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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  April 8, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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where else do you go but out of the in streets? go ahead, john. >> david, people rather see young person not working for $8 an hour than no one working for 15. david: that is it for "bulls & bears." see you back here tomorrow. liz: tonight the bad he will for the border. now that kirstjen nielsen is out at homeland security, two 2020 democrats saying yes, the border is a problem. it needs fixing. you won't believe the names. president trump is being criticized moving to potentially fire and let go more border security officials. this as economists analysts agree what we've been reporting, get at the root cause of the crisis, corrupt, lawless central american governments triggering migrant outflow. we're on that story. also tonight, what our sources have been telling us, democrats will lose in a landslide in 2020 if bernie sanders is the nominee. now a top republican agrees.
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we'll tell you who. as joe biden he has not even declared he is running yet. he is moving to rebrand himself. we'll tell you how. how the democrats are trying to rebrand joe biden more oblivious than predatory. we warned you it is coming now happening. far left socialist democrats that backed socialist alexandria ocasio-cortez they have now launched a new blacklist targeting any moderate or centrist democrat who disagrees with them and is not progressive enough in order to knock them out of the primaries. we've got that story. this as president obama is now out criticizing these extreme far left saying you could effectively cause democrats to lose in 2020. you're too rigid. you have to compromise. that is what president obama is now saying. as democrats now realize they do need a plan b instead of robert mueller who democrats now admit did his probe by the book. the plan b is this, real policies america will accept if you want to win in 2020.
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plus this story for you tonight, health officials sounding the fire engine red alarm over a new super fungus, so deadly, that hospitals have now had to physically rip out entire floors and ceilings. it is so invasive, that is how bad it is. this superbug is a fungus. it is hitting the weakest patients across the globe. we'll tell you what it is all about, where it is, if it can be stopped. president trump going to war over his tax returns. we already showed you the road map how we can wage this battle at the supreme court level legally. now the white house is saying yeah, we would go to the supreme court to do just that. also this developing story for you tonight, actress felicity huffman is among 14 suspects now set to plead guilty in the largest college admissions cheating scandal ever prosecuted in u.s. history. we got the details and more. i'm elizabeth macdonald. thank you so much for joining us. "the evening edit" starts right now.
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liz: we have all the angles covered on border from edward lawrence in d.c. to fox news's casey stegall on the border in texas. begin with edward lawrence at the white house. reporter: a major shake-up at the white house. department of homeland security secretary and head of the secret service ousted. kirstjen nielsen resigned sunday hours after she had been with the president on the border. today she took the high road talking about the administration border policies. >> i share the president's goal of securing the border. i will continue to support all efforts to address the humanitarian and security crisis on the border. other than that i'm on my way to keep doing what i can for the next few days. reporter: the white house saying they wanted somebody stronger on the border. the administration in the department of homeland security job.
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the administration could still run into legal problems here. the federal judge in california within the last hour offered an injunction against the president's man to return non-mexican asylum-seekers back to mexico to wait for their court hearing. the administration today also naming u.s. customs u.s customsr protection kevin mcaleenan, as acting department of homeland security secretary. house speaker nancy pelosi released a statement talking about all of this. america needs a homeland security secretary who will respect the sanctity of families, honor our proud heritage as nation of immigrants and restore sanity to this administration's policies. the president removing randall alles, the head of the u.s. secret service. releasing a statement he served well over the past two years as head of that agency. white house on international stage for the very first time ever declaring part of a government a terrorist organization.
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the white house declaring part of the iranian government as a possible terrorist group. just listen to secretary of state mike pompeo. >> the islamic republic's revolution theirry guard corps participated in terrorism and activated other terrorist groups. irgc masquerades as legitimate military organization but none of us should be fooled. reporter: critics worry that this will push iran to go directly after u.s. allies in the region. the secretary says doing nothing will do the exact same thing. they're concerned about iran's movements. liz: edward lawrence, thank you very much. let's take you to the border. mexican officials warn that the need by the trump administration to move border officials off of their other jobs at ports of entry in order to deal with the flow of migrants, it is now hitting u.s.-mex trade. stalling out tens of millions of autos and auto exports parts
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into the u.s. all of that stalled out at the border. casey stegall in el paso, texas with the story. casey. reporter: this sector in particular in el paso has been getting slammed especially when it comes to large groups of these migrants showing up and turning themselves in. the majority from central american countries seeking asylum. according to customs and border protection more than 70,000 apprehensions have been made in this one sector alone as of the end of last week. that is so far for fiscal year 2019. so 70,000 apprehensions in this one sector alone since october compared to 9,000 apprehensions for the same period of time just last year. there has also been an uptick in the number of unaccompanied minors taken into custody here. and the agents themselves tell us, that is probably the toughest part to see.
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>> it is hard to not take that stuff home, especially see kids that are sick. see kids by themselves. seen a 2-year-old, 4-year-old by themselves crossing the border with no parents with them. reporter: older sections of existing fence or barrier put under under the secure fence act are getting replaced with better materials and upgraded in certain vulnerable locations this is not new wall under president trump we should point out. infrastructure that was already paid for and was already built. and when it comes to delays in terms of getting across the border, a lot of the ports of entry and international crossing bridges like the one back here have seen significant delays because the cpb officers who normally work these lanes to inspect all of the vehicles coming in from mexico have been diverted out to the field to help border patrol agents. over the weekend commercial truck drivers trying to move imported products from mexico
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into the united states reported wait times of more than 10 hours, just to get across the border. liz: thank you, casey stegall at the border in texas. so much of what is going wrong here, critics have said what is going wrong here over the decade are bad policy choices, awol congress and bad nonexistent messaging the both sides of the aisle say that the border what our values are, america is pro-immigrant and helping poor and destitute. the a aisle lease are crowded out in the system for people coming here for a job, even migrants admit u.s. al asylum laws don't allow. ken paxton, texas attorney general. he is doing a shakeup beyond kirstjen nielsen. what is your take? >> the president has discretion to have whoever he wants in his cabinet. if he doesn't think he is getting done what he needs done he has to make a change. this is obviously an important issue for him.
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and he is moving forward with his agenda. liz: senator dianne feinstein quote, homeland security has 10 top positions filled with someone in just acting capacity. dhs without a secretary a deputy secretary, i.c.e. director, a fema director and more. what is your take on that? >> so i don't have a problem with that. acting gives somebody an opportunity to see if they can prove themselves on the job. so you know may not be a bad idea to have a few acting positions to make sure the trump administration is getting what they want. liz: jeh johnson, homeland security secretary under obama says the crisis at border is real. here are the numbers. apprehensions soared in march, nearly 100,000 arrests. at that rate dhs officials say one million could be apprehended by year-end. let's get to the sound bite. it is bernie sanders who says it is bad at the border. bernie sanders now says democrats are wrong to say let's do open borders. he saying that is not my position. watch. >> who do you think is
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suggesting opening borders? >> you're an activist for opening -- >> no, i'm not. i'm afraid you're getting your information wrong. at that is not my view. >> i apologize, thank you. >> what we need is comprehensive immigration reform. i don't think something we can do at this point, can't do it. liz: 2020 candidate beto o'rourke is against open borders. he too supports parts of a wall. >> i'm not for open borders. i do think there are places where physical barriers alongside the 2,000-mile mexican border makes sense. liz: what your reaction there since? >> surprising from beto last week i think he said we should tear the wall down. obviously both of these candidates are starting to see the truth and sounding like president trump and calling attention to an issue that needs to be dealt with by congress. liz: national security advisor said john bolton repeatedly said according to reports that he
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warned the president that kirstjen nielsen was not the right person to run the agency. your take there. >> i don't know. i wasn't privy to conversations with john bolton but i think the president has the right to change whoever he wants in those positions. given the crisis and the number of people crossing the border i think he felt like he had to make a change to move this forward. liz: ken paxton, texas attorney general. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. liz: what is congress doing to fix the issues at the border? we'll debate that coming up. actress felicity huffman is among 14 suspects set to plead guilty for their roles in the largest college admissions cheating scandal in history. we'll show what you prosecutors are doing in the case to get the guilty please. we have late-breaking details coming up. ♪ anna, do you yes! those plans?
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liz: welcome back. you're watching the fox business network. to the college admissions cheating scandal, the largest of its kind in american history. actress felicity huffman is among 14 suspects now set to plead guilty for their roles in the scandal. former prosecutor doug burns joins us now. great to see you, doug. >> thank you. liz: were you surprised by the plea? >> no. they had some people on tape.
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that is gold standard, like it is hard to defend when you're on tape. that's point one. point two, particularly respect to those who are famous actresses in hollywood, i think they're making a smart move. liz: why? >> to preserve their career and also public relations in general. they have a very marketable commodity. again, you know, that is out of my area of pure law but i think it's a good move, particularly if the evidence is strong. obviously if they had a chance of fighting the case i as a lawyer would. liz: 15,000. >> that is great point. if you look at felicity huffman what she did real quick, just for everybody to understand is, they told her she was going to make a charity contribution, okay. that is interesting because you and i discussed before the legit way of doing things versus illegal way. the legit way, i'm donating 15,000 to x university or y college. here is was clear to her it wasn't a 15,000-dollar charity. they were changing the kids scores. liz: yeah, yeah.
6:17 pm
i mean now that is irs problem. >> might. liz: felicity huffman statement saying in part, quote, my daughter knew absolutely fog about my actions. my misguided profoundly wrong way i betrayed her. my desire to help my daughter is no excuse to break the law or engage in dishonesty. here is the thing, doug, we were reporting on camera prosecutors are going to add another charge, money laundering if people continued to plead not guilty. >> that is great point. that is part of the plea bargaining process. look we charged with you mail fraud, honest services mail fraud but we're contemplating money laundering. simple translation if you don't take the plea we'll add that. i'm not being cynical but the point is, part of this case, i'll trying to help my child so people can relate to that. again maybe a little more public relations than law but the point is -- liz: do you think they threatened bill macy in this? >> that is the other thing. in tax cases very often, i hate
6:18 pm
to make it reverse gender, honestly usually the husband. they turn around and start implying we may charge your wife. i have seen that many, many times in the last 30 years. that is another thing that can induce a plea. here to your question that might have been the case with bill macy. liz: shines a light. >> sure does. liz: how unfair it nice no question. liz: you've been mad about that for some time. >> absolutely. liz: doug burns, great to see you. thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> we'll stay on the story. bring mr. burns back for more analysis. get back to the debate heating up over the border. we see it from polls and from washington and complaint around the country where is congress fixing the border? let's ask republican congressman tom reed from new york. he joins us on the phone. what is your take, sir? where is congress on fixing this? we hear a lot of criticism directed at the border but where is congress's fix? >> obviously congress is missing in action liz and i appreciate being on with you. this is a problem with
6:19 pm
leadership. this is a problem with not solving this problem everyone knows how to solve it. it will take that political leadership and will to get it done. liz: congressman, the third rail is separating families. that policy was started under obama and george w. it was enacted as zero tolerance under this white house. thousands separated including 245 after it was stopped. this is condemned by both sides. clearly didn't work as deterrent, sir. >> i agree. that is why hopefully folks know that is a possibility going forward. if we don't fix the law, if we don't take care of martin case and other substantive issues are barrier to keeping families together you will leave the administration with no choice but to do that. that is wrong. this isn't administration problem. is congress' problem, failing to lead and solve keeping families together. liz: there are so truth apparent to the story. the president pointed it out
6:20 pm
keep families in dough tension centers. he pointed out congress's failure to act and fix it. court orders put the white house in that position. your take on that? >> that is absolutely correct. i think the president nailed it. when he said this is congress' failure to act caused this problem, he issued executive order. there is questionable legality of that. where is the objection from folks in congress, hey, let's fix it. let's take care of it? the president should be applauded for doing what he can to keep these families together when it is barrier in congress causing them to be separated to begin with. he is absolutely correct. i applaud the president for it. liz: when he went to the calexico border the officials there said the border crossings dropped 70%, home invasions dropped. here is senator kamala harris out with a statement saying in part the next secretary of dhs
6:21 pm
must be committed to reuniting families, protecting human rights of those seeking asylum. sir, there is issue of loopholes that is migrants no how to work the loopholes to come in. we have bernie sanders saying no to open borders. that is not the way to go. beto o'rourke says no to open borders. that is not the way to go. every country, practically every successful country in the world have border policies people around the world respect. how do you get democrats to the table on this. >> call them out for the falsehood they're selling there. that this is somehow the president's fault. this is congress's fault. each one. individuals you cited are members of congress. they are senators that have accountability in this. they should be acting rather than blaming the president of the united states. this sneads to be a congressional fix. i will call them out for it. it is failure of leadership. now they're supposedly running for presidency and they can't fix this problem within their domain?
6:22 pm
that is wrong. they should be held accountable. liz: also about the root causes. corrupt lawless central american governments triggering the migrant outflow. do a quick change of topic, sir. you're on ways and means. the democrats continue to gun for president trump's tax returns. we're looking at the law. i covered the irs for years and testified twice before congress about irs reform. we dug into the law. the president can turn around and ask for house speaker nancy pelosi and every other democrat's tax returns as we've been reporting on this show. i mean that is it what we have seen. you know, what are you hearing on ways and means when it comes to this fight? can you tell us anything new about the fight over tax returns? >> you know, obviously we on ways and means on republican side are very concerned they're weaponizing a tool the chairman of the ways and means committee has to insure they're proper tax administration, but weaponizing it for political purposes this is very dangerous slippery slope. if you empower the ways and means chairman to go after
6:23 pm
someone for political reason you opened up pandora's box, you think lois lerner tea party type of scandal where they targeted people for their idealogical beliefs. if you empower this, you will open up a whole new level of targeting in the political arena with the weaponnization of going after someone's tax returns. liz: congressman tom reed, thank you so much for joining us. well rely appreciate it. come back soon. >> will, liz. liz: boeing weighing heavily on the dow after boeing cut back on monthly 737 max jet production. after a downgrade from bank of america merrill lynch that caused the stock to go down at the open. the dow would have been up if not for boeing. boeing knocked off 118 points off of the dow. take a look at the s&p 500, eight straight days of gains there. the longest winning streak in eight months on strength in the energy sector. let's get to the tech-heavy nasdaq, delivering the highest close since october 3rd. the nasdaq is up 7 of the last 8
6:24 pm
trading sessions. coming up a new deadly invisible killer, slamming u.s. hospitals. panicking hospital officials. it is around the world. it is preying on people with weak immune systems. it is so bad, it is so invasive, hospitals have had to resort to physically ripping out ceilings and floors to get rid of it. we're on that story. also ahead, now president obama warning democrats, hey, you have gone way too far left. you are too ridge gid. you rigid and be more compromis. fears grow that president trump could win in a landslide 2020 if bernie sanders is the candidate a new poll favors joe biden as the front-runner. details coming up. ♪ do you want to become
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you're watching the fox business network. coming to the bottom of the hour. a deadly drug resistant superbug fungus. it preys on people with weakened immune systems. it is so invasive and so deadly it's a quiet kind of a thing of the it is spreading across the world. it is already sickened nearly 600 people here in the united states. most of the cases have been detected in new york city, new jersey and the chicago areas. joining me now is emergency medicine doctor. good to see you. >> good to see you. liz: this is scary, what can you tell us about it? >> this is significant emerging global threat, because it is causing significant serious infections, about a third of those who acquire this disease, invasively will pass away from it because of the multidrug resistance. liz: how quickly can that occur? >> can occur within two to three months. it takes time for it to occur, to kill you. liz: how do you get it? >> so that is the thing, you can get it from not washing your hands.
6:30 pm
see it with patients in nursing homes, in hospitals. patients with weakened immune systems, newborn babies, senior citizens people hiv-postive or diabetes or on some sort of medication that weakens their immune system. but the problem is, is that difficult to identify and it spreads and it is becoming more common. liz: what are the symptoms? >> most people develop fever or chills but the problem is most people that have it, they're already sick with something else. so it prolongs that diagnosis and usually an astute doctor will determine, uh-oh, we need to look at something else since antibiotics are not working. >> so bad in mount sinai in brooklyn they had to take out the ceiling replace the ceiling. was all over the room. i haven't heard of anything like this? how do you stop isn't what do you take to stop it? >> there are different classes of anti-fungal medications. liz: like what? >> fluconisol.
6:31 pm
different classes. for most people work pretty well. there are 600 cases in the united states. 300 were here in new york. 100 in new jersey. let's keep in mind, usually targets those who have weakened immune systems. taking care of yourself, getting a diet, plenty of sleep, exercising, not smoking, don't really have much to worry about. but we need to worry about health care providers overprescribing antibiotics and overprescribing anti-fungal medicines. the fungicide used on crops that is creating this multidrug resistance. liz: i want to switching gears, the space station is overloaded with bacteria. did you hear about this? nasa scientists are worried about that. what is going on there? >> same concept. the bugs will overgrow. liz: into the metal. what kind of bacteria are they? >> all kinds much they're evolving and developing these
6:32 pm
mechanisms of survival. scientists are currently figuring out ways to find out why this is happening, how we can stop it and how we can prevent it, take care of the patients who have it. now some of them will need multidrugs at higher doses but for some of them, the drugs we have right now don't work. liz: bacteria in outer space, my god, doctor, it sounds scary. we are a family show. we had to hit at it all. you enlightened us. it's a big deal. it is important you came on. >> thank you. >> we'll have you back on again. the great dr. neshwatt. following several other developing stories. actress allison mack of the hit tv series "smallville" pled guilty to blackmailing two woman as part of a sex cult. they described the cult as a racketeering operations responsible for crimes including things like sex trafficking. the alleged cult leader faces trial later this month. get you to nike.
6:33 pm
it will not respond to allegations and claims by former stormy daniels attorney michael avenatti. he is saying that nike allegedly tried to bribe top college basketball players. avenatti is facing federal charges trying to shake down nike to the tune of $20 million. michael avenatti is is faking separate charges taking client money to pay his own debts and using fake tax returns in order to get millions of dollars in loans. how would you like to fly from new york to london in just an hour? scientists are working on hyper son i can jet travel plan. it got a step closer to make happen. the scientists have to figure out to stop the engine. the engine on that type of plane, could physically melt down at 2500 miles per hour speed. finally this story for you, a billion viewers, estimated 10 countries are expected to watch each episode of the 8th and
6:34 pm
final series of "game of thrones." that series premiers this sunday on hbo. coming up, democrats are bolting, running away from bernie sanders "medicare for all" and alexandria ocasio-cortez's green new deal. we have new numbers for you. here is what is happening. what critics have been warning all along. democrats are now fearing that voters will not like this government take over of this country that has never been seen before anywhere in the world. the fear is that it could cause democrats to lose in 2020 in a landslide. we'll explain coming up. ♪ things will be tight but, we can make this work. ♪ now... grandpa, what about your dream car? this is my dream now.
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6:39 pm
white house. hillary vaughn on capitol hill with more. >> two-time presidential candidate senator bernie sanders went from the front-runner, leading in fund-raising and but leading the conversation. democratic socialist sanders pushes his policies in the mainstream of the party. democrats are rushing to repeat his rhetoric on the campaign trail. sanders over the weekend in iowa saying capitalism is leading the united states towards an oligarchy. two other candidates thinking about running for president, south bend mayor pete buttigieg and former starbucks ceo howard schultz are following up with their own critiques of capitalism. >> if you want to see what happens when you have capitalism without democracy you can see it very clearly in russia. it turns into the crony capitalism. that turns into oligarchky. >> we do have a small crisis of capitalist. what you mean by that is, the rules of engagement for a company today, given the fact
6:40 pm
that the government can't solve all these problems, businesses, business leaders must do more for their employees in the communities they serve. reporter: even though sanders is shaping the conversation. a democratic strategist said it is still anybody's game for anybody in the race. >> what is interesting, you're seeing people come at it from a lot of different ways. not everyone of these bernie sanders positions is being endorsed by every candidate and there are some that are. reporter: schultz is the not only billionaire sounding off on capitalism. billionaire investor ray dalio, says capitalism as it exists now in america is not sustainable and needs to be reformed. liz? liz: hillary, this is shock, what the thinking is. when we started covering the 2016 election our reporting indicated that trump could win. we were early out of the box on this show giving that heads up because we were tracking trends. now we're tracking this trend and it is a warning sign for the democrat party. here is what is going on.
6:41 pm
democrat candidates, visited 115 cities in 20 states in a month. now it looks like bernie sanders is emerging as the front-runner. as former white house chief of staff republican reince priebus agrees what we're seeing in our reporting. that democrats are swinging so far left, so extreme they risk losing to trump by a landslide. >> i think running against bernie sanders or elizabeth warren, kamala harris, i think some of those folks that are out there right now, these nice will have a hard time in wisconsin and michigan and pennsylvania. i don't see that resonating on to have of this, this, you knows universal health care talk and talk about socialism and free everything. it isn't going to work for them. we're going to really hand the silver platter over to the republicans. liz: joining me on the phone is
6:42 pm
republican representative bruce westerman. he serves on the budget committee. sir, bernie sanders is the front-runner. let me back up, we were one of the first on this country on this show to track trend, we were not surprised president trump was going to win in 2016. a lot of people were surprised, we weren't. we saw the trend. this trend of bernie sanders leading the way as rbc poll says the joe biden is most market friendly democratic candidate. what is going on with the democratic party? >> liz, the further they keep going to the left, promoting these ideas like big government-run single-payer health care, the green new deal, all of that, we'll see president trump even get stronger in the 20 to election. liz: you know what is going on, sir? the voter is smart. they know that democrats are whipping fastballs by them when they don't talk about, they refuse to discuss, to tell the voter how will you pay for that? it's a simple question. people who run the family
6:43 pm
budgets, know the kitchen table issues, they get it. here is joe biden. joe biden doing something happening right now. he is rebranding himself as the obama-biden candidate. watch. >> the idea all of sudden the democratic party woke up, you know everybody asks me what kind of a democrat? i'm an obama-biden democrat. i'm proud of it. liz: here is president obama, hey, democrats you're going too far left. watch out. >> i do worry about sometimes among progressive in the united states, when we start sometimes creating what is called a circular firing squad? where you start shooting at your allies because one of them is straying from purity, on the issues. liz: sir, your take? >> i would hardly say purity they're straying from but they have created a monster they
6:44 pm
can't feed now. i think it is going to devour the candidates like joe biden, any other who wants to get more to the middle than what we're seeing from the democratic presidential candidates. liz: now we've got the socialist democrats we'll talk about later in the show out with a blacklist going after moderate democrats. henry cuellar held his seat for two decades. it is one of the safest seats. our tax, go to pay interest on the debt. social security is 30 trillion in the hock. it is not solvent. neither is medicare, medicaid. trillions of dollars going towards the programs. the american people are not idiots. they understand what the pocketbook issues are, where their taxes are going, sir. this looks like one big belly-flop of a move to go with bernie sanders according to our sources? >> i agree, i think the liberals are starting to take the american public for granted in the 2016 election. they see where that got them.
6:45 pm
we hope to keep moving down the road, because we'll see president trump reelected 2020 i think by larger margins. if that is the gameplan they continue to implement. liz: representative bruce westerman, thanks so much for joining us. >> good to be with you, liz. liz: coming up, did you hear that? me neither. the it is deafening sound of radio silence from the democrats. we're finding plummeting support for their socialist policies like the green new deal and single-payer. we'll break that down next. stay there. ♪ car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, paying for this could feel like getting robbed twice. so get allstate... and be better protected from mayhem... like me. ♪
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liz: look at this breaking news. the u.s. is planning to slap tariffs on the eu, tariffs on the eu in retaliation for the eu giving big government subsidies to airbus. they will basically, the ustr trade rep is looking slapping tariffs on commercial aircraft and helicopters. the world trade organization says the u.s. ignored its request to halt subsidized tax break for boeing, in the state of washington. that is back and forth fighting going on. that is what is happening right now, breaking news. take to you congress. there is deafening radio silence with democrats after the green new deal senate vote. now just 91, 91 house democrats support the green new deal. no 2020 democrats, zero, like it at all.
6:50 pm
democrats also running away from "medicare for all" because, basically that and the green new deal would unleash socialism on this planet like never before. "medicare for all" support has collapsed in the house. just 107 democrats support it. now this, only two, only two 2020 democrats support it, including fulls sy gabbard and tim ryan. the others are doing radio silence. after nancy pelosi made exceedingly rare move. she slammed bernie sanders's single-payer to the "washington post" for first time ever. nancy pelosi never does this she talked about its costs. she said it is $30 trillion in costs. show me, how you get there. see what "medicare for all" means. a lot of people like employer based insurance. it is 30 trillion-dollar price tag. what do people get in terms of care? what do they pay for along the way? great to have you on, kelsey, from the heritage foundation. 30 trillion she said.
6:51 pm
your take. >> right, democrats in general don't like talking about the cost of any of these massive programs they're calling for so it certainly says a lot when the leader of their party is speaking out but i think we also need to realize the other defacto leader of their party is alexandria ocasio-cortez who is pushing these massive government takeover plans like the green new deal and like government-run health care and let's be clear about government-run health care, that means bureaucrats making decisions about your private health care and your private health insurance. i think once americans really realize what costs this comes at, not just financially, what it means for them personally, they're going to run away from it as we're seeing many of these members of congress that you're referencing, these democrats do already. liz: would get rid of obamacare. it would get rid of medicare, get rid of medicaid. let's get to the blacklist socialist democrats who support alexandria ocasio-cortez it is happening now. the socialists launched a dcc
6:52 pm
blacklist. it is on a web with site. it says it will go after moderate centrists conservative democrats like texas' henry cuellar. kelsey he sits in one of the safe heft house democrat seats. he had it more than two decades. what is going on here? >> the party of tolerance no longer tolerates different perspectives in their party. this says a lot where the democrat party right now. they're being hijacked by the more radical socialist wing of their party, to the point there is no such thing as a moderate democrat anymore, if there is they no longer have a voice, they no longer -- liz: like apologize. joe biden has to apologize for anything? >> they don't get interviews and media attention like more radical members like places like cnn and msnbc. if that is the direction they want to take the party that will come at massive cost. liz: kelsey, thank you so much. >> thank you.
6:53 pm
liz: democrats doubling down on going after president trump's tax returns. what legislative purpose does it serve? supreme court ruled, congress you have to have that purpose. we have the debate coming up. ♪ at northwestern mutual, this is what our version of financial planning looks like. tomorrow is important, but she's only seven once. spend your life living. find an advisor at might mean a trip back to the doctor's office just for a shot. but why go back there when you can stay home with neulasta onpro? strong chemo can put you at risk of serious infection. in a key study neulasta reduced the risk of infection from 17% to 1%, a 94% decrease. neulasta onpro is designed to deliver neulasta
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6:56 pm
elizabeth: the democrat demand for president trump's tax returns, supreme court has ruled that democrat do need allege latest purpose -- legislative purpose to see the president's
6:57 pm
returns. the president said he is willing it fight
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
>> not sure i see a reasons for it we should not give up our privacy at same time we give up money and taxes, this is a shot across bow at every self employee american who thinks he may run for state congressman or governor or president like trump. if they can dredge through their taxes. pay their taxes and run a
7:00 pm
business in same entity. thank you for having us. thank you for watching, lou dobbs is next right here on the fox business network, have a good evening. lou: good evening, president trump had enough of what has been an ineffective department of homeland security. president removing secretary nielsen, replacing her with customs border patrol commissioner kevin mcaleenan. the president, sends a clear message to all in his administration, demanding action. tonight we take up the president's bold steps in assures that homeland is secure. congressman louie golmert among our guests, even some of most radical dems cannot deny


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