitter miranda lambert took a shot at blake shelton. rules about that. thank you, cheryl. still ahead, still ahead -- first it was all about collusion. now democrats say attorney general barr is trying to cover up results of the muller probe the fireworks that could when he heads to capitol hill tomorrow. get this get going to the gym, one study says this is one relaxing activity is just as good for your health.
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attorney general william barr will be in the hot seat tomorrow he'll set he's set to testify before congress as hes faces growing questions and democrats concerning the piepgdingses the special counsel robert mueller's
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investigation . could be interesting. joining us now attorney misty from washington examiner common many tear right there. thank you both for joining us bright and early this morning. misty let me begin with you. look democrats are creating or are a not all is being revealed that it is all cloak and dagger an sanitized to mawk the president look better. how much pressure will the attorney general come under and what can he release? >> well right now i think the pressure is tremendous on the attorney general. but he's actually doing the right thing and he's doing what he's obligated to do under the law. to ensure that certain information is kept secret for instance, specifically grand jury material cannot be disclosed to about a sent court order so certainly the attorney general is doing his due diligence in making this determination classified information, information about peripheral people who were not
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charged ongoing investigations. he's doing what he's supposed to do now. i think what we see him in that hot soot he's going to be peppered with questions. keeping in mind that this particular, testimony is supposed to be relating to the 2020 budget tomorrow. not really the report. but i think we're going to see them go off beaten path try to get information about mueller report what he sit in that seat tomorrow. >> right, and you know let's face it once the mueller report was released it was leak uh-oh what are democrats going to do now two years worth of collusion, collusion, collusion this was the only play they have right is to give the impression that we're not getting whole story from the mueller investigation. >> yeah. democrats are trying to, you know, pull tooth and a nail here in trying to cease on any line or word that can infume president trump in the mueller report, and while we only got a very small glimmer via bar memo sent to congress, about the principle findings about mueller
5:19 am
report democrats are really on this -- on this you knowing this drum that william barr is trying to cover up the investigation, and you know, while there might be information in the report that is damaging the president trump it is all about about election season at this point we're year and a half away and democrats are not looking for anying a toll try to get at president trump. >> and talking of which let's move on to the tax returns there's anotherring a that will they've been hammering away at i want to run a soundbite to get your reaction from acting white house chief of staff mcmol vanny say never see the tax return and here's a interview with fox news. take a listen. >> you believe democrats will never see the president's tax returns. nofnlg. never. nor should they that was an issue litigated during election. voters knew the president could have given his tax returns they knew that he didn't and elected him anyway that drives democrats crazy. >> all right misty let me have
5:20 am
you weigh many on this president say i'm under audit. could this get tied up in the courts and could it go all the way to the supreme court? >> i think we had will see this go all the way to prater so now what democrats are doing is seeking tax records directly from the irs, under a portion of the tax code which -- could allow the tax returns to be released to the chairman of the tax committee to a very small select is group in congress. however, what the president is absolutely and should contest to this and try to block that because there is no precedent for using this provision of the tax code in this way. so you know what that means -- that means we're in a courtroom, and a judge decides which way that this will go. so to the extent you want them soon i don't think you're going to see them if ever once we're in the legal system. >> i think you're right. and we know irs has been used to -- target conservative groups in the past. here's another attempt to weaponnize the irs. correct?
5:21 am
>> it could be. i'm all for transparency i want to see the mueller report i would like to see president trump tax return but democrats have tainted intention here they're in the business of transparency for wrong reason because they want to use for political reason and plul gain and going after president trump in 2016 for not releasing his tax returns you know they're trying to same angle l here in 2020 anding to arm thmses with type of ammunition they didn't have in 2016 because they don't want to talk about policy issues because -- a lot of things they seem to be losing on. >> i think you're right all right thank you so much for join us this morning we appreciate it. >> thank you. thank you. let's take a look at how your money is moving on this monday morning right now, kind of a -- according to a lower opening here dow down 61 and four and three quarter nasdaq down 13 and three yearts in premarket. coming up, two students accused of scamming apple at a nearly million dollars worth of ieg
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simple. easy. awesome. >> bruno mars this was a great story are in hot water after a very lucrative scam.
5:26 am
tracee carrasco has a crazy story about these kids. >> pretty amazing how they were able to pull it off but these two oregon college students well they were gettings these counterfeit iphones from china that wouldn't turn on. then they would take them l to a a physical claiming that they weren't working wouldn't turn on there take a warranty replacement phone sending become to china and then sell the phone in china get that money, one of the students's mothers was actually funneling that money into a fund so they would be able to get the money in total about 1500 iphones were returned between 2017, 2018. breaking it down it's about 600 a phone so in total almost 900,000 worth of iphones. but now the two kids, they are facing yeah they're facing federal charges apples says, though, the issue here was when they take the phones to apple if or the warranty replacement,
5:27 am
usually they check to make sure it is not a counterfeit phone but if they can't turn it on often times they give them that replacement that's how they were able to get away with it. >> too bad they go to prison because that was a smart one. >> they have it for a while let's talk about tesla model three owners scratching their over there what's camera in interior is for and now elon musk is answering that question. >> so there are eight cameras on the new tesla model three but there's one in the cockpit area, doesn't do anything just yet. but elon musk says one day you might be tiebl make a little money from that if they do have their autonomist, their ride hailing network that plannen pas out. so he tweeted about this yesterday kind of when he was asked about it. had said, quote, it's there for when we start is competing with über lyft and people allow their car to earn money as part of the tesla shared autonomy fleet incase someone messes up your or car you can check the video. so he kind of detailed this plan
5:28 am
previously where you would be able to essentially run out your tesla for a ride hailing service when you're not using it. and that camera is there to make sure things go okay. >> privacy issues you can turn it off if you don't want it so that is the option. but does it really turn off? >> that's always the question. so skeptical. tracee thank you very much. see you in a little bit. coming up comex a measles state of emergency blocked in new york county we're live with new local action expected ted and one of the most famous treats in easter season. love them, love them. but you won't believe what one company is is doing with a cadbury cream l eggnog i hope. you're watching fbn:am. your daily dashboard from fidelity. a visual snapshot of your investments. key portfolio events. all in one place. because when it's decision time...
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so, you're open all day, that's what 24/7 means, sugar. kind of like how you get 24/7 access to licensed agents with geico. hmm? yeah, you just go online, or give them a call anytime. you don't say. yep. now what will it take to get 24/7 access to that lemon meringue pie? pie! pie's coming! that's what it takes, baby. geico®. great service from licensed agents, 24/7. >> caught up on global market action fresh off friday job report pointing to slightly
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lower open and big news for earnings kicking in, though, dow is down 56 in premarket s&p down four and quarter to europe all eyes on u.k. as friday said approaches for divorce from the ement will it happen many are doubting that as a you can see pressure on european markets to asia stocks following up with mixed and shanghai slightly lower. >> and shell said busy week ahead and wall street gets become to business with a full plate of the economic reports among highlights, factory orders today, and start of pinterest road show wednesday will bring consumer prices and minutes from the federal reserves last policy meets also getting data with reduce prices along with weekly jobless claim and week wrapses up on friday with a fresh look at consumer sentiment something to consider and we're watching for new developments in the latest round of pus china trade talks, of course, with the white house saying significant work remains. cliff director of the investment
5:33 am
for cornerstone wealth joins us now. let's begin with china because we're taw about it every week it seems. are we gettings closer, there's still some stumbling blocks how long can this drag on? >> good morning ashley. great to be with you. and yeah, yeah china headlines is the gift that keeps on giving there have been -- non stop headlines that see trade truths that we got, you know, in december. along with pivot rally 23% from the bottom. we do think that a trade deal is eminent as we have been told almost constantly by administration or larry kudlow. but it remains to be seen if it is gung to be enough to bos the markets. >> that's the big question cliff is this already priced in so i guess the only surprise would be to downside right?
5:34 am
>> anything is possible in markets so we're in the camp that any additional boost from a trade deal is going to be a temporary pop, and that at some point fund mdgeses start to matter genal, and market is is is just has been looking through deteriorating data. >> with that in mind we have earnings kicking off later on in the week. and the sense that -- earnings growth is slowing down, and how much of an impact will that have i guess as always with earnings it is guidance that is always critical point as markets look the way the economy subpoena and how it is impacting company. >> guidance is going to be absolutely key. right now consensus expectations are for a decline in first quarter earnings. but the market is really looking through these as a temporary blip. but to your point, guidance is really what we're going to be focused on . and it's been a little disheart aening that as far as first quarter earnings go, the prereleases on negative announcements versus positive
5:35 am
has been 3-1 so that has us concerned. >> quickly cliff they set the bar low how much can we really read into it? ming that's a great question. like i said fund mengtses on this china trade deal with concern about the fed. so we've got to see some pickup in the economics in order for these marketses to keep going, first quarter earnings are huge on that front. >> they are indeed and market is waiting cliff thanks so much for joining us this morning cliff really appreciate it. >> thank you . well, also this morning there's new action expected today as a measles outbreak has hit rockland county new york weighing legal option after a judge ruled against attempted ban. he's live in rockland county with next step on this story. todd. >> good morning to the two of you in a few hour the rock land
5:36 am
county attorney will be back here at court, after a judge friday said the counties use of the emergency declaration was, quote, misplaced. that 30-day declaration barred unvaccinated children from schools, houses of worship and other potential areas even kids with a religious exception after hit with 167 cases of measles as of last friday. in ruling against the declaration, the judge said that measles outbreak did not rise to the level of an epidemic. but leaders here disagree saying the county needs to be proactive which could include issuing another ban. >> this is a public health crisis as tied to -- >> yet despite the increasing threat reaction to the the ban still mixed. >> have to get your kids vaccinated and putting kids at risk. by not doing it and it is not right. >> i am not afraid to stand up
5:37 am
for people that don't want to put into their body. i am not afraid. i grew up in new york city. i had the measles in 1978. i am in the afraid. >> during the first three months of this year alone, there have been 87 measles cases in 15 states the second highs number of confirmed cases this century currently 17 states allow exemptions for those who object on personal moral, or other grounds, so far only 3 states, mississippi, west virginia, and california require nearly everyone to get vaccinated exceptions not allowed. back to you. >> interesting stuff todd thank you. appreciate it . >> there are other headlineses making news for you this morning. fisher price issued warning to warrant who own the company's very popular rock and play sleeper. ten babies have died while using this since 2015 is a the company says children older than three month learned how to roll over
5:38 am
should not use rock and play, the death os cur when infants manage to roll on their stomach or sides when they were unrestrained. well democrats cory booker well behind fund raising and raised more than 5 million dollars since he entered race but that's near the pack of a pack and fund raise aring roughly ten month ago before the start of primary streeting. meanwhile colorado democratic senator michael bennett saying he's watching his own presidential bid despite recent diagnosis of process taut cancer. he says they'll have surgery during next congressional recess this month. ing burgser king is getting grilled over the ad being called out for an advertisement for two chicken sandwich, and the vietnamese sweet chilly tend or crisp ad aired in new featured e attempting and failing to eat the chicken sandwich using giant chop sticks. social media says ad is in well poor taste.
5:39 am
and when do you get what do you get when you -- this is when a chocolate company teams up with a condiment company i can barely get this out, as very serious new invention hines and cadbury release a cream egg flavor mayonnaise -- what would you do with this one? compare it with waffles or put it on cupcakes? >> i don't know if you can do anything with it. i can't read that. that sounds disgusting. >> cadbury cream eggs bottom line that is -- stomach churning. all right still ahead, crisis or for facebook losing faith in the social media giants over recent account information leaks. what can it do to turn it all around and yes tonight there's the ncaa plane's basketball championship after 64 teams are down to two. we have all of the details on the big game. keep it right here on fbn:am.
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facebook urntiond fire social media giant smarting that user accounts exposed generally an they went back to users. let's bring in right now global cio she's the author of we should say the brand new book principles for living extraordinary life. rhonda, welcome. let's talk about this face it you've been in technology,
5:43 am
obviously, for decades and companies are rying to get a handle on cybersecurity. do you think that facebook and a google are really l doing enough to protect user data? >> gosh this is such a great topic all over the world it is global. i think are they doing enough? everyone can do more. they could do more. they could do more they're doing as much as possible a topic for a long time so -- >> also you can't -- they're not going to let them regulate themselves anymore they want to step in and become a government issue. globallies that's something that you've seen first hand. j globally and whole regulatory topic is -- is one of just such a hot topic my advice is for everyone to gain back trust, for the users is actually be transparent, on what they're actually doing -- with the data. and talk about their next step to regulatory. >> well that's the big topic as well something else that you've been involved in you've been watching kind of women in technology, and leadership roles ceo, cfo role and frankly doing
5:44 am
done and if you look at the break down of the fortunate 500 right now you've only got 2400 females with 500 and 64 females cfo's. this is something you talk about in the book but it is also a platform you've been engigged with for a long time getting more women into jobs. >> passionate about it and passionate making sure that right women get the right jobs for outcome driven cheryl and i think this was a whole topic within itself. so women being in technology, quite frankly they're not enough. but you also want to make sure that when you build out your candidates slate, in a company, you make sure you have a diverse slate, but also make sure that right person is getting the right job not to slide a token in there but really passionate to me because it is such result driven. you want the women in that job that's beginning to actually drive results. >> you talk about that on book
5:45 am
grit and griengsd the fact that it is up to ceos and to upper level management to be mentors to examples that we're bringing up next group of females in technology. >> talk about that, right the book talks that. and it is so important to dive down into the organization, look at the level of all a of the women or male dominant or whatever it is cheryl, and make sure that you are bringing them up. what do i mean by that? invest in them whether social skills, nonverbal, identify them early on. top performers, puts them in unkivel positions, give them assignments that are global and get them to what i call lean out to get out of their comfort zone. >> lean out. good one. all right rhonda thank you very much. congratulations on the book. rk thank you, cheryl thanks for having me. all right let's take a look at u.s. futures before wall street opens we're in new trading week pointing to a lower open, dow up 58 and s&p 500 nasdaq saturday
5:46 am
cent or two point. did you see this cincinnati reds out for yasiel puig. he was leading out let me tell you taking on virtually the entire pitch pirates roster going to get to bench clearing brawl next. we're not seeing right now. but take my word for it. that's the beginning of it. here question go. giving you a taste and do you love it enough to get a tattooed on your body? the shocking length some go to get free pie i understand it i don't know if i would do it. all coming up on fbn:am.
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>> this is big breaking news
5:50 am
there's a heat wave expected here in new york today. >> are you sure? all right well senior meteorologist janice dean live in the fox weather center with with the details and janice when those thinkings happen had at this tile of the year it could be snowing by friday, right? >> very true ashley, unfortunately you're right we won't get snow here in new york. but in other places we could get quite a bit of snow. but heat wave okay we're in the 70s here in new york city. 70s ul and down the coast for daytime high we are looking at a front that's moving through and the potential or for not only heavy a rain. but severe storms including large hail damaging winds isolated tornadoes not getting up towards the northeast but certainly for southeast parts of the mississippi and tennessee river valley. again in the areas shaded in yellow and green where we could see the strongest severe storms later on today. and heavy rainfall so this is the next five to seven days you can see the flooding rainfall potential here. and the incredible amount of snow for april across the rockies, the northern plains and upper midwest some areas could get a bull's-eye over a foot.
5:51 am
here are your highs today again -- for new york city -- so this is tuesday we will get into the 70s but then cooler temperatures move in on tuesday. we are seeing that cooler air across the northern plains upper midwest and rockies where we will see potential for several inches of spring time snow. >> snow out there somewhere . janice thank you very much. for today is going to be same to you there's such a thing. all right thank you very much van nice a huge week in sports. kicked off sunday night a great game the battle of the caa championship game. we have highlights for you. good morning. >> of course all weekend long like a men's game to defending champ notre dame and lady bears and in tampa bale or girch away a 17 point lead tied at 80 khloe drives for two point lead 82-80 then notre dame -- would get fouled as she would
5:52 am
drive to basket, goes to the line needs to make both shots. and looking on but would miss the first one and that would prove critical but difference in the game has baylor win it is 82- 1 this is the third national title for the ladies bears out of the first in 7 years. tonight in minneapolis, it is men's championship, one of these schools either text tech or virginia will win first national title. washington one tipoff after a 9:20 eastern time and of duke one of the trophy top college basketball player he joins kevin durr aren't and anthony davis only freshman who have won honor. wednesday we have a start of the stanley cup playoffs thursday the masters, saturday the nba playoffses right now baseball. a good old fashioned brawl yesterday in pittsburgh. minus any real punches trouble started when derrick drop his be the after he admired this nice home run yesterday baseball they
5:53 am
don't like when you celebrate and say hey look at me so next time he came to battle what happened? well he got thrown out in classic style as pitcher chris 93 miles an hour, right behind him they go to give the warning, and then the next thing you know befnlg is cleared and he's one of five player who is gets ejected into this game. a whole lot of nothing. but the yellow and red looks good together. do over. do over. do over ball hit the roof. oh wait it is not a do over when baseball hits the roof in fair territory it is houston minute maid park it is a fair ball. oh. i didn't know that. a weird one allows okay land to or score is two runs but astros won a game on walkoff run and it is fair. game on. round bases. like bees flying around. >> no. no. right. so yesterday the swarm of bees attacks in anaheim any time before, look -- things up and they went away.
5:54 am
>> man up. come on. mike trout cutting a buzz and fourth straight game. jared thank you. catch more beeses with honey yes you can. that's worth humming. stop right there -- all right we're getting to that. please -- someone stop it. [laughter] get sports reports on fox headlines siriusxm channel 115. >> coming up a new study that says you can forget gipping to gym and same benefits in your own backyard. >> how far would you go to get pizza a question i asked every day. the extreme some are are getting to get unlimited number of slices details when fbn:am returns. ♪ i'm working to keep the fire going
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for another 150 years. ♪ to inspire confidence through style. ♪ i'm working to make connections of a different kind. ♪ i'm working for beauty that begins with nature. ♪ to treat every car like i treat mine. ♪ at adp we're designing a better way to work, so you can achieve what you're working for. ♪
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5:57 am
ash new study says ditch the dumbo and pick up -- cheryl: tracee carrasco with the story. what is this? tracee: but there is a new study that says leisure time, physical activity maybe just as good for you, maybe just as beneficial
5:58 am
and healthy, so this leisure time physical activity can include everything from dancing, going for a walk or gardening which gardening also has some additional benefits like it helps fight depression, helps with anxiety and helps people feel part of a community, it increases the quality of life and life satisfaction. ashley: not my garden. [laughter] tracee: doing these things, other types of physical activities can for only 10 to 59 minutes can lead to 18% lower risk of death so getting out and doing something. cheryl: not sitting in recliner. [laughter] cheryl: this story i know that you're into. would you get a tattoo for free pizza? ashley: never, i like it but not that much. tracee: they got a tattoo for
5:59 am
free pizza, 48 free pizzas totaling $400 for thorough pizzas, this is the blaze pizza in des moines, iowa, partnered up with local tattoo parlor and if people gotta oo of the -- got tattoo of the logo, they got free pizza, if they got a flame they were able to get 24 free pizzas. ashley: that's it? tracee: that is it, yes. i want to mention there was a contest in russia, dominoes pizza contest, you would get 100 years of free pizza. ashley: 100 years? tracee: yes, they had to shut the contest down. too many people walking around with pizza logo. ashley: russia story but no -- [laughter] cheryl: i wouldn't get a tattoo.
6:00 am
let's take a look at futures before we hand it over to maria bartiromo. ashley: big week, lots to consider for the market. cheryl: we will see you in varney & company. ashley: indeed. cheryl: mornings with maria starts right now. maria: big week, earning starting off first quarter this week, good morning, everyone, thanks for joining us, i'm maria bartiromo, top stories 6:00 a.m. on the east coast right now. kirstjen nielsen is out, what it means with crisis at the border this morning? devin nunes firing warning shot at democrats and fbi and doj, reveals exclusive interview with me on sunday morning futures he will be sending 8 criminal referrals to the justice department this week over misconduct during the russia probe. this coming ahead of the attorney general william barr's testimony on capitol hill tomorrow, we wil


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