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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  April 9, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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it reminded development twitter, facebook and instagram @loudobbstonight. thank you for being with us. we will see you tomorrow right here. thanks so much. good night from new trish: tonight on "trish regan primetime" attorney general william barr testifies on capitol hill and he also gave us a clue today. a major clue as to when the inspector general finds -- probe. a new report of revealing over hundred and 50,000 migrants will soon be trying to enter the country. and actress, lori loughlin, hit with brand-new charges in the college scam. how much jail time she could be facing. breaking tonight, attorney general william barr says the
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look into the fbi, the results will be out soon. may or june.>> the office of the inspector general has a pending investigation of the fisa process in the investigation expect it will be complete and probably may or june i am told. so hopefully we'll have some answers from inspector general horowitz on the fisa warrants. trish: that will be nice. i think we have a lot of questions after how it all happened. barr telling lawmakers he's personally looking to how the fisa warrants were used. he also suggested there may be another investigation into fbi and doj misconduct.
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because how the heck did the fbi get a fisa word to spy on it is an american based on political opposition research? research paid for by another candidate? jeremy the former trim 2016 campaign advisor, michael caputo who got caught up in some of this himself. good to see you, no collision, the big headline. of course will hear more from the mueller report. possibly in seven days but let's talk about this because i find this very interesting. we might know a whole lot more about what went into getting the fisa warrants. not even bothering to tell the judge that came from political opposition research. what exactly happened? how did that go down? i want to know, imagine that you want to know too. >> you bet i want to know. we see a difference there between this attorney general and the one previous, don't we? it is like night and day. [laughter] all of us caught up in this jackpot.
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all the families caught up in the russia hoax, meatgrinder. attorney general barr 's voice was music terrier say. he's looking at the things people been crying out for so long. just the idea gives us all something to grab onto. how interesting it is to actually have someone in that chair over there in the department of justice, it's really night and day. trish: he's taken a personal interest in this. he does expect that report from the inspector general will come out sometime next month or the following month. what questions do you have, michael? given that you are around all of this in 2016. you saw firsthand what actually happened as opposed to what some members of the media and members of the left suggest happened. what is it that you want answered? >> i want to know when this really started. we hear the department of justice and others involved in this hoax saying that the full
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investigation started on july 31. if you pay attention, you notice they were always careful to say the full investigation started on july when did the preliminary investigation begin? because just about every fbi investigation that is conducted begins with a preliminary investigation. i want to know when it all started. i want to know if it all started many months prior to that. we are seeing some interesting reporting out there that it started as early as 2015. i know that i myself, was approached by a russian national fbi informant in late may 2016. trish: and what did they want? >> he wanted to give me some dirt on hillary clinton. i turned it down. trish: how do you know he's an fbi informant? >> i didn't know it so i said that with similar investigation and when they asked me about him and i told them what i
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knew. by their faces and it was someone that had been sent to me it was after my interrogation with the mueller team that i went out and hired private investigators and found out that the man had used a fake name, henry greenberg. and he had been working with the fbi for 17 years but trish, here's the thing. trish: you think they were trying to set you up? no doubt. i mean, the old push/pull. push originated information about henry into the campaign and find a way to get back out again just like they did with papadopoulos. what they tried to do to carter page. i tried to get the information to the inspector general department of justice and i never heard back. i tried to get information to you as attorney huber out west he was supposedly doing an investigation into this. and i never heard back. no one has been interested in it. and i'm really glad to see attorney general barr out there.
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he sounds like somebody who was interesting. trish: horwitz should be adjusted. this is investigation and barr will look it over. but i think, is quite troubling, michael, that there may have been some political forces behind some of this. it is quite troubling that the fbi was issuing fisa warrants and never bothered to tell the judge where they were getting intel from. which is from opposition research. i would question some people about this on the democratic side and they are like no big deal! how do you not think that is a big deal? as a journalist i'm constantly think about who is tell me what, where it is coming from. i have to decipher what is true you need more than one source. they have one source, a flimsy piece of opposition research and it is enough to spy on an innocent american? >> not only that, to spy on the republican candidate for president 's campaign. this is a politically commission investigation in my opinion. and you might not recall but in january 2017, the "washington
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post" said that there was a fisa warrant out on roger stone as well. they never back down off of that reporting. there is more than just his rino of carter page. i think we're getting a whole treasure trove of information. i love these referrals from devin nunes too. i think will be a real shot as well. michael caputo, thank you. >> thank you. trish: we also learned the full mueller report will be released within one week. we learned this of all places, during a budget hearing. a budget hearing! because of course, so much for the budget. why talk about the budget when you can talk about mueller, right? that is how congress sees it. watch. >> two and half weeks ago the mueller report was completed. an extremely quick fashion. you turn the 300+ page report into a four page letter. it supposedly summarized the
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findings. >> i want to address a serious oversight. your unacceptable handling of robert mueller 's report. the president states that the report is a complete and total exoneration. who's factually accurate?>> as i say, it is hard to have that discussion without the contents of the report, isn't it? that is why i am suggesting we wait so the report is out. i would love to talk to you about your 2020 budget but what is far more critical and has far more reaching is the full disclosure of the report. trish: here they go again. the constant collision delusion outcry. here's the thing, i hate to tell you, good news actually! it is coming out, don't worry! i promise, it really is coming out! the report. and everyone is on your side and that one is
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actually saying the american public does not deserve the right to see exactly what is in the findings. after all, it was two years and millions of taxpayer dollars. indeed, yes, we should see it. and yes, there will be reductive information as it relates to intelligence sources that will be compromised. you will need to get out of -- over that one. i give the attorney general credit for being such a patient man andputting up with these politicians and patiently answering their questions . i also give him credit for issuing a statement shortly after receiving the mueller findings because has he not, can you imagine the speculation that would have happened? it is bad enough as it is. trimming a strategic communications director for the trump 2020 campaign, mr. marc lotter. >> good to see you. trish: what you think will be the 400 pages? >> i think it will be very colorful and william barr could not painted a more colorful
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picture for democrats with crown. there will be reductions for grand jury testimony. for classified information, information that cannot be released and -- trish: you know what they're going to say! maybe you're going to tell me. >> if we learned anything to if you have a definition of, by the book, william barr, his pictures there. he is not going to break the law even if democrats want him to. trish: well look, they may not want him to print in fact, if you are them, you're looking for a lot of stuff that is blacked out, right?because then you can keep the conspiracy theories going for a while longer perhaps until the inspector general report. >> i mean they are in full delusion, deniers on collision. just cannot see it even though it is right in front of their face. as i have said, it does not matter on the obstruction side what is in the report. or what is not in that report. special counsel did not make a criminal referral or charge that the attorney general did
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not do it. in this country, you are not charged with a crime, you are not charged with a crime. trish: effectively barr did say something today. he was not recommending charges. but i think there is still a court of opinion out there. right? among the democrats. and among some members of the mainstream media. somehow they think summary they will be able to get rid of the president based on the mueller findings which of course, robert mueller did not recommend charges nor did the attorney general recommend charges on. >> that is why the president was right to cause a witchhunt from the beginning. it doesn't matter whether this is tax returns, rush obstruction, they are not going to stop your normative information will ever satisfy them. they are in full resistance mode. the fact that they are losing on just about every issue that is important to voters on 2020, it is the only thing they've got. trish: i think they would be wise, we can give them a little advice. not that they will take it but
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reality is, the more you keep hitting on this and the more they keep striking out, in other words, the more they keep the whole illusion going and this delusion going, the more the american people see through it. we'll talk about this later but he got a new poll out today basically showing new highs and it is clear americans are responding to policy benefiting the economy i believe right now as opposed to this mumbo-jumbo in the media. and the circus regarding robert mueller. >> you're absolutely right. it was a sideshow 10 of the spartacus mode for democrats. and to your point, the polls are showing the american people are seeing the results of the present leadership, the economy that, the classes of the border there finally admitting may actually exist.these are the things we elected the president to do. he is delivering and the american people are responding positively to that.trish: is good to see you.
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>> youtube. trish: chanting death to america. after the president designates iran revolutionary guard a terrorist organization. find out why they say the move is long overdue. first, the president slanted democrats for refusing to secure the southern border as a brand-new report. the u.s. is bracing for huge surge in asylum-seekers from central america. we have that shocking number coming up next. >> democrats in congress not willing to act. they want to have open borders, which means they want to have crime, drugs pouring into our crime, drugs pouring into our country. will it feel like the wheend of a journey?p working, or the beginning of something even better? when you prepare for retirement with pacific life, you can create a lifelong income...
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after kirstjen nielsen resignation, acting secretary, claire o'grady also announcing that she is stepping down as well. all of this is the crisis on the southern border have a major new report out. the severity of the emergency. health and human services. now considering building even more shelters. at the ones we've already built literally overflowing with people. our branches are said to hit 100,000 a month consistently, talk about hundred 50,000
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potentially this is the new normal? the president slanted democrats to come forward and work on a solution.>> we have the worst laws of any country anywhere in the world. democrats in congress, what they are doing and the obstruction, they do not want to fix it. and we have to fix it. they want open borders, they were millions of people pouring into the country. we are drug lords and gains coming in there and we are stopping them. and if we don't and i.c.e. is getting them out. trish: joined me now, deneen borelli. what do they mean that the job can be so much easier? >> well, will be so much easier for the democrats that would get on board and recognize that this is a crisis and not a manufactured crisis. it is pretty outrageous the extent that they are going to
11:19 pm
to ignore the data. the numbers are staggering, the people that are either trying to come to the country or have crossed borders, he does mention some numbers at the top of the segment, it is really outrageous democrats continue to double down and deny reality. i called them the border crisis deniers. and they went to open more shelters for these people. they should open them in these neighborhoods of those that are the border crisis deniers. the politicians, hollywood elite, the activists. all those with blinders on so they can see reality. trish: you know scott, do you still insist that this is not a crisis? despite 100,000 apprehensions, the new normal. they talking 150,000 in the coming month. >> certainly, it's a crisis. because relatable everyone that comes across the border and asked for asylum and you label them criminals interest them, hold them in mexico and then or
11:20 pm
you hold them across the border, sure, you'll be looking for more beds, you will be looking for all kinds of space. trish: what is the alternative? >> a couple of things. one, said cutting 500 million in aid to the southern border countries, like honduras and nicaragua, invest more in them so you reduce the violence that they are running from. and reduce the money from an economy that does not have jobs. that is one thing. you don't do that. trish: let me go back to the immediate issue at hand. you have 100,000 people trying to cross into our country. and we don't have enough room for them in shelters, we do not have known enough in the way of judges to process them in our courts. so what do you do in the here and now? with this emergency. >> he certainly had to find space. certainly had to find more contractors. if there was ever a time for democrats and republicans to come together and do some holistic immigration reform and a bill that they can live with,
11:21 pm
now is the time to do that. instead of the rhetoric -- spewing democrats won't do it. chris of course they do. they want safe and reasonable borders there is nothing wrong with that. trish: i don't know what democrats you are talking to. but some democrats are not so interested. they are much more about this open borderless society. the everyone in. it is the thing to do in their view. hang on. >> again, democrats, let me remind you, support sanctuary cities, sanctuary state of california. they are more concerned about individuals coming in the country illegally than they are concerned about law-abiding citizens. congress needs to change the laws and do something. they are gaming our system when it comes to seeking asylum. some of them are being coached. once they get the court that
11:22 pm
they are gone. they know they can bring a kid with them. one kid. and they can only be in detention for 20 days, get a court date and they are gone. there are gaming the system and making fools out of us and they are totally taking advantage of america. trish: scott? >> let's fix the system then. >> i just said that. trish: didn't the president offer a path forward for citizenship? >> you have two bills though bipartisan bills though. he turned those down to. when republicans had control they could not get immigration reform.even if the democrats did not support it. they need to blame themselves. trish: democrats were willing to acknowledge the crisis as existing at the border. and --
11:23 pm
>> i am number two. trish: [laughter] i credit you that you are one of the few but it might me talking to her democrats. here is my fear, i think there are some people out there that are so drawn partisan in the democratic party, and the republican party as well. it is washington, unfortunately. they are so partisan that they do not want conservatives getting any kind of credit for immigration reform.they did not want donald trump being a solution for creating a stronger border wall while simultaneously greasing the wheels for the right people, the ones that we want, that want to be american and want to be law-abiding citizens to come here. am i right? >> you're absolutely right. which is a shame trish. it is president trump in the white house. democrats do not want to give him a win on anything. but it is jobs, economy are trying to fix our borders.
11:24 pm
and again, it's about safety and security for all americans. we have to obey the laws, why should we allow people to come to our country were breaking the law in the first place and then they just stay because they can? spewing okay -- >> address of that black people and brown people coming across the border do not want to be citizens and want to break the law and be violent and racist and murderous? did you all really just say that? because they really do want to be citizens. trish: that is not at all what i just said. >> you are not saying that people coming across to seek asylum do not want to be americans. trish: don't even try to go there with me. that is wasted energy on your part, sir. >> i wasn't trying to say that but i want to say this. whether you are black, brown, yellow or green, if you come here asking for some recently with the american dream and certainly want to be a citizen and certainly want to matriculate much better than your say in honduras.
11:25 pm
that's all i'm saying. trish: i think we can all agree on this. i will leave on a happy note. i think we do need immigrants in this country. that are willing and able to become american citizens. that we are all in agreement on. the problem is, making sure that you create a system that protects the americans that are here while simultaneously making it easier for people as i said, that want to be american, want to be law-abiding citizens, want to come here the right way. make it easier. right there roll out the red carpet for them. do not allow people to bust through the border, illegally or allow these coyotes to be taken advantage of women and children as they have. thank you guys. lots more coming up tonight. a brand-new poll shows the president's approval rating on the rise. not entirely surprising. no russian collision, the economy is booming.
11:26 pm
we have that straightahead. and lori loughlin hit with brand-new charges in the college scam. how much jail time she could not be facing. the first, far left freshman dem, ilhan omar, not taking aim at miller who is jewish. she sayshe's a white nationalist . nationalist . that when we return. 2,000 fence posts. 900 acres. 48 bales. all before lunch, which we caught last saturday. we earn our scars. we wear our work ethic. we work until the work's done. and when it is, a few hours of shuteye to rest up for tomorrow, the day we'll finally get something done. ( ♪ )
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that is direction from iranian lawmakers to the trump administration to designate iran guard as a terrorist
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organization. death to america. i say it's outrageous, unbelievable but sadly it is hardly surprising. this is a video for nearly one year ago. let's show you. here we go. iranians burning the american flag. while chanting, death to america. in response, the president pulling the u.s. out of the iran deal. they do not like something it is death to america. they burn the flag over and over again. how much of this are we going to take drumming of the president of the american islamic forum for democracy, doctor, good to have you on the show. >> great to be with you. trish: what is your reaction to this end the administrations policies regarding iran? >> i think it is long overdue. the mobs that you should work rental mobs from the iranian revolutionary guard corps and also from the clerics that run the government. the rest majority of the reigning people, truly believe that their military are
11:32 pm
terrorists. they truly believe they want a revolution and slowly, they will have more traction the last year since we re-upped sanctions and they had any time during the obama administration. sanctions are pro-iranian, pro-revolution and the intime nuclear program is the sanctions and also putting the terror organization, their military, in its place. they have been, since nuclear dear, wrapping up the support of hezbollah, and genocidal crimes in syria, radical shieh, the cancer of the -- thank you for bring about clarity and pressure that the president called for. trish: let me turn to a woman that's been a very big critic of the administration, someone
11:33 pm
who comes from the islamic faith like yourself, sir. that is representative, ilhan omar who is out tonight tweeting yes the president's advisor, stephen miller, effectively accusing him of being a white nationalist. not just accusing because she actually says stephen miller is a white nationalist. those are some pretty tough terms. the fact that he still has politics find that she says is a travesty. a white nationalist -- last time that i checked, i do believe that he is a jewish-american. you know, if you are jewish, i do not quite think that you would also be a white nationalist but maybe i am just you know, maybe i am overanalyzing here.what you think of representative omar and the comments from her? >> it is just beyond ignorant. and as he said the main targets of white supremacists are the jewish community as we saw in pittsburgh and it is beyond immigrants.
11:34 pm
this happens on the left has the red green alliance between the socialist and the islamists. we see this at the union and we see this as a weapon is anti-semitism, their weapon is the labels of throwing whatever sticks and they ended up throwing this on a jewish-american who no way could be a white nationalist or supremacists. use our hillary clinton? tweet yesterday that make america great supporters are white nationalist. the economist magazine labeled ben shapiro and alt-right radical and later apologized and withdrew the title of the article. showing that the left is just unhinged. during labels wherever it can land and it is landing in ignorance and showing there really is more bigotry and collectivism rather than facts, truth and helping the country unite. trish: collectivism.
11:35 pm
that's a good term. their thought is whatever's in their view, whatever they determined to be better for the greater good of society, everyone is to fall in line. in venezuela socialism has just been for the people, the collectivism, it never actually works, does it? >> it doesn't. and islamists like ilhan omar, label me, who i love my faith, i am an anti-islamist muslim. they label me and islamophobic because all but labels rather than individual rights and facts and ideas and debates and ideology instead they want to label everyone in one group because it serves their left movement and red green access. trish: their friend by any difference in thought. that is not having any appreciation for diversity if you ask me. good to see you, thank you.>> thank you. trish: a brand-new poll shows
11:36 pm
the president's approval rating is on the rise. what are you surprised? it's been a good month, right! a booming economy. love that! no russian collision, take that off the table. what does this mean? we will have reaction straightahead. and later, a lot of terrific questions from all of you. you can tweet me at trishóreagan. and what prompted me to learn another language. see what happened to me in high school that forced me to learn spanish. a lot coming up after this. we got no free pass. everything we have, we've earned. the unmistakable lexus is. lease the 2019 is 300 for $329 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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11:41 pm
numbers? why is he seeing the uptick? >> the economy is one thing. it is one of the strongest economies in all of american history. and you cannot deny that. it is pretty hard to climb a racist when hispanics and african-americans have the highest wages and the lowest unemployment, it is hard to make it stick that he is misogynist when women have the highest wages and the lowest unemployment in history. and they cannot accuse him of being a russian spy anymore. of course the numbers will climb and they have. >> economy has been chugging along and doing quite long for some time and i credit the administration policies and what's interesting is that the sudden rise. the idea that people can breathe easy and say speculation that we heard from the democrats saying that he was somehow in a joint, he was a manchurian candidate. now that they know it is not
11:42 pm
true, they can say yeah, i like what he's doing. >> yes. and it is even worse if you are a democrat. because it is sort of inoculation, do vaccines work? in this case this one might work because now whenever they come up with, a lot of people, 11 american people will be skeptical at what they've been through. after fake russian collision is pretty hard to believe. >> adam schiff still says he has evidence. don't forget. there are democrats that are holding up the idea which is why they are so desperate for the attorney general to publish the mueller report and we will get it. he says in seven days time. i will read the whole thing. i'm sure that you will read the whole thing. and 11 democrats will read the whole thing but we also know a lot of it will be redacted. what is your sense of how
11:43 pm
democrats might -- anything redacted. >> of course they will spin it poorly. i do not know that will be able to resulting quickly at a 700 pages the size of the new testament. so they are taking time to read it but i think it is too late, i think it's one of the democrats were so angry with the synopsis that attorney general william barr gay. it took all of the action of the room. it will be hard to go back and create something that has any credibility at all now. trish: and how do you charge the president if no one is recommending you charge the president? >> what is the crime? you know, lyndon johnson used two pole every day and bill clinton was sometimes poll personal word. so use this word of that war? donald trump does not follow
11:44 pm
the polls. they follow him and he's on the rise because of what he does. he's a leader and they usually get good numbers. trish: doug, good to see you. good to see you. >> thank you. trish: federal prosecutors with new charges against prison time in the college scam. two and measles outbreaks spreading across america tonight. but one major u.s. cities doing in an effort to try and combat this new epidemic. this new epidemic. we naysayer said no one would subscribe to a car the way they subscribe to movies. we don't follow the naysayers. ♪ ♪
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>> today we are declaring a public health emergency effective immediately. it will mandate vaccines for people living in the affected area. department of health will issue violations and fines to people who remain unvaccinated. trish: new developments happening tonight in the massive measles epidemic spreading across the country. now the city of new york declaring a public health emergency and the city is requiring unvaccinated individuals in williamsburg, brooklyn, to receive the measles vaccine or be subject to a fine as they tried
11:49 pm
desperately to stem one of the largest outbreaks. -- 465 cases confirmed by the cdc in the united states just this year. the second largest number since measles was eradicated back in the year 2000. meanwhile breaking tonight, new charters factors lori loughlin and her husband as prosecutors say jail time is inevitable. money-laundering is the charge which will drastically increase the amount of jail time required for a number of parents including these two. that paid means of dollars to bribe their way for their children into elite and in some cases, not so elite colleges. and attorney on this.
11:50 pm
why didn't she enter a plea deal? why did she say boy, i screwed up i love my child, she could have maybe appealed to some peoples sympathy. instead, no admission of guilt. now they come back and say okay we will hit you with money laundering too! >> exactly! we saw plea deals entered into a day ago. it shows how aggressive the prosecutors are. we saw the plea deals come to fruition and the people who did not plead guilty have now been hit with extremely serious money laundering charges which can carry a sentence up to 20 years on its own. my guess is, whatever plea deal she was offered, absolutely carried jail time here probably about two years because of the financial or the amount of money that she contributed into the conspiracy. $500,000. perhaps she said, i do not want to put myself on the hook for the two years. thinking she might have another chance but now with additional charges, that amount of time is only going to go up. trish: but her lawyers had to
11:51 pm
have known. i'm sure she has a good lawyer. they had to have known that she would be facing the penalty or perhaps, more jail time and they could throw in money laundering and anything else they can think of along the way. >> completely! sometimes you tell your client, you get them all the risks and possible outcomes. but ultimately the decision is up to your client. i have to imagine a lot of lawyers right now saying to their clients, this is the best deal you're going to get right now. before additional charges. trish: why do you think -- okay i will take this to the jury and? she is an actress, maybe she thinks that she can be convincing on the stand for the jury? >> it could be that she's going to try and leverage a plea deal down the road. maybe after receiving some of the evidence or she could be saying, if i'm going to plead guilty, and the minimum amount of time will be two years, maybe four years or it will be
11:52 pm
the prosecutors recommendation, i am better off rolling the dice with a jury, hoping to get a sympathetic jury. this case will turn, each individual case is analyzed separates her cases one. but it will turn on what is in those communications that are recorded. and in writing. these are tough cases for the defendant to appear the prosecutors have a lot of these defendants, according to ac because it is in writing! that does not go away, is recorded. this will be a tough one and i think we will see some very famous people and some very influential people spend time behind bars. trish: let me ask you this. she has two daughters involved in this. one of them i believe doesn't want anything to do with her mother at this point. but i mean, how do they not know? how do you say, i am being recruited for crew even though
11:53 pm
they don't grow? will they face charges? >> this about that was so shocking. you're getting the kid into school for playing a sport. that they have never played and that is the situation here, but look, i do not think they face criminal charges but absolutely, you will see the schools reviewing each of the kids individually and saying, is this can hear under false pretenses? and to the extent the kids knew that they were not being truthful as far as getting into school, applications or whatever it is, a lori loughlin 's kids. you'll probably see repercussions up to and including expulsion. because the girls already left. they took himself out of the process. because otherwise you're talking about the schools reviewing each individual kid. maybe some didn't know but i think we can say that you know you're not on the crew team.
11:54 pm
>> good to see you. thank you so much. coming up, find out what my first job was in the news industry. plus, what major life event forced me to learn spanish literally overnight. when we return. cooper! did you eat all of your treats? ♪ help! i need somebody ♪ help! not just anybody ♪ help! you know i need someone when it comes to type 2 diabetes, are you thinking about your heart? well, i'm managing my a1c, so i should be all set. right. actually, you're still at risk for a fatal heart attack or stroke. even if i'm taking heart medicine, like statins or blood thinners? yep! that's why i asked my doctor what else i could do... she told me about jardiance. that's right. jardiance significantly reduces the risk of dying from a cardiovascular event for adults who have type 2 diabetes and known heart disease.
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11:58 pm
media, alex said, looking forwarded to the show. glad talk to trish is back, first journalism job. any advice to give to me, i am considers return to university of kentucky. my first job was in fifth grade, i was hal hampton academy correspondent for the newspaper. fifth cents my -- 50 cents my first pay. my advice find your niche. find what you really like, go after that. joes you of on facebook, what prompted you to learn another language? well, funny. i had to learn. in high school my husband is
11:59 pm
seriouserabout languages, 14 yey parents sincparent sent me for m summer abroad program in barcelona spain. we got lost. neither one of us had our% with us -- purse with us, he to track down a taxi cab, they did not speak english. and then police station, to call our parents back home, the fight or flight response very much came in to action. and from that point on, i was fluent in spanish. keep your comments coming, you know i love hearing from you. head to my twitter page. or facebook page. i'm on instagram as well. i have a lot of vacation photos
12:00 am
there and my new puppy. have a terrific night, kennedy is next. i'll see you tomorrow. kennedy: buono trish. now president trump is blaming president obama for getting us into this mess. for starting some of the more controversial immigration policies, like child separation. >> president obama separated the children. those cages that were shown, i think they were very inappropriate. they were built by president obama's administration. not by trump. president obama had child separation. take a look. the presences it, you know it -- the press knows it, you know it we all kno


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