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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  April 15, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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soup it up. >> jonathan, five seconds, go ahead quickly. >> if she's a radical, she should be shouting her messages from the rooftops. >> that does it for bulls & bears. thank you so much for watching. we'll see you next time. elizabeth: tonight, the world watch in shock and horror as overwhelming and devastating fire engulfing one of the most beloved religious structures in the world. notre dame cathedral, this at the start of holy week for christianity. tears and crying in the streets of paris tonight. notre dame, it has stood tall and watched over paris for more than eight centuries. we take you live to the heartbreaking scene, the city that has been rocked by months of violent protests. president trump pushing back again against democrats. again this is what they want. tax returns. democrats moved their deadline to get his tax returns.
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the white house continue to call that unconstitutional as the president is now in minnesota fighting to flip that democrat strong hold which has not voted for a republican since 1972. the president in minnesota today touting the tax cuts. we've got the latest. tonight, the hot debate over president trump's new threat to send illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities. trying to bring a reality check, but democrat mayors say yes, we welcome them. details coming up and the debate over where are the democrats promise to do border security. also tonight, what can you really expect from the mueller report that's now due out this thursday. president trump again saying today there was no collusion, saying focus instead on what he says are the people who side on his 2016 campaign. nancy pelosi was a major league primetime on "60 minutes." behind the scenes, nancy pelosi is fighting to keep her party
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together. the hard left threatening to unseat moderate democrats who won back the house for the as the democrat congressional campaign committee fighting back with her own blacklist against the left saying if you go after moderates, we won't work with you and we won't back you. we'll bring you tonight what history shows as to who could win and why in 2020. looking good for president trump. to the one-percenter brandz, brendersberniesanders. he is a millionaire. also how millionaire bernie has changed his tune from attacking millionaires and billionaires, now just attacking billionaires. i'm elizabeth mcdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪ ♪
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welcome took the show. you're watching the fox business network. we begin with the president in minnesota today taking his case for why his tax cuts were so successful. and in the face of house democrats who moved their deadline to now april 23rd in order for the irs to hand over the president's tax returns. white house press secretary sarah sanders weighed in in this fight. watch. >> my guess is most of them don't do their own taxes and i certainly don't trust them. if they can single out one, they can single out everybody. elizabeth: this as board member says, everyone's tax returns should be made public, everyone in the united states. there's no evidence he himself made his returns publicly available. let's get to hillary vaughn in washington. reporter: we know that he knows that it is tax day because he held a special rown table event in minnesota celebrating the
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occasion. >> thanks to our tremendous tax kits, thcuts, the biggest, minna families are saving more than $5 billion on their 2018 tax bills. today is tax day we're celebrating. and so we're getting historic tax relief. that's the good part. historic. >> these remarks following on a backdrop of what has been an ongoing tug of war between house lawmakers with, the department of treasury and the white house over trump's tax returns. but today president trump's lawyer issued a letter to the treasury department fierk back afiring backat the house ways as committee saying the question is illegal. he doesn't think it's requested in good faith and he's actually calling out chairman neil's motives for putting the request? , wrote, quote, chairman kneel l
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arguing that his motives don't matter. they can't second-guess the motivations of congress but the entire premise of the request is that the executive branch can't be trusted to faithly affly the tax laws to a sitting president. as of now the tax returns still have not been handed over. but just at the top of the hour, bernie sanders released his tax returns. elizabeth: hillary vaughn there. president trump says he has the legal right to send undocumented migrants to sanctuary cities. as for those cities, the mayors of oakland, philadelphia, chicago, new york and cambridge, massachusetts, now say they're completely fine with that. send them our way. white house press secretary sarah sanders has this to say. >> certainly this wouldn't be the first choice because ideally we wouldn't be dealing with the massive influx of illegal immigrants coming across the border. the crisis that we have from a national security and
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humanitarian standpoint is if democrats would step up and help the president fix the laws with, this could go away. we wouldn't be having this diseution and thadiscussion ande best way to solve this crisis. elizabeth: edward lawrence has more from the white house. >> president donald trump pushing the border crisis. he says that we have to deal with this situation. in a tweet today the president saying, quote, those illegal immigrants who can no longer be legally held will be subject to homeland security. given to sanctuary cities and states. now the president upping the pressure on democrats who he says are for open borders. democrats are firing back, the house judiciary chairman cummings sending a let tore the white house chief of sthaf and the acting homeland security saying he would like e-mails and documented related to what he says would prof the fact the president is trying to manipulate the release of undocumented immigrants for political reasons.
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former senate joe leakerma leeks this cause should unite lawmakers, not divide them. >> it's a real crisis at the border. the asylum system is fundamental. peep come here with an incredible fear of prosecution, totally overwhelmed. and people are coming for different reasons. it's a moment when everybody ought to sit down together and say we got a problem, let's solve it. instead of hurling political bolts at each other. >> with those bolts, you know, both sides are digging in on this. the administration reorganizing shifting some manpower around. 750 border agents being reassigned to the border to help with the security there. the president signaling at a round table today in minnesota that he will not let up on border security. >> i think you've been treated extremely unfairly with respect to immigration. extremely unfairly. we're going to change that. >> and right now parts of the
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border wall are being replaced and repaired. the president giving and reallocated some $8.6 billion for the wall, although there are several legal challenges now that money has to go through. elizabeth: thank you, edward lawrence in d.c. bernie sanders just released his tax returns. we'll continue to dig through them and bring you any details as they arrive. the house democrat chairs of judiciary, oversight and homeland security launching a probe into president trump's threat to release illegal immigrants into sanctuary cities. they're demanding e-mails and documents from the white house. here's jerry nadler. >> the president has no right to spend money by congress for other purpose to ship immigrant all over the country. if someone requests asylum, there should be a place for that person to stay while that request is being ajud adjudicat.
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nor is it right for the president to use immigrants or people who are claiming political asylum as pawns. >> my understanding is it's not legal. there's no budget for that purpose. this is clearly a political move for the president. he's using the immigrants as pawns in his political game of chess. he's not really interested in a solution. elizabeth: well the fight is escalating. this after democrats did promise to work on border security in order to stop the government shutdown. they've not done that yet. the fact is, estimates show at least 10 million illegal immigrants, likely more, now live in the u.s. and one million of them in los angeles alone. leading singer actress cher to recently tweet, i understand helping struggling immigrants but my city los angeles is not taking care of its oin. what about the 50,000-plus citizens who live on the streets, people who live below poverty line and hungry.
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if my state cannot take care of their own -- president trump tweeting i finally agree with cher. ken, your take on this, sir. >> i think it's interesting that the democrats are so critical of this now that president trump is suggesting that the illegals end up in some of the sanctuary cities. my state deals with this every day. no one is worried when thousands of illegals are coming into my state. >> presidenstate. elizabeth: there's this, too. sanctuary cities. it has to do with local law enforcement. trump's fight is about immigration policy. this will likely be litigated. homeland security officials point out there he's no money bungted for what the president wants and i.c.e. saying it would make it much harder to round up the illegals. what's your reaction to that? >> we don't know what the plan is. we don't know specifically what the president is suggesting here. he hasn't laid out the details.
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it's hard to know exactly how he would implement this and whether it would be legal. we just don't know because he hasn't put a plan together although he's criticized for having one. elizabeth: what happened to the democrat promise to work on border security and the deal to end the government shutdown. >> listen, it's frustrating because i thought they were going to start doing something. everybody knows we've got a crisis. the liberal media is admitting it now. i'm very disappointed that they haven't come guard with cooperation, with the president, ep democrats' seats. could all of this backfire? >> i don't think this is going to happen. this doesn't sound like a long term plan to solve immigration. i don't think that's what the president is focused on. he's focused on a long term solution. i think he's pointing out the hypocrisy of the left and the democrats for not being willing to do anything. he ceashe's saying if you not ng to do anything, let's send them to your cities. elizabeth: we've counted a dozen times that the president has try
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to do something about the border. it's a crisis. been a crisis for some time. look at this fight between president trump and the mayor of oakland county. trump tweeting out nice to see the mayor not wanting the immigrants and seeing them released. if they don't want to serve our nation by taking care of them why should other cities. but the mayor of oakland, here's her response. it's not just outstanding hate and division. oakland well comes all, no matter where you come from or how you got here. what's your take on that, sir? >> her idea of welcoming all who are illegal doesn't solve the border security problem. the president has it right. we have to move forward on something or this is going to have a dramatic impact on our country. elizabeth: ken paxton, thank you so much. appreciate it. back to the devastating fire at the start of holy week happening at notre dame cathedral. you're looking at live pictures.
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let's get an update from benjamin hall from london. reporter: liz, hi. paris really is in shock tonight. some saying it's in mourning. notre dame was a symbol of the city, the country and a symbol of the catholic church and of all of the great monuments around the world. we've heard from president macron in the last half-hour. the fire is now contained. and at least those two tours on the facade should be preserved. it all started just after 6 p.m. eastern, 67 p.m. local, 12 eastern. just after the cathedral shut to tourists. believed to have started just under some scaffolding that had been in place for a $7 million rehabilitation. it's not believed to be arson or terror related. an hour later thick smoke was billowing across paris before the flames began to appear eventually engulfing the entire
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roof. the wooden beams took hold, finally the roof caved in and that famous spire crumbled inside as well. the fire will go on for several days. but meanwhile a large scale operation is under way, not just to save the cathedral but ams to save the artwork, the books, the relics, the history contained inside. it took fire engines two hours to arrive. we don't know why it took so long. but access to the island on which the cathedral sits is very difficult because of the small bridges that lead to it. on top of it, so many pa rizzians wanted to see the monument burning that they flocked to witness it and that made a number of fire engines get stuck on the way over there. president macron came out and vowed to rebuild the cathedral. remember for 850 years this has stood as a symbol of the city. it's faced wars. and so macron saying today,
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france will unite over this and that it will be rebuilt. liz? elizabeth: benjamin hall in london. thank you so much. coming up, president trump building an unprecedented war chest for an incumbent president. look at this, goldman sachs gives the president the early and slight edge heading into 2020. we're going to say you why they're saying that. the taliban stepping up its deadly attacks inside afghanistan, launching its annual spring offensive before the peace talks. we're bringing in retired general jack keane on that. breaking news at this hour, headlines, bernie sanders tax returns. we've got them for you coming up.
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elizabeth: edward lawrence has more details on bernie sanders tax returns. >> yes, senator sanders releasing his tax returns. i shows in 2016 and 2017 he entered the million dollar club, making over a million dollars np in 20e 17 his income was 1.1 million largely boosted by his book. sales from his book, his presidential campaign bid in 2016 boosted that or elevated that book and raised a lot of money for him. in 2018 sanders and his wife reportedly paid 146,000 dollars
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in federal taxes and they had a little more than 500,000 dollars in adjusted gross income. now the dnc chairman seeing this, sees the president using socialism as a de flexion for his tax returns. senator bernie sanders saying the same. in a statement with the tax return senator sanders saying that our family has been fortunate. he goes on to say i will continue to fight to make our tax system more progressive so the country has the resource to guarantee the american dream to all people. senator sanders did not release his tax returns in 2016 as president trump also did not release his taxes. but again, senator bernie sanders releasing ten years of taxes. when he was talking about millionaires should pay more, he is a millionaire in tweep and 2017. elizabeth: he's attacking only billionaires now. he pay as 26% effective tax rate and his charitable donations come down to 3.4% of his
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adjusted gross income. he claims that he gives a lot of his royalties from his books like the speech to charity but there's no indication, documentation of that. we got to stay on the story. now the u.s. and afghan governments condemning the taliban's launch of a spring offensive. it's a country that has seen 18 years of war with thousands of u.s. soldiers dead. let's bring in fox news senior strategic analyst, retired general jack keane. what's your take on this. it's still going on. your take? >> well, first of all, the taliban have leunched their 2019 offensive supposedly within two weeks they're going to peace talks italkstalktalks in qatar. how serious are that if they've released a spring offensive killing hundreds on both sides. i'm highly suspicious of the legilegitimacy of their desire f
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peace talks. what i've always believed there's only one thing the taliban wants and that is to regain control of afghanistan as they had through most of the '90s through 2001. elizabeth: is that happening? we have the former united state, ambassador to pack ston, richard olson saying don't leave afghanistan without a deal built on reunification. is that doable and is the taliban on the rise? >> the taliban over the last number of years, after we pulled most of our combat forces out, liz, have been able to retake some lost territory where they're either contesting or control up to about half of the country. so that's number one. number two is we got to be highly skeptical of the taliban's motivations. because they refuse to talk to the government of afghanistan, dually elected by its people.
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i can understand their concerns about the government, but none the lessnonetheless, they have a legitimate government body. how do we get peace negotiations at all if they're not willing to talk to the government obviously about sharing power. we got to be skeptical of it. elizabeth: how different it is on the ground 18 years later in afghanistan society? >> well there's been considerable improvement in it, you know, through the years. the education system is much better. rights for women have improved considerably. and one thing that has been consistent for 18 years, 85% of the population in afghanistan disapproves of the taliban ever coming back into power. because they experienced their rule, which was tyrannical and barbaric. they want no part of them. there is a possibility that we can move in the right direction, wbut for that to happen the taliban is going to have to talk to the government. the government will have to include the other fa parties in
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afghanistan. and believe me, we can never trust the taliban when they tell us, liz, all of the u.s. troops can pull out to include your counterterrorism force and don't worry about the al qaeda or isis having a safe haven in afghanistan because we'll guarantee that that will never happen. that is fools gold and we cannot buy that lie. elizabeth: it's headlines we don't hear a lot about from afghanistan open you just brought them, general. thank you for your insights and perspective. >> always good talking to you. elizabeth: great to talk to you. thank you for your service to our country. the legal problems for actress lori loughlin, the storr of the hit tv show "fuller house." and her husband. they make it worse. legal experts are saying the couple pleading not guilty to charges in the biggest college admissions scandal in american
6:25 pm
history made them wide open to more charges. they face years in prison if convicted of money laundering. they're already facing a charge of mail fraud and more. the feds allege they do have evidence showing the couple basically allegedly paid a half million dollar bride to get their daughters into usc as fake crew team recruits when they never picked up an oar. prosecutors are walking back their claim that human trafficking was involved in the massage case of bobby kraft. prosecutors say there is no such evidence. robert kraft is trying to block the release of videos that prosecutors say i allegedly show him engaged in sexual acts at that florida spa. now at least eight people have been killed, including two children and 19 others injured when violent storms and tornadoes ripped through the south this weekend. the governor in mississippi, phil bryant, declaring a state of emergency.
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one tornado struck with winds up to 130 miles an hour. another clocked in at 120 miles an hour. president trump says that he will award golfer tiger woods the presidential medal of freedom. this is the nation's highest civilian honor. for not just winning the masters but for his epic return after persevering through four back surgeries and personal problems. this is his fifth masters title, his first major win in more than ten years. finally 75-year-old mick jagger posted this photo on social media after enduring heart valve replacement surgery last week in new york city. he captioned the photo, quote, a walk in the park. now the rolling stones spokesperson says he's recovering in good spirits, expected to make a full recovery. last month the rolling stone postponed their worldwide tour due to the surgery. goldman sachs giving
6:27 pm
president trump a lead into 2020. we'll tell you why. president trump is in a sweet spot. we'll also explain that story coming up. more tonight, a major health alert. the number of reported measles cases spiking 20% in just a single week. i'm going to tell you what's driving the outbreak. how you can stop it and whose ws most at risk. stay with us for the rest of the hour. ♪ ♪
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elizabeth: president trump in his sweet spot. the economy firing on all cylinders. unrifled position atop the republican party. look at this. his reelection campaign, 30.3 million bucks raised in the first quarter of this year. far outpacing the leading fundraisers in the democrats. and the republican party itself
6:32 pm
has raised $46 million. goldman sachs economists are saying that president trump holds a narrow electoral advantage heading into 2020, his chances buoyed by a economy, the crowded democratic field. let's bring in chief investment officer donald luskin. what's your take on this? >> goldman has to be conservative. they need to plan on ruling the world no mat whoar the next president is. their model is going to tell you it's a close call. we published our model three weeks ago. our model is calling for trump to win by a margin of 288 electoral college votes. that's a landslide we haven't seen presidents get since the '80s that's the reality. you look at the people he's running against. kristen gillibrand, who expertise is tactile nuclear
6:33 pm
weapons. bernie sanders with a honeymoon in russia. now by the time it gets to 2020 the democratic clowns will destroy each other. this they're going to find that there's nothing left. trump doesn't even need to campaign, man. elizabeth: history shows it's exceedingly rare for an incumbent president to lose with a strong economy. those incumbent presidents who did lose it's because the economy was weak. we can go back to william taft, herbert hugh boar, george h.w. bush. donald, they all lost because the economy was weak. they did not win reelection. >> perhaps you haven't noticed. this economy is not exactly weak. this is one of the strongest economies we've ever had. we've got the lowest unemployment rate in history, lowest jobless claims in history, highest minority employment rates in history, a boom hitting on all cylinders.
6:34 pm
maybe there's smog i haven't noticed which is the election is not taking place today pipt's taking place a year and a half from today. we're going to have to have that red hot economy in november 2020. who knows. elizabeth: you're looking at a life shot of the president. e's just arrived at joint andrews air force base there. the president returning from minnesota where he touted the tax cuts. the president will benefit if howard schultz runs. it could flip the democratic ticket and the democrats are already fractured. nancy pelosi dealing with a split party. what you say, donald? >> i say this is the way the framers of our republic set this thing up, that when you have a president like trump who is unpopular and who's perceived eaz weak, instead of having a chaotic reaction where without even a trial he just gets ejected from office, what happens is competition takes place. and the people all seeking to replace him have to compete with each other first for the
6:35 pm
privilege of running against him. by the time whatever democrat is selected, that he or she will be weakened. this is going to be a fair race no matter what happens. this is the way it's supposed to work, man. this is america. elizabeth: great to see you. coming up, speaker nancy pelosi delivered a major league prime time smackdown on socialism on "60 minutes "saying there's no place for it. the democratic party is not about that. we wonder what the hard left is saying. i'm going to show you why nancy pelosi is worried. first, health experts warning that people in their 30s to 60s may not be safe from contracting measles as they thought, even though they get vaccinated. we'll tell you the scary reason why. that's coming up. ♪ ♪ it turns out, they want me to start next month.
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elizabeth: okay. the mile highly con stage yous
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measles disease is quickly spreading. 555 individuals confirmed cases of the measles in 20 states. nearly 90 more people than the week prior. we welcome to the show the national institute of allergy and infectious disease director. doctor, thank you for joining us. is this measles strain getting stronger? >> no, i don't think it's a question of the measles strain getting stronger. it's question of the proportion of people in certain communities that are unvaccinated and unprotected. like we're see in the outbreak in new york city in the williamsburg section of brooklyn where the enclosed community has a very low rate of vaccinations. and when you get below a certain critical level and then you introduce measles into that community, you get the kind of outbreak that we're seeing in new york city and in rockland
6:41 pm
county, new york. it has to do with a lack of vaccination. elizabeth: you make an important point. people are scared, some i've talked to, they said why should we get on a plane with this outbreak with people not getting vaccinated. what preventive measures should people be taking separate from vaccinations? >> vaccination is it. if you have your full component of vaccines, you get vaccinated when you're 12 to 15 months old and then a booster at 4 to 6 years, you're protected. with very few exceptions. so i don't think people should in any sense feel afraid if they have been vaccinated. when there is an outbreak in a imheunt, obviously you want to stay away from the people infected because it's a very very transmissible disease. one of the most co contagious viruses that we know. which is the reason we're having these outbreaks in communities with low level vac vaccinations.
6:42 pm
elizabeth: we're seeing reports that say that people born between the years of 1957 and 1989 could be at a greater risk of contrasting measles because they may have gotten only one dose of the vaccine. is that true? >> that is true. because after that period of time it was very clear that everybody was getting the two doses that i just mentioned. it's interesting, if you were born before 1957 the chances are overwhelming that you did get infected with measles and therefore you're very likely protected for life. but from '57, for several years thereafter, they had not given or many times they did not give the double dose, the prime and the boost. elizabeth: what shoulc people born during that time period do? >> first of all, if there's no outbreak, i wouldn't worry about it. but if it turns out that they want to be protected, they can get a boost from their physician. but we don't recommend that
6:43 pm
broadly unless you're in the middle of an outbreak and exposed to individuals infected. for example in that community that we're talking about in new york city, if there are people there who feel they're undervaccinated with a single dose, they should likely consult their physician about the possibility of getting a booster dose. elizabeth: i want to work in one quick question about the super bug fungus that we've been covering on the show. what's your take on this story? >> it's a ca fun gis fungus that give you trouble but this is very resistant. we're having hospital outbreaks but it's difficult to get rid of once it gets in the environment of the hospital. the open deemologist and control people are taking it seriously. elizabeth: thank you for your time. appreciate it. coming up, bernie sanders releasing ten years of his tax returns. we're going to bring you the details. first, house speaker nancy
6:44 pm
pelosi trying to now say that the first 100 days of the house majority for the democrat as a victory. that's one way to describe what other people are saying there's not much else coming out of the house. this is the do nothing congress. we have more details on this story coming up.
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let's take a look at some numbers:
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the democrats for their first 100 days of the mouse majority. but congress hasn't actually accomplished much of anything outside of passing a few resolutions in the house. the house is also going after president trump for his tax returns. no big legislation passed in the senate since the start of year. bills are piling up. the problem is the growing division and split. nancy pelosi acknowledged that in a prime time interview with "60 minutes." >> you have these wings, aoc and her group on one side. the progressive group. >> i'm progressive. i do reject socialism as an economic system. if people have that view, that's their view. that is not the view of the democratic party.
6:49 pm
by and large, whatever orientation they came to congress with they know that we have to hold the center. that we have to go down the mainstream. elizabeth: joining me now, kelsey. great to see you. >> good evening. elizabeth: it's not the first time nancy has called out aoc but this time -- and the other members of the hard left. what was your take when you saw last night. what was your first reaction? >> it's interesting to say that nancy pelosi claimed victory here, claimed like there's any sort of accomplishments in the house that the democrats can account for when really the only accomplishment they've achieved is successfully avoiding any real policy conversation in this country. we of course have a massive crisis on the border. democrats refused to engage with the president or any republicans to come up with a solution to fix this. and we know congress is the only body that can actually make a meaningful difference on these issues. and add to that the fact that
6:50 pm
she couldn't even get her caucus to support a spending bill just the other week really suggests that nancy pelosi does not have control over the democrats in congress like she claims to. elizabeth: well she said to aoc, alexandria ocasio-cortez, you need, you know, votes, not just twitter followers. pelosi knows that the democrats need to be more moderate if they want to win in 2020. i think the democrats lost about a dozen races when there was a hard left person running. and the democrats won the house because of the 40 or so seats won by the moderates in districts that trump won. the message is clear here, right? >> absolutely. here we have to give nancy pelosi credit. she is right in saying that the typical democrat voter is not nearly as extreme as these democrat socialists like aoc. the "the new york times" actually reported on some interesting data that came out saying basically what you see on
6:51 pm
social media, believe it or not, from people on the left is not reflective of the average democrat. they are far more moderate. but the problem for nancy pelosi is that it is the alexandria ocasio-cortezs who are heading up aleatingup all of the media n and -- elizabeth: stay on that point. is this a medial manufactured problem? have they created the rise of the hard left when it's just there on social media and the voters out there are saying wait a second, ea we're not interestd in their policy. the media is reacting to their social media followers but when you look at how the voters are reacting? >> i think the media play as large role in lifting up the voices that are not representative of mainstream democrats. and this is not only a problem now for nancy pelosi in trying to accomplish anything and -- and look for republicans, we all want to address the border boa r
6:52 pm
crisis 37 but thi. but this is going to be a problem when brenders i brenders getting all of the attention from the media and that is not what the democrats are. elizabeth: here's the thing, now we know why bernie sanders stopped bashing mil millionaire. now he's only going after billionaires. 1% bernie sanders is a millionaire. more on that coming up. ♪ ♪ every year, our analysts visit thousands of companies, in a multitude of countries,
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. there is something profoundly wrong when in recent years we have scene a proliferation of millionaires and billionaires. we're not going to spend our life going to millionaires' homes begging money from the wealthy. elizabeth: presidential hopeful bernie sanders releasing his tax returns showing his an isle income to exceed more than a mill your dollars in 2016 and 2017. he admitted that he is indeed a millionaire. one think tank called him out on it saying that the vermont senator obscures his wealth to relate to the 99%, dresses like someone that the adjective to him will be disheveled. now he's only attacking billionaires. sanders firing back again not
6:57 pm
addressing the issue at hand. he's only saying that the democrat primary must be a campaign of ideas, not faith experience. joining me is vince cola naiz. he's an old hand at this. never directly answers the questions. the answer is this, his medicare for all would wipe out obamacare, medicare, medicare, all private insurance and raise lower income and middle class tax to pay for it period. he refuses to answer that and refuses to discuss the cost. >> that's right. he would eliminate the competition that made him wealthy in the first place. he became a millionaire by competing in the free market. people liked his book, they bought it and he made money and benefited from it. when you talk about the health care system, $32 trillion over ten years the pay for his medicare for all plan. how does that work. who pays for it. the very taxpayers who this year have benefited from the trump tax cut.
6:58 pm
he's among them. elizabeth: benderlerndvermont sd brawpbankrupt the state. kyra davis says this about bernie sanders plan. watch. >> it's a spectacularly bad idea that it's passed the california legislature three times and even the governor vetoed it saying there's in way we can afford it. elizabeth: the thing voters have to understand about bernie sanders is he never answers the question. he changes the subject. >> and he basically does a classic thing that try to trick people into socialism promising everything will be free without addressing the underlying cost. the majority of the cost estimates on this actually find that medicare for all would be more expensive than the current free market system. nobody says that. elizabeth: what about fraud with the government running the whole health system. what about fraud? >> it will be all over the
6:59 pm
place. not to mention long wait times and doctors dropping out doing the practice entirely. elizabeth: and he won't talk about how good the economy is. >> no. he has no interest of that. he's the beneficiary of it but despite the fact that he advocates for higher taxes, he has no interest in doing more. you can do that voluntarily, you know. he's not interested. elizabeth: appreciate you having us in our homes. thank you for watching. "lou dobbs" is next right here on the fox business network. have a good night. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. the trump economy is soaring and the radical dimms are reeling.
7:00 pm
president trump in minnesota reminding voters there and everywhere who he's accomplished in two years. more than half a million manufacturing jobs created since he was elected, economic growth 3%, minority unemployment at the lowest levels in history. the number of people working at an all time high. the stock market up $7 trillion since he was elected. and working men and women haven't done better in decades. the middle class, once again, growing, not contracting and wages are rising, n


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