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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 10, 2019 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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lou: good evening, attorney general william barr on capitol hill, today, under fire by radical dimms on his so-called summary of special counsel robert mueller's report. barr's quick responses, his strong defense of president left democrats seething, gasping for air, knowing their witch hunt produced nothing. despite attacks from left, president trump's approval rating is surging. the more he fights to keep his promises, the high are his highs
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approval rating goes. >> to secure our southern border. >> we have bad laws, we have a judge that just ruled incredibly he does not want people staying in mexico. figure that one out. nobody can believe these decisions from 9th circuit, it is a disgrace. lou: indeed, we take up latest in president battle with 9th circuit. and the circuit obstruction of the president's national security agenda. former u.s. attorney andy mccarthy among our guests, senator chuck grassley appears to be losing his grips, perhaps his mind, decrying the much needed purge of the dhs leadership, grassley apparently likes the deep state. he appears to be emotio emotiony
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wrought that president trump is reorganizing department of homeland security to run for efficiently. listen to grassley's decry, that department of homeland security protect america and americans. >> they are now the policy people there that give them intellectual and a policy basis for the policies that the president wants in immigration. it would be real mistake if they go that far down into the bureaucracy to fire good people like that. that i have worked with for 17 years. >> senator grassley. we take up cephaly weak kneed rinos. instead of supporting president, they are concerned about their friends in the deep state,
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congressman matt gaetz. and tom home an among our guest. and william barr today squaring off against radical dimms in a house appropriation hearing. that to be about -- it descended to radical dim grandstanding and the committee making fools of themselve, catherine herridge with the lates the late. reporter: lawmaker use annual justice department hearing to press attorney general barr on the timeline. >> the process is going along well. reporter: democrat' all of special counsel robert muellerra findings. >> it would strike a blow it our system, to our democracy. that report is not fully seen. reporter: attorney general made clear he is bound by the law,
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grand jury material -- >> we will color code the excisions from the report and provide notes. reporter: democrats want full report as soon as possible, some complained that barr moved too quickly releasing the 4 page memo. >> extraordinary to evaluate hundreds of pages of evidence and make definitive legal conclusions in less than 48 hours. i would argue it is more suspicious than impressive. >> the thinking of the special counsel was not a mystery to the people of department of justice prior to his submission of the report. reporter: somewhere special
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counsel did not find against the president, rod rosenstein made will caught in part because there was no underlying conspiracy between trump campaign and russia. >> can you elaborate what is meant by does not exonerate the statement. >> a statement made by special counsel. i am not in a position to discuss that further until the report is all out. reporter: with report's release, democrats appear to lay the ground work to challenge barr's credibility. >> really goes to a question whether you trust bill barr or not. i do. reporter: barr testified he will review criminal referrals from house republican as well as origins from fbi ru russia investigation, he warns he will open investigations it evidence is there. barr on the hill for a second round of testimony tomorrow. lou: thank you. catherine herridge from washington. >> our first guest, to take up
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the collusion hoax, the dim's futtal efforts trying to keep the mueller report alive, all while congress ignoring the crisis at our southern border. rnc chair, ronna mcdaniel, your impressions, if you will, on the democratic members of the subcommittee, as they tried to take on the attorney general of the united states. >> well, democrat members of subcommittee failed. trying too discredit attorney general barr. he countered every point they made, they said you were too quick to find a conclusion, he said we have a preview of it, which shows how fake the news had been with sources like "new york times" said that mueller team was not happy with power's conclusion. -- about barr's conclusion. so many things time after time, they said, what will it get out,
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he said a week, i will color code the redaction. lou: that is my favorite part of william barr's testimony today. attorney general, i don't know if he men me meant anything by t color coding for the democratic members is appropriate. >> they like to color outside of the lines of the truth, he will give them a road map, into not let them change the narrative and grasp at straws. the report is out, no collusion, no obstruction. let's focus on the border where we really have an emergency and a crisis. lou: shame on them and shame on republican party that did not are in two years. shame on paul ryan speaker of house, and shame on mitch mcconnell. they had an opportunity to do as this president had said do, from
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the moment he threw his hat in the ring for crying out loud, now, the nation is paying price. is there -- we heard senator lindsey graham say send us what you need to get it straightened out. and we'll move ahead. too little too late. and to no end. >> well american people are concerned right now, as they see in march 100 thousand illegals tried to cross our borders and apprehended. and we have a backlog of 800,000 asylum cases, and the claims are up 1700% in 10 years, we deluged. even obama administration officials say we have a crisis at the border. we need our leaders to step up. and president and leading wait -- leadings way. lou: i have a activity take of
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it -- i have a different take, with this recalcitrant radical l dimm congress and nancy pelosi in charge. they are not going to do the right thing, the republican party and all of its representatives in congress, and senators, have to stand with this president as he takes exec of action -- executive action, reforming department of homeland security moving people out who have been fighting his policies and his vision of where this country should be going. your thoughts? >> the president is focused on safety and security of our country. we need to have borders, a post 9/11 world we should who know who is coming. >> you are right, democrat have no interest in working with this
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president even if this means our national security. we need too continue to hammer home crisis that is happening on the border, the voters will make a decision. in november. of 2020. are we spending republicans back to majority they will fix it because we know that democrats will just sit on their hands. they like open borders that is about what they are saying. >> the president's approval rating higher than and other republican in the country. his rating is rising while that and of those in congress, both parties, and in senate sink. hopefully the republicans party under you're leadership and of that president of united states will find a way forward that this president so richly so imminent mly deserves, ronna thk
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you, and thank you for the support you give this president. >> thank you, lou. lou: up next, rino senators chuck schumer and ron johnson. they -- chuck grassily and ron johnson, calling the shake up at department of homeland security, they are trouble and confused. they are really is not any need for them to be. the president is in charge. and he means to secure that border. congressman matt gaetz our next guest. >> up next, another obama judge rules against president trump on border security from afar. i can't tell you who i am. or what i witnessed, but i can tell you liberty mutual customized my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no...
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lou: another judge on 9th circuit dropping trump administration from effective measures to make our country safer, president trump calls it a disgrace. our correspondent william in los angeles with the report. reporter: a setback for administration that trying to handling flood of migrant families and children, three times judges in liberal 9th
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circuit reject the president's attempt to deters sun surge from central america. to wait in mexico, policy was meant to halt asylum fraud by stopping families from disappearing in u.s. and reduce catch and release. the ruling takes effect friday, allowing an appeal, however 11 migrant plaintiffs in mexico must be brought to the u.s. he said his -- the judge said had his ruling, he does not imply whether it is wise and humane but it violates existing laws that ensure immigrants are not returned to unduly dangerous circumstances, president trump responded, saying a 9th circuit judge ruled that mexico is too dangerous for migrants,
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so unfair to the u.s., out of control, monday's ruling is a third strike for the president in june a 9 circuit judge ruled against family separation policy, and november, limited asylum seekers to ports of entries, last week, homeland security officials ordered an expansion across entire border, it now must stop. lou: william thank you. >> senator cory booker, the latest presiden presidential ho, exploring reparations for slavery. addressing at a cnn town hall, where else. >> we had overt policy fueled by white supremacy and racism, this has not stopped slavery recob rb reconstruction period.
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many of best ideas in america that ushered millions of americans to middle class, blacks were systematically excluded. lou: joining us tonight, former chief assistant u.s. attorney in southern district of new york. andy is now national review contributing editor, fox business contributor great american, andy, good to have you with us. first your reaction to idea of reparation that cory booker has brilliantly brought to the fore. >> i think maybe senator booker can borrow money from senator sanders. maybe we have work that out. lou: you have a fantastic idea, there seem to be more folks processed of -- luf -- a hust ar people's money that seems
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unending. talking about william barr today, i thought he was terrif terrific. making some members of congress look smaller. >> you could tell by the end, almost seemed like a nonevent. because i it of how he handled e questions, he is a smart, savvy guy, and scrupulous. he has been at this roa rodeo be and he knows how to handle it. lou: how to handle it which -- this exchange. she was dumb struck he could formulate within 48 hours a conditioconcise summary of robet mueller's investigative conclusions. if we could roll that. >> i must say, it is extraordinary to evaluate
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hundreds of pages of evidence legal documents, and finding based on a 22 month long inquiry and make definitive legal conclusions in less than 48 hours. >> the thinking of the special counsel was not a mystery to the people at the department of justice. prior to his submission of the report. >> could he have or kindly reminded the congresswoman, that she should be more constrained when sitting in front of intellectual superiors? >> yeah, and the other thing, as that you play that clip, that is a i heard it a numbe number of , i am tiein trying to imagine whe
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said if barr had not turned over mueller's conclusions and reported them promptly. of course, the justice department was aware of what special counsel investigation was. in fact congress had rod rosenstein, the deputy attorney general in for testimony a number of times. he did not answer a lot of the questions, but they made clear he was aware of what was going on in mul mueller's investigati. >> no doubt in my mind, that when they -- in the report itself, it will be clear in a pretty straight forward way, what their findings were. i think the problem is here for the democrats is they are disappointed in the findings. lou: right. and they are dismay -- their dismay at robert mueller, who was as president pointed out in
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a couple tweets, he was the great hero, the savior of the radical left in this country. he was without question goin goo find collusion with the russians, and my god what happened after almost two years of the investigation? nothing but as president said from the out set there was nothing to find. that is what left has before it now. they are attacking robert mueller for crying out loud. this is a pathetic display. your thoughts about how we go forward now, with the attorney general saying they will investigate how it began. that sounds like that should have a lot of people who have been forced out of the justice didn't out of the fbi very nervous, and maybe some of those who remain in leadership roles in the justice department, and fbi. >> yeah, i think that big take
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away on that today, lou, that attorney general himself, said he is looking into what happened here, this is not one of these situations where he seems to be slawfing it identif off on some, said my june, or early as may we'll at least have inspector general's long awaited report on this. that is one thing. you know more disclosure the better, but the fact that attorney general himself, is giving his attention to this is heartening. lou: indeed. and as victoria tensing and joe digenova said there this man, we have a real attorney general, that is what we have now. >> yep. we do, yes. lou: is that your word?
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>> terrific is a good word to end on. lou: i do. but better are happy birthday, happy barrethappy birthday andy. >> thank you so much lou, i appreciate that. lou: thank you, all best, andy mccarthy. we would like your thoughts, comments, on twitter, lou dobbs and facebook and instagram. >> coming up, american cities hundreds of miles from the border may be home to a lot of illegal immigrant children. and all at the expense of the federal taxpayer. we'll take it up and more, former i.c.e. director tom former i.c.e. director tom holzmann our guest stay with
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>> i never said i'm cleaning house, i don't know who came up with that. we have a lot of great people there, we have bad laws, a judge
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that rule u up cred -- incrediby he does not' people staying in mexico, fantasti figure that ono one can believe the decisions we're getting from the 9th circuit, it's a disgrace. lou: joining us tonight, tom homan, fox business contributor, one of those rumored to be in considering at immigration czar. popularized that way in the press, tom we appreciate you being with us. >> great to be here. lou: president reforming dhs. and making necessary moves among personnel to do so. your thoughts, your reaction? >> i don't think he is clearings deck either. i like the president's come, he is just hit a reset button, he is frustrated that numbers are not changing, he is move people around, there will be fresh ideas coming out of in, kevin mcaleenan, he will come up with
4:30 am
fresh ideas. he has a great relationship with the hill. maybe he will get the hill to move a little bit, he can hit the ground running, he knows the border issues. i think that president is rightly frustrated. lou: i heard you almost resisting my construction, reforming dhs, i think was des - dedesperately needed. >> i think that change is good, but i don't think that everyone in dhs, there are a lot of hard working men and women trying to do the right thing. i think that president's moves are good, he is setting reset button. he is frustrated like we're all frustrated. lou: american people are too, they are making it clear, in most recent has -- rasmussen
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survey they look who the president is doing, he built a historical record of promises kept of promises made. dhs, like you say, a lets offed if people, but the issue is, is the department working, as the president of united states wants it to work, move manage policy direction -- moving in the policy direction he was elected for it to move. >> i think think you will see more changes and action. i think he you will see changes quickly, he sent a clear message, step up or step out. lou: he sent a lot of des messa, miy it delight. he talks straight and to the people in his own twitter accounts. this is what he tweeted today.
4:32 am
i9 circ9th circuit district jude just ruled that mexico is too unsafe for migrants. the judge south o is out of hiso say mexico is too dangerous for migrants, but state department will allow americans to travel, mexican people to live there? this is really quite a piece of legal reasoning by this genius in san francisco. >> you know, president proved he is right again, he got in argument with chief just bis 9t--justice about 9th circuit being little bit opoliticize ane said no. this just proves it.
4:33 am
-- i told that judge, if you don't let dhs hold family long enough to ga guarantee they seea judge it will result i in a sure of family units, i was called a fear mongerrer, now look at what happened. lou: the border is out of patrol, custom border protection doing all they can, military there, this is a huge, huge problem. your thoughts about what the president -- where we're headed as far as president's judgment on the border and securing it. >> the president has been right on the border sunday one. democratic leadership has not offered one idea, they want as many illegal aliens they can get, they will be added to electoral college and guess who they will help, right?
4:34 am
i think this president needs to tell dhs take action, i.c.e. needs to arrest family unit and adult with due process, put them on a plane send them home, i did it 3 years ago, the numbers within down. i think that hsi needs to get to mexico with vetted units and dismans el thdismantle the cart. look, 53 thousand families last month, there are 3,000 family beds, let's build some facilities. lou: we received word that health and human services is preparing other facilities for these detained family units. and unaccompanied children that would require, using, schools that are available to provide necessary beds, your reaction?
4:35 am
>> you know, i am glad you mentioned that. congress has not done squat. democrats' this president to fail to border. but they signed a appropriation bill, and they put in this bill i.c.e. cannot touch sponsors. i said then, they opened a flood gate. they will hire -- to smuggle their child. how dare family do family separation, this so congress democratic leadership has put children in hands of criminal cartels. i don't want to hear another word about family separation, what they did was worse. lou: and signature on thatappropriation was congress in control or -- >> house it was the democrats, bill was signed a couple months
4:36 am
ago. lou: we have a quick read on 2020. tom homan great to see you. >> thank you. lou: former obama administration official has a new job working for china
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lou: headlines we're looking at potential 2020 presidential contender, howard schultz said he is not an economist. but said that president should
4:40 am
not have the fed chair in his pocket, howard schultz has the ability to insult everyone when we talks. china's telecommunications jiend huawe-- giant huawei hired a ser obama administration cyber official. the name, samir jane working at a lobbyiest. he took part in international morinnegotiations. he is out lobbying for huawei, that is terrific. hardly a great american, join us, congressman matt gaetz, member of house judiciary and armed services committee, let's start with first huawei and hiring up those good old obama officials to work for the same people they were working for when they were working for the
4:41 am
united states? >> well, china is function alley attacking our country, they use the laws and some of the people who worked in obama administration to do it. to execute on their ideas to control information and infrastructure and technology. president trump is the first president in american history you know since for quite some time to understand that we have to impose tariffs on chinese technology, stop technology transfers from u.s. companies, and certainly any notion that u.s. government officials are now trying to work essentially for china, to influence policies to execute this anti-american strategy is something we need to be serious about. lou: this is a full on 360 degree fully dimensional assault by chinese againsts u.s. the only thing missing is smell of -- in the air. >> the problem is too much is
4:42 am
legal, our laws allow too much of this to happen. they are now working for chinese on their side of the negotiating table, and china can deploy their tech in rural america and put students in our universities and use their opportunities for the ideas to ren ric -- enrich . lou: republicans and democrats over course of last three decades have sold us out to china. it is shameful era in american history. one that this president is correcting. day-by-day. but, difficult work. let me get a reaction from you to 9th circuit court. president made clear his thinking. what he feels about the 9th circuit in their judges, but to block it administration because it is too dangerous in mexico? for asylum seekers?
4:43 am
that is -- >> what is just so ludicrous, where do 9 circuit judges think that the ase the asylum seekerse through, they walked through mexico but now u.s. courts think it is too dangerous for them in mexico, they just left. this is a huge problem. lou we're apprehending 3,000 people every single day at the border, they are just the ones that we're watch -- catching, they get in united states, and using our laws as loopholes and the exception is becoming the rule, everyone showing up saying aseasylum, magic words, we cannt accommodate all these people. it is unfair to the american taxpayers who have their own sad stories. lou: even if the -- stories are
4:44 am
bright, the fact it i it, it isr border, we should be deciding who enters our country not the government was mexico. >> the other thing that is crazy, people in congress still believe that answer is more judges, i don't want more judges at border, unless we can line them up to form a wall, with 3,000 people a day coming here, you cannot ajudicate your way through these claims what facts do they have? dow tell me a judge with a few minutes with a potential asylum seeker will vet through their experience in el salvador. we need a wall, we have to stop this mass migration of people, otherwise not only will our border be eroded but border in mexico as well. lou: i think with your proposal combined with recommendation of congressman gohmert last night, he wanted to replace catch and release with repel.
4:45 am
>> yeah. we let them wander while waiting for asylum hearings and they don't show up, this is a joke, we know it is a joke, they know it a joke. lou: you would have thought an honor system would have worked, instead of borders, and border walls and guards, who knew? not the radical dimms. >> thank you, lou. lou: up next. congressman bobby rush of illinois. well he is living brightly in the past. and exploiting racial divides in his version of the president, responding to jussie smollett's crime hoax. hate crime hoax, he has a decidely well, nasty view of the chicago police department. ed rollins and i take it up next. stay with us, we'll be right back.
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lou: bobby rush, accusing chicago police department of racism for their handling of the jussie smollett case. >> is a sworn enemy of black
4:50 am
people. and all of their -- >> rush, well, he does not recognize enterally what is going in chicago, chicago police department is run by a black man, the city spent 130,000 dollars in police overtime as they investigated alleged hate crime against jussie smollett, also a black man. >> rush is a founding member of the black panthers. joining us ed roll ups, i want to start ronna mcdaniel with us tonight, president's approval numbers are moved up to 53%. he brings this government to heal on his policies. she was clear as she could be,
4:51 am
she expects the party to follow the president of united states no more man nonsense. >> absolutely, he is the one setting the agenda. he led charge in the presidential elect and he will again. so, his agenda is the agenda, what other agenda is there? the failure of last two years in the house, not getting the immigration stuff done is what we're paying the price for today, that is absurd. lou: it is absurd. and rinos. right now, making much of their confusion and concern about. i could not believe chuck grassley's comments talking about he has people at dhs he likes be he does not care whether or not they are in control of that border, does not care what they are doing citizenship and immigration services, whether it is you
4:52 am
know, immigration customs enforcement. you name it, he just wants them to be left alone by the president of united states for whom they work. >> well, that is not going to happen, president will do what he thinks is right for country, first obligation is secures that border, he made every step to do that but congress will not do its job, he has to do all we can through executive power in agency, he will make that. >> we had andy mccarthy earlier talking about william barr and attorney general he believes he is and will be for the country. >> no doubt in my mind having you know been a prosecutor who made long submissions to federal courting before that when they -- in the report itself it be clear in a pretty straight
4:53 am
forward way, what they are -- what their findings were. i think what problem for the democrats is they are disappointed in the finding. lou: i could not believe that others in on the committee today, appalling. she was talking about stonewalling for crying out loud, dealing with someone whose intellect is about 100 points higher than she is iced to ud -d to deal with. >> this hearing was to be about justice department budget. that is the way they will play it. barr was fabulous today. i thought, he will do what he thinks is right, he know the law well, he will not be intimidated and in a week he will have that report, he said you get it when everyone else gets it. want to did t -- if you want too to court, let's go to court. lou: he called the bluff of
4:54 am
everyone, if you could eplan exn to me, you are so concerned about this, maybe tell me your interpreinterpretation of the s, not one took him up on it,? they can't. lou: a shame that radical dimms go in 2020 with's scorched earth ignorant strategy, if you can call it that, where they are not going to acknowledge the findings of special counsel sheo embraced for two years. >> ed, thank you so much. >> appreciate it. >> up next, president trump condemns radical dimms who continue to obstruct all their effort to secure the border to
4:55 am
fix the broken immigration system, to secure the nation. stay with us, much mor trade ahd -- straight ahead right after these quick messages,
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lou: wall street stocks closing lower, dow is down and the nest liked him. 2.7 billion shows lowest volume
4:59 am
of the year. crude oil closing flat. reminder to list my reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. the president today lasting asylum laws, catch and release policies in congress as he's trying to fix the crisis at the southern border. >> with democrats not willing to act. they want open borders which means they want crime, they want drugs praying to the country. they do not want to act.we have to close up the borders. we're doing it but i can do it much faster if they would act. lou: and that is it for us tonight. thank you for being with us. national border patrol president, lewandowski, and david bossie with this tomorrow. we hope you will be too. it reminded development
5:00 am
twitter, facebook and instagram @loudobbstonight. thank you for being with us. we will see you tomorrow right here. thanks so much. good night from new york. cheryl: here are your market movers at 5:00 a.m. a major announcement from attorney general barr about the now closed collusion case. the major steps the doj is taking to find out what went on behind the scenes of the russia probe, days before barr says the mule rer report is going to be released. dueling hearings, tech execs testifying on hate speech explodes into anger and steven mnuchin goes head to head with maxine waters. alexandria ocasio-cortez's newest target is outgoing homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen, how she thinks she should be punished for her


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