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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  April 15, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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they apparently had been used by someone, we hope you'll join us a reminder to follow me on twitter at lou dobbs, like me on facebook follow me on instagram at lou dobbs tonight. thanks for being with cheryl: here are your market movers at 5:00 a.m. the white house one step closer to sending illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities claiming to welcome them as democrats call the move illegal. the new battle brewing over the crisis at the border. south bend mayor pete buttigieg officially announcing his run for the white house. can he keep pace with the progressive heavyweights. well, it was an ending fit for a master. tiger woods winning his first major in more than a decade in dramatic fashion. the incredible moments that had millions on the edge of their seats. and, game of thrones fans furious ahead of the series
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eight premier. we've got it all coming up. it is tax day. it is monday. it's april 15th. "fbn: a.m." starts right now. ashley: good morning. let's take a look at how your money is moving at 5:00 a.m. the u.s. stock market futures as you can see mixed, the dow up 22 points, although the s&p and nasdaq essentially flat at this time of the morning. he let's have a look at what's been going on in europe. same story, reasonably flat, the ftse down about 5 points, the cac up 4, dax up 4. in asia, mixed overall. the shanghai down. the nikkei, hang seng and kospi in south korea all moving higher by about a quarter to a half a percent. cheryl: we'll take those green numbers. welcome to "fbn: a.m.," everybody. good morning. i'm cheryl casone. ashley: good morning, everybody.
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i'm ashley webster in this morning for lauren simonetti. cheryl: it's a busy monday. we have a new battle brewing at the border to tell you about. the trump administration hashing out details on the proposal to send migrants from the southern border to so-called sanctuary cities. ashley: democrats calling the move illegal. griff jenkins in washington with the details. >> reporter: good morning, cheryl and ashley. ththe idea at first was rejected after i.c.e. advised it. sarah sanders said this may move forward due to democratses' unwillingness to compromise. >> this wouldn't be our first choice. ideally we wouldn't be dealing with the massive influx of illegal immigrants coming across the border. >> reporter: republican senator lindsey graham has taken the lead, saying he plans to introduce legislation striking directly at the heart of the problem. >> we have to change our laws so
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these people stop coming. there's a narrative in central america that if you can get to america with a minor child you will never get deported. we have to change that story line. >> reporter: the proposal targets loopholes in the asylum process and makes i. this as democrats question the legality of the president's latest proposal, blasting it as a political stunt. p benny thompson had this to say. >> this is his manufactured chaos that he created over the last two years on the border. everybody talks about democrats, republicans getting together. we're absolutely as democrats ready to sit down and talk. we won't be lectured by the president. >> reporter: don't expect this to happen just yet. the president heads to minnesota today, guys, where we might hear more about this. cheryl, ashley. cheryl: thank you very much. tiger woods is back on top for
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the first time in over a decade. tiger winning the masters, breaking an 11-year drought between major championships. ashley: it was remarkable. todd piro is here with more on the stunning return to glory in augusta. could not a take my eyes off the tv. i have a feeling millions of others were doing the same thing. >> reporter: good morning to both of you. it was like christmas morning for the golf world. by the end of it, it was tiger in his christmas colors, toppedt familiar red topped with a green jacket. >> here it is, the return to glory. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: a storybook transformation from confiding in his friends his career was over to resuming his once constant spot on top the sport. tiger woods with a 13 under for
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the tournament, winning by a stroke on a sunday that saw some early tee times to avoid thunderstorms and saw the leader board change on almost every hole. there was a feeling that something special was in the air and this shot on 16 made it a reality. a near perfect 8 iron that trickled just past the hole, watch it roll, everybody. giving tiger a 2-shot lead and really at that point everybody watching at home feeling that momentum building. such an emotional moment here, tiger hugging his children, that image junction takei'm just tif him hugging his father in 1997. >> my mom was here, she was there in '97 as well. i couldn't be more happy and more excited and i'm kind of at a loss for words, really. >> reporter: think about this
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comeback story, from the depths of tabloid ruin, images and video usually the domain of criminals being used in stories about an athlete many viewed as unstoppable, followed by an 11 year major drought and now a new generation of stars that seemingly passed tiger by until yesterday, arguably one of the biggest sports stories of our lifetime. ashley: it was just spine-tingling, thank you very much. cheryl: what a story. now we've got this for you, folks. president trump attacking the federal reserve once again for holding back u.s. economic growth. the president tweeted yesterday, besides tweeting about tiger, quote, if the fed had done its job properly, which it has not, the stock market would have been up 5 t 5,000 to 10,000 additionl points and gdp would have been up. quantitative tightening was a killer. should have done the exact opposite. this comes as central bankers
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including european central bank's head expressed concern about the fed's political independence being in jeopardy. ashley: today is the deadline to file income taxes. april 15th, unless you live in massachusetts or main. i don't know why don't have to partake. the gop tax cut plan will be a topic when president trump heads to minnesota for a discussion on the impact of the tax cuts and the economy at a business in burnsville, minnesota. the head of a how panel is giving the internal revenue service a new deadline of april 23rd to turn over mr. trump's tax returns. treasury secretary steven mnuchin says the request raises complicated legal issues. the white house also pushing back against that request. >> i don't think congress, particularly not this group of congressmen and women, are smart enough to look through the thousands of pages that i would assume that president trump's
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taxes will be. ashley: democratic presidential hopeful kamala harris released 15 years of tax returns yesterday. the l california senator and her husband paid nearly $700,000 in federal taxes, on $1.9 million in adjusted gross income last year. cheryl: well, south bend, indiana mayor pete buttigieg -- i'm going to have to say that a lot today -- officially announced his presidential campaign. ashley: mike toe bibin is in sh bend with the details. >> my name is pete buttigieg, they call me mayor pete. i'm a proud son of south bend, indiana, and i'm running for president of the united states. >> reporter: he is joining the growing field of presidential hopefuls, pe pete buttigieg declaring his canned ddeclaringh
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bend, indiana. he is in the top consistent p tenders in the early -- contenders in the presidential race, pushing him up to third place in recent polls in iowa and new hampshire. the he has been positioning hif to take on president trump since the beginning of the year. the kickoff speech echoing messages that have resonated with voters during his exploratory phase. >> it is time to walk away from the politics of the past and towards something totally different. [ cheering and applause ] >> so that's why i'm here today. >> reporter: put geeinbuttigiegy capturing headlines for his feud with mike pence, criticizing pens for his opposition with gay marriage. pence accused buttigieg of attacking his face. if he survives the process,
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buttigieg would be the first openly gay candidate of the party. he will have trips to iowa and new hampshire where he will campaign as a full-fledged candidate. mike toebin, fox news. ashley: senator bernie sanders holding a rally in pittsburgh, reaching out to working class voters. >> donald trump has told literally thousands of lies since he began his campaign, since he has been in the white house. the biggest lie was that he was going to stand up for working families and take on the establishment. ashley: fox news holding a town hall with senator sanders today at 6:30 p.m. eastern in bet lee bethlehem, pennsylvania. cheryl: president trump's re-election campaign raising more than $30 million in the first quarter. that is slightly more than top two democratic rivals combined right now.
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his campaign says 99 of those 9e donations were $200 or less. bernie sanders raising $18 million in the first quarter, followed by camilla kaa harris with $12 million, beto o'rourke raising $9.4 million. ashley: american airlines now extending flight cancellations through august 19th following the grounding of the boeing 737 max jet. that works out to 115 flights a day or 1.5% of its flying schedule this summer. the airlines says it wants to assure reliability for the peak travel season. american airlines owns 24 737 max jets. the ceo says he believes the plane will be recertified to fly soon. southwest has canceled 737 max flights through are other headls making news this morning. at least eight people have been killed including children as tornadoes and storms have tore through the south.
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more than a dozen twisters causing damage from texas to alabama. two children tragically killed when a tree fell on a car in east texas. and then hail the size of baseballs falling in some places, overnight storms battering the northeast. more wind and heavy rain expected today there. a big her zephyr the waste and recycling industry. waste management is nearing a deal to drive advanced disposal services, cost said t to be neay $3 billion. a rush of newcomers couldn't shake sha s'zam from the top spt at the office. >> his name is captain sparkle fingers. >> no, it's not. cheryl: it held on to the top spot for the second straight weekend. hell boy reboot finished second, $12 million there. that's significantly less than the 2 thunde 2004 version.
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after almost 600 days, folks, game of thrones is back. >> i don't know how to ride a dragon. >> nobody does, until they ride a dragon. >> what if he doesn't want me to? >> then i've enjoyed your company, john snow. cheryl: the drama started its eighth and final season. there are reports that streaming services experienced major glitches before the show started to air. the game of thrones premier expected to break ratings record, expecting as many as 20 million people to have viewed the show last night. the final numbers we'll get later today. ashley: don't want a glitch for the final season. make sure to tune in to "mornings with maria" for two big exclusive interviews, at 7:00 a.m. maria will interview
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carlos ghosn's wife, carol, on her husband's legal battle. at 8:00 a.m. you can catch her interview with steve mnuchin. cheryl: two tech titans going head to head in court, apple and qualcomm fighting it out. could the real loser be you? we'll be right back. heading into retirement you want to follow your passions rather than worry about how to pay for long-term care. brighthouse smartcare℠ is a hybrid life insurance and long-term care product. it protects your family while providing long-term care coverage, should you need it. so you can explore all the amazing things ahead. talk to your advisor about brighthouse smartcare. brighthouse financial. build for what's ahead℠ brighthouse financial. dear tech... you've been making headlines. smart tech is everywhere. but is that enough? i need tech that understands my business. i need tech that works at scale.
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to one-touch conference calls. beyond traditional tv. to tv on any device. beyond low-res surveillance video. to crystal clear hd video monitoring from anywhere. gig-fueled apps that exceed expectations. comcast business. beyond fast. ashley: tech giants apple and qualcomm squaring off in court once again, starting today in
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san diego. it's an interesting battle. a federal jury will decide whether qualcomm abused its market power to over-charge. there's another side to the story. attorney deborah bloom joins us now. deborah, thank you for joining us. let's get through it. this is a complicated issue, a big legal battle between apple and qualcomm. what is each side saying? >> qualcomm's argument seans more viable. they're saying apple breached its contract. apple is arguing anti-trust, that they were coerced into this that they're paying excessive royalties. apple is a giant itself. when they enter into a contract, they know what they're doing. ashley: you believe qualcomm may have the stronger argument but who knows, it's in front of a jury, it will last four weeks. i'm assuming both ceos will be there, tim cook will be testifying. this could get really quite feisty. >> it's going to be about a four week, maybe even more trial. there's lots of legal experts,
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the top in their field being brought in. apple and qualcomm have battled in other countries, they had an issue in china, germany. so the two of them are really fighting it out and now they're here in the u.s. doing so. ashley: these two companies don't like each other is what we're saying. let's move on to this other issue. the trump sanctuary city issue, whereby those who support sanctuary cities, what will we do with migrants while we wait to process paperwork and claims for asylum and so on, we'll bus them to your communities. to me this is president trump saying you want this, this is what you're going to get. legally is there a problem with that? >> legally there is. it could be a violation of the hatch act which is from 1939. it's a federal law that says government can't use its resources for political purposes. that doesn't apply directly to the president. you can't use the law against him. his employees, we could say they're violating it. ashley: the very act of bussing
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the migrants and using federal taxpayer resources to do that, to take them to sanctuary cities or even states in california's case, that is where you believe there may be a legal issue. >> the legal issue is that it's making a political issue out of it. usually they go to wherever you hold the population, which is terrible, my clients have told me the conditions are deplorable. but they're taking them from where they would place them and choosing to bring them to a sanctuary city and trump is making a politicals message about it. ashley: if the law is that these migrants -- there was a time they were being pushed back to mexico while they awaited for their paperwork to go through and how long that takes, we don't know. moving them to another location seems to me just another option for the fed. so the president may have legal ground rather than keeping them in a detention center. >> congress has an approved funding for this. that's another issue. and then also it's a political purpose, it's saying to the democrats i don't agree with you
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that you're bringing american lawyers to the border to help people raise asylum claims. i don't agree with your principles and that's the violation. ashley: all right. we'll see what happens. deborah bloom, thanks so much for being here. cheryl: interesting, complex issue. let's take a look at futures this morning. kind of a mixed and somewhat flat bag. dow up 25, s&p and nasdaq down slightly. we'll get earnings from some of the banks this morning, goldman one of them. coming up, facebook's face palm, why investors are teaming up to get rid of mark zuckerberg as board chairman again. and whether you filed or not, we've got a look at some of the big deals going around today which could make your tax day just a little bit brighter because a lot of you did have a painful tax filing season this year. you're watching "fbn: a.m.." ♪ i just want to feel this
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♪ why wait another minute for something we should have done de yesterday. cheryl: we have everything you need to know about april 15th including avoiding scams and spotting great deals out there. ashley: free donuts i think is a good one. tracee carrasco joins us with that and more. tracee: you mentioned earlier, unless you live in maine and massachusetts, taxes are due today. that's because it's patriots day there. they have until april 17th. today,, that is going to be your go-to resource if you have not filed your taxes yet. so there you can do the e-file,
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you can also ask for an extension. you've got six months until october 15th or if you have to pay, and you just haven't done so yet, you can do that through as of april 5th, about two-thirds of americans had already filed their taxes, so there's still some people who have yet to do so. but as far as scams go, of course right now this is a major time, crooks like to prey on people who might be getting refunds. some of the top scams of course, you can get a fake e-mail or call. they're saying you received more than you were supposed to for a refund, you need to pay us back. or they ask for to pay your money, what you obie owe by at card. the irs doesn't ask for a gift card. so be aware of those things. cheryl: deals, right, there's deals out there, a lot of fun deals, good, margaritas, i don't know what, tax days.
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ashley: donuts. tracee: a lot of people have to pay. so one deal, hooters, kids eat free through today with $15 adult purchase at participating locations. boston market have a $10.40 tax day special includes half a chicken, two sides, corn bread, drink, all of that. corner bakery, done ki dunkin, e donuts but medium coffee for a dollar. office depot and office max, you can take up to five pounds of documents there and they will shred them for free. so you can get rid of all your tax stuff. cheryl: that's a great offer. have you ever had to sit and shred your own? tracee: exactly. go on their website, you get the coupon there. for all of these stressed out people who maybe have to file taxes, planet fitness, hydromassage, they seeme teamed,
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giving away free massages all week long. ashley: that will help me get over no free dough. cheryl: one word, folks, extension. tracee: give yourself a little extra time. cheryl: thank you, tracee. ashley: coming up, how will net flex stand up to the competition like disney plus, that's one of the answers investors will look for when netflix reports earnings tomorrow. another round of big name banks set to report today. we're breaking it down for you. it's not the kind of swipe a millennial might be used to, nancy pelosi's latest jab at socialist alexandria ocasio-cortez. p keekeep it right here on "fbn: a.m.." ♪ darling, let's give them something to talk about. ♪ something to talk about. ♪ let's give them something to talk about. ♪ something to talk about. ha♪ [ paper rustling ] exactly, nothing.
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ashley: it's tax day but forget that. let's get you caught up on global market action. u.s. futures slightly higher, up
5:31 am
31 points, the s&p unchanged, the nasdaq pointing slightly lower. overall, flat, the dow slightly higher. what's going on in europe? same story, quiet action. the ftse and cac moving higher, the dax just slightly lower. taking a look at what happened in asia overnight, for any clues on what might happen here, all the markets generally higher. the nikkei the strongest performer, up three quarters of a percent, shanghai just about flat to slightly lower, the hang seng and kospi moving slightly higher. cheryl: here we go, folks. earnings season kicking into high gear, many of the big banks going to be reporting latest results. we'll hear from citigroup and goldman before the bell today. bank of america and netflix going to report tomorrow. we're going to get morgan stanley's numbers on wednesday. thursday, we've got travelers, meamerican express along with pinterest ipo. we'll hear from netflix tomorrow after the bell. let's bring in david nelson, chief strategist. i want to kick off with netflix with you, david.
5:32 am
good morning. i'm saying this could be a blockbuster report for netflix after the bell tomorrow. why so much hype about this particular earnings report? >> maybe it will be blockbuster, but make no mistake, there's a new sheriff in town. the offering you saw from disney, it's a real value proposition. i don't care whether you grow it, buy it, rent it, one way or another you have to come up with content. content is key. for me, netflix, the tough part has always been valuation. the only thing growing faster than revenue is its debt load. they have to spend a lot on content. now we understand why disney bought 21st century fox assets. that's going to be very formidable, adding to their streaming service. cheryl: bird box was a big hit, stranger things and a lot of buzz about the beyonce movie. we'll see if they talk about disney. let's move to the banks. we've got goldman sachs coming out this morning and citi. and it seems like there might be a trend with the banks here.
5:33 am
jp morgan, you lower the guidance, you lower the guidance and look, you beat, wow, how exciting. what do you make about today's reports? >> that's going to be the same for all the companieses reporting because ceos were tripping over themselves to cut guidance during the last quarter. goldman's going to be a little tougher. earnings will be down about 29% year on year. the only bright spot i'm looking for is investment banking, traiting's going to be -- trading's going to be down 17%. citigroup, earnings will be up, expenses are down. the bar is a lot lower. it should be easier for them to step over it. they're going to have to deliver. it's very important, given how far we've come off the christmas eve lo low. cheryl: the president is criticizing the federal reserve. that has not stopped. my opinion is that jay powell and the federal reserve board are smart enough to know that is a lot of noise. you say possibly we should pay more attention to the president's criticism of the fed. they're still independent but it's not going to last.
5:34 am
>> well, i would say this to the president. the only thing worse than an independent fed is a politicized one. that doesn't make the president wrong. i think we can look back and see that what we saw last year was a policy mistake, the continued hiking in the face of little inflation slammed on the brakes every time gdp started to break out and that actually put in jeopardy a pro growth agenda despite the fact that the economy is strong and employment was strong. i understand the president's resolve. be careful what you wish for. cheryl: david nelson, thank you. >> thanks for having me. ashley: in addition to earnings, trade talks also front and center this week with the u.s. and japan kicking off negotiations today in washington. those talks coming as the u.s. threatens the e.u. with tariffs and trade talks continue between the u.s. and china. it's a full slate. tony whiting, a trade economist joins us now. thank you so much. there's a growing list of
5:35 am
countries. we know what's going on with china, we think. let's start with japan. what is the main issue between the u.s. and japan and can that get figured out? >> well, here's the thing, ashley. the big he question here is the united states is realizing that american farmers are losing out to other farmers around the world because of the administration's pull-out of the trans pacific partnership. that agreement has gone on without us. now american farmers are left in the dust and so i think this administration will be focusing on getting key early wins vis-a-vis japan. japan's not going to be willing to pay ball when auto tariffs are still on the table. ashley: let's move on to china. there's been chatter over the weekend, the treasury secretary believing we're on the final lap of the trade talks and there's a report that perhaps the u.s. will tamper down its requirements on the chinese subsidies to its state-owned companies. that's quite a concession on our side, is it not? >> well, i mean, i think that you're going to see in this
5:36 am
final agreement concessions from both sides. the u.s. and china. that's what really makes a great trade agreement. we need to be focu focusing on e tariffs that are still in place, taxes on the american people of billions of dollars and we need to make sure this new agreement between the u.s. and china that it includes a rollback of the tariffs on both sides of the pacific. without that, i'd be concerned. ashley: tori, we've talked so long to china, forever, they never changed the way they do business. they've always had a closed market, they've always stolen intellectual property, they always forced technology transfer, they steal other people's ideas, could you argue -- i think the president certainly would -- that tariffs are the things that are bringing the chinese to the table to do some serious talking. i hear that you hate tariffs. at some point you have to wield a big stick. that's in the form of tariffs. >> here's the thing, ashley. we know that things have
5:37 am
hopefully moved in the right direction with the u.s. and china. the devil's in the details of the agreement and i'm not so sure that the tariffs, the taxes on the american people that have really set turmoil throughout the country, if they'll be worth it. we know those are taxes. we know americans are paying more to buy things from china and when are those things going to go away? an agreement has to include an elimination of the tariffs. otherwise, it's not really a win for the american people. ashley: that's true. it's the tariffs that gets the chinese to buckle down and do what we're asking them to do, stop stealing our stuff. >> well, here's the thing. we'll see what happens. it's all about enforcement of this agreement. the hairage foundation came out with a report recommending half a dozen different ways to enforce some sort of agreement between the u.s. and china. we'll see what happens with that. ashley: we will indeed. tori whiting, thanks so much for joining us this morning. really appreciate it. >> thank you. cheryl: stop stealing our stuff. no kidding. here are other headlines making
5:38 am
news for you this morning. russian aluminum giant united resol is making a major investment in the us. they plan to invest $200 million in a kentucky rolling mill, the largest new aluminum plant built in the u.s. in nearly four decades. it's owned by brady industries. the deal after sanctions were lifted on the company. microsoft confirming that its outlook e-mail service has been hacked. the company said the hacker had access to a support agent's account for three months, giving them access to e-mail addresses, folder names and e-mail subjects. the breach includes msn and hot mail. it's unclear how many users were affected. well, facebook's mark zuckerberg under fire from within his own company. a group of investors is seeking to replace the facebook ceo and board chairman. the group put forth a plan in an s.e.c. filing, saying the structure of the company gives the board only a limited check
5:39 am
on zuckerberg's power. not surprisingly, facebook dismissed the idea. the group will vote on it at facebook's annual meeting on ma. house speaker nancy pelosi trying to tamp down the perceid influence of alexandria ocasio-cortez and other progressive freshmen democrats. speaking on 60 minutes, pelosi said the 29-year-old congresswoman from new york didn't have a significant impact on the democratic party. >> aoc and her group on one si side. the progressive group -- >> i'm the progressive. cheryl: the house speaker said she rejects socialism as an economic system. well, the world's largest plane by wing span took its first flight over the weekend above the hojave desert in california. it has a wing span wider than the length of a football field.
5:40 am
it has 28 wheels and six engines. it will be able to get to 35,00. it was dreamed up by paul allen, actually. ashley: it's very impressive. a programming note, make sure to tune into "mornings with maria" this morning for two interviews. at 7:00 a.m. eastern, maria will interview former nissan chairman's carlos ghosn's wife, carol. that should be very interesting. tune in for that. 8:00 a.m., catch maria's interview with treasury secretary steven mnuchin. lots to talk about there. cheryl: a lot more coming up on our show as well. the road to 2020, another candidate officially throwing his hat into the ring. does pete buttigieg have what it as to be a real contender? again, tiger woods walked away with his first masters win since 2005. but he is not the only one smiling. the incredible masters bet for
5:41 am
some million dollars. it wasn't me. ashley: nor me. ♪ sing with me. ♪ sing for the year. ♪ sing for the laughter. ♪ sing for the tears. ♪ sing with me. ♪ just for today. ♪ never tomorrow. ♪ the good lord will take you away.
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my name is pete buttigieg. [ cheering and applause ] >> they call me mayor pete. i'm a proud son of south bend,
5:44 am
indiana and i am running for president of the united states. [ cheering and applause ] cheryl: pete buttigieg formally announcing he is running for president on the democratic ticket as the number of candidates keeps growing there. is there a real democratic contender in our midst or is the true candidate still out there and they haven't announced? one name might come to mind right now. let's bring in washington examiner writer. pete buttigieg is an openly gay mayor, a veteran. he seems to be doing well in the fund raising department, compared to some of the other candidates in the field. what are his chances? >> his chances actually don't look that bad. there's very little to knock pete buttigieg for. having served in afghanistan, being an openly gay man who recently got married, and turning around the city of south
5:45 am
bend since he was elected mayor. he pushes for bipartisanship above all. if you look at a recent gallup poll, the look at poor leadershileadership and governmt gridlock is the top concern on most voters' minds. pete buttigieg being a solution to try to break the gridlock, he's probably as a person and as a candidate bigger than any policy proposal that he actually brings forward. cheryl: i'm glad you brought up the fact that he really is credited with taking that studebaker plant and turning it into a hub for business and technology companies. he's got a lot of support from the business community which could help him i think maybe take some of those independent rights-leaning voters. let's talk about the bigger field here. it's gotten to be a crowded field. have to look at the fis it is right now. there is one face that is not up there, thats is joe biden, who has not announced yet. if you look at the fund raising,
5:46 am
bernie sanders leads with overall fund raising, kamala harris right behind him, followed by beto o'rourke. pete is fourth on the list. who is the strongest name here? >> the strongest name right now i'd probably say bernie sanders and kamala harris. they have the most on paper and they seem to be raking in hand over fist in terms of fund raising. of course, fund raising isn't everything. obviously, it matters where you spend that money. you can raise all the money in the world like hillary clinton did in 2016 and then lose to someone like donald trump who had no experience in political office. when it comes to actually where are they spending their money, pete buttigieg is not that bad in where he's raising money and where he's hiring. cherylhiring staff.cheryl: we n the trump campaign is raising so far. a lot of that is small
5:47 am
donations. i always say, neil cavuto said this to me, follow the small money. that seems to be where trump is still strong. >> it matters where he's raising the money. in the three battleground states he won in 2016, michigan, pennsylvania and wisconsin, those three states he absolutely needs in order to win in 2020. and if he drops in any one of those, like we saw in 2018, the gop got slaughtered in those states so he needs all three of them in order to win. cheryl: we're going to have you back and talk more about this thank you very much. >> thank you for having me. cheryl: tonight, fox news is hosting the bernie sanders town hall. that's at 6:30 p.m. eastern time. ashley: that will be interesting. coming up, we have tubing about it more, don't we, tiger woods breaking an 11 year drought between major championships to win his fifth green jack et at t the masters. what the victory means for nike and other sponsors. you know they're smiling today.
5:48 am
details next on "fbn: a.m." ♪ don't you know i'm still standing better than i ever did. ♪ looking like a true survivor. ♪ feeling like a little kid. ♪
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ashley: welcome back, everybody. unless you've been under a rock for the last 14 hours or so, you know what we're talking about today in sports. cheryl: jared max, o.m.g., tiger woods. jared: who is this tiger woods we've been talking about. we talked about the virginia basketball team recently and thinking of muhammad ali who once said only a man who knows what it's like to be defeated, can reach down to come up what it takes to win when the match was even. there was a five-way tie at one point at the masters.
5:52 am
on the 13t 13th hole, tiger's birdie grabbed a share of the lead and two holes later he became the leader on his own. on the 16th he went in front by two strokes, and on 18th, with the crowd waiting to erupt, tiger completed what can be argued as the greatest individual comeback in sports history. >> many doubted we would ever see it. but here it is. the return to glory. [ cheering and applause ] jared: 22 years after tiger hugged his father around the same location following his landmark 12 shot win of the masters, he celebrated with his son, charlie, tiger's mom was there, the crowd roared tiger, tiger. even the birds were getting teary-eyed watching. tiger wins his first masters since 2005. the 14 years between breaks the record for the longest period
5:53 am
between masters win and tiger's jacket won behind the golden bear. jack nicklaus tweeted a big well done. i'm so happy for him. nicklaus won 18 majors, tiger is up to 15. tweets came from the biggest names in golf to lebron james and steph curry and the president in chief. cheryl: president trump was all over it. jared: he wrote love people who are great under pressure, a fantastic comeback for a great guy. championships get won every year in sports. this one i think i'm going to remember this as long as i can remember anything. cheryl: i have to point out, his nike contract, $200 million. jared: huge. and that new spot. cheryl: at&t, gatorade dropped him in 2009. makes you wonder as a company do you want to bail on somebody because of bad press. jared: he's going to strike gold all over.
5:54 am
ashley: it's great for golf. massive story. cheryl: and ratings. jared: happy patriots day, boston marathon. cheryl: we'll have highlights tomorrotomorrow. ashley: spine-tingling stuff. i watched it in real time, watched the replay. the gang is back, the new season of game of thrones is premiering. we'll tell you how to check out the real locations seen on the show. and how far would you go for free alcohol for life? cheryl: far. ashley: that says it all. how about the north pole, have ice with that drink. we'll explain when we return on "fbn: a.m." ♪ i feel it in my bones. ♪ a visual snapshot of your investments. key portfolio events. all in one place.
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ashley: did you know some of the game of thrones locations are actually based on real places around the world. cheryl: tracee carrasco has the places, good morning again. tracee: did you know that last night was the final premier of season. tourists flocking to the actual places, of course, game of thrones where they film and some of the 7 kingdoms, really the
5:58 am
producers and the writers said they want to rely on the real places rather than postproduction. we have the town also known as king's landing starting in season 2. beyond the wall, that's filmed in national park if iceland it's always winter, frozen lakes. perfect spot. sevilla, spain, morocco, northern ireland, so really take over the places, tourists taking over because they want to see the actually sites. cheryl: pretty cool. tracee: i have a friend that went to national park of iceland, highlight of her trip. cheryl: santa claus isn't the only one that has goodies in the north pole. tracee: finland-base company, they got a promotion going on,
5:59 am
they have set up a pop-up shop in the north pole, pop-up bar, if you can get to that, you get free gin for life, you might need snow mobile, skis, helicopter even. ashley: gambling on the fact that you won't make it. tracee: exactly, especially the fact that pop-up bar is opening april 17th, that's wednesday, is there in north pole, if anyone is, there you go. cheryl: one more story? ashley: i do. exactly why she shouldn't purchase an exercise bike. tracee: we are talking about the peleton exercise bike, these are very expensive more than $2,200, 39-dollar a month fee but here is a tweet that she sent out claire o'connor, she was buying the bike, minutes later got an
6:00 am
e-mail from dad, dad compared the use of this commerce bike to the use of cocaine, this trend. ashley: oh, boy. tracee: so thought it was a funny joke. ashley: tracee, thank you very much. cheryl: mornings with maria starts right now. maria: good morning, team, thank you so much, good morning, everyone, i'm maria bartiromo, happy monday to you, it is wet out there in new york and monday april 15th, tax day, your top stories right now 6:00 a.m. on the button on the east coast. it is tax day, millions of americans filing right up to last minute. president trump set to tout his tax cuts later today. we are waiting on results from goldman sachs and citigroup this morning that may very well set the tone to markets, house speaker nancy pelosi taking a swipe at congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez, what she said about socialism in the democratic party coming up. back on top of, tiger woods wins fifth green jacket, first
6:01 am
masters victory in 14 years, win


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