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tv   Bulls Bears  FOX Business  April 15, 2019 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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composed, the questions i think will be interesting from this group. connell: i'll see you in a while, good luck to you, martha macallum and brett baier, i will see you in new york tomorrow. melissa: there you go, "bulls and bears" starts right now. david: breaking news, live picture from heart of paris, hundreds of firefighters are still battling the massive blaze iconic notre dame in paris, one of most beautiful cathedrals in the world, it was build in 12 century, survivedded a revolution, world war ii, but french interior minister said it may not survive this. an investigation has been launched into the cause of the fire, construction was under way as part of a 7 million renovation project, among holy relics, the crown of thorns believed to have been worn by
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jesus, and a piece of cross on which he was crucified, this happening during holy week. we'll continue to bring you updates in the hour as we get them here. >> in the meantime, at home. president trump touting big tax cuts in minnesota this afternoon, on first tax day with his new tax law. >> we're getting historical tax relief, that is the good part, historic. we lowers income tax rates across the board, typical family earning 75,000, is saving more than 2000 dollars of their income. david: this is "bulls and bears" thank you for joining us, i am david asman, joining me today weighing in on this and more, christina, liz peek, jonathan hoenig and gary kaltbaum. >> over 80% of american family now receive that big tax cut.
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people have benefited, many people don't know a lot of businesses know it they supply the jobs. because. the tax cuts and big company able to bring money back? david: still recent polling showing many americans are not seeing those benefits, what needs to be done. what do you think? >> i think the problem was that democrats right on the of the box misrepresented this tax bill, saying to middle class voters they would not get a tax break, that message has been hard to change. and second thing they are pointing to lower returns, and saying, well there proof you done save money -- didn't sievee money. withholding tables changed. 84% of americans did not change their withholding to take into account the new tax regimen. they are not get as much back as they expected.
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but it has nothing to do with whether they save money or not, this has been a fiasco for the g.o.p. >> they have raised fact that corporate tax rate did get slashed. we saw year-over-year wages climb 3.2 percent, not where you would expect to to be. there has been a lot of lack of reinvest. back in. on flip side, it takes a while for the economy to feel and reap the benefits. reinvest it back into the economy. i still think there is time. david: there are job ga -- jobs galore. >> people are not happy. >> i can tell you for every thousand times i heard the messaging that it was a tax cut for the wealthy and the rich, and the middle class got screwed, i heard one time out of
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the republican how good things were. so when you get beaten to the punch, this is something called a numbers game with the politics, politics is about marketing, the democrat have been much stronger, many more times out there saying the same thing over and over, gets out there, fact that people did keep more money of their paychecks, they did get less refunds but just not resonating right now, i don't think if it will, the democrats are just a lot louder and more vociferous. >> gary. democrats would have you believe that government creates the job. >> yeah. >> we know it is the private economy, the for profits that is where the jobs are created, people might not be feeling the tax cut, one reason, is because the code is so confusing, still. still expensive to comply and
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understand, one of the elements, tariffs other is quantitative easing that cost of living is going up, rising at highest point in 10 years, perhaps people have more money in their pocket but cost of every day items of living in american is going up. >> have you a great point, still what 70, 80 thousand pages of tax code like the politicians got in a room and said, how can we confuse the living heck out of all of the americans. >> if they remember. >> if you think about it why can't we just have a tax rate, and that's it. why? confusion sells i guess. >> what they pushed that tax cut, president trump talked about putting entire return on a post card -- david: that never happened. >> that was more popular than a tax cut. david: we have a guest we want to get to. with paying higher taxes, some
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states treasury secretary steve mnuchin pointing at local lawmakers. here is what he told maria bartiromo today in a fox business exclusive. >> there is no question for wealthy people in salt states they have seen their taxes go up. i would a, new york, california, these other states they need to look at how to cut their taxes to spur growth not put additional taxes like they are on real estate industry and other areas. david: bring in americans for tax reform president grover more norquist. imin i'm in a high tax state, wo you think about what industry secretary said -- treasury secretary said. >> true if you have an incompetent governor or corrupt mayor and they have high property taxes and high income taxes, reducing or limiting
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state and local tax deduction will hit you, talk to your governor get a new one, talk on to your mayor get a new one. it is your own darn fault, if you live in a kno incompetent cy or new york state. that is something that chicago, and new york city and san francisco have to work out. >> grover, i am interested in your view, new york officials say we're contributing much more that the federal basketball thae get back, that is their argument against what you said in the way that salt deductions could make me feel better about paying taxes in new york. >> new york co col pig -- polits should have a talk with their voters. and they are not doing themselves and favor, they can't
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whine about tax revenue from new york, schumer votes on higher income taxes for higher income people, he did it to new york, schumer is his name, he is on the ballot from time to time. >> it seems that democrats don't want to cut taxes. >> no. >> 1900 people worked to mid january to satisfy their tax bill, that tax freedom day does not come until end of april, here in illinois in may. what can be done to reverse a hundred year move. >> we made a good start in the right direction taking corporate rate down individual rate down. we have been through this before, back to 1981. reagan cut taxes and democrat said there is growth, this a bye coastal re-- bi coastal recovery, most people are suffering only rich got the tax cut, then that 1984, reagan won
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election winning 49 states, we have another gree year of growth ahead, another year for people to do their taxes. we saw economic times reporter, tweet out democrats are dilutig themselves if they are trying to tell people they are not getting tax cut, h&r block goes state by state, that includes new york, and -- they are seeing tax cuts over all, and economy, jobs, and fewer unemployed people, this going to next election is what people will know, establishment press and democrat presidential candidates lying to american people about state of the economy. about their taxes will be trumped by reality. >> grover this gary kaltbaum. >> hi. >> i have watched you for many years agree with just about everything you think chines this
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debt, deficit and taxes, all i know every year we send more money, and every year deficit go higher and our debt goes higher, seems like nobody gives a you know what in washington, i am talking both parties. is there anything on horizon that you think be move the needing that finally stopped this trajectory of federal spending that without a doubt will be a huge headwind for the economy as we move forward. david: >forward? >> we have welfare block granted to state, republicans when they tax house and senate passed that 3 time, clinton signed it because he thought he would not get reelected if he did not, we almost get medicaid done, if we didn't throw away a seat in bam bottom-- alabama, list of thingo
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block grant welfare programs, program that are based on our need not contribution like social security and medicare. >> this is christina, to add to gary's comments, why not maybe do you thabl think that corporax rate slash was too much some argue that companies are reinvesting in buybacks and artificially inflating price is of their stock as oppose to reinvesting to american people. >> the mistake was not going to 15%, we're very competitive more not as which of a competitive ad to be, we're 21%, european at 25% but we have state taxes as well. the money goes back to invested ors who reinvest it, it remains invested in united states, we saw 700 billion last year alone of corporate earnings back to united states because we changed
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the tax law that used to chase that moan money away. we saw the benefit of corporate intoincome tax right away, it me powerful if it gets invested and creates more job and profit this is the beginning of a boom from corporate rate coming down. david: jobs are a huge investment, millions of new workers, grover thank you so much. >> appreciate it. >> we. david: breaking news, update on notre dame, a french firefighter official said that two towers of notre dame have now been saved, the entire structure has been saved from total different -- destruction. that is just exterior, the interior seems devastated, it will take another 3 or 4 hours to contains fire. there one seriously injured firemen, but bell towers seem to
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be safe for now. >> house speaker nancy pelosi dismissing impact of far left wing of the democrat party. so is this speaker under estimating their role? her comments coming next.
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>> you have these wings, aocand her group on one side. >> people. >> the progressive group. >> i'm the progressive. i do reject socialism as an economic system, if people have that view that their view, that is not the view of the democratic party. david: house speaker nancy pelosi dismissing alexandria ocasio-cortez and far left socialist wing of the democrat party in a new 60 minute interview, and rejecting rise of sobbal -- socialism went her party but with break out stars and others gaining momentum is the speaker being naive. >> she is out of touchy. look, ideas are what move the world, and socialism, those are ideas that are animating the democratic party right now, leaders in presidential race among democrats are self prescribed socialist or
5:18 pm
democratic socialist this ♪ just guessing look at their language, i am my brother's keeper and policies from green new deal, a take over of energy to wealth tax, we should be concerned that socialists are achieving legitimacy and potentially the power. >> more socialist a country has been the more deadly it is for its citizens. >> no. socialism we know is about ownership, and full control of the government, i know you listened to a few specifics that we were seeing gain tractions among certain stars that we see and we talk about all of the time, but overall, there are two separate camps we're make it more of an issue when we discuss it, don't you think that same crime that democrat take a page out of president's book by talking about blue collar workers and this is a continued divide, they will target the
5:19 pm
forget know america -- forgotten american. >> medicare for all envisions takir the entire privately run health industry in the country, that employees tens of thousands of americans. >> the most expensive. >> i am saying christina that is irrelevant, that is a means of production to health insurance now observed by international fl government that is socialism. >> i am not saying the -- medicare for all is the way to go. >> we're talking socialism. >> one second, go to medicare come, you are in a country, where so expensive om cared on. >> that is irrelevant. >> it is, that. >> no, we're -- still extendingive. >> the question not whether people insurance is expensive but government takeover of health insurance is a socialist
5:20 pm
measure, i think it is,. polling of americans generally, show they think that medicare for all and green new dealer in fact socialist measures. >> christina you say tw two cams in democratic party, problem is only camp we hear from is the one camp that will destroy this economy, two hours ago representative omar puts out a tweet stating accumulation of he'll keeps peopl keep -- wealts people in poverty, i am say, what, this is where the problem is, nancy pelosi is not getting it loudest voices in the parties are these people that want state to control large swaths of the economy. people that have never runningses,. they have -- run a business or created a job or a dime of wealth want to run the health care, the energy. and we can never have that because why? same pole sigh policies they gor
5:21 pm
the one that put venezuela in spot they are in right now, state running show, people not knowing what they're doing. david: bottom line -- >> sometimes loudest voices don't always have the final word, i think that is what nancy pelosi says, but she says they know we have to hol hold we to e the center,. i don't think they do know that, if she believes they know, i think she is wrong. very often the last word. >> they get all of the attention. david: not all but perhaps too much. >> after two years of waiting, mueller report will be released thursday morning, but what will details tell us, that we don't already know? we'll be asking former federal prosecutor, he is here live next. what if numbers tell only half the story? at t. rowe price, hundreds of our experts go beyond the
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david: justice department to release thursday morning special counsel robert mueller much anticipated and redacted report, doug is joining us. on details particularly if we can expect substance mirror what the barr memo said. >> the memo of a summary of the ultimate conclusions on the main issues. he said that the report itself made it clear there was not a lot of evidence developed to support idea there was any criminal collusion on. on can be vehicl vehicle -- obsn the weeds, my. you heard a lot of expert say because you say can you see your way clear to dropping a case that not obstruction of justice automatically. now see, like a prosecution
5:27 pm
memo, much longer, they will go through who was charged, what was evidence, they did 500 warrants, 2000 subpoenas, 500 witness interviews there will be summaries of that, that legal, translate to political that is a different discussion. problem one james comey. a political payback concept, you threw her under the bus, now we want it in reverse. you do get that. and point two, politics, impeachment in regular criminal case if you assume for sake of argument you don't have, that the case is declined that is it. the end. but here, no, everyone is thirsting for potential impeachment material. >> we're talking hearingl legalo
5:28 pm
collusion with russia but a lot of trump associates in ca in in, that will rea get them riled up. >> the question is, is there criminal conduct? when you criminalize politics, what happens you effortlessly shift from pure criminal analysis to semantics, he met a russian guy, implying that there was something wrong with that.
5:29 pm
point is you can make things sound criminal that are not. >> is that purpose of this memo? of the report? more personall important will wy learn a lot that we don't already know. >> liz, it is really fascinating, follow either be a big let down, mostly about 13 russian who are indicted. and all that. and you know the whole manafort case for a hundred pages. or something they can latch on to, but your point is well taken. it may not be, that there is anything that new emerging. it is a broken record, more political than legal. >> the word redaction, i heard about several million tea timesi think what should or could be, can you give us rules of road on this, redaction of security. what needs to be. can the democrat actually make
5:30 pm
them put everything out there regardless? >> that is fascinating. because when congress called for the complete report, unredacted as well as supporting you know 302, memos of interviews with witnesses. point is, you can't do that. because you would ask them to violate rules and laws and commit a crime. breaking down the answer, you heard other pundits legal expert say, there are 4 categories, material. that one has to go through with a fining too comb, big one is rule 68 of federal rules, said you can't disseminate or disclose grand jury material without order from a court. there are some exceptions in there, but it is a big one. next classified information, this started the big argument as a counter intelligence probe,
5:31 pm
you have that and next, you know material that could impact on going investigations. in the day-to-day practice of federal criminal law, in courtrooms all of the time, government relies on that sometimes legit sometimes too aggressively hour honor that would impact an on going case we're doing. >> i need to just switch gears, president trump doubling down on his threat to send illegal immigrant to sanctuary cities tweeting. those illegal immigrants who can no longer be legally held, congress must fix the laws and loopholes, will be subject to homeland security given to sanctuary cities and states, can we legally do this. >> again, i really sund like a broken record. this is really political, and point is all out of anger for those politicians who say we embrace having has -- many alien as possible.
5:32 pm
president trump saying car -- sarcastically, you embrace it we'll send it to you, first of all he would never do it. i was talking this afternoon, not 100% clear, nothing that prohibits the president from selecting a jurisdiction, one of my friends, an expert said, doug i see nothing that would prevent him from doing that. >> does it come down to money. i think money not avail financial like the walmart. >> i agree. david: doug burns thank you so much. >> thank you. david: live look at bethlehem, pennsylvania, we're an hour away from tox news town hall with bern byrne, what to expect, our live report is next.
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david: looking live at bethlehem, pennsylvania, in an hour 2020 presidential candidate, bernie sanders will participate in a fox news town hall. connell mcshane with a preview. what is to come. connell: this will not be boring. the energy is building, the room a couple hundred yards from where i am broadcasting. as we were walking back. we ran into some donald trump supporters, maybe 50 or 60, they are loud, greeting bernie sanders supporters, maybe a few detractors. making their way to town hall. what sanders is doing politically is pretty clear. we've seen it in his travel schedule, on the map, he is going after the trump
5:38 pm
supporters, in the states that gave president trump the election, friday night he was in madison, wisconsin, followed up with a michigan rally sunday. then here to pennsylvania, pittsburgh for a really last night, inly high valley today --lly -- valley. medicare for all, free college, you name it to these people, many disaffected democrats he feels like, he thinks he can bring them back. this events in that happening is in and of itself and marty an md i spoke about it significant. a time that democratic party has been shunning fox news, bernie sanders said no, i am going to fox, i want to talk to the viewers, he will take questions from audience. it won't be boring. david: good for him, we're glad he is on fox, thank you connell.
5:39 pm
>> bernie sanders saying what donald trump ran for president he made a lot of promises to working families, he told them he would protect their interests while standing up to the establishment. unfortunately he did not tell the truth. joining us president of american action forum, doug egan, sanders is uses bethlehem as a symbol of a broken promise by trump. but how has manufacturing fared under president trump? >> well, we have seen the economy steadily strengthen since the beginning of 2017 in had low in second quarter 2016, and up to 3% in 18. it is much better, you know the unemployment rate, the wages are growing, at about 3.2% a year. so we're seeing all things that president promised, come out in
5:40 pm
the data, that is the key. >> i think it is interesting manufacturing jobs in particular up over a half million, i think since president trump was elected, surely in place like bethlehem that resonates, i can't imagine people who voted for president trump on his agenda, in 2016, would really be swayed by bernie sanders. they are so polar opposite in how they want to fix the problem, small government, big government, and et cetera. do you think that there are a lot am people who think they are equivalently good answers to flight of the working man? >> i am with you, i find this mitt tearius -- mysterious who people find appealing about this. i think he counts on disaffection. his thing is i'll get things for
5:41 pm
you, we'll tax them and give them to you. i think it will be interesting to see how much time he spends on health care, that the issue that democrat feel can the, the- achille's he'll of the heel of e republicans. >> gary kaltbaum here, manufacturing numbers strong. strong. -- employment well and market strong, seems that republicans are shy. i don't see them yelling and screaming like the socialist yell and scream about how he need them so badly, do you suspect as we head to 2020, that maybe some republicans are going to you know grow some and yell and scream that the number damn good and really good for the economy as well as people of the country? >> i certainly hope so, i think there does need to be genuine public education about what
5:42 pm
produces economic success, we saw 8 years of obama administration, heavy regulations, stunning over a hundred billion a year every year for 8 straight years that is a big burden on the economy, there has been a huge turn on this. we saw tax cuts, and ability for people to start businesses and grow a business against this is the question to the economic success that message needs to be out there more vocally, i, agree. >> what is obsession with manufacturing, almost seems that on right to say you are for manufacturing. a hundred years ago 90% were farmers. 1% today. i am glad the previous president protected those jobs. why is this such a big thing that president emphasis manufacturing jobs over service jobs or other types?
5:43 pm
>> well, i think that really, you are right about the way that economy has trong strong formed looking at -- transformed. we utessing to be all agriculture. what we've done is swapped to services with fraction in manufacturing, not really changes that much, and taking many fewer worker to produce it. so, i don't think we should be opposed to service sector jobs, we're engaged in the service sector, seems good to me. manufacturing jobs, have an appeal in the sort of legacy of this country, but the future will include a lot of things that are not manufacturing job, key they appear plenty -- plentiful and get rewarded. >> doug. thank you so much. >> thank you. david: you will be hearing from bernie sanders tonight, a fox news town hall, 6:30 eastern time, about 45 minutes from now.
5:44 pm
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david: breaking news on what is going on in paris. firefighters are still fighting flames in noter came, president macron said that worst has been avoided, he the launch a international fundraising campaign to somehow try to rebuild the cathedral. he is expressing his sympathy toward roman catholics in the world, we'll keep you updated on this devastating fire in france. >> boeing's woes continue. bans on planes have been extended by southwest and american airline, 400 jets remain grounded potentially through the summer, jeff flock at chicago's o'hare. reporter: in some ways it was just a matter of time, they don't have enough aircraft to fly full schedules, this is o'hare, american, you have to
5:49 pm
get rebooked to try to keep lines short, the airlines, american, united and southwest announced they are canceling flights through summer, american said cancel 115 flights daily through august 19, southwest cancel 160 every day. and that is so they don't do what they have been doing that is cancel day-by-day different flights, then you don't know in advancement and people are getting angry. u.s. airlines, with exposure to 373 max, southwest flying 34 of those, 24 for american, and 14 for united. this is all not boded well for the stock today, if you look at numbers on american down almost 3% today. southwest down about percentage and a half. and united down a point -- percentage as well. same for boeing. not good news, i will leave you on a positive note, american ceo
5:50 pm
is confident that by middle of august 737 maxes will be back in the air, he is confident but no confirmation. >> from his lips. >> jeff thank you very much. >> boeing also getting advice from the white house. president trump tweeting out, what do i know about brands? maybe nothing but i did become president, if i were boeing, i would fix the boeing 737 max, add additional great features and rebrand the plane with a new name, no product suffered like this one, but again what the hell do i know? what did you hung o think of president's advice. >> president weighing in on brands of a plane, he should just be friends with elon musk. overall, he is not an expert, he is a politician, yes, a
5:51 pm
businessman, but this is a big issue, more than just rebranding, take fuel efficient engine put it in the plane, maybe they need a new successor to 7 37. and issue is the company, company waited too long to make a come after ethiopia airline, and same issue in both planes, a lot has to do withs company and their reaction. >> but christina it was government -- my opinion that is a government created problem, they grounded the planes, look. if you go by statistics, plane is safe, air travel is safe. >> what! it was -- >> -- >> >> how is that -- >> let him explain. >> just the same way it is up appropriate for government to get involved with trump's tweet, tweeting about a private company if people don't want to fly it in a would not have got etch o n
5:52 pm
it. >> jonathan, i have to take ex sense shin toex--ic sensetion . i to christinea point i don't think that boeing has handled it well, well, the question is the. it will take longer than anticipated. i think that really is -- alarming. >> this is not a naming problem. this is a time problem. and a money problem. money for litigation, money for canceling as for airlines that are asking for money. from boeing for the losses they have. and, of course, the time. we don't know how long it will take to get the airplanes back up, we don't know how long it will take to make sure the software is right, and i gather government will take its time,
5:53 pm
faa on checking it out to make sure it 110%, over 300 people died, number one job of any travel company, is safety, the number one, two number three, everything else is last. boeing hopefully will get their act together, they are a great company they have done great thing for decade. david: i don't know if there is one single answer that would solve it for booing. >> meanwhile -- boeing. >> meanwhile, alexandria ocasio-cortez is cutting back on something for sake of her health even though it helped her win or seat in kong congress, what aree talking about? we'll tell you in a moment. ♪
5:54 pm
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so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about. alexandria ocasio-cortez now saying she will be cutting back on social media for her health. the freshman congresswoman already dropped facebook but says she's going to spend less time on twitter and instagram. no doubt disappointing her 3.9 mill job followers on twitter and 3.2 on instagram. so gang, what do you make of this? >> there's a lot of haters out there, a lot of trolls out there. aoc gets some of them, i get some of them. christina gets quite a few of them. >> wow. >> you have to stay true to your convictions. you have to stay true to your convictions. take the attitude that oaker rok
5:58 pm
saying. but i don't think of you that's the type of attitude you have to have when dealing with trolls on the internet. >> this is an historic moment. she is in the mainstream of where americans are right now. i think a lot of people are over their addiction to social media and they have come to recognize that it's a gigantic waste of time although it wasn't for aoc, very important for her. secondly it's something that moves forward our conversation particularly well and it just is not very healthy. she's totally right. >> all right. hold on. this woman is not getting off of social media. >> i agree. i doubt it. >> she loves this. god bless her. look, if she wants to fix her health, here's what she needs to do. have a lunch with me, i'll feed her a kale salad and let me teach her about capitalism and i
5:59 pm
promise her she will feel much much better after a couple of hours. >> i think this is a demographic story, maybe, because you're bringing up capitalism right now. we're talking about the fact that a lot of people use social media. >> bringing up kale salad. >> older people tend to go toward facebook. she's catering to a younger audience. constantly posting instagram stories. maybe that's why she's getting off of facebook all together. her crowd, the platform she talks to are not on it. >> go ahead. >> she says she's going to cut back on the others as well. i'm in gary's camp, i'll believe it when i see it. every time i go on twitter, there she is all over the place. >> jor jonathan, go ahead. >> social media is the greatest marketing tool for not only the average individual but politicians, athletes, you name it. and as long as you don't abuse it, you should use it. she is not going anywhere, i moo
6:00 pm
guarantee you she's going to soup it up. >> jonathan, five seconds, go ahead quickly. >> if she's a radical, she should be shouting her messages from the rooftops. >> that does it for bulls & bears. thank you so much for watching. we'll see you next time. elizabeth: tonight, the world watch in shock and horror as overwhelming and devastating fire engulfing one of the most beloved religious structures in the world. notre dame cathedral, this at the start of holy week for christianity. tears and crying in the streets of paris tonight. notre dame, it has stood tall and watched over paris for more than eight centuries. we take you live to the heartbreaking scene, the city that has been rocked by months of violent protests. president trump pushing back again against democrats. again this is what they want.
6:01 pm
tax returns. democrats moved their deadline


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