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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  April 9, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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president to be immigration czar. that is here tomorrow and hope you will join us. reminder to follow me at twitter, like me on facebook, follow me on instagram. thank you for bei lauren: here are your market movers. president trump's new migrant asylum policy is shut down overnight. the white house is refusing to o back down and president trump not backing down are from a possible new trade war with the european union. how ou they could see tariffed slapped on some of their products. socialist alexandria ocasio-cortez attacking the wealthy again, saying if hard work pays off and leads to success, it's because you're a psychopath. actreaactress felicity huffman 3 others plead guilty in the college admissions scandal. one name not on the list, lori
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loughlin. a championship ending to the madness, virginia and techs as tech going to overtime to make history. it is tuesday, april 9th, "fbn: a.m." starts right now. cheryl: here is how your money is moving at at 5:00 a.m. after yesterday's fall on the dow, thanks in large part boeing, investors looking to the start of earnings season. futures pointing to a slightly lower open, dow down 10 in the premarket, s&p, nasdaq lower as well. taking a look at europe, as you can see, big news there is obviously going to be theresa may, she's heading to paris and to berlin. she's going to try to get an extension for brexit. of course, the britain exit from the e.u., she's looking for jun. taking a look at asian markets, mostly higher overnight, i object vesterer -- int vesters s
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watching for brexit developments. lauren: welcome everybody to "fbn: a.m.." i'm lauren simonetti. good morning. cheryl: good morning. i'm cheryl casone. lauren: all right. breaking moments ago, we have a new video message from former nissan chairman carlos ghosn, ghosn says he recorded this video before his arrest on aprit make it to a planned april 11th press conference. he maintains his innocence, citing a plot by people playing, quote, a very dirty game. >> this is a conspiracy. this is not about specific events. this is not about, again, greed, this is not about dictatorship. this is about a plot. this is about conspiracy. this is about back-stabbing. that's what we're talking about. lauren: he was reportedly going of to name people he thought were involved in the plot against him as part of the video but this information was allegedly removed with ghosn's permission on the advice of his
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legal team. cheryl: a possible new trade war brewing this morning as the trump administration is threatening to impose tariffs on $11 billion of imported goods from the european union. the list including airbus planes, helicopters, cheese, wine, motorcycles. it would be in response to e.u. subsidies for airbus which competes of course against boeing. the u.s. has been contesting the subsidies since 2004. world trade oranization expected to issue a ruling in this case very soon. lauren: while you a and congress were sleeping, a ninth circuit judge rules that asylum seekers will no longer need to wait in mexico for hearings in the u.s., blocking white house policy, all this as outgoing homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen speaks out for the first time since resigning. cheryl: we have griff jenkins with more on the shakeup. >> reporter: good morning. another legal hurdle for the
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president's border battle. the judge in san francisco blocking the administration's remain in mexico policy of returning asylum seekers to mexico as they wait for their claims to play out. nielsen is named as a defendant. it was under her leadership that they implementedded the policy, began four months ago at the border crossing between san diego and tijuana. the judge ruled the policy, quote, lacks sufficient protections against aliens being returned to places where they face unyou due risk to their lives or freedom. the ruling doesn't immediately take effect. the court has given the administration until friday, a allowing time for them to appeal. no word yet, though, from the doj on that. but the president is weighing in on twitter, writing a ninth circuit judge ruled mexico is too dangerous for migrants. so unfair to the u.s., out of control. the ruling comes as secretary nielsen speaks out for the first time since her resignation sunday. >> i just want to a thank the president again for the
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tremendous opportunity to serve this country. i'm forever grateful and proud of the men and women of dhs who work hard every day to execute their duties and protect the l homeland. i look toward to continuing to support them from the outside. >> reporter: randolph ellis shown the door yesterday, among a handful of other officials announcing departures in what appears to be a wide-ranging overhaul in the homeland security team leadership. cheryl, i go by hey, you, dad and late for dinner. cheryl: sorry about that. voters in israel heading to the polls to decide whether prime minister benjamin netanyahu will remain in power. lauren: we have the latest. >> reporter: netanyahu is up against his former chief of staff from the blue and white
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party. >> we will not let him beat the largest party. >> reporter: israel is expected to see one of its tightest elections. in february, israel's attorney general announced plans to indict the prime minister on bribery and corruption charges. there was a story broke that iranian's hacked a phone. netanyahu relies heavily on the support from the president of the united states. president trump has spoken about his relationship with the prime minister, amid decisions such as moving the u.s. embassy to jerusalem. trump declared the iranian revolutionary guard as a terrorist organization. this hasn't stopped democratic presidential hopefuls such as beto o'rourke from weighing in and saying this weekend that in order for the relationship between the u.s. an israel to be
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successful it must, quote transcend partisanship in the united states. he said netanyahu sided with a far right racist party. the winning party and candidate will have to work closely with the u.s. government to rebuild strong bipartisan support of israel and implement the trump administration's upcoming middle east peace plan. lauren: for more on this, jonathan from the defense of democracies will join us later in the forecast. cheryl: more news on boeing to bring you this morning. an automated anti-stall system is being blamed for causing last month's fatal crash of a boeing 737 crash in ethiopia. questions are raised about the pilot's actions to save the plane. they want to know why the plane was traveling at such a high rate of speed and questioning
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why pilots reactivated the anti-stall system. lauren: more families who lost loved ones in the o crash of another jet last fall in indonesia, they're suing boeing after the company's ceo issued an apology. some southwest airlines passengers went on social media to share concerns about what type of plane they were on. the safety card in the seats said it was a 737 max. southwest said they use the same safety card for multiple planes and the passengers were on a different boeing jet. boeing shares were down more than 4% yesterday. cheryl: attorney general william barr will be grilled on capitol hill today, he's appearing before lawmakers for the first time since the mueller report on russian collusion was completed. the hearing is scheduled to focus on the justice department's $30 billion budget
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request. they are expected to question barr about redacting the report before its release. hillary: hillary: hillary.lauren: there's a serif congressional hearings today on capitol hill. steven mnuchin will testify before two house committees. he could be asked about the request for the president's tax returns as well as trade negotiations with china. that would be discussed, possibly too. executives from facebook and google will face questions from the house judiciary committee today about their efforts to stop the spread of hate speech. tech giants under criticism for failing to crack down on a wide array abusive posts. cheryl: the senate finance committees holding a hearing on the price of prescription drugs. tomorrow, executives from the largest banks execked to tell the house financial services committee that the financial system is less risky and more
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tightly supervised than it was a decade ago. lauren: here's some other headlines making news this morning. three american service members and a government contractor killed in a taliban bombing in afghan taken. afghanistan. one of them reportedly a new york firefighter. they were traveling in a convoy when the car bomb went off. the taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack, saying they sent a suicide bomber many. the u.s. officially designates iran's revolutionary guard a terrorist group. it is the first time an element of a foreign state has been officially named a terrorist entity. the move is aimed at squeezing the revolutionary guard's financial resources and shrinking its military presence in the middle east. in response, iranian lawmakers are considering adding the american military to its list of terror organizations. theresa may is asking european allies for a lifeline.
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she is traveling to berlin and paris today for talks with the german and french leaders in a bid to secure backing for a second delay in brexit, a day before the e.u. is set to be in brussels for an emergency summit on brexit. aramco's first international bond sale is a huge success. demand for the oil giant's debt outstripping the original $10 billion goal. the strong demand comes just months after the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi at the hands of saudi agents in turkey. walmart rolling out the he robots, the retailer is expanding itses use of robots in stores, to help monitor inventory, clean the floors and unload the trucks, part of their efforts to control the cost of labor. the company says the addition of a single machine can cut a few hours a day of work previously done by a human. cheryl. cheryl: well, we have a first time ncaa champion this morning. fans of the university of virginia, they are thrilled.
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>> and virginia with the all-time turnaround title. cheryl: the virginia cavaliers winning their first ever ncaa national championship. had they beat texas tech. it was an overtime thriller last night just last year, the team suffered the first loss in ncaa history, the first number one seed to lose in the first round. that's all history now. they'll go from worst to first. jared max will have all the highlights. lauren: let's show you how your money is moving this morning. the s&p a 500 up eight days in a row, longest winning streak in 18 months. it's in jeopardy this morning. s&p is down 3 and-a-half, dow futures down 23. felicity huffman and 13 others plead guilty in the college admissions scandal. one name not on the list, lori
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loughlin. what that means in just a bit. alexandria ocasio-cortez says hard working successful people are so 2019. oh, and their also psych psycho, all that coming up on "fbn: a.m.." ♪ i got to get up. ♪ early in the morning. ♪ irement you want to follow your passions rather than worry about how to pay for long-term care. brighthouse smartcare℠ is a hybrid life insurance and long-term care product. it protects your family while providing long-term care coverage, should you need it. so you can explore all the amazing things ahead. talk to your advisor about brighthouse smartcare. brighthouse financial. build for what's ahead℠ run with us in the unstoppable john deere gator xuv835, and be prepared to go the extra mile. because when others take rain checks, we take the wheel.
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beyond network complexity. to a zero-touch, one-box world. optimizing performance and budget. beyond having questions. to getting answers. "activecore, how's my network?" "all sites are green." all of which helps you do more than your customers thought possible. comcast business. beyond fast. lauren: felicity huffman and 13 others have agreed to plead guilty to participating in a
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massive college admissions scandal, among 50 people including many parents, test proctors and college coaches charged last month in the case. let's bring in david bruno, a former prosecutor and criminal defense attorney. david, you know, this could include jail time for lots of these parents especially how much time are we talking? >> well, under -- the recent pleas are going to be up to 15 months. all right. but for the more serious offenders, certainly up to 20 years. i mean, there's some serious repercussions. you're in federal court. united states attorney has come out on this case and said that every single person will be offered jail time. lauren: wow. >> yeah, so it's possible. lauren: lori loughlin and her husband, they did not plead guilty, at least not yet. what's next for them in all this? >> they're going to be back in court for status and the judge is going to be asking is there
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plea negotiations, is there outstanding discovery, are there motions. there's a benefit for defendants to take early deals, you get a deduction off your time. so it's in their best interest to take the deal early, if they're going to do it. all right. let's pivot here. the attorney general, william barr, he is testifying today, it's supposed to be this routine budgetary hearing. but obviously he's going to get grilled particularly by democratic lawmakers on the mueller investigation, the special counsel report. he did release that four-page summary, right. >> yes. lauren: democrats are saying release the whole thing. >> there's been three letters. he's been as transparent as can be, actually. every single turn he's advised the public as to what he's doing. it was that four-page summary, and then there was a subsequent letter that said we're going to release the report, even though they don't have to, there's going to be redactions and it
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will come mid-april. any day now, we are going to get a redacted mueller report and the dems are never going to be satisfied. lauren.they'll probably ask ques today. i think it will be consistent to what he said in the three letters up-to-date. saying i'm going to redact, i have to redact and you're going to get it soon. lauren: one thing the top democrat and top republican on the house judiciary seem to agree on is robert mueller, having him testify. do you expect that to happen? >> yes. lauren: should it happen? >> yes. in a public setting. we'll be looking for a lot of answers. i don't think we'll get a lot of answers in the public setting. there's so many classified -- so much classified information, so much information protected by did grand jury which under federal law is protected and cannot be public. so we're not going to get a lot of information in that hearing. lauren: there's going to be problems from particularly democrats about why you don't have all that information.
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all right. last topic here, google and facebook are set to testify today and tomorrow. today is before a house committee and about basically their efforts, what they're doing to stop hate speech, especially post every -- the massacre in new zealand. what do you expect to actually happen here? is there going to be some sort of government regulation that everyone keeps talking about but we haven't seen it happen yet. >> the first amendment protects hate speech. all right. so that's one. so government can't actually require them to take down hate speech. so it's interesting dynamic here. you have lawmakers asking questions about hate speech. the companies, private and public companies, they have the ability to regulate and they are. so they'll be answering questions about what they've done to regulate. lauren: you expect anything to come out of that? >> no. lauren: [ laughter ] lauren: in anus shell. david bruno, we appreciate you. cheryl: coming up, the grades
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are in on some big name airlines. we're going to tell you who is soaring over the rest when it comes to quality. and is this just a dress rehearsal? >> that's just the kind of dirty, ugly, vicious, toilet bowl l politics that won me the job in the first place. cheryl: whyal ebbin why alec s he could be president in real life. we've got details coming up on "fbn: a.m." ♪ you're still the one that turns my head. ♪ we're still having fun and you're still the one. ♪ i can't believe it.
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cheryl: the new particular matching the story, got to -- music matching the story. airline quality rating unveiling the list of top airlines out there. lauren: which ones are they, tracee carrasco? good morning. tracee: these ratings are based on the top nine airlines, they look at the stats for all sorts of things, on-time performance, baggage mishaps, the number of passengers involuntarily bumped out of flights, customer satisfaction. on top this year, delta airlines, followed by jetblue, southwest airlines, alaska airlines in fourth place, that was last year's winner. in fifth place, hawaiian airlines. frontier is number nine. previously that was held by spirit airlines, spirit airlines doing a little better, they came in number seven. number eight, i was surprised, american airlines. all the way at the bottom. cheryl: so it's quality, it's service, it's are you on time. tracee: overall, though,
5:25 am
airlines did much better this year according to the results of the stats. they found overall they're looking much better in terms of quality control, customer satisfaction, on-time, so good to hear. lauren: let's stick with the air lines. there's a ceo who likes to wow the crowd on certain flights. explain. tracee: this is getting a lot of praise on social media. people are wondering, is this a publicity stunt from jetblue's ceo, that's robin hayes. you can see, he was on-board a flight on friday from washington, d.c. to boston. he sat in economy. he also got on the intercom, he gave away free flights. flightsg the middle of the flight. he also picked up trash, helped out flight attendants. jetblue saying to, saying no, this is part of a regular occurrence from hill. he does this often. when ever jetblue's leaders
5:26 am
fly on board the plane, they try to help out the staff any way they can, whether it's picking up trash -- cheryl: he's not the first ceo of an airline. herb keleher was famous for doing this on southwest airlines. i was on a flight where he got on the plane and -- he wasn't giving away anything. it was never publicized. there wasn't a news release about it. so i think your point about a p.r. stunt might be a little on the money on that one. yeah. anyway, tracee, thank you very much. tracee: thanks. lauren: still ahead, socialist congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez has no great love for the wealthy, as we all know. calling it hip to say that successful people are psychopaths, we're going to way itoweigh in on that. 3-year-olds are adorable and precious, sometimes. one man may have a 49-year grunge against his toddler after running with his ipad.
5:27 am
we'll explain on "fbn: a.m." ♪ days go by. ♪ i can feel it. ♪ like a hand out the window in the wind. $4.95. no matter what you trade, at fidelity it's just $4.95 per online u.s. equity trade.
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no matter what you trade, at fidelity this is the family who booked the trip. ♪ which led to new adventures
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and turned moments into memories. with flights, hotels, activities and more for your florida vacation, expedia has everything you need to go. lauren: let's get you caught up on global market action overnight. the s&p 500 down just a point right now, it is looking to extend eight days of gains into day number nine. dow futures down just 3 points. >>.this is a flat to slightly lr market. in europe, you can see stocks there trading to the upside by a quarter of a percent across the board. of course, there is that tariff threat from the u.s. on $11 billion of european goods. more on that in just a bit. this is the close in asia overnight, the down arrow is the shanghai composite. cheryl: the white house taking a harder line on illegal immigration as it shakes up the 20topranks of the department of
5:31 am
homeland security with the resignation of kirstjen nielsen. will the strategy pay off. lauren classy is a republican strategist. you're a great voice to have on this. good morning. >> thank you for having me. cheryl: let's talk about the administration's changes and what they look to be doing now, in particular the journal reporting the president told steven millinger you are in charge, -- miller, you are in charge. he wants someone like miller to push through more border security, maybe reinstate the family separation policy which caused a lot of controversy and was a p.r. disaster for the white house last time. do you think steven miller is the right choice? >> i think with a lot of the coming out of the white house today is a sign the white house wants to take more control, whether that's more of a jared kushner immigratio i'm immigrats
5:32 am
that's yet to be seen. there wil will be many acting officials. you don't know how long you'll be there, so it's hard for you to marshall your employees to get something done. i think that is going to be the hardest part is you have a lot of great federal career staff there that are not going to be very gung-ho about implementing any changes to the bureaucracy which is the hardest part of political appointees coming into a federal agency. cheryl: you've got steven miller putting his two cents in, then you have kevin mackalene, what would you make of him running the department. and you have the resignation of the head of the secret service. there's so many changes happening in the department. can the agency handle this in the middle of what is a border crisis? >> border crisis and let's not forget the department also has a
5:33 am
lot of different missions, cyber security, protecting the federal systems in that regard, natural disaster response and fema is still an acting position at the department. so for me, this is concerning because this is an agency that is a law enforcement agency charged with protecting our country in a multitude of ways and so it's not just an immigration agency. immigration actual falls under b. dagenunderdoj and dhs with labo. it's not one agency that can handle all of this. cheryl: it's the agency the president wants to focus on. hheiwant to ask you about a twet coming from freshman consideringwomaconsideringwomane basically wrote this on twitter, she said steven miller is a white nationalist, the fact that he has influence on policy and political appointments is an
5:34 am
outrage. she's a voice in the young democratic party in the house. could she cause trouble do you think for the administration or cause trouble for the new appointments that the president is making? >> no, she can't just because these positions are senate confirmed. it's only the senators that have any say on this. the democrats -- steven miller is polarizing within congress. and she definitely has a voice so there could be activists, there could be protests, those types of things. i don't see this as being influential, as much as political rhetoric. cheryl: family arrests, 136 and change, a new record and it's a crisis, a big one, a big story this week. lauren, thank you for your expertise. lauren: there are concerns about a trade war this morning as the u.s. threatens to slap tariffs on $11 billion of products from the european union, in response to subsidies that support airbus. gus gako joins us now.
5:35 am
gus, good morning. >> good morning. lauren: what do you make of this, potential trade war not with china, but also europe. >> let's look at boeing as our largest export in terms of the u.s. here's our major competitor. for 15 years we've gone to the wto and asked for some sort of resolution. it's taken this long and nothing's happened. the u.s. by saying we're going to go forward with some sort of tariff ox i, it will put pressuo move forward. we're looking to basically accelerate the. lauren: is it good for nature gets to put pressure on china and europe at the same time. >> i think it's one of those things, if you don't put pressure nothing is going to move forward. there's never a great time to do these things. you're probably better off moving forward now, setting the tone and accelerating when things can get lun. laurendone.lauren: how about tg pressure off the big banks? the federal regulators are making moves to ease rules that require big banks to plan for
5:36 am
their demise instead of having to do that every year, that's being pushed to four years. your thoughts? >> i mean, on first blush i would think the regulatory environment has slowed and by doing that you've seen actually capitalism and you've seen improvement in terms of the economy because of it, something that's been unsaid, not really been talked about. there's been more regulatory pullback over the last few years. it's helped grow the economy. so i think this is a good thing in the short term. as long as they're barriers in place to make sure we're safe, we're good. lauren: you i really want you to weigh in on this. alexandria ocasio-cortez tweeting justifying psychopathy because low empathy, nature'sism, dishonesty and lack of deep emotional attachments are traits that made a tiny handful of people billionaires, while land many people in prison while not getting adequate
5:37 am
healthcare is very 2019. >> i don't have much to say. i'll say this is basically capitalism versus social i. capitalism is a better way to allocate resources and a more efficient resource allocation. it makes people such as ms. cortez able to do her job because these people are creating jobs, creating increasing tax rolls and allowing for greater use of tax dollars for things the government want to do. lauren: i think of bill gates, jamie dimon, jack dorsey, everything they're doing to give back to the community and to help others. may way, i guess they're nature'narcisistic billionaires. cheryl: here are other headlines this morning. new evidence has been revealed in a mysterious case of a
5:38 am
chinese woman arrested at mar-a-lago. authorities say they found a signal detector to spot hidden cameras in her he hotel room. her defense attorney shows the receipt she paid to attend a canceled event at the private club. devin new necessar nunes demanda publishing company pay up for allegedly trying to destroy rep reputation. they say they conspired to derail his oversite work on the clinton campaign and russian interference. he is suing for $150 million. congressman eric swallow throwing his hat in the ring for 2020. he is the 18th contender to enter the crowded democratic field. meanwhile, is alec baldwin considering a run for president? the actor suggesting he is interested in running against president trump.
5:39 am
here's what he tweeted. if i ran for president, would you vote for me? i won't ask for any money. and he then said, i promise i will win. beating trump would be so easy, so easy, so easy. here is why you don't want to leave your electronics in the hand of a toddler. a journalist tweeted his 3-year-old accidentally disabled his ipad for a staggering 48 years after repeatedly typing in the incorrect password. the father posted a photograph of his disabled ipad screen which features the message which instructs him to try to reaccess the device in pretty much half a century, folks. that's what's happening right now. lauren: i wonder if he called the company to fix it. you're not waiting for 48, 4 # years. still ahead, israelis casting vote torvote today for prime mi. is change in the air?
5:40 am
the champions have been crowned, the ncaa tournament coming to a pretty stunning end with virginia taking the title in overtime against texas tech. highlights coming up on "fbn: a.m." ♪ bring it in. ♪ don't you want me to shoot ita ♪ limu's right. liberty mutual can save you money by customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh... yeah, i've been a customer for years. huh... only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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2,000 fence posts. 900 acres. 48 bales. all before lunch, which we caught last saturday. we earn our scars. we wear our work ethic. we work until the work's done. and when it is, a few hours of shuteye to rest up for tomorrow, the day we'll finally get something done. ( ♪ )
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termites, we're on the move.24/7. the day we'll finally get something done. roger. hey rick, all good? oh yeah, we're good. we're good. termites never stop trying to get in, we never stop working to keep them out. terminix. defenders of home. cheryl: israelis are heading to the polls today. the national election pit benjamin netanyahu against benny
5:43 am
gantz. netanyahu serves as one of the longest running prime minister's in israel's history. his office has been dogged with charges of corruption. joining us now is senior vice president at the foundation for defense of democracy. great to have you here, sir. >> thank you very much. cheryl: let me ask you about where we stand today. we're not going to get any meaningful results i know until about 11:00 p.m. tel aviv time. what is your initial read for fm what you're seeing today as far as everyone going to the polls and the sentiment about beating netanyahu? >> well, what we're seeing right now here in israel is that benny gantz's party is likely going to maybe sneak ahead with another handful of seats in israel's parliament so it will likely be the larger party that results from the election. but at the end of the day, netanyahu is likely to come in a close second and the other
5:44 am
parties are going to likely help him build a coalition. the assessment according to math from the poll is b.b. will sneak past this. we've seen that polls often are misleading, as they can be in the united states, so we'll have to wait until this evening to get a better sense of the results. cheryl: looking forward to hearing how this is all going to play out. but at the same time, to your point, yes, b.b. has to form a government and that's the more important part of this. it's very different than how elections are held here in the united states. he was just here in the u.s. and he was side-by-side with president trump. i know there are billboards throughout tel aviv and other parts of i'll race, -- of israel, showing mr. netanyahu with mr. trump. is that going to help him do you think as he tries to make history in israel. >> absolutely. i think it's important to note that here in israel, donald trump is extremely popular
5:45 am
because of some of the decisions he's made, whether it's pulling out of the iran nuclear deal, whether it's recognizing israeli sovereignty in the golan heights, some of the decisions with regard to the embassy in jerusalem, all of these things i think have certainly helped b.b. nenetanyahu, it helped him in te political process here. there was some concern about the recent decision to recognize the golan heights, that perhaps that was donald trump meddling in israeli elections. even there, it's interesting to note the blue and white party welcomed that decision as well, so it is sort of -- i would say it's interesting to see how american politics have played into this this election this te around. cheryl: it will be fascinating to watch and history could be made by netanyahu if he wins. we're looking forward to the results. thank you very much for joining us on this. >> thank you. lauren: let's take a look at futures this morning.
5:46 am
investors wait and see, perhaps they're waiting to see what the big banks have to say when they report their latest earnings later on this week. dow's up 7, s&p down just a point this morning. still ahead, this isn't an ordinary fire on the field. look at this video. you won't believe the bone-headed move that started that blaze. 57bd iand it may look picture pt but don't try make a memory here. the beach where tourists who take pictures could face the death penalty. we'll plain on "fbn explain on " ♪ i'm going to put this in motion. ♪ never let nothing stand in my way. ♪ when the going gets tough w?w?ó
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cheryl: a powerful storm hitting parts of the country
5:50 am
before forming a new bomb cyclone. lauren: senior meteorologist janice dean is live in the fox weather center with the latest for us. good morning, janice. janice: here we go again, ladies. yes, we're going to see the potential for not only severe weather but a potential blizzard across the northern plains and upper midwest. the severe threat over portions of the southeast, florida up to the mid-atlantic, large hail, damaging winds are possible. the next system moves in from the rockies and it will strengthen. so we anticipate this to be a bomb cyclone or it bombs out, meaning it drops 24 milll millin 24 hours. we could see six to 12 inches of snow over parts of the rockies, the northern plains and midwest, including minneapolis. not only the potential for heavy snow, but we will see heavy
5:51 am
rainfall, so flooding. i want to show you the temperature difference, on wednesday, look at this, i mean, 29 in marquette and 90 in dallas. so along the front is where we see the potential for the big, strong storm system. we'll keep you up-to-date, wednesday into thursday. lauren: if you like spring skiing, janice -- cheryl: that's true, there's a silver lining. lauren: thank you very much. janice: you got it. cheryl: well, we have a winner and history was made for the end of the college basketball season. lauren: jared max breaks it down for us. last night's championship game. jared: exciting game, went down to the wire, into overtime last night. the final game of the season, needed extra time between virginia and texas. go to the highlights. texas tech came back from 108 dow10down and they were up 3 wi5 seconds to go. virginia nails a 3-point shot to tie the game for virginia.
5:52 am
here it comes, the 3-pointer, the bomb cyclone for virginia. deandre hunter got another 3 point shot in time. overtime. the cavaliers score the final 11 points of the game and win 85-77, virginia the champs of college basketball. one season after they became the first team ever to lose to another 16 seed in the first round. the virginia cavaliers champs of it all. kyle guy named the most outstanding player. chris mullins has coached the red storm but doesn't look like anymore. he's reportedly expected to step down this week. the nba regular season will be ending on wednesday and the playoffs start saturday. rockets' coach expected to be on the sidelines, he's been hospitalized with an intensity nail virus. johnny manziel says he's no longer johnny manziel.
5:53 am
he says he will go by john now. he's john manziel. last december, a deal had been reached with major league baseball that would have made it easier for cuban baseball players to join without having to defect. the trump administration canceled the deal. chris davis sets a major league baseball record, 0-5 for yesterday, he's gone 49 straight at-bats without a hit, the longest in baseball history. how do you dry a baseball infield when it's too wet? in ridgefield, connec connectic, someone thought it was a good idea to pour gasoline on it and set it on fire with hopes they could dry it. bad idea. the police department came by. they have to change out all the soil on the infield. it may be closed for a week. lauren: that really happened. there's the video to prove it. janice.jared: how do you transt
5:54 am
24 gallons of gasoline to a baseball field? lauren: those ared good questions. jared max, thank you very much. you can catch sports reports on fox news headlines, 24/7 on sirius xm channel 115. cheryl: what is the worst thing you can do on a vacation? how about taking a picture? how snapping a pic at one beach could get you the death penalty. then, we're going to tell you why dozens of travelers are angry at one flamingo. you're watching "fbn: a.m.." ♪ why you want to give me the run-around. ♪ sure fire way to -- the ai i want? well, insurance it's all about trust and speed. i need it to guide this analyst .
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it's no wonder walmart offers score! in more locations than any other performance enhancer. unleash your potential in the bedroom, with score!. cheryl: tracee carrasco with the story. tracee: very hard punishment for tourist who is want to take photos at the beach while airplanes are flying by. area that's close to puka international airport in thailand next to my cow beach. tourists go there, close the planes, they fly right over you, they want those pictures and authorities are worried that this is going to be destruction to pilots, of course, worried that people could get hurt so they are imposing real harsh
5:58 am
punishments for people who get caught there. they are putting in zone where people will not be able to go. people who go in the zone, they will be either fined $1,200, jail time up to 20 years, maximum punishment here death penalty. lauren: worth the instagram picture. tracee: worth the like, right? cheryl: airport to crack down on unwelcome tourist, what happens? tracee: unwelcome tourist yesterday on the tarmac in mallorca, passenger aboarding easy jet plane they were landing as you can see flamingo, the plane had to pump brakes and slow down for the flamingo, they thought it would came down and fly away. the spanish air traffic
5:59 am
controllers they actually tweeted out a picture of it. cheryl: we have to run but in fact, i will bring out my flamingo. tracee: not going to stop the rest of the show. cheryl: it's a boy, it's milo, little boy flamingo, you stay right there. lauren: that's it from us and milo on fbn. maria: happy tuesday, i'm maria bartiromo and it is tuesday april 9th, top stories right now before 6:00 a.m. on the east coast n his own words, carlos goshn speaks out in newly released video about allegations against him. he remains behind bars this morning and why he calls conspiracy and very dirty game. alexandria ocasio-cortez targeting this personality now. wal-mart rolls out new machines to help keep stores clean and manage inventory, what it means
6:00 am
to wal-mart workers coming up. then feel magical on national unicorn day, look at colorful deals ahead. mornings with maria begins right now. ♪ maria: let's check market, the trump administration is eyeing tariffs on the european union. markets are down fractionally, dow industrials down 2 points, s&p down 2 and a half, nasdaq down by 9 minutes, meanwhile carlos goshn story in his own words now. >> the


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