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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  April 10, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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money lasts forever. bankers in the hot seat on capitol hill. we have live report. maxine waters versus the banks. let's go to jennifer schoenberger live at federal reserve for release of the fed minutes. >> fed officials reiterating they will remain patient making any changes to the benchmark interest rate as they assess the out look of the economy. charles, that was the major takeaway amongst internal discussions amongst fed officials at policy meeting three weeks ago. fed officials likely to remain on hold for this year, several officials say that the next move could be up or down depending on how the economic data evolves. several officials want to regularly review using the word patient to characterize monetary policy and some participants think if the economy improves later this year, a modest increase in the fed funds rate would be appropriate. fed officials are a bit uncertain about what the mex
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move may be on hold. they're assessing that whether the soft patch we experienced in first quarter would continue in subsequent quarters. they think a drop in consumer spending in january was likely due to harsh winter weather and was going to redown in subsequent quarters. on inflation they do see it as muted but they see inflation picking up and firming over the next couple years to their 2% target. though they are a bit -- what inflation is not picking up more because of the strong job market, rising wages. quite frankly tariffs. lastly before i wrap up here, there are concerns on the committee about communicating future interest rate projections via the.plot. fed chair powell is as signed a committee to look at ways to better communicate their future interest rate hikes going forward. so bottom line here, charles while the fed is going to remain patient, they are viewing the economic data closely to assess whether they will need to pivot
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in the direction of up or down later this year. back to you. david: charles: jennifer, thank you very much. we may coming ba to you as you go through the minutes for even more information. meantime capitalism also under attack on capitol hill, house democrats grilling ceo's of seven largest banks, jpmorgan, bank of america, morgan stanley, all testifying in part, trying to justify those record profits against a backdrop of income inequality. deirdre bolton is live outside of the hearings with the latest. deirdre? reporter: hey, charles. you're exactly right. those seven ceos from the big banks and large financial institutions taking some questions, some exchanges, spicier than others but the topics really ranging from brexit prepareness to questions about to what extent are these banks punitive with credit card fees and debit fees and overdraft fees. also the issuance of student
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debt came up but one of the more fiery exchanges, let's call it that, democrat from new york, congresswoman velazquez pinning down the citigroup ceo on pay discrepancy. here is part of that exchange. >> citigroup has the dubious distinction of having the largest discrepancy between ceo compensation and median employee salary of any of the institutions present here today, a remarkable 486 to 1 ratio. does this ratio seem fair to you? >> [inaudible] >> i cannot hear you,. >> congresswoman that is not fair for me to judge. i would say i completely acknowledge i'm very fortunate. reporter: he goes through, said listen, i don't decide my own pay. the board, members of the board, shareholders they all vote on that. one of the other exchanges came
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from sort of an odd line of questioning no other way to say it, from the chairwoman herself, man -- maxine waters asking each of the ceos if their banks are more streamlined and easier to manage since the credit crisis. here is part of that conversation. >> i'm concerned several of these institutions are simply too big to manage their own operations, too big, to serve our communities, and too big to care about the harm they have caused. reporter: some with the exception of one or two, yes their banks are easier to manage. they have stared down the recording lines, clarified their business lines. i mentioned this earlier, what we came up, it hit the 1 1/2 trillion dollar mark last year. that is an increase tripled if you like since 2005. seems to be a little bit of confusion and not understanding that the government has actually
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taken over student debt as of 2010. one thing i will tell you for as many spicy exchanges have gone on inside of the room, one that did not happen, freshman congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez refused, according to our sources, did not want to meet any representatives from the banking community prior to this hearing. charles, a little context and color, back to you. david: deirdre, thank you very much. here to help us break all this down, making breaking news, former fed advisor, danielle dimartino booth, kaltbaum president, fox business contributor, gary kaltbaum. nicholas wealth founder, david nicholas. let me start with you, danielle. what jumps out at you the most right now? i thought when we heard jessica saying some fed officials were thinking a rate hike i don't know that the street was prepared to hear that. >> i certainly don't think so. i'm waiting for the twitter engine in the white house to get fired up on the minutes to see
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what the president's reaction is going to to be. the other thing that struck me, charles, a discussion to remove the word patient from future statements. charles: what does that tell you? >> it actually tells me adds more weight to the fact that several members thought a rate hike later on this year would be possible. patient implies we're in a holding pattern. you remove that word an anything could happen. charles: gary, it wouldn't be a bad thing if the economy was doing so well that the fed didn't have to worry about rate cut per se. could the market, accept a rate hike if the economy was on fire? >> well, all i can tell you is the fourth quarter of last year did not accept the rate hikes very well. and after they 180 by powell came around and mnuchin phone call, the market has skyrocketed. i think the economy is okay here. i think it is actual fine. i think the problem is around the globe, whether it will hurt
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us. let me be clear. there are not going to be any rate hikes anytime soon. there is no way shape, or form. this is all about easy money. one fed head, i think it was williams who actually said if we get in trouble we could have negative rates and print more money. we're easy money forever. i don't think they can ever roll it back. if you heard draghi from the ecb this morning, same over there. they said negative rates for the rest of 2019 if not more. charles: david, one thing to say easy money, another thing to say get rid of quantitative tightening. everyone is hoping we can get something out of that. we haven't heard anything yet. i know jessica is still going through the minutes. is that the last thing wall street wants to feel comfortable? hey, don't take $50 billion in accommodation out of the economy every month? >> tightening is a big part of that. we didn't hear much about it. that is kind of behind the scenes and yeah i think the markets are looking at that but i will say as the balance sheet
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matures the fed is lining up the maturities with the outstanding maturities. there is some stimulus there to a degree as the narrative rolls off. is the president right or the fed's right? this actually confirms what the president had been harping on all of last year, maybe the fed went ahead too quickly with raising rates. they made a complete 180. i think the market sees that. some of that pressure put by the white house is maybe what we're seeing here. charles: senate banking chairman mike carp -- crapo, would like the fed cutting rates. we saw the sound bite with the new york congresswoman asking this group, you know, you make more money as a group of ceos versus your employees than any other industry in the world, in america. perhaps bank of america anticipated that. yesterday big news, raising their minimum wage to $20 an hour. listen, they make themselves easy targets at times these
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banks do, don't they? >> they certainly do. you cannot, you cannot take away how wide the income gap is in this country. it is why donald trump is in the white house. it is why socialism is spreading throughout the country. so, i think that there is every right to question executive compensation in this country and to your point about bank of america, wasn't that a conveniently-timed release about raising that minimum wage? charles: just the day before. gary, of course, the other issue here is, we heard about student loans and some people felt if you watched this hearing, felt like the members of the committee, including the chairwoman, perhaps not sure that president obama took the federal government out, you know, took the banking sector out of the student loan game and inserted the federal government. many think that is the reason we
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have major issue right now with student loan debt 1.5, close to 1.6 trillion. did it seem to you, perhaps maxine waters and rest didn't know that? >> the chairwoman segued very quickly away from the subject when the answers came from these banking heads, hopefully, she will do her homework going forward. look, i'm always a big believer, when you continue to give out all kinds of money, left and right, it gets abused. too much gets done. you have colleges raising tuition left and right because they know everything is a guarantee by the way, from the government. i think that causes the problem and i got to tell you i watched like the first half hour today. for me it is all about irony in fact you have people doing the questioning that in part or in whole have 22 trillion of debt, they have spent 22 trillion more than they brought in, questioning companies that are making a lot of money in profits and employing a ton of people
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for me quite the irony. look, i can't defend banks. i was the loudest voice back in '07, 08 what they did then. i think they're much better right now but i worry if the asset bubble breaks whether they are prepared or not. charles: despite the anxiety and tension in the room today, there was even a lot more yesterday. i want to share with the audience one sound clip of maxine waters and mnuchin going back and forth yesterday. very contentious. take a listen. >> if you wish to keep me here so that i don't have my important meeting and continue to grill me, then we can do that. i will cancel my meeting. i will not be back here. >> the secretary has agreed to stay to hear all the rest of the members. >> let's be clear to the press. >> respect our time? who is next on the list? >> you're instructing me to stay here and i should cancel -- >> you just made me an offer? >> no i didn't make you an offer. >> you made me an offer i am accepted. free to leave anytime you want.
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free to leave anytime you want. >> please dismiss everybody. i believe you're supposed to tack the gravel and bang it. >> not instruct me how i am to conduct this committee. charles: maybe petulent stuff. they underscored the fact, no matter what the subject is these days with any hearing on capitol hill, it quickly becomes a war between the democrats and the trump administration. >> hate the divisiveness. you would hope that there would be some good policy that could come out of d.c., that republicans and democrats working together, but sadly i don't think democrats want it. you know, this is perfect example of when you have a secretary that is coming out, giving you his time, trying to give a hearing, issue i have as well, segue, gary said, a lot of politicians never created a job in their life. they passed laws, they have no idea of implications far-reaching effects of this? sad to see that displayed yesterday. hopefully we don't see that type
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of narrative. charles: when you set up to embarass an entire industry you should at least be correct. that whole thing with the whole student loan fist as kobach fired big -- -- fiasco backfired. no longer an outsider bernie sanders inveiling his new "medicare for all," yes, it is gaining traction. the question is, how much will it cost? bernie finally admitting the worst kept secret, but how he got there seems like upward mobility a walk in the park. william barr thinks spying did occur in the 2016 race but it was on the trump campaign. the latest as he spars with lawmakers next. ♪
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charles: president trump declaring he wants an investigation into the investigators of the russia probe. >> it was an illegal investigation. it was started illegally. everything about it was crooked.
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every single think about it, there were dirty cops. these were bad people. you look at mccabe and comey and you look at lisa and peter strok, these were bad people. and this was, an attempted coup, this was an attempted take-down of a president and we beat them. we beat them. charles: man, those are some strong words. now of course this is as attorney general william barr, is back on capitol hill today, saying he believes spying did occur but it was on the trump campaign. >> spying on a political campaign is a big deal, it's a big deal. >> you're not suggesting though that spying occurred? >> i think there was spying did occur, yes i think spying did occur. >> well, let me -- >> the question is whether it was predicated, adequately predicated. i'm not suggesting it wasn't ad
2:19 pm
quadly predicate the but i need to explore that. charles: rick ungar, chairman of civic forum pac, ford o'connell. ford, that is blockbuster. he went on to qualify it a little bit, suggesting whether or not it was predicated acknowledging president trump's campaign was spied on, that is huge news. >> that is absolutely huge news. what is amazing here about attorney general barr, really by the book, manner, the ability to cut through the democratic games. the willingness to get to the bottom exactly how this russia probe came about, whether or not there was foul play. he is turning out to become president trump's best cabinet pick. charles: you agree, rick? >> i know president trump would agree. i found it confusing, i agree with ford, if there is something funky went on there, absolutely he should investigate. the problem right now he is at a point in time where people are watching him, they have got questions about him. he would have done better if he
2:20 pm
didn't say what he said, we watched it, he said spying occurred. he said, later on, i don't know or think any rules were broken. i'm confused. the other thing i'm confused about. he told us yesterday the ig report is due in a couple of weeks investigating precisely this issue. you tell me why would he not wait until he gets ig report? charles: he was asked an opinion. he was asked straightforward. i think the person asking the question thought he was going to say i'm not sure, no, and that is what turned the whole thing upside-down. >> fur telling us there is ig report coming i say why don't you ask me the question after i see the ig report. >> rick i think what happened in the grilling on capitol hill, tuesday, wednesday, how quickly the democrats moved from a trump-russia conspiracy, to a trump-barr conspiracy. in a way he is settling people down on both sides of the aisle, i will follow the law, i will follow the regulation.
2:21 pm
i will do this by the book. he set that order down now, we'll be in here forever. >> if does exactly that i have to problems. charles: do you have president trump going after the dirty cops and attempted coup? >> i really do? charles: you do. so if top law enforcement officials in this country -- >> i don't mind hill going after them if they were dirty, number one, number two, if they have evidence. but for the president of the united states to stand there to blame top people in the fbi, he hasn't shown me any evidence. i will be with him all the way if there is evidence. charles: you haven't seen emails, nothing tells you might be on to something? >> no, he told us, the attorney general. charles: peter strzok emails? >> i understand. i read everyone of them. that doesn't tell you at that they're dirty. >> for two years the democrats basically said trump is puppet of putin. i would have gone more berzerk than he did. now that he is turning tables i don't blame him for lashing out. >> but is there evidence?
2:22 pm
>> something is not kosher here. charles: what ag barr said is important, raises the stakes and everyone will see. hopefully he gave as you timeline. i want to ask about bernie sanders because he is introducing his new version of "medicare for all." rick, i got to tell you it's a doozy. it's a doozy. he is going for the whole ball of wax! >> here's the problem, i saw ford's tweet he put up earlier where he talked about government takeover of health care. look, you don't have to be for "medicare for all," especially bernie's plan. guess what, i'm not. i will tell you in a second? charles: you like your doctor? you like your insurance plan. >> nobody likes their insurance plan. i'm on medicare i do like my insurance plan. here is the thing we have to understand what it means. here is the problem what bernie is suggesting, this is a problem that has to get solved before the conversation goes any further. we know what it will cost the government. we've seen two studies.
2:23 pm
one from mercadis institute, conservative, one from liberal institute, urban institute with,' gray what it will cost the government. what we don't know, what it will cost you and me? nobody has done that study. when we do -- charles: i don't think people feel good about the government, one thing if you have stand in line to buy a stamp. another thing if the government is running -- >> you know who feels good about it -- >> bernie is talking about taking 180 million people off private insurance. >> talking about it in four years. can't do that. >> hold on, rick talking about increase declays including people with preexisting conditions. complete government takeover currently impose something dog with fleece. if he wants to drag the entire 2020 crew off the cliff i'm not going to stop him. charles: democratic presidential candidates are on board with this already. rick, ford, always a great discussion. thank you nice both very much. >> thank you, charles. charles: president trump in texas to rally support for his 2020 campaign on the tough
2:24 pm
immigration stance after making it clear he is in charge of dhs. alexandria ocasio-cortez demanding the corporate world shun outgoing homeland security secretary kirsten nielsen as she is looking for her next john. aoc is not only one. this is dangerous path that will make a lot of people skip considering being civil servants. we'll be right back. ♪ my dream car.
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now... grandpa, what about your dream car? this is my dream now. principal we can help you plan for that . >> all asylum rules, laws, and regulations have been taken advantage of by people that are very bad people in many cases. these are the people running the cartels. they are gaming the system. they have been for years. the only difference is our economy is now so strong that more people come up. we have done a great job at the border with bad laws.
2:29 pm
charles: president trump blasting our nation's asylum laws as he departed for san antonio this morning. he also had an interesting answer whether he should make influential aid stephen miller the new homeland security secretary. take a listen. >> only person that is running it. you know who that is? it's me. charles: joining me national border patrol council president brandon judd. brandon, it is number one topic in the country right now. president trump was in california the now he is in texas. the world acknowledges, our world, america, acknowledge this is is a crisis. the big question remains how to deal with it. your thoughts. >> so congress is not going to do anything. that is the first thing we have to understand. if congress actually acted it would mean president trump would get a win. so they're not going to do that. so what we have to do we have to look within the authorities at that we currently have to address this crisis. i find it very interesting that
2:30 pm
they asked if steven miller should be the dhs secretary? the guy is an extremely intelligent policy advisor and that is what he is doing. he is working behind the scenes, coming up with policies that are going to allow us to secure the border, such as the mpp, such as potentially deputizing border patrol agents as limited asylum officers to do credible fear interviews initially upon arrest. these are types of things we can do within the authorities that we currently have that will help us secure the border. charles: yeah. of course he is had a tough week as well, labeled a white nationalist by some of the democratic party. you know upon leaving her post at the end of the day kirstjen nielsen may confront a tough time to return to the private sector. so many folks on the left, brandon, calling for corporate america to shun a woman that has become the public face of the white house family separation policy. in fact congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez tweeted, secretary
2:31 pm
nielsen oversaw one of the largest scale human rights violations in recent history. awarding her a lucrative deal or prestigious post is to legitimatize and celebrate that abuse. aoc didn't stop. there she also tweeted about the migrant crisis saying far right never talks about what causes people to flee their homes in the first place because they would be forced to confront one major factor fueling global migration, that's climate change first, let's talk about this idea of stopping someone or actually trying to shun corporate america or the private sector from hiring kirsjien nielsen? >> that is absolutely crazy talk. that is the type of stuff that just will drive people nuts. kirsjien nielsen is second to none in cybersecurity. she knows that field inside and out. if anybody wanted to hire her for her cybersecurity knowledge they should go out and should sign her to a very lucrative
2:32 pm
contract. charles: quickly on climate change, brandon, does that play any role at all? >> none. none. charles: all right. one more thing if you were offered the john would you take it? >> no, would i not. charles: brandon judd, thank you very much appreciate it. >> thank you. >> 40 minutes from now we may hear the eu's decision on theresa may's plea for a brexit delay. it is expected to be granted but at what cost? we'll be right back. i'm working to keep the fire going for another 150 years.
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♪ charles: the dow struggling for direction while other major indices are doing pretty well, reversing yesterday's decline that snapped a eight-day winning
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streak. boeing holding down the blue chip index. shares of plane maker down for the fourth straight day. boeing facing a slew of lawsuits including from shareholders who allege the company defrauded them by failing to disclose safety issues with the 737 max planes. amazon says the cashless stores will soon accept cash. the online shopping giant has been facing backlash from saying cashless stores discriminate against the poor. no word when that actually happens, those changes. meanwhile the results of an emergency summit between british prime minister theresa may and european leaders is expected shortly. it's a pivotal moment in nearly three-year long brexit divorce battle as the eu decides to grant uk for another extension? if so, how long, will that already hurt a already contentious process. we have former uk's john brown. >> good morning, charles. good afternoon. charles: many characterize this
2:38 pm
as final surrender of may. she will go and grovel with the eu and they dictate terms from here on out? >> well i wouldn't call it surrender. the final surrender. she you are surrendered months and months ago. it has taken three years to do maximum two year job. we're facing a chaotic, absolutely chaotic humiliation for the second largest economy in europe. our struggle for freedom to get out under article 50. it's a disgrace. people in england are now talking of high treason of the highest order, that she is actually working for merkel, not for the united kingdom. that is why this thing has gone from chaos into more chaos. charles: john, if that is the case, that she is working for merkel, she is not the only one. yesterday the imf warned the citizens of the uk, if you go with the "no-deal" brexit, you're going to have two years
2:39 pm
of recession. we heard that kind of, those fear tactics before the vote. but they won't stop. >> yes, imf is part of the globalist elite and globalist socialist elite. that is absolutely straight out of their playbook, as the constant delays in the article 50 execution because it gives more time for project fear by the european union and the remainers to work, and imf is exactly that. you will have a terrible recession. actually, even in this chaos europe is doing better than every country in europe, has debt repayment schedule, lowest unemmoment. things are going great. britain will be far, better off economically and financially out of shackles, socialist shackles of the european union. charles: if the eu asks for one year, if eu says okay we'll give you extension, make it one year, what is the likelihood that
2:40 pm
ultimately brexit never goes through? >> oh, very high, because, that is exactly what the european union under merkel is playing for and her poodle unfortunately is theresa may. what does she do to negotiate in she goes straight to berlin to see what she can say to try to tackle macron, who wants to kick britain out very rightly. what she can say to macron. macron is just pretense. this is a bluff. they don't want to get rid of their second largest economy and british independent nuclear deterrent, permanent seat on united nations security council and liaison with the fights. that is extremely valuable. by kick britain out they would lose all that, the largest financial institution center in the world america is the largest stock market, largest financial institution, foreign exchange is
2:41 pm
london. charles: talking about the city. believe me there are attempts to raid the city. there is talk of a trillion dollars worth of economic activity, leaving city going to other parts of europe. we know the warning. >> thank you. you will see treachery outcome of this. charles: thank you very much. it is official, benjamin netanyahu will remain israel's prime minister for a fifth term after the opposition leaders finally conceded defeat. the party head i had by netanyahu's opponent, benny gantz is vowing to work against the prime minister. president trump called netanyahu today and offered his congratulations. right now big tech facing a senate panel on allegations of censorship practice against conservatives. what are they telling the senators? we'll tell you next
2:42 pm
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>> well they know it but the press doesn't talk about it. many, many dead people, many. also they come in and raid their houses and it is very dangerous. they're told never to leave their house at night. that during the day always carry a gun and know how to use it. and where they have their fences, these are big ranches, where they have their fences, never go near the gate unless you have two people, especially at night, and make sure both of you are carrying a weapon, a gun. nobody has ever told me this. this doesn't come out in the fake news. this doesn't come out in the press. and these people had no idea we were going to do this. you know what? we have the media here. there are very good people here in the media, actually. it should be explained. nobody ever heard this. i don't think they ever heard this.
2:44 pm
maybe i start with jean, maybe gene, you start. we'll go through. these are incredible stories. i had no idea, nobody has any idea how bad this is. this has been going on for many years, many, many years. they're coming up because the economy is so strong but regardless this has been going on and many people are dying. and the danger of living here, unless you know exactly what you're doing is tremendous. where your wife carries a gun, she is trained and in using it. you start it off, gene. >> we were telling the president earlier today that in south texas from here to the border we have millions of square miles of open brush country and the coyotes pick these people up at the river. they will bring them 50, 60 miles in to the u.s., and then give them a gallon of water, and a little something to eat, say houston is right here, or dallas is right there, you
2:45 pm
need to walk this direction. and, as you look at the press in texas, about south pecs -- texas, numerous people are dying on these ranches, people have been finding their bodies number of years. brooks county is one of the most prominent places and drop them off and tell them houston is just over the horizon. not only do we have humanitarian crisis, a security crisis, we also have these people preying on the people trying to come here and they have no idea geographically where they are, where they are located. they have a gallon of water, a little money, maybe a sandwich. they start to walk. and when it is hot and they're in the sandy country, at the very often die. these ranchers and a lot of the people here will tell you that they very often are finding bodies on the ranch. so this is not just security.
2:46 pm
it is not just us worrying about our property, it is worrying about the people who are actually trying to come here to better themselves are being preyed on also. the other thing i told the president, that many of us have homes on the ranches and the border patrol, the department of public safety, all, when we run into them on the highway warn us and we often have coyotes running their trucks through our fences as they're being chased by the border patrol. they will run into the ranch. everybody in the truck will bail out and hide in the brush. and so, we're living in several thousand acres and nobody around us, nearest law enforcement, may be 10, 15 miles away, and when they can't find the illegals that are in the brush, they leave. law enforcement leaves. we're left there by ourselves,
2:47 pm
not knowing what is going to happen, not knowing if they're going to come up to the house. not knowing if they're armed. in the middle of the night when we had this happen before we have gotten up at 2:00 in the morning, packed up our car, driven back to san antonio because we just did not feel safe. i know that we're not the only family that feels that way and is being imposed upon. this has been going on for a number of years. i would like to turn it over to some other people here behind me have got stories. doug, you might lead off with your story about your pumper. >> we have a ranch in order e north of laredo. there is a lot of oil activity going on. there is certain gates they come in. they're heavily trafficked. ms-13 people, other gang affiliated people come across, know the roads exist. they sit by the gates, instead of roughing the guy up, taking the truck to open the gate to gauge the well, do whatever they doing, they killed them.
2:48 pm
so there is you know dead people out there just doing their job. oil field workers. we've seen that down in our area >> often. again, they all want the wall. if we had the wall, the good people will not be able, you will see them on the other side of the wall. the people can, number one, they won't come, because they will say there is no way of getting through. right now they think there is a way of getting through. the people back home never hear about that. they start the walk, think houston is half a mile away but it is 300 miles. and it's desert. i asked mr. powell, let me ask you a question, when you, when you do this, why aren't they, why aren't people around to help these people? he said this is a vast state. it is a vast area. if you look at it, the state's tremendous. we don't see that, you know.
2:49 pm
we come, i come from new york. fifth avenue and that connects to park avenue and not too far away. but this is, you know, hundreds of miles between places. and it is just, i heard some incredible stories. does anyone want to go you? told me something very interesting. go ahead, please. >> less than 30 days ago i had six people show up front porch of my house dressed in black, 5:30 in the afternoon. so just, scary thought, not knowing what these people are going to do to you, what they're going to say, and like, you said, mr. president, you don't want to go to the door, don't want to answer it for sure. it is just, always make sure gun is around, and hope that they don't try to do anything to you. it is just a real scary feeling. >> very expensive fences but they don't want to go through the process of going through the fences. so again they wait until the
2:50 pm
fence is open, the gate is open. they wait at the gate, and they kill people. they want to take the truck. a lot of times they don't even want to go to the house. they want to steal the truck. so you always go to the gate in doubles. this has been going on for many years. it is coming up. i'm bringing it out. we're bringing out what is happening with our border. these people come into the country. some are dying, during the walk. many of those people maybe were very good people but some are dying during the walk. many, many are dying. that is what surprised me. i said how many? one of the folks said, well we had seven in the last fairly short period of time. seven. i said seven? that is one person. no, they're all over the part of texas that we're talking about. that means they're all over other places too, including new mexico, california. >> this is out west in sonora,
2:51 pm
texas, we're 120 miles from the nearest border. and remember, they don't come through the port he have entry. the bad guys come through other place. >> i've been saying that from day one. >> they don't come through the port of entry to see it. the other thing, demographics change. it is not, 3% is actually mexicans from mexico. they're central american. >> you said 3%. >> 3% are from mexico. the others are from south and central america. they come through, they look different, they're dressed in black, backpacks, have hoodies on. they're not good guys. different deal than years ago. we put out some food, mi icasa you know the food is gone. it is different. born in mcallen, ben all over texas. it is different than it used to be. >> you're saying that the people from, you said before, colombia
2:52 pm
and also from guatemala, el salvador much tougher people or more dangerous people. >> they're only sending rough ones carrying drugs, different things. you have to follow the money. >> remember this. those countries are sending the tough ones. they're sending the gang members. those are the people they're sending to the united states. the democrats don't want to do anything about it. i'm doing something about it. the democrats don't want to do it. he just said it. and mr. powell and all of you, we talked about it, people from mexico, they come in, help with the farming. they go out no problem. they're saying people coming from much further away, they're sending real killers including ms-13 they don't want them in honduras, el salvador. they don't want the gangs.
2:53 pm
so they're sending them to our country and they are probably ones that run out of water and food? >> no. >> you have something to say. >> we can document well over 1000 dead bodies over the last five to six to seven years. that is the ones that we find. you go to brooks county, want to do a good story, go down to brooks story, they have photographs of children, pregnant women, older people, the people who are at risk, reef them out in the middle of know where 100 degrees with half a gallon of water, you die. they don't care about these people. the democrats never talk about the humanitarian crisis not just on our side of the border protecting our citizens, these poor people subjugated to these gangsters, these cartels, bringing these people here, charging them thousands of dollars, leave being them to die, leaving them to die. they know they're going to die. taking advantage of the most vulnerable. where are the people in washington to stand up for these children, these women, these
2:54 pm
senior citizens? where are they? bring them down. mr. president, let the democrats come down to brooks county. come to any of these ranches. let them see the bodies of and skeletons. we have the photographs. call my office. we'll get them to you. >> one of the folks back here were saying, i said really how often does it happen? all the time. how many have you seen? >> 11. 11, over what period of time? over short period of time. 11 bodies. if it is not the bodies they're attacked. they're accosted. very importantly, these people come into our country long beyond texas. i mean they go into our states that have nothing to do. you would think with the border but they go in, deeper the better. and it is really a disgrace. nobody talks about it. you don't have anybody talking about it. i even said, even my republican colleagues, they're with us all the way, but they don't hear the
2:55 pm
stories. i never heard this story. this was not a scheduled news conference. you people are here. this was not scheduled as you know. i said to these people, can you tell the press? because this is a thing that has been going on for years. i mean your wife, if she doesn't carry she doesn't have a chance? where you can't go up to a gate, open a gate without a guy standing there with a rifle because people want to steal your truck. they will do it and kill you. kill you, take your truck sometimes go to rob the house. who the hell can live like this? it is not just here at the border. but, these are stories that i have never heard before. i have been doing this stuff very intensely for 2 1/2 years. >> mr. president, i think it is really, i think it is really important this group, i think everybody here would tell you the same thing, all of us have lived a long time in texas. we are very proud of the multicultural nature of the
2:56 pm
state. we have, we're biracial. we have tremendous friends, family members, from mexico. mexican origins in their help. we all love each other, and we get along great. that is not what we're talking about here. people will call us racists for bringing this up. we've been living in a bicultural world for many years gotten along fine. my grand parents moved to south texas along the border in 1918. so what we're talking about today, things have changed. >> tell them, please tell them. >> it has changed. we're not talking about citizens from mexico who do agricultural work. i remember the bresaro camp in the 1960s. workers came across in the buses. they did the work.
2:57 pm
weekends they went back. everyone got along. we had a great relationship. things have changed. the central americans and the cartels. the cartels, smuggling of people, moving of people we had here in san antonio, within the last year we had a truckload of people die in a walmart parking lot where the this is happening all the time. they are moving people 50, 60 people packed into a truck to take them north. people die in those trucks. >> you're also saying that the people coming up from areas that, you know, didn't used to have a long time ago but you have over the last let's say ten years, you're saying the level of toughness is much different than it used to be. they're saying that -- have you to hear some of these stories. again, i said look, anybody
2:58 pm
want -- everybody said they will agree to go and do this. i thought you would have some that would say i don't want to get involved. but the stories are incredible. charles: president trump and what he says is an impromptu press conference with a lot of local officials and some residents in texas who live near the border. a bunch of horror stories of locking doors, finding bodies on ranches, finding people in the brush, ms-13, people actually coming to folks' porches knocking on the door and people being afraid of opening the doors, keeping guns around. it's just a real story where you can see the residents there trying to articulate the fact that hey, we are multi-cultural, these generations have intermingled and it's -- that's where we are right now. let's go back and take a listen to president trump. >> they just want to get votes. they think these will all be votes for them some day and other reasons. maybe they want to make the country look bad. but let me tell you, we have a
2:59 pm
problem and you people expressed it far better than anybody i've heard. i can't believe it. how many did you find last month? well, seven died on their ranch. on one ranch. seven. i said what are you talking about, seven. they start walking and it is the expense. that's the thing. nobody knows -- charles: in the meantime, we did get the fed minutes today. it wasn't exactly what wall street wanted. the markets have really unchanged over that time period. we are expecting major news out of the european union on whether or not they will allow theresa may to extend the brexit. a big contentious issue there as well, along with tremendous economic overtones. liz claman, i will come to you early. the market is sort of sideways. mostly boeing holding down the dow. the other indices are looking higher. the market looking for some sort of catalyst. liz: didn't you find it interesting, though, that when the fed minutes came out, these are the minutes behind the scenes from the most recent meeting, that the dow turned
3:00 pm
around, punched up to the upside and then kind of lost the momentum? charles: i think they were looking for more members to be okay with rate cuts. looks like some are okay with the rate hike. that confused wall street. liz: or leaving it for now. charles: leaving it alone. liz: thank you so much, charles payne. we are going to head back to san antonio for the moment and just keep dipping in on what president trump is saying regarding the south border. >> you won't have so many because they know they can't get through, they're not going to come. all of a sudden they're not going to come. we are building a lot of wall. you know, the other day i saw the fake news, they were saying i didn't build a wall. you know why, because they said i ripped down a wall because i just left with them, a lot of these people. we ripped down a wall that was dead. it was useless. and we built a new one. they say that wall was already there. we took a brand new wall, we showed it to them, and some of them because they're dishonest,


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