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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  April 12, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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who goes up there whether government or private company, we should be the one to go there. steve moore, whether he makes it to the federal reserve. meantime, charles payne take you through the next hour. charles: huge day on wall street. stocks solidly in the green, big news from banks and media companies. jpmorgan leading the way for financials after reporting solid increase in earnings. we have to talk about disney, the winner of the session. soaring more than 10% after unveiling a aggressive pricing strategy and bold subscriber predictions for the new video streaming service that competes with netflix. neil: >> race to control the fertile ol' feeds. what will be the next multibillion-dollar oil deal? we'll tell you. president trump to make a
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big announcement about 5g service is. it will happen any moment. we'll take you are live. we have that and so much more on "making money." ♪ charles: stocks higher on slew of positive earnings and corporate news. big banks coming back with a bang, jpmorgan chase up more than 4%. the company posted record first quarter results benefiting from higher interest rates. strong trade figures from china also helping the market push aside fears of a global slow down. this big corporate moves, right? blockbuster takeover, stronger-than-expected earnings, stronger-than-expected economy, positive trade talks. exciting rush of new offerings. should the bears go into per -- hibernation. rob luna, lindsey piegza, author of the common sense bull, didede
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ghabour. >> i do think some of the data has been a little more optimistic than expected. that is continuing to support the notion that the economy is not falling off a cliff and that the global economy may be able to stave off some of the more dire estimates of global recession or negative outright growth. so i do think there is optimism being baked in here, that is helping to boost confidence, boost investor sentiment, so give a little up tick to the market at of late. charles: eddie, another thing given up tick, everyone was waiting for jpmorgan earnings reports. we know the financial really for a while now perennial disappointments. not today. is is this maybe a shift we're seeing? by the way they're actually lending money to people. that is a novel idea for banks. >> how about that? i actually came into the year i think i said on your show in january i was pretty optimistic on the banks this year. it was a contrarian call.
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they have underperformed the market. i think if banks take over as new leadership that will be very, very positive for the markets. i think the banks will continue to be strong. sort term they may have some concerns with the flattening of the yield curve and they're well-capitalized. look at the end of the day this is one of the most hated but markets in history. people underestimated the strength of this economy. i just don't understand what some of the bears have been looking at. charles: rob what is interesting also, obviously the stock of the day without a doubt is disney, a huge move forward, taking out a high established november 11, 2015. we saw this stock essentially trade sideways for four or five years. now it is breaking out. we see value place. could this be a shift in leadership? >> yeah, i mean, charles, disney is a stock i think people sold for dead couple years ago in favor of a company like netflix. they have been making huge investments in this company and i'm actually surprised that the
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stock has underperformed so much because bob iger and the rest of the team really articulated what would be happening. what is good news for disney, charles, will be bad news for netflix. i think disney will continue to lead here. if you look at the valuations what netflix is trading. we did some work, hey, what if we put same multiple with disney like netflix that stock would trade 88. the stock is at $335 a share. if you own at netflix, you need to look at things. disney extreme leader and the stock will continue to move higher. >> do you find it interesting, rob, the vote is okay, this price point half of what wall street was anticipating, bob iger will stay around until 2021 and these are aggressive numbers but ultimately they are pricing disney differently because they will have trouble maybe being profitable with this aggressive push? >> i think so but there are also things much faster expansion into china people weren't expecting, when you look, look
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at what netflix is doing this year, charles. they're spending $15 billion on original content. making 70 billion, disney spent on fox maybe not look that bad. what they will hit this year, putting all original films out there. they have fox's business out there. let's not forget, espn plus, they also have controlling ownership in hulu right now. i think the future is very bright for disney. i think they will have a great offering. i would be very bearish on netflix right now. i think you're seeing that play out in the market. charles: lindsey, want to ask you about speaking about the future, wall street settled on notion that the fed was on the sidelines, i, can we have it both ways, but earnings come in than anticipated, gdp grow faster than thought it would at start of the year and fed remain on the sidelines? >> we can see better than expected performance of the economy, depending how low of the bar of expectations comes down. i think a lot of street economists have maybe made down
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that hand, talking about a recession coming into play as soon as 2020 or possibly even by the end of 2019 we've seen some forecasts. depending where the bar of expectation comes in, the u.s. economy could outperform. that being said we're looking for growth in the u.s. to remain in positive territory around 1 1/2, 1.8%. still continuing the expansion but as noticeably slower pace. this is in lockstep with what the chairman was expecting as well. he was very clear about that in the most recent press conference in march but that doesn't mean that even if we do see positive growth that the fed needs further action, further backup in rates. charles: right. >> so i do think at this point the fed will remain on the sideline even if we do see continued positive growth or growth exceeds some of those lower forecasts for activity. at this point i think it is very fair to say the fed is out of the picture at least in the near term. charles: the dow up 260 points, would probably agree with you.
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thank you, rob, dead i, guys, stick around. giant deal involving anadarko and. gerri willis from the new york stock exchange. gerri. reporter: this is one of your favorite sectors i know. the oil patch is on fire with chevron acquisition of anadarko petroleum. 33 billion-dollar deal. chevron shares down, anadarko higher. this gives chevron a foothold in shale. if you thinking of permian basin is over, done, tapped out, traders telling me today ain't the case. in fact this could be the start of a major consolidation in the industry. the companies that could get acquired here, showing them right now, noble, pioneer, concho, i will add two other names i just heard from a trader wpx energy and devon energy. who could acquire the companies.
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chevron, royal dutch/shell,bp. occidental came out for a bid with anadarko at $70. shareholders looking what happened to our bid? probably a lot of conversation going on. we haven't heard any other news on this so far. traders telling me this is a vote of confidence for a sector that has been under pressure with pricing. prices have come up lately and now you're seeing what could be the start of a wave of consolidation in shale oil players throughout texas and other parts of the u.s. back to you. charles: gerri, thank you very much. i want to bring back rob luna and eddie gabor. the problem with the people mean is infrastructure. most people think they will get that fixed. president trump was down there in that neck of the woods saying that the federal government will also help. gerri mentioned potential takeovers in this space.
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i love con show. think eog will be next to go. i think there will be a big time gold rush in the oil patch. what do you see? >> yes, i actually like the oil second especially with the trump administration supporting it. will give exxon, chevron, flush with cash to buy these companies. it will be interesting space. you will see consolidation. from investor perspective these companies had strong history of increasing dividend year-over-year. companies like chevron, exxon. i find it very attractive play for long term investors. charles: rob are you a spot in this? >> yeah, exactly what eddie was saying, charles. chevron is one of our major holds for that dividend. it has been growing for decades. when you're looking at this, i'm surprised how hard the stock is getting hit. when you look what they're talking about, 2020, 2021, this expansion into natural gas will
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do two things, diversify the portfolio, shed non-producing assets and returning more money to shareholders in those years. if you're shareholder stay the course, maybe use the opportunity to buy a little more. charles: oxy did offer more money than chevron, was bigger component of cash. that has oxy shareholders shaking their head. liquid natural gas, potential sell it around the world, make it part of the ultimate china trade deal. what are we looking at, guys? crude, west texas intermediate breaking out at 64 now. every time it gets to level we hear 75. when we get 75 we hear 100. is that possible anymore, rob? >> yeah, i don't know if 100 is possible. there is a lot of things like you said liquified natural gas. like you said, charles, the bilge thing being exporter of that to china. when you're seeing deals like today that helps bolster the trade talks. not to get off sub is project
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the swine issue going on with pigs. last week was the largest purchase china ever made of hogs from the united states. all this actually bodes well for trade talks which is a big issue we're looking at right now. charles: eddie, your final thoughts here? >> final thoughts short term i would expect a little bit of volatility on the downside, once the china trade deal and we will blow through the high in 2019 h 19. charles: this year soon, this year next month late in the year? >> all about china trade. if you can tell me when that is going to get done i can answer that question. charles: that gets done on june 1st. new high this year, rob, new high this year? >> yeah i think so. we're looking at about 3100 makes sense. about 17 times next year's earnings. charles: guys, thank you both very much, eddie and rob. >> thank you. charles: fighting back against elizabeth warren's push to tax big corporate profits. now walmart even getting into the mix in a strange way.
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charles: president trump confirming the rumor mill just moments ago by tweeting saying due to the fact that democrats are unwilling to change our very dangerous immigration laws we indeed as reported giving strong consideration to placing illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities only. the radical left has open arms, open borders policy so this should make them very happy. blake burman at white house with more. blake. reporter: one of those days with the white house we have to roll with things. earlier speaking with a source familiar with the discussions with this one and we were told that the president at least over here at the white house they discussed idea releasing illegal immigrants into so-called sanctuary cities back in february. according to the tweet you read from the president, president trump saying he is still considering that policy. however there is an issue here
2:17 pm
for the president, for the white house as well. we're told that the white house had been informed by i.c.e. they couldn't legally go ahead with such a policy. in any event, the president says he is considering it. nancy pelosi responding today saying it is an idea beneath the presidency. >> i don't know anything about it, but it is just another notion that is unworthy of the presidency of the united states and disrespectful of the challenges that we face as a country, as a people to address who we are, a nation of immigrants. reporter: here's the thinking from the white house as said by hogan gidley a spokesperson in a statement little while ago. i will read it to you. quote, democrats say we must have open borders and that illegal immigrants have a right to be in this country at all costs so they should be working with the administration to find the best ways to transport those illegal aliens set for release into communities in their states
2:18 pm
and districts. so that is the threat out there from the white house, from the president at this hour, charles. still there's whole issue as to this potentially not being legal. we will hear from the president we believe shortly at an event here coming up later this hour, charles? charles: we'll come back to you, charles, appreciate it. meanwhile corporate america is fighting back this against accusations from democratic presidential candidate elizabeth warren who says big businesses take advantage of the existing tax code, that they pay zero rates at least a lot of them as a result she is proposing 7% corporate tax on any earnings over $100 million. companies that pay zero percent or lower, tax thing. big names, amazon, netflix, ibm. ibm firing back saying quote, amazon pays all the taxes we are required to pay in the u.s. and every country where we operate.
2:19 pm
warren's response, yeah i know. that is the problem. joining me now mitch rochelle, partner at pwc, cabot phillips, media director for campus reform. cabot, let me start with you. this issue resonates very, very well with americans across the country. a recent fox poll people feeling that some corporations don't pay their fair share, 62% agree with that. wealthy people don't pay their fair share, 63% agree with that. numbers could be higher with millenials you deal with this. why? >> the left has weaponized the term big business, that is a buzzword they use. they conjure up images of greedy corporations just becoming successful, just becoming big by pushing other people down. often times they don't take into account many people like big businesses. they may not like the idea of a corporation itself. if you talk about breaking up company like amazon, i actually like high quality, affordable goods shipped to my house.
2:20 pm
i like my amazon prime membership. in theory they don't like the idea of big corporations but like the services provided. boeing sides agree corporate welfare is not a good thing. corporate crony system not fair. that is a different conversation to have. the left demonized this idea of big business always being bad. charles: mitch, is there way to articulate how businesses may make invests take advantage of the tax dead, but those investments help opportunity in the country or when of those things they see zero, made up their mind? >> business had profit this year, next year and didn't have profits in the past. they take advantage of tax code because they have loss carry back, take advantage of those in the future. that is how businesses grow. those provisions are in the tax
2:21 pm
code so businesses ramming up can -- charles: if they were taken out, what would effect be? for instance, amazon. elizabeth warren her tax proposal amazon would have paid 700 million in taxes last year. how would they have done differently and what impact on society? >> over time, look at the way taxes used to be levied. used to be much different system, worldwide system as just territorial system. what did businesses do, left money overseas. businesses are transportable. people are transportable. if they don't like the tax regime in one jurisdiction will go someplace else. what is unintended consequence, you will see businesses not being in the united states if they find a tax haven someplace else. charles: meantime, cabot, mitch mcconnell is saying he wants republicans to run on referendum against socialism, he puts in there the green new deal, "medicare for all," all these capital intensive programs that would require sky-high taxes.
2:22 pm
do you think that is the winning formula? >> i think the winning formula to create a contrast between the more socialist policies of the left in 2020 and the more free market, freedom oriented policies in the right. president trump echoed the sentiment in the state of the union. that is winning policy in the left so far is really about these government interventionist policies, "medicare for all," free college tuition, the green new deal. a clear contrast in the coming election whether you want more government intervention in your life or less. that is positive message to stress freedom and less government intervention especially for young voters who don't realize what big government looks like. they are not necessarily paying taxes don't have as much skin in the game. charles: we've all been there, youngsters, you wonder who all the people are on your paycheck. who the heck is fica, why are they getting a cut? mitch, you're hearing, both sides of the aisle talking about curbing buybacks, maybe taxing
2:23 pm
buybacks, doing different things. everyone zeroing in on corporate bottom lines as way of punitive action or in their mind to stimulate the economy. >> i think charles, balance between what is very popular, the poll that you referenced earlier, it is very unpopular with the electorate that not everybody is paying quote the fair share, balancing that with not creating disincentives for future investment that becomes future job growth. they have to clearly strike a balance. 21% corporate tax rate in this country. we're competitive with the rest of the world. would be unfortunate if it went the other way. charles: warning of what you demand out there. thank you very much. we're waiting for president trump's big push for 5g wireless networks in the united states but the question on everyone's mind can we get there before china does? later is herman cain's nomination to the federal reserve over before it got any traction? ♪
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charles: president trump about to announce a major initiative to improve wireless technology across the united states. the white house unveiling its plan for 5g cell service in an effort to become the global lead another industry currently dominated by china. what companies can compete with tech giants like huawei? here to discuss, deirdre bolton and russ. i want to start with you. neil cavuto is always talking to. >> you sure. charles: catching china 5g, how realistic is it? fcc has a plan called, 5g fast. >> fast enough it will work out. >> i think it's tough. what this is basically equivalent saying hey we'll get
2:29 pm
to the moon in 10 years and it is going to be great. effectively china is way ahead in the competition. they have scale to pull it off. they have support from other countries to pull this off. so we're way, way far behind. it is great to present we'll do our best effort, it is good for our economy, yeah, there is a lot of work to do. charles: for that reason, deirdre, influential folks, karl rove, newt gingrich, telling or suggesting to the white house, forget the private sector. let this be a government driven program, you know, put all the resources you have, like the space race. the reason we won it because listen, kennedy said we can get there. we outspent, outhustled russia, outsmarted them. why can't we do that here? they don't seem to believe we can do that. >> glad you point out the space race, a good analogy, since that time most of the innovation has come from the private sector. if you look at the true
2:30 pm
beginnings of the internet, that was darpa, government funded. this question of integrity. it does seem to be big think solutions count. get on a train, charles, go down to see see, get some ideas. the worry about using huawei and zte, president trump out right said u.s. companies you cannot use this equipment because if you use this equipment, china is going to spy on citizens. it is going to spy on you as corporation. charles: right. >> there is this bipartisan bill blocking or seeks to block huawei, zte using in wireless carriers. we've been pressuring allies. germany said, thanks for the advice, no thanks. the equipment is cheap and it works. charles: they acknowledge it's a security risk. they think they can contain it. >> sure. charles: other countries, say huawei can steal and probably will. so there is concern. there is validity to the worry.
2:31 pm
>> germany and english as well-said at least if we're partnering with them we can monitor what they're doing, and not so bifurcated, exactly that point. charles: we talk about all the amazing things that will happen, we're on the cusp of it, internet of things, more stuff with artificial intelligence, big data, autonomous vehicles. is 5g the key to makes those coming to fruition? >> i think it is definitely crucial. look ahead five years from now that is the standard. that power, your car, phone, everything in your house. >> even your home. >> why it's a little bit of terrifying to give keys to the other country if they're controlling the technology. the other aspect, having that level of power, china gets a lot more leverage in trade negotiations. they're controlling essentially the technology behind all of our networks. to power literally everything what reffage do with -- leverage do we have? >> hard to get your hands on the one phone with this 5g kind of speed. feels like 100 times faster. there is no latency, no
2:32 pm
buffering. everything is immediate. charles: apparently nokia is in the space. erickson. samsung. >> qualcomm. are there u.s. companies or qualcomm, others with right incentives -- one of the plans today is world digital opportunity fund that is 20 billion-dollar fund over 10 years. >> sure. charles: can there be some incentives that will help the u.s. companies if we are serious about this as a nation? >> you could certainly throw money at them but the problem is, i'm sure they will take it, no question about it, the problem 5g the range is actually a lot shorter than the current cellular system. you need so many more towers. become as massive infrastructure effort which trump talked about in the past but that's the biggest challenge actually getting this stuff into the country. charles: can you imagine, maybe this could be the one unifying thing down in d.c. >> wouldn't that be nice? charles: would be nice. if they can't get on this, maybe there is no hope for anything.
2:33 pm
>> that is a great point to connect the rural communities too. that is really important if we're going to bring the whole country along. can't just be east coast, west coast. charles: close the income inequality gap, mobility gap, a whole lot of issues there, socioeconomic. thank you so much. we'll bring you the by the way president trump's 5g speech as soon as it happens. looks like herman cain's chances of going to the federal reserve board are dangling by a thread. what about steve moore? the federal reserve has become the latest political battle ground. >> the left had their knives out for me. they realized they weren't going to defeat me on my ideas. charles: so they smeared you. >> they smeared me. ♪
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that captured their imaginations ♪ and turned moments into memories. with flights, hotels, activities and more for your florida vacation, expedia has everything you need to go. charles: president trump at the white house. >> the future. i want to thank you all for being here, discuss critical issue for our country's future, winning the race to be the world's leading providing of 5g cellular communications networks. it is all about 5g now. it was 4g, everybody said we have to get 4g. before that 3g. now we have to get 5g. that will be there for a while. i guess at some point we'll be talking to you about number 6.
2:37 pm
do you think that is true? [laughter]. right now we want to be the leader in this. we're the leader in almost everything else. we're grateful to be joined by fcc chairman ajit pai who has been doing a great job and secretary of agriculture, steven sesky. appreciate it. tell sonny hello. he is doing a tremendous job, tremendous. 5g networks will be vital link to america's prosperity and national security in the 21st century. 5g will be as much as 100 times faster than the current 4g cellular networks. it will transform the way our citizens communicate, learn and travel. will make american farms more productive, american manufacturing more competitive and american health care more successful.
2:38 pm
covers everything when you get down to it, pretty amazing. 4g paved weigh for cell phones and exciting breakthroughs, they made possible so many things, this will be more secure, resilient, 5g networks will also creates a astonishing, really thrilling opportunities for our people, opportunities we never thought we had a possibility of looking at. we cannot allow any other country to outcompete the united states in this powerful industry of the future. we are leading by so much, so much different industries of that type. we can't let that happen. the race to 5g is a race america must win and it is a race, frankly, our great companies are now involved in. we have given them the incentive they need. it's a race we will win. in the united states our approach is private sector driven and private sector led. the government doesn't have to
2:39 pm
spend lots of money. according to some estimates the wireless industry plans to invest $275 billion in 5g networks, creating three million american jobs quickly, very quickly, and adding $500 billion to our economy. as you heard we had another alternative doing it through government investment. leading through the government, we don't want to do it, won't be nearly as good, nearly as fast especially in that business. i think they will be better doing a job than a lot of folks we know and love. to accelerate and incentivize these investments my administration is focused on freeing up as much wireless spectrum as needed. we're going to free it up so they will be able to get out there to get it done. removing regulatory barriers to the buildout of networks. as chairman pai will discuss with you in a moment, the fcc is taking very bold action,
2:40 pm
probably bolder than they have ever taken before, it's a new frontier to make wireless spectrum available. by next year the united states is on pace to have more 5g spectrum than any other country in the world. that is a big statement. because as you know, some people got ahead of us. we should have been doing this a long time ago, as advanced as it may be. in addition, last october, i directed the department of commerce to develop a national spectrum strategy to free up even more spectrum for economic activity, including 5g. the fcc has also taken action to streamline the permitting process for 5g infrastructure with state and local governments. that's a big deal. takes too long to get permits. we're going to free that situation up andware going to put limits, local areas are going to listen to us very, very strongly. they have a big incentive to do that. they must now approve new
2:41 pm
physical infrastructure within 90 days instead of many years. can sometimes take, three, four, five years. we'll put a limit of 90 days. there is now a cap on the unreasonable fees local governments often charge. they get greedy. they think, hey, we can really take advantage and it ends up everybody gets hurt. so we're putting a cap on those fees. these changes will contribute great hi to building high speed networks across america t will happen very quickly, very, very quickly. by the end of this year the united states will have 92 5g deployments in markets nationwide. the next nearest country, south korea will have 48. so we have 92 compared to 48. we're going to accelerate that pace greatly but we must not rest. the race is far from over. american companies must lead the world in cellular technology. 5g networks must be secure, they
2:42 pm
must be strong. they have to be guarded from the enemy. we do have enemies out there. and they will be. they must also cover every community they must be deployed as soon as possible. as we are making great progress with 5g we're also focused on rural communities that do not have access to broadband at all and we have a couple of people from the great farms that i love, that i'm sure voted for me. i won't ask them but they seem, i think for the most part, yes? good. i think for the most part they did. i think, i know that almost automatically. i would be very surprised. but i have to say i've been talking about broadband for the, for rural america, the farmers and others. they have really been, they just haven't been treated properly. what we're doing, we're making it a priority. that is the areas we want to go too first so they're covered. we're also working closely
2:43 pm
federal agencies to get networks built in rural america faster and much, much lower cost than today. i would like to introduce a very special man, who really worked hard, gained the respect of the world truly, because they see what we're doing in our country. he will be making two major announcements to accelerate our 5g future and extend broadband access to every american, no matter where you are, you will have access very quickly to 5g. it is going to be a different life. i don't know may be better. maybe you're happy the way it is right now but i can say technologically it won't even be close. chairman pai. say a few words. >> thank you, mr. president. charles: president trump at the white house unveiling a new initiative for 5g. joining me, i want to bring in beverly hallberg, president of district media. beverly, president trump, these are the moments that he really lives for.
2:44 pm
goes towards answering the call to stay preeminent in the world, in this case in technology, but also to bring up the rest of the nation. he really put the emphasis on rural america. he put the emphasis on speed. his ability that he had as a businessman, cut the red tape, make this thing happen faster, make people know that it is going to happen. how do you feel his message came across? >> i think his message is spot on. one of the things he mentioned none of this would be possible if the fcc didn't change some regulations and permitting processes in march. so that was an important component to move this forward. especially we're seeing technologies such as autonomous cars, remote surgeries, virtual technology in many ways, having this type of speed as he mentioned it is 10 times faster than some of our current broadband, that is extremely important. of course we don't want this just in cities. we want this in rural america as well. this is something that should be a bypartisan support from legislators and also people across this country because we do need to keep up with the rest
2:45 pm
of the world. charles: jfk, one of his more famous speeches we choose not to go to the moon in this decade and do other things, not because they are easy but because they are hard. you know a lot of folks think that china has already got us beaten at this, maybe we should acquiesce, bring in huawei, some of these other names. president trump holding the line. to me it feels like what jfk was saying, don't give up, we have the ability to win this as well. >> absolutely. one of thing is america is good at is innovation. when government is hands off, develop new technologies, when companies compete, better outcomes exist. important part you mentioned china, there are concerns that they are far outpacing us in this area. if we are going to protect ourselves from things that they can do when it comes to hacking us, when it comes to issues relating to cybersecurity, that's another reason why this is so vitally important. we have to keep up on the technological side. if we are also going to protect
2:46 pm
ourselves when it comes to national security. charles: also, there are some people who are, well-known, karl rove, newt gingrich are, president trump didn't mention any other names but president trump said there are folks that think the government should get behind this. he is confident that the private sector can deliver. that vote of confidence, is that what you really need to see in this economy? >> it is. when you look at government agencies or people in government that would be behind it, research behind it, that is not typically where you get the best outcomes in our society, whether related to this area or other industries as well. when you remove the regulations, remove the length of getting permits, to allow people to try things, test things out, let's see what works, what doesn't, it is the free market that gives us the best innovation in this country so i agree the hands off approach is what we want. charles: beverly, appreciate night thank you. charles: meantime the markets
2:47 pm
are really starting to inch closer and closer to all-time highs. today banks are providing the big push. there is nigel farage. he is demanding a shakeup in the uk. as he launches the brexit party. he is here how he will ignite a democratic revolution. we'll be right back. ♪ [ telephone rings ] [ client ] - hey maya. hey! you still thinking about opening your own shop? every day. i think there are some ways to help keep you on track. and closer to home. edward jones grew to a trillion dollars in assets under care, by thinking about your goals as much as you do. force factor's alphait's time to king boosts totalup your game. testosterone for more lean muscle in the gym, more energy, and more passion and drive so you can rule the bedroom. unleash your potential with alpha king. now available at walmart.
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charles: uk's -- hold on one second. let's go back to president trump. >> putting sanctuary cities where they're not even wanted, as you know in california, other places a lot of communities want to get out of sanctuary cities, they don't want them. but they always seem to have open arms. we thought rather than moving the illegal i immigrants to othr parts of the country, first of all we're getting them and we're doing the best we can with very bad laws. we have to change the laws but we're apprehending thousands and thousands of people a day and the law only louse us to hold them as you know for 20 days
2:52 pm
because of some of the most ridiculous laws probably we have in this country. if ajit had laws for 5g like that, you won't have any cells put up. horrible old-fashioned laws put in by democrats. we could do it 45 minutes. we could do it in 15 minutes. catch-and-release or chain migration or any of them. the asylum laws are absolutely insane. they come up in many cases they are rough gang members. in many cases people with tremendous crime records. they're given a statement to read by lawyers standing there waiting for them. read this statement. it says i have great fear for my life. i have great fear for being in my country. even though in some cases some of these people are holding their country's flags and waving their country's flags. they talk about the fear they have of being in the country that the wag they were waving freely. we're looking at possibility,
2:53 pm
strongly looking at, to be honest with you, california the governor wants to have a lot of people coming in, refugees coming in. a lot of sanctuary cities. so we'll give them to the sanctuary cities maybe to take care of if that is the way they want it. we can only hold them under current law for 20 days. we apprehend by thousands and thousands per day. i have to say border patrol has been incredible, the job they're doing is incredible. the wall is going up. it is going up fairly rapidly. we're doing another big section. we start another big section tomorrow. we're building miles and miles of wall and we're going to have, i think we'll be close to 400 miles built by the end of next year. we need that, just got back from texas and some of the ranchers told me, you look at brooks county, look at other places, some of the ranchers told me you have bodies lying all over the land of people where the coy
2:54 pm
coyotes give them a can of soda, a sandwich, say, houston is 300 miles in that direction. the people don't know what that means. that means they can make it. that means they have no chance, and they die. it's something i never heard. i never heard it to this extent. many people die, they will just say head in that direction. we are doing a lot about it. if we had the law we wouldn't have that. if we had the wall people wouldn't be coming up. mexico is apprehending bringing back to various countries we're talking about, honduras, guatemala, el salvador, bringing back people to those countries, colombia to a certain extent, they're going back to those countries. we could fix that so fast if the democrats would agree. but if they don't agree, we might as well do what they always say they want, we'll bring the illegal, really call them the illegals. i call them the illegals. they came across the border
2:55 pm
illegals. we'll bring them to sanctuary city areas and let that particular area take care of it, whether it is a state or whatever it might be. california certainly is always saying whoa, we want more people. they want more people in their sanctuary cities. we'll give them more people. we can give them a lot. we can give them an unlimited supply. let's see if they're so happy. they say we have open arms. let's see if they have open arms. the alternative is to change the laws. we can do it very, very quickly, very easily. okay? reporter: asking for more troops on the border? >> we'll put more troops on the border. yeah, the thing is our country is doing so well economically. we're setting records that a lot of people coming up for, that reason, a lot of people coming up for bad reasons too. we have a lot of very, very bad people with big criminal records trying to get through and the border patrol has done an incredible job with them. those are our focus.
2:56 pm
they have really done an incredible job. when they have been through, and when they have been let through over the years, i.c.e., all over long island and they come and they get them, they take them back, we get them the hell out of here. that's happening all over our country. i.c.e., the job that i.c.e. and that really border patrol does is an incredible job and law enforcement, the job they're doing is really incredible. i don't know if you saw the crime stats, but the statistics are crime is way down in our country over the last year, way, way down. and so that is despite all of the problems we have at the border. we're straighting that out. so on sanctuary cities, for your question we're giving strong consideration having people after 20-day period, because again you're not allowed legally to hold them more than that, we will move them into sanctuary cities. thank you very much
2:57 pm
charles: president trump confirming speculation that he would like to see illegal immigrants distributed to sanctuary cities, thinking that would be good for everyone since that is the policy at these particular cities. meantime, i want to bring in the uk's biggest brexit supporter who is now launching his own political party ahead of the european parliamentary elections on may 23rd. nigel farage today announcing the newly formed brexit party campaign calling it quote, a democratic revolution. nigel, before we start, i do want to ask you because the big news is julian assange being arrested. you were seen leaving the ecuadorian embassy in 2017 and the question still goes, is still there, were you there to meet assange? >> yes, i did meet assange. it was organized by a radio station that i worked for who went with a view to be giving an interview with assange. it never came to pass.
2:58 pm
all the crazy conspiracy theories that somehow i was there and i was working with him and the russians and donald trump was all complete rubbish. i have never particularly been an assange supporter. i have to say i do think states need some secrets to protect their own people. charles: that was march 9th, 11:22. someone happened to see you go in. put it on twitter, buzzfeed saw it, they were there 40 minutes later when you came out the building, you said you forgot or weren't sure why you were in the building. why did you answer the question that way then, because you knew, you know, this would stoke the kind of conspiracy theories you're talking about. >> i was teasing the press on my way out and then the radio station, who i work for in london, wrote an official letter saying we organized the visit and it's led to all sorts of speculation that, you know, i would be subpoenaed by the mueller inquiry and all the rest of it but it was purely a journalistic visit. i never had contact with him since and it was nothing more
2:59 pm
than that. charles: let's talk about your new political party, the brexit party. is it too little, too late to save brexit with your party? >> we were supposed to be leaving the european union in three hours and five minutes' time. for the second time in a couple of weeks, the can has been kicked down the road. we are now supposed to leave apparently on halloween, the 31st of october. i have had enough. i have simply had enough. the greatest democratic exercise in the history of these islands is being overturned by our parliament and by our government, and it's time to fight back. so yeah, i've launched the brexit party today. we will fight these european elections on may 23rd and we will attempt a democratic revolution in this country. neither the labour nor conservative parties are currently fit for purpose. we have a parliament, and it's time to do something about it. i intend to. charles: i really appreciate you
3:00 pm
answering the questions and coming on this show. we will be following up because many people on this side of the atlantic believe the will of the people of the uk, uk citizens, are being robbed by the elites. we appreciate it. thank you very much, nigel. >> thank you. charles: liz claman, over to you. liz: i've got to tell you, i'm looking at some of the wireless stocks and some of the names that could benefit from what the trump administration just rolled out on your show, charles, and they are on the move. this of course after the administration just rolled out its plan to take the lead in the global race to super high speed wireless connectivity. the president along with fcc chair, as you saw right there, just announced the biggest spectrum auction in american history. this is a critical step to providing the electromagnetic frequencies necessary to roll out 5g. the government owns them, they are ready to have an auction to sell them to the top buyers here in the u.s. it's the next wave of wireless. but the 5g race comes with some pretty serious challenges


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