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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  April 12, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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facebook and follow me on instagram@lou dobbs tonight. see you tomorrow. good night from new york. ♪ cheryl: here are your market movers at 5:00 a.m. will he face the music? the u.s. wick ky leaves founder julian assange extr extradited r being arrested. republicans say they're ready to brief attorney general william barr about aledged misconduct during the fbi's investigation into the trump 2016 campaign. congressman devin nunes says committee republicans identified several potential violations of law. we're breaking it down for you. well, here we go, earnings season kicking off today with two big banks reporting before the bell. analysts you say we could be headed for some choppy earnings weather. we've got a preview.
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and from italy to your front door, how one company is promising to deliver italian made pizza to your home. it is friday, april 12th. "fbn: a.m." starts right now. lauren: this is how your money is moving at 5:00 a.m. wall street bracing for the start of first quarter earnings season. take a look at futures, rallying this morning. the dow up 174 points, looking to reverse the steep loss on the week. the s&p 500 up 13. in europe, markets mostly flat. investors are concerned over the outlook for global growth. the big winner, the dax and ftse both up. stocks in asia, mostly higher. the nikkei closing at the highest level since december 5th, 2018.
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cheryl: it is an italian feeling friday. we are both italian. welcome to "fbn: a.m.." i'm cheryl casone. lauren: good morning. i'm lauren simonetti. wikileaks founder julian assange isn't going down without a fight. a legal battle is expected over his extradition to the u.s. he is accused of working with chelsea manning to hack classified information. cheryl: we have a report from london this morning. >> reporter: julian assange didn't go without a fight but after six years and 10 months of ex silexile, the path from the t door the paddy wagon took less than a minute before he was shackled in a waiting van. >> this goes to show in the united kingdom, no one is above the law. >> reporter: facing extradition and trial on charges of sexual assault in sweden back in 2012, the founder of wikileaks claimed he was the victim of a
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politically motivated plot to extradite him to the u.s. the president of ecuador agreed, gave him asylum in the diplomatic outpost in london, bringing him out of the reach of authorities. in 2017, ecuador granted assange citizenship and even offered him and then rescinded a diplomatic post. relations began to fray with their increasingly unwelcome guest. ecuador demanded he not interfere with the affairs of other states. there were other requests, take care of his cat and clean his bathroom. >> the patience of ecuador has reached its limit. >> reporter: assange faces extradition to the u.s. to face charges. the indictment alleges in 2010
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assange worked with chelsea manning to crack a password to obtain classified information. his lawyer says this sets a bad precedent. >.outside the embassy, a handful of protesters agreed. assange will spend the next three weeks in a british jail before a hearing determines whether he is to be ex dieted to the united states. cheryl: lets bring in an attorney to talk about this. i think the reporter brought up the he debate that is really erupted in the u.s. could this be a dangerous precedent for the press if julian assange indeed does face conspiracy charges over him working with a source, which was chelsea manning. >> i think the aspect of how he worked for the sources really what's at issue. the answer tour question is possibly. but what the government has done
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in the eastern district of virginia, win of the more prominent u.s. attorneys offices in the country is basically charge him with consisten conspo commit computer hacking, which involves working with chelsea manning to help crack a code or get a code that would get information which he then disseminated. so the act of doing that is a criminal act. breaking into a u.s. database, protected database and certainly chelsea manning spent time in jail and had her sentence commuted by president obama as one of his last acts. so the issue here is whether the object of the conspiracy, whether that's criminal. the act of breaking into it, that's the criminal act. ultimately, you've got to ask yourself if you're a journalist and you're going to be engaging this stuff, journalists will
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choose to publish. working with a source to break into something, that's different and may not get first amendment protection. cheryl: how likely is the extradition, how likely that he will be extradited to the united states. the u.s. has until the middle of june to produce the documents that would be appropriate for the court in london to review that and approve the extradition. any hiccups you see here? >> in the end, theresa may had blocked extradition of another journalist to the united states a few years -- back in 2012. here, the position appears to be different. so how likely is it? i think it's very likely. if it weren't -- if that weren't the case, the united states would not have unsealed th the indictment. it must be good enough to make the united states feel confident they can release or unseal the indictment. you have statute of limitations
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grounds. this is a 2018 grand jury vote that involves things from 2010. one of the interesting things, i think, if i'm his lawyer is challenging this, procedurally, hey, you have five years on a criminal conspiracy. that indictment should have been voted by sometime in 2015. but the date is 2018. and now obviously he was hiding in an embassy, so some of that time is going to be told, but if i'm his lawyers i'm going to challenge that. cheryl: it's not just the work with chelsea manning, but it's also about the publication of documents related to the democratic -- that were stole foreign th -- stolen from the democratic party as well. good to have you here. lauren: now to immigration. the u.s. is officially cutting off aid to three central american countries, guatemala, honduras and el salvador, as
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mike pence visits the southern border. cheryl: griff jenkins is in washington with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, lauren and cheryl. after touring the southern border on a second trip to arizona in as many months, vice president pence is calling for lawmakers to get serious about addressing the crisis at the border. >> congress knows what needs to be done. it's just democrats in congress have got to step up, be willing to do it. it begins by recognizing that we have a crisis on the southern border. >> reporter: can serious talks between a deeply divided congress occur, let alone make progress. nancy pelosi may be signaling a crack in the democrats' uniform opposition to working with the administration, saying it's complicated but it isn't hard to do if you have good intentions. i'm not giving up on the president on this. any talks would have to start with agreeing upon identifying the problems. >> i have said consistently that i believe there's a humanitarian crisis at the border but one
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that's caused by president trump and his administration with their failed policies. we can find a bipartisan solution to this. >> reporter: after more than 92,000 apprehensions at the border last month, most of which were central american families and unaccompanied children, as secretary of state pompeo confirms, the administration has cut a aid to those countries. another caravan is making its way to the north. the key thing to watch is how mexico handles it when they get to their southern border with guatemala, and will they try to stop them or allow them to cross like they did in january. that is what wee we witnessed ad that's the key this time. lauren: the wait is over. walt disney finally releasing details of its highly anticipated streaming service, disney plus. cheryl: big breaking news. let's get more from deirdre bolton. >> reporter: after 20 months of
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anticipation, consumers, investors and journalists finally got more information about disney plus. disney plus will feature family friendly content, think star wars, marvel, national geographic. it will also be ad-free. disney plus will have lots of bonus materials such as a documentary on making frozen 2. for pixar fans, the collection of picks as movies and shorts will also be ultimately available on disney plus. one criticism out of the gate, the rollout date a lot later than some had hoped. it will be first quarter 2020. the ceo, bob iger, reminding investors this is the first time the company addressed the business community since the purchase of fox entertainment assets. they say disney is likely to bundle espn plus, disney plus and hulu at a discount. disney announced the focus on international expansion. disney spent a lot of time talking about india's hot star
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and the growth there. one very big question going forward, will consumers pay for disney plus and for their membership with the 800-pound streaming gorilla in the room of netflix, which of course has 140 million subscribers worldwide. we know that disney knows how to create a narrative and wrap up stories well, so lots of investors are betting on the brand. in the meantime, back to you in the studio. lauren: thank you. let's get to other headlines making news this friday morning. newly discovered legal documents showing boeing had warned that the max 8 jet was not suitable for airports in high altitudes. bloomburg reported boeing told a trade commission in 2017 that high elevations require longer runways and faster speeds for takeoff. that would include ethiopia's airport which is more than a mile high. the ethiopian's a airport altitude has not been blamed in the downing of flight 3 of 02. investigators say it may have exacerbated the situation.
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aviation week reporting that information from the flight data recorders in the ethiopia jet indicating a sensor vein detached seconds after take off and this, thousands of amazon employees are urging ceo jeff bezos to go green. in an open letter published in medium, 4500 employees asking bezos to release a climate action plan. they suggest that more solar panels on warehouses and fewer diesel trucks are warranted. the letter comes as other big tech companies announce plans to reduce their carbon footprint. and new york congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez is supporting an idea that the irs do your taxes. legislation advancing through congress would prevent the irs in creating free tax preparation software to compete with private firms like turbo tax. in a speech on the house floor,
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the freshman congresswoman referenced a report that deemed it a huge scandal that lawmakers have not yet required the irs to automatically prepare taxes for most americans, cheryl, because you want the irs to do your taxes. great idea. cheryl: a great idea. all right. we've got a lot more coming up. let's take a look at futures on your friday. we've got green arrows to show you right now. we are kicking off earnings in earnest today with the banks. dow up 156 in the premarket, s&p up 11 and-a-half, nasdaq up 30 and a quarter. still ahead, congressman devin nunes sending criminal referrals for potential violation intuse the probe into the trump 2016 campaign. then, celebrating org real heroes, our teachers. how one website is looking to treat our favorite educators to a trip to mexico. you're watching "fbn: a.m.." ♪ this is how we do it. it's friday night. ♪ and i feel all right.
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lauren: president trump matching the lang h language ofs attorney general bill barr who said he thought there was, quote, spying on the trump campaign and wanted to look into it. the president went further. >> i think what he said was absolutely true, there was
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absolutely spying into my campaign. i'll go a step further. in my opinion, it was illegal spying, unprecedented spying and something that should never be allowed to happen in our country again. lauren: a tiano lowe joins us now. happy friday. >> hi. thank you for having me. lauren: what do you make of the semantics in all of this and the president taking it a step further, saying it was outright illegal, unprecedented activity? >> obviously, spying is a fairly politically loaded term. however, we do know there was surveillance on the trump campaign, particularly on carter page, via the fisa warrants. i think the question barr is looking into is whether or not probable cause of a new variety was established each time the fisa warrant on carter page was renewed. multiple were set on him and still carter page is mostly okay. and that is legally troubling. lauren: as investigators are looking into who knew what,
5:18 am
when, et cetera, there's also this coming from the ranking republican on the house intelligence commit you at this. -- committee. listen. >> five direct referrals based on lying, obstruction of a congressional investigation and leaking, we have a global leaks referral and then you have conspiracy referrals, ones based on the manipulation of intelligence. the second one is based on fisa abuse and other matters. lauren: in all, eight criminal referral notifications sent to the a.g. what is the message behind all of this? >> obviously, everyone in trump's camp feels fairly empowered because the media more than anyone promised too big on what the mueller investigation would result in and i think the fact is that it went on for 22 2 months and trump himself came out relatively unsa unscathed bd
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on what we know. lauren: it's getting crazy. we get the mueller report in the coming days, so we'll know more. i have a feeling democrats aren't going to be happy because of the color coded redactions that we can expect. nancy pelosi told the a.p. this, this week, in an interview, and i quote, i mean, in every way he is unfit to be president of the united states. is that an impeachable offense? well, it depends on what we see in the mueller report. so the speaker of the house putting impeachment back on the table. what do you make of that? >> i think in one -- on the one hand it's holding out hope. on the other hand, i think it's catering to this more radical portion of her base. you had on day one a sitting united states freshman congresswoman saying she wanted to impeach the you know what. i think people were holding out way too much hope as to what the findings would be. lauren: we can expect more of a
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fire storm when the mueller report does eventually come out. thank you. have a great weekend. >> thank you. cheryl: this may make you smile as we go into the weekend, looking at futures right now, your money looking pretty good. we're kicking off earnings season today, the dow is up 153 in the premarket, s&p up 10 and three quarters. it's about the big banks today, we're kicking off earnings season with jp morgan and wells fargo. they're set to release numbers before the bell. what you need to know ahead of those big reports. and out of the classroom and out to the beach. one website wants to celebrate teachers. with really great trips to mexico. you're watching "fbn: a.m.." ♪ shake, shake, shake, sonora. ♪ shake your body. ♪ shake, shake, shake it all the time termites, feasting on homes 24/7.
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♪ take me by the happened. ♪ don't you understand. cheryl: tourists finding a heavenly destination in the florida keys. lauren: tracee carrasco joins us with more this morning. hello, tracee. tracee: people worship in different ways. who says you have to go to a church? this is something popular easter destination in florida, called christ of the abyss. it's located in the only living coral reef in north america, off the coast of key largo. it has become a popular destination for scuba divers, as you can see. it's in the coral reef park stae park there. it's a 4,000-pound bronze statue donated by the underwater society of america in 1961 by an
5:25 am
italian scuba entrepreneur. this is one of thre three in the world. there are two others. lauren: i'm a little weirded out. cheryl: i think it's cool. tracee: it's become a huge destination for scuba divers. very big for easter. a lot of the surrounding hotels are offering deals, of course, for scuba divers to go to visit the statue underwater and -- lauren: for your next vacation, there you go. there's a website out there giving teachers a pretty special trip. tracee: who else other than teachers deserve a vacation., they found a way to honor teachers for teacher appreciation week, may sixth through the 1 tenth, witha free trip to mexico. you have to enter on the website and you have to prove that you're a teacher, an educator. on the last day of teacher appreciation week, may 10th, they'll send an e-mail. once you get the e-mail you have
5:26 am
to be one of the first 50 to respond to it, that's how to get the free trip to mexico. it's just a round-trip. you have to pay once you get there for the resort you're staying in but, hey, that's -- cheryl: why teachers, obviously they're very important, underpaid, underworked. they just decided -- tracee: they just decided they wanted to pay honor to those who are doing a lot for our future generation. cheryl: spring break not just for the kids these days. tracee, thank you very much. no breaks for you. we'll see you at the end of the show. lauren: let's take a look at futures this morning. let's see if volume returns to the market. dow futures higher by 0.6%. nasdaq jumping half of 1% this morning. rough waters for carnival cruise, why the company's ships may be banned from u.s. ports. and a taste of italy right on your table and right on this set. we're going to have details on one company's plans to serve you pizza straight from the old country. you're watching "fbn: a.m.."
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cheryl: let's get you caught up on global market action this friday. wall street is bracing for the start of first quarter earnings season. taking a lootaking a look at fue s&p is up 11 and a quarter, the nasdaq up 29 and-a-half. now to europe, marc markets mosy flat. there's a concern for global growth. that's certainly a european story. a lot of green across the screen there, though. now to asia, the nikkei closing at the highest level since decembedecember 5th. lauren: first quarter earnings for the banks officially kick off this morning. we get results from jp morgan chase and wells fargo. our next guest says investors are bracing for, quote, pretty ugly numbers. let's bring in that guest, todd
5:31 am
horowitz chief strategist at velvet are these earnings a catalyst for this market? because volume yesterday, lowest of the year. there's kind of a search for direction right now. >> good morning, lauren. volume has been absolutely pathetic. in 40 years, this is the worst quarter i've ever seen volume-wise. usually the first quarter there's a lot of action. we have the earnings coming out this morning with jp morgan. we lowered the bar so far that it's hard to believe that the markets aren't going to get to new highs. there's a lot of issues in the market. with no volume, dull markets will continue to rally. that's the way it goes. lauren: no matter what we hear from jp morgan and wells fargo today, you think the market goes up and indeed hits new highs? >> i think we do hit new highs because, again, we have no real action. it looks just like what we call a retail rally, that it's all the retail money that continues to buy on very light volume and the bar is so low -- if there was a major miss and something
5:32 am
that nobody could account for, we could certainly have a big selloff. again, they've lowered the bar -- everybody knows we're expecting 3, 4, 5% off of earnings from year over year. so at the end of the day, what are they going to miss, how far can they miss from there? lauren: what about leveraged loans. we've heard there are concerns that there are too many loans being given to indebted companies. is that a red flag for you? >> i think that looks really bad. my opinion there is that the banks are over-levered once again. i could care less what they say about the stress test. i think there's a banking problem coming again. even though the banks are not lending the money themselves, they are buying loans like they're giving them away for free. all the peer to peer lenders are selling all the loans they can get to the banks and the banks are buying them willingly, similar to the '08 era record we
5:33 am
banks bought loans and they didn't care. lauren: one more for you. the ipo could be the biggest this year for uber. it is on tap. this is a company that is showing it can make money, revenue last year, $11.3 billion. but that growth comes at a cost. your thoughts? >> you know, they've got so much money invested even before they get to the street and of course in today's world with all the technology, all the information, we get ipos priced so perfectly, i can only see this ipo doing what lyft is doing which is falling apart. it doesn't mean that a couple years from now it won't become a facebook or linkedin that both sold higher afterwards. initially i would see no reason to want to jump into uber right here. lauren: a lot of people saying lyft could be a cautionary tale for uber but you could make the argument that uber is more diversified. they have uber eats, a bike program, et cetera. they're not just ride sharing. >> listen, they're a great
5:34 am
model. but it cost them so much to get this far, there's so much debt on the books and so we'll see what geeswhat goes on from ther. lauren: thank you very much. we have a programming note. maria bartiromo will have all of the breaking earnings numbers, particularly from the banks, later this morning on "mornings with maria." cheryl: the european union giving the green light to start trade talks with the united states. will this produce any real results for the u.s. economy? let's bring in wells fargo senior economist, mark vitner. our trade deficit with the europeans has widened and that's something i'm sure the president doesn't like to see. now they're willing to come to the table but agriculture, the u.s. says they will not negotiate if agriculture products are not shipped to the e.u., if that's not on the table. that could be a sticking point. what do you make of this? >> it's a real sticking point. because they don't want any hormones, they don't want anything that's jen e geneticaly
5:35 am
modified in any way or the chicken that's cleaned with color nateed water. it's very difficult. there's a lot of active groups in europe that get passionate about this. we've got parliamentary elections coming up in may. i think it will be hard to get a trade deal done when there's reluctance to talk about anything to do with agriculture. there's a threat we're going to put tariffs on imported automobiles. cheryl: i was going to say. the 60 -- there's possible tariffs on $60 billion worth of automobiles exported from europe and that's the threat on all of this and real quick, do you think that could have a negative effect on the u.s. economy if those tariffs get put in place? >> it could have a negative effect. we have a lot of transplants. we have a bmw factory in south carolina, mercedes in south carolina and alabama and so certainly i think that it could have a negative impact. but there's an awful lot of automobile producers here. the other thing about the auto
5:36 am
tariffs, this is an industry that's slowing right now. motor vehicle sales toppe have d out for the sigh l kell. there may be -- cycle. there may be energy invested in the negligence other united unid negotiations. the auto sales are already slowing. cheryl: he'l elizabeth warren proposed a recall corporate tax, she wants to raise taxes on the bibiggest corporations by 30%. i want to show you this tweet she put out. she's taking target with amazon. she says in response to the fact that amazon paid all the taxes they're required to pay, you made $10 billion in profits last year and paid zero in corporate taxes. this fight will only get bigger. do you think there's a risk if we see more taxes on u.s. companies, reversal of the u.s. tax code, that we'll have problems with the u.s. economy again. >> i hate to see this tax fight. the optics are very good.
5:37 am
amazon didn't pay taxes this particular year because they had a lot of losss in prior years and you get to carry that forward. tax policy affects the economy over the long run. we've seen productivity growth has picked up. tax reform will-if we don't mess it up, will allow the economy to grow at a faster rate for years to come. but the optics of this, the politics of this are very attractive. she's going after bigness. anything big is perceived as bad, except for big government. cheryl: really quick, jobless claims yesterday, we haven't seen numbers like this since 1969, 50 years below 200,000. it's going to continue, mark, yes or no? >> i think the good news on jobs is likely to continue, at least in the very near term. a number below 200,000 on jobless claims is unthinkable given how much larger the economy is today than it was back then. cheryl: great news for the economy.
5:38 am
mark, great to have you on this friday. lauren: uber is making a unique admission as it prepares for its ipo. it may never make a profit. that revelation coming in uber's filing with the s.e.c. the company highlighting its rapid growth in the last three years, but also admitting that a string of public scandals and increased competition from rivals has certainly weighed on the plans to attract and retain riders. ubs hired former congressman jeff he henserling. he crusaded to water down rules imposed on wall street after the financial meltdown. he will serve as an executive vice chairman. carnival cruises could have trouble setting sail. a federal judge in miami threatening to ban carnival from docking its ships at u.s. ports, accusing the company of violating probation. carnival has been on probation for two years as part of a
5:39 am
settlement for illegally dumping oil into the ocean and lying about it judge is expected to make a decision in june. major milestone for spacex. >> three, two, one. ignition. liftoff. [ cheering and applause ] lauren: falcon heavy rocket successfully lifting off yesterday, marking its first commercial launch. the falcon heavy is the world's most powerful operational rocket. this was also the first time that all three of the rockets' reusable boosters returned safely to earth. elon musk tweeting about it, the falcon has landed. cheryl: forget leftover cold pizza for breakfast, folks. we're talking to the head of one company that wants to bring fresh pizza straight from italy to your door any time of day. and the masters kic kicking off,
5:40 am
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♪ lauren: love the music and the food. one company promises to deliver
5:43 am
pizza straight to your door from italy. they say this meal won't cost an arm and a leg. cheryl: joining us now is edward fred a a. what a great idea. you're basically making pizzas in italy, cryo freezing them, which i think is fascinating and you're shipping them to u.s. customers and you worked on this for a while. >> we started two years ago. we wanted to bring the pizza experience straight to your home. we developed our patented process. first, we make the pizza, the ancient you way, with chefs that hand make everything, fresh ingredients delivered every morning. they go straight in the oven. they are fully baked. when they come out, they go in a cry yocryo g'sgenic chamber. this is the margarita what how
5:44 am
dmarjorie.lauren: how do you o? >> you order it online. we hope to expand nationwide soon. cheryl: there's a minimum order, five pies. shipping is free? >> shipping is free for now. lauren: how big is the pizza industry? how much of a dent do you hope to make? >> the pizza industry is obviously massive. what evermassive.lauren: every. >> close to $50 billion, i believe. we're a very small company. we started in italy. this is an innovative product. we hope to create a new trend with these sleeping pizzas. cheryl: how long did it take you to figure out the cryogenics? >> it took to two to three years of development to see how ingredients reacted. we wanted to remain natural, no
5:45 am
preservatives, no additives. it was a complicated process. we got there in the end. we sold half a million in italy. so italians eat this. cheryl: how has business been in the u.s. since you started shipping here. >> we launched two weeks ago. we've been doing great. we're really excited. lauren: i'm excited to give this a try. cheryl: what are the different -- tell us the different -- you've got several different pizzas. give us some of the pizzas, the styles we can order. >> we have eight different flavors. we have a gluten free margarita. we have pri primavera, truffe t, spinach, we have different kinds and we innovate. cheryl: this is really good. lauren: i feel like we're in naples.
5:46 am
cheryl: thank you very much. is it going to be available to the rest of the united states any time soon? >> absolutely. cheryl: time frame? >> within six months, i would say. cheryl: we have a national audience, so -- thank you very much for being here. >> thank you very much. lauren: we wish you the best of luck. the market's up, dow's rallying 163 points in the premarket on this final day of a tough week for the dow. it's down almost 300 points this week. still ahead, phil mickelson having his best first round at the masters since 2010. tiger woods joining him on the links fort for forday two. we've got more game of thrones tie-ins that you'll have to taste to believe. we're going to keep eating our pizza over here. ♪ i'm going to marry the night.
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lauren: heavy snow, strong winds and blizzard conditions slamming a big part of the country. cheryl: senior meteorologist janice dean is live in the fox weather center with the weekend forecast. it's been a brutal week, janice. janice: this storm system will continue to be on the move. look at the cold front, 71 in cincinnati and freezing temperatures west of that cold front. so that's part of the reason we have this pretty big storm system that's not only going to bring blizzard conditions to parts of the upper midwest and great lakes but the potential for severe storms for the masters tournament in augusta georgia, saturday and sunday as well. wind gusts, still blizzard warnings in some of these areas, it's not going to take a lot of
5:51 am
snow to create those blizzard conditions. i'll tell you, snow on the ground and the temperatures will remain pretty cold, so the snow is going to remain on the ground for the next several days which is kind of a good news, bad news situation. you don't want the snow melt and the flooding but of course we're into spring and you want to say good-bye to the snow as well. ladies, back to you. lauren: we certainly do. thank you. have a good weekend. janice: you too. cheryl: the masters tournament, it's been a great start to the masters. phil mickelson is in line to make history this weekend. but the weather. jared: all that rain has been great for the greens and the golfers really had fun with the scores yesterday. phil mickelson is one stroke behind. if he finishes with the best score sunday, he would become the oldest golfer ever to win a you major tournament. lefty yesterday sank birdies on five of his final seven holes at augusta national. he was under par on all of his par 5s. micmickelson shot a 57, the best first round of the masters since 2010. he won his third green jacket
5:52 am
that year. tiger woods, for the first time in six years, tiger scored under par in the first round of the masters, finished two under and he is four behind the co-leaders. brooks kepka, a all he does is win majors. 28-year-old28-year-old looking p titles with the u.s. open and the pga. he had five birdies in a row on the back nine. he's six under, six birdies, no bogies. brison deshambo, 25-year-old, opening round of 66. check out the shot, nearly aces it but, oops, it hits the pin. maybe should have taken it out. going to be a fun weekend in agus a take as the golfers took advantage of the soft greens thanks to rain this week. ian poulter and dustin johnson are also in contention. tiger is four back. nba playoffs begin tomorrow. idea was black thursday in --
5:53 am
yesterday was black thursday in the nba. dave jagger let go by the san francisco kings. it's one and done for larry drew. noah syndergaard likes to mess around with opposing team mascots. blooper -- cheryl: i think he would like hug him. looks like he's going to have him. jared: he's having a little bit of fun. syndergaards was having no part of it. people are trying to figure out what blooper is. he looks bik like the philly fanatic. cheryl: i think he says my personal space is being violated and you need to back off. jared: h.r., plays co mascot ps shirt over my body. cheryl: can't wait until monday to hear about the masters. jared's sports reports, fox news headlines, 24/7, sirius xm
5:54 am
channel 115. lauren: winter is finally coming for game of thrones fans, the final season premier is this sunday. we've got last minute food ideas to get you ready for your trip. ♪ i've got the magic in me. ♪ i've got the magic, baby. ♪ every time i look, it turns into gold.
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♪ i'll stop the world and melt with you.
5:57 am
♪ you've seen the difference and it's -- cheryl: it's clearly all about food this morning on "fbn: a.m.." today is national grilled cheese day and there's a lot of deals out there. lauren: tracee carrasco did not come with grilled cheese but she came with the deals you need to know about. tracee: i did not. we had the pizza, now grilled cheese. what better way to celebrate today than with the grilled cheese. the melt shop are serving up a triple decker grilled cheese. they have that going on. there it is, all month long, $6.99. there's three layers there. there's a brick of cheddar spread. tom and cheese, they're also giving away one of their classic grilled cheese donuts any time you buy a grilled cheese sandwich. you could have a full, complete. and if you find yourself on the lower east side today, cheese grill from 3:00 until 7:00, they're giving away free grilled
5:58 am
cheese sandwiches. cheryl: in new york city, that's a dangerous plan. that's going to be all over the. lauren: you've got game of thrones news for us. tracee: sunday, the big season premier. there are lots of food deals, specialty items for the show. so buffalo wild wings, they are doing something called dragon fire wings. they're one day only on sunday, april 14th. the crispy wings are coated with a soy ginger glaze with chili and ghost peppers, topped with fresh hall pa jalepenos. cheryl: that's going to be pretty -- just warning people. tracee: don't worry. you can wash it down with game of thrones wine. hbo teamed up with the vintage estate wines to create a set of blends for the show. there's a chardonnay, cabernet, by knopinoiot noir and a red .
5:59 am
cheryl: we talked about game of thrones on maria's show. there was a game of thrones oreo. tracee: there's an ice cream too, in l.a., there is a shop, wander does luslust creamery, te game of cones. they have several flavors, the most popular, winter is here, oatmeal ice cream swirled with honey caramel, spiked with sin p single malt scotch whiskey. lauren: thank you very much. cheryl: that's it for us. time for "mornings with maria." that starts right now. maria: hello, ladies. good morning to you. happy friday. thank you for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is friday, april 12th. your top stories right now, 6:0t
6:00 am
right now. first quarter earnings season ready to get into high gear this morning. we're waiting on results from two banking heavy weights, jp morgan and wells fargo. we'll have those numbers as soon as they hit the tape. the first look at uber's financials this morning ahead of its ipo, the ride hailing giant facing slower growth. what is expected. senator elizabeth warren's war on big business continues. she wants a new tax on r corporate profits and is calling out amazon. disney takes aim at netflix with a new streaming service. find out how much it will cost to see your favorites from the house of mouse. "mornings with maria" begins right now. ♪ it's been one week since you looked at me. ♪ dropped your head to the side and said i'm angry. ♪ five days


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